(2018-02-19) Knives are for Food, not Wrists
Knives are for Food, not Wrists
Summary: Besa uses his blood to heal Ashton, which has a very bad reaction to it.
Date: IC Date (2018-02-19)
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Great Hall/Dining Room Winbarry Estate
Mon Feb 19, 2018 — Mon Feb 19 08:03:25 2018

The round tables from the original school have been placed in the dining room, the familiar chairs surround them. A few tall hutches line the far wall, and hold the necessary plates, glasses and flatware necessary for meals. On the sidewall a credenza is set and holds various packaged snacks for between meals, there is also a wooden bowl with apples, oranges and other such fruits. The oak paneled walls and wood floor has been polished to a shine so the room looks quite pleasing. A large flat screen TV hangs on the other wall and is usually set to some music station, though the remote is handy should someone want to change the channel.


Exits: [K] Kitchen [O] Entry Way

Besa's started to find work around for some of the basic issues he's having in the modern day. One of them is laundry. He's not let Rain or Sky send his out to be done like they do, but today's uniform looks like it was! The ancient teen is still being rather quiet, but he's offering smiles more to people as he passes at least. It's a start. Today the Guardian steps inside the Dinning Hall for lunch, giving Miss Annalee , the school cook, a smile before moving towards the table he usually shares with the twins. He may have even gotten some sleep last night, he doesn't look as tired as he has been. To whoever is at the table already, "May I join you?"

So far it is just Rain at the table, her twin hasn't shown up yet. He is the pokey one today it seems. She is in the process of putting food on her plate and uses a foot to push out a chair for Besa. She has gotten used to him always asking and he already knows the answer. "How do you think you did on the test in math today?" she asks as she watches her friend a moment, offering a real smile before her expression goes all stoic again.

The strap to an old faded gray canvas messenger bag is slung across his chest and the wires to earbuds slide out of the inside pocket of his blazer. Ashton's hair seems to be an exceptional mess of structured chaos. He looks at the food offered and passes on all of it and just grabs an apple from one of the fruit bowls. He looks a little zombie like today. He drops the messenger bag on the table in front of an empty chair, not even really looking to see if there are any other occupants at the table, which happens to be Besa and Rain. Even from the other end of the table, the muffled buzz of Vivaldi's Spring can be heard.

Rain gets a smile from Besa and he sits down. he looks over the food and selects something mild. He's still a little uncertain after so much sugar on Valentine's day. "I think i did well. What about you?" Math isn't his problem. it's history! Modern history he doesn't know, and ancient history is always not quite how it really happened! When Ashton sits , the Ares gets a smile, but seeing that he doesn't even look up Besa raises an eyebrow slightly before shrugging to himself and turning back to Rain, "I have a…strange question. Is there something in chocolate that would make someone be attracted to someone else. An ingredient, perhaps?"

"I'm pretty sure I aced it." Rain says with mostly confidence. She studies hard so there isn't any reason why she shouldn't have. Though stranger things have happened. She has never failed a math test yet, so there is no reason to start now. "I'm sure you did fine on it too." at least fine enough for Besa. When it comes to school they have different priorities.

The arrival of Ashton at their table has the teen girl looking at him, the only break in her expression, a slight furrowing of brows, she greets him politely enough though "Hello Ashton." she is familiar with the zombie like countenance, she has been there before "You not sleep well?" that's the usual reason for her so she assumes it is the same for him.

"Chocolate?" she looks confused at Besa a moment "Not that I can think of, though it its supposedly a mood enhancer. Is there someone around her that chocolate has that effect on?" why else would he be asking.

Ashton's mind seems to be elsewhere. The apple remains completely untouched and seemingly forgotten on the table in front of him. It is almost a feat that he even heard his name. He turns, blinking a couple of times, before he reaches up and half-heartedly pulls one of the earbuds from his ear. "Um.. sorry.. Did you say something to me?" He looks over "Well cocoa does actually have some chemical reactions for most people that stimulates endorphins.. It's why it was originally considered to be medicinal and not food.. hence why it is associated with Easter… you could eat it because it was not decadence but "medicine"…. Well that and for a while, the Jesuits had exclusive rights to chocolate."

