(2018-02-20) The Weather Gods Are Smiling!
The Weather Gods Are Smiling!
Summary: Unseasonably warm weather has come to pass, and a few students take the time to enjoy it and make weekend plans.
Date: 2018-02-20
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Back Patio, Winbarry Esates
Tue Feb 20, 2018

The large back patio has recently been rebricked, the earthy red showing little wear. There are a few chairs and benches here and there to sit and relax while watching the view across the large greensward of grass to the ocean. To the left of the patio is a large swimming pool that is empty of water and a large canvas tarp covering it.


Maybe Sky's detentions are tapering off for, around lunchtime, before he's gone into eat, Sky can be found outside. It's a glorious day, unseasonably warm for New England in February, but he is certainly not complaining as he's out in his school uniform, without a coat or scarf. His hair has been pulled back into a stubby braid (probably braided by Rain) as he stands at one of the benches and looks out at the lawn. There's a waft of fragrant smoke coming from the slim, brown cigarette in his hand that smells faintly reminiscent of cloves.

His dreams, since he got back from his 'mini-break' a week or so ago, have been wild. Like…Salvador Dali, Hieronymus Bosch, Psychedelic Beatles-wild. While he's gotten sleep, he hasn't been waking up too well-rested, thanks to the crazy goings-on of his mind. Thanks, Ambien.

One would think that being part of the Dark court, Callisto would be against warmth and light. Yeah, no. She left Greenland's northern wastes to get AWAY from the dark, cold and snow. This.. said to be unexpected.. is a treat. She will neither complain, nor will she abstain from putting the entire graceful length of her person out into it. Departing the estate, the fae girl stands atop the back patio for a heartbeat or two. Barely-there sandals adorn her feet, and her willowy frame OWNS the full length black maxi dress with the tie waist, some manner of pale blue and indigo floral pattern setting her moonpale hair to crackling. Why, now, does she not have her uniform on…? There is a reason for that, truly! Callisto looks relaxed, content… completely at-ease in her space. There is a smell on the warm breeze that catches her attention, and she turns her sleek head in it's direction to spy… oh!

Descending the steps to pad out onto the lawn, the tall girl makes her way toward the boy who stands close to a bench, overlooking the grounds. Perhaps Sky may feel that 'glimmer' of awareness which precedes Callisto trying to 'greet' his mind with her voice; it's like an asking of permission, giving him a few seconds to deny her before her question reaches him. It doesn't 'do' to be a rude psychic.

Provided Sky doesn't deter her, the fae's smooth 'voice' will ask of him a single query. «Hello, Schuyler. Care for some company?»

Schuyler moves to swing the hand holding the clove cigarette to behind his back, but then he realizes that with another mentalist…why bother? His hand is slowly brought back to where it was and he even lifts the cigarette to his mouth so that he can greet the other in sign as well as mentally, «Callisto. Hi. I don't mind company.» If he did, he'd have gone elsewhere to be alone. He glances at her outfit before grinning, «Nice dress, but you'll get in trouble if you wear it outside of Fridays. Did Rain help you pick that one out?» The cigarette is removed, ash is flicked, and another plume of clove-scented smoke is released.

Does Callisto look as if she cares that the other mentalist is having a puff? If anything she likes the smell of the cloves. Once she gets that permission, both mentally and to join him on the lawn, the girl does just that. Regarding the outfit she gives the maxi dress a noncommittal glance, «I've had this for awhile. First time marching it out, for I've awaited this weather. I suspect this is a… teaser.» She quirks a brow then, «Community service hours. I'm just getting back from a stint and I… guess I shall have to change back after lunch.» Emits the Junior girl, her shoulders dropping with the sigh. It seems she, too, balks at the uniform.. but yet, still follows the rules.

She eyes the cigarette with her frosty blue gaze, «Smells good.» Said pointedly, before she tilts her head at him in this 'silent' conversation. «How have you been faring?»

