(2018-02-15) Misunderstandings
Summary: Fionnuala lends an ear to Theodore's plight and tries to offer comfort and advice.
Date: 2018-02-15
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Attic Floor, Winbarry Estate
Thu Feb 15, 2018

The attic floor contained more staff quarters, general storage areas. There are boxes there that have been there for decades, not brought in by Unit 23. Who knows what's in them?


<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

Classes are over for the day, and that's when the fun stuff begins! A few times a week Fionnuala retires to spaces such as the attic, or anywhere that she won't be a bother to others as she… 'practices'.

No, not singing or hobbies of that ilk. She's trying to bend her energy; she has enough control and knowledge over the properties of her solarkinesis that there's no threat of anything going wrong and damaging the school. But! Weaving mystical talents can be distracting, flashy… and sometimes it's good to just be alone so Fee can fuss, mess up, flub and be left wondering in peace.

It's not been a Good Week for Fee's personal studies of what 'else' she can make her magic do. The will is there, the fierce aching desire to take that raw mystical energy (often used to capture the wind) and turn it into something beneficial… but…

To step up into the attic is to feel the distinct warmth of Fee occupying a portion of a space. She sits upon an old steamer trunk that looks as if it came over on the frickin' Mayflower. She wears a loose ivory peasantry blouse and calf-length black tights, her feet bare and folded one behind the other. Wayward black hair is left long, loose and almost Pagan with it's tiny circlet of a braid as she keeps it all pulled back over a shoulder, wings out and sparkling with solar energy. She looks…. frustrated?!

Theo's presence is again heralded by his spiders. But this time, to call that one spider that seems more animated than the rest 'Happylegs' is a severe misnomer. For a distinctly upset expression decorates his abdomen, rather than the usual happy one. The face is blue rather than black. And Theo's expression, when he makes his appearance in the attic, seems to be different than his typical happy one. It's closed and rather severe-looking.

However, upon seeing Fionnuala, Theo looks around, as if looking for other people. He seems satisfied, whatever he's looking for, since he enters the attic properly. Though he doesn't seem too eager to disturb Fee, since he picks an area behind her to sit in quietly. His spiders, Happylegs and the other four that usually accompany it, cluster about his feet. And he remains quiet, proceeding to basically start spacing out.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Mystic: Good Success.

While not psychic, it is through that strong tie to the supernatural energies that allow Fionnuala to 'see' Happylegs and co. She knows that one distinct little astral buggie enough to know that he is not 'happy', and the girl's brilliantly yellow gaze follows the trajectory of the spiders as they enter the attic, preceding the unhappy Theo. Fee's brow, if it had been knit unhappily due to her own issues, softens in concern as she watches the silent boy's casing out of a place to settle. Between that and the way the aetheric spiders behave…. worrisome.

The girl waits quietly for a beat or two, head tilting as she gives the boy a chance to settle himself… ie. space out. Fee likes to think herself a pal of Theo's; a safe person. Near-soundlessly she slides off of the old trunk and pads barefoot in his direction, watching him quietly for a few more seconds before lowering to seat herself at his side. Her wings are maneuvered carefully, bringing with them that warmth and mellow glow, along with a 'scent' that cannot be placed easily… not unpleasant, not at all; think of the smell of air on a powerfully sunny day and that's the closest one can get to describing it.

Taking care not to jostle the spiders either, Fee watches Theo worriedly. "What's up?" She asks gently, since asking 'are you ok' is kinda dumb. He does not LOOK ok.

Happylegs's expression changes, from the blue sadface to one of surprise! And then he pokes Theo on the foot. Poke! Pokepoke! Since he doesn't seem to noticed Fee initially. In fact, she might see his brow knit as it is in some form of distress.

Though finally, he seems to notice something — whether it was the spider poking him or her presence is unclear. He looks up, surprised… and then smiles. "Oh, hello there," Theo greets, forcing a smile onto his face. Surprisingly it doesn't look TOO forced. "I'm sorry, I didn't want to bother you. You looked as though you were concentrating."

He doesn't really answer the question, but Happylegs's expression returns to the blue sadface, and it hides behind Theo's foot.

"Aw, it's okay." Fee says regarding the 'interruption' which really, it wasn't. Not by her standards, and she could use the break anyway. She blinks, looking down just as Happylegs shifts back to that blue sadface and moves behind Theo's foot. The shifter's lips press together as she reaches forward, not going to touch Theo's foot persay but extending a slender index finger in Happylegs' direction. "Aw, Happy… everyone here seems so upset." Is said softly, introspectively. Clearly the special spiders don't scare or unnerve Fee in the least because bugs just don't scare her. These are important spiders.

