(2018-02-20) Warm Air, Cold Water
Warm Air, Cold Water
Summary: Ashton and Carmichael are enjoying the unseasonable warmth, while Ariel and Ronan enjoy a cold swim.
Date: IC Date (2018-02-20)
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Back Lawn Winbarry Estates
Tue Feb 20, 2018

A large swatch of green that goes in all directions. To the east and northeast, the lawn goes from the green of grass to the yellowish-brown of sea grass and then sandy beach, the blue-green of the ocean spreading out as far as the eye can see. In the center is a tall overgrown hedgemaze, with dormant flowering bushes at the corners.


It was a super nice day and that's yielding a super nice evening, so apparently Ariel decided that meant that it was the idea time to go take a dunk? This ignoring the fact that the miserable black waters of New England's Atlantic coast are miserably cold on the 4th of July, to say nothing of how they are on a random unseasonably warm day in February. Even stranger is that based on her look as she walks across the yard, barefoot and soaked to the skin, she decided to do it in a set of flannel Coral Springs pajamas. Plaid in the color of Coral Springs with a splash of Ares blue and the school logo on the left breast. They aren't pajamas that are actually for sale, but they should be? Whatever they case, they don't make great swim garments as the sheer amount of squishing that Ariel does as she crosses the lawn would attest.

Oh, the warm weather is a delightful treat. Wearing a pair of basketball shorts and a sleeveless athletic shirt, Ashton has a soccer ball, that he is practicing a little bit of footwork. After all, if you don't practice you lose whatever edge you might have. He cocks his head slightly at Ariel. His brows arch slightly. As he speaks to her, he stops the ball and rests his foot on top of the ball, "Lose a bet or something?"

Warm weather is NOT a good thing. Seventies might not be the eighties, but Ronan wasn't entirely comfortable in the warmer than normal weather. The blond teen has been in the cold dark waters trying to get comfortable. He just finished off his swim and was dressed only in a pair of swim shorts. The water was practically freezing on his skin, forming little icy little droplets on his skin. He wasn't exactly known for his warm body.

An unseasonably warm day isn't just for swimming. It's for flying! At least, it is if you have wings! Thusly, overhead there's someone flying in the air over the school's back lawn. A person, not a bird. Though that person does have wings like one. Then whoever that turns those large black wings so they can swoop down. Though it's a distance away, since he doesn't quite have the legs for a perfect drop-down landing — instead he runs a few steps as he swoops down to the ground.

It's a young fellow with longish black hair, and he's wearing a sweatshirt, well-fitting jeans, and a pair of good casual loafer shoes. He folds those wings behind him and offers a greeting. "Hello." He notes Ariel's state — and then Ronan's — and blinks. "…Are you both all right?" That sure is British accent. He doesn't know any of the people here. And he's not ignoring Ashton, proven by the nod of greeting and the smile in his direction. But Ashton looks to be reasonably good health. Ariel and Ronan appear to be soaked, and possibly freezing.

"Oh, hey, Ashton." Ariel stops to look at her teammate and watch his fancy footwork but is somewhat thrown by his question. She looks down at herself and frowns, "Oh, shit, I didn't even think to change. Dumb." She closes her eyes and clenches. No other word for it. Her entire body, from her hair to her feet, just tenses right up and water pours off of her like someone twisting a sponge. When the flow slows to a stop she takes a moment to shake out her hair, then reaches up to run her fingers through it. In seconds she's dry, but standing in a hell of a puddle. Carmichael gets the uncertain smile of someone greeting a new person, "I'm fine, I'm fine. Just went for a swim on impulse. Should have changed for everyone's benefit." She looks back at Ronan as he's addressed and starts slightly, but she's just familiar enough to realize, "It's too hot for you, isn't it? It's going to get worse this summer, Ronan. I hope you'll be okay."

