(2018-02-17) Bodice Rippers.... and Sausages
Bodice Rippers…. and Sausages
Summary: It's not what you think. Not in that way, exactly. Not—-yeah, let's just leave it at that.
Date: 2018-02-17
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Attic Floor, Winbarry Estate
Sat Feb 17, 2018

The attic floor contained more staff quarters, general storage areas. There are boxes there that have been there for decades, not brought in by Unit 23. Who knows what's in them?


<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

It's been a jam-packed day for Fionnuala Reid, as Saturdays so often are. She had gone home for the night Friday evening, had awoken early for a solid eight hours at her part-time job in town.. followed up by an interlude with her mother for belated birthday tea and cupcakes! She then made it BACK to the school just in time for supper and… whew… whew

Now she's here, in this musty old attic space, taking an hour before lights out prep to 'cast out' some of her accumulated sunlight. No matter how overcast the day, if Fionnuala is outdoors for much of it.. her body is a sponge, drawing in every scrap of solar energy to be had. The downside, if she doesn't cast it out? She glows…. so imagine how well that goes over with her roommates at night.

So time in the attic alone, to simply be and glow… is nice. Kinda peaceful. The friendly girl sits contentedly atop an old trunk, legs clad in calf-high black tights, feet bare with rainbow-colored toenails. A loose white peasantry blouse and hair left down and wayward completes her rather hippy-dippy look, black wings arching behind her slight body as she appears to be reading a…. book of sorts?

My, she's intent on this book! Sunlight glistens along every feather in both wings; the ambient light and warmth that she casts into the space is a welcoming thing.

Ariel did absolutely eff-all all day and it was the best day she's had since coming to this house. Well, maybe the second best day. Valentine's wasn't bad. But having had Loukanos get all god of whatever on her iPad meant she spent most of the day under blankets catching up on various Netflix shows. Her parents may have passed on sending her the iPad, but they've yet to turn her Netflix account off, so that was the best possible surprise. But then at one point she got hungry and for Ariel, a compact girl with long blonde hair at the moment, hungry means finding a quiet space to eat, because it can get a little unnerving to watch for some people. But that whole plan went to hell for one reason or another and now she squishes her way up to the attic, completely soaked and looking angry as hell. Besa said the attic was the ideal place to get away from everyone, so when Ariel stomps in, leaving puddles as she goes, she's already torn the side of a can of tuna fish open with a mouth full of long black teeth and is busily emptying it with a long, prehensile tongue. When she realizes she isn't alone at all she snaps back to human normal, normal mouth, normal teeth, normal tongue. "Uh. Sorry. Didn't mean to intrude."

Poor Ariel… well, she could encounter worse up here. There could be any semblance of rowdy youths arguing or making out up here.. or both! But then there's just Fionnuala, looking a little hot and bothered by whatever she has in her lap. Is it homework? She looks a bit red in the face but not exactly angry! What is she reading?

"Oh, Eduardo…" She exhales under her breath. Her fingers drum the cover of…. it's a novel. There's a man in a pirate suit with ten-pack abs because the person who rendered the cover got trigger happy, and the comatose-looking woman in his arms is bent at an angle with her blonde hair streaming, looking transported—-more like she got her bell rung by a board to the face, she's that stunned. Fionnuala is reading a friggin' bodice ripper!

Hearing footsteps… stompy footsteps.. Fee jolts and slabs the slanderous thing closed, stuffing it into her lap. Her wings twitch, casting a swath of sunlight — as fine as gold dust and harmless — skittering across old floorboards and into the musty hair. "B'uh!? She squints, notices a slight blonde girl really getting into her grub. Luckily Fee hadn't seen the previous, epic manner of eating. "No no, you're good! It's not my attic…" Fee chimes sweetly, squints. "Oh hey… we met once before, didn't we~?"

"Yeah. You're," Ariel has that deer staring into the headlights look for a second. Which makes sense. Fee is putting out the lumens. What was it? The most Irish name she's ever heard. Ariel racks her brain. Seamus O' Mac Tuatha de Danaan Fitzpatrick?! No. Probably not. Wait, "Fee!" So much easier than remembering the whole thing. Hopefully no one ever asks her to spell it. "And yeah, though I might have been a boy then. I don't really remember because it's not that important to me." It sure seems to be important to other people, though, as she found out when wandering out the girls' hall in the wrong body. Ariel walks over to a part of the attic that's well away from anyone doing any reading and sets down a dozen cans of tuna and jars of Vienna sausages, holds out her arms and /squeezes/. The visual on this is kind of like her whole body twists up for just a moment and water pours off of her into a big puddle that hopefully won't drip down on any of the boys below. Or hopefully drips down on the right ones. "Sorry. Figured I could do some reading and some snacking before bed."

The girl looks briefly aghast. "Fee?" She asks pointedly, her pretty eyes flashing. She can play a part quite well when she wants to. Fee straightens up, chin cants haughtily, lashes flutter. "I'll have you know that my name is Seasaidh Leagsaidh Dior-bhorgil McMuffin…" Said fluidly, as if it's the most natural thing in the world. She forgets what she's holding, hugs it to her chest as if offended.. Ten-Pack McPackerson and Guttersnipe stare out from the cover. Fee's expression eases back into that earnest sweetness as she watches Ariel seek out a spot.

"I'm just being an arse. Call me Fee. It's easier than my full name." Well, that part's right.

"I remember you having been a boy briefly, then you shifted into the form you're in now." Fee smiles openly, "Ariel, was it?"

A pause as the other girl produces a rather amazing array of food… followed up by the display of water-letting! Fee tilts her head in wonderment, looking surprised but not put off in any way. "Are you cold? I can warm things up a bit if you'd like." The girl offers, bookmarking her foul book. "I hope I'm not a distraction, if you're needing time alone."

