(2018-02-13) Bonfire on the Beach
Bonfire on the Beach
Summary: Ashton follows Loukanos's suggestion on how to control his abilities.
Date: IC Date (2018-02-13)
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Beach Winbarry Estates

The greensward of the estate lawn slowly gives way to the sea grass and sand that is prevalent to beaches on the New England coast. Sea gulls and other small sea birds nest in the tall grasses and can be seen moving along the waterline at all times of the day.

Ashton - A thin boy with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes.
Loukanos - A bronzed young boy with blonde hair and midnight blue eyes. Poised and ethereal.
Exits: [BL] Back Lawn

Despite the fact that the weather has turned a bit warmer, the temperature is still quite sharply cool. The breeze as it comes off of the water is at times rather biting. The water is rough as the waves reach upon the sand. Sitting on a small sand dune, Ashton is wearing a pair of faded jeans, a white shirt with a red and black flannel shirt tied around his waist. Out in front of him, near the water is a small pile of drift wood. His eyes are closed as he breathes deeply. His hand raises and points in the direction of the wood. "Burn. Burn. Burn." He says softly, trying to be as calm as possible. He opens his eyes and sees the wood just sitting there, not even the slightest wiff of smoke from it. Ashton growls and shouts, "Damn it!" As he does, the drift wood suddenly explodes into flames. He sighs. "So much for calm."

Walking barefoot on the cool sand, Loukanos appears quite taken with his natural surroundings. Still in some parts of his school uniforms, he has ditched the yellow sweater vest and tie. The piercing chill seems to have little to no effect on the bronzed godling. The angry shouts draw his attention, and he slows as he approaches, "Ashton," He glances at the burning wood and waves a hand. The flames cease to exist. "Isn't it a little cold for walks on the beach?"

Exasperation clearly showing on his face. Ashton slams his fists into the sand, before using them as leverage to push himself to his feet. He brushes the sand from his hands onto the denim of his pants. The dark haired youth does not look particularly bothered by the temperature. He cocks an eyebrow, "Couldn't I ask you the same question?"

"I have wandered in the harshest of winters and found that within me is a little bit of spring," Loukanos answers. Was he being intentionally cryptic? "This really is a struggle for you, isn't it?" Blue eyes study the charred wood. "Sometimes will is not enough. When I witnessed your magic before, there was an…incantation attached to it. Words could be a better focus."

Ashton nods slightly, "Um.. sure… For me.. I just haven't really gotten too hot or cold since I started practicing magic… I figure it is just part of the craft… " He looks out at the water. "I figured if any place this would help me be calm… well at least calmer. I like the ocean… there's like a symphony of nature… robust and bombastic." He pauses and looks over at Louk, "That probably sounds dumb, huh? But yeah.. told you calm is not natural for me.. never has… " He reaches up and tugs on the collar of his shirt. "Never had the words form in my head for fire.. just happens… even when I make them do stuff.. it's just happens… What I did the other day was more clearly a spell.. the words form in my head when I need them."

"That's not normal," Loukanos considers. "Nothing here is, I know, but most spellcasters aren't immune to the elements." Ashton's a special little snowflake, isn't he? The blonde shakes his head about Ash's words 'sounding dumb'. "No…no, that's actually pretty poetic. I couldn't agree more. I come out here to embrace the solitude. Not that I mind your company," He smiles softly before looking out into the ocean. "The waves seem to whisper to me," he says quietly. "Sometimes it's easy to forget there's a material world outside of this." He sighs dreamily before gazing at Ashton once more. "If you can't summon the flames calmly, then channel that rage. Accept the anger and express it."

Ashton smirks slightly, "Well, I never said I was like most people. In fact, I try not to be." He listens to Louk. His blue-green eyes watching the golden godling. A slight smile rests on his lips, as Loukanos talks about the ocean. "I get that… I used to sneak down to the beach whenever I needed to clear my head." He arches his eyebrows, "You sure that's a good idea?" He shakes his head, "Probably be best if I wait until there's no one else around."

"You're succeeding," Loukanos retorts with a bit of a chuckle. "I could stay here forever. It's so simple to unburden yourself from stress and grief and…disappointment." A dark shadow falls across the fine features of Loukanos's face, and his fists instinctively clench. As quickly as they come, the clouds clear, and he looks over at Ashton. "No one else is around. If you're worried about me, don't be."

The falter in Loukanos's shiny facade does not go unnoticed. Ashton recalls Louk's remark about everybody wearing masks. Apparently, Loukanos had been speaking with the voice of experience as much if not more than from observation. "You sure that I have no need to worry about you?" He is looking a bit seriously, before he throws on a bit of a smile. "I mean.. you sure that I can't hurt you accidently?"