"You're not interrupting." Is offered earnestly as she keeps trying to coax Happy to come see her, to climb up into her warm palm, but she will not force matters. Fee looks up from beneath a fringe of black lashes to watch Theo's face. "Did you want to talk about anything, or vent? I can be an ear if it will help, but I don't want to pry."

Theo makes a strange sound when Fionnuala reaches towards Happylegs with that finger — it's a stifled sound, and he frowns more darkly. The face on the spider's abdomen seems to turns a darker blue, and turns to what basically amounts to (T^T), and Theo rubs his eyes for a moment, as if he's tired.

But in answer to her question, he notes, "Ah, it's nothing. Homesickness, no doubt. This is the longest I've been away from my parents, and since I'm still just a kid…" He trails off there, figuring that's enough to make it understood. It's not a complete lie, there's that.

However, the spider comes out from around Theo's foot and climbs up into Fee's hand. She's warm, and Theo's sadness is 'cold'. But the spider also 'speaks', the way it can when it's in contact with someone. «Sad. Friend Besa and Friend Rain.»

At this, Theo growls quietly, grumbling a rude word under his breath. "Ugh, I wish I could banish you guys sometimes…" he mutters. The formality of a moment ago is missing.

The girl's finger jolts back with brief alarm… did she hurt him?! Fionnuala's expression falls into an equally brief look of worry, and she does not make to reach for the spider again in invitation.. though her hand remains low and in the bug's general direction, though not quite as seeking. "I'm sorry-" She says quickly, pausing once Theo speaks. Homesickness? Fee looks truly affected, wishing she could say more on that matter… she is really quite blessed to have her folks in town here. "I'm really sorry to hear… it can't be easy." She says uncertainly… why does she have a feeling there's more? Because Theo looks very troubled indeed, right down to the astral spider level! He must really, truly, deeply miss…

.. oh! Happylegs DOES come forth and in touching her, infusing her mind with that strange way of speaking. Fionnuala startles for half a second, not knowing where to look… eyes flitting toward the rafters, to Theo and finally, to the small being in her palm. I-it's the spider…!

No use hiding it. She 'heard' what was said and that's hard… it's hard to be friends with everyone, only to have something apparently go wrong. "Did you all have a row? A falling out?" Fee asks softly, without judgment.

"…Sorry. He doesn't understand that he can't just blurt it out like that," Theo replies. For the spider, it has curled up in Fee's hand, the way a spider does when it's cold. Or if one would like a more disturbing analogy, the way a spider does when it's dying. It doesn't seem to want to move from her palm, it seems to just want to curl there into a spidery ball and look miserable.

Theo gives a tense sigh. "…Yes, and no. I… suppose Besa and Whitley have had some history together, and a passing mention of him got them both seeming as though I'd done something horrible," he started to explain slowly, hesitantly. "I got angry when neither would tell me what I'd done that was so horrible. Thinking about the conversation, I surmised it was the mention of Whitley, and I realized that they were thinking that I would… 'horn in' on Besa's boyfriend. So I… went off on them both."

Oh, isn't that just heartbreaking? Maybe some of the sad little bug's sadness (ie. Theo's) is projecting into the shifter, but even just the look of the spider bothers Fee. She curves her fingers inwards just a bit, not making to clutch or enclose the spider in that hand but just to imply further safety. Her skin, and aura, are both warm and she rests that open palm atop her opposite hand, both settled in her lap as she remains seated, cross-legged. The tense sigh from her friend causes the girl to look up from the miserable spider and back to the boy's face.

The girl listens openly, drawing no judgement or the like as she hears about how Theo and two of her other close friends had what was most definitely a tiff. Fionnuala's face falls from shocked worry to that of an earnest, sympathetic sadness.

"I don't know much about Besa and Whitley's history, only that… I don't know, even, if they're still.. dating. But something went a bit sour and I guess they're figuring it out?" She tilts her head, still holding the spider but arcing a wing to encompass Theo a tiny bit more. It's as good as a friendly hug. "It sounds like a huge misunderstanding? Did they listen when you, surely, told them that you're not interested in Whitley?" While pained that everyone didn't get along, she's not going to defend or analyze anyone in the circumstance. They're all big boys and girls… but her heart hurts for Theo.

"I don't know much about it either," Theo admits. "Which… was kind of the problem. They rather looked at me as though I'd committed some unpardonable sin, but then when I asked, 'Oh no, you're fine'." The spider in Fionnuala's hand shakes a bit, the blue going a bit red for a moment, and it seems to struggle for an angry face. But ultimately the sadface wins out and the spider stills again. Curl.

