(2018-02-18) To Egypt!
To Egypt!
Summary: Besa and Loukanos make plans for the summer.
Date: 2018-02-18
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This white-washed room with its gray concrete floor isn't much to be thrilled about. There are a few washing machines, the same amount of dryers and a sink. On the far wall is a long table for folding clothes and there is a portable stereo on it. A long flourescent light runs along the ceiling. Talk about a ulitarian room.

Evening has set and Besa's still doing laundry. Soemone was kind enough to leave the light on for the cursed teen, but not kind enough to throw his laundry into the washing machine. He's finished up the washing and is currently hanging them to dry. he's figured out a cheat for that, but they still need to eb hung. He's in his school uniform, minus the tie. His sleeves are rolled up, although they are soaked. His left arm sports some scars, but nothing too terrible yet. He hums softly some unknown tune as he hangs his clothes, even his socks.

Taking advantage of the holiday on Monday, Loukanos is using Sunday as the day to wash his school uniforms. He enters the room with an average-sized bin of clothes, which he has little issue carrying. "Hello, Besa," He peeks around the bin to spot the Egyptian teen, smiling softly. "How are you?" He sets his stuff on one of the washing machines and studies the buttons, furrowing his brows. "I managed to figure out how the machines in the old school work. I imagine the process is similar?"

Besa seems tense, so many people mad at each oterh. Or people misunderstanding everything! But he offers the other Guardian a smile, "Hello Loukanos." He turns back and hangs up a shirt. "I am finishing up my laundry." By hand, apparently. A nod, "I would think so. I think they have instructions on them?" Dark eyes look to the machine, but he doesn't move closer, afraid of touching it.

Loukanos senses the tension and smiles reassuringly at Besa, so at least the ancient teen knows that Louk isn't one of the people mad at him, "With Mother, others wash my clothes for me…I used to handwash mine when I wasn't around her, but I have found these machines are more efficient." He scans for instructions and with an "Aha", he lifts the lid. The clothes are emptied. "You okay?"

Besa chuckles softly, "Yes, the priests' servants would do my wash for me as well." One of the few things he misses about the priests. "I am sure they bare, but my curse will not allow me to use them." He looks over as Louk figures out how to and smiles, "It does not seem to complicated. i am sure you will get it." He straightens the shirt before hanging up the last few pieces. "I am here. Okay is a relative term, yes? I am okay."

Loukanos frowns a little, "Technology can be puzzling without a curse prohibiting you. At least, we have magic," He winks and stretches to reach over to grab detergent from a rack. He is plainly dressed in a white tee shirt and jeans. "Yeah, I think I got it. Just give me a second to figure this out, then I'll help you with yours." He looks over at Besa and nods. It seems like he's willing to leave things at that, but there's something bugging him.

Besa nods, finally smiling for real. A small disk is pulled tom his pocket. "When you are alright with it, I will dry my clothes." The disk is held up, an ancient looking rune on it. Besa may not be able to do as much as he'd like, but he's starting to figure out ways around some things. His head tilts, "Are you well?"

Dragging his finger along the instructions manual, Loukanos finds the right dosage for the machine and in it goes. Then he pushes a button. Or two. The machine rumbles as it comes alive. "Victory," He grins, feeling successful, and shakes his head at Besa. "Oh no…it's just I feel a tension in you, and I wonder if it has to do with your missing heart. Or something else."

Besa smirks, "You have defeated the laundry machine beast. Hazzah." His smile fades and he sigh, looking down at the rune in his hand. "Oh…I am sorry. i am not trying to unsettle you." But the cat is out of the bag, right? "I have upset some people with my….not knowing how to deal with things. And I….the person I like is being rather…confusing. And I believe that Sky thinks I do not care for Rain's safety…" He'll not even bring up all the Valentines drama. "I threw a cookie at Grayson because he was being a jerk." That's…very unlike Besa. No mention of the heart.

"The beast died a coward, couldn't even put up a fight," Loukanos tsks and shakes his head again. "You are fine. I asked for a reason." If he did not want to know, he would not have said anything. "Oh yeah, Theodore mentioned something like that, I think. Perhaps you should just talk to them," He shrugs. High school drama is not something he understands well. He blinks, "Did…did he eat the cookie?"

Besa's nose wrinkles as he finds out that Louk already knows some of it. "I would have, but Theodore just walked away without letting me speak." Maybe that bothered him more than the fight itself. The clay disk is turned in-between his thin fingers, "I have tried to speak to the others." With some success. Sorta. The cookie bomb is much easier to talk about, "No. He was being rude. he kept insisting that Rain and I were on a date. It was strange, and then he accued me of being in a horror movie. So I threw a cookie at him." And then, "It hit the ground and he left it as he left."

