(2018-02-15) An Interesting Cluster of Students
An Interesting Cluster of Students
Summary: Several students happen to run into each other on the back lawn.
Date: 2018-02-15
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Back Lawn Winbarry Estates

A large swatch of green that goes in all directions. To the east and northeast, the lawn goes from the green of grass to the yellowish-brown of sea grass and then sandy beach, the blue-green of the ocean spreading out as far as the eye can see. In the center is a tall overgrown hedge maze, with dormant flowering bushes at the corners.


Koga has found himself wandering the grounds in search of something specific and apparently has found it. It's after classes, and generally free time he assumes. Standing near the edge where the beach is, one of the newest students is currently in a casual outfit as if trying to decide whether to move towards the beach or to simply stay where he is and admire the scenery. Not to mention he has a sword in it's scabbard being carried in one hand.

If Grace isn't to be found in the kitchen reveling in the chance to play with new recipes, she's out on the grounds jogging. Wait, no; more like running. Despite the chill in the air she's in her jogging tighties and circling the hedge with such intensity that one would think her to just keep going out onto the beach to continue across the water! Her breath is measured and her limbs move with a perfect economy of motion, the cool air a pleasure as she moves. Eventually her trajectory will carry her toward the section of lawn that eases off toward the beach and there, Grace shall ultimately spy the solitary boy with a—-scabbard? //Well/ then!

Nonetheless she's going to take her breather down by the water and she ain't about to startle a kid with a sword. She can be heard approaching, breath puffing, color high. "Hi," She offers to Koga. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything." The girl tests, eyes sliding from Koga toward the vast, sighing expanse of water.

Considering it is significantly cooler outside than inside, it's no surprise that Ronan steps foot outside as often as he could. The fact that there was the smell of the ocean was a thing that did help as well. He stretches a little bit extending his arms directly overhead and arching a little bit before he slides his hands into his pockets as beginning to walk away from the school, trying to clear his head a little bit. Humming softly to himself, Rocky Road to Dublin, Ronan does his best NOT to appear too clumsy today. His feet are carefully placed to avoid falling flat on his face. Once a week is his limit.

Thank the stars that classes are done for the day. Ashton quickly stripped from his uniform into something a bit more comfortable. The dark-haired youth, as a violin case in his hand. He pauses, closing his eyes, as a chilly, breeze brushes over him. Unlike a sane person, he doesn't brace against it, but seems to relish in the feel of it. He glances around the estate's back lawn and the various students milling about, recognizing only the blond Irishman. Knowing Ronan's fondness of the cold and lack of the same for the heat, he smirks slightly before gesturing with his chin as an unspoken greeting, whether or not he was noticed.

Constantine had just finished classes himself, and -boy- was he mentally dead. Thankfully, he had nothing else to do today, so he decided to head out to the back lawn, hear the ocean around them. Excellent way to relax and restore the soul…right? Either way, the young man walks outside in his buttoned up trench coat and beanie on his head, silver ball as per the usual. Though he ends up seeing Koga down near the beach….and HE HAS A SWORD!! utterly intrigued, Constantine heads down there to say hello. "Nice sword." he compliments, he can feel the metal even from there…

Koga turns at the sound of well… heavy breathing. He doesn't even reach for nor draw the sword at all. "Huh? Oh, hello. Not at all. I was just looking for a place to practice my… um." He grumbles something in another language entirely that sounds like it's from one of those Asian flicks. "I apologize. I am still working on translation of terms. Prace my… um… taolu? Uh…"

The girl who saw fit to run like a maniac is down on the beach proper now, having greeted Koga but not lingering so as to intrude on his space. She's aware, too, of the other students milling around…. it's a new student convention! The girl pauses as she stands just at the edge of the water, head tilted 'just so', nostrils flaring to test the briny air. She can hear others, not precisely what is being said. Grace turns to respond to Koga, "I won't be here long—" Called out in reassurance, as she does not want to hold up practice… and then she sees Constantine!

Grace gives the blonde boy a quick smile and fond wave, standing a little ways apart from where he joins Koga upon sensing the blade. She will move to join them soon, she's cooling down and enjoying the muscle burn~

Returning Grace's wave with a friendly smile, Ronan looks at Ashton as he comes out and grins a bit more, "Hey Ashton, feelin' any better today?" He asks curiously as he walks towards the dark haired youth. He sees that he has his violin with him, "Did ye come outside ta practice?" He asks curiously as he keeps his hands in the pockets of his trousers. His eyes do flicker to the sword the boy near the beach is carrying. He has to wonder why someone has a sword on campus but who knows.
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While he may not have noticed before, Constantine's remark about 'nice sword' does catch his attention. Ashton looks over at Koga and 'huhs' softly. He chuckles softly as he replies to Ronan, "I'd pretty much have to be half-dead not to, but yeah. Thanks for asking." He shrugs, "Well, as this place doesn't have a dedicated music room, that's soundproofed, I figured it was only polite not to force everyone in the vicinity to have to listen to it."

Constantine smiles softly then to Ashton, giving him a kind wave. Though another smile then for Ronan, two people he hasn't quite met yet….and then number three is Koga! chilling there for a moment as he messes with the silver ball in his hand some, it's Grace who really gets his attention, giving the young woman a fond smile in return as he moves over to be right next to her. "Hey.. how are you? Enjoying another run?"

Turning, Koga looks to Constantine. "Sorry… I did not mean to ignore you. My… translating?" He looks considerate for a moment. "… is a bit poor? I am used to Japanese or Mandarin Chinese." He hasn't noticed Ronan or Ashton yet.

Making his way down to the beach, Koga crouches to pick up a handful of sand, feeling it in his hand and squeezing a bit before letting it drain through his fingers. Looking up towards the view of the ocean before down at the sand. "Hm… do people often come down here? I do not want to intrude if so."

With all this company, Grace feels a sensation of nervousness in her guts. She's cordial, but she's not the most social of creatures. Ronan, she certainly recalls; hearing his accented voice (they always get her) as he engages Ashton warrants a half-smile. Looking beyond those most immediate to the beach she sees, too, an unknown dark-haired boy with a violin case.. most intriguing, for Grace does enjoy such music.

