(2018-02-18) Say It With Chocolate
Say It With Chocolate
Summary: Just be careful of translation errors…
Date: 2018-02-18
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It is, if anyone happens to be looking, the smallest of black specks against the sky. One would be forgiven for not noticing it, or dismissing it as an albatross or other large sea bird.
Slowly, the speck comes closer, and as it does so, it becomes more and more obvious that this is no bird.
Taká has been enjoying the less chilly weather of the late winter, and spending almost all his free time in the sky… but of course, he can't stay up there, so eventually even he has to spiral downwards. Ultimately, he drops to a delicate perch on the railing protecting a balcony, breathing hard more for the sheer joy of finally being able to get out and fly than from the exertion.
Stupid winter. He can hardly wait for someone to finally weather-control this ridiculous little world!

Besa was walking in the hallway when he say Taká land. The ancient teen smiles to himself, heading over to open the door for Taká, "Are you not cold?" Despite his down mood, seeing his friend enjoy himself gets a soft smile. Soemone should have a nice time this cold winter day. The Guardian is wearing his sleepy pants already, a warm sweater on top. Cocoa is next to him, she's been at his side almost non stop since valentines day.

Taká flits into the air, but only just enough to turn around and face the voice. "Oh! Besa! Kié, tavár'h!" He smiles broadly. "Cold? No, not now, your planet is finally starting to behave again." He hops lightly down from the railing, and bows very slightly—to both Besa and to the dog. "I received your gift, although I don't understand the holiday." He rummages the offered chocolate out of the pouch hanging from his belt. "Is it an invitation to intimacy? My reading suggests that's what the holiday is about."

Besa always thinks it's cold, to be fair. His arms fold in front of his chest, maybe to try to keep some go his body heat. His smile stays though, offering, "I am glad you are enjoying it finally." His dark eyes lift to look at the night sky, beautiful, but very cold. Cocoa has seen just about eery type of strange person here at the school, so her tail wags a few times, but she stays next to Besa. He blinks though, surprised by Taká's words, "it… it is for friendship. Rain said that Fionnuala said you give Valentines to people you care about." Ut-oh… did Besa just make a big mistake? "Are we not that close of friends?" He looks slightly embarrassed now, the smile a soft frown.

Taká spreads and re-folds his wings. "I hope we are friends," Taká says, balancing effortlessly on the railing. "And I hope we are close friends. I know I have scared you more than once. And I am sorry for that, tavár'h. I never meant to."
He hops down lightly from the railing, landing on the balcony without a sound. "It… nnh. It is only fair you know that chocolate—" and he tosses the offered piece in his hand… "—has a most profound effect on me."

His frown stays, but Besa nods, "We are, if you wish to be." Friends. He's so confused, should he not have given out the Valentines and chocolates? Has he insulted everyone? Maybe that's why Theo yelled at him? He blinks, sligtjly confused, his memories are so muddled, he doesn't remember being scared of Taká, "No…we are friends, I am not scared of you." Watching the teen hop dorn from the railing, Besa moves to give him enough room, shivering slightly at the cold. Dark eyes follow the candy as it is tossed, "Oh… I did not know that. Will it hurt you? I did not wish for that!" It must be like giving chocolate to a dog! How insensitive of Besa! Now he looks embarrassed and worried. "You must not eat it if it will harm you!"

"Oh no, chocolate will not hurt me," Taká says easily, "although it has an effect on me that is… most profound." He grins, mostly but not entirely in a friendly manner. "It rather affects me in a physioemotional way… it makes me… very affectionate."

Besa's not getting it. Maybe he would have before all the drama on Valentines day, but now? His mind is just not there. "It… makes you happy? Is that not the purpose?" Another shiver, the small sophomore is getting cold, he should have brought a warmth rune! The grin is hard to decipher, so Besa offers, "I am sorry if I offended you."

"I promise you, Bésa'tavár, I am not offended." Taká backs up a step in an almost submissive way. "Were I offended, I would let you know—and since you don't know the ways of my world I could not hold it against you. It's just that chocolate…" And here Taká pauses for quite some time.
Finally, he continues, "Chocolate has a very intense and pleasurable effect on me."

Besa and Taká are probably the two smallest teens at the school, so at least they don't have to strain to loo at each other. Besa's head tilts, perfect hair flopping into his eyes before he brushes it away with a hand, "Is it against your ways to give chocolate?" Even though it is not Besa's ways, he doesn't want to go against any of Taká's either! The long pause is waited out, the ancient teen studying Taká with no idea. But with his words, he maybe is starting to get an inkling, "I… okay? It makes you very happy?" It must be a stimulant of some sort (ha!), a happy drug! "Then…do not eat it unless you are in a safe place, yes?"

