(2018-02-18) Love Blooms Like Flowers in Spring
Love Blooms Like Flowers in Spring
Summary: Ashton and Loukanos decide to explore their feelings for each other.
Date: IC Date (2018-02-18)
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Boy's Wing Winbarry Estate

A long hallway with a large curtained window at the end. Carpet runs the length of it. There are a number of doors on each side leading to bedrooms. Between the doors and wall sconces that give just enough light to see by.

Ashton - A thin boy with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes.
Loukanos - A bronzed young boy with blonde hair and midnight blue eyes. Poised and ethereal.
Exits: [O] Upper Hallway [TR] Tempo's Room

It's late in the evening at the Winbarry Estate and also the weekend. Most students aren't here, and the ones that remain are starting to wind down. Loukanos falls under neither group. Pinned at his left shoulder and flowing half way down his knees is an ivory chiton that leaves no question to his immortal upbringing. With his dusky limbs and half his torso exposed, his bare feet pace the empty hallways as he speaks to…himself from the looks of it, in a foreign tongue. One that bears very vague similarities to Latin.

Stepping out of his dorm room, Ashton looks kind of like a sad, little half-asleep kitten. His brown hair is missing its usual extensive styling. Instead of being spiky, it is hanging down over his eyes, which are about half-opened. He is wearing a slightly too large Green Day t-shirt that hangs down to the top of his thighs. He is wearing a pair of black basketball shorts, which makes him appear a lot paler. His feet are likewise bare. He sees the immortal Greek talking to himself. Leaning against the wall, he watches, not wanting to disturb Loukanos.

A pause interrupts the somewhat heated rant as Loukanos stops and listens to a response (?) only he can hear. Whatever he hears displeases him greatly, and he scowls into a nearby window. There's nothing one moment, thunder the next, then a flash of pale lightning. "Damnit," He mutters in English before giving a meek reply to…the window? It's difficult to tell, especially since it comes out in ancient Greek again.

Even though he was half-asleep when he stepped out, he really isn't any longer. Ashton frowns slightly as he watches Loukanos. He picks up quickly that Louk is not talking to himself but to someone else. The conversation does not seem to be going well, even though he doesn't understand any of it. He idly scratches his stomach as he watches. He draws his canine over his lower lip, very slowly, as his brows knit together with concern.

The young blonde runs a hand through his golden hair and nods once. Turning from the window, he looks ready to storm back into his room, but a wild Ashton appears! Loukanos' bright eyes widen a touch, and he throws on a strained smile. "Evenin', Ashton," He says airily, giving the other boy a one over. "You okay? You look disheveled." Most people do before bed, but he feels sadness.

Ashton returns the smile with one of his own. He shrugs, "Yeah, I am fine… just woke up… I fell asleep earlier watching Netflix… " He pushes himself off the wall, taking a few steps towards the godling. "Is everything alright, Louk? I wasn't trying to eavesdrop…" He pauses, "I'm not sure that it is eavesdropping if you don't understand what's being said… but regardless I got the feeling that it wasn't a good talk?" Curled up on the collar of the shirt is a blood red spider with large dark eyes. The spider stirs slightly as it watches Loukanos.

His fingers twitch slightly, "I am.. everything is okay," but Loukanos sighs and shakes his head, "I was speaking to my mother about letting me return for spring break." There is a formality in his voice when he speaks about her or 'home' in general. "By my foolish reaction, I am sure you can surmise that she refused the proposal." His fists clench, and the etiquette leaves his words. "I…I just don't know why it always has to be this way with her. Her brother already knows about me, so there's no sense in hiding me." His shoulders slump. "What's Netflix?"

Ashton reaches up and combs his fingers through his hair. He goes to say something, then pauses, "Um… you maybe want to go back to my room and talk?" He pauses with a slight stumble, "I mean that way there is some privacy…" He sighs, "I mean in case the conversation becomes… something that is more personal?"

Loukanos blinks, looks around. There is no one in the hallway currently, but that could theoretically change. "Privacy," He scoffs and gestures with a hand to the window where the burst of lightning could be seen. "There's no such thing in my family. They rage, and everybody else pays for it." He rubs the side of his face with his hand, but his voice loses its bite. "We can, sure. Lead the way."

