(2018-02-22) Breakfast by Gabby
Breakfast by Gabby
Summary: Bacon waffles, introductions, and Besa saving plans early in the morning.
Date: IC Date (2018-02-22)
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Its early in the morning a few days after Gabrielle's quiet return to school. Headphones in, the blue-haired girls is idely dancing around the kitchen, a bowl full of what appears to be pancake mix in the crook of one arm, a whisk in the opposite hand. The sizzle coming from the stove and the smell in the air also make it clear that there's bacon a'cooking.

Still being half-asleep tempers her surprise as takes this in. The wheels turn slowly. Did she hear about Gabrielle coming back? She's been dealing with a lot lately, so it is possible she heard and forgot. "Gabrielle?" she says a bit loud to hopefully be heard over the headphones the other girl wears. She then will go about getting the tea kettle and putting it on the far side of the stove to boil so as not to get in the way. "Welcome back?"

Gabrielle jumps a little at hearing a new voice in the kitchen this early but she knows Rain, even if the interaction has been minimal, so her shyness doesn't completely take over. Pulling one headphone out (now Katy Perry's 'Firework' can be barely heard) she looks down at her bowl as she continues to whisk her batter but does smile a bit and says,"Thank you, Rain. I just got back a few days ago. Spent some months on a deserted Earth, then a little more at home." Someone's been having to answer that question a lot…

A yawn is covered, Rain is in no way a morning person and stands by the warming kettle as she watches Gabrielle in a kind of zoned state. The sudden explanation has her brows knitting in concentration a bit as she parses the unasked for details. "Deserted earth? Why did you go there?" asked as if the trip was a planned one and the destination perfectly normal. Is that because of who she is or just because she isn't fully awake yet? Either is likely. "Am I in your way?"

Gabrielle shakes her head in response to Rain's last question. Her first few questions require a little more thought so, putting her bowl down to start taking the bacon out of its skillet and put it on some paper towels, Gabrielle says, "I don't know. Best anyone can figure something coming out of the dimensional crack in the laundry room messed with my teleportation. I ended up hopping dimensions and that took me to a parallel Earth where there was no sapient life at all. It took me a little over 9 months to figure out the right hop pattern in the right spot on that Paragon Island to make it back." Once the bacon is out of the skillet she drains the fat into a little glass mason jar then pours her batter, which smells more of waffles than pancakes, into the same skillet she was cooking the bacon in.

As Rain listens she gets a couple of earthen ware mugs from the cabinet, then tea, a nice chai blend, and honey from the pantry. "Yet..sapient life yet." she says after a thoughtful moment of silence where she gets out teabags and prepares the mugs for the water when it is ready "If you were there that long, you left your DNA all over the place. You could of easily kick started an evolution burst." what a smartypants. Then she starts on the whole dimensional crack "That dimensional crack has been as useful as it has been a problem." she states "You wouldn't of gone missing without it, but we wouldn't of been able to rescue Besa from Hell without it either. Blessing and curse." well it seems the teen girl has become more talkative in Gabrielle's absence, before she pretty much ignored everyone except a choice few.

Midway through the baking of the waffle Gabrielle takes a slice of bacon, crumbles it all over the waffle, and then flips it. All this while nodding along with Rain's comments. Until she mentions Besa and Hell. Turning around, mouth hanging slightly open for a moment, she looks directly at Rain for the first time since the other girl came into the kitchen, "Besa was in Hell!? What happened!?"

The reaction is somewhat humorous and there is a noise of amusement from the Rain. "You know the backstory right? The priests, the demon and how he is sacrificed?" she assumes Gabrielle knows enough so she just continues "The time for his sacrifice came and there was a plan. A special weapon was created and he would kill the demon when we went to the demon's Hell." there is a pause for that to be understood "Well two months passed and Besa hadn't came back so my baby sister from another dimension, long story there, used the dimension crack to open a portal to where he was and Sky, Fiona and I went to rescue him." by the time she is done the kettle is whistling and she pours water into one of the mugs "Now Besa is back, but has even bigger priest problems."

Gabrielle is only half looking as she uses the spatula sitting next to the stove to slide the bacon waffle onto a plate, then adds a few slices of bacon next to it and slides it over to Rain without even asking (and without watching for a reaction). "More problems? What else is wrong? Is there any way I can help? Besa's nice." A few steps take her to the fridge, from which she pulls out a bottle of organic maple syrup, which she places on the island within Rain's reach before going back to the stove. A dip here, a crumble there, and another bacon waffle is in the works.

