(2018-02-19) Paying It Forward
Paying It Forward
Summary: After guiding Gabrielle to the new location of the school (read: "Theo was there"), Theo runs into Grayson. There's a small misunderstanding, then Grayson, er… "pays forward" his own knowledge in a most unexpected way!
Date: IC Date (2018-02-19)
Related: Occurs after Gabrielle's Return
Scene Runner: NA

*Wheeeeeeew!* That is the sound of a relieved sigh. Theo's heading up the stairs with a relieved look on his face. Fortunately they got back to the estate before curfew. He's glad another student's returned, though. So he's smiling. He's wearing his typical 'not-in-school' outfit — the t-shirt, jeans, hiking boots, and the denim vest with the silver pins on the lapels. He's also got a heavy parachute-type coat, though it's draped over a shoulder rather than being worn. Looks like he just got in from outside, since his face is a bit pale with the ashen look of someone who's been out in the cold for a bit.

Grayson emerges from his room. He's wearing a pair of those tight low rise sweat pants for working out. He's barefoot and has a school Tshirt in his hand. He's shirtless, his muscular frame pale as if the sun might kill him if he ever got even a drop of it on his skin, but his pecs are covered in a sprinkling of short but dark hair. Exposed, his broad shoulders make his head look too small and childish for his adult body. He takes a loud, crunchy bite of the green apple in his other hand, and chews as he walks. He glances at Theodore and pronounces, through a full mouth. "Cuttin' it closhe," he notes, of the curfew.

Fortunately Theo's spiders pointed out the approaching person, and he looks in Grayson's direction. That way he's not so startled when the other student speaks up. He nods, his eyes going a bit wide for effect. "Yes. Only just," he agrees. "Someone who was a student before the… incident came back. She was at the docks. She's back here now." He offers a smile in greeting. "Also hello there. How are you doing?" Yes, he's going to be polite.

Grayson shrugs, "I'm apparently fine, though doomed for a life of solitude and loneliness." He rolls his eyes, "Could be worse." He takes another crunchy bite of the apple, chewing it loudly, not really bothering to close his mouth as he does. "You?"

Theo blinks at that remark. "Huh?" Formality goes out the window for a few moments there, before it's back. "That's unfortunate to hear. I'm doing all right." Pause. "I was actually thinking about how I could repay you for the lost burger. I know it wasn't actually my fault, but…"

Grayson shakes his head, "Wasn't your fault. Don't worry about it." He bites the apple, holding it in his mouth with his teeth, and takes a moment to pull the shirt over his head and yank it down over his chest. Then he grabs the apple, chewing and swallowing the bite. "This place just keeps gettin' worse and worse. Worry about yourself. Forget it, ya know?"

"If it makes you feel any better, I'm to understand the estate is only a temporary measure, until the permanent structure is ready," Theo offers encouragingly. "So perhaps we'll have more space soon. I'm more dismayed at the lack of extracurricular activities."

Grayson smirks, "Is that a metaphor?" He chuckles. "Look, it ain't the building. It's the…" He gestures as if to say everything, and then he waves it off. "Never mind." He sniffs, and takes another bite of apple, again talking with that full mouth. "You woudn't undershand."

Theo tilts his head. "Is what a metaphor?" he inquires. When Grayson stalls, Theo supplies, "The company?" He smiles, cautiously. "I wouldn't mind the explanation." He pauses a moment, then ventures, "Does it have anything to do with the… discussion you and Oliver had?" His tone is even, and he's not judging at all. In fact, it sounds like he's trying to be supportive.

"Nevermind," he offers about the metaphor. then he addresses the Oliver thing, "Oliver is a drama bomb. He's drawn some conclusion is gone off half cocked. It's his thing. He's just being him," he notes, rolling his eyes again. He sighs, "Look, I hate people. You don't have to pretend to be all nice or whatever. You can scoot. It's okay."

"Well, I meant what I said," Theo replies. "I have eyes and ears just about everywhere in here that I'm allowed to be. Not in private rooms, no; I'm not a Peeping Tom." He chuckles. Though there's a sigh then. "I'm not pretending to be nice. I don't have the tact enough to do that. I was making sure you were all right. I wasn't upset or disgusted by what happened. The only reason I left was because those sorts of arguments aren't for public ears. I wanted to give you privacy." He's not angry or upset, even now. His voice is calm, actually, and he leans against the wall on the other side of the hallway.

Grayson tilts his head, "You're spying on us?" He shakes his head, "Not cool." He takes another bite off that apple, chews it up and swallows. "It wasn't really an argument. He's just flipping out to flip out. Like I said, it's what he does."

Theo shakes his head at the question. "No, no… I keep them in public areas only," he assures. "None go into private rooms, bathrooms, or anywhere there's likely to be a… lack of fully decent attire." Nope, no Peeping Tom! "On the bright side that means I'm likely to know what's going on at any given time. There's a driver's ed class that's going to be starting soon. March fifth, I believe?" Though the mention of Oliver gets a frown. "I hope he doesn't bring her too much drama," he says quietly. Not too low to be heard, but he's not mentioned any names, so there's that.

"Look, all I'm sayin' is that if I could see anything, I'd sure as hell be lookin'," Grayson says with a big smile. "Your loss, I guess." He takes the last bite of the apple, then just holds on to the core. After swallowing, he shrugs, "I don't think I much care to learn to drive. And if you know someone who's gonna try to date Oliver, just… Just make sure you're around when Oliver does the thing he does."

