(2018-02-21) Close Call
Close Call
Summary: Even good intentions don't protect people from Bad Things.
Date: 2018-02-21
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Attic Floor, Winbarry Estate
Wed Feb 21, 2018

The attic floor contained more staff quarters, general storage areas. There are boxes there that have been there for decades, not brought in by Unit 23. Who knows what's in them?


Besa's been missing from classes and meals today. It doesn't take a detective to find him in a corner of the attic still in his PJs, although his hair looks amazing. Cocoa is next to him as he sits with his knees draw to his chest. He has a blanket he's siting on at least, but looks like he's been there a while. His eyes are closed, most likely because he's exhausted, but he's clearly not sleeping.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Success.

The attic seems to be The Place to Be if you want to either: study, sleep, hide and/or practice. Lately Fionnuala has been using a portion of the expansive upper loft for the latter choice. Classes have concluded for the day and supper has already been a hit, so it is with a full belly and a manageable reserve of stored sunshine that the shifter girl arrives into the attic space. She is clad in fitted black yoga pants and a tight black camisole, looking for all the world as if she wants to.. work out? Something to that effect? Wings out, hair clawed back into a messy bun. Her expression is that of rapt concentration as she mounts the landing and pads barefoot into the space, across old floorboards. Funny hippy dippy girl.

.. but then, Fee realizes that she isn't alone here! She's about to go to 'her' spot but she spies Besa and Cocoa, causing her to freeze in mid-step. She would hate to wake him! But then he wasn't around for classes or supper so concern boils there too. But wait.. he doesn't look restful/ meditating, maybe? As always, Fee throws warmth, and that shall soon behind to fill the space that she occupies. One small foot presses down on a board that, doing it's duty as a token creaky floorboard, makes that very sound of complaint. Creee~aaak!

He should be more aware of his surroundings. Hell taught him that. But he's so tired. So upset. The ancient teen doesn't notice Fee until the floor board complains and then he scooting against the awl, away from the noise as he pulls poor Cocoa with him. His eyes are wide, fearful. Unfortunately Fee has seen this look before on a Besa's face, just not this Besa's. His breath has caught in his throat as he tries to tell who it is. It's only a moment before his shoulders slug. Warmth and sunshine. It's Fee.

The girl's inquisitive expression falls before it can dawn into something along the lines of pleasure at seeing her friend. No, when he responds fearfully and in a most recognizable fashion (yes, looking back on the Hell journey), Fee's expression shifts into that of true worry. Immediately she gives the attic a onceover, looking for signs of anyone hiding or having been here, giving Besa a hard time. Seeing nobody, the girl turns to face the boy and his pup again and speaks in a voice that is almost heartbreakingly kind. "It's just me, Besa, don't worry. I'm sorry if I scared you." Somehow, it seems, something else got there first.

"Can I come over? Is that okay?" Fee asks carefully, honey-gold eyes rounded in her small face, wings glowing dimly with the lessening energy.

Besa's dark eyes close again and he just nods. Fee is good. Safe. He stays in his corner, but releases the hold on poor Cocoa, who like the good girl she is doesn't move away. His voice cracks, but then is steady, "I…I am sorry Fionnuala. Of course. I did not mean to upset you."

The girl watches, making certain Besa is okay with her being there. He relaxes, as much as he can here, though faithful Cocoa doesn't move away even when his clutching hold relents some. Good dog. <3

The shifter doesn't need psychic empathy or other bells and whistles to tell her that the boy is in a bad way. The little voice crack just breaks her bleeding heart. "Oh, no, I'm fine Besa. Really. You didn't upset me, I'm just worried. Didn't see you at all today, not even for spaghetti and meatballs just a little while ago." Because everyone (maybe not Rain though) shows up for spaghetti and meatballs! No? No..? Anyhoo…

Given permission, the girl pads over and seats herself carefully so as not to wing-WHAP boy and dog, settling so the big black appendages rest behind all three of them, Cocoa kept between them both. "Has something happened?"

