(2018-02-14) All's Fair in Love and Nerf
All's Fair in Love and Nerf
Summary: … kinda, til' the superpowers come into play.
Date: 2018-02-14
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Downtown Funk, Shady Cove
Wed Feb 14, 2018

A cover charge is accepted at the door before gaining entry and there's a coat check. A popular club with the local high school crowd, music is always thumping either from a DJ, a live band or Karaoke, showcasing the local talent. A bar serves mocktails of every flavor and alcohol free beer as well as soda, juice and other beverages.

The dance floor lights up when it's stepped on in varied colors and a mirror ball, strobe lights and other fun lighting, the wall nearest the dance floor is lined with mirrors. Seating is varied, either at the bar or at tables or booths, and a small array of finger foods can be ordered.

Under 21 Club


It's Valentine's Day, and Downtown Funk is decorated appropriately. Red and pink steamers. The lights that normally spin around the dance floor have been fitted with red, heart-shaped lenses. All in all, very on the spirit of things. They've even hired someone to— no, wait, that's Conner Masters, almost certainly not being paid to… dress as Cupid? A toga (because he's not brave enough to go for the cherubic diaper, apparently), a plastic laurel crown, a quiver of foam-heart-tipped arrows and a comically small child's bow to launch them out of. He's dancing through the crowd, getting no small number of amused looks and laugher. The fact that he can't dance doesn't help. The fact that he doesn't seem much to care though, is maybe admirable, smiling and spinning through the crowd, occasionally launching an arrow at dancing couples.

It's hard to play a part, sometimes. Though Callisto is every bit the adolescent by the standards of her race, she's… been around 'long' enough to bypass certain societal norms. Ie. she can, with some makeup and proper choosing of graceful, fetching attire… look 'of age'. Then there's the psychic aspect of it all: a little 'flick' of the mental wrist and charm could be used to get her way! But no, no… Callisto Aine is here at Downtown Funk tonight, holding not a sophisticated glass of wine but instead… a… glass of Sprite. Ugh.

Besides.. to be sighted as a student of Coral, drinking booze, would land her in deep ka-ka. Best not risk it. So what's a dark fae girl to do…? Watch. Observe. This is a hotbed of activity and that kinda makes up for her lacking in preferred methods of celebrating V-Day. She arrived with a few others but they have since dissipated into the fun-loving crowd. Callisto, left alone and yet content, is seated at the 'bar'… watching a boy in curious attire having a go of firing plush arrows at unsuspecting revelers. She squints her glacial blue eyes…. beyond the getup, he's familiar.

Ariel steps into the club and glances around. The same subcompact model she wore yesterday, the Ferrari as it were, wearing her school uniform still. She's never been in here before, or really been in any kind of under 21 club, so the decor gets something between a laugh and a grimace from her. It's a real snerk kind of response. As she walks in she glances down at her phone, then just looks around for the commotion. Yep, right over there where people are either laughing or possibly crying and definitely being stung by Cupid's arrow is Conner. "He actually did it. I wonder if it's possible to be disowned as a Masters." Which of course it is, Schuyler even told her about it, but that's a bummer and she's more kidding to her audience of zero. She walks past him and shoots a smile, then tugs on her blazer and says, "Gonna slip into something more comfortable." And she heads toward the restrooms. She stops there for a second and really thinks about how much trouble she's willing to cause, then sighs and ducks into the girls. Less than a minute later a tall, good looking boy with broad shoulders and curly dark hair walks out, wearing much the same getup as Conner, but with the toga facing the other way. A name tag affixed to his bare chest says 'EROS' and the. 'Greek>Roman'.

Conner continues making his rounds. His new favored targets are anyone looking at the dance floor but not dancing, clearly hoping Cupid's arrows will help them pluck up some courage. And so he continues that business, though he usually has the decency to give plenty of warning in the form of dramatically lining up his shot. He also usually misses. Foam arrows and a child's bow aren't renowned for accuracy. He squint at Callisto. She does look familiar, but… school? Probably. She gets a bright smile and an arrow that sails wide. He misses Ariel's arrival, but doesn't miss her reappearing as Eros, his eyes widening, a look of… Delight? Amusement? Something along those lines crosses his face, then is covered by very obviously exaggerated outrage that he has a 'rival'. "You aren't armed," he points out, wrinkling his nose and lofting an arrow in Eros's direction.

