(2018-02-18) Refuge
Summary: There's a whole "situation" going on between Grayson and Oliver. Theo seeks refuge from it in the billiard room. Ronan shows up, and the two kill time with conversation. And what a temporal massacre it is!
Date: IC Date (2018-02-18)
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Well, it seemed there was a whole 'situation' going on in the basement, so Theo's dance practice will have to wait. He didn't go back to his room yet, though, so he's still dressed for it — loose, comfortable yellow t-shirt, black leggings, and a well-worn pair of soft-soled white sneakers. He's also got a thick red armband around one wrist, and a bright green anklet one one ankle. But the limbs are reversed — the anklet's on his left ankle, while the armband is around his right wrist. He heads into the billiard room with a soda, with a sigh, and finds a place to sit.

Dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a tight purple shirt, Ronan's looking pretty relaxed right now. His hair's a little sweaty but otherwise he's not looking terribly out of sorts. His blue eyes go to Theo,"Been practicing?" He asks curiously of Theo. He slides his hands into his pocket and looks as relaxed as he can for the time being.

"Hm?" Theo looks up at the sound, as if surprised. This time Happylegs doesn't seem to have seen Ronan on approach. "Oh, ah… not yet," he replies sheepishly. "The space was, er… 'occupied'." He pauses to shift on the sofa he's sitting on, so there's room in case Ronan wants to sit down. "What about you?" He's noted the sweat. Or… then he remembers, "Or is it just too warm? I can get you something cold to drink, if you'd like," he offers.

"It was just exercises today. Not actually practicing." Ronan says shaking his head a bit about the whole thing. "I've gotten cooled off a bit. However, I wouldn't get too close to me. My body's trying to regulate itself and the air around it by dropping the temperature down to a more comfortable level." He points out casually as he flops into a seat. His hair is thankfully not getting any ice crystals this time at least.

Theo nods at the explanation from Ronan. "Ah, I see." The mention of Ronan's body starting to make it cold around him gets a chuckle. "I should go get some juice and hold it next to you — then I'd have a popsicle." Yes, he's teasing, given that mischievous grin.

"Wouldn't be the first time I've had someone end up with something hard when they're around me?" Ronan says with a perfectly innocent air to himself. "But it does work that you can end up with a popsicle if they're close to my skin right now."

Theo snorts a laugh at the unexpected risque comment, covering his mouth. Thankfully he wasn't drinking; soda up the nose is painful. And yes, Theo blushes slightly at it. He hadn't been thinking QUITE in that direction. Instead of continuing the teasing though, he asks, "Can you 'project' the cold, too?"

"Aye, I can project cold. I can emit cold. I can adjust temperatures around me up as well by adjusting the temperature of the water in the air." Ronan says grinning a little bit knowing he managed to get to Theo. It was fun doing a bit of teasing now and again.

Theo nods. "That seems a lot more useful that what I do. Just…" He leans towards Ronan — but is careful not to actually touch him, as per request — and extends a hand outward. It's like that meme picture of Woody and Buzz Lightyear "Spiders. Spiders everywhere." He chuckles. "I should feel fortunate that most people actually can't see them — oh!" Suddenly he remembers something. And he leans towards Ronan again (though again without touching) to look at his face. He's looking at his jaw. "I completely forgot 'till now, I'm sorry. Is your jaw better?"

"Well yer spiders can heal wounds, my powers cannot." Ronan says pointedly as the temperature near the hand drops a little bit as he smiles. Yep. He just dropped it around just Theo's hand but only a degree or so."And ye. He didn't hit me that hard. Well he did but I know how ta take a punch." Not the first time that he's been punched and won't be the last,"I guess I owe him a burger but ye know… It's his fault for gettin' that worked up."

