(2018-02-19) Gabrielle's Return
Gabrielle's Return
Summary: Gabrielle comes back to Coral Springs after long stay on an alternate, otherdimensional Earth.
Date: 2018-02-19
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Scene Runner: Gabrielle

Docks, Shady Cove, approximately 7:30 p.m.
Dark soft sand fills the beachhead of the cove, sporadically there are small motor boats pulled up on the shore. There is a public dock here that extends no more than 50 yards out over the small cove, allowing small ferries to pick up passengers and tourists to go out to the Isles of Shoals. With the tides a large harbor bell rings on the waves, heard around the town similar to church bells in some small towns. The scent of sea and the cry of gulls gives serenity to docks and beach.

Its a cold, windy winter night. The docks are as dark as the docks get, the air full of the sound of water lapping at the shore and slapping against pilings of the empty dock, and not much else since the weather is keeping most people indoors. Then, between one second and another, the clatter of suitcase wheels on wooden planks joins the other sounds of the night as a dark haired girl, bundled up in an ankle length puffy parka appears out of nowhere at the end of the dock with the previously mentioned suitcase, which is almost as big as she is. Chin tucked into her chest she walks towards towards the shore, eyes scanning the night through her lashes.

Overhead, bundled up against the latest meteorological blunder this ridiculous little planet has made, Taka is engaged in a little flying. Why? Because he's Taka, don't ask silly questions. Birdman flies because birdman *can*. Who needs more reason than that?
The chill, still air carries many sounds up to him: the water against the shore and the docks, the little activity in town, the rattle of plastic wheels on wooden slats… hey, wait a minute.
Attracted by the noise, he slowly spirals downwards; he sees someone lugging a large suitcase, but their parka prevents further identification.
So he drops even further down. Curiosity only kills cats, after all. Birds should be perfectly safe.

It was more or less Koga getting out of the same school area for a few, or otherwise going to get some thoughts in order. He had snuck out no less. It wasn't /that/ hard for him, just incredibly inconvient. So, here he was outside near the docks sitting on some steps as he watched the people wandering around.
Looking over, he blinks as he sees… a large suitcase, parka, and stuff? He was only lightly bundled, but seeing the large suitcase his first instinct is to scan with his mystic senses as well just in case. He was more or less looking for something since he began wandering the town itself completely unarmed from the looks.
The sight of someone dressed up extensively in a parka just sends some warning bells in his case, the large suitcase doesn't make it any better at all. He moves to stand and wander seemingly aimlessly towards the bundled up lady.

Theo just happened to see Koga sneaking out! Originally he'd just sent one of his spiders, but he found that after a certain distance away from Theo, the spider refused to advance. So Theo had no choice but to bundle up and sneak out too. He knows he's going to get in trouble for that, but… well, he's still not sure if Koga's gotten over the whole thing with Ashton — which Theo still hasn't explained to Ashton, and REALLY NEEDS TO — and he's concerned. So bundled-up Theo follows Koga! Theo is… very bad at stealth, Koga can probably hear him a mile away. Fortunately Theo's about as dangerous as a newborn chihuahua; he's definitely not ninja material! He blinks at seeing someone here, and heads in that direction.

The young woman tucks her chin down a little more and hunches her shoulders up defensively as she sees two strange young men headed her way. She quickly alters her path to pass by their side, as far away as the width of the dock will allow. As she passes under one of the lamps infrequently lining the edges of the dock, it becomes clear her hair is a dark blue, not the black it seems to be in the shadows of the night. And once she's closer it not hard to see what seem to be a pair of wooden sword handles sticking up out of the collar of her parka, half hidden by her hair.

Taka barely notices the boys below; he's trying to figure out the stranger.
Now, the thing about eyes like a hawk? Taka has that. Literally. So he doesn't need to get too close, he just needs a good angle on the face to see if it's anyone her…
"/c'Rhys'yw/!!" He's not at all stealthy about it, and anyone who's spent any time at the school knows there's only one person who's preferred exclamation is that.
He dives down sharply, executes a very nice, tight circle around the stranger, then drops into a hover one meter up and three meters ahead of her. "/Gabi'takh/?" he shakes his head clear and tries that again, in English. "Gabi? Is that really you?"

Koga's eyebrows raise at the blue hair, then he notices… yep. That's sword handles. He's a swordsman. It's hard to not recognize something he intimately knows off hand. Koga's hands are out of his pocket where they are visible. Non-threatening completely, and he probably looks more like a lost young man rather than anything even remotely harmful. At least to most people.
"Excuse me, miss?" He waits to see if he has her attention. "The sword handles are sticking out of your hair. You might try the waist or the edges of the coat instead."

