(2018-02-13) Candygrams Anyone?
Candygrams, Anyone?
Summary: Rain is exhausted, Fionnuala is industrious.
Date: 2018-02-12
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Library, Winbarry Estate
Tue Feb 13, 2018

The Library is a large room with bookcases lining the walls which are full of books. Most of the textbooks have been salvaged from the school. Only the books that are referenced most are here. Histories and Sciences mostly with a scattering of other subjects. None of the books on magic have made it to this room. None of the books are in any kind of order just yet.

A few computer workstations have been set up so web surfing and hopefully school work can be done.

There are rectangular tables and chairs in here, all salvaged from the school library.


<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Success.

It's been just under an hour since the day's classes have concluded; it's been a fairly unremarkable Tuesday overall, with students coming and going in various states of pleasure and unease over how their lives are going, both academically and personally. They mill around throughout the estate, planning their evenings, getting settled in that window of time between class end and suppertime.

Simply put, Fionnuala Reid is in a good mood. Yeah what else is new, right? Really, a good mood. There's Fee smiling and being chipper and then there's Fee on the heels of Something Good having happened to her. Her level of 'sunshine' and/or 'Feeness' is moderate and contained today. Ie. she's still throwing warmth but rather than glowing, she simply has a degree of radiance to her skin with a honey-golden hue to her eyes. And yeah, as mentioned, she's content.

Seated at one of the rectangular tables in the space, still in her relatively well-kept uniform with wings out, Fee has some stationary laid out in front of her, spread out in an arc. She's humming some sort of ditty to herself as she works, cutting what appears to be… dark red Bristol board. Humming and scissors.. this could be scary.

Last week most of her classes were attended by Legion. With Sky having his issues, Rain has spent most of her nights not sleeping so he can. So was sleeping during the day and Legion covered for her. Legion tries, but she has a hard time pretending to be Rain. Rain is back to classes now, but she is still readjusting her schedule. Fiona is happy, she is just tired, so she sits across from her friend, head nestled in her arms on the table "You think you can turn down the cheeriness Fiona?" she asks without lifting her head.

Poor Rain… Fionnuala may look happy and chipper as she does.. whatever it is she's doing… but she's not so caught up in her mirth that she turns a blind eye to what's been afoot. Granted she's still smarting a bit from that chat with Schuyler a few days back, so desperate to help make things right but feeling a bit out of her element. The hardest part is seeing how it affects the one closest to the afflicted boy: Rain. She doesn't quite understand why the other girl must go without sleep… is it something to do with their unique bond and the powers therein? Fee's golden gaze flits up from her craftwork and she watches the tired blonde, worry etching into the glee. "I'll try, but it's hard. I just love having a project." She chimes.

Good thing about Fee, though.. is her cheer doesn't translate into squealing, squawking yammering as displayed in certain teenage girls. She just /looks happy, her voice measured and bell-like. "Are you okay? Really ok?" She asks gently… a loaded question. Fee knows Rain/Legion well enough to perhaps discern Legion from Rain when the former is trying to 'cover' for the latter. It can't be easy.

It totally has to do with the twins unique bond, which is a lot more complicated than what they lead others to believe. "Yes. Just tired and headachy. And I think I pulled something skateboarding yesterday." she reaches down to rub her leg. As she rubs her leg she lifts her head to look at the project laid out "Valentine for Oliver?" she guesses.

The blessing and the curse of having a twin, especially when you're both supers. Fee cannot begin to comprehend the depth of the bond but she can hazard a guess that whatever harms Sky, harms his sister in some like fashion. She watches Rain outright for a few beats, her brow furrowed over her kind eyes. She watches with worry as Rain rubs her sore leg, and she just wishes she could help. She wants to ask about Sky… could this be connected somehow? Unbeknownst to Fee wholly, absolutely. But there's no use charging on it with questions while Rain feels so rotten, not yet.

Her bestie's guess at this project warrants a slow, shy little grin. "Not quite." She offers, picking up the quarter of Bristol board and diligently beginning to cut again.. looks like a heart, about the size of a half-dollar. Look closer: she has about fifteen of these perfectly-prepped red hearts assembled in front of her. There, too, appears to be ribbon of various colorations: white, pink, mauve. The type that curls when grazed with scissors.

"For everyone, actually. I'm making candy-grams. Everyone needs a Valentine for Valentine's day, I think. Don't you?" She asks casually. She's making one for each student. Each teacher. Dear God. c.c

Rain watches Fiona working with one of her unreadable expressions.. though it is probably just a tired one, for a bit before answering "No?" she shakes her head, "Do they?" if they do she is so screwed. "I got something for Besa, but that's it."

"Of course they do." Fee offers, perfectly sure in her assumption that everyone deserves a little bit of love on a day that is apparently dedicated to it. That and the girl is just so nerdy and inclusive that it seems somehow right that she be sitting here with her craft supplies, making dozens of individual baubles for her peers. She picks up one of the little hearts, tags it with a hole-puncher, threads one of the curled ribbons through the hole. She then tapes this colorful little bit onto a small square of foil-wrapped chocolate.. she must have bought these in bulk with some of her paycheque. There is a moment of quiet as she pens the name of a student onto one of the hearts… 'Schuyler'.

A few of them are completed in a wicket basket at her side, each bearing student's name.

"I'll get something else for people that I'm closer to, but it's really all about the gesture." A pause. "Doing this keeps me busy and out of other schemes." A wink, before she watches Rain again for a few seconds longer than necessary. "Is everything OK with Sky? I'm kinda worried about him." She says in a lower hush-hush tone. "And you. You're exhausted."

