(2018-02-14) Badgers Badgers Badgers... Tea!
Badgers Badgers Badgers… Tea!
Summary: Fionnuala and Oliver Valentines Day mushiness…. irate badger shifters… and some Serious Talk.
Date: 2018-02-14
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Finder's Keepers, Shady Cove
Wed Feb 14, 2018

Unlike huge bargain basements, what this location lacks in size it makes up for in quality of goods. Encompassing two storeys in one of the oldest buildings in town, patrons are easily able to find a variety of meticulously priced clothing and accessories on the ground level. Moving downstairs, one can find dishes, housewares, art pieces and a small assortment of vintage electronics. Washrooms and a receiving room for donations are accessible at the back of the building.

The store boasts variety and cleanliness, despite its close quarters. Thievery and vandalism are highly discouraged, due to rumors of the proprietor being a crackshot with a shotgun.


<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

A one Oliver Blythe may very well have found, before his own errands came to pass, a frilly piece of pink construction paper slid beneath the door of his room. Whether or not the alien boy has a roomie, hopefully Ollie will have been the one to find Fee's happy little note on this.. um, 'day of love'. The day was busy and even managing to catch one another in the halls would have been tricky.

Long story short, the note will have spoken along the lines of Fee getting out of classes earlier by way of her spare, and heading into Shady Cove and score a couple of hours of work. With copious hearts she scrawled out when she was off and available and were Ollie to be free, to meet her at the thrift shop whenever convenient! She will have worked through the school supper hour and not expected Ollie to miss it, himself, in order to meet her.

Fast-forward through this whirlwind V-Day Wednesday to roundabouts 5:30pm, creeping up on 6… Fionnuala Reid finishes up with cashing out the register and though the shop is closing, the place is still open with a sign in the door indicating such. The girl, skin and eyes bright with the day's sunshine, looks up from behind the counter as if on the lookout. Locking the register, the girl jingles the key and pulls open a drawer conspiratorially to pry out a chocolate bar that perhaps weighs as much as a newborn infant. She primps the bow on the monstrous bar, giggles to herself, and calls to Ruthie for 'help'. Bright, happy eyes flit back toward the storefront windows to see if Ollie got her invitation.

Oliver did get the invitation although he probably had to deal with teasing and pry it from the hands of some of the other boys. It was almost nicer when he had female roommates…it was certainly less smelly! After class and dinner, he made up a little 'to go' bag to bring with him as he made his way into town; it was good timing as he would be able to pick up a paycheck and deposit it while he was out. He picked up the check and stuffed it into a 'pocket' before making his way to the Thrift Shop. Truth be told, he's probably been there more than a few times for when he's actually needed to buy real clothes…mostly for work.

He walks in and glances around briefly before catching sight of Fee at the register and making his way over. "I brought you something to eat for dinner…it's just a little snack, but I thought you might be hungry since you had to work."

As far as thrift shops are concerned, this one is pretty decent. Very decent. Ruthie Sawyer cannot be accused of accepting junk. The clothing is used, yes, but the old shifter woman has standards. No holes, bad scents, wear and tear… gently used things. It may ramp up the price on the goods just a bit, but for the most part it's worthwhile. Fionnuala would know; she started out as the kid at the back end of the store accepting donations and sorting them. Now, in the year since her part-time employment.. not only is she helping to price and advertise, but she's entrusted to the cash out process and deposits! That is a feat, if one knows Ruthie and her acerbic level of distrust for most people.

Hearing a stomping sound from somewhere in the building, Fee is instead caught up in greeting the latest arriva—-oh, yay! She's there behind the locked register, wearing black tights, florescent pink 80's style leg warmers and a big black and pink sweater that hangs off the shoulder a bit, revealing the girl's delicate build. Her hair is up in a riotous willy-nilly calamity of a style that is.. some bastardization of a bun, sprigs of bright feathers popping out of some sort of scrunchie. She looks very… very.. 80s.