Rain dips the tea bag a few times, letting the tea steep a bit before taking a tentative sip. She does watch as the food is set before her, eyebrow arching "Thanks." that was unexpected but she accepts with grace. She isn't rude, just introverted. She bites her lip at the request for information, she is clearly unsure about sharing Besa's plight, but not for long "Another group of priests, rivals to the other ones, wants to take Besa's heart and use it to resurrect an ancient high priest." simply put, and that is probably as much as she knows, besides them attacking once or twice "Besa will need all the help he can get dealing with the priests. Any help you can give would be appreciated." she actually looks grateful at the offer too.

Gabrielle keeps her focus on her waffle as she listens to Rain. Once Rain has finished with her explanation Gabby flips the waffle then tilts her head a bit to the side to look at the other girls out of the corner of her eye, "Besa's always been nice and patient with me. Just let me know when and how I can help and I'll be there."

Rain takes a few bites of the waffles, giving the plate of them an odd look "These tastes…different." she says "Not bad…" she quickly states before misunderstanding can set in "They are good, but just taste different from the waffles I usually have." its the lack of ingredients that can't be pronounced. "He is the best." she tastes easily as she moves to fill the second mug with hot water and adds a measured amount of honey to it. "There hasn't been a plan made yet, but when that starts we will include you.

It's /early/, so early that the staff hasn't come in to make breakfast yet and Rain is still in her PJ.s. Despite lack of staff the kitchen smells of bacon, waffles and chai tea, and Gabrielle and Rain seem to be in the kitchen eating, thanks Gabrielle!

Since Besa walks into the kitchen right as the bacon waffle Gabby has in the skillet is ready, she puts it on a plate along with a couple of slices of crispy bacon, smiles shyly at the boy, and puts the plate at the table next to Rain, "All yours, Besa. Good morning." A bottle of maple syrup sits in the middle of the island, waiting to be used. Without really waiting to see if Besa sits down to eat the blue-haired girl starts to prepare another batch of waffle batter.

Loukanos does not actually sleep. So while it's early enough that groggy students would be common, the godling shows no signs of exhaustion. After basking in the morning sun a little, he wanders in a few minutes after Besa, "Mornin'" He smiles at his fellow students. "It's so beautiful outside. Looks like spring is coming early this year."

Ashton is not a morning person, however. In fact he is doing his masterful expression of the walking dead - this time while not looking like he actually is one, like the other day. The dark haired by is wearing a pair of cotton shorts and a vintage-looking Violent Femmes tee shirt. His feet are bare and his hair is completely in his face. Seeing that there are people in the kitchen he mumbles, "Please tell me that there is coffee somewhere around here? I'd kill for an espresso…"

The honey is lightly stirred into the tea and Rain starts to look for something to put on top of the mug to hold the heat in as Besa comes in. His almost cheerful greeting is meet with a smile, her first this morning, and probably the only one for today, so enjoy it while it lasts..which is mere seconds. She is looking a bit tired, but that is to be expected when one friend is being threatened and the other almost died because of an allergy. Her search stops and she takes the mug and hands it to Besa "Morning." hope Gabrielle didn't think the second tea was for her "Now I don't have to hunt you down to deliver it." cause that was the plan.

Loukanos' entrance has her glancing out the window "It won't last. It's only Feburary, winter isn't over yet. It's even been known to snow in June here." and then they are graced with the walking dead, aka Ashton "Over there." she points him to the Keurig.

Besa blinks, surprised at the food being offered. "I…oh. Thank you." So much for working out. He gives a soft nod, "That is very kind, Gabrielle, thank you. When did you return?" It may seem kinda blase for a friend that's not seen someone in a year, but he's got a lot happening in his brain. He'll sit down, giving Rain a look and then smile, before offering quietly, "Thank you for yesterday." Absence of preservatives won't bother the ancient boy, at all. When Louk arrives, "Hello Loukanos. We can hope." HE was going to say something else, but the Ashton stumbles in and he tenses again, worry crossing his face. He's still unsure if his healing was a good thing for the other boy.

Gabrielle smiles in response to Besa's thanks. She's about to answer his question about her return but then she seems to shrink in on herself as people she doesn't know at all walk into the kitchen. But, hey! Improvement! She doesn't teleport or run out, instead she focuses on increasing the amount of batter she's preparing and adding some more bacon to the skillet.