Besa nods softly, "I am not hungry." There is a small mug of what used to be tea near him, so he's had something. Happened, he smiles, but it's one of those ironic ones. And not very big, "Yes. Much. I am just…the overwhelmed." He rubs his chest and then grimaces, dropping his hand.

He's not hungry, and Fee won't force anything on him. She glances toward the tea mug, "Do you want me to get you another cup of tea?" She can at least offer him that much, but only if it's what he wants. "I came up here to practice a bit.. it's hard to find the time to practice powers in a school for powered kids. Too much math and literature getting in the way.. go figure huh?" A wry little smile, but her eyes are worried. That can wait though. She leans back, watching her friend's body language, seeing his hand drop from his chest.

"Did you wanna talk about it? Sometimes just having a sounding board helps." She's been saying that a lot lately! This girl just might have the makings of a therapist!

Another sad smile that doesn't reach his eyes, "No, thank you. that is very kind of you to ask." The smile drops though, "Oh…you can practice. If I am in the way, I can leave." The his head is just shaking, that perfect hair dancing about, "No! No, I…I have talked too much. I think that is part of my problem. I talk."

"You can stay there if you'd like.. you were here first. It's just going to get a little bit warm in here." She says gently, but before she opts to stand up Fee reaches out with an arm and if Besa does not balk, tries to pull him into a side-hug. She will go on giving him a cuddle — provided he allowed it — for however long he will let her. She's not so caught up in the need to comfort a friend as to not hear his words, though. Fionnuala looks at him, head tilted, "I wouldn't call that a problem.. did someone tell you that your talking is an issue? Wait—" Her eyes round themselves again, ringed by thick black lashes. "Was somebody mean to you, Besa?" She asks outright.

Besa is ok with it getting warmer. He doesn't pull away, but he also doesn't lean into the hug. He just kinda sits there, very unBesa like. But when she asks, he can't help it, he laughs. "I…yes. I suppose someone is being mean to me." He rubs his chest near his heart, but leans his head back against the way. "I have found I am just not very good at many things in this modern world, Fionnuala."

One more squeeze, and the girl stands slowly, again being mindful with her wings. Little tiny specks of solar energy, nowhere near as plentiful or distracting, flutter toward the floor as she goes. Besa laughs though, and that causes Fee to turn on a heel to regard him. She rolls her shoulders once, wings quivering, eyes roving to settle upon the boy a bit worriedly. He's rubbing his heart again.. is he being emotive, or is he in pain? Fee will keep an eye on that too. "I think the way this world is going, Besa, I don't think any of us are. I'm pretty new to the gig myself and sometimes I don't know where to begin." Brow furrowed, then. She's not about to re-hash a lot of the deplorable, unfortunate things that arise in the news almost daily.

"Did something happen today, then? What happened to make you think that?"

Besa watches as the tiny bits of sunlight fall. It's very pretty mingling with the dust of the attic. "Not today." Is he being purposefully misleading? "I have found I either say things to drive people away from me, or they thing I am this…perfectly sweet person, who is so innocent that I am going to melt if it rains." he swallows, still eyeing the flecks of light, "I am neither, Fionnuala. But I will never be able to be, not really."

It does look kinda neat, doesn't it? The tiny specks of sunlight illuminate the fine scrim of dust on some of the surfaces, in between floor-boards. It's a fleeting, tiny display of beauty, easily missed by those who either don't care or don't have that artistic eye. Fee's too distracted to pay the play of light much mind though. If Besa is being 'misleading', Fee doesn't see it as such… maybe he just doesn't want to go too far into detail, straight up! But he gives her something.

"You are sweet, Besa. But you're not innocent either." Fee says frankly, head tilting as she looks down at her fingers briefly. "I saw firsthand what you had to go through to come back here, so you're definitely not going to be melting anytime soon. I remember you talking about priests coming 'round recently… are people trying to be overprotective?" She hazards the guess, knowing the natures of the Masters twins. IT's all well-meaning but it can't be easy for Besa. The girl looks at the floor, considering, and eyes a stack of dusty, musty boxes. Maybe she can find what she needs in there.