Very different proprieties, Besa just can't make himself care about grades. He clears his throughout at Rain's question. "I…yes. Do not give it to Taka." his cheeks go pink, which is pretty impressive with his dark skin. "I -" Ashton fills them in on the history of chocolate, and Besa just nods. That's…a lot. "Oh….thank you." He swells, cheeks still pink and focuses on whatever food he grabbed. "How are you liking Coral Springs so far, Ashton?"

There is some staring at Ashton from Rain, her expression can only be described as 'huh?' not that she doesn't understand the information, she is just surprised he would know so much and offer way to much information about it "It has a long history." she simply states, she knows a bit, but probably not as many details as Ashton seems too "Taka…he is an alien of sorts, isn't he?" she asks Besa, since he would know better than her "Who knows how the chemicals in chocolate…or any other foods here would affect him. I'm sure he metabolizes everything different than the rest of us." the blushing is noted and she is kind enough not to ask him about it in public but no doubt she will when it is just the two of them. She eats as the question is offered to Ashton.

Ashton closes his eyes for a second. He sighs slightly, "Um.. sorry… I sometimes don't know when to stop talking… Just ignore me when I do that.. everyone always does… " He reaches up bracing his cheek against the palm of his hand, with his elbow propping him up. He half-shrugs, "It's different… way different that what I'm used to…" He scrapes his canine over his lower. A slight smile moves to his lips. "But for the most part, everyone is pretty cool… a couple even more so… at least one that… well not so much."

Besa nods, eyes down on his food, "Yes." Taka is an alien. He reaches for his water, "Do you know when Spring break is?" Seems the ancient teen is all over the place with his questions today! But then he looks back to Ashton worried, "Are you well, Ashton? it is alright to share information…" Oh, he knows what the Ares is talking about, "I have not forgotten. When i get the chance, i will speak to Koga, I promise. One should not make anyone feel that way." He then offers what he hopes is an encouraging smile to the boy before looking back at Rain. he knows that look , and that he's going to get talked to later. Oh look! Water to drink!

"Don't worry about it Ashton. I think we can all get that way at times." look at that Rain being empathetic and understanding. She is making strides in the social department. "Did you go to public or private school before this Ashton?" she asks to get a better understanding on how it is different.

She looks to Besa, "Spring break starts end of classes on March 30th?" she cants her head at him "Looking forward to it already?"

Ashton shakes hie head, "You really don't have to Besa. Honestly, it isn't the first time I have had someone threaten me… There are always bullies, no matter where you are at… I just have never had someone threaten me with a sword before… And like Theo said… I'm sure that it will just blow over.. I'm not that worried about it now.. just at the time it was a little disconcerting, I guess." He lowers the right hand as he subconsciously rubs his left wrist a little, "Yeah, I'm fine… I was just … was .. doing something earlier and I guess I over did things a bit.. it's no biggy." He glances over at Rain, "Oh, private school… Grandfather would not have had his precious name sullied by his grandson attending school with someone below his social standing." He says it like he had heard the words before, though he rolls his eyes a bit at the same time.

That's a complicated question, "I am hoping to be able to deal with the priests before then." So…maybe plans? He looks back to Ashton, "of course you do not need me to. But I wish to help. If you did noting wrong, he should not have done that." His eyes narrow, eyeing the wrist rub. and he'll ask gently, "Do you need healing?" He knows how Ashton does magic, and it didn't sound particularly…easy for the teen.

The food laden fork stops part way to Rain's mouth at the story about Koga pulling a sword on Ashton "He really did that?" the fork is put down "Seriously?" not that she hasn't seen that before at school, but in that instance the swords were wooden practice ones "That's uncalled for." she shakes her head.