"Ollie!" She calls out, ecstatic to see him. She comes 'round from the register, brightens at the sight of food, and risks smooshing the bag when she pulls him into a hug and kiss. "Thank you! I am starving.. happy Valentine's day!" Exclaimed prettily as another THUD resounds in the basement.

Oliver holds the bag of food out of the way so that it doesn't get squished by the hug and kiss, but he happily returns them both. "I thought you might be and Happy Valentine's Day to you too!" There's a glance at the 'Thud' coming from beneath them, "Is everything ok? Do you have ghosts or something downstairs?" His free hand lifts to flick at the feathers in her hair with a grin…and people thought -his- style was Bohemian before! "Do you need to close up or anything? I think I'm a little early."

The girl can clean up well when she has to, but somehow this right here is the essential Fee. Colors, comfort, and just…. it's her. Much like the style suits Ollie in his present form, as both teens must withhold a degree of their true selves from the general public. Wings, scales… all that fun stuff. For all appearances they look to be a happy, cheerful pair of hippy kids! Fee has lost all of her shyness in displays of affections and Ollie shall find her to be quite avid in the hug and liplock, though the girl recognizes propriety and eases off before it gets indecent. Ahem.

Accepting the baggie of supper, the girl opens it and gives it a sniff. "Oh, my favorite!" She exclaims…. everything is her favorite, though. Fee folds it back up and smiles up at him, happily. "Thanks a lot. And.. hah, don't worry. That's just Ruthie. She's—-"

Stomp stomp stomp, up the stairs. Appearing at the landing is a stout, baleful-looking woman who appears to be in her late fifties? Early sixties? Y'know how sometimes shifters resemble their alternate forms somewhat in their human guises…? Yeah, case in point here. Ruthie gawks at the two kids, "Register settled?" She grunts out in Fee's general direction, digging around in her pocket for something… and being unable to find it, one can just see her thunderous brow darkening further.

"All done, Ruthie! May I leave now?" Fee chimes back, as if used to this. All of this.

The emotion in the kiss surprises Ollie a little, but he doesn't shy away from it! On the contrary, it tells him that he's not pushing her into anything that might make her uncomfortable. He also pulls away before it gets to be a little too eager and he grins as she raves about the food choice. "I think if I brought you some bread and a tomato you'd say it was your favorite!" is teased before he looks over at the shop-owner's appearance. A little wave of his hand and a smile is offered along with a cheerful, "Hi!" He's probably seen her before although he probably did more of his shopping last year as a girl.

It's good that her wares are so useful because Ruthie isn't one for customer service. That's why Fee is around! She stands there eyeing the kids for a few heartbeats and even in the face of Ollie's cheerful wave and smile, the stocky woman grunts in greeting and makes her way toward the register. "Thanks fer th' halp." She grates out, voice full of rocks, small shiny eyes peering up again. She's not happy about being out of her favorite chewing tobacco… yes, it's still a thing. Ruthie pauses over the chocolate bar that is not an accident. "Don't ferget this, get on goin' now, see y'Saturday." Said to the crow girl, who then beams back at her.

"That's for you, Ruthie! Happy Valentines Day!" Fionnuala chimes as she steps away from Ollie briefly to collect her coat. Once set to rights she holds her supper in one hand and seeks to take Ollie's hand or elbow with her other one should the boy concede. "Anywhere else you need to go?" She looks up at the alien boy, back turned to Ruthie who rips open the bar with badger-like ferocity and bites one corner of it clean off.

Oliver offers a hand and holds Fee's tight as they make their way out of the shop. He echoes, "Happy Valentine's Day!" to Ruthie before grinning as he catches her digging right into that chocolate bar. Good to know…maybe he'll have to bring a peace offering next time he meets Fionnuala there. "I think you made her day," is offered before he shrugs, "Just the bank…nothing exciting at all. Do you want to go somewhere so you can eat dinner? I don't mind…" even though he already ate. "I like the pink. It looks really warm."

