(2018-02-20) Distant Cousins of a Sort
Distant Cousins of a Sort?
Summary: Carmichael and Ashton share a bite to eat
Date: IC Date (2018-02-20)
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Kitchen Winbarry Estate
Tue Feb 20, 2018

The kitchen has gone through quite an update. The walls have been repainted and the wood floor restored. It is now firmly imbedded in the 21st century with a six burner duel fuel stove/oven combo and a separate duel oven on top of that. A large, double wide French door fridge sits near the stove with a marble top cabinet between them. More marble topped cabinets and matching island with a few stools, give plenty of storage and counter space. More cabinets above are full of various canned goods and other foods, for the preparation of meals for the students. The pantry is equally full; one area of it is set aside for between meal snacks of hungry teenagers.


Carmichael wasn't kidding when he said he was going to get something to eat. And he didn't mean just 'a little snack, either'. Sadly, Carmichael metabolizes like a nuclear furnace. More so than most teenage boys generally do. Thankfully this unexpected warm weather has brought with it an early return of the sun. Which is really the only reason he's been able to get out and about anyway; usually he's sluggish in the winter, because he can't absorb as much sunlight. That might be why most of the newer students haven't really met him.

Anyway, yes. Carmichael is still in the kitchen. He's mainly loading up on carbs at the moment. There's a bag of chips open next to him, and a small bowl of French onion dip in front of him. Next to the bowl? A Kindle device he's reading a book on.

Having taken advantage of the weather, Ashton ran soccer drills, as best as he could alone. He did manage to work up a sweat and a bit of an appetite. Of course, the fact that he skipped lunch again didn't exactly help any. The tee shirt is damp and clinging to him and his hair is wet too. Stepping into the kitchen, he sees Carmichael still there and still eating. "Oh, hey…" He grins, "I didn't really think I'd run into you again, quite this quickly." He walks over to the fridge, opening it up, looking for something that his body will hopefully find appetizing.

Carmichael looks up at hearing the voice. "Oh, hello again," he offers with a smile. Around a mouthful of chips, mind. Though he's at least polite enough to swallow what's in his mouth before he speaks up again. "Unfortunately, when I need to 'fuel up', it tends to take a while. Hence why I lean towards carbs." He picks up the bag of chips and shakes it, to illustrate. Then he shuffles things around a little, to streamline the space he's using on the counter. He doesn't want to be in Ashton's way.

After a moment, he volunteers, "If there's nothing in there that looks good, I can try to whip something up for you. I'm a decent cook; I just didn't want to bother with dirtying up a lot of dishes if it was just going to be me eating."

Ashton listens, "You must have an incredible metabolism.. but I guess that too much of a good thing turns bad, huh?" The younger boy sighs slightly, as he reaches in and pulls out a squeezy jar of grape jelly. "That's okay.. I'll just make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I wouldn't want to be a bother." He smirks, "You know one of these days, I am going to have to learn how to cook. I'm so bad that I could probably burn water."

Carmichael nods. "I'm just glad my family's reasonably well-to-do, otherwise I'm sure I'd eat them out of house and home," he jokes. As for being a bother? "It wouldn't be. I just don't like cooking for myself. I'd make enough for both of us, so it wouldn't be just me slaving over a hot stove for just you. Besides, I'd probably have you help." He smirks when Ashton says he'd burn water. "That is actually possible. Boil the water away and then burn the chemicals in the water to the pan. I've done it before."

Ashton looks at Carmichael, "Except for the fact that you have already eaten." Meanwhile, the boy is thinking that is good that his family has a cook, because his grandmother has probably never touched a pot in her life. He gives a lopsided grin, "No, I was thinking more along the lines of the water bursting into flame." Ashton shrugs, "I would say that it serves me right for skipping out on eating then working out, but if that was going to happen, I'd have already learned that lesson."