Well this is news to Rain. Has the girl never had a friend close enough to not give a Valentine too. Did those high end private schools she went to never celebrate the day? Who knows "I guess I should go shopping this evening?" she really doesn't want to…strangely enough, she must really be tired if she doesn't want to.

There is a slight shift, facial expression, still tired, but different, and the way the body is held. The cadence and tone of her voice changes too, "Schemes you say? What kind of schemes?" then she is back to normal as if something strange didn't happen at all "Sky is improving, slowly." but the worry is still there.

The first rule to being a bestie is to not hide anything… even googly eccentric Fionnuala knows that, and like it or not Rain you've been relegated to that title. The poor girl just looks so tired.. it hurts Fee's heart. "Shopping.. no.. no no, I think you should rest, Rain. Valentine's Day doesn't involved shopping and buying things.. no matter HOW much people wanna buy into it. Common misconception, too…" She puffs up, looks as authoritave as possible. No, she just looks constipated but stick with her. "Valentine's day is in fact not for lovers but for love, you see. Too often people think they gotta spring for the roses, surf n' turf and diamond rings.. nah ah. It's just a day where you say I love or even like you a little more than usual. So how about you gift me on Valentines day buy going to sleep, please." She reaches out to seek the other girl's hand briefly to give it a squeeze, if allowed. "No shopping, Rain!"

The cadence change is noted but Fee, too her credit, is getting maybe a solid B+ in her 'Rain' curriculum. "Schemes… you know me. I've been thinking more about the hospital volunteering thing. I kinda can't wait. I hope we look in on kids so I can create a kind of… gig." A soft giggle. Talk of Sky sobers her. "Is there anything I can do? I talked to him… recently."

The girl nods, she hasn't put her head back down yet "Sleep. That I can do. I may leave Sky to his own devices tonight. He still has shielding issues but he should be able to manage one night.. right?" she silently listens to Fiona's explanation of V-Day "I'm not supposed to go off campus anyway." her parents forbid it. Well she doesn't pull her hand away.

"I'm looking forward to it too." Rain admits to Fiona easily enough so she has a moment of confusion "Gig?" she isn't sure what is meant by that. There is a shake of head "I know you did." she taps her temple "What one of us knows the other does."

"Sleep. Sleep. I'm not a tank and I kinda won't get far if I try to carry you to the girl's wing… we'll end up faceplanted in the entry hall somewhere and probably catch detention." Fee says all in one breath, considering. "I think Sky would want you to rest.." She trails off, knowing that Rain probably doesn't need her to mention this notion.. and knowing deep-down that the connection shared between the two is what allows this circumstance. "Here's where I wish I had one sniff of psychic abilities.. to help with whatever is happening here.." Said softly, mostly under head breath. She cannot hope to acquire such skills, either; it's not Fee's bag. Learning how to shape mystic energies into a curative force s challenge enough.

"Anything I can do to help, Rain, anything.. please let me know, okay? This is outside of my scope a bit but hey, I have gone to strange places before." Ie. to rescue Besa recently. "I'll do what I can, okay? I'm not going anywhere." Said in a way, Fee's way, that one can hinge their life upon.

".. yeah, hehee… a gig. Kids like puppets, don't they?" .. oh GOD..

Rain blinks at Fiona not sure if she should be insulted by that comment or not. She is pretty sure that the crow isn't calling her fat…at least she hopes not. "He does." of course he does, he is as concerned about Rain as Rain is concerned about him. It's a vicious cycle really. There is a thoughtful moment "I wonder if those transfer too when I power swap with someone? Do they get my connection to Sky as well?" she never thought of it before, but she hasn't really swapped with that many people and not for very long. "If I think of something I will let you know." at the mention of puppets she pulls a face "I don't know."

Honest, honest! She didn't mean it that way..! O_O

Not quite picking up on exactly where that went, Fee nonetheless holds up her slender arms. "My other form is a bird. I'm weak like one too. I'm lucky to not be exhausted using these scissors to cut out nearly sixty paper hearts.." She jests. Well, just about that many. She looks up regarding the power swap ability, remembering that one fateful gym class. "I wonder… it really was weird, now that I think about it. But I can help share the load, however that comes to be." She offers, not quite sure what she's signing up for.. if anything. But she's earnest. A pause to look around a the crafty shrapnel surrounding her half of the table. "I'd better get this tided up before I get in trouble. I'd better get it all back up to my room. How about you try to snag a nap before supper?"

"Legion hates it when I power swap." Rain tells her, which is kind of weird considering Legion technically shouldn't exist when she hasn't manifested "I'll help you clean." she pushes to her feet and starts collecting craft stuffs "I risk sleeping through dinner then. I'll go to bed after dinner."

Very… very fascinating. Legion appears to be, for all intents and purposes, some manner of…. cripes, she's almost her own person. But the personality traits, too, are distinct. It's almost as if a part of Rain's personality has become her own manifested entity! Powers can be some confusing sometimes and Fee is grateful for her rather linear (for now) skillset. "We don't want to upset Legion." Fee smiles kindly as she picks everything up within her immediate reach, assembles it all carefully into her basket. "We'll figure something out.. but for now you need to get a good night's sleep. Stay with us til' after dinner then please get some rest!" She pleas again, risking a one-armed hug to the exhausted Masters girl (don't wanna overwhelm her) before preparing to carry her basket o' love (innocent, honest) out into the main body of the estate.

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