Besa's in the school uniform with his yellow tie, but his right sleeve has been rolled up. to his left though. Anyone with a sharp eye will be able to see there's a bandage on his left arm. He and Rain are talking as they take their break outside. "If things get cleared up, Loukanos said he would go camping with me." He's explaining why he wanted to know when spring break was yesterday. Anyone that knows him can tell he's upset (Cocoa plastered to his leg is a good indicator), but he's faking a decent smile today at least.

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Telepathy/empathy: Good Success.
<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Amazing Success.

If classes are happening Rain will be in her uniform, no matter what day it is, so uniform it is. As she walks beside Besa her own expression remains its usual passive one as they talk to each other "So you will be spending the whole break camping with him?" if there is anything except curiosity in the question she isn't letting it come out. "Have you picked a spot for camping yet?" has she noticed the Band-Aid? If so she isn't saying anything, she has decided that what Besa does with his powers is his choice. Her nose wrinkles at the drifting smell of cloves that comes their way "Do you smell that." she isn't oblivious to her brother's newest habit, but besides her initial distaste she has keep her opinion about that to herself as well. But Sky knows she doesn't care for it.

«It's nice,» Sky reiterates in terms of the dress and he also comments, «I'm not going to complain about the weather at all. I know it'll get cold again soon, but for now I'm going to enjoy it and pretend like I'm home.» Since winters there are mild, to say the least. There's a tilt of his head as Callisto says that the smoke 'smells good'…it -is- better than pure tobacco, at least. He then shrugs, «I've been.» It seems to be a descriptive enough verb for now. «I suppose I have it better than some.» That's about all he can muster at the moment.

When Besa and Cocoa come out followed by Rain, he grimaces and glances around before dropping the clove cigarette and crushing it out with his shoe. Maybe if he steps on it, the smoke won't waft too far? Besa gets a once-over glance before he gets asked, «What's wrong?» Sky isn't known for subtleties at times. «And the Greek godling?» There's a blink before a nod, «That makes some amount of sense, actually. Huh.» Rain gets a little frown before he asks, «So you're going to go camping for a week? -Why-?» why would anyone subject themselves to that sort of thing??

The neat thing about communicating in this fashion is that Callisto is yet free to survey the grounds while maintaining this back and forth with Sky. She is standing beside him at a polite conversational distance, hair long and loose and seeming to glow starkly in the ample sunshine. Though she seems to pause in her perusal, her head turning back to look upon the boy for a few moments as if… something has caught her attention some. Really caught it. Poor Sky, being looked upon so intensely and severely by the willowy girl. There is.. something new here. She and Sky haven't had much opportunity to converse at length but it's been long enough that the boy has stopped using opioids in the interim. Callisto is able to sense (but not alter, while targets are awake) the subconscious mind and when Sky 'used', things felt…. murky.

But this. Callisto tilts her head some, hair caught up in a warm breeze. «You seem… clear. Have you been resting well, then?» She asks innocuously, but her gaze swings 'round to note the new arrivals. Gah.. all in uniform. Callisto has the grace to feel self-conscious, but only just; there is a reason, honest! As Besa, Rain and Cocoa appear, Callisto watches them restfully. Should they come closer, the fae girl shall lift her hand in a polite greeting.

Besa gives a small shoulder shrug, "I do not know. I think camping will help my head though. I think grounding myself in something i know…" As to where? "We talked a few different places. I do not know where he wishes to go yet." He sniffs, nose wringing as well, but it's not in as much distaste as Rain. He likes booze and tobacco, just not these chemical modern day stuff. He didn't know about the cigarettes, but he doesn't comment. Maybe he can find Sky better stuff? But then he's being questioned by Sky, "I…nothing?" Of course there's something wrong, there's always something wrong, but he's not going to blurt out his problems in front of someone he doesn't know. "Loukanos is my friend. What is so strange about me wanting to go camping with him?" Is there now some thing on camping he doesn't know about?!!? "I like camping, Sky." that should be enough reason. he knows the twins don't, so he found a friend that would go. He sighs, folding his arms to cover the bandaged one. Callisto, who he doesn't know, gets a polite nod and forced smile back.

