(2018-02-20) The Cake Is No Lie
The Cake Is No Lie
Summary: Grace and Constantine have a rendezvous in the kitchen… then her phone rings.
Date: 2018-02-20
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Kitchen, Winbarry Estate
Tue Feb 20, 2018

The kitchen has gone through quite an update. The walls have been repainted and thewood floor restored. It is now firmly imbedded in the 21st century with a six burner duel fuel stove/oven combo and a separate duel oven on top of that. A large, double wide frenchdoor fridge sits near the stove with a marble top cabinet between them. More marble topped cabinets and matching island with a few stools,give plenty of storage and counter space. More cabinets above are full of various canned goods and other foods, for the preparation of meals for the students. The pantry is equally full, one area of it set aside for between meal snacks of hungry teenagers.


<FS3> Grace rolls Enhanced Senses: Success.
<FS3> Grace rolls Baking: Good Success.

Classes are over for the day; perhaps even on the whim of mercy as the weather takes a glorious turn… perhaps even earlier than anticipated. You don't waste a beautiful day so many students were, perhaps (unless they were in the trenches with bad grades), let out onto the grounds to enjoy the sun. But then there are some who take advantage of free time and when given the chance to have a spot in the kitchen all to themselves.. they pounce! One cool thing about being a kitchen helper is one can be told of the day's menu plan and Grace, in-turn, rose at an hour that most normal teenagers would spit at. She had her ingredients ready, and as soon as classes ended she was back into the kitchen with a few hours at her disposal in which to make 'this' work.

There's an almost.. militant degree of order in which the girl works at her station, dirty dishes and utensils organized into the sink, spills and messes cleaned up as she makes them. Egg shells in compost; flour and cocoa powder sifted. Grace is making a slab cake from scratch, she's just putting all of the dry ingredients into a bowl to blend them together.

To see her, wearing dark yoga pants and a basic t-shirt with an apron cinched around her waist, is to see a girl who looks… perfectly content. Her back is to the entryway of the kitchen as she works, a bowl of rich chocolate buttercream icing — made earlier this morning before classes — covered with saran wrap. Cripes, Grace may even be humming, the loose bun atop her head bobbing as her head turns this way and that, not missing a beat in her prep.

Thankfully, unlike some of Mr. Ashford's student-kin, Constantine is out and about with grades that he can smile about. So….what to do with his time? Well, he ate some leftovers in his dorm room, arm wrestled a rather bulky looking student and honorably lost, and then practiced his powers. But now? He wanted to find his girlfriend.

He was looking for his Amazing Grace.

He heads to the yards first, and when her presence seems to elude him? He heads to the kitchen, and that's when he laid eyes on her. He wore a grey, long sleeve shirt with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows, Black jeans, boots, and…for once…no silver ball.

He walks right up to his lovely lady and attempts to sprinkle some salt on her just to mess with her, chuckling good naturedly. "Hey Grace." He beams, arms wrapping around her waist if allowed.

Like multi-pronged tuning fork, Grace's senses subtly keep an eye on her surroundings. So surrounded by goodness is she, that they're not quite as potent given the smells in the air of cocoa, butter and sugar. Are those footsteps entering the kitchen? Grace is just in the middle of measuring out vegetable oil for a double batch of this recipe… and that's when she feels a few grains of something falling down into the neckline of her shirt! Wut?!

She startles just barely, and it's a good thing Constantine had spoken before pulling her into the hug at the waist… she can be felt settling immediately. Even at rest the small girl always seems to be on the 'edge' of something. In a heartbeat's span of time she leans back into the hold, setting down her measuring cup with just the right amount of oil.

"Hello, Con," Grace offers; she must be in a good mood because she's quick to offer up reciprocal affection! Sorry though buddy, she has flour on her and she's forgotten.. she turns around and eases in for a hug. His black jeans are going to be dusted from the apron. c.c

"How are you? Sorry I've not been easy to find today.. I've been in here off and on since the morning." No touches of stammering, either; she must be happy here.