Theo blinks at all the sudden activity. He stays back for the time being, but he's definitely there, and definitely watching. He doesn't know the person, but from the looks of it, Taka does. Though he's trying to get a better idea of what's going on. That in mind, he sends three of his spiders ahead, where people are talking. Gabrielle won't be able to see them, but the others will. They're just sort of skittering across the dock, trying to get nearer to the action.

It's late.. well, by Fionnuala's standards anyway. Sometimes one just needs to get away and literally stretch their wings for awhile to clear the ol' noggin. Heaven knows there's been much on Fee's mind lately, but there's something to be said about casting oneself from a window, and taking flight over the estate and nearby town with all of the unsuspecting people to be found below.
While flight as a girl is a bit more conspicuous, taking to the skies in her alternate form — a common crow — is far easier. Hence, as there appears to be a gathering forming at the end of the docks with a broody nighttime sea whispering in the distance… a crow circles overhead. Strange enough, there aren't other crows close by… Just the one, fluttering along only to perch deftly upon one of the weathered wooden posts flanking said dock. Keen eyesight may discern this little crow to have not the ink-drop eyes of naturally-occurring birds.. but two topaz dots in it's sleek head, shiny like jewels. The bird caws… almost cheerfully. Huh.

Well, its clearly been a while since Taka seems to have forgotten just quite how skittish Gabrielle can be. The blue-haired girl lets out a startled "EEP!" as Taka dive bombs her and then there's a bright flash of light and a *POP*. Gabrielle's suitcase balances at a diagonal for a second or two then thumps to the ground while its owner peers at everyone from the top of the lamp post she just walked under, crouching on it in a classic Spidey pose. After a beat she smiles hesitantly at Taka and nods, "Yes. Its me. Hi, Taka."

Uhm… oops? Taka flits up to the top of the light post and holds both hands out to offer her safe passage back to the ground. "Sorry. Didn't mean to startle you like that. I was just so surprised to see you… how have you been? *Where* have you been?"

Koga just steps back into a more defensive stance when bird person comes down. He's not been at the school more than a week, and this is his first encounter with these two. He was just going to give some helpful advice on hiding swords in plain sight. And then the pop and flash of light. Koga rubs his eyes.
Switching to Japanese to grumble a bit, quite a few choice swear words that probably just expanded Theodore's vocabulary a bit. He pauses as he looks away to see… a crow? Okay, that's weird… Koga huhs before he looks to Theo's spiders. "I think they're safe. Don't suppose you have any idea who the bird guy is, do you?"

Theo turns at the caw. A bird? Out this late? He tilts his head and regards the bird, while three of his spiders keep an eye on the scene with the apparent swordswoman. The one spider that those who'd know him would know as 'Happylegs' is perched upon Theo's head, tilting its tiny head at the crow. Suddenly there's a loud *POP*, and Theo looks back to the scene. By the time he looks, the person is gone, leaving the luggage to fall over.
It's Happylegs, perched atop Theo's head, who spots her before he does. The rest of the spiders turn to look up at the lamp post. He blinks. He waves at the woman on the lamp post. "Greetings there," offers. "It's all right to come down… I don't think anyone will harm you." He has a formal sound to his words, one that's uncharacteristic of a teenager.
Though when Koga grumbles in Japanese he grins. He's heard most of those before. Though not all of them! But he does nod to the question. "The bird-man is Taka." He actually pronounces the emphasis on the last syllable, almost like the Japanese name. "He's mostly harmless, I think." He's only met Taka a few times, but he seemed relatively so.

At the brilliant flash the bird shrills comically, feathers ruffling. Fee may be used to casting her own glorious light, but when stricken abruptly — especially with how sensitive her eyes are — by a flash such as this? Yeah, it ain't feeling too good. The little bird drops from the post, landing unceremoniously. There is a winking light following the bird's body, culminating in a softer glow as the bird is taken entirely into the flash of light. It almost looks like… sunlight?
There is now a slight girl replacing the bird, clad in a puffy bomber-style cherry red jacket and fitted black denims. Black wings arch behind her like a dark halo and her hair is long and loose, sluicing around god awful ugly bubblegum pink fluffy earmuffs. It seems the magic that Fionnuala uses to shift protects her clothing.
She smiles openly up at the blue-haired girl perched as she is, "Serves me right for eavesdropping."

Gabrielle takes Taka's hands, allowing him to help her back down to the ground. While in the past she would have hidden behind Taka with three strangers this close by, she now just stands slightly behind him and to his left, in clear view of the other two boys and the red-clad girl. Chin still held tucked into her chest she watches the three non-Takas through her lashes, while quietly answering Taka, "Deserted Earth in a different dimension for about 8 months. Then home for a few weeks after I 'ported back to a flooded school. Glad you're here, I don't really know how to get to the new place." She slowly reaches out for her suitcase then snatches it back as soon as she has a hold of one of the wheels, moving it surprisingly easy considering the size of the case when compared to the size of the owner.