"The only difference between this place and the private school I went to is the size and the students here have powers." his explanation as to why is no surprise "That is the reason a lot of the students went to my previous school." she isn't counting herself among them.

She gets up, not even touching the idea of the priest issue, though there is a look about it, "I'm going to go rescue Sky, seems he caught pinned by a couple of chatty ones." now it is Rain's turn to eye roll. She then heads out.

Sneak. Sneak. Ronan's trying to sneak up on Ashton since he's got nothing really better to do right now. He even puts a finger against his lips for anyone to see him so they know he's trying to be sneaky. He's not really all that sneaky though. Mostly he's using some liquid on the bottom of his shoes kept highly viscous to absorb some of the force of his steps. His hands slide into the pockets of his trousers.

Ashton nods to Rain with a shrug, "Yeah.. It really isn't that big of a deal." He nods and had already gotten the impression that the Masters were as his grandparents would say 'well established'. He smirks slightly at Rain's Operation Rescue Sky. He looks over at Besa, smiling softly. He shakes his head, "I'm okay.. it's not that bad. Honest." Yeah he would probably normally notice Ronan, but today, he's just not quite himself.

Besa is glad Rain lets the priest comment go. It's maybe better if he tries this own his own, anyway. turning back to Ashton after waving goodbye to Rain, "If you decide you would like I can. I can tell you are…" but then Besa sees Ronan and blinks. he has no poker face.

Pressing a hand that is the equivalent temperature of an ice cube to the back of Ashton's neck, Ronan's voice is playful as he says, "Hello Ashton, Besa. Are you both doing ok today?" He asks in a perfectly innocent voice as if he didn't just do the super cold hand trick to poor Ashton. He's in a mood today apparently.

Ashton startles just slightly as he didn't notice someone right behind him. Instead of jumping like one might normally do, he leans his head back, "Oh, hey, Ronan." He offers a tired but happy smile, acting as if he didn't notice anything really beyond the blonde’s hand. "Oh, hey, Ronan, How goes?" He looks down at the apple, then turns his attention to Besa, "Thanks for the offer, but there is no need to bother."

Besa lets the two do whatever that is, but nods to Ronan, "Hello." His water is sipped, seems like not a lot of eating is happening at the table today. A smile if offered to Ronan then, "Would you like to join us?" He'll drop the healing with Ashton for now, but decided to try to keep an eye on the boy, just in case.

"Are ye ok Ashton?" Ronan asks as he sits down near the dark haired boy, "Ye seem distracted." He says rather casually before looking to Besa,"Hello Besa, do either of ye know a rather obnoxious guy with a chip on his shoulder?" A teenage guy with a chip? So descriptive. "Dark hair too."

Ashton shrugs, "Yeah, I'm okay… just a little tired, I guess." He smirks, "Dark hair, chip on his shoulder? Hrm.. Hi my name is Ashton." He says with a grin. He goes to make a remark about Koga, but then stops not wanting to bring him up again, especially with Besa around; he already feels bad that Besa already plans to go talk to the sword wielding whack-job because of him. He pauses, cocking his had as he gets lost in thought for a second. He sighs and pushes himself up from his seat. "I think I'm just going to go lay down and rest a bit." He slides the strap of his messenger bag over his neck. "I'll catch you guys later." The dark haired boy gets up and starts heading back towards the entry way. The apple that he had not taken a big of is left untouched in front of his empty seat.

Besa has a very good idea who Ronan might be talking about, but isn't going to add fire to the issue. Instead he waves goodbye to Ashton, "I hope you rest well." Looking back at Ronan, "How are your classes going?"

"Get some rest. I'll see you later." Ronan says to Ashton, before he looks at Besa,"It is a strange thing for me. The schooling system I'm from is a bit different." He points out casually as he relaxes into the chair, "How are you doing?" He asks the words feeling strange in his mouth really. "Also the fact I'm not in a primarily Irish speaking school is an oddity."

