(2018-02-19) Dance Dance Revelation
Dance Dance Revelation
Summary: No real revelations, but Grayson and Theo talk a bit about skills and powers. Grayson is still grumpy though.
Date: IC Date (2018-02-19)
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Wine Cellar Winbarry Estate
Tue Feb 20, 2018 — Tue Feb 20 17:40:26 2018

Oakpaneling and shelves fill this room, no wine sits on the shelves though, it is now being used for food storage. Currently there isn't much on the shelves, just canned foods and other non-perishiables. Set aside on a different shelf is a large amount of various ramen.

Grayson -
Theodore - Blond kid with amber eyes and a regal appearance
Exits: [O] Basement

Grayson is sitting down in the wine cellar. He's claimed it as his little space in the mansion. His guitar is leaning against a shelving unit, and he's on the floor in the corner. His knees are bent a bit, and he's writing in a journal. There's a green apple on the shelf beside him, a few bites taken already.

<FS3> Theodore rolls Dance: Good Success.

Perhaps that's why Theo doesn't see Grayson, tucked away into a corner of the wine cellar as he is. He heads down into the basement and looks around, as if making certain no one else was around. The basement's pretty big, even with it looking like it's half-renovated. Enough room to spread one's arms, in fact… enough room to dance!

Theo's dressed for movement, too — loose t-shirt, black leggings, and soft-soled sneakers. Which is why he's so quiet! And there's a thick red armband around his right wrist, and a bright green anklet of his left ankle. There's a laptop under one arm, which he sets up on the foosball table. No one else appears to be using it, so it'll work for a stand.

The first thing that might clue Grayson in to the fact that there's someone near his space? The sound of music being played through slighty tinny-sounding speakers. And if he happens to look out into the basement, Theo's there, in loose, comfortable clothes, doing a good job of duplicating the routine that's playing on that laptop.

He's really good. Must have been practicing that a while. But he doesn't seem to see Grayson initially. Probably concentrating on the video too much.

Grayson rises, closing his journal, and he slowly walks over to the door to look out into the basement proper. He lifts one arm over his head, leaning that forearm against the door jam. He smiles. This is classic. He watches the boy dance for probably way longer than he should, and certainly longer than is respectful. Finally, he announces he's watching not by saying something, but rather, by taking a super loud, CRUNCH bite of his apple, and then chewing it as he watches.

The loud crunch startles Theo, and he emits… a squeak. He freezes in place and turns to look, with a 'deer in headlights' look. Blink. Blinkblink. And he also… goes a little red in the face. "Oh, I… I apologize, I didn't know anyone else was down here…" Especially not Grayson! He quickly jogs over to the laptop and stops the music, then closes it. "I apologize," he says again, then explains, "I got complaints about the noise when I practice in the attic, so I thought perhaps the basement would be better."

Grayson smiles, and then he takes another bite. He chews it. Slowly. Staring. Chew. Chew. Chew. It's a long, awkward silence of just crunchy chewing and staring. Finally, he swallows. A little flatly, he says, "Nice tights." He grins. "What the hell WAS that?"

Theo raises a hand to rub at the back of his neck, almost sheepishly, as Grayson stares. The mention of the tights gets a shrug. "I need comfortable clothes when I practice," he explains. "I've ripped seams while dancing before. It's incredibly uncomfortable, and more than a little embarrassing." Then he blinks. "What was what?" he inquires. "The song? That was George Barnett's cover of Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky'. I found someone dancing to it on YouTube and liked it, so I thought I'd try to learn it."

Grayson lifts his brow a little. "No. I meant, what was THAT? But, apparently, it was…" And he makes air quotes with his fingers, "…dancing." He laughs a little. "So, when you perfect this routine, are you doing it for everyone at prom?"

Theo pouts a little. Yes, pouts. That's uncharacteristic. "No, I was going to make a video and upload it. One generally doesn't get good at something unless one is bad at it first. I can look back over my old videos, see where I could improve, and work on those areas."

Grayson nods, "Right right. The first step to not sucking at something is to suck at that something. Sure." He folds his arms over his chest, still leaning against the doorway. He just stares then. More silence. He's waiting on Theo.