She pauses in her capable tread across beach rocks, head tilting in an almost candid manner as she considers everyone. It is Constantine who coaxes that half-smile into an earnest one and she moves to join them. "I'm okay," Is offered as she reaches out to give Con's hand a light squeeze. He is the more affectionate of their new pairing, though Grace's tone makes up for it. She's also shy and not wanting to alienate others with PDA~

"This is the most I've seen down here all day. Y-you're not intruding at all." Is offered kindly to Koga, before she eyes the scabbard thoughtfully.

"Well you looked ready to fall over dead when I left. Don't worry, I took care of cleaning up for you." Just like he said he was going to take care of it. Ronan does keep his word after all, "I did the same thing the other day. I didnae think to bring it out today. I think because people are likely awake." And he cannot wake them up. Ronan wasn't sure about all of this stuff in the new school as he runs his fingers through his light hair.

Ashton gives a half-smile. "I wasn't quite that bad, but yeah, that took more out of me than I expected." Yeah, like a couple pints worth. "I really appreciate you doing that… it would have probably taken close to an hour, then I would have probably had some explaining to do in the process…" He places the case on one of the benches, before opening it up. He pulls a very fine looking violin from the reinforced case. "Hey baby girl… " Ashton practically coos at the instrument. He idly starts tuning the violin as he talks to Ronan.

Constantine smiles warmly to Grace, giving her hand a squeeze in return and letting his fingers entwine with hers for a happy loving handhold. Then his attention falls upon Koga, shaking his head softly. "No worries, mate. You're doing great." He says quite encouragingly.

A look then for Ronan and Ashton "hey you two…I don't think we've met yet. I'm Constantine. Constantine Ashford. A pleasure to meet you both." Then eyes are on that violin. "Whoa… beautiful instrument."

Thankfully, Constantine has no problem with PDA, so he keeps Grace rather close to him as he watches the others, kind smile on his face.

Turning to look at the Ashton and Ronan, Koga huhs. "Interesting violin." He nods, then slips to sitting on the beach. Removing his boots and socks that he hangs from the boots themselves, he pulls off his jacket next to fold up and set neatly before moving to stand again as he tests the sand under his feet.

"Hm… not bad… ah, my apologies… I realized I didn't introduce myself. I am Koga Yamamoto." The sword is slipped to behind him and up flat against an arm as he bows with both arms flat against his side. "I recently joined last week under… Athenian, if I remember right? Wears the red coloring?"

The shorter girl in the jogging ensemble is quiet and watchful alongside the rather gregarious Constantine, scarlet-colored irises flitting here and there as teenagers speak back and forth. The violin is produced, handled with obvious love and care by it's owner, and Grace finds herself touched by it, somehow. All she has to show is a distinct lack of sweat or wear-and-tear from her hard run… weird wolf girl. She thinks to herself, wishing she were capable of creating something as beautiful as music.

Koga makes preparations of sorts and Grace remains apart and out of the way, her breathing post-hard-run having long since returned to normal. She is content to remain at Constantine's side, his presence grounding her and keeping the anxiety at bay. The girl is content, moreso, to observe and figure out this collection of teens with whom she has join this new school. She's not so wrapped up as to not introduce herself however, "Grace Halleson, it's a pleasure." Said like a girl who has been made to mind her P's and Q's throughout her short lifetime.

"A pleasure ta meet ya. My name is Ronan Brennan." Ronan says smiling back at Constantine before he looks at Ashton's violin, "So that's Sauret?" He asks sounding rather impressed, "The body on it looks impressive. The resonance would be incredible and the tones in the body are amazing." He says causally as he looks the violin over carefully, "It really does look rather impressive. I bet the sound is nice."

Ashton grins widely, with obvious pride in his voice. "Yeah, this is Sauret. She's a Del Gesu.. made by the same luthier that made some of Paganini's violins." His azure-green eyes looks in the direction of the other grouping of students. He nods his head to Ronan towards the other three. He cradles the violin, as he starts moving closer. "Nice to meet you. I'm Ashton Talbot." He smiles, "Ronan and I just got here last week."

Constantine helps keep Grace under control and well grounded in herself, yes. Though he eventually just wraps his arm around the young lady with a warm smile for her, he turns his attentions to Ronan with a big smile. "Nice to meet you Ronan." he can sense the tint of an Irish accent in his voice. "….are you from Ireland perchance?" he asks curiously, before he looks to Ashton as he sees him show off the beautiful music instrument. "truly a work of art, that."

"Only last week?" he asks with a curiosity. "Well, I hope you both enjoy it here so far. This place has some amazing people." he smiles then, before he smiles to Ashton. "A pleasure Ashton. Though I can't go by the nickname of Ash anymore, so I'll leave that one to you." because Ashford and Ashton…HAH. alrighty…but Constantine offers a kind smile to everyone, loving the many people from many backgrounds that meet here for the same reasons.

Rises from his bow, Koga moves his toes a bit before taking a few experimental steps. His feet arch as he makes a small arc with his arms while he settles into what most would probably call a martial artist stance. The sword is kept by his hip with one hand as the other is out facing the ocean. Open, flat, and slightly at an angle.

Looking towards Ashton and Ronan, Koga asks, "You two joined last week as well?" He smiles. "Good to know that it was not just two of us, then. I did not ask how frequently new students come in."

What an interesting cluster of students! Though genuinely curious, Grace feels the chill beginning to etch it's way into her muscles and bones, despite the close quarters with Constantine into which she had nestled. Her mind feels itchy; she needs to either keep running or get indoors and showered up. She may be resilient but she's not beyond catching a cold if she stays out here by the beach, in the wintry air, for too long. A little shiver, "I need to be getting back in, and changed," Grace finally interjects, though not forcefully. An apologetic look is given to all assembled before she leans up to give the metalbender a quick kiss to the cheekbone. "I will see you soon, Con." Said, only to pause in consideration.

"Welcome to the school," Grace offers to all assembled, never mind that she herself is but a couple of weeks here, herself! Despite missing home greatly, she is adjusting.. and well, if one goes by recent events. A quick wave — she must be freezing in those tights — and the girl turns to jog away and into the direction of the estate.