Without really looking to see exactly who is in the kitchen, the dark haired boy looks about as frightening as a waterlogged kitten, well at least unless you happen to be Besa. Luckily, Ashton is all too familiar with the workings of the machine. He's not that hopeless. He drums his finger tips on the counter top as he waits for the blessed, caffine giving, dark liquid. He takes his first sip as he turns around and almost drops the cup. "Shit… sorry, Besa.. I didn't.. " He looks at the Egyptian boy, as he chews on his lower lip, nervously, almost hard enough to draw blood. With large, very apologetic eyes. "I'm so, so sorry about the other day… I.. I don't know what came over me… I.. I hope you can forgive me… "

Sitting back down in front of her plate Rain looks a bit perplexed at Besa, she is unsure what she is being thanked for, she was doing what family does for each other. She is smart enough though to use his gratitude to her advantage "If you are really thankful then eat." something he hasn't been doing much of the last couple of days, which worries her.

The girls eyes narrow and her proverbial hackles start to go up at the reaction and subsequent apologies from Ashton. "Is there something I should know?" Protective Rain is (Over) Protective! She looks between the two boys the fork in hand having been stabbed violently into her waffle, quite unconsciously as she asks. Poor waffle, it didn't deserve that!

Besa frowns, confused. "No, It is I who am sorry. Whatever happened, it was clearly because of the healing. I am sorry." The order from Rain is ignored for a moment, while Besa bows his head in Ashton's direction. But then he turns and nods, "Of course, Rain. And no. It is something I did and have to figure out why. It is not Ashton's fault." He'll start on the food, to make Rain happy. See? He's eating!

Gabrielle keeps her eyes on her the work she's doing, avoiding everyone else's gaze, especially now that things are getting tense. Realizing she's going to need more waffles she digs out a second skillet and plates if on a fresh burner, just in time to take out the now crispy mounds of bacon from the first skillet. Putting the bacon on a plate with some paper towels underneath she places the whole thing on the island for people to grab from it at will (after setting aside a few slices to crumble into the waffles) and then pours the fat into the same mason jar she used the first time. That done, she pours fresh waffle batter into both skillets.

"I shall enjoy the unseasonably conditions while they last, then," Loukanos gives Rain a faint smile. He glances carefully to Besa, then Ashton, then back again. Once the Egyptian takes fault for what happened and seems to be willing to let it go, his smile returns and is directed towards Ashton. Ha, he was right! "The wound was healed. You did everything right, Besa."

Ashton frowns and looks at the aggressive looking Rain. "Um.. Besa tried.. no Besa did heal me the other day, but I had a .. bad reaction and kind of flipped out." Funny, must be some REALLY strong coffee, because after one sip, Ashton looks wide awake. He looks over at Besa, shaking his head, "I am sure it was my fault, somehow." He shifts just slightly towards Louk, offering him a very weak smile - the best he can muster right now.

Rain looks quite un-Rain like in posture and expression for a few more long moments as explanations fly. Like someone else is possessing her body. Besa taking the blame isn't a surprise, that is just how he is, she isn't sure about Ashton, but with both boys taking the blame she really can't do much. She shakes her head and whatever was possessing her is gone its all stoic teen again. She seems to not notice the change herself as she uses the fork to cut the waffle "Was this some kind of feedback thing like when you try to sometimes heal me?" she asks of Besa.

Besa frowns, not buying into that. Clearly it was Ashton reacting to what Besa did. So he must have done something wrong. He'll meditate on it more. With all the other things he has to think on. He shoves a bunch of the waffle on to his mouth, knowing he needs to go work out soon. After swallowing, "I will learn to heal you better, Ashton. I promise." Somehow. Glancing outside to the sunlight, he sighs and starts to stand up. "Thank you Gabrielle. Everything is wonderful." He takes a few strips of bacon to munch on as he walks. And the tea, he can drink that too and bring the cup back. "I need to start practicing with my khophesh again." So he can kill things better. Rain gets a smile, "I do not know for sure. We will talk later, yes? I would like to speak with your mother." He knows she knows, but…he'd like to talk to her. He waves to everyone and heads out the back door.

Gabrielle breaks out of her shell just long enough to look up as Besa makes his exit, "Glad you liked it. Let me know if you need a sparring partner." Then she goes back to her cooking, crumbling some bacon slices into the waffles she making then deftly flipping both of them, one after the other, and moving over to grab plates, getting them ready to receive the golden, fluffy discs of goodness once they're ready.