Constantine smiles big and wide when Grace seems to -relax- and breathe. He hears her beautiful voice clear as day. He wondered if he just had that effect on her or if it was more the effect of her doing something she truly loved. Either way, he's smiling when she leans back into his embrace, head nuzzling her own with affection.

Honestly, he'd take a tumble through dirt for her, so he really doesn't mind when she turns in his arms to embrace him.

In a show of affection, he tilts her head up just a bit to press a kiss to her lips….two kisses…three…four.

Wow, he's feeling affectionate today. Either way, he doesn't appear to mind getting flour on him.

"I'm alright…little tired, but I'm alright." A kindness to his voice. "You?"

A bit of column A and B, actually: Constantine surely helps in the girl settling, and so too does being here, in her strategic chaos, making something that will hopefully be wonderful. This is the first project of Grace's that is being made for the student body at suppertime (it'll have to be a big cake) so she is both nervous and excited about it. But then there's Con, offering up enough affection for the both of them, and the girl easily lets her guard down for that too. It had taken time: a 'bad touch' was what awakened her powers and she had a degree of trauma to overcome to allow even something that is so kind and so right. To say she feels safe with the metalbender is an understatement.

So Con bestows upon the shorter girl a loving barrage of kisses and Grace will do her best to keep up, unable to help herself once all is said and done. A pleased sort of growl rumbles up from her stomach, not an angry snarl but some sort of… it sounded wolf-like. She cuts it off, clears her throat, nestles in to rest her head beneath his chin to both hear and feel him speak. Down girl.

"Why are you tired? Bad sleep?" She asks, then offers, "I'm good. Happy to be here, doing this. If I can get it baked and out to cool even an hour before supper, I can have it ready then. I sure hope it turns out alright." Grace says to the sweet boy, one brow quirking. "Getting to know a kitchen is like getting to know a person in a way."

Constantine smiles then to her, he didn't attempt to grope the young girl, he made no inappropriate 'moves' on her as it were…instead? He just gave her his love. Those kisses slow down so that she doesn't even -need- to try and keep up. Though it's when she ends up happily growling at him, whether in a purr, a growl of desire, or simply to mess with him, Constantine smiles softly to her. Despite her apparent rage monster abilities, he's never been more comfortable with another human being….never more safe in someone else's arms.

He caresses her long locks when she rests her head under his chin, a smile softly as he starts to speak and answer her questions, no doubt the vibrations from his throat and esophagus, respectively.

"Mmhm. Had a speech presentation to give today….and I really don't like giving speeches." he chuckles softly. "The teacher is intense." a small laugh then as he nuzzles in closer to her. "I'm glad…always wanted to try your cooking…I bet it'll be the best thing I've ever tasted." a wink then from the Pennsylvania native.

"I am truly happy that you've gotten so good with baking and being in the kitchen."

She's an odd one, that Grace. But that's pretty commonplace here in this school that both of them are working toward getting used to. Still, for such a sound to come from so soft-spoken and proper a girl…. could be a fun juxtaposition at least. It was a happy sound, though; a sound of pleasure and a sign that whatever manner of 'curse' is roiling around in Grace's veins.. 'it's' pleased. The feeling is clearly mutual, though, this sense of safety: Grace does not hasten to move away, arms wrapped around the boy's middle to return the hug in earnest. Her fingers don't quite knit into clothing though, she would hate to get anything on his shirt.. nevermind what the apr—-oh!

Now Grace catches on. "Oh, bother! I messed up your clothes!" She cries out, but if Constantine reveals no sense of alarm over this she will not move to part from the hold. Not just yet. Grace listens to his answer to her query and she winces a bit.

"Presentations.. u-ugh… you have the diction and the face to pull it off. I bet you did very well." She offers in earnest with her funny little crooked smile, and finally she must break away to resume her work. This cake needs to be baking pronto! She pauses again though, looking touched.

"Thanks.. being here reminds me of home. Not home home… not with my parents, but with Uncle. You would really like him." She says, looking over a shoulder. Oh bother, she left her metal hand whisk over on another counter when she was looking for bowls!