Chuckling softly, though not really out of humor, Ashton looks over at Louk, "And we are in a manor with telepaths and the like, but it's more for my own peace of mind… " He pauses and looks towards the window, "Hello, Ma'am." He says just in case the goddess is happening to be listening. "Um, yeah, this way… " He moves back to the door that he had originally stepped out. The late night snack is no longer as important.

Loukanos snorts, "That's a mere spark compared to the stuff of Zeus. When she's truly upset, things just stop growing," Famine. He adjusts his chiton a tad before entering Ashton's room and looking for a place to sit. "I pray it doesn't come to that, but I can't hear her in my mind anymore and that is never a good sign."

Ashton's voice whispers in your head. It is clearly Ashton mind that is touching your own. It doesn't change anything with your mother, but you can hear me in your mind. There is a thin, tight smile on his lips, as he arches his eyebrows with a slight puppy dog eyes look. He opens up the door and pauses to hold the door open for Loukanos. He pauses as a thought crosses his mind. Yeah. Conversation could be a bit strange, hopefully not.

Loukanos waggles his brows back, a little surprised to feel that prodding in his head. He faintly smiles and responds in kind, You're full of tricks, aren't you? He opens his mind to allow Ashton's whisper to resonate more clearly in his head. His own mental voice is even more melodic than his normal one and seems to carry weight. He's no amateur when it comes to mentally conversing, able to communicate and withhold thoughts just as easily as ordinary speech. In Ashton's room, he chooses the edge of the bed to seat himself on.

Ashton starts to sit on the bed as well, but then he moves to grab the chair from his desk. "Um.. I don't really know anything about you and your family or well anything about you before you came here, or even why you are here. I mean I'd think that you wouldn't need training." He smiles with one of those gregarious smiles, causing dimples to form. "As far as me being full of tricks, I think you probably know most of them by now… That though is one that I don't really do much… it's kind of way personal for me…"

Seeing as he has the bed all to himself, Loukanos sprawls over it. He's a sprawler. One arm is tucked beneath his golden locks, but he turns his head so he's looking at Ashton, "I am here because I'm no longer allowed in Olympos for the time being, and they want to keep an eye on me. I don't think I really belong here either, frankly. My powers aren't at their height. Not yet. So I think there's still more to learn, but…yeah." He kinda shrugs. Personal? "Isn't it just telepathy?"

Ashton's azure eyes watch Loukanos sprawl across his bed. Even though he is listening to Louk talk, a stray thought crosses his mind, and a slight blush hues his cheeks and the tips of his ears. He wants to ask why he isn't allowed in Olympos, but he doesn't. "Well, that sucks.. but personally, I'm pretty glad that you are here… " As the conversation turns to him, he chews on his lower lip a second, "Yeah, I guess it is… but that was the first gift that I ever developed. I guess it was the reason why Grandfather had figured that I had inherited the gift for magic, like had. But at first, I didn't know what was going on… I started hearing voices in my head.. I really thought I was going insane.. " He sighs, "But after.. it just felt like I was opening up a door to my soul."

"I…sometimes I am happy to be here. It's a step up from some of my earlier experiences on this earth," Loukanos sighs a little. "I just feel so…different at times." He looks at the ceiling. "I'm being angsty, aren't I? I should be more grateful for being placed here and not on some random corner of the world. Or worse." The conversation on Ashton serves as a distraction from his thoughts, "Thank you for sharing a bit of your soul, then. I wouldn't mind feeling it more often."

Stooped over slightly with his forearms draped across legs just above his knees. He looks over at Louk through the wispy tendrils of dark brown hair. He frowns slightly. "No, Louk, you aren't being angsty… You're upset because you can't go home." That is something that he can understand - at least a bit. "When Grandfather told me that I was going to be sent here, leaving pretty much everything I have ever known, and that I had no choice about it." He smiles over to Loukanos, "Like I told Theo last night, I have a couple reasons for being grateful for being sent here… him being on, you being the other."

A hand falls to his stomach, "Before you, I never voiced any of this to anyone. I never thought that there were those who wanted to listen," Loukanos glances at Ashton. "It's refreshing to have someone who cares enough to listen, even if I shouldn't really being saying any of this." He smiles, and it's genuine. "Maybe this school will be good for both of us."