Nobody is perfect, and serpents lurk within the most beautiful of gardens. Loukanos smiles reassuringly, "I won't stand so close, of course," Beat. "Sorry to disappoint you, but it'd be a foolish thing to do." He nods though. "It is an idea. May not work, but our conversation the other day left me with some things to consider. Maybe you shouldn't try to purge yourself of 'darker emotions'…but instead try to embrace them and use them wisely."

Ashton smirks, "It isn't disappointing me. I think I'd be more disappointed if you didn't back off… If you didn't, then I would have seriously overestimated your intelligence." It is a bit of playful snark, that quickly turns into a bit of flirtation. "Afterall, I'd hate accidently destroy those pretty looks of yours." He pauses, "But in all seriousness.. I did engulf an entire library in flames…" He looks over, as a flicker of doubt crosses his expression. "Just remember, this was your idea…"

"I am blessed with the ability to heal from wounds. Fast. Worst come to worst, my pretty looks will only be seared for a day or two," With that, Loukanos lifts his feet off the sand and gracefully lands at least 30 feet away, if not more. "Try to keep it small for now!" He calls out over the crashing waves. He thinks for a moment about any other advice. "Oh, and go slow. Don't be afraid to put out the flames if things get too intense."

Ashton nods, as he starts trying to embrace the anger. He frowns slightly and shakes his head slightly. His fists tighten as he replays every lecture he ever got from his grandfather; every time that a B wasn't an A, or if he could get an A- why could not he have put in just a little more effort and gotten an A. He starts pacing a bit like a caged predator. The green in his eyes starts becoming more pronounced. Not only does the timbers burst into flames, but a nimbus of flames forms around Ashton, as an expression that crosses over his features is almost inhumanly vicious, but just for the briefest of moments. Even as it fades some, that cruelty remains harbored in the once blue eyes.

Loukanos's bright blue eyes widen, captivated by Ashton and his fiery display. Not only does the flaming visual dazzle him, but he can feel that strange, infernal energy gathering around Ashton. Or pouring out of him; Lou isn't so sure. He quickly decides against interrupting the conjuring. This could be fantastic! If Ashton can control it…

The flames burn brightly, though the color of the flames turn from red to blue to green - definitely not your normal, everyday spontanous bonfire. The color is not the only thing that is unusual. The footprints left behind Ashton as he walks across the sand. The heat from his body is enough to turn the sand into glass. Eyes turn to the godling, as a smile eases across his lips, except it is not one seen on the dark haired boy before. His teeth almost look like they have grown slightly pointed, like a wolf looking at a rabbit. His hands close once again into fists. The flames around him grow a bit more, so that the wisps of sea grass begin to twist as the heat sucks all the moisture from them before they wilt and catch fire. Then a pause in the predator. A look of conflict. Ashton's eyes roll back in his head as the flames around him suddenly die down, as his form stumbles slightly unsteadily, before collapsing to his knees.

A cautious step back as Ashton bears a predatory grin towards Loukanos. It's not often he is caught off his guard and left this flat-footed. And when he is, he usually has no trouble masking it. But this…while the expression that flashes in those sapphire eyes is not one of fear, there is definitely panic. Firmly in its silent grip, Loukanos breathes out, "Ash…" and his heart skips a beat.

Thank the gods, Ashton breaks free from whatever was holding him. Lou didn't want to have to hurt anyone, especially not him. Once the inferno fades into the air and the blonde has a chance to gather his wits, he is at Ashton's side in a flash. Literally. Olympians move quickly. He puts steadying hands on him, one against his back. "Ashton?"

Ashton blinks up at Loukanos; eyes their proper shade of azure and jade. His voice is weighted with exhaustion. "What happened?" His eyes then moves to the blazing bonfire, as a grin stretches across his face. "I did it.. You were right… " His energy slowly returns to him, though at a rate that might be more than a little faster than what is normal for a normal human.

"I don't know about that. In fact, I think I may have been very wrong. Are you okay?" That is the most important question. For Loukanos, at least, "There was fire," He gestures vaguely to…well, EVERYWHERE. "It was the most hellish thing I've ever seen. Inhumanly hot, too. And you smiled at me, but it…it was so malevolent. How…" Okay, so he's still a little scattered-brained at the moment. "Do you really not remember any of it?"

Ashton looks at Loukanos, more than a touch confused. He shakes his head and smiles, "Yeah, I'm fine… I feel pretty tired, but other than that, alright… " He stops and notices how out of sorts the golden godling really is. The smile fades to a frown. "I remember trying to make myself mad… and then… the next thing I was on my knees just then… Did I really unnerve you? I'm sorry…"

"Don't be sorry," Loukanos waves the apology off. "Like you said, it was my idea. I take the blame." He considers something and kneels next to Ashton. "You went overboard, but we can work on that. At least, you knew when to turn things off." He places a gentle hand on the dark-haired boy's shoulder. "You're very powerful."

