(2018-02-19) Think About It
Think About It
Summary: Besa and Whitley work some things out…sorta
Date: 2018-02-19
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The attic floor contained more staff quarters, general storage areas. There are boxes there that have been there for decades, not brought in by Unit 23. Who knows what's in them?

After getting yelled at, but thankfully not detention, Besa's made his way up the stairs to the attic. He's tired and worried about Ashton. The healer is worried he did something wrong. Rubbing his bandaged arm, he moves to find a place to sit. Cocoa's not with him currently, so the Guardian is alone. He finds his corner with a pillow to sit on. Maybe he just needs to clear his head.

Besa said Whitley could use the attic, right? Looks like Whit is taking him up on that offer. If for no other reason, but to see what Besa likes so much about the place. He enters and nods his chin upwards in greeting, "Yo." He offers a little grin before flopping down on a pillow. Or three. He loosens his blue Ares tie with one hand while constructing a psionic bouncy ball with the other and throwing it against the wall.

Besa rolls his sleeve down to cover the bandage, but he's not begin very sneaky about. "oh…hello Whitley." Has he been crying? Maybe. He looks tired, and worry is etched into his features. Dark eyes watch the bouncing ball, "Is everything well?"

"Stressful school day, you know?" Thud as Whitley continues to bounce the ball off the wall. He glances over at the Egyptian teenager with furrowed brows and a slightly confused look. "What's wrong?" Because clearly something is wrong.

Besa's watching the ball move before he sighs and looks at Whitley, "I am having a bad…few days. I think I am not such a good friend." Amongst other things. "I…I healed someone today, but I think it went bad? I have never had someone act the way he did. And then I got yelled at for it. And Theodore is mad at me still….and I do not know what to do about Taka." For once there's no being upset about the twins! He sighs, pulling his legs up to his chest.

Whitley isn't all that surprised to see that Besa's upset. There has always been an air of melancholy around the smaller boy. He's surprised at how many reasons he has to be upset, though. And look at that, not one of them ends with Masters! An improvement, maybe. "Um…one at a time, okay?" He looks back at the ball and takes a deep breath, "Not everyone is gonna react to your healing the same way. Blood's gross. It can upset people. What's this about Theo?" He shrugs. "Taka's an alien." Like that explains everything.

Besa's perfect hair moves as he shakes his head, "no it was not that his…" He stops and takes a breath, trying to gather his thoughts, "It was like my healing made him angry? He clenched his fists and said it was nigh right." Well, sorta. "I got permission." His legs are pulled in closer, making Besa just look little. "He was not upset, Whitley. He was…there was….anger." and then his eyes close, "And Miss Annalee saw me heal him and got mad and yelled at me."

"You still healed him, though?" Whitley asks, failing to understand where Besa's anguish is coming from. "That's all that matters." As far as he knows, Besa doesn't do what he does for thank yous. "Miss Annalee? The lunch lady? Cutting yourself during lunch is even more gross, Besa." He tsks and shakes his head. "What's up with Theo? Last time I checked, he seemed a little uneasy about the wilderness trail, but not mad or anything."

Besa frowns, "Yes. He is healed, but I just….I worry that i did something wrong. His reaction was…not right." He doesn't know how else to explain that.He rubs his face. He ignores the comment about his powers being gross. fine, he'll not heal Whitley either. Look at that, Whitley and the twins have something in common. "He yelled at me, told me I was unfair. And then left before I could clarify or speak to him." He shrugs, but clearly it's bothering him. "He was unkind in how he spoke to me, and now I believe he wishes to just…ignore the fact he did." He doesn't want to get into the reason why, Whit will just laugh at him.

It is gross to most ordinary people. Whitley isn't exactly ordinary, but he isn't naive enough to believe that people aren't going to think blood letting is gross just because it heals. "You've never done anything wrong before. I don't see any reason to think it was you and not the kid you healed," He tosses the ball. "What did you do?" That doesn't sound like Theo at all.

Besa quiets thinking on that. Could there be something wrong with Ashton? Maybe. He'll need to think on that. But then he's distracted by Whit's question, "What do you mean, what did I do?" Shouldn't Whitley be on Besa's side? He looks up, hurt in his eyes and then shaking his head. "I suppose none of it matters." He forces himself to stretch out his legs, "Why is your day so stressful?"

"I don't know?" Whitley shrugs and chuckles a little, holding up his hands in surrender. The ball dissipates midway to his hand. "You said he was mad at you. I figured something set him off." He runs a hand through his snowy locks. "High school is always stressful."