"Yes, I'm from Ireland. I grew up near Dublin." Ronan says nodding his head towards Constantine. "I've only been here since last week as well." He says shrugging a little bit. His eyes go from Koga to Constantine, "It was good to see you again Grace." Yes. He remembered meeting her. "It's good to see it. I was wondering about it." He says looking over at violin, "It looks a million times better than my own." He says casually.

Ashton looks over at Constantine, shaking his head, "Oh no… feel free… I was the butt of too many Pokemon jokes when I was younger… No thank you. I am quite content to keep being called Ashton." His eyes fix themselves upon Koga. It's the sword thing, but then again, this isn't a normal school, now is it? "I imagine that new students come whenever there is a need for them to. I mean if it hadn't been for a little incident back at my old school, I'd probably still be there." Offering a soft smile, he nods to Grace as she departs for warmer temperatures. He shoulder bumps Ronan, "Yeah some of the tones might be better, but when it comes down to it, it is what you put into the music, not what you put the music into."

Constantine laughs a little bit as Ashton comically references the many…many…MANY Pokemon jokes. "I feel you. I was always asked where Pikachu was when I was referred to by the shortened version of my last name. I hear that." he laughs, before Grace kisses his cheek and tells him she's heading out, nodding softly to her with a warm smile. "Definitely. I'll see you soon, stay safe!" he smiles, squeezing her hand before she runs off.

After watching her leave in the dreamy state that he was in, he returns his attention to Ronan. "ahh…gotcha, gotcha. Lucky guess, I initially thought Scotland." he laughs a moment. "sorry." he eventually says after that joke, alas, he nods a few times. "I'm happy that you all seem to be enjoying yourselves." he looks then to Koga as he appears to be doing martial arts. "…please do something cool. I love martial arts!" he smiles, though knowing none himself minus some small judo techniques for self-defense.

"No. A Scottish bastard sounds more like this." Ronan says changing his brogue for a good Glaswegian burr. Then he changes it back to his normal one, "They're quite different." He pauses a moment, "There are some that would be rather… risqué." Yes he's thinking that someone might well ask Ash about his pokeballs. And not mean the game. His eyes closed for a moment as he breaths in deep, "I do like playing soulful music and the jigs and reels."

Koga glances over. "Hm? Cool?" He was about to move through a form it looks like, then seems to consider a bit before his stance shifts a bit. Lowering, and his back leg moving towards the side a bit. He draws the sword easily, carefully almost as he shifts his footing while facing the ocean.

The form starts out slow with a simple swinging sword movement and spin before going to a sharp thrust forward before he starts to speed up quickly. His movements are loose, flowing, moving from one angle to another as he seems to almost dance around the path of his own blade. Finishing the form, the blade seems to glow before a series of movements leaves a glowing writing in the air as the blade spins before he does and cuts through symbol to leave a sudden burst of lightning shooting out harmlessly into the water.

Koga's final spin leaves him with one leg extended to the side and the sword laid against his arm behind him as the other faces towards the ocean itself. Then he moves slowly to stand up straighter as he takes the scabbard still in hand and sheathes the sword vertically facing the ground.

A violin is cradled in Ashton's arms, as he stands beside Ronan, talking with Constantine. Koga stands just a touch closer to the where the lawn begins to give way to the beach. At Ronan's remark, Ashton looks at him a bit surprised, not having expected such from the normally more quiet natured Irishman. There is a slight blush to his cheeks, having been caught unprepared. "Yeah… some are, and trust me, I am sure that I have heard them all." Luckily, Koga's motions draw his attention and his mind back from the edge of the gutter to the here and now. He looks at Ronan, "Well, if you promise to treat her right, I'll let you play with her sometime." He seems a touch distracted as he watches Koga, his head canting slightly to the side as he does.
There is a blond student who exits from the house and heads toward the back lawn. He seems lost in thought, a vaguely frowny look on his face and his shoulders slumped. Since it's after school, he's not wearing his uniform, but instead a green shirt with a black pixel heart, blue jeans, hiking boots, and a denim vest (that does not match his jeans, to note) with two silver pins on the lapels.

But there's something unusual about him (not that he's the only 'unusual' one here). Those whose abilities hinge on the mystical or psychic may see a sight that might soon become familiar, if it is not already — four tiny white spiders, each about the size of a quarter, are settled upon his shoulders, each one with a series of black spots on their abdomens that look like a single face apiece.

They seem strangely still unless they're moving, very much unlike a living being. They seem more like animatronics, really. A fifth spider is settled upon the student's head. This one's face-spots are blue, and seem to be in flux, like ink on the surface of water. It kind of curls there, its blue face-spots in a vaguely frowny expression — much like the blond student's, but more simplistic.

After a moment, though, he realizes there's a gathering. Something's going on, perhaps. The spider on his head perks, the spots moving to a curious expression (though they stay blue). Drawing himself up more, he heads towards the gathering, a half-smile pulling at the corner of his mouth. "Hello there," he greets the group at large. And then he teases, "Aha, a party. And I just so happen to be a party crasher. How do you do, gentlemen?" There's a formality to his manner of speaking.

Constantine laughs at Ronan's words, which dies into a soft chuckle. "Hah, alright, alright, fair point man." He puts his hands in his pockets as his eyes move to Koga.
"…..so cool.." He whispers to himself. Then he sees Theodore! "Eyyyy Theo!" He waves at the man. "How goes man?" He waves at the little spiders, even though he can't see them.

"Hello again Theo, are you ok?" Ronan asks looking at Theo with a bit of concern. He only saw Theo, not the spiders. He never knew anything about the spiders. He does look at Ashton and says, "If you don't mind, but I mean I do have my own. I wonder if that would be cheating her on." He says casually. His violin is still back in his bedroom tucked away. A deep cleansing breath to clear his head. He had never thought about this before.

Koga turns to look at the others, smiling a little. "I hope that is suitably impressive enough?" Turning his attention towards yet another new person (seriously, was it a lie that not many came out here?) his eyebrows raise a bit as he sees well… spiders. He sighs, then looks to the others before he looks at Theodore. "Hello… um, do you mind if I ask, but what is with the spiders on your shoulders and head?"