"Anyway," Loukanos coughs, changes the subject and looks to Rain, "Ashton told me of an Egyptian-themed hotel where the priests might be around. It's called Luxor." He watches Besa depart. "Named after the ancient city, I would presume." He looks at what Gabrielle is cooking up, and after a moment, he introduces himself, "I am Loukanos. You're new?"

Ashton watches Besa depart, assuming that his presence had at least some part of the other boy's quick departure. He sighs softly, as he nurses on his cup of coffee. He leans back against the counter watching the others, not feeling very social at the moment.

Ashton watches Besa depart, assuming that his presence had at least some part of the other boy's quick departure. He sighs softly, as he nurses on his cup of coffee. He leans back against the counter watching the others, not feeling very social at the moment.

Rain nods to Besa "I think she may be coming later to talk to the headmaster. I'll let you know." she says to him as he departs "Later." then she pierces a piece of waffle looking at Gabrielle "He does. He can't just spar with me all the time. He needs variety and to go against more fighting styles if he wants to get better." she does the swordy fighty thing too, even though most would never guess if they looked at her.

The talk of Vegas has her looking to Louk "That is to the…" she pauses to think "south of the strip." a glance to Ashton since he was mentioned then back to Louk "The closest hotels to Luxor is Mandalay Bay and Excalibur." sounds like she knows the city at least a bit. "I would start with those, if they aren't at the Luxor."

There is a moment where she studies Ashton a bit "He means it Ashton. Besa will try and won't stop until he figures it out."

The blue-haired girl puts both large waffles on the plates she's prepared for them then, keeping her eyes on the plate, she offers one up to Loukanos in lieu of a handshake, "I'm Gabrielle. And no, I'm not new. Been trapped on a deserted Earth in another dimension for almost a year. Just got back." The other plate she puts on the island as near as possible to Ashton. Then she goes back to the stove to finally cook one of the breakfast treats for herself.

Ashton frowns, "Maybe it would be best if he didn't." He looks over at the blue-haired girl and blinks for a second, caught up in her introduction. "Um.. welcome back?" He's not really sure how to respond to that. "I'm Ashton, by the way… " He looks at the waffle, "Um.. that for me? Thank you?" He looks at Loukanos, "It would be too ridiculous for them to be at the Luxor really.. They would have to be so cliche that they would have to basically stand around twirling waxed moustaches."

"Oh," Loukanos blinks a bit. "I am glad you found your way back." The boy accepts the plate with a smile, "Thank you." He settles into one of the stools. "Probably one of those, then. Besa mentioned seeing a pyramid in the waters, so I imagine the Luxor is close by." To Rain, he raises a curious brow. "And what type of fighter are you?

"You are probably right Ashton." Rain agrees with him about that, "But then he wouldn't be acting like Besa. It's how he is and i wouldn't change him if i could." She has a sip of her cooling tea. "He asks first now at least." Did he not before?

There is an amused noise from her at the priests comment but she will answer the question from Louk "I am training in various styles of sword fighting and martial arts. I have been for about eight years. Since i was 6 at least."

Gabrielle is trying to let her shyness control her less, which is evidenced by the fact that she actually chimes into the conversation, "I've been practicing a two-weapon version of medieval fencing and I've also practiced the quarterstaff for about that long too." Well, at least she spoke. Even if she never took her eyes off the waffle in the skillet and her volume was barely loud enough to be heard at the island.

Ashton goes to take a bite of the waffle. The fork pierced bite hangs in front of his opened mouth, as he blinks. "Am I like the only person here who doesn't know how to fight?" He then looks at Rain, "Six? I wasn't even allowed to ride a bicycle at six." He takes a bite of the waffle. He waits until he has swallowed, "This is really good, not at all what I was expecting." He smiles, "That your superpower? Unimaginably good cooking?" He pauses, "But um… don't take it personally if I don't eat much of it.. I'm not really much of a breakfast person." Or a lunch person.. or a dinner person. In fact the waffle might be about as much food as he eats in a day generally.

"Ah. Sometimes I wished I had studied the art of war. Mother never wanted to indulge me in that wish though," So no, Ashton is not the only one. Loukanos may be physically superior to the ordinary human, but that doesn't necessarily lend its way to actual skill. The godling, too, looks pleasantly surprised when he begins to eat. "Very nice," He says after swallowing. "It tastes realer. Almost reminds me of home." Almost. It isn't exactly ambrosia, but it's as natural as food gets and Louk appreciates that.

There is a bit of a smile at Gabrielle…it is barely there…it is hardly noticeable…okay forget it was mentioned. "If I remeber right we were going to practice together at some point." they had that conversation once, right? Or did she dream it?

