(2018-02-17) Rondo of Ronan
Rondo of Ronan
Summary: Ronan is dancing in the back lawn when Theo arrives. Grayson later shows up and loses his burger!
Date: IC Date (2018-02-17)
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NPCs: Nona
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While normally one might have expected Ronan to be falling over his own feet, this time he's actually dancing. It looks like he's doing ballet in the back lawn. His shirt was tossed aside for the time being and he doesn't seem to be taking notice of the cold air or the snow that was lazily drifting down to the ground. His blond hair had small snowflakes still clinging to it as he danced, practicing his moves. It's surprising about the fact he managed to move without falling over his own two feet.

Now THIS is a sight! Theo's spiders are on his shoulders, so they aren't the vanguard of his approach this time. But he's showing up, nontheless. It not being a school day, he's in more casual clothes. Though he's got a coat on to protect against the cold. Weirdly? For some reason, his shirt underneath his coat glows a little. Now, he doesn't want to bother Ronan, since he knows that's a pain to deal with. So he shuffles off to the side, quietly, to watch and wait. Theo is not oggling. He actually has a considering, assessing look on his face.

Truth be told, Ronan was fairly flexible. He's taking things way slower than normal so that he is pushing his muscles a bit more than normal. Slowly he comes to a stop, breathing a bit heavily, his skin flushed as he tries to catch his breath. Leaning down, he picks up the t-shirt on the ground, not yet having noticed that Theo is there looking at him. He slides the shirt on and that's about when he noticed Theo,"Oh. Dia dhuit. How are you?" The english actually sounds forced, like not his normal way of speaking.

Theo smiles when Ronan notices him. "Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you," he offers first. But then he nods. "I'm doing well. And yourself?" He tilts his head. "I happened to notice you were dancing, and wanted to watch you for a bit, if that's all right?" He's still got the formal quality to his tone, too. He doesn't comment on the forced sound to Ronan's English. It was understandable, and that's the important bit.

"It's ok. I don't mind being watched while I dance. The purpose of dance is to be shared." Ronan says grinning at Theo,"I am fairly well really. It's nice to not be hot." He watches Theo to see how he's reacting to things,"I was just finishing up though. It's nice ta dance sometimes since when I dance, I don't hurt myself. It's amusing that it works that way." He says grinning broadly, as he runs his fingers through his hair, knocking loose the snow flakes.

At that first bit, the purpose of dance, Theo nods. "That's true," he agrees. A chuckle then at the mention of the temperature. "I forgot about that — I'd been thinking how you managed not to freeze out here with no shirt on, and then I remembered you run rather a lower normal temperature than the typical person, yes?" Ronan's words of not hurting himself gets a thoughtful tilt of Theo's head. "Perhaps if you went into every motion you did, anywhere, as a dance, it might be easier?" he suggests.

"Yes. I don't feel cold, or am even really affected by it." Ronan says nodding his head a bit at the whole thing,"I keep my body temperature lower than normal." He says casually, his eyes close for a moment as he breathes in deep,"Doesn't work. I've tried before. It ended up just looking really really weird." He says laughing merrily. His eyes open as he says,"Did you enjoy the show though?" He asks as he stretches his leg out in front of him again.

Theo smiles. "That would be handy," he notes, of not feeling the cold. "Otherwise I'd practice out here too. But it's just not feasible. I'd get sweaty, then I'd freeze." Though he chuckles a bit at Ronan's mention that dancing everywhere would look weird. "Well… I suppose it would at that." He executes a spin, and circles his arms around his head. That is an actual dance move, too, not just pretend. He does it again, this time the other way. "Having to do this everywhere would be strange. Plus, you'd likely get very dizzy." He smiles, and puts his hands in his pockets again. As for the latter question? Theo nods. "I did. You're quite talented."

"Yeah but the trade off is that I don't have any real tolerance for heat." Ronan points out to Theo as he stands near the other teen with his hands in the pockets of his jeans, purple t-shirt tight. His blue eyes flicker a little bit,"Pirouettes are not terrible convenient for moving." He says laughing merrily as he stands there rocking from his heels to toe, rather absently. The snow that falls lazily clings to his hair again frosting it a bit.

Theo, on the other hand, is bundled up. HE feels the cold, so he's got a coat on over his usual t-shirt and jeans. But his shirt, under his coat, is glowing blue-white, for some reason. Ronan's mention of his low heat tolerance gets a thoughtful tilt of his head. "That's true. There's always a trade off, I suppose." As for pirouettes no being movement convenient? "No, not at all. They don't get you very far at all, do they?" He spins again — it's not exactly a ballet pirouette, but it's something close — and looks where he was standing. "Nope. Not very far at all."