Ashton scrapes his canine over the right edge of his lower lip, as he watches Koga. He shakes his head to clear his head, as he blinks looking at Ronan, "What? Oh.. hmm.. I wouldn't think so… unless of course you have like a magical violin that is aware of things like a person… I play several instruments… When it comes down to it… it is just an instrument… " He shrugs, "That is unless it isn't. With this place, you never know." Grinning over to Theo, "It would have to be a party for you to crash it… right now, we're just talking… except for Koga over there… he's actually doing something productive. And for some reason, I suspect this place isn't really big on raves."

Theo's smile moves to something more subdued, and he nods to Constantine. The question gets a tilt of his head. "It goes. Yourself?" The spider on his head does actually move then, to lift a front leg and wave at Constantine. "Happylegs says hi, also." Ronan's concern gets a smile, though there's a bit of a sad edge to it. "Yes, I'll be fine. Merely a minor kerfuffle. Teenagers will be teenagers, yes?"

Koga's greeting gets a smile, and he actually chuckles a bit at the question of the spiders. "They're mine. Don't worry, they're mostly harmless," he assures Koga. "I suppose you could say they've become part of my psyche." Ashton's statement gets a small smirk, and he points out, "Well, a 'party' also means 'a group'. As in 'a party of adventurers'?" Though Ashton noting that Koga's doing something productive gets a pause, and he looks back to Koga with a curious look. And the spider on his head peeks out of his hair with a similar expression on its abdomen.

Constantine smiles softly then to Koga for a moment as he watches him look over at Theo and asks about the spiders. "Oh that's a fun thing to talk about." he looks at Theo then with a small chuckle. "Happy to hear it, Theo. Heya Happylegs." he just waves at Theo's head, figuring that's where the little spider rascal is chilling. Either way, he turns his head over to Ashton for a moment, looking at him curiously.

"so…I take it you know some good music." he smiles then. "Know any modern songs? or are you a classical fan?" nothing wrong with being a fan of the oldies! Constantine was one himself. Though his attention turns now to the talks between Koga, Ronan, and Theo.

"Spider?" Ronan asks curiously sounding very confused. He doesn't know anything about the spiders at all. "As far as that goes, who is to say they aren't aware? Of course that's also the thoughts of the Irish musicians. We tend to believe in our instruments." He says grinning a bit. Theo doesn't make much sense to him since he's isn't sure what a kerfuffle is. He doesn't get a lot of American phrases. "I think we're having a bit of fun."

Ashton smirks to Constantine, "Yeah a few.. " He pulls the violin up to his chin and starts playing a cover of Katy Perry's Roar then slides into Lorde's Royals. "And if the violin doesn't work, I have a guitar up in my room." He looks over at Ronan, seriously, "You mean you don't see them? There's like a half dozen of them." He shrugs, "Well, I tend to believe in me more than anything else, usually. That way when you're disappointed, you only have yourself to blame."

Koga looks to Ronan, then to Theodore again. "Huh… a spirit or something else?" He shrugs, then turns as he hears Ashton begin to play before he looks to Theodore again. "So… what are they? Spirits, demons, kami? They look pretty harmless, but that can be misleading as well." Koga questions the spidery teen type. His face shows genuine curiosity on it. "You said they are a part of your psyche, does that mean a mutual relationship between you six?"

The spider atop Theo's head seems to move around a little more, and actually peeks up out of Theo's blond hair proper when Constantine calls out to it. The blue face-spots on the spider's back starting to turn darker, more normal, more like the others. Though the face still wavers. Ronan's question of spiders get a smile. "I have brainspiders," Theo explains, with a teasing note to his voice. It's not too far from the truth, but it's WEIRD. Particularly phrased like THAT.

Ashton's words about the spiders get a nod. "Some people can't see them, I've noticed," he confirms. "I'm not sure what determines who can and can't see them." He couches down and picks up a blade of grass, and then passes it to the spider on his head. The tiny thing begins to lift the blade of grass much like a weightlifter would lift a barbell. The grass is still moving, just those who can't see it won't see the spider doing the lifting. And he also smiles when Ashton starts to play the violin. "You're quite talented," he comments.

Meanwhile the spider has repurposed the blade of grass as a microphone and is 'singing' into it as Ashton plays. Never mind it can't actually make any sort of noise…

Koga's question gets a smile. "Psychic phenomenon, I think these technically go under. There are more — about fifty of them in total — I just don't usually keep them all out. Five tends frighten people; fifty might do so excessively." How's that for a mental image, huh? Fifty tiny white spiders, all over the place.

"I don't see them. I don't have the ability to see psychic or mystic stuff." Ronan says shaking his head a bit, but otherwise remains silent as he listens to the sound of Ashton's music playing. He's definitely better than himself. He starts tapping his foot in time to the music listening to it. He pulls his hand from a pocket and runs it through his blond hair. Right now, he seems to be thoroughly enjoying it.

Pulling the bow from the instrument, Ashton opens his eyes and smiles, "Thanks… I'll admit with the violin, i do prefer playing more classical music, just seems more.. I don't know natural, but most things with lyrics can be played on the violin." The dark-haired youth looks over at Theo, "Yeah, I can see where fifty spiders hanging about could be a bit unsettling."

Considering, Koga hums. "Well, that would be frightening at times… you can add something magic related, too, I suppose." He glances over at Constantine. "Sorry to disappoint that was not qi, ki, chi, or other spiritual energies. Just a bit of magic. Nothing like my Gouki self, however."

Looking back to Ashton, he huhs. "That is definitely some skill, though. Thank you for showing it." Koga sits in the sand to dust off his feet and pull back on his socks and boots.

It's warming to see so many people just sitting around and having a fairly good time.
Though his attentions fall upon Theodore, who is no doubt working his mystic psychic spider stuffs that Constantine doesn't fully get, but he knows they are there! But eventually his cell phone rings and apparently he's needed.

Chuckling softly, Constantine finger guns at Ashton when he played Katy Perry. "Awesome dude." to everyone now. "Sorry all, but I gotta head out. Don't have too much fun without me bros!" he waves at them as he turns heel to leave.

Theo nods to Ronan's statement. "That might be it," he agrees. "Most of the people I've known to see them have magical abilities or are psychic somehow." Ashton's words of the spiders gets a slow nod. "Though that could be an effective intimidation tactic — ten appear… then five more, then five more, until they're all there, surrounding one person. Freaky, hm?" And then he thinks about something. "Have you heard of a classic rock group called 'Kansas'? They used a violin in a lot of their songs, and it seemed to work reasonably well. I especially like 'Miracles Out of Nowhere'."