"I'm sure you will have a great time camping." She certainly hopes so at least "I don't know much about it, but there are parks all over that you can camp in." There is a glance between Callisto and her brother, she could probably hear the echoes of their conversation, but she has learned ignore the voices in her head "Hello Callisto." She greets but there is no smiles for the other girl. A questioning look to Sky »>What?«< is sent to him.

Schuyler blinks at Callisto as he's looked at so carefully, his eyes narrowing just a little, but before he can ask what's going on, she asks her own question. The observation gets another little frown and he fidgets at a pocket but seems able to stop himself from pulling out another cigarette. «No, I haven't,» comes the possibly-surprising reply. «I've been having weird dreams.» Really weird. Disturbingly weird. Besa's reticence pulls his attention and he looks between the others, «Besa, have you met Callisto?» He won't say anything more about camping. «We'll miss not seeing you at home,» is offered instead.

Rain gets another blink and an echoed, «What?»

The 'tendrils' stemming from Callisto's powerful mind react to those who step within her proximity. Her brief touching down upon Sky's mind is wrenched away briefly by a… oh. There is a distinct feeling of unrest from the gentle Egyptian boy whom Callisto has seen in passing. Sky feels 'clear'; Besa feels exhausted and troubled; not rested. The subconscious dreaming mind, when pummeled with enough nightmarish thoughts at night, can bear wounds. Besa feels wounded and Callisto watches him levelly in their approach. Rain, too, is recognized.. moreso. Again, due to between-class-encounters and before the original school got trounced.. from when she helped Callisto with a computer. Speaking of Rain—how does SHE 'feel'?

My oh my, there was Callisto, bathing in the pool of Sky's clarity, and then these two show up. She watches Rain for a time, looking both curious and mildly concerned. Though she is not so caught up in the fashionista's confusing mental landscape so has to not greet properly. She has an utterly wonderful voice, restful and far too sultry for a girl of her, uh, 'years'. "Hello Rain," She offers, easily remembering her name. She turns next to Besa, "I.. do not believe we have officially met." She offers.

She glances sideward to Sky, again. «I could help with those dreams.» Said simply… wut? Callisto likes weird dreams. c_c

Besa nod to Rain, not mentioning they probably won't be at a park. He wants to do real camping. In the middle of no where. Turning to Sky, "It is only for one break. and I will make sure to come for a day to visit, yes?" Baby Circe won't forgive him otherwise. He looks between the twins, unsure what they're 'what-ing' about. He'd add his own in, but that would just complicate it even more. Callisto gets a more genuine smile, "Hello. I am Besa Ini-Herit." he touches his yellow tie, "I am a Guardian." Just incase she didn't know.

The less said about Sky's dreams the better really, but at least they haven't triggered Rains as of yet, so that is good. She has enough to deal with, without that little bane of existence. She looks to Callisto, "Did you have any luck with those websites that I gave to you? With the shopping?" they really haven't had a chance to get together since then, no ones fault, just their lives getting in the way. Besa's question gets a nod, even though it wasn't quite aimed at her, but her brother, but in this case it is much the same ""Yes, you are always welcome, no matter how long the stay."

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Mind: Success.

«It's your home too,» Sky points out to Besa, even of the other doesn't think of it that way. Maybe if he reiterates it, it will eventually sink in. «Isn't there that island? I bet you could still get there with a boat,» if they want something other than a park. «I mean, I don't think you can hunt and eat what you've hunted, but other than that?» He shrugs before looking between his sister and Callisto. «Help? What do you mean? I don't know if I should get any more 'help'…» that's sort of what got him into all of this mess in the first place. His hands start to go to his pocket again before he gives a little sigh and moves to lean against the nearby bench. Rain gets another long look, as if he's also trying to gauge what's going on with her.

