(2018-02-12) Afternoon tea of the gods
Afternoon tea of the gods
Summary: Some of the students stand around and chat in the kitchen.
Date: 2018-02-12
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Kitchen Winbarry Estate

The kitchen has gone through quite an update. The walls have been repainted and thewood floor restored. It is now firmly imbedded in the 21st century with a six burner duel fuel stove/oven combo and a separate duel oven on top of that. A large, double wide frenchdoor fridge sits near the stove with a marble top cabinet between them. More marble topped cabinets and matching island with a few stools,give plenty of storage and counter space. More cabinets above are full of various canned goods and other foods, for the preparation of meals for the students. The pantry is equally full, onearea of itset aside for between meal snacks of hungry teenagers.

Ashton - A thin boy with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes.
Loukanos - A bronzed young boy with blonde hair and midnight blue eyes. Poised and ethereal.
Rain - A teenage girl with pale blonde hair, nose ring and stunning grey eyes. She is dressed and styled impeccably.
Theodore - Blond kid with amber eyes and a regal appearance
Exits: [BN] Breakfast Nook [D] Basement
[O] Great Hall/Dining Room [PL] Billiard Room
Classes let out for the day just a short time ago, which means freedom for the rest of the day…at least until curfew/lights out, but that is hours away. The weather has been warm enough and a bit rainy the last few days so all the snow is pretty much melted across the estate…Rain or Legion, whoever it is today, is quite happy about the fact. The walks into the kitchen, backpack in its rightful spot, her skateboard strapped it. She has changed out of her uniform and into something more outdoor appropriate, so she apparently isn't planning on sticking around inside for to long.

For a while after the wilderness thing, Theo's spiders weren't around. Their entrance into a room is normally a clear sign that Theo's about to show up, so he's been unannounced for a while. Today though, there they are, announcing Theo's presence to those who can see them. They skitter into the kitchen via the walls and head up to the ceiling; a few moments later Theo enters. "Oh, hello," he offers when he notices Rain's there. Or… well, it might be Rain. He's aware that there's something screwy going on with that. Nonetheless, he offers a smile in greeting. He's not wearing his uniform either, but instead a pale pink t-shirt with a dark blue pixel heart on it, blue jeans, hiking boots, and his usual denim vest upon the lapels of which those ever-present silver pins are pinned.

Preparing herbal tea takes some time, but Loukanos seems just about finished when Rain and Theo enter the kitchen. Now just for the finishing touch. From his pocket, he pulls out a vial that contains a thick golden liquid and slowly drains it into the cup. The spiders…well, that takes him off guard. So much so that he makes a mess on his fingers with the honey-like substance. Blue eyes widen at the skittering psychic spiders and then land on the the room's two current occupants with a quizzical raise of the brow.

Still in his uniform, though the tie is pulled even further from his neck and his shirt is pulled free, Ashton walks into the kitchen. looking for something to eat. His footfalls come to an immediate stop as he sees the "spiders" before he notices even the presence of anyone else. "What the hell?"

"That tea smells good Loukanos, what kind is it?" Rain is a tea drinker herself but she goes for chai usually. Her tone is cool and detached per usual. The appearance of the spiders has her predicting Theo's entrance as she looks toward the entrance when he comes in "Hello Theo." she greets in the same tone. Warmth doesn't come easy for the girl…good indicator of it being Rain, the second "They aren't my spiders." she can see them, Legion can't. It's definitely Rain. "No not hell…the astral plane. Instead of a left at the crossroads you take a right." she has jokes, she must be in a better mood that she usually is, if she even has moods…more than the one stoic one at least.

There's only about five of them. Theo rarely keeps many more out at a time. He tends to get confused otherwise. They're all five tiny white spiders with black spots on their abdomens. These spots form clear facial expressions. Most of these faces are static. But one of them, its face-spots seem to wobble, like ink on the surface of water. This one pauses when it sees Loukanos looking at it, and tilts its head back to look at him in turn. Then… the face-spots on this one form into a happy face! It raises one of its forelegs and waves at Loukanos. At least, that's what it looks like it's doing. Theo also waves in Loukanos's direction, with a smile. Theo assures both him and Loukanos, "Not to worry, good sirs. They're mine." And to Ashton, "Hello there." Rain's joke gets a snicker, and he nods. "She's quite right. Aetheric spiders. These are not exactly the garden variety sort, though. They won't harm you though." He raises a brow at Rain. "And hello, Rain. You seem jovial today."