Besa can't help a small chuckle and he nods, "Mien as well. It was much more…tutor like." His head tilts, that perfect, perfect hair flops over one eye, "I am as well as i can be." He smiles though, appreciating the inquiry. A few blinks and then Besa's eye (most likely the one not visible as well) unfocussed , "I…I think I remember….a little Irish….I never went there but…" He wets his lips, blinking as his eyes focus back on Ronan, "I thin I may have known someone who taught me a few words?" He thinks? What a weird kid. Although to be fair, everyone here is weird.

"Well the Irish language is an interesting language since it isn't a straightforward one." Ronan says shrugging a little bit, "I try and not speak it too often here since people don't know it, so it would be rude." Yeah. He does try and not be terribly rude. "Ours is more like the English school system. But I am adjusting to it." He says shrugging a little bit, "The Irish language is complex and has a ton of grammatical rules ye have to follow."

Besa's frowning, but it's at his memories. He knows some Irish…he can feel it. "I…if you would like at some point, i can try to remember and we can speak it. i know i miss speaking Coptic." He looks around the room, "Yes…this is an adjustment."

"If ye would like. I still have to write in it as me ma does not believe just being across the pond as an excuse to stop using it. I get things I have to read from her and write back and all communication must be as gaeilge." Ronan says laughing softly, "I don't know what language Coptic is. I'm afraid I don't know many languages." He says turning a little pink. "I understand music, English and Gaeilge."

Besa chuckles then, nodding, "We can, yes. I would be good for me to remember." Remembering is good, right? He sighs softly, how nice to have someone to write to! "It is the language I was born to. It is a early for or Egyptian." Not wanting to delve into that too deeply Besa latches onto music, "Ah, the oldest language. I play the hand drums, although not very well. And I have not since the school was destroyed, I do not have drums of my own."

"Is it from a time before the Phoenicians found Ierne and Albion?" Ronan asks curiously, "It's hard to figure out a time line for the Irish language. As it exists now, it makes languages like French and Spanish seem quite young." And English in its infancy but he doesn't say that. Mostly because that brings on talk of the English and the damage that the Irish view was done. He tries to relax a bit more,"I play violin and fiddle, that's about it."

Besa shrugs, "When was that?" He doesn't have all the years memorized. Back to music! "That is very nice. I know there are a few students here that play, you should get together and make music!" and Besa can listen! "There's been talk of an arts club and dance club forming, you should make a music club."

"I think that I'd end up in the dance club. Not sure if it would leave time for music." And given Ronan's coordination, or lack there of, dance is crucial for his safety and the safety of anyone who might happen to be walking near him. "I am not sure. It was fairly early in their civilization, so I am unsure. It was well before the rise of Rome. I know this was before the time of Amhairgin. Theoretically that would place it before 1000 BC. However, it did change a bit as the Milesians settled there and displaced the older Tuatha de Dannan and the Fir Bolg."

Besa smiles, "Talk to Theodore then." Look at Besa , pupeterring all his friends to do the things that will make them happy. He's an evil genius! He nods to the history talk, but doesn't give any indication on if that seems right for the time Coptic was spoken. He doesn't hide his curse, but eh doesn't always flaunt it either. "I think the dance club will be fun. Theodore went and spoke to the dance studio and everything."

"Theodore has actually seen me practicing." Ronan says grinning broadly at Besa. He doesn't mention it was shirtless but that might embarrass Theodore a little bit,"He was going to practice the other day but I got the feeling there was… events conspiring against him doing so." He says casually,"I've done some dancin' with me violin. That's significantly harder since it's really hard ta play and dance at the same time."

Besa's head tilts, "Events?" He doesn't understand, but he won't pouch for an explanation if Ronan doesn't want to tell. Dancing with the instrument? Another memory sparks and Besa takes a deep breath, "I…I would think that would be easier with a group." And a fire pit.