Having never seen Ariel's gift at work, Ashton cocks his head, "Well, that is damn useful, huh?" He grins slightly, "No need to change, just caught me by surprise… I didn't know what you could do… and I'm still getting new to this supers thing, so I'm not sure if asking is rude or not… " He looks over at Ronan, "Hey man… yeah, it can get up to a hundred with the heat index, if not higher." He watches the winged boy land. "Well, that's not something you see every day… well I guess around here you just might?" The dark-haired boy realizes that he's staring at Carmichael, so he decidedly looks to Ariel and Ronan.

"Jesus Mary and Joseph, that sounds horrible!" Ronan groans at the mere thought of that level of heat. "Perhaps I'll have to go home come summer time and hide in me home there. It won't be nearly as blasted hot." He's very distinctly Irish. He gives the winged British boy a look for a long moment. "I'll be quite ok. For now it's not that bad." He says as he stands there with just a pair of swim shorts on and no shirt. The water still in little frozen droplets on his skin. "If it gets above 86, I'm bloody useless."

Carmichael sees this strange 'clenching' Ariel's doing, and blinks. He doesn't have a terribly strong reaction apart from that, though. He does nod to her, though. "Handy," he comments with a smile, seconding Ashton's remark of it. He also looks to Ronan, with concern, as Ariel mentions her own concern for him. Ashton's words, though, draw his attention over. There's something weird about him. And just as Ashton realizes he's staring, so does Carmichael.

He turns his attention back to Ronan when he speaks. He grins at the response to the heat. "I'm sure the school will help you out, if you can't help it. If it gets too hot, a cold towel on the back of your neck might help," he suggests seriously. And he also observes, "I just realized I haven't met any of you. Name's Carmichael. Good to meet you all." He smiles.

"I don't think it's rude to ask people what they can do, but I can understand why not everyone would want to share. I am made of a formless mass of biological material that I can alter at will." And just like that a few things shift and a foot or so of height is gained and where there was a compact blonde there is now a tall good looking boy with broad shoulders and curly black hair. "Like that. Just don't ask if I'm a boy or a girl, because that's rude and the answer is yes." He takes a long moment to take in Carmichael because there's a whole to take in there, but then he's wincing at the lament of Ronan. "You're making me feel bad for calling you Seal Lad. It's going to start getting rough for you around June, so yeah, if you can go home for summer, do." The thought of summer gets a sigh from Ariel who adds, "And maybe take me with you. I've never been to Ireland." He nods to Carmichael, "I'm Ariel."

Ashton looks sympathetically to Ronan, but teases him anyway. That's what friends do, right? "Oh, I'm sure we can just stick you in the fridge until we need you and pull you out to defrost." He listens to Ariel, "Um.. cool?" Then she changes to him, and Ashton smiles widely, "Definitely cool." He chuckles about Ronan taking Ariel with him. "I've never been out of the US… no wait.. we went to Canada once when I was like four." He smiles over to Carmichael, dimples framing his lips. "Nice to meet you Carmichael. I'm Ashton Talbot."

"That'd be an interestin' freezer if I could be frozen by it." Ronan says cheerfully, "And I don't need ta defrost. I'm perfectly fine being all nice and frosty." he says laughing a bit at the whole thing. Apparently the Irish lad doesn't take offense to the idea. "Why would ye be upset? Ye thought it was a fun silly nickname. You didn't mean anything by it." He says shrugging a bit, "So whether you're male or female depends on your mood for the moment? Must be a good thing for you then." He doesn't seem to be weirded out by it. If anything he condones it whole heartedly. As for Carmichael…. He looks at the winged teen. "It'd help me, but my powers would still be defunct."

Carmichael smirks at Ariel's mention of asking people what they could do. "I haven't heard it much since we came to Winbarry, but the students used to say that the school's slogan ought to be 'What's Your Weird?'" He laughs at 'the answer is yes' to the question of gender. "So long as you forgive me for using whatever pronouns you happen to be wearing the bits of at the time," he replies. He doesn't seem to weirded out or uncomfortable about Ariel's sudden sex change. He smiles broadly to Ashton's words. "Good to meet you, Ashton." And of course he has to note to Ronan, "Taking 'stay frosty' literally, hm?" Though the explanation gets a nod. "Ohhhh, I see. You need to keep your body at a certain temperature or below? Lemme guess — ice powers?"