"Tsai tou Vounou," Loukanos responds easily in a rather distinct accent. "Tree of the Mountain, made from sideritis herbs. With some divine nectar added in for good measure." He winks at the female twin before licking the sticky golden liquid from his fingers. Staring straight back at the spider, he lifts his other hand to waggle his fingers back. "How curious. It's like they have emotions. Do they?" Ashton gets a wave and a smile.

Ashton just blinks for a few minutes, before shaking his head. So this is the new normal, he thinks to himself. His eyes flitter from face to face to spider to face. He moves over the fridge, opening it up, in search for a piece of fresh fruit. He glances over at Rain or rather her skateboard. "Nice board… " He smiles, "How's it going, Loukanos?"

"So not something you can just buy at the local tea shop." Rain isn't surprised by that considering what she knows of the teen, which really isn't all that much…but just enough to know that.

There is a horrified look at Theo's comment about looking jovial "Thanks for the warning…I'll try not to do that any more." is she joking? Is she serious? Yes. Yes she is.

Shrugging her shoulders she removes the pack and sets it on the counter to dig out her water bottle. "Thanks. I thought I was going to have to wait until spring break before I could ride again." and it better be a good one, considering that it is a high end of the high end custom board.

The one whose spots are in flux turns in a small circle, the spots remaining in that happy face. "Not as such," Theo replies. "I think that one might, but the rest merely reflect my emotions. That one's sort of become something like the leader of the group. His name is Happylegs." He smirks, fully aware of how ridiculous that sounds. He notes Ashton's looking between spiders and person, and chuckles. "Really. I won't say they're harmless, but they're under my control." The one so-named 'Happylegs' skitters over to where it can look at Ashton — from the ceiling, mind; they know better than to get into reach of the students — and then waves its front leg to him as well. One can almost hear the 'hieee~', though it of course doesn't speak. It's notable that the other spiders seem to follow it, though they're more idle and don't really seem to be aware of anyone in the room. Rain's words get a laugh. "Oh no, I like it. It sets of the snark very well," he teases.

"Mmmm…probably not," Loukanos tentatively sips. "If you want, I'd be happy to get some for you." He studies the astral spider now crawling over to Ashton but says nothing. "I am well, thanks. Besa liked his plant!" Maybe the other boy doesn't care, but Lou beams proudly. "It was a red iris flower. How's the school treating you so far?"

Ashton isn't really that freaked out by the spiders just surprised is all. No the little spider waving at him is more than a touch odd. "Let me guess… Happylegs has a best friend that is happens to be a smart pig?" His blue-green eyes settle on Loukanos, "Pretty good… I bet he really likes that… " He smirks over to Rain, "You'll have to tell me where there's a decent place around here.. " Plucking an apple from the fridge, he takes a bite from it, before he walks more towards the little gathering, rubbing the back of his neck slightly.

"That's alright. I prefer my teas with caffiene." Rain waves off the offer as she goes to fill her bottle from the water dispenser "Besa showed me." she offers Loukanos a rare face lighting smile, but it only lasts a breath or two "He was very proud of it and happy to get it. Thanks." There is sincerity in her tone, she is being genuine in her gratitude.

"Sky is the snark expert not me." she tells Theo, ignoring the spiders, though they have stopped creeping her out, having gotten used to them at least.

Topping off the bottle Rain caps it as she answers Ashton "There is a skate park over on Maple Drive in town. It's the best the area has to offer."

Theo smiles brightly when Loukanos mentions Besa. Though he too says nothing about the subject. Ashton's words of 'a friend that's a very smart pig' gets a blink. He almost seems like he doesn't get it. Then suddenly, "Oh! Oh that." He grin. "No, I'm not really fond of pigs. They can be quite vicious." As for Rain's words of Sky being the snark expert? "Perhaps he's rubbed off on you a little?" Still teasing, yes.

"I was very happy to make it for him," Loukanos smiles at Rain, pleased, and contentedly returns to sipping his tea. The skateboard talk goes waaay above his head. What do you even do with a skateboard? His brows furrow in confusion. He knows teas though, "Yeah, it's naturally caffeine free. I never liked caffeine very much." And he doesn't really need the energy boost.