That guess is a good one, but wrong, his nose wrinkles again, "No…the priests that have come for me are not being over protective. They wish to remove my heart." So…maybe over protective of that specific organ, maybe? A low sigh, he closes his eyes, keeping his head against the wall. "I am tired, Fionnuala." And it's pretty clear he doesn't mean he needs a nap.

The girl is about to tuck into one box, sees that it's some sort of fussy old decor for a dining room — tablecloth, matching fabric napkins, placemats — ugh.. it looks dated. She carefully closes the box, sets it down to one side and sneezes briefly at the dust. She leaves the box that was beneath it be, assuming it to be much of the same. She pauses in her careful ferretting of boxes and knick-knacks to watch Besa again.. no, she startles. "Your—-no, oh no! W-why do they need your heart?!" She cries out over the din of old, old belongings. She's not making a mess, just looking at boxes, but she has to stop in her incredulity and fear.

It is then that she finds a larger cardboard box containing… ah, yes! Blankets! She needed one to set down on the floor and did not wish to ask Besa for his or go all the way downstairs to lug something up here. She sets her hands down on top of the box but does not open it, watches Besa worriedly.

"That can't happen. That's not right!"

He answer with flat voice, "To resurrect a very old, long dead priest. I do not know why they wish this. They are the ones responsible for the murder of me and taking the sliver of my heart before." Besa rubs his chest again, yes, it hurts. His eyes open and he looks to see what she's doing. oh, a blanket, he would have shared.

The girl looks aghast, opening the box and seeing not blankets… but clothing! Cripes, this is old too.. so much so that old Ruthie wouldn't even accept it to sell… maybe it would do to pass it all on to a theatre! Too bad it's not Fee's call to make. She digs into a layer or two of the fausty clothing, unearths some sort of frilly dress that looks both busy and terrifying.. she gives it a shake so that she may eye the coloration of it. Startles when a button falls from said dress, and some bric-a-brac such as a belt, a cufflink… wowza. Politely, Fee folds the dress back up, gathers the bits that fell, and replaces it all into the box. No blanket, but that's ok.

"Well they should just let that crusty old priest stay right where he is. Why can't they just leave well enough alone?" Hmmph. She watches Besa touch his chest again, brow furrowed. "Are you in pain? Is something the matter with your chest?"

Besa pets Cocoa, who's head has moved onto his lap, forcing his legs to crisscross. "My chest always hurts now, Fionnuala." he's too tired to lie or fake that it's not. "Ariel called him a bird shit priest." For some reason, that's funny. or maybe just Besa swearing is funny.

The girl is polite, she puts things back exactly where she found them. "Bird shit priest…" She echoes, then breaks out in a brief spat of laughter. "Not just any bird… like, maybe a sea gull. Sea gulls are assholes, and their poop is the worst." She declares, but sobers. Is it even worthwhile to ask if he could get his chest looked at? Somehow Fionnuala doesn't think this to be a condition that a school nurse can help. She decides to go back to her little spot on the floor to resume what she initially came up her to do. She seems to misstep a bit on the floor boards, flinches briefly as she scuffs her bare foot against the slats of old wood as if instinctively kicking something away that bothered her. A splinter maybe? Serves her right for walking barefoot up here. "Ow… splinter." She winces, thinking nothing of it.

Fionnuala begins making her way back toward Besa, but then.. hey, she's walking a bit funny. Her intent look upon his face, worried about his sore chest, suddenly looks troubled and confused. "Ow.. something.. something hurts…"

Sure, Seagull poop bird priest. He has no problem with that. he frowns as she does the weird step and declares a splinter. he offers, "Sit down," He'll help her get it out so it doesn't become infected. he can still do that, at least. He straightens though , in his spot on the floor, "Fionnuala? What's wrong?" She shouldn't be in that much pain…. He starts to gather his legs underneath him.