Ashton chews on his lower lip a bit. It seems to be a tell for when he's lost in his head. "Thank you for letting me in… " be pauses, "If you shouldn't say any of this, then why? I mean I understand needing to get it off of your chest… and that it's nice to be able to talk to someone, but really, I.. I'm not worth you getting in trouble over… "

"You wanted to know," Loukanos shrugs. "Truth is, she isn't here, and I don't know when - or if - I'll return. I won't get in trouble for a rant. Haven't spoken blasphemy quite yet," He quirks a slight grin and turns to study Ashton. "You're worth a lot more than you realize." Looking away, he stretches, adjusts his chtion, and licks his lips. "Also, I figured some of the things you told me weren't easy to talk about, so consider it me returning the favor."

Ashton cants his head slightly. He reaches up and brushes the hair from his face. Sighing softly, he says, "I'm not so sure about that… I think you think you see something in me that isn't really there." He shrugs, "Don't get me wrong.. my life hasn't been that bad, I guess." He doesn't actually sound as if he really believes it. "I mean I can't really complain.. Grandmother pretty much buys me just about anything I want." He blushes once again, as you lick your lips. "I want to know you, Louk… "

"When I first met you, I felt an energy. Call it intuition, but I think it may not have been as bad as I originally assumed," And Loukanos has grown fond of that energy as he associates the strange signal with Ashton. "You're a good person. I know that." His blue eyes narrow at the ceiling when Ashton claims he's had a life free of complaints. "From the way you talk about your grandparents, I also know that isn't true. A lot of people assume that living in the lap of luxury equals not having any problems, but I know better than that." Pause. "What do you mean?"

Ashton pauses for a second, then stammers slightly, "Um.. nothing.. I was just being stupid… Just forget that I said anything." His gaze lowers to the floor pretty much between his feet. As if trying to change the subject, he pulls out the Tupperware container with Martha's hazelnut truffles. The container is now only about half full. "I know that you said that you don't have to eat, but you want one?" He quickly shoves one in his mouth like it saves him because he now has something in his mouth.
Loukanos stares at the ceiling. Ashton's reaction is doubtful, to say the least, and the golden boy isn't quite sure what to make of it. Even the offer for a hazelnut truffle is initially ignored as he seems to consider. Finally, he tears his sapphire gaze away from the ceiling and swings his feet around, so he sits on the bed. One might think he's getting up to leave, but nope, he says earnestly, "I want to know you, too." And pops one of those truffles into his mouth.

Just knowing that Louk was about to leave, Ashton's gaze returns to the floor. His shoulders hunch forward a bit. He kind looks like a kicked puppy. However, when Loukanos speaks and takes on of the offered truffles, Ashton's head pops up. A look of surprise is clear on his face. At first he is simply dumbfounded but then a wide grin eases across his lips. "You do?" His voice is heavily laced with excitement, but at the same time a touch of confusion. But despite that he doesn't really understand why Louk would want to, he is just as pleased, and when Louk takes one of the truffles, it is enough to make him grin and he reaches and grabs one truffles himself.

They're reaching for the same place, so naturally, Loukanos' fingertips brush graze against the back of Ashton's hand. "Yep. It's hard to explain, but I like the way I feel around you," He smiles back. "I only hesitated because I wasn't sure if you meant what I thought or -hoped- you meant. We are talking about the same thing, right?"

"I think so, but I'm not a mind reader." Ashton then snickers slightly, the seriousness in his eyes overriding his finding humor in his choice of words. "Okay I am, but I try not to do that." He bites his lower lip at the right corner, before he continues. "Well, if you are talking about what I think you are asking, then yes… and no." He holds his breath for a moment. "I like you Louk, like I like LIKE you… I kind of thought that was obvious.. I mean I practically slit my wrist" no practically to it, he _did_ slit his wrist, "just to give you a sunset for Valentine's Day… " He reaches up and rubs the back of his neck, "I just didn't think that you would have any reason to think of me that way…" he pauses for a moment, "But I mean that I want to know you… like who you are deep down.. what you like, what you don't… what you do for fun.. "

Likes and dislikes are easy, but deep down? Loukanos frowns, "You might not like what you find," He looks at his hands. "Give it time, but I'm not exactly used to opening up to people." Usually, there's no need. "If there's anything you do want to know, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to be sincere."

