(2018-02-14) Blood and Roses
Blood and Roses
Summary: Ashton, Loukanos, and Ronan share a unique Valentine's Day.
Date: 2014-02-14
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Entry Way Winbarry Estate

Clean and spacious, the entrance foyer has a large staircase (Leading up) and many doors that lead off to all different directions of the house. The corner behind the door as a large cabinet with hooks for hats and jackets. Most of the jackets hanging are camo with Unit 23 patches on them. There's an oil painting on the wall, Bob Ross style, the frame slightly dinged up. The floors have been cleaned, but the repeated steps from speedsters in the house have spiderwebs cracks all over.

Ashton - A thin boy with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes.
Loukanos - A bronzed young boy with blonde hair and midnight blue eyes. Poised and ethereal.
Ronan - A blond teen with blue eyes.
Exits: [BR] Ballroom [GH] Great Hall/Dining Room
[LI] Library - Winbarry Estate [O] Winbarry Estate
[PL] Billiard Room [UP] Upper Hallway

It is Valentine's Day. Which being a high school means that there are always a handful of students about to make everyone else die of diabetic overload by their displays. Well, the one thing that Ashton can't complain about is the care package that arrived from his grandmother, consisting of a few personal things, some he had asked for, some he didn't, and a large plastic ware container of the family's cook, Martha's homemade truffles. The dark haired youth happens to be sitting on one of the bottom steps opening the package. "Score!" He quickly looks around to make sure that he hadn't completely humiliated himself in front of too many students.

Jaffa are good! It'd been a bit since he had them. He got a good number of sweets from back home. American Sweets tasted revolting for the most part to him. He was currently walking in passed Ashton munching on a Jaffa Cake. When Ashton cheers out the word score, it draws Ronan's attention. Some might think that walking and eating might be a seriously dangerous thing for him but he seems to be managing to do it just fine right now. "Hey Ashton, what did ye get?"

Ashton looks up from the large box, "Oh, hey, Ronan… Only the only thing about Valentine's Day that I have ever cared about… Martha's hazelnut truffles." He pulls the clear tub of little cocoa powder covered spheres. "She makes them every year… I was pretty bummed that I was going to miss out on them this year. " He chuckles softly, "One year I ate so many I was sick.. but it was _so_ worth it."

"Ne'er really cared much for Valentine's Day." Ronan says shrugging a little bit. "Me ma sent me some proper chocolates." He says merrily, “None of these American hershey garbage." He says casually, "And Jaffa cakes." He says holding up the box with a huge grin on his face. "It's bloody awesome ta have proper sweets again."

Ashton chuckles, "I hear you… Though I have never been a fan of chocolate and orange… " He opens up the lid of the container and inhales like a junkie about to get a fix, which he pretty much is. He plops one in his mouth. His eyes practically rolls back in his head. With a slight goofy grin, he licks the slightly bitter powder from his lips. He holds up the box to Ronan, "Want one?" Meanwhile, Ashton starts nosing around in the box, as if he was looking for something in particular.

"Love it personally, to each their own." Ronan says smiling a bit,"If'n ye don't mind. Love tryin' new tings." He says nodding his head a little bit and holds his hand out palm upwards. Reaching in just feels a bit tacky and he plus contaminating all the food around it. His blue eyes watch Ashton curiously, and cannot help but smile at that grin,"Ye seem ta really enjoy them. The only things on my list ne'er to try are vegemite, surstromming and lutefiske."

Ashton smirks, "Heard of two of those… had vegemite once… it took nearly an entire 2 liter of Pepsi to get the taste out of my mouth, and I hate Pepsi." He grins, "If I had minded, I wouldn't have offered… And yeah, Martha only made them a couple times a year, Valentine's, Christmas, and my birthday…" The last one on the list has less of a happy tone than the other two. He sets aside the sweets and pulls back a sweater and grins. "Ah, there's my baby…. " He pulls out a black case, roughly violin sized. He talks to the case.. "I know… I should have never left you back home… "

"Do you play violin? Or is that a viola?" Ronan asks curiously as he looks at the case, "Well it's all about manners. Pretty sure me grandma would smack me if I didn't mind them ta a tee and she found out and she's worse than me ma about finding these things out." He says wrinkling his nose just a little bit, "If I e'er get anything interestin' from back home I'll let ye know." He says as he stretches a bit.