No reply, just eating. The portly woman lifts a hand in a brisk wave as she continues unabashedly gnoshing a mouthful of chocolate, wiping her palms on a towel that she keeps stuffed into the belt loop of her pants. As soon as the pair depart the store, the sign is turned over to 'CLOSED' and Ruthie is already drawing the shades down. Fionnuala smiles over a shoulder and gives Ollie's hand a squeeze, "I hope so. Don't let her fool you, she is quite nice… in her own way. I don't think she has anyone here in town so I wanted to give her something." Yeah, definitely no partner… imagine rolling over to look at Ruthie? Yeah, nope. "But she doesn't seem bothered by it.. we get along well. She asked for help today and I wanted to be there for her." Fee finishes her explanation, giving a brief little shiver in the wintry air.

"I could really use a good cup of tea. I think what you brought here is fine.. it'll be enough til' it's time to go back." Fee says amicably, blushing at the compliment on her attire. "You like it? Somebody brought these in just the other day and I snapped them up. They're not too loud~?"

"You're so considerate," Ollie marvels. "We can all only strive to be as kind and generous as you are…and it just comes naturally to you. It's really amazing." How did he get this lucky? At the mention of tea, he starts to guide her back to the MugShot, "It's better than some, but maybe not the best, but if you want some," it'll also be free!

The question about loudness gets a laugh out of him, "You are asking the -wrong- person. Maybe you didn't see what I tended to wear last year…" and a second later, still holding hands, he shifts into the female form he had last year, complete with dyed turquoise hair and hippie-bohemian style.

The shifter girl colors beneath the praise, looking to be genuinely bowled over. "It's really just kinda the way I was raised… if I were anything but considerate or even too much of a brat, I'd hear about it." She beams then. "If I were a cranky spinster, I'd like to think a chocolate bar the size of a baby would mean somebody loves me. I guarantee she'll eat that whole thing tonight…" She leans in, hugging Ollie's hand to her side briefly. "She's a shifter too, I think I told you? Her metabolism will allow for it." Said casually as she notes their direction. "MugShot! Yeah, that will work.. something to chase down supper with."

So onwards they go, the early evening beginning to wane toward further darkness, the horizon a deep russet color. It's clear out, but cold. Fee tilts her head in question at talk of 'last year' and she turns to face the b—-oh hey! Well! Ollie in female form is both familiar to Fee and fascinating. "Oh.. oh, yes! I remember that hair!" She chimes… though they hadn't met formally last year, she recalls seeing this form in the halls in passing. Knowing that beyond appearances this girl is essentially Ollie, Fee goes on easily with holding her hand. "You just look so beautiful. You know I'm gonna have to style that hair sometime." Without hesitation… pure proof that Fee accepts all facets of Ollie.

"I don't know if you told me, but…I didn't know there were so many shifters around!" Ollie seems interested in that…maybe she needn't be so hidden about it? "The hair was also red at some point and you are welcome to play with my hair, in any form, any time." Fee's hand is given a little squeeze and a quiet, "Thank you," is given as they continue walking. Ollie's cheeks a little pink in a blush of happiness. She's not running away or accusing her of anything bad…"How did I get so lucky?" is asked aloud before, "I need to switch back to a boy if I want to get us free teas."

"Yeah! I don't know quite so many animal shifters persay… but really, if you think about it… I wonder exactly how many others there are in this town. Whether you can take on the form of a cat or a rock… isn't this place just so fascinating? Truly?" Fee asks in wonder, her eyes round in her face. She watches Ollie for a time as they meander along, closer and closer to the coffee joint, easily keeping pace with one another. Is she wondering what this makes 'her', in her dating of a gender-fluid being? It surprises Fee to know, inwardly, that to touch and otherwise 'know' Ollie (ahem) in this form wouldn't turn her off in the least. IT would be different, sure… maybe something to get used to… but there she is, holding this turquoise-haired girl's hand!

Life sure is interesting!