Ashton shakes his head, "I didn't mean that I wanted to know everything right now… I meant more like I would like the opportunity to learn who you are and what makes you who… " He pauses, "I'm sorry… this is .. well this is kind of like completely new territory for me… I have never been in a relationship with anyone before… " He stops, "That is you were thinking right? Um.. us… you and me dating?" He looks at the golden godling, insecurity and doubt filling his eyes.

"That was the idea, yeah," Loukanos says. "I don't need a label or anything, especially if you're feeling uncertain…" He swallows and then continues, feeling vulnerable all of a sudden. "But yes. I want this. I've never been in a real relationship either, so this is a jump in the deep end for me too."

A tender smile spreads, kissed with just a touch of amusement. The dark haired boy shakes his head, "I don't have a problem with calling something what it is. I mean… I know that I'm gay.. It's just that coming here, well… it's just it's the first time that I have allowed myself to explore this part of me… And I don't want to screw it up."

"I've never exactly been someone's boyfriend before, so bear with me. I might be a little screwy," Loukanos returns the smile, feeling uplifted by Ashton's words. "Thank you for taking that chance with me." Hopefully, he won't give the boy reason to regret that decision. "Whatever happens, you still owe me a romantic dinner."

Ashton looks over at you. His eyes are a bit wide, as he smiles. "Well, I guess we both will just have to figure it out as we go." He grins, "Yeah, I know. I hope you don't expect me to cook it… cause if you do, then we might see if that divine body of yours can get food poisoning or something… I guess I can try though… " He pauses, "Though seriously, I was really hoping that I hadn't misjudged you and was just embarrassing myself."

"I can tell you know right now, this body has never felt the effects of poison," Loukanos shrugs. "Never had anyone contaminate my food, though. Nah, I didn't think you were going to cook it yourself. Which works out fine, because that means we can leave the school." Something Loukanos rarely does. Fuuun. He smiles reassuringly and simply says, "You didn't." Misjudge him, he means.

Ashton smirks, "I didn't mean that I'd contaminate the food.. I just meant that if it isn't something that's directions are stick in the microwave for a specific amount of time, then it's probably going to come out burnt or undercook… I have never had to cook before… There were always servants to do stuff like that… the only reason that I straightened my own room was that I didn't really like other people going through my stuff." And his part of the room is in fact painfully organized. He sighs, "I'm sorry, I'm babbling." Ashton looks over, "You do that to me.. you know?"

"I noticed that," Loukanos scans the room with sapphire eyes. "My room's a mess with plants blossoming in every corner. I'm sure my roommate secretly hates me for it." He chuckles. "Personally, I think it makes my world look beautiful. I'll have to show you sometime." Is he trying to get Ashton into his room? Maybe." He gives a toothy grin. "Don't apologize, it's adorable."

Ashton blushes slightly. He looks over, "I'd like that… " He grins, "And yeah, we can go where ever you like.. " He pauses, "Um… what exactly do you think being boyfriends mean… I mean I know that you come from another culture than I do… and that we kind of think about things differently. I just want to be on the same page and not have any misunderstandings…" From the look in his eyes, he is probably over-thinking things, and of course means that all the worse-case scenarios are also playing through his head.

"That I like you, and you like me," Loukanos actually tilts his head, confused. He's aware that there may be a bit of a cultural barrier between them. It shows most prominently in the fact that where Louk resides, there's no such thing as boyfriends or even girlfriends. There are similar concepts, though. "Am I missing something?"

Ashton blinks, then smiles, "Well yeah, that's a given… " He cocks his head, "Well, exclusivity? Is generally a big one, I think… I mean that's what most couple do.." He reaches up and brushes his hair back. "Um.. " he blushes, "Then there's the whole sex thing…"'

"Oooooh," Loukanos nods a few times. Exclusivity is slightly foreign, but he understands, "If you desire it, I won't be with anyone else. I don't want to be with anyone else." He smiles, then chuckles. Sex talk. Wow. He wasn't expecting that from Ashton. "Heh. Is there anything about sex, in particular, you want to talk about?"