Constantine can't help but laugh a little bit as she realizes that she got some flower on him. Though he happens to smile a bit that he's managed to not only make her happy, but whatever is -inside- her happy. Either way, all good things! He chuckles a little bit more as he holds her close when she tries to pull away. "I'd roll through mud for you. I really don't mind a little bit of flour." he winks at her.

Then she compliments his ability to give presentations and speeches and he turns a bright shade of red at her reds. "Thank you, Grace….it means a lot." he smiles warmly to her, giving her a final parting kiss before she went back to her business. His eyes lock onto her own slightly red irises as she gives him that look of fondness and touched-affection. "I'm glad. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, yeah? I'd love to meet your uncle sometime. From what you've told me about him, he seems a really cool guy."

Then he notices her looking over her shoulder to see that metal whisk and he winks softly, the metal levitating towards her to accept and use at her own discretion.

The blonde boy's manner is catching. By nature Grace isn't a super touchy-feely sort; she isn't one to speak from the heart often. Again, conditioning from her parents. But just look at her eyes.. red as the irises are, they're 'puppy dog' eyes more often than not. She can say everything without a word. Talk of rolling through the mud for her leaves Grace red and amused as she gets the wet ingredients ready, preparing to marry them to the dry. THAT is when she needs a whisk that is a bit out of the way—-

"Aren't you just a treasure." Grace says with a look of pleasure as Constantine wills the dinky utensil over with but a thought. The girl realizes that she has just used one of her mother's 'terms' of endearment… but she doesn't even feel bothered by it, in this instance. Coming from Grace it just meant that much more. "I've probably said already that you and Uncle have the same sweet nature. Sometimes I'm still a bit startled by my luck." She says quietly as she pours the mixture into the deep well of a mixing bowl, set beneath a small Kitchenaid stand mixer. She turns it on, filling the kitchen with it's methodical whirrr'ing sound. There's more batter waiting to be passed through the mixer, as the girl appears to have made enough for two 8" by 12" cakes. The pans sit, greased and ready.

"I'm sorry that you're stuck in here.. I can't leave the ovens unattended. IT is so beautiful outside." Grace observes, looking at Con kindly.

Constantine smiles warmly to her then as she calls him quite the treasure, giving Grace the biggest smile as his strong arms wrapped around her waist from behind, his head resting in the little nook between her head and her shoulder, kissing her neck playfully to see what happens.

"I'm startled by my luck as well…thing is, I don't really have anyone to compare you to." he says somewhat sadly, but it's true! "I wouldn't have it any other way…you're a breath of fresh air." another kiss to the neck, taking in her sweet scent.

Meanwhile, as he just kinda rests on her with a big smile, he watches her cook…every step, every action. It's clear that she was taught by someone who knew -exactly- what they were doing forwards, backwards, sideways, and diagonal. He hums then at her words of apology that he was stuck there.

"heh…It is beautiful outside. There's just someone far more beautiful that I'd rather spend my time with." he smiles to her then, keeping her close to him. "After your done cooking, we could go for a walk?"

The neck kiss startled the girl, but in a 'good' way. Good-ish. THAT is a touch that she is not used to and given her stance as a beast at heart, the neck is a place that serves a variety of purposes. It's a sensitive spot, where a well-intended touch can elicit a variety of things. But looking at it from the beast's perspective: it is a critical weakness. A point from which blood can be drawn, easily ripped out. A dark flash of thought from beyond the girl's psyche: she remembers something about going for the neck, not too long ago. And—-

Goosebumps for a few reasons; Grace's lashes flutter downwards as she, the girl, works to stay in the moment. It IS a nice, intimate gesture. That's what it is, Grace.. enjoy it. But why did it bring forth the whisper of a memory that she can't grasp?

She tunes back into Con's voice. "I-I would love that. Maybe while these bake, if we stay on the grounds… that way I can be close. They'll take about an hour. Once I get them out to cool, I can go back out." She says breathlessly. And that… that's when her phone rings, but with a 'different' ringer.