She shakes her head at Ashton "Neither Sky nor Conner know how to fight." he gets a 'seriously' kind of expression "I really didn't take to my piano lessons, and I couldn't sit still long enough to learn how to draw and sculpt like Sky or learn electronics like Conner." she, she learned how to fight. Though she has clearly learned how to sit still, since she has no problem with that anymore.

A look goes between Louk and Ashton "If you two want lessons I am willing to teach you a few things." they wouldn't be the first she has given lessons too.

As Loukanos and Ashton start to praise her cooking Gabrielle's cheeks start getting redder and redder. Then the embarrassment gets to be too much and Ashton gets a demonstrative answer to his question right around the time Rain finishes talking. A bright flash of light fills the kitchen, accompanied by a magnified version of the kind of *pop* you get when you open a sealed jar or can and a vacuum fills suddenly. One second Gabrielle is cooking a bacon waffle for herself, the next there's nothing in that area of the kitchen other than a forgotten skillet, the contents of which quickly start to smoke.

Ashton listens to Rain's offer, then glances over at Louk questioningly, "As much as I want to say yes, I'm not sure that is necessarily a good idea… not until I get a better handle on things… bad things happen when I lose my cool." Once again he looks to Loukanos as if he fully expects the godling to reaffirm his opinion of himself. "But I think Louk definitely should." He grins, "Though if you ever want to revisit those piano lessons, then I'd be more than happy to help." Then as Gabrielle suddenly disappears, the boy startles, looking back to Rain, "Is that normal?"

Loukanos wrinkles his nose as the smoke invades his nostrils, "Looks like she forgot something," He hops off of the stool and moves over to turn off the stove. "I don't know if there is a normal in this school." He shrugs and glances over at Rain. "I'd be willing to try. If I am going to be protecting Besa, I should know how to defend myself without magic."

The sudden flash of light at Gabrielle's disappearance has Rain blinking a few times, but she seems unsurprised by the sudden teleportation. "You'd probably be better off with martial arts, there is a lot of focus on controlling your emotions." she is not unfamiliar with the whole anger issues thing. She is about to get up to turn off the stove, but thankfully Louk beats her to it. "If you are even thinking about protecting Besa, and going after the priests I am going to insist on it. Legion is going, but she can't do all the fighting." she might even admit that. There is a look to where Gabrielle was and then to Ashton and a nod "I'm surprised she didn't teleport out of here as soon as you two came in. She is terribly shy…but it seems she is getting better about that."

Ashton frowns slightly but nods. He looks over at Louk, "Do you think you can stop me or send me somewhere else so that I can't hurt anyone, if I do start to lose control?" He anyone can get him to calm it would be Loukanos. He cocks his head, as Rain explains Gabrielle's sudden disappearance. "Umm.. is that how she ended up on another Earth?" He shakes his head, "I think it's starting to bother me that I can ask questions like that with a straight face." He pauses and is obviously thinking about something. He starts gesturing with his right index fingers in the air. Then he realizes what he's doing and suddenly stops as if he hadn't been doing it. He starts eating on the waffle. After all, Grandmother always said that you should never talk with food in your mouth.

"I won't hurt you," Loukanos says, furrowing his brows slightly. He is not sure if that is what Ashton means by 'stop me', but he puts that out there, in case there was any doubt. "But yeah, I'll do my best to keep everyone safe." It's strange, his words can be almost too formal at turns but will revert to something more casual every once and a while. "I will try my hand at it, then. Legion may serve as a decoy. This bait…I'm guessing it's you, right?"

The breif talk about handling Ashton is filed away for later, Rain has nothing to add that would be constructive there. "Yes, that is what she told me. There was a dimensional crack in our former school, I guess it messed with her powers and sent her across dimensions." she thinks it is a bit weird too. "You'll get used to it…give it a few more weeks." is that a smirk? maybe.

"Yes, Besa was told that I would be killed by these priests. A few versions of me in different dimensions have been, he worries that will happen here too, that's why he thinks they are talking about me." there is a beat "I'm not sure about it but I'm willing to go along with it if it makes Besa happy."

Ashton blinks and just mouths 'dimensional crack'. He's not going to ask. Nope. He then hrms softly to himself. "How exactly is she going to be bait?" He chews his lower lip slightly, knowing full well that Loukanos is not going to like his idea one bit. "Because I have an idea…" Yeah, he is not even looking at all in Louk's direction at that.