Ashton cocks his head. "What was that look when I said exclusivity for?" He once again blushes. "Um.. About sex.. I mean… I figure you have done it… " He swallows, "Are you expecting us to.. you know.. like expect to?" He pauses, "I mean, like soon… I mean I want to, don't get me wrong.. I'm just not sure that I'm quite ready to just like jump right into it."'

"Just not something I am used to. As I understand it, most people here engage in strictly monogamous relationships? I think I can manage with just you," Loukanos grins a little. His growing fondness for the other boy shows in his bright eyes. "Oh? And here I was, hoping that you invited me in here for a test run." Beat. "Teasing. I'm in no rush, honest. Usually, that's all there is. Sex. I want to do things right with you."

The dark haired youth looks over at the golden one. Ashton nods slightly, then smiles slightly, "Oh, well, I guess I can just settle…" He pauses, "Though.. if you found someone that you cared about as much as me… depending on who… I might be willing to share." He looks like he isn't completely comfortable with the thought, but not absolutely opposed, though his eyes are filled with a good deal of conflict at the thoughts running through his head. He blushes slightly, "Well, it wasn't exactly what I was thinking… but I wasn't completely unprepared if you had decided to …" he blushes, "suggest something…" He smiles, it's not the wide grin normally on his face, but a small, tight one that somehow feels more intense and maybe a little more sincere.'

Loukanos leans forward and intertwines the fingers of one hand with Ashton's, "Your comfort means more to me than urges," He says sincerely, then grins, "It sounds like you might be a little disappointed." He gets a little closer and brushes his lips against Ashton's cheek.

His fingers tighten slightly to Louk's. He smiles and nods. "I know that, Louk. But I didn't say anyone… I said if there was someone that you cared about as much as me… and depending on who… I wouldn't ask you to just forsake that just because of me.." He grins slightly sheepishly, "Kind of… " He feels the lips on his cheek and turns it so that his lips meets Louk's for a very timid kiss.'

Oh, that works too. There's a tenderness in his touch and in those lips that easily welcomes Ashton's kiss. It lingers as Loukanos's lips slowly move against the other's. Their relationship sealed with a kiss, the issue of his painfully complicated relationship with his mother and the rest of the Olympians seems long forgotten. He opens his mind and allows his pure ecstasy to seep into Ashton's.

Ashton's hand move to lightly rest on Loukanos's shoulder. He closes his eyes, as he leans in just a little bit more, with the timidity of innocence and yet at the same time a hunger for something that isn't really all that sexual. As Loukanos's mind touches Ashton's, sharing with him the elation and affection, Ashton reacts a bit differently than perhaps Louk might have expected. Tears roll down the boy's cheek, as if such feelings were almost foreign to him. Yet at the same time, that light touch of Ashton's hand tightens just a touch on Louk's shoulder.'

Awww. Somehow, Loukanos knows the tears are falling and brushes them away with a thumb. He then ends the kiss but only to pull Ashton closer into an embrace. "Sorry if I overwhelmed you." He will have to keep his emotions in check for next time. For now, he rubs circles on Ash's back.

Ashton lays his head on Louk's shoulder, as he wraps his arms around the other boy as well. He shakes his head, as much as he can at least. "It's not that, Louk… I.. I can't explain it.. I just have never felt anything like that before." There is a slight undertone of sadness to his voice, not a tremble of being overwhelmed by someone else's emotion. As he feels the soft circles on his back, Ashton's sighs softly, almost purring, "That feels nice… He leans back, wiping his cheeks with the back of his palm of his hand. He smirks slightly, "Sorry… I screwed up the moment… " He reaches down and grabs Louk's hand and brings it up, as he slides his fingers between the other boy's. He offers a weak smile, but not at all forced. Then there is a gurgling noise coming from his stomach. He closes his eyes in an amusing cross between embarrassment and humor. "Um.. before I was headed down to get somethign to eat… I missed dinner earlier… " He chews on his lower lip slightly, "You want to go raid the kitchen with me, Mister I-don't-have-to-eat?" Yeah, he's trying to just skip the whole crying moment. He pulls on Loukanos's hand, "You can at least come with me and make sure that there is no teen ninja hiding in the shadows."'

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