Ariel grimaces when it seems she may have offended. It's what everyone else calls her! Peer pressure made her do it! But then she calms down and whew, that was a bit much. "Yeah. Just Ariel." Three easy syllables! "I don't generally get cold, so no worries there. And I don't necessarily want to be alone, but when everyone else is eating pizza and tacos it's always a little uncomfortable to be the one eating a bunch of cans of tuna." She walks back over, eyes the book cover non-judgmentally, and sits down cross legged. "If the smell becomes offensive don't hesitate to let me know, though. Normally I'd just eat raw beef. No smell, goes down easy, it I didn't want to eat in the kitchen like this." She makes a face and mutters, "Goddam garden hose."

"Well, I won't judge anyone who likes tuna." Fee grins, still seated lotus-style atop the old trunk, wings glittering, specks of light settling in her hair even. There is a 'scent' to such energy: it's not unpleasant. It's a warm, restful smell… think of a morning on a hot summer day. It's hard to explain. Fee doesn't seem bothered in the least by the fishy smell of tuna, and she actually looks quite pleased when Ariel moves to sit closer to her. "My Da is Scottish… Ma, too. They eat crazy things. It takes much more than that to put me off." Said easily, earnestly.

"So.. speaking of finding places to dine in peace.. how are you liking the school? You settling in? I don't think I really got to ask you much when we met and I kinda had to flee." Fee admits, rubbing the back of her neck. "You seem like you can do some pretty amazing stuff.. though the water wringing was interesting!"

Scottish? Whoops. Well. It's not as bad as when she thought Koga and Janessa were related. "I've met Oliver, so I know I'm not the only one doing some of this stuff. Though I can't do animal transformation. Once I leave human shapes it starts to get a little… abstract." Like Cronenberg abstract. "But, uh, I like it. I mean, it could definitely be worse. I'm not sure I'm going to stick with Ares, but that's my fault for picking a house without meeting the people. Uh. But for the most part everyone's been really great. Loukanos helped me get my iPad from home when my brother wouldn't mail it to me and Kaylee is ohmigod and Conner is ohmigod part two. And Besa is basically the nicest person that has ever been." Ariel opens the Vienna sausages and daintily eats them one at a time as she talks. "Oliver was nice, too. It was kind of amazing to have a conversation with someone who has experienced things I experience that nobody else could really understand."

The shifter listens contentedly to Ariel's explanation of how things have been going, and the people with whom she formed a rapport. "I heard from the grapevine that Conner was dressed as Cupid on V-Day.. he's from a pretty tight family. Sometimes it's fun to be the troublemaker." The girl says with mischief in her chiming voice. "Besa is a good pal of mine, too.. sweetest of the sweet. And——Oliver." A little blush, and a silly grin. She leans forward conspiratorially, "We started dating a couple of months ago. Isn't he just the greatest?" She asks.

She tilts her head then, black tresses swaying in front of her chest as her head moves. "I was actually wanting to drop his name on you back in the library that evening, but I didn't quite get the chance. I'm glad you both met… he's a fine friend to have and bonus, him knowing those ropes."

"Yeah. Conner and I crashed the dance club in town. He was Cupid, I was Eros. We had a contest to see who could make the most matches, which mostly meant running around in togas and nerf arrowing people." Ariel grins a little at the memory. "His job was deep spiritual connections. My job was hotties. We both did okay!" But the fairy probably won the day. "I know his brother, Sky. He got a little tiny bit protective when I asked what Conner's deal was. Which was kind of adorable?" She closes her jar when she finishes and moves on to the next one. She's downing these things as fast as one can without being too gross, but there's the distinct impression that if it weren't for good company she'd just cram the containers and spit out the empty jars just to have it done with. "Oliver was interesting. We do a lot of the same things, but I don't think how it works is at all the same. Still, I'd love to learn more about his people. An entire planet where appearance and gender are completely fluid? Sounds amazing."

Description of the V-day shenanigans warrants an easy grin in the crow girl's small face. "Well played, well played! Wouldn't that have been a sight to see…" She trails off. Talk of Sky warrants a… brief shift in Fee's expression, the barest look of concern. "I can see that, with Sky. The whole family is super… super tight." She reiterates again, fingers drumming her closed novel. "If you think he was protective regarding Conner, you should see how he is with Rain. And vice versa." A fond look then, "Sure makes me wish my folks had more kids. It would be lovely to have a sibling to face the world with."

It's a wistful tone, but not sad.. Fee doesn't dwell for long. Like the glow in her feathers, light returns and she's happy again. "Not that I'm judging.. just super curious. I always appreciate people who eat and eat well.." She tilts her head again, genuinely curious. "So your abilities.. do you need to eat a lot to sustain them? I'd have to say that this is, like, the most epic tuna feast that I've ever been privy too."

She handwaves. "I mean it, I'm impressed!"

"I had a brother. Have a brother? Whatever. I'm not sure we were ever tight. Even before I became this person that so freaked out my whole family." She gives a slight shrug. "I haven't met Rain yet." Which isn't true, she just doesn't realize it. When Fionnuala mentions her eating Ariel looks a little sheepish and only doesn't blush because she literally doesn't blush unless she makes the decision to. "To do human transformations, not really. Though I do if I have to recover from an injury or if I have to, uh, do a lot of going beyond my human form. I can add mass to myself, but it has to come from somewhere." Ariel pauses for a second, making an unpleasant face. "Grayson and I had a disagreement downstairs. Thus the puddles. He decided to prove his powers were more impressive than a Slip n Slide. By getting me kind of damp."

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