Were Callisto to be wearing a uniform, she will have gestured to the green accents of such to imply her standing with Metis. Nonetheless she watches Besa's indication toward the yellow tie and she smiles with earnest appreciation. She likes Promethean students, they're so… gentle. "Hello, Besa In-Herit." Said smoothly, his name a graceful thing in her timbre. "I am of the Consortium, myself. Forgive my lack of formality," She indicates her dress, loving a frame that is just shy of six feet without heels. "I was in town, filling some of my service hours." Is explained smoothly, before her gaze, framed with silvery lashes, dips to observe Cocoa. "Who might this be?" She asks in her lightly accented voice, noting how the pup keeps close to the boy.

Then, it is toward Rain that the mentalist turns her gaze. She smiles then, earnest and languid. "I had luck.. it took some time. I've had much to learn since coming from my rather.. remote.. origins. I found a most fetching pair of heels." Cripes, like she needs heels. Her eyes glitter as she watches the girl, "This dress came from Thunder Bay. I wish to return there this weekend to shop at a… bigger establishment." Said easily. There's the hook! Will Rain bite?!

And finally.. to Sky. Callisto turns gracefully to watch him, her lashes fluttering once as she blinks the sun from her eyes. «My skills entail the ability to… deal with dreams. I can elicit slumber and help to contest that which assails your sleeping mind, Schuyler. To sway dreams.» Always the full name. Callisto watches him for a time, sunlight radiant in her hair. «Only with permission. To sleep is to be at one's most.. vulnerable. I've the ability to combat this.»

Besa nods, he knows, it's just…it'll take some time. Home is such weirdly strange concept for him. He frowns softly in thought, "I do not know," about the island, "I was going to hunt." That was part of the appeal of camping. He sees the pocket struggle Sky is having, but doesn't comment. Instead he looks to the girls as they talk clothing and service hours. But then the question that always gets a smile, "This is Cocoa. She is mine." There's a pride there that he normality doesn't have. He quiets , his hand down touching Cocoa's head at Call talks of her powers. That seems….terrifying. He'll kneel and pet Cocoa more, better to be distracted.

Rain looks skeptical about this so called help as well. This is her brother, and there is always th possibility of anything done to him effecting her, and that isn't a thrilling prospect. "So you can change a persons dreams." its not a question really, just clarification. She shrugs at Sky, "It's your call." she isn't going to make that decision for him, despite her reticence.

"There are a few nicer places in Thunder Bay for shopping. I'm sure you won't have any problems finding nice clothes." not taken, though she probably didn't realize it was a hint at an invitation.

"Don't you have to have a permit for hunting? Isn't there seasons for that?" Rain has no idea, but that sounds right "We can goggle it later and get you all set up for that if we have to Besa." she offers, not wanting that to be a hamper to his camping trip.

Schuyler's attention goes back to Callisto as she mentions being able to manipulate dreams. He also looks to his twin for a long moment, as if sharing some of her hesitation. «Maybe they'll calm down some as I get used to them more?» since he hasn't really remembered his dreams in a couple of years now. «But I'll let you know if I need help. That's sort of what got me into this mess though,» getting 'help'.

He then turns to Besa and nods in agreement with Rain, «You have to have permits and you can only hunt certain things in certain places in certain seasons. I think you can fish though…but yeah, you'd probably need to look up hunting if that's what you want to do.» He's never had a taste for it himself, but they have relatives who no doubt do the sport.

Maybe he picks up on the invitation for he offers, «You know, Rain, I bet you could show Callisto all the good places to shop there.»

"Cocoa," Callisto echoes smoothly, giving Besa yet another thoughtful glance before dipping her eyes down to the loyal pup, lest the scrutiny become uncomfortable. She does not reach toward the dog lest she frighten or startle the canine. "She seems lovely," She offers, noting the existing rapport between Besa and the twins and not wanting to disrupt the topic at hand. Camping? Ugh. Callisto can do without, though she won't say as much.