Poor Callisto… loveless! Dateless! But she clearly does not seem to mind, looking for all the world like a content, languid feline. Her moonpale hair, silver-white in the lighting, has been left long and loose to conceal the tapered ears that she passes off as, uh… 'cosplay' or 'theater' props in the general public. It's a lukewarm excuse but one that she can push, if people question her. She watches Conner levelly as an arrow is let loose toward her, and with a snapping of a lithe hand she catches it, fingers wrapping round the form 'arrowhead', eyes flashing in the frantic, excited lighting of the club. Ah, now she can place him: a fellow Metis, part of that moneyed, well-known family. The bright smile results in a tilting of her head, interrupted only with the arrival of… oh snap! Oh snap!

Out comes Eros, and the comedy begins. Callisto sips her soft drink as if it were vintage, poor girl, and observes the happenings from her perch. She is elegantly clad: a silken, champagne-colored camisole with the barest strips of shoulder straps, smooth peach-colored slacks, heels that vault her already-substantial height to just over six feet. She observes the meeting of Cupid and Eros with interest. Callisto enjoys being amused.

Ariel is about to protest but when an arrow is launched his way he just sits there and takes it, then catches it after it bounces off is chest and starts tumbling for the ground. "Well, I have one arrow now!" Ariel considers the nerf arrow, then heads back to the exit and ducks out for a moment to where people are allowed to stow backpacks. "I should have done this before. Premise accepted!" When he returns he has a similar bow to Cupid's, but this one says in script along the side 'OG LOVE GOD'. Then he starts making the rounds, now and again squinting at two random people and gesturing for them to get at it already while arrowing them. "Bam! You're in love!" The he turns and fires off a couple more and… "This dumb toy came with way fewer arrows than were promised on the box."

"Yeah, mine only came with three, and suction cups no less. These are courtesy of some hopefully-confused person on Etsy," Conner explains. It's apparently a divine team-up episode, because he's moving alongside Eros, covering one side of the dance floor while Ariel covers the other. At least until he realizes his arrow has had little to no effect on Callisto, and he frowns, far more dramatically than is probably called for. "Cupid's arrows are supposed to be irresistible, you know," be points out, moving towards Callisto. "…Calliope, right? No. I'm close though, yeah?" he asks, moving closer to the girls, though he does occasionally turn to send another stray arrow into the dancers.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Acting: Success.

"Calliope," The girl's voice is cast forth finally; she is used to long silences. Long, watchful silences. She sounds pleasant though, cultured. Hey, at least she's in on the joke and willing to egg it on… and in being cultured she knows her literature. She eyes 'Cupid' from beneath silvery eyelashes, "My war god husband is away and 'lo, I sit here with my…" She eyes the soft drink. Ugh, ugh. She cranes her gaze toward the dance floor as some respond to Cupid's ready arrows while others respond in kind to 'Eros'' attentions. Love, damnit!

Callisto's lips curve into a vague smile, liking the play. "Yet, love, mere love, is beautiful indeed… And worthy of acceptation. Fire is bright. Let temple burn, or flax; an equal light." She delves into poetry, as Calliope was a muse of poetry, afterall! A snerk, though her version of a 'snerk' is a quaint drawing of breath. She eyes Cupid then, "Better get out there, for he is stealing your quarry." A nod to Ariel.

"Okay, Cupid, you get everyone who looks like they would make perfect connections on a spiritual level, the kinds of tight bonds that will last a lifetime." Ariel, a tall good looking guy wearing a toga much like Conner's, but with a nametag identifying him as the OG love god, Eros, and maybe espousing some unkind views of Roman mythology in relation to Greek mythology, leans over and snakes a few of Conner's arrows. "I'll get all the people who would just look really hot together." Ariel's got depths, but sometimes they're skin depths. He points at an attractive couple and fires off an arrow, then at two very pretty boys and says, "Okay, guys, you look amazing so get ready f- brothers? Really? Oh, jeeze, awkward. Sorry." He stage whispers to Conner, "I'm going to write fanfic about those guys later."

Conner is the Cupid to Ariel's Eros, bow, arrows, toga, laurel crown. The whole nine yards. "Wait, why do you get the fun ones?" he objects to Eros, but not to his arrows being commandeered. He does set about his mission, though. Except now he does it while standing near Callisto. Or Calliope, today. "Either you've got the silver tongue to make all others look tarnished, or you've read more than I have," he says in response to Calli waxing poetic. Ariel mentioning her literary plans for later gets a suppressed laugh before he eyes up…. yes, those two, dancing a bit off to the side from the main mass of bodies, the ones that can't seem to stop looking at each other's eyes. They get an arrow lofted in their direction, and a bright smile when it hits the girl in the leg.