"Pretty much. As the mood strikes me. I used to just change my whole appearance to suit my mood, but teachers got tired of not knowing who I was, so I was asked to pick two base forms by the administration. It's not too bad, but sometimes I feel like I have restless leg syndrome." Ariel runs his hands through his hair, leaving it short on the sides but still long and curly on top. He frowns a little at Ronan, seemingly a little worried that if a day at 70 could leave the cryokinetic winded that it's only going to get worse. "Maybe we'll get back to the main facility before the end of the year. I heard they were a little more equipped to help people in situations like this. But hey, you'll always have the ocean. It's always freezing, no matter the temperature." He nods to Carmichael, "That's the easiest, really."

Ashton blinks at Carmichael. "Why would you think he has ice powers? He's a shapeshifter… just really cold natured." He almost manages to say it without grinning - almost. He chuckles, unable to contain it. He pauses for a moment, "Let me do a little research, Ronan, maybe I can come up with something to help you out dealing with the heat some. No promises, especially since I think I am going to take a bit of a break from doing anything… " After lunch yesterday, Ashton has been growing increasingly concerned about his power.

"Ice, water, and thermal manipulation." Ronan says before laughing at Ashton. It just was too much really. He smiles a bit more though, "I'm not worried. Things happen as they will. Makes things easier for everyone." He says casually, "I'm not exactly winded. Just a might bit uncomfortable. What ye Americans call the eighties is where I start running into issues." He adds in a very casual manner. He looks at Ariel, "I can understand that. Ye feel like ye aren't meant for a single form and want ta shift."

Carmichael nods. "They would have been," he confirms to Ariel's words of the previous school. "There was an infirmary there and everything. A handful of students seemed to end up there quite often." Though he smiles fondly. There's a bit of a sad edge to the smile, though. The figurative flight of fancy doesn't last long, and he nods to Ariel's confirmation of his policy for dealing with her shifts of gender. "Right, I'll keep it in mind," he promises. Ashton's tease gets a raise of Carmichael's brow. "Considering he all but has icicles hanging off his bum, I think it's a reasonable guess," he notes flatly. Though the tone is at odds with the smirk he's also trying very hard (and failing) to suppress. Though, even if it wasn't addressed to him, Carmichael wonders of Ashton, "Why's that?" Ronan's explanation gets a nod. "Ah-ha, I see." He shifts one of his wings and flaps it at Ronan like a giant fan. "Does that help at all?"

Ariel nods to Ronan. "Sometimes I identify as a boy. Sometimes I identify as a girl. And sometimes I identify as a twelve foot tall rock monster." Ariel frowns as he realizes he's still wearing the flannel pajamas he was wearing before and gives the top a sharp tug, causing it to fold out into the school uniform's blazer. The flannel pants become more appropriate slacks. Back to Ronan he says, "Have you met Grayson yet? He does he water stuff, too. He's prickly, but he's less shitty than he seems." Ariel grimaces, then adds, "But he's going to seem /really/ shitty." He glances back to Ashton and almost says something, glances at the other two and then says, "Everything been okay with you?"

Ashton grins at Carmichael's mutual inability to keep a straight face. He then drags his canine (normal-looking canine, that is) over his lower lip. "Um.. well I'm still learning… and the other day I nearly lost control. It kind of spooked me out." That is a gross simplification of it, and really his magic shouldn't have really had anything to do it. He smiles over to Ariel, though his eyes aren't so quite to convincing, "Yeah, I guess… " He looks over at Ronan, "I imagine we have a little bit of time before it gets too bad for you… this is just a strange warm spell.. I'm sure it will be nice and chilly for you next week."

"It is indeed an odd thing for it to be so warm." Ronan says shrugging a bit,"I'm hoping and Ashton, since ye have ta bleed yourself for your magic, I'd rather you not do anything unless necessary." He says , his smile becoming a bit wane. He didn't really enjoy seeing his friend in pain with his powers. "I might have met him… I met a man that was in a remarkably foul mood. Punched me too." He says laughing a little bit.