Grace blushes. "O-oh…! It's uncle.. I need to take this call, Con. It's a video call—" Oh dear, what timing!

Constantine smiles softly as she is apparently pleasantly startled and shows signs of both pleasure and intimacy, the two able to share such boundaries with each other rather easily…something that pleases Constantine quite a bit. He hums a moment as Grace seems to answer him then with an apparent seeming eagerness to do such activities with him, and that draws a smile to the master of magnetism's face.

"I would love that too, Grace. Thank you. Don't worry, I promise we won't stray too far….I'll even put a timer on my phone so that we make sure we aren't gone for too long." he smiles then, keeping her in his arms as he straightens, hearing the ringtone. "huh, that's a new one…it's pretty!" he talks of the ringtone that serves to let Grace know that her uncle is calling.

"Oh? it's your uncle?! Mind if I join in on the call or is this a private deal?" he asks her then with a big smile for her, letting her have the choice to deny him if she's not quite ready to introduce him to her uncle.

The wolf girl loves the outdoors, and the prospect of a walk with her newfound boyfriend is a pleasing thing. So is cake, baking perfectly, filling the kitchen with the smell of chocolate. So too is this video call from her uncle, which excites her everytime she gets the chance to hear his voice and see his face. Grace smiles up at Constantine then, her happiness buoyed further; she shows no hesitation or want of anything other than to kinda-sorta introduce the two. "You sure can join in. He's been driving me mental wanting to know more." She says sunnily.. yes.. sunnily. Too many good things are happening to Grace at once, in this kitchen.

Before the phone can be left for too long to ring and the call be missed, Grace answers it quickly. The screen awakens to reveal not one.. but two men smiling out at the girl in miniature on the phone's screen.

"Uncle Vince—-oh! Uncle Gun!" Grace cries out excitedly, the phone in 'selfie' mode and therefore, the girl holding the screen toward herself reveals both herself and Constantine. The obvious thing: her uncle is a gay married man.

Constantine seems to be very much so in agreement with walking by his girlfriends side. He laughs then as her uncle apparently wants to know more about he and Grace's relationship. "Hah! Sounds good." He says cheerfully, keeping his arms around her waist as the call begins.

No, Constantine has no bias against gay/lesbian couples. Even if he's straight.

"Helllloooo!" He greets, blue eyes brightening with his smile. "I'm Constantine Ashford. This special lady tells me all about ya. Happy to finally meet you sirs."

Could two human beings (ok one is a Super) possibly look so… well, sweet? Cute? One of them is a clean cut, pleasant-looking man with powerfully intent hazel eyes and close-cropped dark brown hair. The other? Of obvious Asian descent, his dark eyes glistening like jewels in the small rectangle of the phone screen. It shows in Grace's countenance: if only she could expand that rectangle and pull these two utterly darling men out and into this space, she would in a heartbeat. To look at her is to see how much she misses them, and she nestles closer to Constantine not just to bring him more into focus on the camera but to just draw comfort from his presence.

"Is this him?" The oriental half of a whole, Uncle Gun, calls out over the phone.

"I would say so!" Declares Uncle Vince, squinting into the camera. Both sets of eyes watch Constantine and appear to be pleased at the metalbender's greeting.

"Oh my goodness, Gracie, he's wonderful! Look at those eyes!" Gun gushes.

Grace blushes. "Uncles, meet Constantine. Sorta. I-I wish you were here… Vee, I'm baking a cake. I used your recipe."

Constantine looks at Grace then as he appears to be analyzed and appraised! "Yup! I'm me…" He says somewhat nervously. What if they didn't like him?? He could be refused on dating Grace and…and…

Then it turns out they love the dude. If for his eyes alone. A hearty laugh then "thank you, I appreciate the compliment." He keeps Grace close to him, though he smiles at her wish for her uncles to be there. "Whoa whoa!"

He looks right at Grace. "You're making cake?!" He loves her so much right now!