Ashton sighs and shakes his head, "No.. it was your idea, but I'm the one that chose to do it. If there is any blame, it's mine… if for nothing else than not being able to control myself." There is a clear berating tone there. He sighs. "But if I don't remember that, I can't really take credit for turning anything off…" He smiles softly at the hand on his shoulder. "I'll take your word for it…"

"I think a part of you was in there. You may not remember it, but I saw you hesitate. That has to count for something," Loukanos uncurls his legs from the kneeling position and leans back, propping himself up with his arms behind him. Staring at the lapping waves, he softly says, "There are shards of glass over there if you don't believe."

Ashton looks over at Louk. "Still… I shouldn't have lost control… " He cocks his head, "What does pieces of glass have anything to do with it?" He obviuosly isn't putting one and one together coming to the fact that he is the cause of the glass.

"It demonstrates how powerful you are," Loukanos looks at Ash, furrowing his brows when it's clear the other boy isn't following. "The flames you summoned were so hot, they melted the sand." He shrugs. "No one ever said you'd get this right on your attempt. Frankly, I'm impressed that you managed to conjure them at will. You should be, too." He lightly bumps his shoulder against Ashton's.

Ashton blinks widely at that. "Really? " He looks mildly impressed with himself for a moment. He frowns slightly, "Well, I have always been held to higher standards than anyone else I know.. by myself and my grandparents." He mumbles a bit, "I'd be more impressed if I knew what exactly I had done." He smiles at the shoulder bump, "But thank you, Louk. I appreciate it." He smiles slightly, "I appreciate you trying to help me… I really do."

"Your grandparents aren't here, though," Loukanos falls back against the sand, crossing his arms behind his head. Blue eyes glance at Ashton, "They dumped you here specifically because they didn't know how to help you. So forget them. As for yourself, well…I understand the need for perfection, but these abilities are new. You're a work in progress." He grins a little. "It's my pleasure. I like this."

Ashton frowns, "Oh, trust me.. they're probably more here than you think… Grandfather is a pretty skilled sorcerer himself." He smirks, "I doubt you understand the need, since you have it like innately… It's nothing that I will ever get close to… I'm flawed from the onset." It is said as if it is parrotting something more than his own thought. He grins, "I'm glad that I have at least one friend here… "

"Thanks, but just because I was born this way doesn't mean things were always so easy," Loukanos smiles warmly and blushes, pushing golden strands from his eyes as he looks at the sky. "I'm a good one." A shimmering, golden lyre appears on his belly, and the boy lazily begins to pluck on its strings. It an archaic form of music but poignant and wonderfully pure.

Ashton's eyes grow heavy at the sound of the lyre's music. He is practically purring at the music. "Oh, that is nice… " He then sits up and turns to look at Loukanos, "Where did that come from? I know you didn't have that before."

"You summon fires, I summon just about everything else," Loukanos winks at Ashton. "It's a blessed lyre. I'm glad you like it. Thought you would…" Indeed, the instruement sounds divine. Quite literally as it evokes the lost sounds of ancient Greece.

A wide grin stretches across Ashton's lips, the first full one since he came out of his daze. "Okay, fair enough. I guess I walked right into that one… " He cocks his head, "Is it okay that one day you let me try it, or is it something that only you can play? I haven't ever played a lyre before… At least not yet." He cocks his head slightly, "Am I that predictable?"

"It was your description of the ocean. I took you for a musician," Looks like Lou wasn't wrong either. "Only if you're a good boy." He pushes himself to his feet, brushes some sand off his pants, and holds out a hand to help Ashton up. "Kidding. It's probably fine. In truth, no one has ever tried to play it but me." He shrugs. "Wouldn't be the first time I pissed off the gods, though."

Ashton grins slightly as he takes the hand and is helped up. "I'm always good… " The smile fades, as his eyes find Loukanos's, "Nevermind.. wouldn't want you to get in trouble because of me." He brushes off some of the sands from his own hands. "I'll have to play you something sometime… either that or play some of the recordings on my computer."

"I'd prefer a live performance," Loukanos smiles and shrugs slightly. "Eh. Trouble's not always so bad. Especially when it's worth it." He tucks the golden instrument under his arm. "I think I'm going to head back to the estate now. Wanna walk with me?"

"Well, I guess it's a good thing that I refused to leave my guitar behind, when I got shipped off." Ashton nods and smiles. "Yeah, let's go… I think that I'm done out here for the time being." He glances back at the signs of the previous inferno on the beach. "Thanks again, Louk, for being there for me."

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