"Of course, I'll be glad to show you," Taka says. "It's so much better than being cooped up in that inside-out aquarium. And… well, Theo here is one of the new students," he says, pointing to the Master of Spiders. "I assume the boy with him is; I've seen him around but we haven't met, and—"
And that's where he grinds to a halt, staring open eyed and open mouthed at the winged girl. "/c'Rhys'yw/!!"

Koga turns to look at Fionnuala. "You alright?" He moves over to offer a hand to help her up if she was on the ground after the flash of light.
Looking around afterwards, Koga hums. "So we're all students?"

Theo looks away from the crow at the flash. When he looks, it's… someone he knows! "Oh! Hello, Fionnuala," he greets. He generally doesn't call her 'Fee', either to her face or merely in reference. "Come to join the party?" A party which he's viewing from a short distance back, to note. Gabrielle explains, and Theo nods. "Ah, yes. That would be difficult, if you hadn't heard. I believe the school is no longer safe for habitation. I joined the school after the… situation." Yes. It was a 'situation'.
He bows as Taka introduces him. "Pleasure to meet you. My name is Theodore, though please call me Theo, if you'd like." Super-polite! He blinks, looking between Taka and Fionnuala as the former seems so surprised at her appearance. He's not really aware of anything that should shock Taka. Just the opposite in fact; since they're both winged, wouldn't that mean they'd have more in common?
And then he looks at Koga, with a smile. "It seems so," he replies. "That's convenient. We can walk back together." Pause, a look at Taka, and then at Fionnuala. "Or fly, as preferred," he teases. His spiders start coming back to him, climbing up him to rest upon his shoulders. Aside from Happylegs of course, who remains upon his head.

The little shifter went on with contentedly observing the proceedings, looking rather touched by an evident reunion — Taka and Gabby. She's happy to observe this but then—oh! Chivialry isn't dead! Fee's brilliant gaze, infused with sunlight and therefore brightened to that of a topaz-gold coloration, flit up at Koga as he actually offers to help her up! Awww~! Fee grins in her silly sweet way and accepts the help.. nevermind she can do it herself, but it's kinda nice to be shown this courtesy! She perks at both Taka's exclamation in that foreign language and Theo's greeting. "Hi! Sorry to just… drop in." Oh, she's so punny.
Another kind smile to Gabby, "Former student? Can I help at all?"

Gabrielle is about to say something else when Taka catches sight of Fionnuala. Guessing at what's coming next she mutter,"She's not from your home, Taka." low enough that, baring the use of powers, only Taka should be able to hear her. Then she turns back to the group. Her elbow stays stuck to her side as she raises her hand and waves it from side to side at the wrist. In a small, high-pitched, child-like voice she addresses the trio, "Hiiii. I'm Gabby." After a moment or two of silence she adds, "I should have been a senior this year but I was gone for a long time so I'm starting my Junior year in Fall."

Taka sighs, he can see that now for himself. "They never are," he quietly says back, and steps forward to introduce himself to the new students, first Koga, then Fee. He regards her with… well, it's hard to say. He still looks a little shocked, almost as if she specifically is someone he didn't expect to see.
Then, with an effort, back to Gabby. "I'll walk back with you," he says. "It will give us a chance to get you caught up on everything that's changed."
He glances back towards Fee. "You're not related to Carmichael, are you?"

Koga smiles, then gives a bow towards Fionnuala. "It is not a problem." He looks to Taka and Gabrielle. "My apologies. I did not realize you two were of the school as well. My name is Koga Yamamoto. I just started last week."
He looks to Fionnuala. "Is your shapeshifting mystical or something else? I remember hearing of shapeshifters at one time, but I have not encountered one before."
Koga's eyes and expression are showing obvious curiosity more than anything else.

Theo chuckles a bit at Fionnuala's pun. "Is everything all right?" he inquires. She DID fall. He was kind of rude for not helping her, maybe. So he smiles at Koga when he helps her up. Indeed, he misses Gabby's words to Taka, and instead turns his attention to her introduction. "I'm very pleased to meet you," Theo replies. "The estate may be a bit cramped, but it should suffice for now. I'm told it's temporary."
Koga seems to be helping Fionnuala, so he does leave them to their own devices. Besides, Fee is a very pretty girl, and there's no way Theo's going to interrupt her when she's talking with an attractive young man~. Sometimes the wingman doesn't have wings at all. Maybe THAT'S why he didn't move to help Fionnuala, because he knew Koga would?!