Koga's words get a tilt of his head. "Gouki?" He actually pronounces it right. "'Great ogre'?" Seems he knows a little Japanese. Constantine makes his farewells, and Theo nods. "Do take care," he offers, with a wave to the departing Constantine.

Turning to look at Theodore, Koga's eyebrows raise at the number of spiders. But he surprisingly doesn't look worried at them at all. Mostly. Then Theodore translates the one Japanese word he used and Koga looks at him. "I am not sure on the full translation. If you know Japanese, perhaps you can help a bit? I know the translation for what kind of magician I am but not fully the… title I inherited from my grandfather. It would help a bit if I have to explain my other form. I am still brushing up on my English to translate fully."

Ashton grins to Constantine, "Catch you later… Oh and nice meeting you." The dark haired youth hrms softly, "No, I'm not sure I have heard of them… I'll definitely have to give them a listen." He listens to Koga. That certainly explains the buzzing feeling he felt earlier. He moves over and puts Sauret away in her protective case. He quietly continues listening to Theo and Koga, occasionally, watching the spiders, especially Happylegs. He ponders, "I guess that could be intimidating… I think they're kind of cool myself."

"I think most folks would freak out if spiders started appearing around them. Arachnophobia is a really common thing." Ronan says laughing softly, as he runs his fingers through his hair again, "I've heard of Kansas. They did Carry On My Wayward Son." He likes that song. Rocking a little bit from heel to toe, he says, "You're really good Ashton. I bet ye could give me Uncle a run for the money." He says laughing.

Theo tilts his head back, in understanding. The spider does not fall off as he does this, note. "Aa, I see. I can help a little, I think." He's speaking Japanese now. It's notably accented, and very much not a native speaker, but it's understandable, and he has good command of the whole L/R thing. He's also aware enough of his status as 'definitely not actually Japanese' to not use the phrase 'aa sou'.

He smirks a little when Ashton remarks on the spiders. "Thank you. There are a number of students that are unnerved by them. And I have been accused of using them to spy on people," he observes. "Mind you, I could; I can see through their eyes. But I don't. That's rude, and I wouldn't like that done to me. So I don't do that to others." Ronan's mention of arachnophobia gets a nod. "That's true. Ironically? I don't like them either, despite having them essentially in my brain." And the mention of 'Carry On Wayward Son', he nods, smiling broadly. "Yes! That one too. That's probably their most well-known song."

Koga huhs. "Not bad." Koga gets to his feet now that his boots are on, picking up his sword and dusting off the sand. "The terms I need help with are more title than anything in some ways, although I prefer not to use them… I am aware of what Soul Priest translates to as far as what I am, but not Cloth Brave." He keeps his speach slow just in case Theodore has trouble keeping up.

Swapping back to English, he looks to Ashton. "My apologies… it is rather refreshing to be speaking my native tongue after a while." He says towards the man, then looks to Theodore. "That sounds like the spell constructs that I've seen my parents use. They are pretty handy overall." He looks to Ronan. "… is not Kansas a… state, I believe it is called?"

Ashton shakes his head. "There is no need for apologies. I can only imagine that if I was in the same position of you, I would relish the opportunity to speak English." He wonders if he might be able to summon up his own brain spiders. He files the other song away as well to listen to later tonight.

"It was also a band." Ronan says grinning a little bit at Koga, "I miss speaking in Gaelige." He says seriously to the others, "When yer used ta speaking one language and then ye have no one ta speak to makes it a little bit hard." He says casually, with his hands in his pocket,"It's not exactly a common language." He says in a casual manner. His eyes are alert as he watches Ashton discretely.

"Cloth Brave…" Theo says the words in English. "I would need to see the characters used. The two words as they are don't really hook together well in my mind." But he also nods to the mention of Kansas. "It is," he says, this time in English so everyone can understand him. And then nods when Ronan explains. "That's right. The group named their band after the state." And then Ashton, "Also anything on the 'Power' album. That's a really great album." Though he does note to Ronan, "It was a little tough when my stepfather first moved in. He didn't speak English well, and I didn't speak Japanese well. I mean. I still don't speak it terribly well, but I'm getting there."

Koga gives a hm. "'Cl-O-th Br-ave'?" Koga says the words. "… interesting." He looks to be somewhat in thought as he rubs his chin, not quite ignoring the rest but also looking to be musing it over in his head as if to figure out whether he likes the translation or not.

Ashton nods to Theo, "Kansas, Power album.. Got it." He reaches up and rubs the back of his neck. "I think I will catch you guys later. I'm still playing catch up on some of the classes here, so I need to go hit the books. At least until it feels like my head is going to explode, then I might see if there is any trouble I can find to get into." He looks to Koga. "It was a pleasure, Koga." He picks up the violin case and with a sigh starts back across the lawn towards the estate proper.

"Well growin' up we primarily spoke Gaelige at home. So this is pretty much the only time I've been in a place where it wasn't the primary language. Not to mention, pretty sure I'm the only one that speaks it here." Ronan says casually as he considers this, "I think I'm gonna go get some work done. It's still early enough I might be able ta catch up with me brothers." He says normally and running fingers through his hair. "I'll catch you later."

Theo nods to Koga's pronunciation. "It's a little strange-sounding in English, and I'm not how the two words modify each other." Ashton makes HIS farewells then, and Theo waves. "You take care as well," he bids. Mention of Gaelige and the speaking of it gets a nod. "That must be difficult. Apologies that I can't help you more. I don't think I have an iota of Irish DNA, much less any command of the language." And then Ronan follows suit with the leaving! "Understandable. Good luck, and take care." He offers with a wave.

Koga raises a hand in a wave to the two before looking to Theo. "Well, there is another way it is said, but I am unsure why. It is ancient history and only used by… certain threats these days. I heard it once before I came here. Whatever it was seemed to hate what I was." Koga looks to be thoughtful.

He switches to Japanese. "Remnant?" The teen shrugs, "I think the other one sounds better and it is what my grandfather used, even if he used Gouki more than the full title. I do wish he had finished training me, or my parents let me read the family histories so I could learn more about it."