Paired laughter from the phone; it is music that makes Grace blush and swell with love and pride. She has since propped the phone up atop a mixing bowl (her phone case has a handy little kickstand~) so that she can have her hands free. She ducks out of the frame for a heartbeat, loading the now-loaded pans of batter into the efficient ovens. This leaves Constantine, by his lonesome, in the direct line of the Uncles' (pleased) scrutiny while the girl gets the cakes to baking. She's back to his side quickly, snaking one lithe, surprisingly strong arm around Con's waist.

"No need to be nervous, dear, it's ok. You've passed muster." Gun chimes out, only to be nudged by Vince. He peers back, "What? it's true! Look at him, our Gracie has done well!"

"Gun, hush. Gracie does as she must, she doesn't have to run everything by us—-" Vincent declares, sneaking a glance at the beautiful blonde boy with the blue eyes.

.. who then goes to catch onto what Grace has been making! The wolf girl reddens and smiles up at Con, "Y-yes… two slabs, to offer up after dinner. I'm sure it will be a hit. Do you like chocolate?"

Constantine smiles big and wide as Gun and Vince seem to be in full approval of the magnetokinetic, chuckle to his tone as Grace briefly leaves him to fend for himself, only to come back and wrap her arm around his waist, his own arm going around her shoulders for intimate snuggling. Woohoo!

Then he looks to Grace, laughing then. "….you're my favorite." A kiss to her temple then. "I bloody love chocolate…I'm like….sad woman level love chocolate." He teases and emphasizes.

Then he looks back to the uncles. "She really makes me happy. I'm honored to date her and just be with her. She's made my life a blessing so far, sirs"

'Sad woman level' …? No wonder Grace is so competent, despite her unavailable parents; no wonder she has some semblance of awareness in life and everything to be found therein. The laughter that follows Con's metaphor is copious and rolling, the two men in the screen buckling over with mirth.

Vince seems to be watching Constantine moreso, while Gun is the more reactive one. Something in how the boy holds his niece seems to 'decide' the older of the two men, and he nods imperceptibly. "I will guarantee that if dear niece followed my notes, for the cake," A glance for Grace, then. "And the icing.. it will be a winner. Now," He leans back, Gun scrambles to be closer to him upon the couch from whence they both make the call. "Gracie. I'm seeing on my weather app that it's warm there, for February. Get that cake baking and get out of that kitchen." He pokes.

"Go for a walk!" Gun interjects, echoing Con's earlier idea. "We'll call later!"

"We love you, Gracie." Vince offers kindly, smiling openly to Constantine before clearing his throat. "Go have some fun. We will call back before bedtime."

Then the screen goes black.

Constantine watches then as the two uncles practically die laughing, Con himself chuckling s little bit at his own sense of humor. Though he looks at Grace as her uncles call out that the weather was gonna be beautifully warm, and that the two should go for a walk.

"with pleasure sir." He agrees wholeheartedly, giving her a little wink then. Oohhh yeah! Approval from the guardians!

Then they end the call…and after about one minute, Constantine kisses Grace passionately. "You are the best thing that ever happened to me."

The girl hasn't much time between the ending of the call up until Con's enthusiastic embracing of her to feel sad. She does, after every phonecall. But in this case Constantine grabs her up and kisses her thusly, and go figure… Grace responds. Maybe it was the approval of two who are so dear to her. Maybe it's just the prospect of kissing so lovely and pleasant a boy that somehow, she managed to attract. How, she wonders, not for the first time.

Okay, so maybe the fact that Bad Shit happens when they both get angry has something to do with it.

She must come up for air, however.. if they keep at this in a kitchen where anyone could walk in, that's the last thing they need: Annalee to be after them and Grace to possible lose kitchen privileges. She says breathlessly against Con's lips, "Let's go for that walk. We have an hour."

Constantine hums against her lips as they both seem to kiss each other with such a passion that it causes him to groan just a little bit from the pleasure of the kiss itself, caressing and feeling her in appropriate places, though the urging of the kiss from both sides likely snidely encouraging them to go that next step. Maybe soon…but a kitchen was no place to do it in.