"It's true," Theo asserts. Then he blinks when Grayson stares at him again. "What?" he asks. Suddenly he gets an idea. It's a REALLY BAD idea, but for some reason, he decides to say it anyway. "Did you want me to dance for you or something?" It's a teasing, wry tone." Do not poke the grumpy one, Theo!

Grayson tilts his head just a little. He stares another moment, and then just turns his back on Theo and walks back into the wine cellar. He's in there about half a minute, just long enough maybe for Theo to start to wonder, and then he emerges with his guitar around his neck. He leans his shoulder against that door jam once more, and then he starts playing. It's a mid tempo song, just enough for a dance move to have something to hang steps on, and it's not a song Theo would recognize.

Theo does actually start to wonder. Though he's also internally smacking himself for that. After the awkwardness of the last time he spoke to Grayson, he doesn't need to be making things any MORE awkward. Maybe if he doesn't mention it, Grayson won't. Though soon Grayson exits, with his guitar. Theo blinks, and then tilts his head as Grayson starts to play a song. After a moment, he starts to nod his head to the melody. He keeps time really well, too. It's tentative at first, checking a bit of experimental footwork with the melody of the song, making sure it's going to go where he thinks it's going to before he actually starts to MAKE a dance for the song. Improv! Theo's style is… well, it's basically vogue. But he's leaning more towards swing style now, though it's still got vogue overtones. Basically 'fab swing'!

Grayson just plays. He's actually pretty good at guitar, too. And for the next few minutes, he just plays for Theodore, watching as Theodore dances. There's no urgency to the moment, and he keeps the tune pretty predictable and straightforward, letting it rise and fall where it feels like it should.

Theo will get more confident once he knows where the music is going. If he can predict the patterns, he can plan out the dance in his head. And when he gets more confident, it's almost a retro thing he's doing — swing with 'flavors' of house and tap. Not energetic enough to be too much, and the footwork is complicated but not super fast or intense. It might be better if he had louder shoes, but the dull, muffled thud of his sneakers can be heard a little. After those few minutes, he starts to laugh. It's a nervous sort of tension-breaking laugh. But he knows how touchy Grayson is. So before Grayson can think he's laughing at his music, Theo offers honestly, "You play that really well."

Grayson finishes playing and he smiles. "I'm alright. You got footwork on fleek," he says, in a weird moment of sounding like his age. He shrugs, "I don't dance."

"Thank you," Theo offers, to the compliment. The mention of not dancing gets a tilt of Theo's head. "I don't play an instrument, either. I'm a decent singer, but I'm a trainwreck trying to play instruments. I wanted to learn to play the guitar so much but my fingers never made calluses." He raises his hands, showing his fingertips are still callus-free. His hands aren't really delicate-looking, but they're clearly not meant for guitar-playing.

Grayson nods, taking the guitar off and leaning it against the wall. "Weird," he says of the calluses. "So, what're you here for? Like, what do you do?" He wiggles his fingers at him. "Your power, I mean."

"Spiders," is Theo's immediate answer. "Psychic spiders. Some of the students here can't see them." He makes no assumptions, but he has noticed that Grayson hasn't seemed to be able to see them thus far. "Remember I said I was pretty well-connected at the school? That's why. They wander around the estate and let me see what's going on."

Grayson furrows his brow a little. "So, psychic spiders crawl wherever you want. Do they DO anything? Is there a power connected? Or are you just this super amazing spy guy then? I mean, that's useful too." He grins, "I don't see them."

Theo nods. "They can spin webs." He lifts one hand, and a glowing blue-white fiber begins to wrap itself slowly around his spread fingers. It's being secured to each one, just like there's an actual spider on his hand, spinning a web across his fingers. Grayson can't see the spider, though. "And I recently found out that these threads can stitch wounds together." Pause. He lifts his webbed hand, as if he's displaying something on it. "By the way, Happy says hi."

"That's pretty weird. Cool, but weird." Grayson smirks, "Hi?" he says to Happy. He takes the last bite of his apple and then picks up his guitar. "Alright, Freshie. I have a test in the morning. I need to get some sleep." He sniffs, and then begins to make his way toward the stairs. As he passes Theo, he shoves his apple core at him and then moves along.

Theo nods. "Good luck with the test," he offers. "And sleep well—" Suddenly APPLE CORE. There's that 'oh god what' expression again, and he drops it quickly into the nearest waste receptacle. At least it's not a 'proper' hazing. That might get messy.

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