Slowly walking back into the dining hall, Ashton does not look like his nap has improved his state too much. He walks slowly over to the table where Besa and Ronan are still talking. He just plops down into one of the chairs, instead of sitting down as he normally would. His hair is even more disheveled that it was before, and if it possible, he looks to be even paler than normal. "Hey.. I figured you would have already been gone.. " He then pauses, "I'm not interrupting am I? I can go sit at one of the other tables.. most are kind of empty."

"You're not. Are ye sure you're ok?" Ronan asks as his friend returns and looks so very pale. It was worse than the valentine's day incident. He was worried about him because he really didn't look at all good. He does glance back to Besa,"Sometimes. Sometimes not so much. When I do it around people, I risk maiming them pretty bad." He says with a weak smile.

Besa raises an eyebrow worriedly, "Ashton. Please let me heal you. I can heal injury or sickness." Dark eyes flicker to Ronan and his joke, but then he's watching Ashton again. He scoots his chair a little closer to the pale teen, "Your color is troublesome. Please?"

Ashton looks at the two, "I'm fine… It's probably because I forgot to pack my meds when I came here… It was one of the reasons for the care package from Grandmother. Well, that and Sauret." He looks at Besa, sighing softly, "But if it would make you feel better…" He reaches and pushes up his left sleeve, where there is a rolled bandage about three inches below the wrist. There is some red seeping through. He frowns, "Normally it would have healed all on its own by now… it really wasn't that big of a cut." He starts to unroll, and sure enough, it is nothing compared to the cutting from Valentines day. It is only a small inch long cut.

Into the dining area comes Loukanos with a slightly preoccupied look on his face. He is something of a rarity in this hall, so whatever has him here must be important. Fingering a clear crystal pendant around his neck, the young man approaches the table where Ashton, Ronan, and Besa have gathered without getting his food. "Besa," He smiles. "I think I may know a way to find your priests." He seats himself near Ashton and gives the dark-haired boy a worried look, "You alright?" Ronan gets a finger waggle, too!

"Good." Ronan says matter-of-factly when Ashton agrees to let Besa heal him. Louk gets a wave in response and a gesture towards one of the seats at the table for him. His lips curl into a small smile for a moment, "Are you sure you want to find them?" He doesn't remember Besa saying nice things about these Priests. More like they were not very good human beings and deserved to be wiped off the planet.

Something changes about the small teens demeanor. He straightens some in an almost take charge kind posture. This is what he does, he doesn't have to think about any of his other troubles, just healing. His own sleeve, on his left arm, is rolled up and there's a series of small scars on his forearm. Some newer than others. Louk coming in doesn't distract him, but he nods, "That is good news, Loukanos. We will speak of it in a moment, yes?" A quick nod to Ronan, of course he wants to find them, he can't kill them if he can't find them.

From out of his pocket comes a small irony knife, anyone that has an eye for such things can tell it's very, very old. "This will not hurt you at all, Ashton. It will feel warm, but not hurt." He briefly wonders if his healing would hurt Ronan, but that's for later meditation. Quickly before Ashton or anyone can say anything, he cuts his arm. Seems like it's more blood magic happening, look out Koga! It's not a very big cut, maybe an inch and a half, but he does bleed. Besa knows what he's doing , creepily enough. He then takes Ashton's arm and presses his wound into Besa's. Indeed, a warmth spreads from Besa's blood into Ashton's body. Any and all injuries or aches dissipate as Besa chants a few healing words in Coptic.

Blood letting is nothing strange for Ashton. After all, Besa is healing a wound about the same size as the one that he made on himself. As the magic courses through his body, the cut closes and his color changes back to normal. All except his eyes, which momentarily turn from blue to color of green jade. When that happens for just a moment the ambient temperature around the table raises. The kind eyes of the dark haired boy turns almost predatorily. He clinches his jaw tight and his hands curl into fists. Then the moment passes, and his eyes return to azure blue and he looks more like himself. Ashton blinks a few times, and he wobbles like he had just lost his balance. "What was that?"