Grayson wanders into the yard from who knows where. He's carrying a brown sack that looks like it was greasy. In his hand is a large, dripping monster of a cheeseburger that he's eaten about half of. There's some mayo and ketchup on his cheek from the monumental task. His cheeks are flush from the cold, and he's wearing a black wool overcoat. He is heading for the stairs and then pauses when he sees the other two kids. "It's cold out," he says, as if that indicates whatever the old grump means.

"Is it really?" Ronan asks smiling at Grayson,"I hadn't noticed." He says in that thick brogue, seeming unimpressed by the older teen's grumpy demeanor. He gives Theo a sidelong look and wonders if they should adjorn inside for his sake. There's no way he can adjust the temperature up enough to be comfortable for the teen. He does kick it up a little bit around him so that Theo might not be QUITE as cold. "I don't think we've met yet. Ronan is ainm dom." He says proffering a hand and hoping that it won't be one with ketch and such on it.

Theo looks up as he notes Grayson arriving in the area. He blinks, then offers a smile and a wave. At the mention of the temperature, he smirks a little, amused. "Your powers of perception are indeed the peak of intuition, good sir," he says teasingly. "Also you have condiments on your face." He touches his own face, about where they are on Grayson's face. "Right about here." And as Ronan offers his name, Theo does the same. "My name is Theodore. Call me Theo if you'd like."

Grayson tilts his head a bit, "Ronan. Like… the rogue gypsy warriors?" He smirks, "That your code name or did your parents just want you to get beat up?" He glances at Theodore, "I'm saving them," he says flatly of the condiments. "Why are you two freshies hanging out in the cold?" He grins, "You got smokes?"

"Ronan like the traditional Irish name." Ronan says looking at Grayson, watching him carefully,"Why not be in the cold? I donnae mind the cold. Not that I feel it. Me parents didn't mind it so much. It's a fairly common name in Ireland." Not exceedingly common, but it's beside the point,"Why would I be tryin' ta kill meself with cancer sticks?" He asks with a confused look on his face. He doesn't like them at all.

"I came out to watch Ronan. He was dancing," Theo replies. He's steadfastly refusing to be aggravated by the brusque tone. Though as for cigarettes? "I don't smoke, I'm sorry," he offers, a genuine apology. "I sing, and cigarettes do horrible things to a singing voice. Also I doubt I'd be able to buy them."

Grayson nods, "Oh yeah. I um… I think they're totally gross, too. Totally." He takes another giant bite of that sandwich and talks as he chews. "You wush danshing?" he asks, looking at Ronan as he chews. "And you shing?" he says, to Theodore. "It'sh like a whole theater club here."

"Yer a terrible liar. I ain't gonna judge ye for wanting ta smoke." Ronan says shrugging a little bit at the whole thing. He wasn't going to rise to the bait."I was indeed dancing. It's something to do to break the time up." He says casually. "I enjoy a bit of acting now and again. Gettin' ta be someone else entirely for a little bit."

Theo nods in response to Ronan's words about smoking. "Me either," Theo reassures. "Different strokes for different folks, after all." He smiles. Ronan mentions acting then, and Theo looks up at him with surprise. "Oh, you act too? Have you gotten to do any shows around this area yet?"

Grayson's brow lifts, and he watches the two boys. He swallows, and sniffs, before exhaling a little cloud of warm air into the night. "So, what. You two are like, best friends now?" He stares at them with a touch of annoyance on his face.

"I'm still new to the area." Ronan says laughing a bit,"And we're not best friends. But then you're probably grump because even your right hand isn't helping you out any more." He says smiling at Grayson. Yes. He just went there.

"He dances. I sing. We fight crime," Theo replies flatly. Then he smirks. Though Ronan's words get a blink, and he looks at Ronan in surprise. Don't feed the trolls, Ronan!

Grayson pauses in his chewing of his next bite when Ronan makes that remark. He then quickly chews, and swallows, still staring straight at Ronan. Finally, he take a single step toward Ronan and says, "Maybe I need to find some stupid freshman to do it for me then." It's a bully threat from a senior. Classic.

Squaring off against Grayson, Ronan smiles back not seeming afraid, "Ye wish ye could find a freshman willing to do it." He says looking into Grayson's eyes and radiating cold temperatures even farther below, "So you'll have to try and make do. Poor baby." Then there's a serious of rapidfire Irish Gaelic that is probably a series of very inventive curses.

Theo winces at the situation starting to escalate. "Hey," he starts to speak up. Fortunately neither of the two appear to be able to see his spiders. More of them start appearing (though still unseen by either Ronan or Grayson), as Theo tries to get between the two of them. He raises his hands. "C'mon guys, there's no need to get like that." He's trying to play peacemaker. Yes, he knows all the ways this can go bad, and expects it to take one he totally didn't plan for.