"It's never too late to open up communications again. Well, sometimes it is, but in this case, I'd say talking things out is the way to go," Loukanos smiles. "You may use your rune whenever you like, by the way." He lifts an inquisitive brow as Besa explains what happened. He offers, "What a waste of a cookie."

Besa moves to lean against a wall. "I know. I will try." He doesn't want to fight with anyone. His free hand raises to rub his face. "It was. But I also had much ice cream and cookies. my stomach hurt afterwards." He nods, looking over to his hanging clothes. "I do not like all the modern day food so much."

"Good. Trying is what counts. Theo seems reasonable enough," Loukanos says, doubting the other blonde would send him away. He laughs, "I bet the ice cream and cookies tasted great while you were eating them." He nods though, "I have found the food here doesn't taste as good as back home. When I choose to eat it. There are some things I don't even recognize…nutritional value is lost as well."

Besa licks his lips but doesn't comment. Ususally he';d agreed, but Theo seemed, to Besa, to be ver upset for very little reason. "I am not very good at this whole friend thing." A half smile, "It was more for Rain's sake. I think she thinks ice cream makes everything better. She was so very happy to get it for me, I could not say no." Besa, unfortunately, does have to eat. Not that he's been doing a whole lot of that lately. He's never going to get any bigger if eh doesn't though! "I would imagine not. The food at your home must be amazing. it is too bad they can not send you some." He pushes off the wall to straighten one of the sleeves of his laundry. "It will get warm." and then he breaks it between his thin fingers. Before the clay bits can hit the ground, a strong heat, warmer than the rune that he uses in the attic or outside fills the room. The moisture from the clothes starts to evaporate and the air feels like someone turned on a humidifier.

"Oh, they did. Ambrosia but in its liquid form. It tastes superb, but I have been told eating normal foods will help me integrate easier," Loukanos shrugs. "Even the 'mortal' foods in Olympos taste better than the food here. I think it has something to do with how processed food is now." He smirks, "I hear ice cream is meant for comfort. Perhaps she thought you needed it." He lets the waves of heat roll off of him. It takes extreme temperatures to discomfort him. This is perfectly fine. He seems impressed, "You figured out a way to cheat the waiting game? I like it."

"I miss the food from home." So Besa can relate, some. "She did. She is a good friend. A sister. She only wishes for me to be happy." The heat is a lot for Besa, but since he created it, he stands there and takes it. Plus, it's better than being cold. A small shiver from the temperature change and he'll roll down his sleeves, covered the scared forearm. His cuffs are now dry too. "I must start being smart with my runes, or I really will have to live in a cave after graduation." Or the Masters' mansion, but he doesn't want to be a burden.

"You have a good friend there, Besa," Loukanos smiles warmly. "I hope you'll consider me such a friend as well, one day." He chuckles, "Talk about regression. I prefer mountains, but you will have to let me know how you cope in a cave." Maybe Besa's more ancient than Lou realized! His smile turns a little wistful. "Sometimes I miss the solitude, but it's nice to have those you can rely on."

Besa blinks and then looks worried, "I did not mean to imply you were not. Rain and i….she is one of the first friends I have ever had." Ever. "I have died for her," literally, "and she went to Hell to save me. We are family." He snorts though in amusement, "Taka said a mountain as well. It there is a cave up high, then I will go there. I can not build a house." He's just being humorously practical… right? A small hesitation and then Besa is nodding in full agreement, "We are friends, Loukanos. If you ever need anything from me, please ask. I owe you much."

Loukanos furrows his brows, thinking Besa may have misinterpreted him. He doesn't elaborate, however, and just offers a melodic, "I know" when Besa says they are friends. His head shakes in agreement, "A house is truly unnecessary, especially if you want to explore…which I suggest otherwise you'll get bored fast. Beaches are nice, too." He smiles fondly.

That gets Besa to smile, "I miss sand. Real sand, not the stuff they have here." The beaches here are not the same stuff Egypt is made of. "I would like to explore, see what the world is. What it has become." What Besa sacrificed for. That would be nice. "I pray the priests will be down with me by then, so I am not hunted the rest of my time." So many people hunting Besa! Maybe that's why he wants to live in a cave? A though, perhaps a purposefully tangent away from what they are speaking on now, "Will you stay here or go home over the summer?"

"You're stronger than them," Loukanos assures. "Whatever they throw at you, I am confident you will endure." His words are meant to evoke confidence. Casting away the doubts people have about themselves is what he does! The smile falters. It turns into a scowl almost, "I…no, I do not believe I will be able to return."