Ashton smiles, "I do amongst other instruments, and she is a violin… The case is just a little larger for extra protection. You could drive a car over this case, and she wouldn't break inside." The dark haired boy's mood certainly seems to have taken a 180 degree turn today. He chuckles, "Yeah, I can understand… I can't count the number of times Martha smacked my hand and chased me out of the kitchen for sneaking a taste of something."

"Aye, me grandma and mo sheanmhathair used to do that when I'd visit them." Ronan's decided to stop trying to always autotranslate some of the words apparently. "Does she have a name? Mine's name is Maire, I didnae name her. That's just the name she came with but she's quite happy with it." He says cheerfully,"Ain't ne'er had much case ta have a case that can be driven over but that's brilliant!"

Ashton listens to Ronan, trying to guess that is Irish for 'grandfather'. He smiles, "Yes, she does. It's Sauret… named after Emile Sauret. He was a 19th century to turn of the century French violinist." He wraps his arm around the case, almost like it was a person. "Until my grandparents had to send me here, I had always figured I would end up at Juilliard for performance." His voice softens a little, "Well, I guess that isn't out of the picture but I think it's probably less likely."

Well if he thought grandfather, he'd be off on the gender. "Well I don' know about Juilliard, but me Uncle won a Feis competition when he was fourteen with his fiddle playin' and performed with the symphonies." Ronan says shrugging a bit,"So even if ye cannae go, ye can still become right talented." He says seriously, "And given how much ye love yer instrument, ain't no doubt in me mind that you're good enough ta be at Juilliard. Probably way better than I am."

Ashton chuckles, "Oh, I'm probably good enough to be accepted right now, but it generally takes you winning competitions to get them to even look at your application. It's just unlikely that I will be able to compete being here, which I am sure that pleases Grandfather plenty. He thinks that music is a waste of time, as he expects me to follow him into business."

"Music's no more a waste of time than math. Technically the two are intertwined to a degree." Ronan says frowning, "Sounds like your grandfather needs a right foot planted up his arse." He says firmly, "Well we can probably work together to play and besides, from what I hear gettin' inta competitions like that early leads ta overly large egos and short tempers from the stress." he says smiling a bit, "I prefer playing just to play rather than tryin' ta outdo folks, but then I'm not all that great at it."

Ashton grins, "Well, then I already got a leg up, seeing that I have a large ego and a short temper." He grins and waggles his eyebrows. He shrugs, "Grandfather just feels that anything that does not increase the family's holdings is a waste of time. I'm sure that would include me if he had had another son or daughter other than my mother." He does smile,

"Ah then he's short sighted. Violinists attract a lot of attention if they're good. People who can play really well get known. While maybe not as much as a rockstar, you can end up increasing connections into other areas and increasing the general impression of your family. People can be so shortsighted." Yes. Ronan has a brain that likes to connect dots on things. He's weird like that. "I don't have her with me right now, but another time would be good."

Ashton shakes his head, "Oh he understands the connections that the arts can give. He would just rather make them on the benefactor's side of it… then at least it's also tax deductible, though that is really more of Grandmother's interests." He shrugs, "But I mean.. I am sure that we all have family obligations and expectations. Not everyone can have superpowered parents."

"But what about the connections ta benefactors that can be done discretely?" Ronan asks grinning broadly. "Sometimes even if your parents are superpowered there's still a certain amount of familial duty and expectations." He points out casually, "It's just the kind that is different." He says absently.