Grayson snarls a little, and the sandwich and bag tumble to the ground as his fists clench. The air around them suddenly is filled with the scene of freshly fallen rain, an oddity given the snow, and his fists seem to warble in the light a little. He takes a half step forward, and there's Theo. He looks at Theo, whose words seem to work in some way because the shimmer around his fists fade and the smell immediately goes away. It doesn't work all the way, though. Because Grayson's next movement is simply throwing a good old fashioned punch at Ronan's cheek - sans super powers.

The punch hurts, and Ronan doesn't seem to mind it much,"Nice punch." He says laughing softly,"Not gonna hit back though. I deserved it. I was thinkin' ye might be all talk but good. Ye are capable of action too." He says stretching,"That's going to leave a mark." He says casually as he rubs a bit where he got struck. "It's ok Theo. We're all good here." He looks at Grayson,"Ye must not be very good at controlling yer temper. Just a bit of poking fun at being sexually pent up? Pretty sure there's loads worse things."

Theo blinks, smelling the rain. But before he can ask about it, Grayson's throwing a punch! Once more Theo winces, as the punch strikes Ronan squarely. "Geez… are you all right?" he asks. Though Ronan's words get a blink. So he was… testing Grayson? Though the rubbing at the injured spot gets a tilt of his head. "You want me to try to fix it?" he asks. Though he's not completely sure his spiders can do anything for it. He stays quiet about the rest of it, though… he doesn't have siblings and didn't really have a whole lot of friends in the normal high school he went to, so most of this is foreign to him.

Grayson grumbles, and he glares intently at Ronan. "Poking fun?" he asks, angrily. He scowls, and he looks down at his ruined burger on the ground. He looks back at Ronan, and he points, "You owe me a burger, you little dick." He turns, pushing past Theo, and begins marching toward the house.

"Well if yer getting nasty ye should be prepared for getting something in return." Ronan says smiling at Grayson. "Ye can if ye want to and won' hurt ye." He's not having someone hurting themselves to fix him for his foolhardiness. "Geeez, if he went up against some of the folks I've known he'd so be out of his league." He says casually.

Theo grunts quietly as he's pushed past, though he doesn't fall over. Weebles wobble but they don't fall down! Ahem. Anyway. He sighs a bit as Grayson leaves the area. "He's an unpleasant sort when he's angry…" he observes. Ronan's mention of not hurting himself gets a shake of his head. "No, it doesn't hurt me. Did you bite the inside of your mouth?" A spider begins to crawl up Theo's leg and to his arm and hand as he reaches up towards Ronan. It just looks like he's going to examine the area… but there's a tiny invisible spider on his hand, one he'll try to give the ability to land on Ronan's cheek. It won't be visible, but Ronan might feel an odd, but very very slight 'static' sensation, as if he's touched an old television that had a tube when it wasn't getting a signal.

"No I didn't. I've taken a punch before many a time." Ronan says grinning broadly at Theo. He doesn't seem too upset over the tingly sensation of the 'spider' on his skin. "Well that feels a little bit odd." He says in a casual manner, but he's not complaining. "Who was that even?" He asks curiously. Apparently he didn't know who he was since Grayson never actually introduced himself to them.

"Actually, I don't know," Theo replies. "I haven't met him before. He's rather unpleasant though, isn't he?" OK, good, no bite of the cheek. Though that does leave Theo not really sure what to do about the injury. Can his spiders deal with bruises? Well, apparently this one's going to try. It starts to slowly spin a web over the bruised part. The web glows, and has that same tingly feeling as the spider itself. He admits, "I don't know if they can fix bruises, but I'm going to try."

"Ok. Well it feels all kinds of tingly." Ronan says simply to Theodore, but he's smiling a little bit all the same. The amusement lingers in his blue eyes. "So you sing, did ye ever do a musical or anything before you came here?" He asks curiously as he slides his hands into the pockets of his jeans. "Sometimes fighting is a good thing." He says cheerfully as he rocks a little bit from heel to toe.

The web is little more than a patch. The tingly sensation should at least stimulate the bloodflow to the area, so maybe it'll do some good after all, though in the long run. Theo nods to the mention of tinglyness. "I'm still finding out what the spiders can do," he notes. "I've only seen them fixing cuts, and I can't get them under your skin to fix those." The mention of singing gets a shake of his head. He reaches up to collect the spider from Ronan's cheek. "There we go." Then he notes, "I haven't done anything serious, but I have some stuff on YouTube, and on NicoNico Douga."