The question of luck warrants another flush of pleasure to the dark-haired girl's face, "I wouldn't call it just luck.. it takes two, y'know. I'd say I was really lucky to walk into the MugShot that one day, hungry and looking for a bagel RIGHT when you were about to break." She chimes, lifting her hand-holding palm and stretching out a finger to gently push a lock of colored hair from Ollie's temple. "It all worked out."

The thing is, Ollie can be any form Fee might want her to be! "Can people turn into rocks? I would that that must be hard to turn back from…I mean, like a real rock with no brain or nervous system or anything. Maybe taking the form of one but not actually turning into it…" The idea of getting stuck as a rock…tantamount to death, really. Ollie gives a little shudder but then looks back at Fee, meeting her smile and watching as she moves some hair from her temple. "It did. You can say what you want, but I still count myself as lucky." She leans in for a chaste kiss to Fee's cheek before stating, "I guess I should shift back…"

"A thinking rock." Fee whispers conspiratorially, looking amused. "A rock with a brain! Doesn't that just sound like an awful B-movie?!" She giggles then as they come upon MugShot but don't enter, just yet. She pauses then, turning once she feels Ollie shudder at the thought of being caught in that form. "But you're right, it would be awful to be stuck as a sentient, immobile rock.. not when you can be so many amazing, beautiful things—" The smile is met and Fee's lashes flutter as her cheek is kissed. Her lips curl into a silly little smile and she bows in to press a kiss to the girl's cheek, complete with a playful 'MWAH!' sound.

"You don't have to if you don't want to." Fee offers, leaning back to watch Ollie levelly. "I don't need to have tea for free. If it feels better and right to be who you are right now, we can both go in." She chimes, then giggles. "We'd draw some attention~"

"I mean, it's one thing to be as durable as rock…or even made of rock if you can still move and think and do things. But to be sentient and just stuck…" Ollie shakes her head at the thought. The kiss breaks her out of her little reverie and she looks over at Fee, the two being of a similar height now. "Oh, I don't mind. I don't really -feel- like one form or the other at the moment. Sometimes I do need a change, but…well, I've been trying to just feel like my -real- form is comfortable this year…unlike others." Where she either needed a complete change or just kept on doing what was 'known'. "It's kind of cold so I don't think you'd want to sit outside, do you?"

"I always wondered, if you ever felt like being a certain form at any given time. I know you're wanting to be more yourself," Ie. his true alien form, "But you're so lucky. Imagine what I would do if I had your gift?!" Fee grins. Oh God, imagine. Perhaps it's for the best. "Your hair reminds me.. I kinda wanna put some color into mine. Did you know that I've never dyed my hair?" She asks softly, eyes wide and brilliant. "Not all-over color.. maybe a few thick streaks. I think if I could do what you do, I'd be changing my haircolor constantly…"

"I'd be happy staying indoors, if the cold is a bother. But I'm really ok to walk with it, too.. though I think I need to sit and finger-eat this supper before we go anywhere. We have a couple of hours before curfew and I'm really enjoying this Valentines day walk with you.." A rueful look, "I didn't buy much… I'm sorry about that. I sank my money into making candygrams for everyone.. I don't want anyone to be excluded."

"Oh, sure…like all last year, I didn't -feel- much like being a boy. I had to for work, but I needed a change that was more than just how I looked. I needed to see the world in a different way. Maybe I would have been a dog if I didn't have school, although that could also be iffy." They spoke about that a while back in regards to staying in one non-human form for too long. "What -would- you do?" is asked with a smile before she lifts her free hand to her hair. "I've changed it a bit…mostly from one color to red and back. I just kind of like red hair, I guess. And I've never dyed my hair either!" A wink is given at that.

As Fee mentions her own hair, Ollie reaches out to touch it gently before she grins wider. "I have an idea. Come inside and warm up a little…but we'll go back out to walk. And I'm enjoying the walk too…and you don't need to get me anything. Ever."

Ollie shifts back into male form to go inside where two teas are ordered 'to go'. Once they're back outside, he'll shift back into girl-form to continue the walk.