Theo nods. "Some people can't see them," he agrees. "It's just as well, they're scary." He smirks a little, though, and snickers at 'your loss'. "Well, if you walk around without your shirt on often enough, I'll get plenty of a show," he replies, with a wry note to his voice. The mention of 'the thing Oliver does' gets a bit of a frown. "I'll be there if and-or when it happens, not to worry. We're friends, this girl and I."

"Look, Oliver's a great guy. He's just really fucked up." Grayson furrows his brow a little about not having a shirt on, "It ain't that great of a show, freshie." He shakes his head a little, "I need milk. Here," and he hands Theo his apple core as he begins to walk toward the kitchen.

Theo tilts his head. "How so?" he asks, regarding Oliver. And then suddenly there's an apple core being shoved at him! For a split second theo makes the most hilarious — and most FABULOUS — 'oh god what' face before he gets it under control. Suddenly the core is being wrapped up by glowing blue-white threads. It's being wrapped up like a spider is spinning a web around it. "There we go," Theo declares. And yes, he's going to follow. "What do you mean it's not that great of a show? Do you know how many boys don't even have a single chest hair in high school?" He could possibly be kidding.

Grayson spins around, and just points his finger aggressively, right in Theo's face. He speaks slow, and through grit teeth, holding back a bit of anger as he does so. "Dude. Do NOT. Make fun of me. For being gay."

Theo stops, barely avoiding running into Grayson's finger. He blinks, looking honestly confused. "…I'm gay. Why would I make fun of someone else for it?" he asks, reflexively. Though once he realizes how his statement came off, he offers honestly, "I'm sorry. I wasn't meaning to make fun."

Grayson leaves his finger hanging there a moment. He tilts his head. His face softens. He lowers his finger and then stands up straight. "Oh." He glances around a little, then back at Theo. "I thought…" He huffs, "Sorry." He wipes his hand through his hair, and says, "I um… Yeah."

"It's all right," Theo replies, with a smile. Looking a bit sheepish, he admits, "It's… something of a recent revelation for me. I suppose I'm still figuring things out myself. And there are people who aren't so… accepting of it, so I can understand why it might be upsetting. But I meant you, in specific. Though I admit, you're the first of the students I've actually seen with his shirt off, so…"

So, this is suddenly just a little weird. Grayson looks away, thinking for a minute, before looking back at Theo. His brow furrows just a little, and then he does something he just doesn't do. It almost sounds like he's trying to be helpful. "What um… If it's recent, how do you know? I mean, it's… You know, are you like, sure, or whatever?"

Theo shakes his head. "Not completely. But I have strong suspicions," he admits. "You see… there's Fionnuala. She's beautiful, and we have quite a bit in common." He smiles. "Even being utterly ridiculous at times. But… I have no interest in her. Now, if it was just her, I could understand. But when I have yet to have a physical reaction to ANY girl I've ever met, and had reactions to several of the males I've met… well. Very strong suspicions."

Grayson exhales very slowly. He looks off again, and purses his lips, that brain of his cranking hard enough there might as well be steam coming out of his ears. Finally, he looks back at Theo. Another moment of thinking. Then he puts one hand on his shoulder and firmly pushes Theo against the wall. In the same moment, his other hand lays on the side of Theo's head, fingers in his hair behind his ear and thumb on his temple as Grayson's lips push onto Theo's. Unless Theo fights it, Grayson spends about fifteen seconds giving a rather frisky, aggressive kiss to the other boy. His lips move over Theo's, his tongue dances a bit into Theo's mouth, and at the end, he gives just a little bite to Theo's bottom lip as he pulls away, letting the increasing distance tug Theo's lip from his teeth. All in all, Grayson's definitely kissed before, and he's giving Theo a good one. And just as quick, he slaps Theo on the shoulder. "There." He shrugs, "One way or the other, now you know." And he turns to walk away.

Theo is a little guy, there's no real way he's going to put up much resistance to being pushed. He does inhale sharply in surprise. "Grayson, what—" That's about all he's got time for, before…

…Well, a brain short-circuit, really.

Logic dictates this is NOT happening, it can't be. This is just not how things like this work. People do not get kissed by people they've only met twice. Particularly not like THAT! But, well… that's exactly what's happening.

Theo's tense with shock, and the wrapped-up apple core falls to the floor, the glowing blue-white threads breaking and shattering like tiny glass fragments, sending glittery bits through the air for a moment until they completely break down and disappear. He's not sure what to do! But after a few seconds, his eyes close. It's weird if he keeps his eyes open, right?

He doesn't really know, since… well, he's never kissed anybody before.

When Grayson leans back, Theo's face is red, right there under his eyes, across his nose, and high on his cheekbones. And he's breathing more quickly. Then there's a slap on his shoulder, and then Grayson's walking away. It takes Theo a moment to process what just happened, what Grayson said.

Perhaps it's fortunate Grayson can't see his spiders, either, because Happylegs, on his usual perch on Theo's head… is completely pink now, and missing any sort of spots.

Theo sort of… sliiiides down the wall to sit on the floor, still trying to process. That happened. That… just… happened. He raises a hand to cover his mouth lightly, and looks in the direction Grayson left in, face still red, somewhere between confused as all hell, embarrassed, and… well. There was definitely a reaction!

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