Mumbling under his breath at Rain's remark the skate park, "best the area has to offer isn't really an endorsement." Ashton grins over at Theo, "The only pig I have ever met was called bacon, his cousin, Canadian bacon, and pork chop." He glances up at the spiders again, "So that's your thing, the spiders?" He pauses, "I'm Ashton, by the way."

"And thanks for the other thing too." Rain casually touches her chest over her heart "Now if we can come up with a permanent fix." she has tried to talk to Besa about it, but talk about brick wall.

"Or maybe its just because he is keeping me up all night." Rain tells Theo but she shrugs, not committing to an answer on the subject of her snarkiness. Sipping at her water she gives no indication as to whether she heard the mumbling or not.

Theo snorts quietly in amusement at Ashton's comment about 'best the area has to offer'. "I know, right?" he replies. And then he laughs at the comment about the pigs Ashton's met. "Yes, those are the ones I'm familiar with as well," he agrees. "More seriously, in the wild they're quite dangerous. Particularly feral hogs. They're a real danger." He smiles a bit at Rain's words, but it's a slightly sad expression. "I wish I could help him, I really do," he says quietly.

"By the sounds of it, there is none," Loukanos says. "Other than finding whoever stole his heart. And that can't be done without a lot of assistance." He sighs. "Nothing worthwhile is ever easy, I suppose." Sip. "Even domesticated hogs are sometimes known to eat their handlers. Or other humans, if fed." He smirks, "All beasts can be tamed though."

Ashton shrugs, "The most domesticated dogs will still eat their owners, if it comes down to eat or starve." He shrugs, "But then again, I have almost never met a dog that liked me, so I think they are all annoying. " He smirks over to Theo, "Well, I guess we'll just have to make due with what he have available… " He listens to Rain and Loukanos's conversation, and decides it is none of his business, so just stays quiet on that part.

Rain hmms thoughtfully "I know who to ask, but she isn't someone I can just pick up the phone to ask." there is a sigh and the other boys conversation has her wrinkling her nose "Well your conversation took a turn to the dark and disgusting."

Theo winces a bit at Loukanos's words of finding who attacked Besa. It's true, but Theo really doesn't like confronting things he can't do anything about. And really… it's not any of his business, is it? So, much like Ashton, Theo doesn't say anything about it. However, anyone looking at Happylegs will note that the happy face has changed, to a sad one. Though when Loukanos mentions domesticated pigs and their voracious appetites? He nods. "Oh exactly." As for taming beasts? "I have no problems whatsoever with leaving nature out there in nature where it belongs. I don't really think humans belong in nature, and I'm very much a human." He smiles, though. The mention of dogs gets a laugh. "Oh goodness. Be careful, there's a student with a service dog here. I'm not really very good with dogs myself, but it's less they don't like me and more I just don't understand them." And then Rain's comment about the conversation? "Completely true, though. They're quite frightening."

"Who?" Loukanos asks simply. It is a natural question, after all. If she can help, she should be contacted one way or another. "You sound like a city kid," Lou grins over at Theo. "Nature is one of life's most beautiful gifts. It ought to be respected, yes…but also explored. One can find pieces of the heavens in every walk." He snorts at what Rain says. "Eh. Nature can be that too, yeah." Nodding at what Theo says, the godling says to Ash, "Cocoa, Besa's dog. She's harmless and won't bother you."

At the mention of the service dog, Ashton sighs just slightly, "Thanks for the warning… " He blows a few stray hairs from his face, before he takes another crunching bite of apple. He smirks slightly at Rain's choice of disgusting. He hops up on the countertop, as he chews on the apple. He goes to say something with a mouth full of fruit, but can practically feel the slap to the back of his head from his grandmother. He cocks his head, "It's not so much that I have a problem with dogs, Loukanos, but they just seem to hate me, never met one that didn't." He grins at Lou's remark to Theo, "And there's nothing wrong with be a child of the city."

Rain just shakes her head "It's weird, even by our standards." but she is a Masters, they don't do normal "I'll have Besa do it, he has before." not quite on purpose but it worked out. She considers that topic dropped as she nods in agreement with the other teen boys "Don't say city kid like its a bad thing." she chides Loukanos, though it is good natured chiding. She finds it curious that dogs don't like Ashton "You don't know why?"