Ashton grins, "Well, some of those connections are illegal until I am eighteen years old… " He cocks his head, with an impish grin, "However, I wouldn't be surprised if giving him blackmail material on a few of them would finally manage to impress Grandfather. But I'm not really into daddy kink."

That causes Ronan to laugh at that as well,"I wasn't referring necessarily to those. I was more talking about the benefactors of two companies meeting in support for a singular talent by happenstance and making under the table agreements." He says sounding rather amused at the process.

Shaking his head, Ashton laughs, "I didn't figure that is what you meant, but it was worth a laugh though." That being said, there was definitely a tone of sincerity about it being something that he wouldn't put past his grandfather. "He generally leaves most of the socializing to Grandmother. She is the general of that battlefield without a doubt there." He reaches in and grabs another truffle. He offers the container over to Ronan, too busy savoring the coco powder covered chocolate and hazelnut ganache.

It's Loukanos's first Valentine's Day on the earth, so he isn't so sure what all the chocolate-y buzz is about. Still, the lovey-dovey couples and the sweet smiles are enough to get him beaming. He's an empath, after all. When others are happy, he's happy. "Ashton!" He smiles brightly at the two boys near the staircase as he approaches, though he doesn't recognize the blonde.

Carefully selecting one of truffle and lifting it from the container, Ronan smiles a little bit,"Me da's not very good at the socializing portion. He's must more at home in books and research. This is the man who tried to explain string theory to a nine year old." He says laughing at that process. He gives Loukanos a look over trying to figure out what his deal was but he didn't remember meeting him yet. "I'm Ronan." He says offering a hand to the new comer, not one with chocolate on it.

Sitting on the bottom step, Ashton is talking with Ronan. A large cardboard box is on the floor beside him and a violin case is cradled in his lap. He smiles widely when he sees Loukanos. "Hey, Louk… Ronan, this is Loukanos.. Loukanos, Ronan." He licks traces of chocolate from his lips and extends a large rectangular piece of plastic ware towards the godling, "Would you like one of Martha's homemade truffles. It's the closest thing to ambrosia that us mere mortals may get to taste." He grins even wider at that.

Loukanos opens his mouth to introduce himself, but Ashton takes care of that. He just smiles and awkwardly shakes the offered hand. Yeah, not a custom he's used to. His handshake is too soft for it to be any good, but his fingers are calloused from use. "I'd love to. Who's Martha? Competition?" He winks and chooses a truffle from the plastic, examining it. Laughing, he shakes his head, "Oh, you wouldn't want to try that. It'll kill you."

"Ambrosia? More than likely. Unless we're part divine and then we might survive." Ronan says grinning a bit, "Or do ye mean being competition?" He asks playfully of Louk. "Pleasure ta meet ye though. I'm from Ireland, also known as Eire, Ierne or any other linguistic variation but Ierne's the oldest name." He considers the name Louk for a second, "Greek? It has that sort of feel on the tongue." Which means if Ronan really tried he could mangle that name right proper.

Ashton laughs, "Martha is my grandparent's cook. " He grins, "And if the saying is true that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, then you'd be in a run for your money." Listening to the warning of _actual_ ambrosia, he shrugs slightly, "Guess it would depend on the day…" He listens to the exchange between the two blondes.

"Ambrosia, yeah," Loukanos replies to Ronan. "I don't make a habit of killing off competition. Too classy for that." He grins playfully and offers nonchalantly. "I am from Olympos, also known as Oros Olympos or more commonly, Mount Olympus." Helpfully sounding out his name, he smiles, "Loukanos. Loo Kan Naws. Loukanos. It is Greek, yes." Ashton's remark about ambrosia has him frowning softly.

"Well if you're good enough you win over the competition." Ronan says grinning at Louk, "Loukanos." He repeats, possibly butchering it just a little bit. Not all names can be as easy as Ronan. Just look at Saoirse. "Really? Ne'er been there. Been ta Athens once when m'athair was doing a lecture and me ma decided ta make a holiday of it. She showed us all the old places and made sure we could remember them." He glances to Ashton," So Ashton, blond is yer type then?" He asks with just a hint of a smirk.

