(2018-02-14) Opposite of Maiden
Opposite of Maiden
Summary: It started well, and then escalated quickly
Date: 2018-02-14
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Billiard Room

The Billliard Room has no pool tables. Although someone has made some efforts and there's a few board games and a deck of cards with some books on a shelf along the wall. A half finished puzzle with basset house puppies takes up one of the tables.

A few small sofas and wingback chairs make conversational areas, throw rugs decorating those little areas. An entertainment center with a TV, blue ray player and a gaming console system has been set up. A pair of french doors lead to the back patio.

The Estate isn't completely decorated for the holiday, but someone threw up a few paper hearts on the doors to the different rooms.It's during a break, so Besa's snuggled up on one of the couches, legs tucked underneath him with Cocoa next to him. She's not normal on the couch, but he figures it's a holiday. Her head is on his lap and he's stroking her as he reads from a random poetry book. The yellow guardian tie has been loosened, but is still on, and some how, his hair is doing a magical floppy thing that looks almost unreal.

Well he is not in the attic, Rain checked there. So she goes to the next place she can think of that Besa would be. The door opens and she glances in before swanning in the rest of the way "I think next time I will just ask Sky where you are, so I don't have to go Besa hunting." she says as she heads over to where he is sitting. She isn't pertuerburbed, she is dare it be said, cheerful, much like she was yesterday evening when they went shopping.

From the doorway comes a voice that's probably familiar. "Ah, but Besa hunting is SUCH a fun pastime~! Just be sure you catch and release." Yeah, that's Theo. The spiders come in first, though again relegated to the ceiling. But soon enough, there he is. He's in his school uniform. And he smiles broadly in both their directions. "More seriously, how are you both?" he inquires.

Besa look up and smiles, he seems to still be in the good mood, "It is the best kind of hunting." He chuckles , hearing, Theo and sits up straighter, cocoa makes an annoyed noise. "Can I help you with something Rain?" He likes it when she's happy! "Or are you just hunting to hang out?" He turns to Theo, "I am well, how are you?"

"Release?" Rain questions Theo with amusement, she isn't going all icy like she usually does around other people she shakes her head, causing her long bangs to fall into her face, her blonde hair is down today, "I think I'll keep him." that doesn't sound like Rain, but this isn't Legion, is it? She takes a moment to pet the annoyed Cocoa before she pulls a ribbon decorate book from her backpack and hands it over to Besa. It's a book of poetry "To hang out and give you your Valentines gift." she doesn't seem to mind to much that Theo is around when she does it.

Theo reaches slowly to Cocoa, offering to pet the top of her head in apology for disturbing her pillow. He doesn't 'speak' dog, but hey, he understands petting. Pet pet pet? Besa's question gets a smile as well. "I'm doing well enough," he replies. Rain's words get a laugh. "I know, he's a keeper, isn't he?" Is he teasing Besa again? Or is he teasing Rain? It's hard to tell. Though he smiles when Rain gives Besa his Valentine's gift. "I have yours from me as well, Besa. I need to give that to you, after school perhaps." There's a wink. Oh dear. What did he get Besa? Is it something embarrassing?

Besa's head tilts slightly as he looks at Rain. He has some theories to her nice but odd behavior…. "Well, I guess am glad I am not being tossed back into the wild." Or would that be the old English man's library where he work up the first time? Or Hell? Eitehr way, he'd rather stay here, thank you. Cocoa lifts her head, letting both new humans pet her, as they should. The ancient teen colossus his own book to take the new on, "Oh Rain…this is lovely, thank you." It's turned over in his hand and ten cracked open. He reads something on the inside before looking up at the taller girl and smiling. But then he laughs at Theo, "I do not like all this talk of keeping me!" It's like he's a kept person! But he seems to realize it's a joke (hopefully). The wink has him blink though, "Oh, alright. Thank you?" He sounds a little puzzled, but he'll find out later he supposes.

Rain noise wrinkles "The wild is highly overrated." she says as she sits next to Cocoa and continues to give the creature pets. "Your welcome. And thank you right back." she must have found hers as well. "I hope you like it." its modern poetry, and that kind of thing is pretty subjective. "We're teasing Besa." she reassures him, at least she is, she isn't sure about Theo. Nope this is definitely Rain, at the wink her brow furrows slightly, not sure hot to take it, if it was Legion she would be winking and/or flirting right back.