Theo nods to Loukanos's observation. "That's correct," he replies. "I've lived in cities my whole life. It's almost say they have a 'pulse', and I'm disoriented when I can't 'hear' it." Here he grins. "So yes, I'm quite content to leave nature to be nature and huddle in my city. That said, I will admit that nature is beautiful, and provides us with a great deal." He tilts his head a bit at Ashton. "That's interesting. Perhaps it's your pheromones they're not fond of." But he also takes a moment to confirm, "Cocoa is quite harmless. I've annoyed her in the past — quite unintentionally, mind you, and aside from strange looks and sneezes, she hasn't reacted. She's quite professional." He chuckles at Rain's chiding to Loukanos about 'city kids'. "We are as we are," he notes.

Loukanos smiles ruefully at the students gathered, "Looks like I'm outnumbered. There's nothing wrong with cities. It's the people outside of them that allow your cities to thrive though," He grins up at the darker-haired boy. "They probably sense your aura and don't find it as charming as I do." In truth, Lou finds the presence to be quite uncanny, but his smile reveals nothing. "Can't relate. Animals love me."

Ashton smirks, "Nothing wrong with nature… just prefer the luxuries that come with civilization. There are fusions of the two… Nothing like a nice beach with a boardwalk nearby or a snow-covered mountain with a nice warm ski lodge waiting for you when you're done." He raises his eyebrows, "Nothing like the best of both worlds."

"My younger siblings love Cocoa. She is the sweetest." Rain tells Theo, agreeing with him. "But not all people are dog people so I guess not all dogs are human people…?" she can't think of a better way to say it "I mean some people are just that way to animals." is that a better way to say it. Raising her water bottle at Ashton she nod in adamant agreement "That. That exactly."

Theo nods. "Oh, you're absolutely right," he notes to Loukanos. "Takes all kinds, I suppose. Some of us aren't meant to be outside the city." Ashton's suggestions get a nod. "Yes, exactly. While the feeling of accomplishment from building both fire and shelter for myself may be quite a thing, I generally prefer not to freeze my behind off in the process." A chuckle here. He nods to Rain's mention of Cocoa. "I just don't know how to speak dog, I suppose," he replies, with a smirk. "She's a sweet doggo, though." Yes, he just used that weird internet word. At least he didn't say 'doge', right?

Loukanos is willing to bet it's the mystical signal on Ashton that repels dogs, but the others offer their own suggestions, and Lou doesn't argue. "I think I'll always prefer the outdoors where creation is at its height, but I can understand the need for moderation." He shrugs his slender shoulders and downs the rest of his tea.

Ashton smirks to Loukanos, as a single eyebrow slowly arches, "So you find me charming?" He grins slightly then shrugs to the other two students. "I am sure she's a really nice dog.. great dog even… just not holding my breath that she won't go all Cujo. " He snorts slightly, "Moderation, what an ugly word.. Never try to use it if I can help it."

"I can't speak dog at the moment either." Rain tells Theo in a fashion that implies that she may be able to speak it at some point in the future. The mention of finding Ashton charming has her studying the teen for a moment, almost as if she is seeing him for the first time.

"A lot of people need comfort and stability," Theo points out to Loukanos. "Humans, in general, thrive on routine. A city life is routine. Also safer. I can think of much better ways to train than running away from a bear." He's kidding, though. He starts to snicker at Ashton's teasing of Loukanos. Crossing his arms and leaning against a counter, he notes, "Well, you ARE rather cute. So I don't blame him if he does." Blatant! But there's no flirty tone to the statement. Rain's words get a chuckle. "Not literally. The body language inherent to dogs I mean. Some people can 'speak' it, and they don't have abilities apart from normal. Like that Caesar Milan guy."

The blonde smirks at Ashton, "Maybe. You're certainly interesting," He snorts. "And nice to look at as Theodore has pointed out." Loukanos nods at Theo. "Humans, yes. Cities offer normalcy and protection. I can handle myself, though. If it makes you feel any better, dogs don't really have anything terribly interesting to say." Says the kid who has been talking to animals his whole life.

Dimples form as Ashton grins widely, as he responds to Theo. "I know." His tone is far more humored than actual vanity. "But I'm no god… " He looks over at Theo for a second, as if judging him for a moment. He runs his upper canine over the right corner of his bottom lip, before he chomps down on another mouthful of apple. He tosses the left over core into the trash can. Not the prettiest of throws but at least it goes in.

Sipping her water before closing it back up, Rain puts the bottle in a side pocket of her backpack. One her indecipharable looks is given to all the boys as the compliments fly. She isn't jumping on that bandwagon…that's all Legion, not her at all, so she just shoulders her backpack in silence.