Loukanos tilts his head as the healing commences. He did not expect to walk into this, "To exchange one cut for another," He looks both curious and mildly amused. "It almost seems like a waste." As his own magic is generally fueled by an abundant source, the Olympian stares at the sacrificial healing with what could be described as morbid fascination. He snaps out of it when Ashton starts doing the thing again. A gentle hand is placed over the boy's clenched fist, and he looks over with concern in his sapphire gaze. "Besa just healed you."

As Ashton begins radiating heat, Ronan almost instinctively begins radiating an intense cold. Mostly just in order to counter the heat rather than drop it down. "Feel better?" He asks curiously. He's trying very hard not to think about how Besa is doing the healing. It makes him a little bit uncomfortable all this bloodletting. Why does everyone want to cut themselves so much. "Well in fairness, Ashton was also seeming to suffer what looked a bit like sepsis." He points out noting the dark haired boy's paleness and seeming listlessness and such.

Besa's gaze was on their wounds, but he sees the fist clench. When the healing is over he pulls his arm back, his still bleeding, but Ashton's healed (Although he's got Besa's blood on his arm now). Immediately Besa grabs a napkin and presses it into his own cut, A worried tone to his voice, "Are you alright? It did not hurt, did it?" He's never had anyone tense up like that before! He shivers, not having expected the two very different temperature changes to happen. The napkin is presses harder , using his side and Besa starts to dig into his pocket for the bangles he always carries with him. He's learning!

Ashton blinks a few times and then he looks down at the blood on his arm. He swallows a few times, then immediately grabs the bandages that had been on his own arm and starts to violently rub it off of him. There is an almost panic look on his face for a second. Hearing Besa's words, he shakes his head, "No.. it didn't hurt… it didn't feel right.. no.. that's not it… it didn't feel wrong, I did… " He looks at Ronan, then at the bandage, "Please get that away from me…." He shakes his head, "No.. Ummm.. Yeah, I feel fine now.." It is like he is trying to make sense to something that just doesn't make sense. His breathing is still a little quick, but slows a bit as he leans against Loukanos. He looks over at Besa, "The letting doesn't heal on you does it?"

Loukanos listens to Ronan's words and his eyes widen a touch. That could have been potentially lethal. He eyes Ashton with seriousness, frowning softly. The shifts in the temperature do not seem to affect at all, but they're noted. "You're clearly not fine,' He says. "Take a deep breath." He squeezes the hand slightly. "What just happened?" He glances over at Besa and a faint golden light glows on the palm of his free hand, "Will you be fine, Besa?" He can heal, too! And his magic is not terrifying to look at.

"I am sure he'll be fine in a moment." Ronan says smiling at Louk. He could see that Ash was healed and he was worried about that brief flash of anger he saw. His blue eyes go to Louk though as he stops radiating cold. While it would appear no one here was being affected, he did wonder how bad it would be for the room if he kept it up. The cold did leave a little frost on his chair that was beginning to dissipate. Not much he can do here. Unlike others, he cannot heal so he'll just sort of watch for the moment.

Besa winces then, seeing and hearing the panic in Ashton. He actually pulls away, not understanding. "I..I did not mean…" Looking at the other two boys, "It should not have upset him…" His brow is furrowed, but he answers with a shake of his head, "If it is healed, it is not a sacrifice." Which isn't actually an answer. Louk gets a head shake, "I think he may need it more than-"

And then suddenly Miss AnnaLee, the school cook, is standing in front of their table, "Besa Ini-Herit! What did I tell you about healing in my Dining Hall! That's just not sanitary!" The woman crosses her arms, very annoyed at the Guardian, "You march yourself back into my kitchen so I can wrap that arm and give you another good talkin' too, mister!" Besa shrinks, looking to the other boys before he drops his head and does what he's told. Miss Annalee shakes her head, looking at the boys before smiling, "I'm gald you're feeling better, Ashton. Get yourself some dessert before you all leave." And then she's frowning and following Besa through the door to the kitchen.