The girl listens openly, indeed remembering that previous discussion re: what happens when maintaining one form for 'too long'. "Iffy is right… I bet being a dog would be a blast. So much simpler, life would be so much fun. But too much of a good thing…" Ie. when stuck as a dog. When asked of what she would do, Fee grins brilliantly. "Mostly… change up my haircolor. Or eyes. Or maybe try to go blue head-to-toe like those Blue Man Group dudes." Always color. "I don't know if I could switch out genders.. not out of dislike but I think it would overwhelm me, not knowing how to.. uh…" She gets that mischievous twinkle in her eyes. "I mean.. there's physiological differences and hee…" Oh God. Fee would be that person trying to write her name in the snow while peeing. "I'd be like a kid in a candy store."

Her rambling ceases when her hair is touched and she looks at Ollie in question at this talk of an 'idea', though she will follow long soon after he shifts back to order the tea. Then, back onto the street.. that return to girl form that leaves the shifter marveling. "You make it look so easy.. like drawing breath. You're so amazing." Is said not for the first time as they carry on with their stroll.

"So.. what's this idea?" She grins widely.

Oliver hands over the to-go teas…"Just…get the tea to go? Not very original, I guess. I mean, I wish it was a better idea about something more interesting than tea…" Now she looks a little sad that it wasn't a cooler idea. "If I could let you be able to shift, I would…I don't think I can transfer powers though. I never tried and I think it's something innate?" The description of what she would do brings back a smile though, "I never really thought about it that way? Besides maybe the psychological differences…" but are they even the same for a shifting alien? "I just…see it as a body. I mean, it's mine, but it's just that…any extra or lumpy bits just aren't…I mean…it's kind of hard to explain." There's a little sigh before she shrugs again, this time a little shyly, "I've been able to do it all my life. Mostly it was just copying others that I saw until I was able to adjust things more. Just like you can be so sunny and kind and generous. You make it look so easy."

Accepting the tea before they really get on their way, Fee smiles appreciatively. As for her supper to-go from the estate, Fee had actually managed to eat most of it as they waited in line. The beauty part of being a shifter? Fast metabolism, the ability to eat quickly and precisely. She is no longer having to tote a baggie of cooling food and her belly is content and ready for the tea in her hand. "Really.. it's ok. I'm pretty happy with what I can do and what I… hope I can do someday. If I work just a little harder. But thank you all-the-same.. I will get by with some hairdye in the meantime." A big smile as they leave the MugShot behind, walking contentedly along a sidewalk that isn't too terribly busy.

She squeezes her hand, "No need to explain, I chalk it up as being. You're you and what you can do it utterly brilliant and needn't explanation. No matter what the form you're in there and that.. just makes me happy." Kinda like her sunshine makes others happy, she likes to think.

Speaking of… she wills her stored energy to simply… emanate from her body. It shrouds them both in an aura of warmth, chasing away winter's chill. "Now that's easy."

"You could get some of the temporary hair dye and try it out? Although, would it show with your dark hair?" Ollie reaches out to brush her hair again. "Thank you, by the way. Of accepting me the way I am. Not a lot of people do. It really does mean a lot to me," her tone is very serious. The warmth gets another smile, "Amazing."

The dark-haired girl smiles in her sweet, goofy way as her hair is touched. "I would have to get somebody to bleach some pieces." Gasp. "I might ask Rain to help me sometime.." Oh, the idea is perfect… and maybe that would help her bestie feel a bit better and have a small distraction in the madness of everything as of late. Anyway, digression! Fionnuala looks visibly touched by Ollie's gratitude for something that comes so naturally. Her hand moves from that of the other girl's, not to detach but instead to wrap her own slender arm around the small of Ollie's back, hugging her close and tight and closer to the warmth of her sunlight as they wander aimlessly. "Of course. How could I not? Of course I accept you." Said simply and easily, the easiest thing in the world. Fee is sixteen-going-on-twenty-five it seems, so progressive and mature is she in her thought processes. "You're beautiful, Ollie, inside and out. Boy or girl or alien or dog. Or bear." Said just between the two of them. "Don't ever forget it, okay?"