Besa smiles, he understands what Louk is saying, and mostly agrees. Just thousands of years of stockholm syndrome are hard to shake. "I just….do not wish it to harm anyone here." Besa looks over, seeing the frown and realizing it's because of what he asked, "I am sorry. i did not wish to upset you. I only asked to say that perhaps we can do something this summer, if the priests have been dealt with. I like to go camping, but the twins do not. And I have not been hunting in many years."

The offer brightens Louk's mood, and he blinks. And just like that, the smile returns as if it never left! "That sounds wonderful. Most people don't enjoy being around nature as much as I do, but I'd love to go camping with you," His head tilts. "I don't hunt animals, I talk to them."

Oh course he talks to them. Besa chuckles softly, moving to lean against the wall again, "I do not have to. I will find a different time to hunt." But darn it, he's going to go hunt at some point! He was promised a bow by the new student, but he's not seen her since. "I have camped in forests and deserts. They are both very different, but enjoyable." He'll let Louk choose! "The Masters family has some horses I have ridden, if they still have them, perhaps we can borrow the beasts to take with us." Not as good as a camel, but horses work!

"Oh, I don't mind you hunting," Loukanos says. "I just don't." 'Cause he talks to them and it gets weird when he talks to the animals, then eats them. "We'd have to go very far to find a desert." He grins. "I've only ever ridden one mount. He was very fast, I think the Masters horses will just be slow in comparison. If you'd like, though, I can be a horse and you can just ride me." He seems blissfully unaware of the innuendo in that statement.

Besa smiles brightly, "Then I will get us food!" Yay for killing critters and eating them! More nodding and his perfect hair bouncing around as excited as he is for the possibility of going to a desert, "Perhaps we can go to Egypt, even!" He has no comprehension of how much money that woudlo actually cost, the twins have spoiled him. Thankfully Besa is unaware as well and just nods. Oh what stories they'll bring back for next year! This is a good plan." Now to get rid of his priests before summer!

Loukanos beams! He's excited! Or maybe Besa's excitement is just infectious. Empathy and everything. Whatever the case, he wraps his arms around Besa in a friendly embrace. "Egypt, it is!" Unfortunately, Louk's handle on money isn't the best. He can literally teleport them if need be, so no worries! The washing machine chimes and comes to a stop. "I think that means it's ready…"

Besa hugs back, physical touch isn't weird for him (unless there's chocolate involved!). "Wonderful! I bet we can rent camels instead of horses!" Even better! "Camels are so much better than horses. You will like racing them, they are fast, but it is the staying on that is fun!" Or Louk can turn into a camel and the awkward stories they will have! Egypt! Besa looks as happy as he did when his heart was healed! Or when he thought things were back on track with Whitley! The ding has him look over, "Yes, I think so. Would you like me to dry your clothes for you like I did mine?"

"Sure," Loukanos smiles and starts to pull his clothes from the machine into the bin he brought in. If anything, it is another chance to see Besa's magic at work, which he will always be curious about. "I'll have to hang them, yeah?" Before he gets a response, he finds a bunch of clothes pins and gets started on putting them up. "Summer cannot come soon enough. We honestly shouldn't even wait." There's spring break. But priests. He frowns at the thought. "Let me help you stop your priests. I have scrying magic. Maybe I can locate them."

Besa will start taking his clothes down, to make room and give Louk the pins and hangers, "It is best, they will not wrinkle this way." Dried and pressed! His smile fades slightly, "The….The priest situation is complicated. They are not my priests." Besa had personal priests? "And we have information that there is a chance that they could kill Rain, trying to take me. It is why she and I have been trying to stay at the school so much…" Scrying though? He nods, folding his clothing, "Perhaps, ….yes. That should not hurt. i….if I die, it is acceptable, but….I could not bear it if Rain did." Plus the Sky stuff onto of that.

"No one will die," Loukanos says firmly. "You needn't be a martyr; I will protect you. You have my word." And Louk keeps his word unerringly. "A life in hiding is no life, at all." He speaks from experience. "I am certain Schuyler and Rain think your death unacceptable as well." Now, it seems like Loukanos does as well.

Besa is a martyr. It's kinda all he is. His head shakes and he insists, "No. Swear to protect her. Please. She is….She has to live. Please." He stands there, looking very much like a 14-year-old boy with perfect hair, not some ancient being who's died more times than he can remember. "I could come back. The curse may still be on me. She does not have that luxury." He knows that look though. Rain and Sky and Whitley have it often. Not quite giving up, but not having the energy to fight, he nods once. Stepping over to the powdered detergent he picks it up and pours some into his hand. Onto the floor he draws the same rune that was on the clay, obviously, this takes longer than just cracking the clay disk and says a few words on Coptic over the rune before he breaks it and the same heat fills the room, drying the clothes for the other Guardian. He'll help Louk fold and get everything ready before they both have to go upstairs and to bed. They have classes in the morning.

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