Ashton wraps his arms around himself. He sighs, "I'm sorry… I just don't know what happened… It felt almost like I did the other night on the beach but not angry just something else… " He looks up at Louk, "I have never …. the only times was when I was angry… " He is shaking just a touch. "I'm sorry…" He looks around. "Where's Besa? Did I do something?" There is a tint of fear in his eyes at the thought.

"It's ok Ashton, Besa just got in a bit of trouble for making a mess here. He's been taken to have his wound wrapped and a scolding about cutting himself again." Ronan says shrugging a little bit about the whole manner. "Are you sure you ok?" He asks curiously. He's still concerned for the other boy. He doubts that Louk and Besa wouldn't have made sure he was utterly healed of any and all things. "Want me to get mine and I can play a bit and see if it soothes things over?"

"The storm has passed, I think," Loukanos smiles reassuringly. "It's strange that you lost control. Maybe fear?" He is quite confused as well, and his fingers touch the crystal pendant on his neck again. Maybe Besa is not the only one who needs some divining. "Besa will be fine." He nods over at Ronan and sets a hand on Ashton's shoulder. "That sounds like an excellent idea."

Ashton's hand moves up to lay over Loukanos's. He just nods to Ronan. He looks down at his feet under the table. "I don't think I was scared. I mean it felt good.. then really good.. then I wasn't feel tired or sick anymore, and then all of a sudden something just snapped inside me.. and I felt.. I don't know powerful?" He says it more like he's asking more than saying. "And after that… I don't know… I felt like I was drowning and I had to struggle to hold on… "

"You looked more angry than scared." Ronan says as he stands up and flashing the lot of them a smile as he gets up and heads to get his violin from his room. He was moving in a very relaxed manner as he began walking away. He decided to take his time to give Louk time to properly sooth Ashton. He wasn't blind nor dim in his wits. He hummed softly to himself as he went.

Loukanos frowns thoughtfully. Ashton's description is…distressing, to say the least. He doesn't want to worry the boy, though, so he laces his fingers with Ashton's and says, "I can't imagine how it must feel to lose control. I'm sorry I don't know how to help you," He sighs. "I will use the information you have given and do some research, okay? There must be someone who has experienced something similar to this before…"

Ashton closes his eyes for a second, as he whispers directly to Loukanos's mind. // That wasn't the only thing.. afterwards… I.. I wanted to lick his blood off of my arm… I.. I almost craved it.. That scared me more than anything else //. He squeezes Louk's hand. "I think that there is something wrong with me… I don't think that I can handle the magic that I've tapped into."

"You didn't," And that counts for something, at least with Loukanos. He won't pretend to know what's going on with Ashton…and that new information is absolutely bizarre. He lifts Ashton's hand and brushes his lips against the boy's knuckles. "You needn't walk this path alone."

Ashton smiles tenderly as Loukanos kisses his fingers. He sighs and frowns slightly, "Maybe I should see if there is some way to strip me of my connection to the magic energies.. and just be the normal teenager that no one ever notices…" While that might help the situation, it would be stripping part of who Ashton is.

Returning a bit later his violin case in hand, Ronan seems rather relaxed as he settles into the chair. He doesn't seem to upset about any of this. His eyes flicker a little bit as he returns, "So are you boys sorted?"

"It won't come to that, I don't think. The power runs in your blood, you can't just rid yourself of it," Loukanos says as Ronan returns. "Hey," He glances over at Ashton. He seems to have cooled off some, but the godling lets him answer. "So what about that song?"

Ashton smiles, "Yes, please. I would very much like to here you play." He has calmed down quite a bit. His eyes are a tempest of emotions and thoughts. While he is talking with Loukanos when Ronan returns, the majority of his thoughts and attention are elsewhere.