Especially in Annalee found them making out and they both get in trouble….scary! Alas, when they come up for air, Constantine keeps close to her even as she whispers such words breathlessly, his own lips stealing a few more kisses as he smiles, equally breathless from the intense lip lock.

"Sounds good to me, love.." ohhhhh he just dropped that L-word! ack! could have been unintentional, or it totally was. Either way, he seems to have meant it. "Let's go walk…" he smiles to her then, keeping her in his arms despite his words, though eventually he releases her, hands gliding down from her back to her arms to hold her hands.

Now, Grace would have to be a brick to not respond to this. She may be classified as a brick, yes. A girl who, despite her size and slight stature, can take a hit and hardly flinch. But here in this kitchen where anyone can walk in… she's vulnerable. Deep down she is a powerfully physical creature and Grace, being touched, cannot help but respond. A heightening of heartbeat, the pressing of her body to his and then—-cake. She smells cake, They're in a kitchen and they cannot be here, acting as they are. Anyone could come here.

Constantine, so passionate.. so receptive to her attentions. Grace feels like such a newbie. The air is just beginning to be scented with the saccharine, glorious scent of caramelizing sugar as she locks eyes with him. Her hands rove to knit together at the small of his back.

'Love'? She's being called 'love'? So free in his endearments, Grace wishes she could be that way. Maybe someday… for now, all she can do is learn. Reddish eyes rove Con's face in open admiration. She feels his hands moving along her back to seek her hand and she will hold one of them, setting the timer and bidding that they depart the kitchen, to the back patio, toward the beach.

Constantine was putty in her hands for the entirety of that kiss just as she was putty in his. While this can elevate at any moment, or even if thy just did the same thing out on the lawn by their lonesome, best not to get caught for any number of reasons!

She takes his hand and he smiles then, knitting their fingers together as they stayed close to each other. Constantine was likely the more bold of the two in open conversation between them and with others, but Constantine wouldn't want to be away from Grace for any reason.

He walks with her out to the patio, a smile on his face as he followed her, looking at those eyes…the way her facial structure is, her form…her intelligence, her heart. He was in love.

He would follow her anywhere.

Provided they remember to return to the ovens and pull out the cakes, and not burn down the estate (detention x 10000), Grace will quite happily depart the kitchen for a stroll. It's so warm outside, unseasonably so, that she need't even pause to seek a coat.. just lay the apron down and go. It's for the best that they continue on because to lock lips in a kitchen could be a bad call. So with the timer set to the minute and intentions laid, Grace marks the trajectory and crosses the back lawns, the sunlight clear and warm upon her face as they go.

She is yet in her fitted yoga pants and t-shirt, hair pulled into a messy bun.. though the apron is now gone. Her facial structure is smooth, almost patrician; unlike a girl who can become a rampaging wolf monster when angered.

The sighing ocean awaits them as she leads down onto the beach.. the air is tepid, almost warm. "Thank you for.. indulging that phonecall. I hope it didn't put you on the spot."

Where Grace led, Constantine followed.

With a kind smile on his face, he notes how beautiful she is even when in casual clothing. He still wears the same clothes as before, just a little wipe down on himself to clean himself of the flour that stained him happily. He didn't mind it though, really. Either way his hand was still in hers, and he followed her all the way down to the beach.

"I love this beach…" he says softly before looking at her. "No worries. Had to meet them sometime, right? besides, I was really looking forward to it. I'm just happy I have their blessing…because it's like every time I see you I'm in the most perfect dream, the perfect world." he gives her hand a squeeze then as he looks into her eyes.

Holy smokes, he's romantic. Grace couldn't match that even if she tried… not for lack of intelligence or grasp of the English language, she's just too shy. She eyes the expanse of beachfront as they go, considering, "I guess it's a blessing to be here… I didn't think I would get to see this again, not knowing where I was going to end up when I was sent here.." Grace admits, lifting her chin 'just so', so she can sniff the air. She will go on holding the boy's hand as they stroll, enjoying the contact.