Theo continues, as if the spider hadn't moved, "As I said, I had to think back over the conversation to figure out what it was that I'd said." As for listening to him? "I… don't know," he admits. "I did tell them I didn't know Whitley well enough to feel that way for him. But I didn't want to stay there after I said it all, so I went back to my room." He sighs, seeming to deflate a bit.

The girl, of a nature to help pacify things, knows when it's best to just….. well, she has faith that Besa and Rain, too, could think and reason all of this out. Motion from the spider in her hand drops her gaze back onto it's tiny body, only to see the brief flare of red coloration. Back to blue. Poor sad, sad little bug. She wants to pet it, but she remembers Theo's reaction to the initial extending of the finger.

"Well, the important thing is that you defended yourself, said your bit." Fionnuala goes on, feeling a bit unhappy herself in the pit of her belly. Surely, her other friends will help to make this right? Would there be an apology? Misunderstandings sure suck. "Hopefully they took it all to heart that you didn't mean things in that way… I'm sure they did. You're a good person Theo… can you think back, I wonder, to what exactly you said about Whitley? Even just dropping the name? Maybe you can tell me and I'll let you know how I construe it?" Fee offers helpfully, but pauses. "O-only like, if it doesn't make you feel worse. Sometimes it helps to run it by someone who isn't involved whatsoever." Ie. she knows so little about Whitley, and Whitley x Besa.

Not to worry, Fionnuala. The spider is sort of rubbing its side against her hand, in a bit of a feline way. It's fuzzy, the little spider. But 'fuzzy' in the way that static on a TV is fuzzy. It tingles a bit, and seems to move in unnatural, random ways, and at times when it doesn't seem like it should. Perhaps it wasn't the gesture of wanting to touch the spider, but the open offering of comfort.

Theo tilts his head at the question. "We were talking about damsels in distress… and whatever the male equivalent would be," he recalls. "I mentioned that, during the wilderness survival test, Whitley had seemed to see me as the male equivalent, that he seemed to think I needed protecting. And then Besa… his face just fell, like someone broke a mirror right out of its frame. Immediately following that, Rain looked up at me with the most venomous look I'd ever seen on her face…."

The four spiders not in Fee's hand are the generally not-aware types, those that are more like animals. And if she's paying attention? A second spider, at Theo's feet, shakes itself. It shakes, and the spots on his back turn red. Theo doesn't seem to notice. But it's becoming more active…

Oh, and Fee will go right on with letting the little thing 'nuzzle' her. Fingers quiver subtly, responding to the peculiar sensation but not bothered by it. If anything weird little Fee kinda likes it… but she can't focus on it for too long. She's casing everything out in her mind.

"Oh…" Blink, a beat. "Oh. There's still feelings there, that's why. I think Besa and Whitley need to have themselves a talk.. a big one. I don't know Whitley well," She says again, but ponders. "But I know enough that he seems kinda… arrogant, but confident. I'm sure there's a lot about him to like, and I don't like to judge but…" She looks down at her feet. "IT was hard on Besa, when things happened. Whatever it was entirely. But knowing Besa as I do he is both denying himself the chance to be with somebody and at the same time.. I think, he still really really wants it. Wants him." Fionnuala breathes deeply, shoulders drop. Her wing curves in closer, hugging Theo but quick to move back should the boy dismiss it.

"Rain, well.. she's super protective of him, as you've seen. It's like an immediate reaction, if he's sad.. she'll be quick to defend. I'm sorry that happened, Theo… I wish more questions would have been asked before reactions." Said softly, despite the great affection that she feels for all three of them: Besa, Rain, Theo.

"Big, big misunderstanding." Is reiterated, meaningfully. "This isn't your fault. People need to start clearing the air." A blush then. "I sure hope it gets figured out and cleared up.. I sure don't like my friends being unhappy, when I'm about to turn seventeen tomorrow."

Theo's not dismissive of the wing-hug. In fact, his shoulders relax a bit, and he sighs quietly, almost relieved. He doesn't like to bother other people with his problems, and tries to keep all it in. So maybe given the comfort, it's a relief. And Happylegs relaxes too, giving a mental 'purr', if such a thing is possible.

But he does nod in response. To MOST of that, in fact. "That's… there's a lot of that, that's right-on," he agrees. "This is surely enough to get them to talk it out." No, he doesn't want to get into it and start trouble. Which may be Theos' greatest fault at play — he doesn't like conflict, and doesn't like to poke at things that don't concern him, or at things that have burned him once.

And the spider whose face spots turned red? It seems to settle down, stilling with the other spiders into quiescence again.

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