Ashton smirks, "don't make a habit of killing off competition does imply that you are not beyond it though?" He leans back a little, propping one of his elbows on the step behind him; the other holding onto the violin case. His fingers ever-so-softly drumming his fingers on the wood. "Other than here, the closest to being outside the US I've been is watching Manchester United on tv each season." He looks over at Ronan with a bit of a grin and shakes his head, "Not really… I'm not _that_ superficial…" He smirks, dimples forming, as he continues, "hair color doesn't matter, just as long as they're cute."

Unlike some, Loukanos isn't all that concerned with the mispronunciation of his name. At the very least, Ronan doesn't give him the incredulous look that some students send his way whenever he shares his fantastical origins. So he just smiles and nods. "Technically, I was born in Athens but never stayed there for very long. I like it very much, though. One of the greatest cities on the planet." He pops the truffle into his mouth and nods his chin over at the violin case. "Whatcha got there?"

Well Ronan just doesn't bother getting shocked by things here. Too many weird things going on. "Oh and how do ye determine whether someone is 'cute' enough without being superficial?" He asks quirking an eyebrow at Ashton but his expression as a whole reads of amusement. His blue eyes flicker from Louk to Ashton, "Are ye two a couple?" He asks curiously, as he relaxes his body and slides his hands into his pockets.

Ashton smiles as he looks at the case, "Oh, this is one of the actual loves of my life… Sauret, my violin. Grandmother sent it to me with some other things that I forgot at home. Actually I didn't forget her, I just assumed I wouldn't be allowed to bring her." He looks over at Ronan and smiles, his voice carrying an obviously joking tone, "I said I wasn't that superficial, not that I wasn't superficial." He pauses, looking at Loukanos, then back to Ronan, "Um… No.. I mean I haven't even been here a full week yet.. " He pauses once again, "Besides, seriously? Louk here is so far out of my league, we're like literally not from the same realm of existence…"

“Delicious truffles and a violin?” Loukanos blinks, chewing. “Is it common to receive so many gifts for Valentine’s Day?” His confusion fades into cheer again once he feels how much the instrument means to Ashton. “I’m glad she’s here with you. You still owe me a live performance. Now with a guitar -or- a violin.” At Ronan’s question, Lou meets Ashton’s gaze and blushes ever so slightly, then turns to shake his head at Ronan. “No. Don’t listen to him. The gods consort with mortals all the time.” Like that EVER goes well…

"Ye be sellin' yerself short Ashton. Did not the gods take several mortals to their beds and even to the heavens themselves?" Ronan says shaking his head a bit. The former was way more common and usually resulted in a jealous spouse inflicting revenge but that's beside the point. "He and I are going to try and play together. Should be interestin' as I've never really done a true duet…" He says grinning, "Well least ye be on a team already Ashton. I've not decided on one or been asked ta join one."

Ashton shakes his head, "My violin isn't for Valentine's day. It was a Christmas present two years ago. The truffles are, but it's kind of like a tradition at my house.." He gestures towards the other things in the box, "The rest of the stuff is just things that I left at home." Ronan isn't the only one that is familiar with the classical myths. He arches an eyebrow and cants his head slightly to the side, "Oh, yeah.. and how many of those ended well for the poor mortal?" He looks over at Ronan, shrugging slightly, "I'm just a realist… and as far as the team… Ares was a pretty obvious choice for me… Ares tends to be impulsive and rebels…."

Loukanos casts a sidelong smirk over at Ronan, "They did and most of them still do. Mother brought me to Olympos when I was just out of the womb, much to the chagrin of the other Olympians." And Lou turned out alright…for the most part. He shrugs and smiles softly at Ashton, "I would never do anything to put you in harm’s way. You and any other mortal." About the teams, he says, "It can be difficult, choosing between the teams. I was in Metis when I originally enrolled. Switched to Prometheus pretty soon after. Generally, it's not all that important. Intermingling between factions is fairly common and accepted."