"Remnant?" Theo inquires. Said in English. "A piece of something that's no longer around?" Now that it appears to only be Koga and Theo, the latter switches to Japanese again as he continues. "Did something happen to your grandfather?" He does use the wrong word for 'grandfather', but it's a polite word. "Perhaps your parents did not want you to follow his footsteps?"

Koga nods in appreciation of the switch to his native language. "He was killed by a demon or beast of some sort. Died in service to our… purpose, you could say?" He looks out at the ocean. "I apologize if this is a bit much, as we are supposedly meant to be secret. But, there are few of us left I am told. There used to be more. Hundreds, maybe more."

I'm sorry to hear of your loss," Theo offers. That's a fairly standard Japanese phrase, so he manages it easily enough. Theo gives a bit of a half-smile. "Don't worry. I have had a fair few shocks since all this started. With the spiders. But, I am sorry to hear you have so little assistance."

Okay, so his time hitting the books wasn't that very long. Well, in truth, Ashton didn't so much hit the books as look at them very aggressively. He walks back out onto the lawn. His hands are pushed partially into his front pockets. He stretches slightly, enjoying the cool air. It is really more of the breeze than the temperature. Seeing that Theo and Koga are still outside, he wanders over that way. He pauses a bit away, trying to determine if their conversation is not too private that he should just find somewhere else to go.

Koga hums to himself a bit. "It is fine… the problem is, his death and my being as young as I am… I was unprepared for the abilities that come with being a Brave."

Most of their conversation appears to be in various degrees of Japanese, Koga's that of a native speaker and Theo's of someone who's… fluent enough in the language to not call Koga 'big fat carrot' or something equally ridiculous. It's Happylegs that sees Ashton first, actually, and that blue 'pleh' face turns to a small smile.
Theo nods. "That's logical. I would ask what exactly you do, but between the need to keep it secret and also I'm a bit of a coward, so I probably should not do that." Then he notices Ashton and looks in his direction with a smile of greeting. He doesn't call out just yet, though. Not 'till Ashton gets closer.

Hearing that the two are conversing in Japanese, Ashton decides to not bother them. Seeing Theo's spiders, however, remind him of his earlier idea. He closes his eyes for a second. He grins satisfactorily. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small pocket knife. He pricks his index finger of his right hand, letting a couple drops of blood fall onto the palm of his left hand. He speaks the incantation as it forms in his head, which resembles no language known to man. As each drop hits his hand, it smokes just slightly and transforms into red spiders.

Koga smiles, "I probably should keep most of it secret, but—" He stops talking, then spins around as he glares in Ashton's general direction. His hand goes into a strange gesture as the sword he was carrying is moved to the back of his hip. The fingers of his hand are glowing as the index and pinky are the only fingers pointing outwards and he partially traces a quarter of a circle that seems vastly different from earlier with the lightning (for Ashton) but otherwise is definitely, defiantly stopped as Koga growls. "Why is there someone with demon magic in this school?" He speaks quickly in Japanese.

Happylegs continues to watch Ashton, and as the red spiders appear, the expression on its abdomen changes again, to one of surprise! Then it taps Theo on the head urgently and waves its front legs! The other four on Theo's shoulders turn towards the sight too, a split second before Theo does. Koga's words come then, about the demon magic. "Probably so he can learn to control it," he comments. "He might not be able to help what he is. But he can learn not to hurt people, right?"

To Ashton, he smiles. "Hello there! That's incredibly cool! Though I think you may have spooked…" Pause. He doesn't actually know the guy's name. "Oh geez, I've been out here all this time and haven't even introduced myself to you." Looking at Koga. That part's in English, but the next isn't. "Nice to meet you. I'm Theodore. Please, call me 'Theo'."

…He didn't say 'king of death', did he? 'Theo' would be pronounced 'shio'. And at least one of the characters that are pronounced 'shi' means 'death', and at least one that's prnounced 'oh' means 'king'…

Ashton whispers softly to the three little red spiders in his hand. As Theo calls out to him, he looks up. A grin is on his lips, framed by slight dimples on either side. The smile fades instantly. "Oh, jeez.. I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to um.. startle you." He moves the spiders up to his shoulder, which seem to happily takes a spot up on his shoulder. All three of them watching the other two boys and Theo's spiders with an almost uncharacteristic intelligence.

Koga growls a bit. He looks to Theodore, then at Ashton. The young teen seems to consider. It's a very, very threatening stance he's in regardless. Finally, he relaxes it with a sigh as the glowing quarter circle fades away whenever he flicks his hand to the side. Spinning to look away from Ashton, he glances at Theo. "… my name is Koga…"

He sighs, then switches to Japanese. "You do realize what your name in Japanese means, I hope?" Koga is definitely looking a tad annoyed, but apparently trying to calm himself. It sounds almost like after he spoke he's now counting. In Japanese, then another language all together.

"It's all right," Theo assures, taking a few steps closer to Ashton. "Myself, I'm weird enough as it is. All of this is still surprising, so it's hard to be terribly surprised by any one thing." And then he grins. "They're adorable, though."

Koga, being a warrior, will probably see the tension in Theo's shoulders. Not 'ready to attack' tension. 'Ready to run the hell away' tension! Theo is very much not a warrior, and does not want to test himself against a dude with an actual sword.

And then Koga's mention of his name gets a snicker. "I know it can be pronounced that way. That's why I always use katakana when I write it in Japanese." Katakana, of course, being the set of characters used when transcribing foreign words or names. Unlike hiragana and kanji, the individual characters of katakana don't really mean anything.

Theo does, however, offer a reassuring smile. And hopes that Koga's not going to flip out like a ninja or whatever on everybody!

Ashton smiles, "Well, in truth, all of this is pretty new.." He pauses, "No, let me rephrase that. Casting spells is pretty new to me… everything else is almost completely mind-blowing." He glances at his shoulder, "They kind of are… too bad they won't last." He leans over, noting Koga's still aggressive stance. He holds his hands up, "Hey, dude, it's all cool… " Nope, Ashton seems to be completely oblivious to any reason why Koga would have objection to anything.