"I can't say it's against our customs to give a gift of chocolate," Taká says with a shrug, "because chocolate doesn't exist in our worlds. I am probably the first of my kind to encounter it."
He tosses the Dove heart in his hand absently. "I'm inclined to eat it now. Just so you may be the beneficiary of its effect on me."

Besa seems to relax, thankful he didn't do anything wrong. A soft nod about hm being the first, "I suppose you are the first for many things." The chocolate heart is glanced at again, but Besa's still a little confused. "I…" Beneficiary? Of Taká in a happy mood? OH! He means so Besa can make sure he is safe, "Of course, if you feel safe with me, I wold be honored to watch after you." Finally Besa smiles at the Metis student, feeling like he's understanding (he's not).

Taká bites the chocolate heart in half; his eyes seem to unfocus, and he mutters something breathlessly in his own language… then he grabs Besa by the collar and kisses him full on the lips. All that comes through the mental contact brought on by physical contact is a sort of mindless pleasure driven by the chocolate….

Oh! OH! That is not what Besa thought, at all! Before getting grabbed, he tilts his head again, watching Taká. But then he's being kissed! He freezes in surprise, seriously not having expected that, but there's lips, and his body is still a teenagers, even if his mind sometimes isn't. It doesn't help (Or does it?!?) that the mental contact washes over him and is just so… mindlessly nice. No worries, no concerns, just… pleasurable. Thin fingers go up to Taká's arms to hold onto him.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, considering what he just ate, Taká's lips taste of Dove chocolate. And even though he's small, he's surprisingly strong, holding onto Besa with both hands.
It's some time before he finally steps back half a pace. "I said the effect was profound," he whispers softly, wearing an expression that's about halfway between a smirk and a leer.

Besa tastes of honey and tea. Cocoa, who's been by Besa's side this whole time, her ears go up in surprise, watching the two very intently, making sure Besa's okay. While he's out of breath, he seems okay as his eyes flutter open. A very long pause, "…oh!" A shiver, but it's probably not from the cold this time, "I… I did not realize…" Profound indeed! He blinks, not looking upset or displease, but a little surprised and unsure.

Taká takes a moment to catch his breath. "I, ah, do not know your world's standards. The last person to give me tcho-ko-lat took me to his bed; I don't know if that was just him, or if that is the way of your world."
He eyes the other half of the chocolate heart, then looks at Besa.
And, in the understatement to end them all, he said, "There is still much about your world I don't understand.

Besa's tongue darts out to wet his lips, he gulps a deep breath of air, "I… I do not believe that… means we are supposed to… bed." His flushed, between the cold and the kiss, "I… I gave a lot of friends chocolate." Oh dear! He nods, understatement indeed, "…yes, I… I think it is meant as a form of friendly affection." Not that he's complaining about the kiss, it was very nice. His fingers stay on Taká's arms, not that he could do much against the stronger boy.

Taká blinks twice, then nods. "I understand," he says, without any indication whether he's relieved or disappointed. He doesn't even give anything away mentally, despite the physical contact.
Finally, he says, "Things are so much less confusing on my world. You always know someone else's intentions." He smiles slightly, and taps his temple. "You can't help but know."

Through the connection, it's clear that Besa's not done much more than kissing. Again, he doesn't dislike it, he's just surprised and a little shocked. "I… I am sorry if I was unclear…" He honestly wasn't following Taká's explanation of the chocolate. "I think…" He swallowed nervously, "I think that perhaps we should speak of this when you have not had chocolate." Because this is confusing. Is it just the chocolate? He glances at the last half of the heart, if one bite made Taká feel that strongly, what in the world would the whole one do?

Taká laughs softly, and backs up a step, breaking mental contact. "It's not your fault. It's just one more Earth thing I don't understand. And I think I have embarrassed you, which was not my intent."
He regards the other half of the chocolate… and puts it away in his belt pouch. "I think this planet needs an instruction manual." He sighs, and leans on the railing, hanging his wings over the edge. "And maybe my friends need one for me. I have a really bad habit of repeatedly disconcerting you, Besa tavár'h, and I really don't mean to."

Still blushing, Besa shakes his head, that perfect hair swaying, "No. It is not your fault either. This time is confusing." Taking Taká's lead, he'll move to lean against the railing next to Taká. Cocoa follows him, leaning against his leg. Thin fingers go into his hair, pushing it away from his eyes, "I do not belong in this time period. Everything is different and not how I expect it, even now." He thinks on the instruction manual, but somehow asking for one seems embarrassing too. He couldn't even imagine what the Twins would say to that. "I am not the person to learn from, Taká. I am sorry."