Carmichael snickers at Ariel's mention of Grayson. "Oh boy," he intones. But lest anyone think he has something bad to say about Grayson he quickly adds, "I can't say much, since I only actually met him once, and he didn't seem too terribly bad." He's also perceptive enough to tell that there's more to Ashton's concern than he's telling. He is, however, not about to bring it up here. And then he snerks at Ronan's mention of 'a man in a foul mood'. "That… does seem descriptive of Grayson, yes. But really, he's not too terribly bad." Then he addresses the mention of Ashton having to bleed for his magic. "Come find me the next time you need to do that. I can heal people. I'm not too terribly great at it, but it could offset the pain a little."

Ariel narrows his eyes at Ashton's weak affirmation, but is nodding in agreement with him a moment later. "I hear it's going to be below freezing again in a couple of days. Bad news for everyone else, but good news for you, Ronan. Neutral news for me. I don't really get hot or cold." Ariel's eyes widen at the suggestion that someone hit Ronan, but the popsicle doesn't seem to upset at the notion so he just gives a slow nod. "That definitely sounds like it could have been Grayson. Kinda hot, maybe looks a little underfed, may have told you he hates everyone."

Tension shows in Ashton's jaw, when he hears that someone hit punched Ronan. "What? When did this happen?" Getting threatened himself is one thing, but someone hurting one of his friends is completely another. His azure blue eyes start to hue a bit more of a green hue. "Point this guy out to me, okay… I'll have a talk with him and set him straight." He looks at Ronan, "And don't worry about that.. I heal fairly quickly." Ronan has seen that it isn't that quick, just enough to have kept him from bleeding out. He looks over to Carmichael, "Thanks for the offer, but it's not really a sacrifice if it doesn't hurt… "

"Not sure about hot but he was scrawny and looked rather uhh… pent-up." Ronan says laughing a bit on the last word before he shrugs, "A few days ago. I poked at him a bit. So don't worry about it. I'm fine and he seemed a bit better for blowing off some steam." Apparently Ronan doesn't mind getting punched that much. His blue eyes watch Ashton for a moment before he glances over at Carmichael, "It took what looked like sepsis before we got him to let Besa heal him."

Carmichael snickers at Ariel's description of Grayson. He nods. "Brown hair, brown eyes, freckles? Surly expression?" Yeah, apparently he knows Grayson. Ashton's refusal of healing gets a nods, though. "The offer's open. And it doesn't have to be right when you do whatever it is you do. I can fix it afterwards, when whatever it is, is done." He seems all right about it… until Ronan mentions the near-sepsis. "Oh, bloody Nora," he intones, exasperated. "Promethean, right? I swear, you'll be the death of yourselves." Though he's smirking.

He shifts a bit, bringing a wing forward, and takes hold of one black feather. He concentrates, there's a pause… and mystical senses may be able to detect energy welling up within him. The golden 'smudge' at the end of the black feather seems to gleam for a moment, and he pulls the feather out, with a sharp yank and a wince. He presents the feather to Ashton. "Here, take this. Sounds like you're going to get yourself in trouble. It might help you out." He doesn't say how, though.

That's when he addresses Ronan's words of Grayson. "There were a few… ah, 'interpersonal issues' between Grayson and a few of the students. These were before I got here. But I'd heard a little about them. Like as not, that's the problem. Besides, if he'd wanted to hurt you he'd have used whatever powers he has. Which you probably had figured."

"Oh no, he's definitely hot. Just in the same way guys thought women with consumption were hot back in vampire times." Ariel fans himself, just in case he wasn't making himself understood. "He's not into girls, or people who are occasionally girls, though. So I'm safe from my bad decision making." Still, Ariel eyes Ronan for a moment when he mentions poking at Grayson. Having had his own run-in with the water boy (one of the few names Ariel didn't call him, but will next time) with resulted in something close to fisticuffs, he can't help be a little concerned. He looks to Ashton and then grins. "Everyone here is very concerned that others are being given undue shit. I like that. New kids sticking together." Carmichael's words get a thin smile from Ariel, "Yeah. Grayson bottles a lot up, but not his anger."