Theo waggles his eyebrows as Loukanos confirms Ashton's visual appeal. He really is just teasing, though, given the chuckle that immediately follows. The mention of dogs not having much to say gets a grin. "Now I imagine most dogs speaking like the one from 'Up'." They'll know the one if they've seen the movie. If not it won't matter either way. Though he raises an eyebrow at Ashton, at the strange look. It's one of those 'yeeeeess~?' looks. Half teasing and half shrewd. The statement of being 'no god' gets a chuckle. "You'd find it boring down here if you were." Though he does note Rain's silence. "I'm sorry. I'm being rude, turning this into a boys' flirt-fest. I don't mean to leave you out. You're quite adorable yourself." Theo's being a little bit mischievous here.

Loukanos does not know the one. Getting out and watching movies is a work in progress for him. He lifts a brow when Theo says down here is boring, "You'd be surprised. Paradise can get old after a while. Besides, mortals are intriguing." Yeah, Lou is a god. He literally looks like marble and stone turned into flesh and blood. Plus, that accent is nothing modern. He grins over at Rain, leaning against the counter.

Ashton looks over at Rain, "Yeah… I'm just enjoying having my ego stroked. Can't blame me for that, but they can continue that any time they like… We can talk about anything… " He looks Theo, "Up? Really?" He snickers slightly. "So, he does spirit spiders…. he's a freakin' god… I'm obviously supernaturally attractive," he is obviously joking by his grin. He continues, "So…what do you do?"

Rain smirks at Theo "I think you in a room with a mirror would be a flirt fest." she tells him. Apparently she is fully capable of teasing, though the way she says it seems more Legion than Rain. There is just a different cadence and tone to the words. At the list from Ashton though snerks at what he says his own ability is, as for her. Well he asked, the teen girl seems to blur for a second and stepping away from her is another her, they are identical in looks, clothing and accessories. The new one leans a bit to look at Ashton a moment than looks at Theo "I give in a solid 8." Rain facepalms at this

Truth be told, Theo's manner of speech is pretty formal. It's nothing like Loukanos's, but it possesses a formality that most teenagers just don't have these days. Though he does note, "I can see that too. People would be horrible if we didn't have things to challenge us," he notes. Ashton's mention of the movie gets a confused look. "What? I didn't like it, but I saw it, and I remember it. You know, the one who was always yelling 'squirrel'?" Theo does NOT do the voice, no. Theo snickers at Rain's mention of him with a mirror. "Oh, I'm not THAT vain." Pause. "Almost. But not quite." A smirk. Legion appears then, and Theo blinks a bit. He's never seen this process happen. But he does offer, "Hello there." Since he's not sure if they're completely different people. Then he starts to laugh at Legion's 'grading' of Ashton.

"And the ego-stroking continues," Loukanos nudges Ashton in the side with his elbow when Rain's identical clone appears and rates him. "That's a neat trick. Can you make more?" The more, the merrier, you know? He narrows his eyes, "This new one feels different…" But he can't quite put his finger on it. "Less human, I guess." He gives the clone an apologetic look. "No offense."

Ashton gasps, "8?" He mock-pouts. He cocks his head, with a tight smile. "Let me guess, you're the fun side, right?" He looks to the face-palming original, "Just kidding…" He looks at Loukanos, with the remark and nudge. "Well, I didn't hear you argue any." He pauses, "I guess I can live with an 8." He smirks at Theo's squirrel, with obvious recognition. He clears his throat.. "Um… I guess that could be funny.. if I had ever seen it."

Legion finger wiggles at Theo's greeting "I would hate to see what happens in a hall of mirrors…so much flirting." she backs up Rain with that one. There is a thoughtful hmm at the comment from Loukanos "It's not far from the truth, but probably a lot more complicated than that." no offense seemed to be taken. As for if there can be more the pair look at each other, clearly communicating but then there is are shrugs "I don't know." Rain says "I was told that we are called Legion for a reason. A Legion is a large army correct?" they use both I and we to refer to themselves and each other, that could get confusing. "I have high standards." this is in unison to Ashton, Rain's voice cool, Legion's warm.