"You should…I think she'd like helping you with something like that. I'm she'll have an opinion on the color too," Ollie doesn't know Rain too well, but the quiet, prim girl does seem like she needs a friend. And who wouldn't open up to Fee? As she's pulled in a little closer, there's just the tiniest bit of a sniffle before she smiles, "Thank you. And you are too…probably the most beautiful person I've ever know, inside and out." She really does marvel at how amazing Fee is.

There's a quiet few steps before she admits, "So, uhm. I haven't admitted this to anyone before. But I'm really scared about what will happen next month and moving forward. Just so you know…in case I start acting funny."

She glows…. she literally glows. When blushing, and full of solar energy.. it does 'Things' to Fee. She reaches over with her tea-holding hand to zip up her collar to hide some of her face, because her skin is radiant. People pay thousands to attain this level of 'glow' and to Fee, it's natural. "Rain is wonderful. She's been stressed with classes and family stuff, and I want to help her. I think this could be a way we could have some fun." She smiles at Ollie, warmed even by the thought of the Masters girl. "She's really very sweet Ollie… she's just a bit more reserved. I think I'm rubbing off on her a bit though." Is admitted as the cozy band of her arm gives Ollie's waist another sidehug.

Still glowing from her boy-can-turn-into-a-girlfriend's words, Fee beams.. but it eases into a sobered expression at Ollie's latter admittance. She looks sideward to her again, "Talk to me. Is this… having to do with turning eighteen? Your birthday?" She guesses. "Tell me anything.. do you wanna sit somewhere private?"

"She seems nice enough…but reserved, like you said. But I think that it's a good idea, you two having some fun like that." Ollie isn't at all jealous of any of Fee's friends…she has friends of her own, but most of her time is taken up with school and work. She would never begrudge her time with someone else, however.

There's a nod at the question and she glances around to see if there are any free benches or anything. They're two teens in the late afternoon…no one should bother them, hopefully. "Yeah," is admitted with a sigh. "I'll be released from the State…they were sort of making sure that things were going all right and got me into the school and made sure I had basic costs covered. I've been trying to save up as much as I can, but…I know that I'm still being taken care of by the school until I graduate, but…no more State assistance. No more talking to the Social Worker if I have a question or a problem. It's just kind of daunting."

"Very reserved. She has a lot to deal with." Fee admits… it's so hard being part of a notorious family. More and more she appreciates her own ramshackle family, with their funny ways and loving hearts. She walks toward the bench with Ollie and settles beside her, unable to bear being too far apart from her. She then goes on to listen to her plight, "That sounds scary. I won't lie," She admits, taking Ollie's hand into her own and holding it in her lap, tracing palm lines and fingers with her own. "It's a hard way to grow up.. I can't imagine and I won't even try to admit to understanding because I don't. Being raised as I was…" A pause as she looks up, watches Oliver's face. "But for what it's worth…"

The sun is setting now, dipping low. The red-gold glow settles upon the crown of Fee's head. "Is there anything I can do? My family? They really like you Ollie, could come to love you if given the chance. You're not alone, even if the system makes you feel that way."

"Oh, I know," Ollie keeps her hand in Fee's, watching as the lines of her palms are traced. They're smaller hands, with well-manicured if unpolished nails right now. "I know I'm not alone. And I appreciate that, a lot…your family's amazing. They've been so kind and welcoming to me and knowing you, I can't imagine them being anything but that. It's just…I'm going to have to be making my own decisions. Managing my own money…eventually figuring out a place to live and maybe another job. And taxes…"

This is adult stuff. Fee is mature and encompassing but even she considers this to be strange territory. She won't even insult the matter at hand by being flippant or fluffy with a well-tined 'oh it will all work out' because it won't, if things aren't taken into hand. She listens to Ollie's words and looks up at him with a thoughtful, sober expression. "Well.. I'm just a year behind you… how about this.." She looks up at her, head tilting. "Why don't we look into a.. a course on how to file taxes? Or means to getting it done properly? It's a bit more money to have someone else do them for you but sometimes that's best too if you have all your papers." A slow smile. "I could stand to learn too, since it'll be my time before I know it. And I wanna be prepared as well…"

She looks down as she touches Ollie's palm. "So how about it, why don't we both learn how to be adults together?"