The fae girl smirks at Conner as he remarks on her brief tangent into poetry. "I've had the time to do so." Said simply, not seeing fit to expand or the necessity to. She slides the half-empty glass of soda across the counter, not really liking the stark sweetness of it. There is sweet, well-meaning diablerie at work here and Callisto, of a race that relishes such merrymaking, cannot help but get involved somehow. They have arrows, she has voice. As the one arrow bounces off of the girl's leg Callisto unfolds herself from her stool, squints into the crowd of swaying, dancing teenagers.

She's looking for a target.

Ruh roh.

Constantine enters this pleasant looking establishment, looking about then for a moment before he's moving through the crowd, minor sounds of 'scuse me, pardon me, coming through…so sorry.' are idly heard. Regardless, he eventually finds a seat and seems to just relax then for a moment.

Constantine wears a black beanie over his head with a black double breasted trench coat, black fingerless gloves over his hands, and blue jeans, tennis shoes. Seems he was prepped for cold weather. Now that he's inside, mind you, he simply relaxes, a silver ball in his hand….

"Arrowing people who are already in love will definitely improve your KD ratio, but it's kind of cheating, Cupid." Though once he says it Ariel reconsiders and adds, "Well, I guess there are no rules in love and war. But don't piss anyone off. I like your face pretty." When he catches sight of Constantine he offers the other boy a familiar wave, even if Constantine may not find him a familiar sight. Then he's scouting out his next pair of young lov- woah, Eros doesn't have to go far, turning and smiling to a couple that looks like they should have a hit show on the CW about how hard life is as a very attractive teenager. "Hi. God of love here. Gonna arrow you now. Please don't be related or litigious." He then shoots the boy in the chest. "Get at 'er, guy!"

Conner beams when Callisto rises from her seat. He has no idea what she's planning, but she's participating! And that's a victory, as far as he's concerned. "Awww, that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me." Conner-Cupid feigns a bashful expression before eyeing up his next targets. Speaking of practically cheating, yes, those two that keep glancing at one another from your respective bar and table… an arrow each, and then a pointed look at the shy young lady. "This is the part where you ask him to dance," he stage whispers. When he looks up, he spots Constantine, looking decidedly not-festive and shakes his head. "There better be red under that coat," he chides, lobbing an arrow in the new arrival's general direction.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Hypnotic Voice: Success.

Is Callisto — er, Calliope — aware of new arrivals? Always. Her psychic awareness is a gossamer net cast across the room, not quite feeding her peoples' exact thoughts or feelings but just a vague awareness of their presence. Constantine's arrival and settling causes the girl to glance briefly in his direction but her mark has been made. There they are, a pair dancing in that typical manner that is universal for many awkward teens: the rigid arms, hands on hips, dry palms and stymied words and eyes that flit and tremble with almost animal fear. Callisto loves it.

She stand head-and-shoulders over the nervous pair of a boy and girl, about fifteen-years-old. Mousy. Shy. And very… very clearly into one another and not knowing how to breach it. Too shy.

Why, they only need a push.

Callisto glides along, pauses in their proximity. Her voice drops an octave; sultry, intimate. She talks to the pair and at them, her tone the sweetest of shrouds. "And love is fire. And when I say at need.. I love thee … mark! … I love thee… in thy sight!" Forceful at the end. Mouse 1 and Mouse 2 grab one another and liplock. Callisto grins knowingly and pads off in search of her next targets.

Feckin' mentalists.

Constantine doesn't notice -anyone-. He just simply rests then for a moment. He would have noticed Ariel, but she appears to be in her male form, which he's only seen once, and that was some time ago. So sadly, while the face is vaguely familiar, he barely waves back before he's smiling at everyone having fun.

Speaking of which….he should get flowers for a certain someone….

<FS3> Ariel rolls Superpowers: Failure.

Ariel fires off a few more shots at some prospective young couples, but stops when she sees Callisto just slinking around and convincing people that they should just get right down to it on the dance floor. "Oofa doofa. If I was in this job for any reason other than showing off my abs, I'd feel a little threatened." He turns and shoots just some random person walking past. "Find love, beautiful soul! And get lit! And always respect your elders!" Then he zips back off toward the floor.

<FS3> Conner rolls Technomancy: Good Success.

Conner watches Calli work her way through the crowd, and raises an eyebrow at the response she gets from the couple she stopped near. Surely she can't be /that/ convincing? Apparently all bets are off, now, provided an appropriate level of subtlety is used. Conner can play that game. And he might need to, because that couple looks like they're taking part in the /other/ Valentine's Day cliche: a messy public break-up. Not on Conner's watch! Both young girls look equally distraught as one leaves the other just short of crying on the dance floor. Conner sends an arrow into the one leaving, looking from her, back to her (until recently) significant other. As soon as the girl turns around, the music in the club changes immediately to the chorus of Faded Heart by Borns. The girls look more confused than suddenly-back-in-love, but apparently a little encouragement from a random Cupid impersonator is enough to get them to start talking again. Conner doesn't watch long enough to see results, and instead starts moving towards Eros, reaching up and putting an invisible tally on an equally invisible scoreboard, looking pleased with himself.