Carmichael smirks. "It won't last long. Never does. But no worries." He laughs then. "I don't know that water can actually burst into flame. Buuuuuut… it's made of hydrogen and oxygen, and both of those are flammable, so… maybe." And then a grin. "We never learn."

Ashton looks over at Carmichael, "Well, if you want to cook something for yourself, and there is enough for me too, then I wouldn't object." He leans back against the counter looking over at the older teen. "So if you're not one of the Guardians of Prometheus, which team do you belong in?" He grins, "Trust me, if anyone can make it burst into flames, it would be me."

Carmichael smiles, and then moves the Kindle out of the way. He also offers the bag of chips to Ashton! They're regular chips. There's also a surprising amount still in there, given Carmichael being a bottomless stomach. "Lemme see what I can find in here…" He looks in the refrigerator. "Oh, me? Athenian League. Apparently Dad thinks I have what it takes to be a hero." There's a bit of a wry note there, like he thinks it's the last thing possible on the planet! Looking to Ashton for a moment then. "Oh, you don't have similar problems as Besa, do you? He can't touch anything technological or… I think it short-circuits. Is it something like that, but with water?"

Ashton shakes his head, "No thank you.. I don't really care for chips.. Most chips have too much salt for my taste." He sighs and shakes his head, "No pun intended." He cocks his head, "I didn't know that Besa had a problem with technology. And no, it's nothing like that. It's just that bad things happen when I'm in the kitchen. I ruined hot chocolate.. You know the kind that you just add a packet of powder to cup of hot water.. I had too much water, so it taste watered down, so I thought, hey there's the container in the pantry that said cocoa powder. I think to myself, well people call hot chocolate, coco, so I added some, then a bit more. One, that stuff is not sweet.. two, if you add too much, not only does the hot chocolate taste terrible, but it also becomes as thick as tar."

Carmichael nods, and rolls the chips bag down, putting a clip on them to keep them closed. Regarding Besa, he responds, "I wouldn't have said anything, since I don't like gossipping about other people, but it might affect you if you have anything electronic on your person." Though he can't help but chuckle at the account of the failed cocoa. "I mix cocoa powder with milk, heat it gently on the stove in a pot, melt some dark chocolate in it, add just a touch more sugar, and then serve it in a mug with a peppermint stick."

A look through the freezer as well — leftover chicken. Hm. He looks in the pantry, and pulls down a box of pasta. Hm. Then he remembers something. "Oh, right. Do you have any food allergies?" he asks. "Wouldn't do for me to send you to the hospital."

Ashton shakes his head, "And that worked, huh? And why add the peppermint stick? Not that I have ever found." He grins, "Well, if you can heal, then could you just try to kill me then heal me?" He glances at the tablet, "So what are you reading?" His blue-green eyes watch Carmichael as he contemplates what to fix. "So, um.. how did you put it, what's your freak? I mean… Is it a genetic mutation of something else?"

Carmichael nods. "Well, I suppose we'll find out then, won't we?" He smirks. "Don't worry, I'll give you mouth-to-mouth if you can't breathe." He says it completely straight-faced too. And then as if he hadn't said that, he addresses the other question, of what he's reading. "It's a book called 'Fairy Rebel'. It was a book I read when I was really little. Fairies aren't supposed to come into contact with humans, but these two do. They also make a baby for a woman who can't conceive, and creating life is a MAJOR no-no. The Fairy Queen is not happy about this when she finds out."

Then he chuckles at the not quite right question. "'What's your weird?'" he reminds. "I'm a bird-man, was born with wings. I can fly, and I can hear birds talking. By the way? Most don't have anything important to say."

He also finds stuff! Stuff to make stuff! Pasta needs to boil, though, so he fills up a medium pot with water and puts it on the stove, with the eye on high.