"Don't think it's a splinter—-" Fionnuala starts, her voice sounding much like it's normal timbre but there's a wavering there, how one might sound when trying to weather a profound pain while sounding composed. Suddenly her leg buckles and she drops down into a crouch, only to splay her palms out onto the floor. She rolls over somewhat, onto the leg that isn't afflicted, and is trying to pull the pained limb closer toward herself to look at her foot. Evidently she is having trouble, it's as if the leg weighs a ton.. or maybe she's just becoming overcome by a sudden, potent weakness.

Is she a bit pale? Her wings flatten around her form like a black blanket, and there: the sunlight begins to 'bleed' into the floor, streaking along her body toward the leg she grabs at desperately. "Oh, no.. ow-oh, OW.." Fee croaks out, and there.. she suddenly looks panicked. "F-foot—"

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Good Success.

Luck for Fee, Besa's had some training in a past life. he scurries over, trying to see what's going on, "I need light, but not blinding!" Kneeling down, he tries to be gentle, but time is of the essence. Her fort is touched, he's feeling for heat, or even storage cold, as he looks for whatever punctured her foot. "Fion- FEE! Listen to me, "I need you to hold still." He's already reaching into the pocket of his sleepy pants.

Whatever it is, it's acting fast. Go figure it's something innocuous, likely fallen from the box when the girl looked at the old clothes. When the sole of her foot first glanced the thing between floorboards, the brief sting led her to believe she stepped on something. Instinctive motion was to kick it away, right? Didn't work here: the foot is a single glaring saltdome of pain in this instance and it's radiating upwards along the leg, spreading fast and even gripping the girl's hip on that side. With slow, steady intent this paralyzing pain is going higher, higher… but there is yet time and a 'good' thing (as if anything is good about this) it happened at the bottom-most part of the shifter's body.

Whatever light Fee can give, it's leaving her slowly… but the boon to this is that as the sunlight moves to to 'heal' her wound, it in-turn illuminates the foot. And there, in the sole.. right beneath the medial plantar (below the toes and above the arch).. is a small golden stud earring that she had unwittingly driven into the flesh of her foot. The flesh around the stud is lividly red, as Fionnuala grows pale… and if it's not removed soon her body will heal itself desperately and lock it into her body! Oh snap!

Besa spends 1 luck points on to reroll so Fee doesn't die.
<FS3> Besa rolls Reaction +2: Success.

Besa's frowning, foot in hand, but then sees the culprit. Which is much better than what he feared. The irony knife comes out of his pocket and he uses the edge to get underneath the gold head of the earring and pulls it out. "Hold still…" As soon as the gold is out he flips the knife up and kicks his own forearm, just enough to get a little blood to heal the aggravated wound. He'd ask, but he knows that gold is not something she can play with.

<FS3> Besa rolls Blood Healing: Great Success.

What a terrible weakness to have for a girl who loves beauty. Shiny things. Certain shiny things can kill and if this stud is left in her foot for too long, gradually the fingers of damage will reach her chest and the organs therein; if that doesn't off her right away, it will be right into the brain. The pleasant girl will then be left paralyzed, fried from within, locked in a rigor of pain for however long until she couldn't take it anymore. The innocuous golden stud, once a decoration in some long-dead lady's ear, becomes something nefarious and it's covering ground. Fee couldn't get at her foot even if she tried because now her arm on that side is getting heavy. Thank God Besa is here!

She can't speak easily, slurring as if her brain has had an episode. She can hear Besa and is aware of what he's doing as her vision begins to gray out… she can barely feel the blazing foot being lifted and the offending matter being pulled out. The pain yet remains even as the stud is removed, but there… there is a shifting, then. The 'heaviness' goes and then.. Besa cuts himself.

Fee presses her lips together as her eyes squeeze shut, tears streaming down her cheeks as the wound is bathed in healing blood.