Koga sighs, grumbles some in what's obviously not Japanese or English, then looks to Theodore. "Nice to meet you, but I'm going to take a walk." He shakes his head. "Instincts are saying I should probably be skewering him, but I have learned not all is what it seems usually. Later." He turns to walk off towards the beach, probably aiming to get far away from Ashton as possible from the looks.

"They have an expiration period?" Theo notes, of Ashton's spiders. "That's sad. But then, feeding them might get complicated." Pause. He regards the spiders, and then aks something completely ridiculous. "…Can I pet one?" He's lost most of his formality here, with the hopeful look on his face as he asks the question. Then he realizes something. "…Or would that be weird?" And then Theo winces, at Koga's words. "Um… thank you for not doing that?" he says uncertainly. Then Koga's walking away, and Theo calls out in Japanese, "See you later!" …Pfffft, he used the female form of 'see you tomorrow'. Humorous maybe, but a common problem amongst non-native speakers. Probably nothing more than a small error.

The dark-haired boy pauses, "I would assume so.. from what I read, true creation is extremely difficult… and considering that I basically made up the spell as I did it, I'm surprised that it worked much less that I created three of them and that they lasted this long." His eyes figuratively light up as he starts laughing, "Yeah you can… " He cocks his head, "It might be weird, but I don't mind weird… " His eyes widen, as he swallows with an audible gulp. Too shocked to speak until after Koga has already walked off, not stalked off, Ashton looks at Theo, "Why would he want to skewer me? What did I do?"

Theo first addresses the last question. He doesn't want to violate Koga's confidence — he was told those things with the expectation he wouldn't tell anybody! "…Well… blood magic, you know? It's scary. Some people th?ink it's evil. And he's plainly a fighter, so…" It's a bit thin on logic, but it works.

But petting the spiders! Theo takes a step forward and slowly reaches out to very, very, VERY gently pet the red spider. He's curious to know what the spider feels like. As he does, Happylegs skitters down his arm, to his hand, to inspect the red spider.

Ashton looks at Theo with a mixture of confusion and mortification, "Really?" He blinks, "I.. um.. I had no clue… " Shaking his head, "Not evil… the blood is because, well, the way Grandfather's grimoire explained it.. magic must exact its price… either you can pay it from yourself, or it exacts it from another source. I'd think that paying for it with your own blood would be less evil." He grins as Theo moves closer. Luckily, Ashton does not have a real sense of personal space. The two other spiders scurry up under the collar of Ashton's shirt. While one of them practically leans into the touch like a cat demanding attention. Velvet soft, little red stares back at Happylegs.

"Oh, I'm sure it will be all right," Theo assures. "We're all as we are, there's little we can do but learn how to use it so we aren't a danger to ourselves or others. It just looks scary, you know?" He also doesn't even realize he's violating personal space. But he does realize that the tiny red spider is quite soft. The releases a sound that's almost a giggle. Almost. It's just a bit too low to be a giggle. Happylegs, on the back of Theo's hand, has an expression now that echoes its name now! "Oh wow. That doesn't feel anything like mine. Mine have this 'petting static from an old TV' kind of fuzziness, and they're all tingly…" Pause. "…Wow that came out REALLY wrong, I'm sorry."

Ashton doesn't look overly convinced, but then again, someone talking about potentially turning him into an Ashton-kabob isn't something that he's used to. He shrugs slightly, "I guess so… but if three drops of blood is scary… I don't want to think about how he would have reacted if the spell that formed in my head called for any real blood spillage… I mean the other night I looked like I had practically tried to commit suicide." He twitches slightly as, attempting to stifle a cross between a laugh and a giggle, as Little Red skitters around before reaching up and climbing up on Theo's finger. Ashton cocks his head, "I don't know what that feels like." He grins widely though, "That's okay… So, what you're saying is that they are a source of companionship?" He waggles his eyebrows slightly. His azure-green eyes alight with humor as he teases.

Theo winces a bit at the mention of the amount of blood that Ashton dealt with. "I think it was less the blood and more 'magic with blood'," he notes. "He's Japanese, I don't know if the concept of 'blood as power' ever appeared in Japanese history and myth the way it did in… I think it was the UK?" He smiles, though, when the red spider climbs to his finger. Still perched on the back of his hand, Happylegs approaches the red spider, a curious face on its abdomen's spots. It gets closer to the spider, circling around it one way and then the other. Though then Ashton mentions Theo's phrasing. Theo's free hand covers his face a little, and there's a noticeable blush. "No, not like that. They're too small for that." Pause. "…I mean… I did not mean that the way it sounded, I swear. I'm not bragging."

"Most of Europe actually, not to mention parts of Africa, the Near and Middle East… " Ashton watches with both amusement and curiosity at the interactions of the two spiders. Little Red pivots around watching Happylegs. His own curiosity getting the better of him, as he moves to investigate the white spider. Meanwhile the other two spiders have decided to move out from Ashton's collar. He bursts into laughter as Theo's hand covers his face. An impish grin rests on his lips in a tight smile. As Theo continues speaking, Ashton arches an eyebrow, totally bemusedly. "Oh really?" He teases, "You're not? Well, that's a pity."

Theo nods. "Sadly, history and mythology isn't my strong suit," he replies. "I'm sure he'll warm to you in time," he assures, with a smile. As for Happylegs? It starts to examine Little Red, darting around the red spider like a jumping spider might examine something. Theo smiles. "He's curious. He's never seen a magic spider before." And he waggles the index finger of his free hand at the other two spiders, in a wave. "Hello there," he greets, his voice soft. But then that other statement. And Theo blushes again. This is a new sensation, being on the receiving end of the flirting! But he notes in a teasing tone, "Oh no, that just means I have a greater standard to meet."

Ashton nods slightly, "Well, in hindsight, my grandparents were kind of directing my studies. Grandfather left out his grimoire for me to accidentally find on my own. That's how I started to learn about magic… like a year and a half ago." He watches the two spiders circling each other. "I can imagine… " He brings his hand up to his shoulder for the other two reds to climb up on his hand. He brings his hand up to his face to get a closer look at them, before moving them closer to Theo. He cocks his head slightly, "Oh, well, that's the thing about high standards… sometimes it's hard to measure up."