"Hi, Gabby! Welcome.. back?" The dark-haired girl chimes out, after a few moments of silence as she sets herself to rights. Fionnuala sure handles falling from posts quite well, but then Koga was there to help her, too~
She looks to the younger boy, pushing her hair back over a shoulder, wings quivering. A quick glance back to Taka, who is giving her an odd look indeed.. but Fee is pretty easygoing. His question holds her interest, "No, not related. He's a good pal though." She smiles sunnily, having recovered quite well for having literally fallen into the circumstance! She takes a moment to admire Taka's wings, quite obviously to boot. Her own twitch and spread just a little bit more, in response.
Then Koga asks of her a question and Fee tilts her head, as if accustomed to this question. Perhaps it's been asked of her time and time again, by student and teacher alike. "It is, else I'd be in a very awkward situation indeed." She gestures to her perfectly intact clothes. "Magic helps keep this intact… it's really quite easy to do. I don't think we've met before," She smiles to Koga, and then to Gabby. "My name is Fionnuala."
A smile then, finally, to Theo. He looks a lot happier compared to when she saw him last. "Everything been OK, Theo?" Doesn't hurt to ask, though.

OK, so for people that know her Gabby's shyness might actually seem to have improved slightly. But only just. The short little exchange seems to have tired her social skills out, which becomes apparent when she barely mumbles, "Nice to meet you all." She then tugs on Taka's sleeve with one hand as she starts walking towards the shore again, her over-sized suitcase in the non-tugging hand starting to clatter over the boards of the dock once more.

Taka nods once at Fee and, responding to the tug on his sleeve, falls in alongside Gabby, unaware he's being used as a human(oid) shield — the contact wasn't close enough for a mental link, and besides, he's gotten better about not poking his mind into other people's.
"I think you'll like the new place," he says chattily. "Of course, you remember how I was about being under water, so it could be in a barn and I'd probably like it better…"

Koga gives a smile at Fionnuala. "Oh? Hm. That does tend to happen with mystic transformations. I have one, too, it just isn't…" He looks lost for a second. "… as subtle as yours?" Looking over at Taka and Gabrielle, Koga huhs. "Um…"
He looks considerate, "Hey, Gabrielle? Those sword handles are showing out of your back. It might draw some attention on the way to school."
Looking back to Fionnuala, Koga hums. "I was also told don't use it unless I absolutely have to. Something about it being fairly… violent?" He rubs the back of his head, obviously a bit embarrassed about it.

Theo nods to Fionnuala's question. "Things have been reasonably well," he agrees. "I've made some new friends of a few of the new students, so I'm pleased about that. I'm also pleased I can speak with Koga in a way he finds easier." He offers a smile in Koga's direction. it's a friendly one, nothing untoward — Theo's just glad he now has someone he can practice his Japanese with! He wants to be able to speak with his stepfather like a native speaker!
He blinks at Koga's mention of violence, though. He's understanding a bit better now, Koga talking about shapeshifting and being violent here, and then the talk of his demon-hunting ancestry back then. Things are starting to make sense! …Well, in an anime sort of way, anyway. Actually that's probably not how it works, so Theo isn't going to ask. Even if he does, he's not going to ask HERE.

Cheerful Fee may be, she's not about to push her presence on the girl's shy nature. She's not dumb: she can tell when someone is feeling overwhelmed. So as Taka falls in step to buffer things a bit for the returning student, Fee will follow along 'just behind' though… despite herself, will call out: "Can I carry something for you? Give your arm a rest? I attend the school too, and can be trusted." A cheeky grin, then, but an earnest one. That suitcase looks heavy and the shifter girl sure wants to be helpful!
Theodore speaks next and the dark-haired girl turns to watch him as she awaits the chance, if needed, to be useful. "Well I'm glad. There really has been quite the flow of new students into the school.. which is great for morale after everything that has happened. But I'm glad to hear it." She looks between Theo and Koga as the former notes the latter, and it is Koga' embarrassment that sets Fee's kindness upon the boy whose alternate form worries him some. "Aw, it's OK.. it can be as violent as one can imagine, but the thing is, you're here to learn how to.. control it, am I right? To learn? That in itself makes it an amazing, wonderful thing… it helps to take care thought. But I sure am glad that you're with us too, Koga."
She is so friendly! And thing is: not one iota of fakeness to be found.

Gabby actually manages to smile and give Fee a small head shake in response to her offer to help. At the same time she lets go of Taka's sleeve and uses that hand to pop the collar of her parka up, using it and her hair to hide the sword hilts from the sight of casual observers. During the walk up to the school the blue-haired girl relaxes a little bit more, answering questions put directly to her but never really becoming what anyone would call chatty.

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