Theo tilts his head. "True." This to the mention of his spiders healing wounds. And then suddenly Theo's hand is cold. He makes a very uncharacteristically high-pitched squeak in surprise, and then blushes, embarrassed at the sound. "Sneaky," he mock-scolds, wrinkling his nose a bit. He's teasing though. The mention of Grayson gets a wince. "We ought to invite him out to eat or something," he suggests. "That way it won't be just 'here's a burger, now shut up'." Though as for getting worked up? "Well… I have reason to believe he might have a reason. And it's not the, er… pent-up thing. More stuff I'm not willing to spill, unfortunately. But I'm starting to think he has a reason."

"The thing is, that he needs better control. I mean come on, shit happens." Ronan says shrugging a bit about the whole thing,"We can do that. I think best if it's a group thing. Then he will be a little less inclined to blow his top." He says casually,"And yes, I am quite sneaky about how I use my powers sometimes. " He thought about icing Grayson's undies for punching him. He stretches a little bit,"That was a high squeak by the way…" He says with a grin.

Theo nods. "True. But we're all teenagers here," he points out. "He might just be a more temperamental sort. Maybe higher hormones. Also he's an Ares — I've noticed they tend to be more… mercurial, I suppose." As for Grayson being less likely to blow his stack? "Yeah. That's what I'm thinking; if he's out in public he'll be less inclined to punch either of us." The pointing out of a squeak gets a blush. "W-well, I was startled." Too bad Ronan can't see Happylegs right about now. Atop Theo's head, the spider has turned a uniform shade of pink and is hiding his now-white face spots in Theo's hair. Though Ronan might see Theo'shair shifting around.

"I'm good at startling people." Ronan says laughing deciding not to continue on the topic of Grayson for the time being,"Is your spider doing something with your hair?" He asks curiously of the other teen examining his face for signs of him being right. He relaxes a little bit more though. "Hey just be glad it was your hand? There are way more sensitive places that I could have dropped the temperature." He says teasingly.

Theo seems to understand about not wanting to continue on the topic of Grayson. So he answers the question about the spider. "Happy is hiding in my hair, yes," he replies. To avoid having to say why, he offers, with a chuckle, "Perhaps he's pretending to be a spy, since you can't see him." The mention of 'more sensitive' places Ronan could have dropped the temperature around gets a blink. "Not the feet, please. If my feet ever get cold, I will NEVER get warm, no matter how many layers I'm wearing." Yeah, he seems to have completely missed that one.

"Ummm… Not where I was talking about." Ronan says as he struggles to catch his breath after laughing at the whole situation. "So not where I was talking about. I mean I COULD make your feet colder but not where I was talking about." He says even as he adjusts the temperature around them up a degree or two, just enough to be noticeable. "See… I can go up too." However, he quickly drops it back as he doesn't like it being even warmer around him.

Theo blinks, tilting his head. He pauses, thinks about it. Then it seems to hit him. "Oh!" Yeah, that is a very interesting shade of red he's turning. Poor Happy, who has to deal with Theo's emotions! Theo clears his throat. "Well. Er… yes, that would be… uncomfortable." He doesn't really know what to say! Though he's grateful for the other topic. "Oh, now that's useful — portable air conditioning and heat!" He chuckles.

"That's one word for it." Ronan says with a laugh as he stretches a bit catlike, "But yes. My powers are fairly versatile." He says sounding amused about the whole thing as he flexes a bit,"I don't like making it hotter though. I like the cold." He says shuddering a little bit. "Having to excite molecules is a lot more difficult than making them go slower." Yeah. He has a grasp on the way his powers work.

Theo tilts his head, thoughtful as he hears Ronan's explanation of how his powers work. "So… thermokinesis?" he asks. "That's not something I've seen before. Even in the comics thermo-kinetics usually go hot. You went cold." He grins, though. Yes, more teasing. Nothing untoward, though. "Now if only I could figure out how mine work, apart from 'spiders'."