"Well for the ones where there wasn't a jealous wife, it didn't often turn out too bad. Then there was Ganymede." Ronan says shrugging a little bit,"I like ta think things through." He says absently, "Yes but I want ta choose one that I've no business bein' in in the first place. It's interestin' that you have Knowledge, Fore-Thought, Berserker Warfare and Strategy." Why this is interesting to anyone other than Ronan is probably a mystery. "Ashton, don't let realism stop ye from takin' a chance for love. Love's too important boyo. You try and I'll use my master of Martial Arts ta kick your bum."

Ashton smiles back at Loukanos, "I know you wouldn't, Louk…" His eyes linger for a moment, then he turns and laughs at Ronan's remark. "Really wouldn't take much to "kick my bum"." He tries to imitate Ronan's particular accent for that last little bit. "I used to think that there wasn't a violent bone in my body.. but " he glances back over at Loukanos, "I guess that's not quite true anymore…" His expression becoming a bit more sober, as he shrugs, "Just never really gave the idea of love much thought… "

"Thank you?" Loukanos says, uncertain if the 'Knowledge, Fore-Thought, etc' thing was directed at him. Even if it was, he has no clue what that means. It sounds good, though. Maybe. "Think he was talking about kicking my bum," He doesn't do the accent, nope. "But I’m in the same boat as Ashton. I’m a lover, not a fighter." He shrugs on the topic of love. "The nymphs back home were beautiful but never looking for anything serious. Only dalliances."

"Well you should be given it thoughts." Ronan says before flexing his arms as if to make a muscle. "Look I'm a muscle man and a fighter!" He says with a cheeky grin on his face, "Not really. I know some how to defend meself but that's about it. I'd just started not too long ago. Normally try and think me way out of a situation so that I don't have ta fight." He says absently as he runs fingers through his hair, "I wasn't directing it towards anyone, or no one." Yay for contradictions right?

Ashton grins at Ronan, "Of course, I also know your weakness… which means, who knows… I could end up being your arch-nemesis." He laughs at the idea. "Don't get wrong.. I'm not opposed to being in love.. I just don't think that it's likely to happen… I'd say that I'm cursed, but I think it's more likely that I'm the curse…"

"I heal," Loukanos tugs on the cuff of his white shirt. He is open about that, so people can come to him if they're hurt. "More than that, you'll just have to see. What's the saying? A true magician never reveals his secrets?" He chuckles, "It keeps keep the arch-nemeses guessing." He shakes his head at Ashton, "Look deeper, you may find your curses are blessings in disguise."

Holding his fingers out ice forms quickly for Ronan. It's one of the few times he's used anything consciously since he's been here really. Pretty soon in each hand a single long stem rose with the bud partially opened appears. "Ye have ta sometimes look for the beauty in the harshest of things." He says smiling a bit as he offers one to Loukanos and the other to Ashton, "Ice is a terrifying thing. It kills things easily and even when it doesn't it can leave burns like fire behind that can ne'er heal. However, it can also be beautiful. And when it melts it becomes water that nourishes." He says cheerfully.

Ashton grins at Loukanos, "I was talking about Ronan with his…" He stops as he watches Ronan form the ice roses, "I was going to say how he hates the heat… I wasn't really talking actual weaknesses…" He looks at Loukanos, "Well, all you have to do is conjure up a music instrument and you know that I couldn't attack you then." He chuckles, though of course, Louk has seen the look in his eyes when he did use his fire." He takes the offered rose, "That is way cool…" He pauses, "pun, honestly not intended there… and very, very poetic."

"Oh, that's lovely…" Loukanos's eyes widen and he gently takes the icy stem in both hands. The frozen rose might be too cold for some people to touch, but Loukanos hardly seems to notice. "Thank you, Ronan," He beams. "This is my first Valentine's Day gift, ever! Well…make it second. Besa's gift was sweet too. Still, I'll cherish this for…" He studies the rose. "however long it lasts."