She turns to look at him after maneuvering a few slipper parts of the shore, with the tide being out. "I wish they were here. Uncle.. Vince, the one who…" How does she put this delicately? Explanation is best. "He married Uncle Gun, who came from South Korea awhile back. He is powered. He.. has a strong sense of judgement." The girl explains. "I think you're fine." She offers, meeting his gaze. "Your family, u-um… what would they think of me?" This may be a masochistic question.

Constantine was a serious romantic. He actually enjoyed reading romance novels and otherwise enjoyed thinking of how to be the cheesiest person to ever walk in terms of romantic endearment. A warm smile for Grace then as she speak then, talking about how it's a blessing to be there in the first place, enjoying the physical contact between them.

"I kinda wish they were too. They were the only two who actually laughed at my sense of humor, other than you, of course." a squeeze to her hand then as they walked on down to the beach. Then his face turns a bit more serious as she asks him if his family would like her.

"I…don't know. I believe you, my mother, and my little sister Aurora would get along fantastically. My father is hard to pin down on that, but I think he'd like you too…maybe someday we could see them.." he looks out to the sea then, uncertain about that it seems.

Well, that's a good dynamic! Were Grace a potent romantic just thing of how dangerous the two would be, exuding their love vibes all over the school! Dangerous…!

Yet… careful Grace's behavior may be, that which she does put forth is earnest and heartfelt. "Uncle Vince and uncle Gun are… good people. They give freely, laugh and cry when the moment suits them. I hope someday I can… do as they do."

For now, she's learning how to be affectionate again. Con is a good, patient teacher… which is impressive, for a teenage boy! She turns to watch him as she hears out his answer to her odd question. "Someday… for now, I guess we just have to keep getting to know one another." Ba-dump! Is there innuendo there?! Oh cripes, not from Grace.. knowing her, she has NO idea what she just implied. "Not a bad thing." Yup, no clue.

She follows his gaze to the sea. The meeting of parents is the farthest thing from her mind, now!

Constantine smiles softly to her as he looks to Grace more fully, the two finally coming to a stop at the beach, his eyes scanning every single inch of her. "You already are there Grace…don't worry about anything. Just be yourself." he smiles to her warmly then, giving her hand a squeeze. "They are…I can tell."

Constantine's patience meters were at an all time high, and he's far more patient than the average teenage male. Either way, he's more than happy to listen to her….though at her innuendo, he turns a bright red! "I….I'd like that…" oh boy, he wants whatever she was implying!! Either way, he looks her in the eyes, then, pulling her close to him so that they are more than chest to chest. "May I?" he whispers.

Oh, kissing in front of the ocean….what a romantic.

Aw, isn't this perfect? Two young lovers standing on a glorious, unseasonably warm day.. watching the ocean. Speaking of these new, powerful feelings… relishing the afterglow of familiar approval and baking cake! Nevermind that were the potent emotion of rage to take either of them, shit would hit the fan!

But no, both are content… Grace has come a long way in the short time since their becoming a couple, and it shows. She holds the boy's hand, squeezes it even; he speaks to her and she colors. Grace's skintone isn't profoundly fair; her blushes aren't blazingly potent but they're there. Constantine has a way of eliciting each and every one.

Wait.. he'd like that? Sure there's talking but—-oh. Oh my. She's pulled closer and Grace now faces Constantine, chest-to-chest, eyes wide and intrigued as they rove his face. Her pupils are dilated in an animalistic display of want, despite the stark sunshine. He asks of her the permission to kiss her which… to Grace, who had been treated so badly leading up to coming here…. well..

It means everything. Her lips parted, she nods quickly.

All we need is a perfect view in order to have the perfect moment.

Grace and Constantine have such a moment. His hands wrap completely around her waist as she had her own arms around his neck, eyes reflecting a similar desire. Either way, as she parts her lips pre-kiss and gives her permission, he kisses her, his lips parting for her.

One of his hands caresses the back of her neck, feeling her hair.

To top it off? They were completely alone.

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