Theo snickers at Loukanos. "Hey, everyone needs their ego stroked from time to time." Pause, blink. "Hm. That didn't come out quite right, did it?" Ashton gets a smirk. "Well, if you DIDN'T see it, you didn't really miss much. It was rather depressing, all told," he replies. Did he see the same movie? Is he getting 'Up' confused with another movie? Though he snickers again at Legion's words. "No, in all seriousness, I don't flirt with myself. I'm not Narcissus." He winks. And then he laughs again at the simultaneous claim of 'high standards' from both identical twins. "That's not bad."

"A fairly large one, yeah," Loukanos tilts his head. "That mean you could potentially make thousands of copies of yourself?" It's an overwhelming thought, a bunch of kinda-human Rains with different personalities. "No. No, it did not." He smirks at what Theo says and shakes his head. Back to Rain, "What happens if the clone is hurt?"

Ashton nods in agreement, "No, it's pretty damn depressing… no that I watched it or anything." He blows a kiss at the two Rain's, "Well, if you have such high standards, then I guess I can't complain about an 8." He listens to the conversation a bit more than participating in it.

"I am a Masters…what did you expect?" of course she is going to have high standards…with a family like that. The pair glance at each other a moment before speaking or Rain continues to speak at least "I'm not sure Circe meant it literally, but the implication is certainly there. I really haven't tried to create more."

"She thinks I am more than enough." Legion gives Rain a bit of a hip bump "I return to Rain and well the next time I manifest I am healed. It's happened once. It took me days to manifest afterwards." suggesting that she can manifest at her own will as well as when Rain wants her too. The blown kiss from Ashton gets opposite reactions, or little to know reaction from Rain, Legion on the other hand makes a faux pouty face "Next time you will have to come closer so you don't miss." more facepalming from Rain "Don't make me put you away." the original mutters to Legion which causes her to snigger.

"…Or DID it?" Theo replies, peering at Loukanos with that brow raised. Then he grins. Ashton's words about 'Up' get a half-smile. "So you took the same message away from it, hm?" Pause. "Or rather… from what you know from PREVIEWS and stuff?" He's teasing now. And he grins at the interaction between Rain and Legion. "Just like sisters," he notes. "Well… so I'm told. I don't have siblings."

"So no damage to the original…" Loukanos listens openly, nods, and tucks that bit of information away for later use. If it is ever useful. He snerks when Theo calls them 'sisters', "Isn't Schuyler enough of a twin? I, myself, am an only child as well. Technically." That gets a little messy.

Ashton cuts his eyes towards Theo with a grin, "Yeah, damn those trailers… they just give away all the good stuff." He looks to Legion, "Nope.. you miss your opportunity… I just don't blow kisses just for anyone… I'm not _that_ easy." He shrugs, "I'd have no clue what it's like to have a sibling… the mold was broken after I was born… one of me was enough." He says it jokingly, but there is a slight look in his eyes that suggest that a not-so-cheerful thought went through his head, though it is quickly masked.

"I don't take the damage but I feel every bit of pain that she does." Rain deals with that comment first before smirking at Theo and Ashton "I have five…do you want one? You can take any but the baby."

"Mostly because she is liable to turn you into a toad." Legion says with mock seriousness…maybe. There is a gesture to Rain "She turned her into a boy."

Theo listens intently as Loukanos asks about Legion and Rain's connection and how they work. Though as Ashton speaks up, Theo grins. "It's good to be picky. Don't ever settle, no matter what people say," he comments. "Sadly that puts you out of my league, you'd have to settle," he teases. Legion's mention of a baby turning Rain into a boy gets a blink. "…Should I ask?" As for wanting a sibling? "No thank you. I'm still figuring out myself, I have a feeling that adding someone to the mix would be detrimental to the process." He smirks.

"I never was so good at sharing," Lou says ironically. 'Cause that's a thing most siblings have to do, right? Probably not rich ones like the Masters but most. "Sounds like some powerful magic for a child. You said her name was Circe? Rather apt, I'd say."

Ashton shakes his head, "Nah that's alright, unless you have one you don't particularly like.. I'm kind of bad luck for family." He says with a touch of bitter sarcasm on his tongue. That tone disappears quickly, as he looks over at Theo, "Don't put yourself down… you're not that bad." He grins impishly. Like Theo, he blinks at the 'turning into a boy' remark. Not really sure if the other-Rain was being serious or not, but around here you can't really take anything for granted.