"Would you like a jig, a reel or something a bit more soulful?" Ronan asks curiously, seeming to be completely relaxed as he opens his violin case to begin applying the rosin to the bow. His blue eyes watch Ashton and Loukanos rather carefully.

Loukanos worriedly side eyes Ashton a few times. When the question of what type of music is brought up, Louk shrugs and says, "I'll let Ashton decide." Since the music is meant to soothe him.

Ashton smiles weakly. He shakes his head just slightly as if to push away the thoughts in his head. He smiles a bit more brightly and sits back. "Play a piece that you love… one that you are willing to share."

Taking a deep breath in, Ronan closes his eyes and begins to play. It isn't long before he's lose in the soft sweet melancholy tune that he plays. His fingers arches and a look of utter peace on his face as he plays. The bow moves with practiced ease over the strings. While his grip upon the bow might not be a traditional grip, it is something that is definitely practiced and gives him just a little more control over the movements. There's no screeching of the instrument, just the soft melancholy of a violin in the hands of someone used to it. The light amber of the box contrasts with his pale skin.

Loukanos smiles pleasantly when the tune begins, glancing at Ashton once or twice to see if he enjoys it too. It's evident that the godling is fond of it. Of course, he allows the Irish boy to finish before he says anything, but live performances can't be a common occurance in the Dining Hall. As such, there's likely more than a few rapt listeners.

The music begins to play. For the first part of it, Ashton is listening intently. It is that of a fellow musician listening. There is no look of judgement, only a subconscious studying of the technique, but he would expect that Ronan had done the same. It does not take long though, that there is almost a physical change in the dark haired boy. The tension slowly fades from his muscles, as he relaxes back in the chair and his shoulders relax and fall a bit. He closes his eyes and reacts to the music, as if was a cool breeze on a hot summer day and he can feel it dancing across his skin, through his hair, and all around him.

It's a few minutes or so before Ronan's playing comes to an end. As he does, he lets the bow rest for a moment before he removes the bow from the strings, "Did that help at all? Sometimes a sad song can be a good thing for blustering a mood." He says casually as takes his violin away from chin, "I am not on your level Ashton, but I hope it was good." He says casually.

"That was lovely, Ronan," Loukanos claps a little. "And it looks like it worked." Ashton seems to have completely relaxed. The godling stands and presses a kiss to his cheek. "I've got to go finish up some scrying." He tugs idly on the crystal around his neck. To Ronan, he smiles, "Thank you for that." For the music or for helping Ashton? It's unclear. With his gratitude given, he departs.

The edges of Ashton's eyes are rimmed with unfallen tears. He reaches up and rubs them "dry". "That was beautiful, Ronan… and yes, it helped more than you know… I feel like myself again… " His expression changes to a serious one. "Don't do that… You play beautifully… Yeah I may be a little bit better, but part of that is from the fact that Sauret is two hundred years old and the wood is seasoned. Besides music is the only thing that I am actually good at." He looks up at Loukanos, "Will I see you later?" He sighs, "That was too clingy.. I'm sorry.. and I'm sorry that I caused so much drama… " He offers a smile, that holds more than just a friendly smile to it. "I'll talk to you later, Louk."

"I'm glad that ye both enjoyed it." Ronan says grinning, "There's a legend about this little lady that she was made from wood that was struck by lightning and from it she was fashioned. That it took a long while for them ta make it. No idea how old she truly is. Me grandda is not exactly known for telling things as they truly are without adding a little bit of spice for those that will listen to him." He says before laughing merrily.

Ashton watches Loukanos go. He obviously has something weighing on his mind. He then looks over at Ronan. "I think I may try to take another nap… maybe now that I'm feeling better, I'll be able to go to sleep." Before he ever stands, "Well, stories grow and evolve. That's what make them last through time. Regardless, she's a fine lady and she sings very, very well."

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