Besa just presses his forearm to her wound, he can tell she's in pain. Cleanliness be damned (Besides, he cleans his knife!). "It's alright Fionnuala….the gold is out. I'm healing you." Man, eh hopes it's healing her and not whatever happened with Ashton! Cocoa watched all of this from the corner, whimpering as soon as Fee was in pain. Now she's crawled up next to the girl, pressing her warm body into her side. Besa praises her, "Good girl. Let her know you're there…good girl." And she does. She lays her head on Fee's chest and whines softly as Besa heals her.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Rapid Healing: Success.

The shifter experienced Besa's brand of healing before, before Christmas… but that was for a surface 'burn' from her skin glancing a woman's gold ring. This, this was inside of her.. a much more intensive, awful injury! But the moment the blood works it's magic, her body can be seen relaxing. Her sunlight trickles along her skin, skittering almost coyly in it's lessened potency in the direction of where the Egyptian boy presses his bleeding wound to Fee's own injury. Between the two of them the actual skin wound is healing… cleanly, no scarring.

But having that stud in her foot, it attacked something so intrinsically fragile and it leaves Fionnuala exhausted, drawn, and still unwell.

Now it's like a poison response, but she is no longer at risk of dying an awful death!

Cocoa is there now and Fee can be heard, and felt, sighing in relief. The weight of the pup's head upon her chest and her unconditional puppy love loosens a few more tears from the girl's eyes. She opens them and they are no longer gold but now, a dull tired blue. "I'm so sorry.. so sorry, Besa.. so stupid…" She croaks.

Besa keeps his arm pressed to her foot. Man, they must look weird. Hopefully no one walks in. "It is not stupid, it is a lesson to wear shoes." A smile, he's joking. Mostly. "You are alright. Just need to relax and let your body heal." Cocoa scoots forward to lick at Fee's tears before settling down again on her chest. "Rest, and then I will help you down to your room. I will let a teacher no as well."

Wouldn't that look special? Teenagers can be awful gossips, nevermind were one to really analyze the situation they would perhaps know that Fee ain't Besa's type! *cough* .. but yes, it does look weird. Some heavy grinding of one injury against another, oh baby—- too much? Too much? Okay Fee-player, STFU.

The fact remains, Besa saved Fionnuala. There's no use beating herself up. "S-should've, I should've checked the floor closely, when everything fell out…" The girl whispers, but just stops that thought dead. Nope, she can't beat up on herself now. What's done is done and lesson learned… all the times up here barefoot, because she prefers the traction and feel of bare feet on floors.. and then this happened. Cocoa's tongue laps at the shifter's face and she leans into the affection some, clearly not shy where pups are concerned. She can be felt settling, would sink into the floor if she could.. but now she's just so tired.. "Thank you Besa.. if you weren't here and this happened, I-I would've been toast." Is whispered. A hurt Fee is a small, pitiful thing indeed.

Besa's lips press together in concern, "You were only looking in there for things to cheer me up." He's not stupid, he knows. The healing is done so he pulls his arm away. It's not too terrible a cut, although he still has a bandaid on from healing Ashton. Time to add another bandaid! "Rest, let me find something and then I will help you down, yes?" He has a tissue that he wipes her foot with, no reason to have a bloody foot if it's not injured.

Well, he figured her out. The pain-washed face of Fee softens some into a hint of amusement, "Yeah.. I was seeing what was in there. U-usually in these old mansions there's some weird outfit that once belonged to a Great-Great-Great-Aunt Florence that's good for a laugh." Aww, heavens above, Fee wasn't going to practice her magic.. she was going to put on a display of follies for Besa's hopeful amusement! Look how well that went.

She tilts some, folding an arm behind her head to prop it up so she can look at the boy. "I'll make it up to you, for having to hurt yourself again when you're already g-going through so much.. I promise. Just.. a few more minutes and I can move." She reassures. So tired, so woozy.