"I'm glad you both like them. If you put them in cold places they last longer. Otherwise they'll melt probably by the end of the day. But this is why I don't like heat. I'm cold." Ronan says shrugging a little bit, "I made the surface temperature closer to freezing and the internal core a lot colder. So the core will take longer to melt. It's a bit of a delicate process. If I don't focus a bit, it causes the crystals to not form right." There's a lot he thinks about when he uses them, "I can do the same thing to make temporary images from water but soon as I lose focus it goes away. It's kind of how I walk on water."

Ashton sets the ice rose down on the step between him and the banister. "It will also last longer if I don't touch it… my core temperature tends to run hot." He shrugs, "I have been running a hundred, hundred and one degree fever since I was about twelve… " He looks over at Loukanos, "That's why I didn't really mind the cold last night… " He looks at Loukanos. "Oh, wow… " He puts his hand over his heart, with mock aghast, "My not-boyfriend is getting Valentine's gifts from other boys before me… " He grins and shakes his head, "I really am a bad not-boyfriend." He cocks his head slightly, "I guess when I think of something to give you, it will have to be pretty big to top a rose made out of ice formed out of the very air… geez.. no pressure there."

Loukanos considers the information Ronan gives him and hmms. A light bulb flicks on inside his head, "I'll make sure it lasts a little longer. Once it dies," Is die the right word? "I'll use the water for one of my plants, too." Most don't need any, but it's the thought that counts. He grins over at Ashton, "Yeah, you better step up your game or you won't be my not-boyfriend for much longer." He looks at them both, "Had I known Valentine's Day was such a big deal, I would've made roses for everyone…" Frown.

"See if you notice both of your roses are unique. There are differences between the two and once they're gone, they'll never be the same and another cannot be made to duplicate it. If ye make a bunch of roses and they all look the same, and are perfect, they lose meaning. Plus some folks don't like roses. I figured ye would like a rose and ice is pretty when it is reflecting light." Ronan says trying to educate Louk about a few things, "Well you got one too so it all balances out."

Ashton looks to Louk. "For some people it is a big deal, especially if their in a relationship… Or trying to be… " He smiles slightly, as he reaches for the truffles, offering them to the two blondes. He shrugs slightly, "Pretty much, Martha's truffles are the closest thing to a Valentine's I ever see…" He grins as he glances down at the rose. "I'll have to take some pics of it before it melts. " He grins slightly, "actually photographing it as it slowly returns to water would be a cool photography study." His attention returns to Loukanos, "Oh really… you'd just forget me so soon?" He smirks, "Well, any suggestions on what might keep you being my not-boyfriend?"

"That makes sense, I suppose," Loukanos says, shrugging and smiling again. "The ice really is a nice touch. Very creative." Ashton gets a playful grin, "I like sunsets, candlelit dinners, and long walks on the beach," Hopefully, he's being intentionally cliché. "And the occasional world-saving. Think you can handle that?"

"Well ye work with what ye have." Ronan says laughing a little bit, "Beaches are nice… sometimes. I don't much care for the tropical ones." He says shuddering a little bit. The idea of willingly going someplace hot terrifies him. He's NOT good with heat. Heat is so bad for him. "I don' think anyone could forget ye quick Ashton. Ye make quite the impression on people rather rapidly." He says laughing a bit.

Ashton arches an eyebrow, as a grin eases across his lips. Slight dimples form at the corners of his mouth. "Well we have already had a long walk on the beach… " He closes his eyes for a second. "Sunset, huh?" He pushes up his left sleeve, up to just past the elbow. He licks his lips slightly. His blue-green eyes shimmer with a slight flash of green. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small pocket knife that snaps open. He cocks his head slightly, as if thinking about something, then makes the first of a series of cuts down his inside of his forearm. Muttering softly in a language that sounds nothing like his normal lyric voice, or anything human for that matter. The cuts seem to form the pattern of a glyph. As he does, the world around the three melts away, leaving them standing on a mountain top. The sky aflame as the sun begins its decent beyond the horizon.