Loukanos is a little puzzled at all this talk of dimension traveling as well. It isn't an entirely new concept to him, the gods reside on another plane, after all. Yet the way Rain talks about it makes the entire process seem facile. "The priests want to get Besa through Rain. If they aren't aware of your powers, they should have no reason to doubt that Legion is the real you." Louk glances at Asht, "What is it, Ashton?"

"To late for that Loukanos. The last time they attacked I had to bring Legion out to get free." Rain hates to burst his bubble but it happened "We have to assume those three talked to the rest about what happened and how we got away." she hrms "Though I doubt they would be able to tell Legion and I apart, so if they think it is me…" she looks at Ashton, her sentence trailing off.

"Um…" Ashton starts looking in the drawers and cabinets. He comes back with a saucer and a small, sharp knife. He looks over at Loukanos. "You trust me right?" He sets the two items between the two of them. "Um.. I need a couple of drops of your blood on the saucer." He pauses, "It won't take any more than a couple of drops of my blood too, so it's not like I have to seriously hurt myself this time." He looks over at Rain, "I'm not exactly sure this will work.. so I need to test it first.." He shrugs slightly with a lopsided grin, "I'm kind of winging it here.. " Looking at Louk, "Just like three drops.. yeah, three's a good number… I think… three, seven, nine, or thirteen are good numbers for this.. " he says more under his breath, "I think."

"I do…" Loukanos lifts a brow and shifts uncomfortably. What an odd request. He glances at the small knife. "That's not likely to pierce the skin." He summons his own knife, a sharp and deadly looking thing. "You might be surprised to know that this is not the first time someone has asked for my blood." He grins slightly. He's trying to make light of the situation. Clearly, he has serious reservations. Eventually, however, he relents, "Just…do not eat it." That might sound like a jab to the situation with bleeding Besa, but Louk's blood is actually fairly toxic. He holds his hand over the saucer and presses the blade against his thumb. Just hard enough that a few golden droplets of what is probably Louk's blood ooze out. There is power in it. Divinity, even. Once there's enough on the saucer, the knife disappears and the tiny cut fades almost instantly. "What are you planning to do?"

Rain has been around magic all her life…literally, her mom is a sorceress, and her baby sister is following in those footsteps, so she pretty must just watches with another one of those 'seriously?' kind of expressions girls are so good at. "You aren't exactly filling me with confidence here." she tells Ashton when he talks about being unsure and winging it. A brow arches at the eat it comment "You some kind of vampire?" she has no idea what Ashton's powers are. She isn't the type that asks or particularly cares about the powers of other students, she is just to used to people around her having them for that.

Ashton arches a brow so high it would have made Spock do a double-take, as the golden liquid drips onto the saucer. "Well, I guess I really can call you golden." He offers Louk a grin. He looks over at Rain, "Vampire? No.. maybe a couple fantasies, but generally on the other end of the teeth." He blushes as he just realized that came out of his mouth. He shrugs slightly, "Well, Grandfather's grimoire had limited spells in it, so I'm having to improvise here." He takes the knife and presses the tip to his own finger. Normal, red blood drops onto the plate. He closes his eyes and mutters words, or at least presumably words, as the blood moves together mixing, then suddenly bursts into a small flame. Thick smoke rises from it. Ashton pulls the smoke over his head, then moves it over Loukanos. While keeping the clothing that they each were wearing before, their form changes into that of the other. The Loukanos-looking Ashton says with Loukanos's voice, "What if they were to see Besa in Las Vegas? Wouldn't that maybe draw them out?"

Golden, indeed. From his dark blonde hair, his bronzed skin, and his yellow school uniform, it shouldn't be all that surprising that Loukanos bleeds gold too. He twitches at the sudden fire, but when the smoke is upon him, he sorta just stands there until the transformation is complete. Sniffing, he narrows his eyes at Ashton and touches his own face. "Ashton," He blinks when the voice isn't his. "We can't just trade you for Besa."

It's early…so early that Rain is in PJ's and a robe and no one is dressed in their uniforms yet. There is remnants of breakfast, but the school cook isn't around either…that's how early it is.

Sipping her now cold tea Rain watches the spellcasting, now looking more curious than anything, blood check, fire and smoke, yes that's pretty normal for certain spells. Being engulfed in smoke…well that's one she hasn't seen before and her eyebrows go up. And then it seems the two teen boys have switched places…she glances between the two a few times before she realizes what the magic did, it didn't move them but created a visual illusion, she gets it. So that's the plan…well part of one "Why not?" she asks Louk, not totally disapproving of this "We can at least hear him out."

