(2018-02-20) Not Ready For Planning
Not Ready For Planning
Summary: After finding out what the priests want Besa is to shook for planning
Date: 2018-02-20
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Entry Way

Clean and spacious, the entrance foyer has a large staircase (Leading up) and many doors that lead off to all different directions of the house. The corner behind the door as a large cabinet with hooks for hats and jackets. Most of the jackets hanging are camo with Unit 23 patches on them. There's an oil painting on the wall, Bob Ross style, the frame slightly dinged up. The floors have been cleaned, but the repeated steps from speedsters in the house have spiderwebs cracks all over.

Besa's been quiet, arms folded over his chest as they come into the school. He looks almost shell-shocked. It's dark outside now, not quiet late enough to get into trouble. But close. It's a good thing no one is a mind reader, or he'd probably get yelled at.

Loukanos is totally a mind-reader, but he doesn't do that without permission. He looks like he's in thought, but of course, he isn't nearly as shaken as Besa is. "Hey," He says in an attempt to get Besa's attention. "Least we know what they are up to. This is the first step. We needed this knowledge."

Rain is only a mind reader under certain circumstances, this is not one of them. The short trip back has her casting worried glances at Besa. It's not often she has seen him this bad. She knew what was happening, but didn't want to be a distraction and need her own frustration outlet, so it was skating for her. "Which is what? What are they up too?" she asks all worried like, custom board cradled against her chest as if to protect her from what is bound to be bad news.

Besa twitches but looks up at Louk. "Y-yes….We now know." He wets his lips, not wanting to look at Rain, but he does, "My heart…they need my heart." Oh dear. For what though? his nose twitches, "Mother is protecting the school, but….they are going to try to lure me out." He must be upset to call her mother.

"With bait, they said," Loukanos studies Rain for any reaction to that. He's starting to put two and two together. Slowly. "They want to fully resurrect a dying man. To do it, they need the rest of Besa's heart." He brushes a strand of golden hair from his forehead. "They were in a place of opulence. In a desert but not Egypt. And mentioned someplace called the Strip." Maybe Rain knows.

It doesn't matter to Rain what they want it for, they can't have it. A very upset Besa, the skateboard is put down and she moves to put comfortining arms around him and begins to rub his back. She looks to Loukanos for further explanation and that she gets. Just the word bait is enough to make her cringe, those peices probably fit together nicely "The rest…so they have the peice?" well that is a bit of good news, they can possibly get it back and make Besa's whole again. She blinks in confusion at Loukanos as she offers Besa what comfort she can "The Strip? As in the Las Vegas Strip? It's opulent..in places, and in the desert." and certainly not in Egypt.

Besa looks down at the ground. Bait. "He…He should not be. It does not make any sense…." He's tense, Rain can feel that when she touches him, "I will not let them hurt anyone else." His jaw works and he finally glances to both, although no eye contact is made. "I had said I believed the first attack on my heart was used for a ritual….it must have been to….unwrap him." Because Besa clearly remembers this dude dying. He has no idea where it was, so he doesn't add to that. Besides, "It was…a room to rent, I think. It felt like a hotel room." Not particularly personal.

"Las Vegas?" Loukanos blinks. "In Nevada?" He shifts. That is very far away. "They also mentioned a group of them that were arrested as terrorists on an airplane. Can I assume your mother had something to do with that, as well?" He considers, "I think if we find the man they are trying to revive and destroy his body, they won't have any need of Besa."

"To bring him back to life? That's awful." Rain shudders at the thought of what the peice of his heart was used for. She doesn't quite understand who /he/ is but at this point that is unimportant "Well there are lots of hotels in Las Vegas." she nods at Loukanos's question about Nevada. "It could of been mom or dad…but as long as they were captured I don't care who it was." less priests for them to deal with. "This is true Loukanos, and now that you know what they want and what they are going to do to get it, can't you use that to get them? Turn the tables on them?" she phrases the question carefully, knowing full well if she used we and not you there would be a lot of protesting her involvment, better not to stir that pot.

Besa's not able to bring up a mental image of where that would be currently. He's too upset. "Yes. If we kill Amensut….Destroy his body…" He stops and takes a deep breath. Damn it. He killed Alraxmargoth'ha! He should not have to kill more! He closes his eyes, trying to call upon something old, how he'd center himself in Hell. He's listening, but not all the words are registering, "I will go to Vegas," where ever that is, "And kill Amensut." And perhaps all his priests. Maybe just all the priests, ever. There's a strange tone to his voice, Rain may recognize it. it's what he sounded like when he first returned. And no Cocoa to help the PTSD.

"Maybe lay a trap?" Loukanos thinks they need all the help they can get, and since Rain's life is on the life, she deserves to have a say in what they do. The wheels are turning. When Besa switches from we to I, Louk glances over with a worried expression. "Don't forget you have allies."

Rain is no Cocoa but she is trying, rubbing Besa's back and keeping an arm around him. A quick mental thought has her asking her brother to find the canine and bring her to the entry way or send her, fast. One girl should not look this worried, just like Besa shouldn't have to deal with any of this. "We should let mom know where they are. She may be able to find out thier exact location." There is a nod to Loukanos as he gets it "We have an advantage now Besa. Use it. You have friends that want to help, let them."

What trap? Besa looks up at Louk with a soft frown. He's really too upset to be making plans. "I have seen too many tortured, killed…I can not have that again. I will not." He doesn't pull away from Rain's touch, but it's hard to tell if it's actually helping. His dark gaze goes to her, but again no eye contact, "Yes…of course. Allies. Friends." More people to die. Maybe it's a good thing he didn't eat super, but cause his stomach is starting to clench up.

Loukanos casts a concerned look at Rain. Besa's state doesn't exactly inspire confidence, but he takes it upon himself to make up for it, "It won't happen." The blonde assures. If Besa isn't of the mind to make plans, he'll hold off for now. After all, Besa's involvement will be critical.

Rain knows pretty much what he is talking about though she didn't realize he remembered that much. She truly wishes she could take some of that away "You will get through this Besa." she tells him "We will get through this. It will be okay." she even manages to sound reassuring…enough "Help me get him to the billiards room." she asks of Louk as she starts to guide him in the direction. As they head there, Cocoa pads into sight and hurries over to her human, pressing against him as the demi-god, teen girl and canine do thier best to get Besa through this revelation.

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