Besa thinks maybe she should stick to sunlight and warming rooms. He shakes his head , patting her leg gently, "Stop that. You are my friend. i will always help you." Besides, it's just a cut. The bloody tissue is shoved in his pocket, along with the knife. He's also learned that his blood, even dried is powerful, better to burn it. The small gold ear death dagger is picked up and put into a separate pocket, he'll give that to a teacher. "I will carry you, you are in no condition to walk." Little Besa? He gets to his kneels and scoots to a dusty box. On the side, he starts drawing a rune in the dust.

It touches the girl and Fee, well… Fee wears it all on her sleeve. Her face falls and her lips purse and she seems to be chewing on some words. A sniffle then as he calls her his friend, and that he will always help her. As Besa shoves away bloody tissues and sets himself to rights, Fionnuala continues in a muddy, sad voice. "You're my friend too, one of the best… so please let me help you if you ever need it, okay? D-don't be letting no priests touch that good heart of yours to wake up s-some crusty bastard birdshit priest—" She's tired and emotional from what nearly happened and Besa's kindness to her, and she wipes her face quickly. But then he catches her off guard. Carry her..? Wut?

Sure, she's a bird shifter and her body — and bones — are lighter but she still can't comprehend 'little' Besa lifting her and carrying her ALL the way to the girls' wing! "U-um.. it's okay, really—-" Helpless, he's already drawing a rune. Despite herself, Fee wonders what he is doing..

<FS3> Besa rolls Rune Magic: Failure.
<FS3> Besa rolls Body: Success.

Normally this, would be super easy. it should be. But his hand shakes when he draws the rune, so something isn't straight. Or isn't curved, or…something. He swipes the rune and then makes a face, clearly not happy. "I need to make more clay runes." Clearly it's the dust. He stands, wincing as he's been on the ground for most of the day. Eyeing Cocoa on Fee, his hair sways as he shakes his head, "Good girl Cocoa." She's going to get all the cookies. "I do not plan on letting th4e priests have my heart." Or, what's left of it. Stepping over he bends down again, this time moving to pick the girl up. "I will not drop you, i promise."

She watches silently, daring not to disrupt what's at work here. The murkiness has eased from Fee's gaze, leaving behind only a pair of tired cornflower blue eyes and not even a spark of solar energy. All of the sun 'bled' out of her as the gold ate at her foot; perhaps, too, that is why she is especially worn out. So devastating in the weakness to gold, the girl will be left worn out for a couple of days. It shows too as her lashes flutter, eyes trying desperately not to close. Fionnuala needs to be in bed, curtains open.. and if she is lucky? May the day be sunny tomorrow, and filling her room.

Her hand lifts, finally, to stroke and scritch Cocoa behind the ears. Besa is back to her side and speaking to the girl of his surprising intent. "Are you s—-" He's lifting her! What surprises does this small boy have?! Luckily Fee is light due to her avian physiology but she is taller than Besa by a few inches and that in itself can be awkward. But holy crap he does it! Fee is surprised but relieved, "I trust you. And even if I did fall it'd feel a lot better than the gold did." She tries to joke.

Besa grunts, she's not heavy, but is taller than he realized, "I will not drop you. Nor stab you with gold.' Such promises! His arms will hurt later, but she needs to get to bed. and teachers need to be alerted. "Follow, Cocoa." And she does. Because she is a good dog.

=== IC Info / In-game Rumor Post===

The following occurred on the evening of Weds, Feb 21st. Anyone in the upper hallways of the estate, loitering outside and around the student lodgings may have been quite surprised by the sight of Besa Ini-Herit bodily carrying a one Fionnuala Reid down from the attic. No real accusations of typical teenage 'shenanigans' *cough* could be made seeing as how the shifter girl was limp, wan and nearly unconscious. Meanwhile the weary Egyptian boy bore a self-inflicted wound on one of his forearms. After teachers were informed, the afflicted girl was put on bedrest for a couple of days due to repercussions of a strange but potent weakness.

Word would later get out from staff and later, Fionnuala's own words: that Besa had saved her life.


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