"There are computer things that help with taxes, so I guess I'm not so worried about that right now. I mean, I don't make all -that- much…" seeing that she works part-time. "It's more the idea of it? And having to maybe work another job and find a place to live…that I can afford. Felicia and I talked about finding a place together to be roommates, but now she's living at the Estate and part of Unit 23. They do good things, but…it's not for me." Ollie gives Fee a smile, "Thanks…but I don't want to push you into anything. I don't want to be pushed into it, honestly. To have to apply for more jobs and be stuck in one form or another…probably the male form since that's the ID I have…I don't think I can legally get another ID, can I?"

D'oh.. she was just about to recommend Felicia, until Ollie mentioned exactly that prospect… and the downfall. She understands, though, this need to not be involved with the Unit. "Is there a way you can pay room and board at the estate..? Even if the school moves out and to another location which it surely will… is it an option?" She asks thoughtfully, folding one leg over the other as she take on a pose that is every bit the 'thinker'. "Do you have to be a part of the Unit to stay at the mansion?" Fee asks again, needing clarification on that matter before she can continue onto any other suggestions. Her brow knits with worry. "I don't know how easy it would be.. if even possible.. to get another ID. It depends on who you talk to?"

Oliver pushes her free hand through her hair, but keeps her other in Fee's, "I don't know? I mean, Daxton and Felicia know me pretty well so maybe they can vouch for me? But maybe after all these students, Unit 23 doesn't want people hanging around? It's a good idea. I'll ask. Maybe Fel will want out…" Or maybe not. She should really chat with her. "I'd want a legal ID…I don't think I want to be sneaking around. I was thinking I could work one job in one form and another in another form?" Since she doubts one single job will offer enough income. "I'm sorry, I'm just complaining. It'll be ok…somehow."

The shifter's gaze watches Ollie's hand swat through her turquoise hair: a universal sign of exasperation and stress. She squeezes her hand with her other one, meanwhile, lifting it to kiss the knuckles. "So you have an in. It doesn't hurt to ask, Ollie. I mean, you're nothing but respectful.. haven't you been involved in seeing to it, that other students aren't being jackasses? Doing your duty as a senior?" Asked with a little glimmer in her eyes and a mysterious smile. "Talk to your friend, ask.. she could help you out the most, I think, especially if she's already kinda part of that estate. It'd be different if you were just there, mistreating the place… I'm sure they know you'd respect it, if you were given even a room to stay in." She goes on hopefully.

Fee considers the ID bit, but switches tracks swiftly, "Don't apologize! It's all very real stuff and I wish I could help more. I know it'll be okay but it's gonna take some work."

Ollie leans in some at the knuckle-kiss, "Thanks," is whispered. "I think I just needed to tell someone. I tried talking to Felicia about it before but I just needed to get it out. You've helped so much just by being you and yeah….we'll figure it out. Maybe I'll end up a Coffee Wizard working for you dad, who knows?" There's another little sigh, perhaps of relief, "Really, thank you."

"Of course." Fee offers in her sunny way, her slow-trickling usage of solar energy keeping their little universe of two warm upon that bench. "Talk to me anytime.. I think it's all gonna work out fine. I trust you in whatever you need to do to make it work.." Though hopefully the travels won't take him too far away from her. Fee squashes this thought fiercely; how selfish of her, even. If Ollie had to travel far to pursue education, or figure himself out.. she would wait! But it's nice to have him/her here too.

"We sure as heck don't know.. the fun is in figuring it out, huh? How about we walk a bit more, and catch a bus back to the mansion?" A thoughtful pause. "I think some thoughtful cuddling is in order! That always helps with thinking!" Yeah right.

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