A blush colors his cheeks, and his ears also. He swallows slightly. He figures that he most certainly misread that. "That sounds… a little like Romeo & Juliet, that is if they weren't stupid and killed them. "Weird, what's your weird" He sighs, "Sorry.. " Luckily as Carmichael continues he nods. "So it's like a genetic mutation.. that's cool. " He chuckles, "Not even pigeons? I have always thought that pigeons were like the spies of birds.. " He watches closely as the older boy starts cooking. "So what are you doing there?"
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"Not exactly," Carmichael replies. "The two fairies were friends to this human couple, and she couldn't have children. They wanted one more than anything else. So the two fairies got together, pooled their magic, and made a baby for this couple. Literally created it. Creating life through magic is forbidden, though."

He leans against the counter next to the stove. "Not really." Of the pigeons. "It turns out the expression 'bird-brained' is pretty apt. I hear 'This is my tree!', and 'I found food!', 'Mummy, mummy — feed me, I'm hungry!', and 'I want to mate!'" He finger-guns at Ashton. "Now, crows. Those blokes know what's up."

Though the question of what he's doing here… that gets him to draw in a breath, hold it… and then exhale. "Well, during a fight at my regular high school, I broke another boy's arm," he admits. He's quick to add, "That's not what I was trying to do. My feathers were just growing in and they looked ridiculous. They were a regular target of ridicule, and I had just had enough. That boy was just the one who was unfortunate enough to push me past the breaking point."

Ashton hrms softly at creation of life through magic being forbidden in this story. Well it's a good thing that they are just talking about a story. He nods slightly, "Sounds like it could be interesting. "I was joking about the pigeons… I figured that they were probably more like the seagulls in Finding Nemo. He listens to what they do say. "So what you are saying is that they think pretty much like all teenagers. " He chuckles, "Um.. I meant what you're doing with the pasta. Like I said, I have no clue as to how to cook, but yeah, I can see why you came here. I imagine that many of us are there are a pretty large part of the student body who are here because of them losing control."

Carmichael nods at the mention of the book being interesting. "It is. Though some might call it 'a book for girls', given how its written. The language, the descriptive flow, all that."

He begins to putter about in the kitchen then, and laughs quietly at the mention of the seagulls… and then again when Ashton compares the bird's inane chatter to teenagers. "I didn't think of it that way, but you're absolutely right," he admits. "Though I'd like to think we have the capability for developing higher thoughts."

Carmichael blinks then. "Oh bollocks… I'm sorry. That was hardly the best thing to just offer up. I'm sorry," he apologizes. "The pasta's going to be garlic chicken alfredo." Since he did find that jar of alfredo. Garlic alfredo too. "So if you're a vampire, tell me now." A chuckle.

Though, yes… he does address the issue of his powers. He nods. "That's true. The Introduction to Powers classes… maybe they don't seem like they're helpful, but they will be, I can promise you that."

Ashton pushes off of the counter and walks over to check out the repurposed chicken. He grins slightly, "Some are… some aren't.. I mean all you have to do is go to the mall and just people watch for an hour, and you'll change your opinion on how much we may or may not be capable of higher thoughts." He looks over at Carmichael, "No worries… " He sighs slightly, "Well, at least you didn't burn down the library at your old school." He says it like that is the voice of experience speaking.

Carmichael nods slowly. "That is, unfortunately, very true," he agrees. "Complacent sheep, most of them. 'Your temperament requires soothing'. Etcetera." Dismissive wave of his hand. He's cooking the chicken now — which might be a little weird if he's a bird too. But he seems not to be concerned with it.

And he blinks at the mention of burning down his library. "That had to have been a traumatic incident for you." His first thought is how it affected Ashton. "But don't worry too much about it, as weird as that sounds. If you're scared if it happening again, you might end up being so scared that you make it happen anyway, right?"

This thing Carmichael's making? It's pretty simple. It's basically just shells and white cheese sauce with chicken bites in it, but he knows how to spice it up and make it not taste bland. So they'll at least get a yummy, if simple snack!

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