"Lost in time," Taká says, nodding towards Besa and blissfully unaware that he's quoting the Rocky Horror Picture Show, finishes by placing his hand on his own chest: "and lost in space." He smiles softly. "I definitely understand the 'lost' part. And I know many other here have had the same disconcerting effect on me. How long have I been here now, a little more than a year, a yeah and a half?" He shrugs, and feathers rustle. "I still don't know how long your year is relative to mine, and it feels like longer just because so much has happened. I feel ten years older, and I know it hasn't been that long."
He gives the building a slightly sour look. "And they still say I'm a child in there. I've been an adult for the last few years my own time… but," he finishes with a heavy sigh, "I don't know where else to be on this world, but for here. I may be the only person here who dreads graduation."

That's…not wrong. The ancient teen nods softly, resting his elbow on the railing. His attention is on Taká though, letting the 'Lost in Space' teen talk. A soft huff, "Do you know how many times I have learned arithmetic?" He does understand the frustration of being talked to that way. After a moment, Besa will reach hand out to touch the alien's forearm, "I do understand. My only plans are to find a cave to live in." Where he can't hurt anyone. Or maybe a mountain top to live on.

Since Taká wasn't expecting physical contact, he wasn't prepared to shield his own thoughts. So before he can assert control, Besa will get a mild whirl of frustration, homesickness, even a little loneliness. Nothing overwhelming, and quite brief as Taká clamps down on his own mind and emotions. "Sorry," he mutters quietly.
Mathematics? That's another sore point, and brings another flash of both pride and frustration to the tone of Taká's thoughts. He holds up his hand, his three-fingered, one-thumbed hand. "I was a good mathematician at home," he says, "where our numbers made sense. I had to learn how to count again when I came here, before I could even do math."
He looks up with a slight smile. "If you find a cave that's too high for you to be comfortable, let me know. Cliff-face dwellings are highly sought after on my world."

Do'ah! Besa pulls his hand back. He wasn't trying to intrude! Again he's upset his friend! "No, I…" The dark skinned boy sighs, looking out over the snowy grounds of the estate. "I am sorry. I forget that touching you is… more." He shivers, but doesn't move from the railing. At least his math is the same, poor Taká. A soft, but rather sad smile, "If I do you will may have it." Maybe they can be neighbors, Besa at the foot of the mountain, Taká at the top.

"It's okay. I'm used to mental contact with others," Taká says. "I miss that. Mental contact is normal for me, and I miss it, even the digital, emotionless feel of the automated systems that ran my home." He leans back, looking up into the sky. "Amazing the little things you don't think of until you don't have them any more, isn't it? I never gave a thought—er, no pun intended—to the mindport and the automated systems until I didn't have them anymore.

Besa's not sure what to do, but he can tell his friend is sad. So he again reaches out to touch his arm, although this time he makes sure Taká sees it coming. "I can not say that I fully understand, but I know that I have gone through this many times." If he is able to touch Taká, there would be many different memories, not all that Besa even himself remembers, of waking up, in a completely new century. "It is hard, but there is always something new that helps ease the sadness of what is lost."

Taká allows the touch, and lays his hand atop Besa's, and samples only the memories on the very surface of Besa's mind. He does not probe to any depth. "Once is enough for me. I can't imagine having my reality changed repeatedly. And I can, in principle, go home if I can find it from here and find a ship or figure out how to make contact. You can't go back in time, can you?"

Besa smiles, "No… I can not go back in time." That would be unsettling as well. "Would you like help trying to find your home?" Besa's not overly smart in the space department, but perhaps with some mediation, and help from the other students… "I know I have heard of space travel amongst the students." His smile becomes more warm, "Even if we can get a message to them, that would be good, yes?"

"I suppose," the birdman says unenthusiastically. "I sometimes wonder if I'm better off here than there. This world knows how to handle people with special powers better than mine does. I might be happier staying here, but with my own small craft to visit home when I like. Remember what I've said about having priest trouble. The rarity of powers like mine means almost all of us end up being named rhyták at some point in our lives—it doesn't translate well, it's something like avatar, or representative, of our Gods. And I think I'm a decent enough being, but I'm no godling and I don't want to be one."

Besa's fingers tighten gently on Taká's arm. Perhaps then to just reach out so they know you are safe?" He nods, "That is a good goal." He understand being chosen, and not wanting to. "Then you will stay, if you wish. You do not have to be anything you do not wish to be."

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