"You really can't take the heat, huh?" Loukanos chuckles at Ronan, biting into another truffle. "Summers must be torture." He smiles softly at Ash, "That was pretty nice, wasn't it?" His smile turns curious when the boy pulls out a pocket knife and fades entirely when it's pressed against his skin. He worriedly nibbles on his bottom lip; he hopes it's a spell. Why else would he do something like this? If not…well, he's trying not to think about that. Then there's that language he doesn't recognize, which is so strange because he knows almost EVERY language. Every language made by mankind, anyway. This, at least, confirms his suspicions about the spell. So he waits and braces himself.

Nothing could prepare him for this, though. The truffles hits the ground, and his sapphire eyes go wide as he stares out into the bleeding sky and sun, the merging of yellows, reds, and oranges absolutely enchanting him. "Gods…" He whispers. "Ashton…this is extraordinary. Beyond extraordinary." He looks at the dark-haired boy with something akin to awe. It only lasts a moment or two, then he steps closer and wraps his dusky hand around the wound Ash inflicted upon himself, eyes traveling around the new environment.

"I'm from Eire, it is not a hot place. Summer for me was still quite cool in comparison to a lot of places." Ronan says laughing a little bit as he thinks about temperatures that would make a lot of people think it was early or late fall. His eyes go to Ashton when the scenery changes, "Bloody brilliant." He says sounding quite impressed, “I believe that you have just made my roses look like nothing." He says sounding quite impressed at the turn of events. He really had no idea what he should be doing, and if he was about to do something that might cause his new friend grief.

In just the few moments it takes for the spell to be cast, quite a bit of blood runs down his arm tracing along his fingers dripping steadily. Ashton looks paler than normal, if that was even possible. He smiles to Loukanos, though it is slightly pained. The price for magic must be paid, after all. "I guess I should say something like tah-dah or something.. So that leaves, dinner by candle light and saving the world… Well, unless you want to raid the kitchen, I think dinner will have to wait until the weekend." He stands up, looking at the view himself, smiling at the sight. He looks over at Ronan and shakes his head, "I disagree… I think the roses are amazing.. it's just a different type of gift.." He chuckles softly to himself, "pun not intended there either… a different type of magic.." He smirks, "So to speak…" He pauses and picks up a stone. "I can maintain this for only a moment…" As Loukanos moves to his side to grasp the bleeding wrist, Ashton looks at him, "If you heal the wound, it will end the spell immediately."

Isn't that just great? Loukanos looks conflicted. He stares at Ashton and bites down on his lower lip, holding the bloody wound. On one hand, this is so very beautiful. Ashton cast it all on his own, too! How can Louk take that away from him? Wouldn't that just make him a party pooper? On the other hand, the kid's bleeding badly, and Louk's natural instinct is to heal. After a moment, he says, "You don't want me to?" It comes out sounding more like a question than a statement. He steps back, his own hand's bloody now. "You're remarkable. Don't ever forget that." He then turns to gaze at the view once more, watching as silhouettes of birds pass through the tangerine sky.

"The roses didn't require me to harm myself…" Ronan says shuddering a little, "If you want I can lower the temperature around your skin, so that blood flows slower through it." He says smiling a bit weakly. Theoretically he knows he could just keep the blood in the boy's veins. It's just not something he's ever practiced doing and the idea of trying it out on him, well he wasn't willing to risk seriously harming poor Ashton. "But it is gorgeous. You did really well."