Theo chuckles. "Don't worry, Besa. I'm only kidding," he assures. This to the mention of 'kept'. As for the thing later. "Don't worry about that either. I think you'll like it~." Yeah, it's THAT tone, the breathy one. And the bedroom eyes. Just for an instant, mind, and then the expression returns to a jovial one and he laughs. He's probably kidding. Probably. But yes, he nods to Rain's words. "We are. It's an informal way of relating to people that one is close to. Neither of us would dare tease someone we didn't like, am I right?" he asks Rain.

Besa blinks more, Now he's not sure sure about the kidding. What in the world Theo? But he'll nod, eyebrows only raise sa little higher than normal. "Okay…" Turnign back to Rain, "Camping in nice, but not just…thrown out in the wild-wild." He grins, "I do like it. I am sure I will enjoy reading it very much." Plus, he doesn't have many items that are his, so having a book will be nice.

Those expressions from Theo are just horrifying, not that Rain lets it show. She is clearly glad they aren't aimed at her, the horror! She shakes her head at Theo "I'm not much of the teasing type." at least not with people that she doesn't consider family. "Like they did to us during the wilderness trial." though that was Legion and not her…who still got terribly lost." she is pleased that he seems to like her book selection.

Theo can't help but laugh, Besa looks so confused. When he finally gets himself under control again, he raises his hands. "All right, I'm sorry," he offers. "No need to worry, I'm teasing, really." Rain's mention of the wilderness trial makes him pause a little, the humor draining from his face. Yeah, that was… "…Incredibly unpleasant," he says of it. "I hope they don't decide to do that again. After all, there ARE some of us that don't plan to be wandering far and wide looking for fair maidens to save."

Besa offers, "It was not so bad." The wilderness thing. It could have been over night without any supplies! Bonus, Besa and Theo got to save people! His own smile fades some as Theo talks, but he'll not comment. Not everyone is adventurous. His new book is se onto of his old one, "What plans do the two of you have for tonight?"

It wasn't all that pleasant for her either, and Legion's memories are her memories so its as if she did it herself…but she knows that she didn't…its confusing to everyone but her. But it was more unpleasant for them, she understands that. "Personally fair maidens should be able to rescue themselves." she certainly can, even though there have been times when others thought otherwise. There is a shrug, "I really haven't thought about it. I would suggest we go out for dinner, but its going to be crowded just about everywhere."

Theo has a visible 'ew' look as Besa says the wilderness thing wasn't so bad. "More dead bodies than I wanted to see on a merry jaunt through the woods, thank you." But he lets the subject go, despite those words. "Plans? None, I'm afraid. I'm sadly without a significant other to celebrate this lovers' holiday with." He gets a look on his face, a bit of a mischievous smile, but he doesn't say anything. Rain's words get a nod. "Some fair maidens can't. But then some fair… whatever the male version of that would be, can't either. I believe Whitley has it in his head that I need rescuing." He gives a smirk here. "We could just order in? Or cook it ourselves, if Miss Annalee doesn't chase us out with a cleaver."

Besa's not going to argue, if they don't like begin outside, that's their lose. he starts to answer about dinner, but then Theo's dropping Whitely's name. That plus the smirk equals a light bulb going off over Besa's head. Oh, that explains a lot. He keeps smiling , but it's forced now. "Or just eat whatever she is preparing. She is very kind to take care of us." He licks bios lips nervously, looking down at the books in his hands. Cocoa's head tilts and she moves back to lay her head in his lap.

"One of those is to many." Rain comments about that find and thier bad luck at being the ones that were there. She doesn't know either "Is there an opposite of maiden?" she asks curiously "Something to ask google later…" google has the answers to everything. At the mention of Whitley and the implications she reaches over to put a hand on Besa's arm, she suspected there was something going on thier, but that reaction confirms it. When Besa looks down, the teen girl graces Theo with a 'shut your face or I will shut it for you' expression.

"Oh, but it's a special occasion," Theo notes, when Besa suggests just staying there. Suddenly everyone seems upset and Rain's look seems to indicate it's somehow his fault. He pauses, blinks. Looks between Besa and Rain. "Excuse me… did I say something wrong?"

Besa looks up as Rain touches his arm and he smiles at her, a little sadly. But it's what he deserves, right? "No, nothing wrong." he starts to unfurl his legs, "I think….I will be staying at home tonight. Miss Annalee works hard, and I would not wish her to think no one wanted to eat her food."