"That makes sense," Theo replies. "They were letting you figure it out in your own time, at your own pace." He grins as Happy seems surprised at the addition of two more spiders! The face on his abdomen is surprised, and then happy again! The spider starts to wave its front legs. It's not a mating dance, don't worry. He's just quite happy. In fact, he'll try to pat one of the red spiders.

Do the red spiders have any mental connection with Ashton? If so, should Happylegs be able to make contact, Ashton may hear a raspy, high-pitched voice. It's not Theo's voice. And it almost sounds like a child. But Ashton won't hear it with his ears, if he hears it at all. Rather, he'll hear it with his mind. <Friend spiders! Am friend!>

And just in case Ashton didn't hear it, Theo relays, "Happylegs is trying to make friends." Though he does color a bit at that last part. He resolutely decides not to think about it in a dirty connotation. "Everybody has times like that. All we can really do is our best, right?"

It is pretty obvious that Ashton does have a link to the spiders, as his eyes widen a touch with surprise at the time that Happy makes contact. He nods slowly to Theo, "Yeah.. I know." He pauses, "Does he sound like a little kid to you too?" He is absolutely amazed by the little spider… spiders, really. His eyes flicker up at Theo waiting for the same reaction to his teasing. Ashton is somewhat disappointed to not see the blush. As Theo doesn't take the bait, Ashton lets up on the flirting, at least for now. He shrugs slightly, "It's pretty much expected that I do my best all the time, and even then it's rarely enough."

"He… sort of is," Theo replies. "You see how the others are just sort of… there?" And sure enough, the other four spiders merely sit on his shoulders, turned in different directions as if they were keeping an eye out for things. Happy is really the only one with any sort of reaction to any of this. "He used to be like the rest. But then this one just started being more… outspoken, I guess. The biggest surprise was when he started talking. He has thoughts and feelings of his own now, and I'm not sure why." As for his best not being enough? Theo sighs a little, seeming a bit sad all of a sudden. Happy looks back at Theo, tilting its head. But a smile and a nod from Theo, and a mental communication has passed between them. Happy is soon going back to his new (temporary) playmates. Theo, however, reasons, "If your best isn't good enough, then you weren't the right one to fix the situation anyway, right? There's a lot of that in Japan, people just working themselves literally to death, because they want to maintain the appearance of a certain standard of living. Everybody has to be themselves. You've heard 'you do you'? That's really all we can do."

Ashton's eyes flicker between Happylegs, the other four, and Theo. "Huh… So it's kind of like he developed his own soul, instead of just an extension of yours." He shrugs, "or I guess since they are a psychic extension of you, I guess his own ego." He nods towards the three red spiders, "Those hold a tiny piece of my own… I can't really explain how I know, but they have some of my personality traits… I think that they would do what I want, because I wanted them to, not because I really have any control over them." Ashton looks over at Theo and frowns, "Sorry if I brought you down… I can be a bit emo at times without meaning to. I just get a little moody on certain topics… as long as I can remember I have tried to make my grandfather proud of me, and nothing I ever did was ever good enough. At least until he let me get ahold of his grimoire, and I was able to actually do magic. " He then frowns again, "Then I screwed up, and he shipped me off here."

Theo nods to the mention of Happy. "I think so. Though his moods tend to change when mine does. Particularly when I'm experiencing strong emotions." Which might explain why Happy was blue-faced and all but catatonic on Theo's head when the teen first showed up. As he explains his own blood spiders, Theo gives a thoughtful look. "That sounds like what's going on with Happy and I. I try to stay in a reasonably good mood, and I've never really felt any other strong emotion since I got them." He talks like he hasn't always had them. However, Theo gives a smile at the last bit, about bringing him down. "You didn't. I was thinking of a recent failure of my own. We all fail. It's not 'if', it's 'when' and 'how badly'." He listens to Ashton's story, with a sympathetic expression. "I'm sorry to hear that. My parents had a similar idea, I think. After so long of 'hallucinations', when they saw things moving around, they figured they'd better put me here."

The three red spiders seem to almost have distinct personalities. Little Red is curious and more friendly. One of the other two is clearly more standoffish, remaining away from Happylegs. The third one is timid, being the last of the three to expose itself after it hid under Ashton's collar and while it doesn't seem to mind Happylegs, it jumps and skitters whenever Happy moves too quickly.

Ashton's eyes are a tempest of thoughts as he listens to Theo. He looks over at Theo, "Well, if Happylegs ever needs cheering up, he can come to me, and I'll do my best to make sure he doesn't stay blue for very long." He nods, "Yeah, I know.. no one's perfect. I just have a hard time accepting that."

Happy seems to just be glad to have met another set of what are essentially brain spiders, just like it. So it doesn't seem to mind when two of the spiders don't want to come close. They're visible anyway, and Happy is apparently enjoying being a great big silly for the one spider who is. Theo notes the attempt to headstand. "Happy, stop that, you're going to fall off and hurt yourself," Theo observes. "Besides, you look ridiculous." Once Happy rights himself, the laughing expression is visible. Theo can't help but chuckle. "Also you're utterly killing my cool."

At the mention of Happy needing cheered up, Theo notes, "Well, if Happy needs cheered up, that'll mean I need cheered up. But I would love to hold you to that, if the offer's open for me as well as Spiderbro here." He chuckles. As for accepting hard truths? "They can be difficult to process. Particularly if you want something really bad and it just doesn't happen. But we can usually try again."

Here he smiles. "I better get inside, it's getting late. But if you want to bring your little ones out to play again, we can arrange another playdate, hm?" He's teasing a bit, referring to the spiders.

Ashton grins and tries to keep from laughing at the exchange between the two. He looks over at Theo, "Yeah, I know… that was kind of my way of saying that if you ever need someone to talk and try to get your mind off of something… If nothing else, I try to see if I can get you to blush again.. it's cute." He grins. He holds his hand out for Little Red to make its way back over to him, which he does and joins the other two on their quick climb up to Ashton's shoulder. He smiles, "Have a good night, Theo." He ponders staying outside for a little bit more, but then decides that maybe he may not want to be out in the dark alone with crazy ninja boy. "Yeah, you know… I probably need to hit the books… " He nods, "Yeah, we can see about that sometime." He thinks to himself that is completely dependent on whether or not they turn back into drops of blood or not. "I'll walk back to the house with you, if you don't mind."

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