Rain speaks to her next, seeking clarification, and Callisto looks up thoughtfully. "Yes." She offers, head tilting. "I've had to use such skills, directly after the… unfortunate happenings at the old school… to ease some students' minds. T'is not as easy as it sounds." She offers to the other girl casually, not pushing the matter. People can take it or leave it, for it is not of Callisto's interest to force her strange abilities upon anyone. She did not overlook the exchange between the twins and she glances toward the estate, again unsure as she is the only one not in uniform here.

To Sky, she turns finally, «No pressure. You do as you must and remember what I offer.» No push, no shove.. though the suggestion to Rain intrigues the fae girl. She heard the suggestion that was made mentally by Sky to his twin, but does not feel it to be her place to interject.

Besa looks up from petting Cocoa, who's just snuggling into the touch. Clearly they love each other. "I would appreciate that Rain, thank you." He understands about over hunting and seasons, so he just nods, still stroking Cocoa. He may have to leave her with Louk though when he hunts, Besa's unsure who the dog will react. She may enjoy it, it may upset her. He smiles as Callisto compliments her, "She is. The best."

"Any manipulating of the mind can be difficult." Rain says to Callisto, as if she had experience in that or something. "I can imaging the subconscious is easier…seems that it would be harder actually."

At the sudden suggestion from Sky her brow furrows at him but she says nothing to him outloud, she then shrugs at him. "I'm not sure a sword would be the best idea." who said anything about a sword…well maybe Sky?

"We will get it all straight before spring break." Rain tells Besa after getting confirmation about all that hunting stuff from her brother "You would be using a bow right? That may make it easier." she has no idea.

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Mind: Failure.

Schuyler isn't really a fan of people rooting around in his head…at least he can sort of pick and choose what he shares with Rain. The last time his mind was messed with…well, Rain is still dealing with the repercussions of that as well. «Thank you,» is offered with a sign as well before he pulls the box of cigarettes out of a pocket along with a metal, zippo lighter, and lights one up again. He tried…and he's outside for now! «Bring someone who can help fight if you -do- get attacked then,» is offered in response to Rain before Besa gets another glance, «Using a bow…you might need to go kind of far out to be hunting. I dunno…I'm sure Rain will be able to find out. Isn't it getting cold again soon though?»

There's another glance between Rain and Callisto, «Maybe we could take a day and go into the city…»

In all of her years alive, perhaps a drop in the bucket compared to Besa but substantial given the world-at-large, Callisto has never kept the company of a pet. No animal deserved the cold, dark halls of her family estate and mercifully, no animal ever had to deal with such. But seeing and sensing the connection between boy and dog, here, is a special thing. Callisto watches Besa and Cocoa for a few moments, her lips curling upwards just barely. Regarding the prospect of camping, Callisto has no real input on that matter.. it is not her business. She will remain politely apart from Rain and Besa's exchange especially, along with all that Sky shares with his sister. Hey, she may be acute in her psychic abilities, but at least Callisto is polite! She straightens from her observation of Cocoa and observes the grounds for a time, noting a pair of students moving toward the beach. The weather sure is conducive for it.

Talk of planning a day in 'the city' redirects her attention. She looks between Rain and Sky then, puzzled. Oh.. he's indicating all of them? Callisto is not used to group activities.. but she looks intrigued. «I intend to go, this weekend.» Maybe the more, the merrier?

Besa's eyes narrow in annoyance. While he's used to the twins excluding him from conversation, he doesn't like it. But then his expression smooths out, "Yes. If I can find one to borrow." His shoulders slump slightly, he doubts the priest situation is going to get fixed by then. he probably won't go, but it's nice to plan for. "I do not know what the weather will be during break." He stays quiet about going to the city. Unless it's to the studio to make mugs, he's not really got a reason to leave. And if he doesn't go, maybe then the priests won't attack Rain.

"Spring break is the end of March, beginning of April, he should be warm enough by then for camping. Though it depends on where you are going I guess." she ponders for a moment "We will tell mom you are visiting Sabinson." Rain suggests. Her mother might have something to say about teenagers going camping by themselves otherwise. The twins parents are on the lenient side, but they do have limits.