Lies! But Rain doesn't call him on it in front of Theo and not being a mindreader at the moment, she can't really protest his other thought. She would if she could. "You're fine Theo." she is probably more sincere about than Besa is, but only marginally. "We can bring our food in here and binge watch something on Netflix." she suggests to Besa.

Theo pauses. He pretty well knows Besa and Rain aren't being truthful with him. Which is kind of irritating, but it is what it is. He thinks back over the last few moments of conversation. Realizes where the change happened — when he mentioned Whitley. And then he raises an eyebrow. Happylegs, on the ceiling, turns to look at the conversation, and his face-spots change. They turn a dark red, and an irritated expression appears.

As for Theo? Crossing his arms over his chest, he intones flatly, quietly, "I have met Whitley precisely twice — on the wilderness preparedness test and at dinner when those baskets came. I have no particular feelings for him aside from that I appreciate his assistance." He sounds a bit testy, his voice overly formal.

To Besa in particular, he notes, "You were THERE when he said he would protect me. I assume he meant THEN, not 'now and forever my love'. I have no idea why commenting on it NOW should affect you when you had no such reaction then, when it was said in the first place."

More gently, he notes, "If you have issues with Whitley, you should talk to him about them. Turning the blame on me is inefficient and pointless. And unfair to everyone." He bows. It's incredibly formal, and cold. The spiders start to file out of the room, Happyleg's face still red-colored and irritated-looking. "Have a good day, both of you." That said, he straightens and turns, his back ramrod straight, and walks slowly out of the room.

Besa realizes he's not going to shake Rain, so he nods, "Yes. That would be nice." He starts to say something else, but Theo goes off on him. He doesn't say anything, as he doesn't know what to say, and Theo's headed out the door. The spider's red expression is noted and he looks back down at the books in his hands. To Rain once Theo is gone, "I think I am not good at any of this, Rain."

Rain is pretty unshakeable even though she is terrible at the whole cheering people up thing, but she is good at being miserable with someone. Theo's outburst has her looking at him with wide-eyed surprise "That's not…" she starts to say after the surprise wears off and she has a few moments to process but he is already out the door. She makes a agitated noise and then turns to Besa "You are just as good as you should be." she says as she moves to put an arm around his shoulders..awkward with Cocoa between them "You have spent centuries either asleep or locked away by priests. Honestly, I wouldn't be doing any better." at least Besa has had a boyfriend, she hasn't even had that. So his is one up on her.

Besa's head shakes softly, that perfect hair swaying, "No…he is right. I am always being unfair…It is unfair of me to like anyone . It is unfair of me to care if Whitley does…" He swallows, looking down at the books as Rain hugs him. "And I will spend centuries more. It is unfair to anyone to be saddled with me. I will always end up 14." That is if he resurrects. If he just stays dead, problem solved!

"Besa!" Rain says a mix of surprise and something else at his words "You know that isn't true. You have every right to like anyone you want to. To fall head over heels, to romance and be romanced. Fair or unfair has no part of it." she is staunch in her words, adamantly beleiving this "You get those thoughts out of your head right now Besa In'Herit." has Rain ever used his last name before…in any context, ever? Well she is now. "Anyone that matters would never feel saddled with you, E-V-E-R. Got it?"

Besa swallows, he hears her, but….Yeha. A small flinch, "I was unfair to Whitley. That is true, Rain. he has said so. Now Theodore says so…" A low sigh but he nods, not wanting to fight. "I will say no more. I understand."

"Just because he said it doesn't make it true." Rain will point out "But isn't fairness subjective anyway?" her arm tightens breifly before she strokes his back "I hope you do Besa…I really do." that he understands, though she really isn't sure he does "I think we need ice cream." despite it being winter out.

A soft agreeing noise, it is indeed subjective. "Is ice cream what one eats on Valentine's?" Besa knows it the food you eat when sad. Cocoa whines softly, nuzzling into his side and Besa responds by petting her. "I am not being fair to you, am I cocoa?"

"If it isn't it should be, because really ice cream is good for any occassion." Rain tells him with all honesty "And let's forget what day it is, except perhaps that it is Wednesday..okay?" she gives him a pouty, puppy dog expression, mimicing the one that he gives her. It's probably more amusing than effective because this is Rain we are talking about.

Besa watches her, eyes wide and tired looking before he nods, "okay." He can try to do that. "Let me take Cocoa out and drop my books in my room." She gets a smile, only slightly forced before he starts scooting off the couch. Cocoa follows him, sticking close to his legs.

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