"So you don't think I'm hot?" Ronan asks with a hurt expression on his face. Theo did sort of walk right into that went. He does continue,"I have the ability to use thermokinesis but primarily I am a hydro and cryokinetic. The temperature adjustment is really kind of secondary." He says shrugging a bit,"It's all about altering the temperature of the water molecule, and the shape of the combined molecules. Increasing their surface tension and what not."

Theo snorts a laugh, but covers his mouth with his hands at the tease. Words muffled by his hands, he notes, "…I deserved that." He starts to laugh, bringing his hands down just over his mouth. Though as he listens, he brings his hands back down to his sides. His soda's been put on a table for now. "Increasing surface tension? So you could do Will Zeppeli's Hamon trick with the water?" He pauses. "Aaaaaand you probably aren't going to get that, and I don't have my phone."

"Well for instance I could go walking on the ocean if I wanted." Ronan says shrugging a little bit,"It's a neat little trick but it's probably the simplest thing in the world to do for anyone who can control water." He says shrugging a little bit,"But I have no idea what you are referring to about the Hamon trick. Not terribly familiar with magicians and their tricks." He points out rather casually. He shrugs just a tiny bit helplessly.

Theo nods. "That's what I meant, yes," he confirms. The mention of Will Zeppeli being a 'magician' gets a snicker. "That's probably what he was designed to look like," he observes, with a chuckle. Then he explains, "William Antonio Zeppeli is actually a character from an anime. He has… basically ki, you might know it as. They had to get over a small lake, so he leaned down and flicked his hands across the surface, like this…" He leans forward, putting his hands close to the floor, and makes a 'shoo' gesture. "It sent his ki — that's the Hamon — sparking across the water and held it together for him to walk across." Pause. "Well. More like prance across, but… still." He smirks.

Theo nods. "That's what I meant, yes," he confirms. The mention of Will Zeppeli being a 'magician' gets a snicker. "That's probably what he was designed to look like," he observes, with a chuckle. Then he explains, "William Antonio Zeppeli is actually a character from an anime. He has… basically ki, you might know it as. They had to get over a small lake, so he leaned down and flicked his hands across the surface, like this…" He leans forward, putting his hands close to the floor, and makes a 'shoo' gesture. "It sent his ki — that's the Hamon — sparking across the water and held it together for him to walk across." Pause. "Well. More like prance across, but… still." He smirks.

"Yes. I could do something of that nature quite easily… Although I do not PRANCE." Ronan says laughing as he makes a gesture. "Also, I don't need to do a movement." He says casually,"I don't really watch much anime. I've heard of a few but I've watched very little. Not many available where I was in Ireland." He says cheerfully, relaxing a little bit for the time being, his eyes focusing on Theo intently though.

Once more, Theo nods. "I wouldn't think you'd be the prancing sort, no," he replies. "The Japanese have this concept — 'date otoko', they call it. It's… roughly analogous to the concept of the 'dandy gentleman', but without the effeminate overtones. In fact it's exactly the opposite — 'date otoko' apparently has masculine overtones. In Japan, if a man wears makeup, spends a lot of time on his hair, dresses snazzy, and makes 'elegant' gestures…" He puts a hand to his chin in an effeminate way for a moment, to demonstrate. "Then they're being beautiful for women. But if a man doesn't bother with his looks at all, he's not looking for a woman — he's probably looking for another man. So the prancing was him 'being beautiful'."

"The Irish don't remotely think of things that way." Ronan says laughing at that,"Although just looking after ones appearance does not indicate that one is interested in men." He says shrugging indifferently. His eyes watch Theodore,"It's interesting that they think of things in that manner." He pauses for a moment,"Don't they let that sort of thing be in anime any way?" He doesn't have any idea about the whole thing.