Ariel comes up from the basement, wearing his boy shape for now, tall and broad shouldered with curly dark hair. He's got on the official school pajamas that don't actually exist, plaid flannel in Coral Springs colors with a blue stripe for Ares. On the left breast of the jammies is a name tag that reads 'Hello, my name is Ariel'. He slows to a stop when he sees that there's a full on bloodletting going on. "Well." He looks around faces that are familiar to him even if his isn't familiar to them and, never one to yuck someone's yum, says, "Neat!" He stops, frowning. "Wait, are people talking about helping Besa, because I was thinking I could do this…" And then he kind of folds in on himself in a manner the average human brain wouldn't want to have to see again and there stands Besa, complete with his perfect hair. "…and then wait for the jerk priests and then I eat their fa- uh, punch them. With help."

Ashton snaps his fingers and the two look like each other. He looks at Louk, then grins and mimics Rain's question. "Yeah why not?" He reaches up and sucks on the cut for a second. "I can end the spell whenever I like. I'm not purposing that I let them grab me…" He pauses, "Just nearly do so… Las Vegas have lots of people. It would be easy for me to just get lost in the crowd after we figure out who and where they are or slip into a building or around a corner, then suddenly no Besa… " He grins, waiting for Loukanos's objections to start.

Loukanos looks at Rain and shakes his head. She shouldn't be encouraging this. He glances at the newcomer that he doesn't quite recognize, though the name and presence are familiar. "That's risky," He frowns. "It could go wrong in soooo many ways." He looks over at Rain. "Do you really think Besa would let them pretend to be him?"

Rain will encourage anything that keeps Besa safe and out of the priests hands, she is incorigable like that. She does listen to the plan but has to shake her head at Louk's question "I can say with total confidence that Besa would /not/ be okay with that plan." and she probably knows him best out of everyone here.

And there is another coming in an volunteering to help. It takes reading the nametag to figure out who it is. She doesn't have the senses that the other do "Exactly what we are talking about. If this keeps up with are going to have an army." which is good.

"Of course he won't. There's no chance that Besa would allow any of us to risk ourselves to help him," says the Besa that isn't really Besa. Fake Besa is still wearing a name tag indicating his name is Ariel. "He wouldn't want anyone to get hurt on his behalf. Which is why we have to do it in spite of him. He's our friend. And, sure, it can go wrong in a lot of ways, but check out my peerless imitation of him." Ariel clears his throat and says, "What is Twitter?" He holds his hands palms up as of to say eeeeh? Eeeeh? "And if it all goes badly, then everyone helps out by implementing what I like to call 'violence'." For just a moment the fake Besa bulges unseemly, the skin at his arms tearing, revealing raw red muscle underneath, his mouth full of broken rock masquerading as teeth, then he slips back into Ariel's boy shape, skin back in its normal state. "I think it'll work."

Ashton is Order of Ares for a reason. "Then he doesn't have to know… I can do it one way, if I have some of his blood." He pauses, "Like any spillage from when he heals someone…" He grins over to Rain, "That way, what he doesn't know won't hurt him…" He glances over at Ariel, "And twice the number of fake Besas means twice the chance of success, right?" He looks at Loukanos, "Besides if things get out of hand.. then I just wait until we are separated from the crowds and start a little fire… " Loukanos knows how hot a little fire can get with Ashton.

"And set the whole city ablaze," Loukanos narrows his eyes at Ashton. He sighs, glancing between the two Ares. Ariel's impression of Besa draws a wry grin from the godling but still, "I don't think it's wise to go behind Besa's back like this…" Ashton's plan of getting a hold of Besa's blood just makes him wince. "I can't let you do that alone, Ashton." He glances over at Rain, "Wouldn't Legion be a more expandable lure?"

Rain is starting to not like where this is going…or the number of fake Besas in the room, especially the mimicing Ariel does of her friend…and ewww. Normally those kind of things don't bother her, but to see it when Ariel is wearing Besa's appearance, that's different. There is a frown at Ashton "Stealing a person's blood is not cool." she tells him, especially when that blood has magical properties "Vampire…" she says it like an accusation this time. "No, I know you all just want to help, but you are just going to end up hurting Besa more by doing this." she gestures grandly to indicate the plan "Legion would be yes. She can't really die, in a dead, dead sense of the word. If she gets hurt I will feel it," it would be just as painful really but she doesn't go into details "but that's all".