There is something about Constantine, whose contentment Callisto seems to pick up on.. or some manner of it. His positioning and his expression, apart from the crowd, keeps the Metis girl from 'pushing' him too. Granted she is only targeting those who appear to be on a precipice. She pauses in her stride, peering over a shoulder at Mouse 1 and 2 holding fast to one another, hugging. Awwwwwww.


Feeling that her part in the play is over, the girl eyes what was her seat at the bar. It's been taken, her nursed glass of Sprite gone. Just as well. The music catches her fancy.. it is unlike that which she's used to, and the girl starts to sway along to it. No pushing, no talking; Callisto does enjoy rhythm too. She spies the whole circumstance with the two girls with interest, her lips curving in amusement. "Well played." She whispers languidly, watching Cupid going over to confer with Eros on the point earned. After some time watching and listening, the fae girl makes her way over to a seat, just off to the side… perfect for people-watching… and settles to see what happens next.

Constantine gives a friendly smile to Callisto when he catches her looking at him, a little wave goes with it. Alas, he also turns his head to apparently the multiple 'cupids' moving about and idly encouraging others to give in to their base emotions of affection. Highly curious.

Alas, Constantine already has his special lady, so he's not out on the hunt. Though he's now seen happily sipping on a bottle of Mountain Dew. Do the Dew.

When Cupid racks up his extra point Eros makes a real pouty face and turns to address a group of people. "Okay, we're going to do some real Sun Myung Moon shit here, so everyone listen up!" He then holds up his plastic arrow and fires off a volley into the crowd. When he's out he points to everyone and says, "Now everyone go fall in love. You promised you would when you agreed to be arrowed! Now go!" Ariel scatters his group and then turns back to Conner, marking that invisible board with all ten fingers. Then for good measure he fires his last arrow at Conner himself, then shrugs and says, "You let me know if that one worked when you feel like it."

Conner is on break from Cupid detail. He passes through the crowd, fetching arrows, and eventually rejoins his counterpart, grinning as an arrow catches him in the chest. He isn't smooth enough to catch it, but does bend over to place it back in his quiver. "So, didn't you say something about me getting in over my head if you decided to play Eros to my Cupid? When does that part happen?" he asks, sidling up beside Eros and gazing over the crowd. "I'd say that went well," he decides, then takes a step towards somewhere to sit, his path pointing him in Constantine's general direction, giving Eros a 'you coming?' look in the process.

"Honestly, you just keep on impressing me, Conner." As Ariel walks to follow the other boy he stops now and again to pick up any arrows of his own. A kid who got hit earlier tries to hand an arrow back and Ariel shakes his head. "No, if you hand it back then all the love will spill out the back end of the arrow and then you'll never find your soulmate. Jeesh. It's like you people don't even understand how love works." When Conner goes to sit Ariel goes to follow, plopping down next to him and manspreading like this form practically demands he do. "That was good. Let's plan for the 4th now. We dress as Uncle Sams and throw firecrackers at people."

"I pull off the toga that we'll, do I?" Conner grins as they head for a seat, giving the kid attempting an arrow return a vaguely scolding look as Ariel explains why that's not an acceptable practice. "Kids these days, huh?" He ends up sitting not that far from Constantine. "I like the Uncle Sam idea. Maybe you could be Lady Liberty as a counterpoint? I'm partial to Roman candles, but I guess firecrackers will do in a pinch," he concedes with a dramatic sigh.

"Well, you look very good in the toga. We'll really have to see about how well you pull it off later." Ariel gives a very sweet smile which looks very strange on his not particularly sweet face. "I could be down with Roman candles. As long as it is very dangerous and very, very stupid." He looks around at the various kids, "I don't know Coral Springs students well enough. I have no idea who is or isn't a peer. The handsome but bored kid who was barely here was Constantine. He wanted a ride in my Ferrari, but was a little horrified to discover it sometimes doubles as an F150." He looked up cars on Wikipedia for that one.

Conner raises an eyebrow at Ariel-Eros. "That arrow I hit you with must be working pretty well if you're already thinking about me toga-less," he teases, brushing fingers back through his hair. "Dangerous to others, not us, right? I have a powerful self-preservation instinct," he admits, then laughs at Constantine's… troubles. "F-150 is what we're going with? Hm. Is that what this is? Or is this a special seasonal model?" he asks, giving a Eros a look up and down.

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