"What is NicoNico Douga?" Ronan asks curiously, tilting his head curiously to oneside,"I'm sure that I'll be fine." He says laughing softly,"Well maybe we'll fine enough people ta do a musical. I've not really learned how to sing." He says causally. Dancing yes. Violin, yes. But singing, not so much. "Did you ever think that they don't need ta go under the skin, so much as send the waves to just beneath?"

Theo chuckles. "Basically Japanese YouTube," he answers, to the question of 'NicoNico Douga'. "Oh, but I keep forgetting it's just NicoNico now." He looks a little sheepish when Ronan mentions a musical. "Possibly. Though most of what I sing is electronic… and most of it's in Japanese, since I always get slapped with copyright strikes when I try to do covers of English songs." As for the spiders not going under the skin? "I'm not sure… they're not exactly 'waves'. The spiders' strings behave like actual webbing, and 'sew up' injuries. And I can't do anything about blood loss." He pauses, and retrieves a mirror from an inside pocket of his coat — why the hell does he carry around a mirror? Turning it toward Ronan, he displays the change — there's a glowing blue-white 'patch' like a bandage on Ronan's face, where the spider spun it.

"Neat." Ronan says looking at the patch in the mirror. "I prefer natural voice singing personally." He says rather casually, as he stands there looking his 'bruise' over. "Hm. Interesting. You really did do a good job with patching. How long does the glowing last?" He asks curiously as he lifts a hand to touch at it tentatively. He's not sure about it. There's a bit of pain to it but it doesn't hurt that bad.

"It shouldn't last too long," Theo replies. "Normally they kind of… fuse with injured tissue. Otherwise they kind of… evaporate if I'm not continually pumping energy into them. Maybe ten minutes. I don't know if it'll help or not, but at least I tried, yes?" He gives a bit of a half-smile. Though he does nod to the mention of natural voice. "Oh, my voice is natural, just the instruments I use are electronic, since I can't play anything."

"Go raibh maith agat." Ronan says grinning broadly,"And perhaps sometime we will dance together. I know other styles as well that lend more easily to dancin' with others. I know swing and Ceili dancing." He says casually,"Me teacher believed in making sure we had a well rounded education in dancing. How about you? Which styles do ye know?" He asks curiously,"And would ye like to go in where it is warmer for ye? I know not everyone is able to handle cold and snow."

Theo blinks at the language he doesn't understand. "I beg your pardon?" he inquires, chuckling. Then a quote from something Ronan may not be old enough to remember (then again, neither is Theo) — "'Thank you sir, and a bowl of wet chili and a kisser to you too'." He chuckles again. "I tease — that was from an Abbott and Costello skit." The mention of swing gets a bright look. "Oh, I did a cover of… I think it was Dean Martin's 'Sway', with included Spanish. My Spanish isn't very good though. It sounds like I'm trying to Japanese-ify it." He looks sheepish. The mention of going inside gets a tilt of his head. "It wouldn't be too warm for you in there, would it?" he asks.

"I'm not that sensitive to it." Ronan says cheerfully,"Why do ye think me shirt is so thin though?" He asks curiously,"I've heard of them. Never watched them though. I said 'thank you' in Irish Gaelic." He says casually, his eyes amused at it,"Ye have ta be colder than I'd be warm. It's only in the… 60s to 70 in there. I don't know. It's just a little warmer than I'd like." He says stretches slowly and almost in a catlike manner.

As for the thin shirt? Theo notes, a bit teasingly, "I just thought you liked showing off?" He's kidding, though. But the mention of Abbott and Costello gets a smile. "They were pretty funny. Them and Red Skelton are my favorite comedians. Red Skelton had a stable of 'characters' he'd play." And a grateful sort of smile. "You're welcome. I just hope it helps." A look to the house then. "Well… I admit I'm rather chilly. I just don't want to put you in a bad situation either. If you don't mind going inside, I'd like to," he admits.

"Well that is fun too." Ronan says merrily as he starts walking towards the school,"Let's go inside then. Ye freezin' does no one any good." He says grinning and making a gesture towards the school. His eyes flicker a little bit as he bites his lower lip slightly,"Red Skelton… I've heard the name before." He says casually, his eyes watch Theo,"Are you coming?" He asks curiously.

Theo follows Ronan back to the estate, with a nod. "Yeah. Sorry about that." He loses the formality for just a moment, but then it's back. "Those are from the broadway and black-and-white television eras," he replies. "I have a couple DVDs with me. If you want, we can watch them sometime."

"Sure. I'm always interested ta see new things." Ronan says grinning at Theo,"Perhaps sometime we can watch them together." He says nodding his head a little bit at the whole thing,"I'm pretty open to see things. I've seen some really funny old movies before."

Theo nods. "Sounds good. Let me know when; it might be better on the weekends, since there's a couple of them." Pause, and he tilts his head as he enters the house. "I wonder if it's near to dinner yet…"

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