Ashton looks at Ronan, "It wasn't sepsis. I was just feeling under the weather.. the cut was only about an inch long and had been done a few hours earlier… you don't get sepsis that quickly, especially from a knife that I clean almost religiously every day." He shakes his head, "Actually I'm an Ares. I'm not exactly the patient type or the best at following rules." He takes the feather, looking at it. He frowns slightly, "What do I do with it?"

"Pretty sure he's just bottled up right now. But he seemed more tense than usual and it isn't the first time I've been punched, and won't be the last either." Ronan says laughing and shrugging a bit at Ashton, "Ye were pale as a sheet and what not. All I know is that ye didn't look remotely near healthy and about ready ta pass out." He says quite matter-of-factly,"And he's not a bad looking bloke, but I don't think he's as good looking as most folks round here."

Carmichael snerks at the mention of 'hot like consumption'. But he doesn't comment on it. He wasn't around back then. He does offer, "Oh, I don't know. I didn't think he was all that bad-looking." It's a casually-offered comment… too casually? Maybe. Hard to tell. He also notes, "There's always gonna be some shit. We're in high school. But I don't like it when someone's getting undue shit. Tends to piss me off." His smile here is so incredibly innocent that it hides a multitude of sins. As for Ashton's correction. Carmichael blinks. "That's a surprise," he notes. And the question about the feather? "Keep it. Put it in your pocket, your bag, or something. Might bring you luck." A nod. "But really. If you do need some help, there's at least a few people you can come and find. Besa, me — I'm sure there's a few others, but I haven't met a lot of the new students since we came here." A look at the group at large. "That offer's open to the rest of you too," he specifies. Ronan's words of Grayson being pent up gets a nod. "You're not wrong, if my sources're right. No gossiping, though — I've got standards. They're not particularly high, but I've got 'em." He smirks.

Ariel just nods to Carmichael at his offer, but his attention is back on Ashton for a moment. Then he's glancing back toward the main house. "I think… I'm probably going to head back inside. I got hit hard with post-long-weekend homework and rather than do it I went swimming." There's a slight twisting to his form, then he drops down to the short blonde girl form she was wearing before. After all, she sleeps in the girls' dorm. The rooms are bigger! "G'night, boys."

Ashton chuckles to Ronan, "Dude… I'm always white as a sheet.. I haven't ever been able to tan." He pauses, "Yeah, I was feeling rough, I'll admit. I was talking with Louk, and I think it's because I had forgotten my medication at home when I came here. Grandmother sent them to me in my package on Valentine's." He nods to Carmichael, "Thanks, I'm sure having a bit of luck on my side could be useful… " He grins at Ronan and nods in agreement, "Yeah, tell me about.. it's almost ego wrecking, isn't it?" He looks at Ariel, "Later, Ariel, take care."

Carmichael nods as Ariel takes his — 'her' now — leave back to the house. Carmichael waves as she leaves. "Cheers, then. Later," he offers amiably. Ashton's mention of luck gets a nod too. "Luck never hurts," he agrees, with a mysterious smile. Though the mention of ego-wrecking gets a grin. "Oh come now. You're not that bad," he offers. "Besides, different strokes for different folks — you'll catch someone's eye." He winks. Though what spoils it is a massively loud growl from his stomach. Carmichael goes a bit red and puts a hand over his stomach. "And I was just about to plead my stomach and nip off to the kitchen, too. Impatient thing, my stomach." He chuckles, despite his embarrassment. "Cheers," he offers to the group, and heads for the house. On foot, to note.

Ashton nods, "Yeah… happens to the best of us. Nice to meet you, Carmichael. And thanks again for the feather." Of course, he does not have anywhere to put the feater at the moment. He looks around as if something was just going to magically appear. He looks over to Ronan. "I'm going to run this up to my room, and then we can talk, if you want. I really am feeling better today." And the pops the soccer ball up, catching it in one hand, while carrying the feather in the other.

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