Besa lets it go, realizing that Whitely's not the one to get sympathy from. He loosk away as Whit messes with his hair. "Is it classes or seomthign else?" The ancient teen focuses on keeping his breathing steady, although he does put light pressure on his new bandage. Miss Annalee wrapped it a little tight.

Whitley frowns, thinking he may have said something wrong. "I hope things get better with Theo," He's genuine, too, even if Besa doesn't want to talk to him about it. "Anyway, a little bit of everything. It still bugs me that there's no gym. And that the library is trash." He stands up and moves over to where Besa is seated, leaning over the other boy's arm. "Your bandage looks a little tight. Want me to fix that for you?"

Besa nods, knowing the house isn't ideal. "They do need more books. It will get better when the weather gets warmer." For gym stuff. He looks up at Whit, uncertainty all over his face. "If you wish." He swallows and extends his arm for the teen. "Are we just friends, that hold hands? Or are we more?" there, he can make things more awkward.

Whitley gets to work on readjusting the bandage. He obviously hears Besa's question, his furrowing brows are an indication of that, but he doesn't respond right away. Taking people apart and putting them together are quite different, so he'll focus on this for now. If he doesn't, he risks the chance of seriously screwing up. Once he rewraps the bandages, he pushes back his floppy white hair and looks at Besa. "Is it a good idea to be either?" It's a serious question, and his piercing gaze suggests the answer is important to him.

Besa holds still. Finally though, he looks up at Whitley, "I think it is not a good idea to be…unsure." He swallows but keeps his dark eyes on Whit's grey ones. "What do you wish, Whitley?"

"I want you to be happy. But I also don't want to be hurt again," Whitley takes a deep breath. Vulnerability really does suck. He hates the feeling. "As long as your priests are still alive and you're still immortal, you can decide that I don't know what's best for myself and pull the rug from under me."

Besa studies the older boy, blinking to stop himself from tearing up. "Okay." He gets it. Those two things do not fit, he can see that. if Whitley does not trust him, then…then. He sighs softly, "I do not wish to hurt you, every again." He looks down at Whitley's work on his arm. "Then…" He takes a deep breath, trying to not lose his hold on himself, "Then we will be friends. I hope I deserve your friendship. I will try to not hurt you as a friend." Man, that living in a cave is starting to look better and better.

It's not as simple as that, "It's not that I don't like you Besa. For a while, I thought I was the only one who still had feelings," Maybe it was better that way. Definitely less complicated. Whitley can't hold Besa's gaze, not when he's about to cry. The roles are almost reserved. Once upon a time, Besa was the uncertain one and Whitley was persistent. Then again, the Egyptian isn't all that persistent, is he? "I don't know…is this a good idea?"

Besa stays where he is, head tilted slightly. "I tried to stay away, I thought…I thought you wanted me to stay away." Those teary eyes blink, confused. his brow furrows and he swallows, "Now you do not wish to be friends?" What does he want?!? His lips press together in frustration and he lifts his hand to try to take Whit's. "What do you want Whitley? Friendship? More? For me to leave you be?"

Whitley blinks and shakes his head, "No. I meant is being something more a good idea…I think I'll always want to be your friend, Besa." He looks down at his fingers, now in the other's hands. "I never told you I wanted you to stay away. I want you in my life." That is answer enough.

Besa's chest hurts, but at least they both want to be friends. His gaze goes over Whti;eye's face, memorizing, before looking down at their hands together. He nods slowly, "Then….we will be….friends. No more?" He swallows, trying to not cry. It's just so much, with everything else. "But we will be friends, and that…that is …" What they want? "That is the best, yes?" Yes. Guess there's no need to bring up the Taka thing then. A deep breath for bravery and he'll start to let go of Whit's hand.

"Can I think about it?" Whitley still cannot meet Besa's gaze. "I'm not going to pretend that I just want to be your friend, but I also don't know how to start over…after everything. It's a lot, Besa. I need time. And maybe it's best we start over as friends. Just to feel things out so to speak." His hand slips out of Besa's, and he casts a hopeful glance at the boy to see what he thinks of his suggestion.

Besa frowns, his chest tightening. A deep breath, and he holds it , trying together his thoughts. Or at least some kind of focus. "If…if that is what you want." He nods, but now he's not making eye contact. His legs are pulled underneath him, "We will start over and be friends." He's trying very hard to not cry, using his good arm he rubs his eyes, "I..I should go check on Cocoa."

Whitley gets the feeling that Besa has misinterpreted what he's said. Somehow. He sighs and rubs the side of his face. "Yeah, okay," He nods, "You know where to find me."

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