Ariel gives a shrug. "Someone has to do something. And if you ask him 'can I put myself in danger for you' he is going to say no." He walks across the room to the big fridge, pulls it open and pokes around inside. "He's everyone's friend and everyone is going to want to help. So someone good at plans should put some action items together. Put peoples' skills to good use. And also we should avoid stealing peoples' blood in general."

Ashton's grin disappears. "And he's cool with you being in physical pain for him though?" He sighs, "You're right, stealing his blood isn't cool. I can do just a straight glamour of him, but it's always flawed… " He looks at Loukanos, "I stopped myself on the beach, didn't I?" He sighs, "The first time I met Besa, within a couple of minutes I know that he would sacrifice everything for someone else, so why is it okay for him to do it, but not someone else?"

"You did…but like I said, it's risky in a big city. They could hurt you," Loukanos says. "This is Besa's fate. We can't all just step in and deal with his priests behind his back." He considers what Ariel says. "Besa must do something. We can all support and protect him, but it's up to him." He frowns at Ashton, "He won't have to sacrifice himself ever again."

"We really shouldn't be doing any planning without him. Unless he sees this to the end he isn't going to get any closure on it or believe it is over." Rain explains after listening to everyone debate.

"Pain goes away, death is permanent. No he wouldn't want me in pain but he knows it is better than me being dead. I've been through it before. I recover quickly from it." she doesn't tell them how Legion recovers, because she really doesn't know how that works yet.

She looks around at the others "No one said it is okay for him to sacrifice himself. He has died once for me already. Died to save my life, do you think I want to him to so that again?" that would be an adamant no "He won't have to if we do this the right way." she stifles a sigh "And getting yourselves killed is not the right way."

Ariel digs around in the fridge, eventually pulling out a pound of ground beef. He pulls the plastic sealing off of it and walks back over to where people are debating, stopping long enough to grab a fork. Though he looks like he wants to keep arguing with Rain after a moment he just nods. "I've been here like three weeks. I know my place in this debate. But I want to be there, I want to help." Ariel stabs at his beef and scoops up a helping. "He's one of the best people I know and I hate the idea of him living with an axe hanging over his head. I'd never forgive myself if I didn't help when I could. I imagine I speak for a lot of people at that." He gives another shrug, then shoves the meat into mouth, having said his piece.

Okay, Louk and Rain finally say something that makes more sense to him. Ashton can understand not having closure. To that he simply nods, "Okay.. I won't do anything behind his back. I promise." He looks between the Rain and Loukanos, "But I _do_ want to help… " He looks at the waffle that is missing only two bites and decides that he's no longer hungry. He pushes it aside and nurses quietly on his coffee.

Looks like Besa has made quite the impact on the new students. A ghost of a smile towards Ariel, "We all want to," Loukanos begins. "And we all can. I just think there's a certain way to go about doing it." He goes over and drapes an arm around Ashton's shoulders. There's a subtle squeeze as he says, "I couldn't live with myself if you were hurt by the end of this." He then smiles at everyone else. "I'm going to get ready for classes." With a wave, he's gone.

Rain gets to her feet and takes the plate that had Besa's breakfast on it and hers to the sink…she isn't washint it though. She might break a nail…though doing that while weilding a sword, no problem. Girls are weird.

A distasteful look is given to Ariel before she points to the ground meat "That was supposed to go in the sloppy joes that are for lunch today." guess Ms. Annalee will have to come up with something else for lunch.

"Thank you Ashton. And we do want your help, I am afraid we will need all of the help we can get." Besa wouldn't be this fearful for a minor threat "We should all get together later, with Besa and Gabrielle to work something out. For now though I am with Loukanos and going to get ready for class." she then heads out herself.

Ariel looks from his breakfast to the retreating Rain. "There's like fifty people at this school. I don't think they'll miss a pound of beef." He sniffs a bit and goes back to his meal. "If they didn't want me taking food from the fridge they'd provide a properly balanced breakfast. Oh, wait, they did." He lifts his raw meat up, then goes back to eating, muttering to himself, "And here I thought after yesterday that we'd be friends."

Ashton smiles softly when Loukanos squeezes his shoulder, "I know… but I don't intend on anything bad happening to me… I'll see you in a little bit." He then blinks at Ariel, "I think I'm going to become a vegetarian." He grins enough to show that he's joking. He turns to Rain and nods. "Friends are kind of new to me… at least real friends… So I don't like the idea of one of them being in danger. Just let me know when and where, and I'll be there."

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