Ashton shakes his head, "No.. it's okay.. " He takes a few steady breaths, "I'm alright." For now. He sits down on a rock, as he watches the other two. His right hand holding onto the cut. His thumb is placed on the glyph itself, occasionally adding a touch of pressure to keep the wound from closing up too much. Despite the glaze of pain in his azure-green eyes, it is clear that Ashton is pleased by the others' enjoyment of the view. He closes his eyes for a second, "So are you about ready to return to the school? If not, I can maintain the spell for a little bit longer." The question is to both of them, but he is looking more to Louk, as both of his eyebrows raise and scrunch up just a touch to center.

Loukanos watches Ashton when he closes his eyes, making sure the boy is as 'alright' as he says. "I'll deal with you later," He smiles and sighs dreamily. "Don't keep us here on my behalf. This was great. I still can't believe you managed it. What were the words you spoke? I could not understand them?" And that happens almost never.

"I think it's enough. No need to push yourself too hard on my behalf either." Ronan says smiling at Ashton. He's worried about the whole letting blood go. There's only so much in the human body after all. "You're going to need to eat to replenish your strength though." He says sounding a trifle worried about the dark haired boy. "It was amazing though. Seems to be quite the feat of magic, although I have nothing to compared it to."

Ashton frowns slightly, feeling like he is disappointing the other two. He pushes the wound a couple more times, until the sun's rays truly begin to die and give way to the night, which at this height seems to take less time. He sighs, "Alright, we can go back." He closes his eyes for a second, then says a few more "words" and suddenly the three are back at the school, in the exact places they were before. The only real difference is the small pool of blood that has collected around Ashton's feet. He leans against the banister, before he shrugs to Loukanos. "I'm not really sure what the words are… in my head… it is like I think of what I want to do and the incantation is just there." He looks down and frowns, "Shit, this is going to take forever to clean up…" His eye lids are a little heavy. He then looks up to Loukanos and holds out his hand. In the palm of his hand is the stone he picked up to prove that it wasn't just a false image. "Does that count as stepping up my game?"

Loukanos looks at the stone and gives a lopsided grin. He felt the 'realness' of the new environment, so the proof is not necessary. Instead of taking the stone right away, he grabs Ashton by the wrist and pumps his life energy into the wound. Under his hand, there's a soft white glow, and Ashton feels a warmth that starts off in the area of the damage before spreading to his entire being. It's a lulling feeling. Almost too soothing. His hand lingers as he traces the location of the former cuts with his thumb. "Thanks for that. And the stone," He collects it from the boy's palm. "That's an experience I don't ever think I'll forget, but the keepsake is nice."

"As for cleaning up the mess, I don't think that will be all that difficult." Ronan says cheerfully, "A bit of water being moved at high speed should do the trick nicely after a bit of absorbing of the blood so that there's not quite as much. I'll take care of that for you. Why don't you two go work on the candlelight dinner portion of tonight's program then? I believe that Ashton has earned himself a spot of food, don't you think?" That being said, he's already heading off to get the supplies he needs to take care of the bloody mess.

As Ashton feels the warmth of Loukanos's energy pouring into him, much less knitting the cuts closed, his body becomes much more relaxed. He blinks at Loukanos and half-says, half-mumbles, "That feels nice…" His eyes gain focus, as he smiles, "You're welcome, Louk… I'm glad you enjoyed it." He listens to Ronan. The fact that Ronan knows how to get ride of blood so efficiently does not go beyond his notice. He looks up at Loukanos, "Um… if you don't mind too much… can dinner by candlelight wait? I'm not really sure that I am really up to eating right now… Right now, I just kind of want to get my things up to the room and curl up for a bit…" Hell, homework be damned right now.

Loukanos lets go off Ashton's hand and steps over the pool of blood around his shoes. He snorts as Ronan goes off to get supplies to clean up a bloody mess, "And I thought the ice roses were impressive," He nods about the romantic outing. Honestly, he was teasing when he said that, but he won't say no to dinner…even if he doesn't usually eat. "Let me help you carry things to your room." Since Ash seems to just be out of it. One couldn't tell from Louk's lithe teenage body, but he can lift a ton! Yay for being a god!

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