Theo nods to Loukanos's words of sharing. "So I'm told," he says again. As for 'Circe' being appropriate? He nods. "Greek myth? Roman? I can't keep them straight sometimes." Though he gives Ashton an odd look at the mention of being 'bad luck'. But he doesn't ask. That's not a conversation for public. Besides, he doesn't know Ashton very well. As for putting himself down? "There's self deprecating, and then there's realism. Sometimes they're difficult to tell apart." He gives a small smile at that.

"I really wish you wouldn't." Rain tells Theo "I just want to forget that month." Legion drapes an arm over Rain's shoulder "Oh it wasn't that bad…you were the fun one then…of course that was before you had your powers so I wasn't around yet." there is a story there, probably a funny one. Yes Rain was pretty much a boy for a month. "She hadn't even been born yet when she did that, close though. It's a family name on my mother's side. The first third daughter of a third daughter of each generation gets the name. Family legend says my mother's family is descended from the Circe in mythos." there are dual shrugs "We have a lot of family legends, on both sides." they seem to be skeptical on the truth behind them "We are going to go do some skating outside before dinner. Later." with that they both head out for some skating.

"Greek," Loukanos says with a soft smile. "Goddess of magic." Rain gets a small wave as she departs. He too is a little skeptical about her family's legends. Blue eyes worriedly settle on Ashton, then. He doesn't know him that well either, but he is a natural empath. Or supernatural, rather. "Can't be that bad. The school's still standing." That counts for something on 'bad luck', right?

"Goddess of Magic? I'd say that sounds like my kind of thing, except not really all that into be turned into an animal against my will… " Ashton pauses, "That is if I am remembering correctly." He nods as the two Rains head out, kind of wihsing that he hadn't left his board back home as his grandmother had insisted. He looks at Theo, "Well, your self deprecating is pure bovine defecating… " Thankfully, Lou distracts him. "Oh, I wouldn’t be so sure… I haven't been here a week yet… My grandparents sent me here because apparently I nearly burned down my last school. I still say that the library chose to set itself on fire out of depression from the low IQ of the majority of my fellow students."

Theo waves to the departing Masters twin(s?). "Take care, both of you," he offers. Loukanos clears up the confusion then, and he nods. "Aha. Thank you. They do tend to have a lot overlap." Though Ashton's words, aborted as they are, does make him laugh. "The sentiment is appreciated." He blinks a little at the mention of the library burning itself down. "Goodness. You weren't hurt too badly, were you?"

"It is a pretty irresponsible use of magic, to turn a man into a beast unwillingly," Loukanos says. He grins warily, "If it offers any reassurance, this school has went done before. How'd you manage to burn down an entire library? I'll take a wild guess and say you didn't do it intentionally?" So a spell backfired or something? "People here are probably better equipped to handle outbursts like that."

Ashton nods slightly to Theo for the thanks. "Wasn't hurt at all.. badly or not. That is the only reason that I am willing to admit that I might have had anything to do with it. I still stand on my decision that the library chose that moment to commit suicide. " He chews on his lower lip slightly, as he nods to Luikanos. "No, wasn't on purpose. Not really sure what happened honestly. On moment Jerry McAffey was knocking my book out of my hand and pushing me and telling me that." He pauses, changing his choice of words, "that I wasn't welcome in the library during his study hour, me calling into question of his parentage. Then after my big mouth opened, my nose met his fist, and down I went. Next thing I know, the whole place was on fire and everyone was screaming and running."

Theo nods to Loukanos's statements. "Agreed. On all three counts. Granted, I'm not sure what psychic webs can do against a fire, but…" He shrugs. "There's at least one student here who can manipulate water, if that helps?" He chuckles a bit at the mention of the library choosing to commit suicide. He listens to Ashton's account of the library incident. "That does sound like an emotionally charged response to an upsetting situation. I've heard a few stories like that." And here Theo smiles. "Well, as lovely as it's been talking to you gentlemen, I should probably get back to my homework. I actually came in for something to drink. Do take care, both of you. I hope to speak to you both again." He'll collect a glass of tea — iced tea, mind — and then soon head out of the room.

Those dusky fingers come up again to wave goodbye at Theo this time. "Yeah, that sounds like all you, buddy," Loukanos begins. "Though the fault's not entirely yours. Bullies are the worst. The collateral damage must have been horrible," Since most libraries are highly flammable. His blue eyes widen just thinking about it. "What's really curious is that you weren't harmed. A resistance, perhaps? Whatever the case, there are courses that can help with control. And if they can't, I can show you a few things. Before I learned to control my emotions, I froze a clearing over and killed all the plants and wildlife within it." He doesn't mention the trigger.