Theo nods. "Most western countries are the opposite," he notes. "We call them 'jocks', the Japanese call them 'gay'. Because why else would a man want to hang around other men while half-naked, right?" He grins — clearly he doesn't share the opinion. Then he blinks. "Don't let what sort of thing be in anime?" A pause. "Though… I'm reminded of that time I got into my mother's makeup. It was while my mother and stepfather were dating, when I was eight. I had it all over my face, and I came into the dining room for dinner. I'm ashamed it was so messy." Not ashamed of the fact he was wearing makeup, note. My then-stepfather-to-be took one look at me and said…" Here he pitches his voice down, "'You need practice. I will teach you to wear it properly'." His voice back to normal he notes, "And that's when, to my mother's horror, I started wearing eyeliner. Or 'guyliner', I think they're calling it now."

"I've only worn makeup for the stage. Never really though of wearing it for myself. I know that men used to wear kohl to make their eyes stand out more." Ronan says shrugging a bit about the whole thing. He doesn't seem to be all that plussed about the idea of someone wearing makeup. "Men loving other men being allowed in an anime." He's heard of that sort of thing but since his experience was very minimal, he doesn't have much to say.

Theo nods. "I occasionally wear eyeshadow or eyeliner for that reason, yes," he agrees. "Only on veeeeeery rare occasions do I wear lip rouge. I haven't really worn much in the way of makeup since I started high school." A smirk. "I like not having my face punched." Though that other question? "Oh yeah. There's a whole genre for it, with it's own subgenres. Yaoi is generally aimed at women and is more emotional. Bara is generally aimed at men and is, er… more physical, shall we say." Bit of a blush there. "I'm not much of a yaoi fan, actually, since most of the time something horrible happens to the two men in the end. Ai no Kusabi has them both dying, for instance. I don't like that, there's almost never a happy ending. The best you can get is 'they move on and forget about each other'."

"Sounds unpleasant." Ronan says shrugging a little bit as he relaxes a bit in the seat,"And I can imagine. America does not seem like the place that would be entirely tolerant of a guy in makeup." He says in a casual manner and looking at Theo curiously,"Personally not a big fan of makeup. It always makes me feel like my skin is clogged up and not breathing properly. I can only imagine how long it takes someone ta remove it. I usually try and wash it with water moving rapidly over my skin."

Theo wrinkles his nose. "It is. I vastly prefer the 'Manhunter' comic's rendition of Obsidian and Damon Matthews's relationship — wonder of wonders, they actually have a NORMAL relationship, even though Obsidian's a superhero." As for makeup? "Water and soap alone don't do it. You need removers. Though if you'd prefer not to use a commercial one, milk actually works. Let's see… milk, coconut or olive oil, baking soda and honey… I've heard steam works, but I… think you'd probably want to avoid that." He chuckles.

"Well I'm going to be honest, I've actually had a layer of water on my skin when I've applied makeup the few times I've worn it. Kept it in place and then I relaxed control over the water when I wanted to remove it and well… It sort of fell off with the water." Ronan says blushing a little bit. Yes. Cheating but that's beside the point. "I like real relationships over stylized regardless of the type of relationship."

Theo grins. "'Cheating' is such a horrible word. I prefer to say I'm 'working from an alternate ruleset'," he drawls, with a mischievous look. But he nods. "I can understand. Some of it is really bad for your skin. And some people are allergic." As for the depiction of relationships? "Yes. So do I. Very much," he agrees. "Having a human element to the fantastical always makes me relate better to just about any media."

"It's not just that but when the relationships are real, whether male female, male to male, or female to female, it makes it better. When they're too perfect, or too flawed, they're hard to relate too and are quite irritating." Ronan says with a bit of wrinkle of his nose. "I often work with an alternate ruleset when dealing with as many things as possible. So that I don't have to worry about certain things."

"Exactly," Theo notes. "Doesn't matter who it's between. If it's realistic, it's always so much better." The mention of 'alternate rulesets' gets a grin. "There are so many alternative rulesets, aren't there?" He pauses a moment, as Happylegs taps him on the head. "Hm?" He looks to a clock. "Oh goodness. It's going to be curfew soon. Want to start back to our rooms? I'll just worry about practice tomorrow." He stands. But hey, at least Ronan got to see him in leggings, right?

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