"Maybe if a group of us were going." Rain would be more amenable to that "Otherwise I can just send Legion. She knows what I know." and is apparently better company.

«This weekend could work for going into the city,» Sky offers, glancing again at his sister. She's free too, right? «I think you should come along. Not Legion. Legion is there by proxy, but -you- should come.» He then looks to Callisto, «We can be there.» Rain gets a smug little glance then before he takes a good puff of the cigarette. So there. Besa gets a glance as well, «You should come too. Get out some. Explore the city.» And with a group, if they -are- attacked, there's a better chance of beating them, right? «We can probably get you a bow. An older one…not the newer ones. They're kind of tech-y.»

Well! Callisto's solitary exploration of Thunder Bay — and make no mistake, she's powerfully confident on her own — has possibly expanded to that of a group! No that she minds.. she's 'here' to mingle, explore… right? She fixes her intensely blue gaze upon Rain briefly, "To whom do you refer, when you speak of this Legion?" She asks gently, clearly out of the loop. She looks between Sky, to Besa, back to Rain. Briefly back to Besa, back to Rain. She sure is watchful!

"All are welcome. We shall make a day of it, hn?" She asks in her flowing, graceful way, pulling up to her full height. She shields her eyes as she watches the waterline, the beach beyond. "Pick a day… Saturday, Sunday… I am thinking to meet in town in the late morning, go into this…. city…. explore, shop, and then do luncheon." Said easily. Is she kinda pleased at the prospect of company…? Perhaps…

.. okay, yes, she is.

Besa doesn't really understand. But instead of arguing about lying about Sabinson, he asks, "But…You do not like camping, Rain." He doubts Legion will like it either. Sky gets an eyebrow lift, he's so confused. A week ago he was yelling at Rain and He for going out. "Bad things tend to happen when I 'explore', Sky." That's not a no, just…He'll need to think on it. As for the bow, he nods, but offers, "I have seen the newer bows. I can use them, I just do not like them as much." Unless they're electric bows, which he doesn't think are. He hopes.

Besa gets a confused look from Rain "What does me not liking camping have to do with it? I'm saying Sky and I will cover for you. Mom will wonder where you are and that's what we will tell her." she isn't saying she is going as either herself or Legion.

There is a quick look at Sky, there seems to be more passing between the pair than Callisto is picking up on. They have been doing this all their lives, Rain could be better at it, she is certainly better at the mental shielding.

"Legion is me..but not me at the same time." Rain answers Callisto. If that could be considered an actual answer, probably more confusing really.

«Rain creates a duplicate and we call her 'Legion',» Sky also adds. He nods also to Rain's explanation to Besa, «Exactly. We'll cover for you if you want to go camping with Loukanos alone.» Because their parents might not like the idea of a teen going camping alone with another teen. Ahem. «I think we're free either day,» but he'll defer to Rain on that.

The fae girl listens to most of the exchanges but does not say much on matters or interject. It's funny how Callisto behaves as if she has all the time in the world… which she, uh, kinda does… unless Something Bad happens to off her. She turns to watch each teen as he/she speaks, glacial gaze settling firstly upon Besa as he speaks of camping, bows and…. what an interesting dynamic! Silvery lashes flutter upon her cheekbones as she dip her gaze briefly toward Cocoa, and she relishes the unexpectedly warm breeze upon her neck. She judges naught, regarding Besa's interest in camping with… Lou.. Loukanos? As far as Callisto is concerned, have at 'er!

She turns to look upon the trio, upon each in turn and then finally upon Sky. «T'is settled. Speak to me of a day and I shall be willing.» Is she…? She is actually! «I must depart to get back into uniform before I am… reprimanded.» A wry, mischievous smile then and there.

Besa goes back to petting Cocoa. he misunderstood what Rain said. That seems to be happening a lot to him lately. And his head is really not in the place to even realize why there would be issue with him going with Louk. But he'll nod to the lie. If he has to , he supposes he will need to. He waves gently as Callisto leaves.

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