"Later, Dude." Ashton says as Theo takes his leave. He nods to Loukanos, "Oh, I know it was my fault… It happened again… " He sighs as he admits, "Kind of a similar situation… this guy started harassing me while I was skateboarding… he kept pushing my buttons and when I lost my temper things around me just kind of started catching fire… My grandparents paid the guy off not to press charges, and then two days later, they dumped me off here and said it was for my own good." He walks over to the stove and turns on one of the burners. He pushes up his sleeves, before putting his hand in the middle of the flame. The flames clearly caressing his skin, but he doesn't looked pained by it. He pulls his hand up and shows it to Luikanos, "Yeah… I know.. I thought the same thing, so I tested it… When I did it, I was scared shitless, until I realized that I wasn't hurting… "

Loukanos quirks a brow when Ashton goes over to the stove. A realization dawns on him before the other boy touches the fire. Instinct pushes his foot forward and a hand outward, like he wants to stop him. It's just reflex, though, as natural as a normal person jerking their hand away from a fire. "Wow," He shakes his head. "Insert Daenerys Targaryen reference here." Yeah, he knows some pop culture, and he seems to have loosened up some too. "That's remarkable. Ever try creating those flames when you're calm? Perhaps if you learned how to use the power without the passion, you could better control it."

Ashton smirks slightly, then his expression turns serious for a moment, as he looks at the godling, "You were going to try to stop me from hurting myself, huh? Thanks.. even if it wasn't necessary, but you didn't know that." He chuckles at the GoT reference. "Nah, I don't have a pet dragon, just a ball python back home." He starts laughing, "Oh, that's good… the only time I am calm is when I'm asleep, and well, when I'm playing."

"Sorry. It is not that I thought you were actually going to hurt yourself. I…it was a knee-jerk reaction is all. I am a healer. When I see the potential for pain, I act," Loukanos shrugs sheepishly and shifts the direction of the convo. Anywaaay, "No dragon? Well, that's just disappointing. For a moment, I thought you were really something special." He teases and smirks. "Oh really? Then, what are you now?"

Ashton looks over at Loukanos and takes a step towards him, looking him in the eyes. He leans closer a touch as a smile widens, "More special than you could ever think, but you're welcome to try to find out." Though to the question, he shrugs slightly, "Faking it mostly. My head is a constant storm of thought and emotion. My grandfather always says that it is a sign of weakness of character to show the real you to the world." He steps back after his flirting mood seems to fade some.

The faintest red colors Loukanos's face. Other than that, he stands his ground and holds Ashton's gaze. He even crosses his arms over his white dress shirt. "I like a good challenge. Keeps things interesting," He frowns slightly and points out, seriously, "Faking it didn't stop the fires. You can't hide who you are. Not for very long, at least. Everyone wears one, but masks are cowardly."

Dimples form as Ashton grins. "The blush looks good on you." However, the table gets turned on him way too quickly for his tastes. "No, it didn't.. just means I have to learn how to control it more, put a collar on it and chain it down and let it loose only when I need it. That's what I'm here for, isn't it? Is it a mask if it's the only face you know?"

"I wear it well, I know," Loukanos says smugly. The blush doesn't let up just yet, though. "See? You've worn the mask for so long, you don't even remember what's inside." He smiles, but there's a touch of sadness in it. "Isn't that exhausting? I won't pretend to know what it's like. Mother keeps me mostly sane, but…those flames will burn away the real you if you don't face them. For better or for worse."

Ashton shakes his head, at Loukanos's inflating his flattery. He tries to turn the seriousness of the conversation into something less depressing. "I guess it could be, but I have a lot of stamina." He waggles his brows, but despite his attempt, his eyes do betray that his heart really isn't in the comment. He shrugs slightly, saying softly, "Maybe that would be best if it did." He reaches up and rubs the back of his neck, "Well, anyway, I probably need to get back to my studies, since my old school didn't have some of the classes here… hardly on the standard curriculum, you know?"

Loukanos studies the other boy for a moment longer than necessary, "If you need any help studying or adjusting or what have you, you know where to find me." He sets his mug into the sink and gestures to a door leading to the outside. And then he takes his leave.

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