(2018-02-08) Introductions and Dirty Windows
Introductions and Dirty Windows
Summary: Ashton and Ronan meet a couple of their fellow students.
Date: 2018-02-08
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Billiard Room Winbarry Estate

The Billiard Room has no pool tables. Although someone has made some efforts and there's a few board games and a deck of cards with some books on a shelf along the wall. A half finished puzzle with basset house puppies takes up one of the tables.
A few small sofas and wingback chairs make conversational areas, throw rugs decorating those little areas. An entertainment center with a TV, blue ray player and a gaming console system has been set up. A pair of french doors lead to the back patio.

Ashton - A thin boy with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes.
Besa - A young, skinny, Egyptian male teen with amazing hair and piercing dark eyes. A faint scent of dirt clings to him.
Loukanos - A bronzed young boy with blonde hair and midnight blue eyes. Poised and ethereal.
Ronan - A blond teen with blue eyes.
Exits: [BP] Back Patio [EW] Entry Way [K] Kitchen

Thurs, Besa's last detention. Or so he hopes. The small Egyptian boy has been cleaning windows, and this si the last room. Luskily someone turned the lights on for him, so he's not trying top do this by candlelight. He's not in a bad mood though, humming as he spritzes the windows before starting to wipe away any smudges. His shirt sleeves have been pushed up, the left forearm had a large bandage on it. Besa does not seem to be in too much pain from it though.
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"Cleaning windows?" Ronan asks as he sort of stumbles to a stop by one of chairs. He wasn't there long before that and he was trying not to look too guilty about tripping over his own two feet yet again. Maybe some day he'd learn how to properly put one foot in front of the other but today is not that day."Detention?" He asks curiously remembering mention of Besa having them. Odd way to do a detention but more useful than writing blocks or what not.

Besa turns from the window and smiles, "Yes. It is much better than shoveling snow." Some one got smart and stopped the kid with heart problems from shoveling. Sometimes the administarian makes good decisions. If Besa noticed the tripping, he doesn't comment, "How are you doing today?"

Wandering around with a printed out layout of the place, Ashton's school uniform has that "shiny, new" look about it. The only thing not brand new is a slightly worn-looking messenger bag slungg over his shoulder.The youth's face is not one seen before, nor does he have any sign of familiarity with his surroundings. Glancing over to the students already present, Ashton offers a slight, yet somewhat uncertain smile of acknowledgement.

It looks like Ronan was going to say something for a moment before he stops himself, and bites his lip before he finally says,"I'm well, and yerself?" His thick brogue is evident. The words feel strange in his mouth. It was weird saying it in English to him still but he'd drawn more than one confused look when he responded as gaelige. When Ashton enters, the blond Irish lad nods in greeting,"Shoveling snow sounds pretty bad. Although cannae be as bad as shoveling snow in the Nordic countries. They get loads of the stuff."

Besa nods, his stranglely perfect hair bouncing with the motion, "I am well, thank you for asking." Besa's accent is Egyptian, but there's an odd touch to it, it's older than current accents would be. Ashton gets a smile and a wave withe the windex soaked rag, "Hello." Anyone close top Besa may pick up a faint scent of dirt clinging to the boy. He nods, looking back to Ronan, "Yes, I do not recommend shoveling, if you can help it." His nose wrings slightly in disgust, "We get too much snow here, I could not imagine more." Besa's not a fan of snow. Looking back to Ashton, "I will be done momentarily, please feel free to come in." and then he starts wiping ghee windows again.

Ashton looks over to Besa, his gaze settling on him for a moment, then he shakes his head, as if dismissing a thought. "Please tell me that you're being punished for something and that this place actually has a custodial staff." He pauses, then adds, "Oh, yeah.. and hello too… sorry got distracted by… um.. something…" As another student shows up, heading over towards Besa, he mumbles under his breath, "Sorry for interrupting.. " then more to himself, "I can tell this place is going to be something different."

"Snow's good. I like snow. Snow and ice and way better than sand and sun." Ronan says wrinkling his nose just a little bit. He does not like hot weather. Heat bad. So very very bad. The air around him seems to drop a few degrees in sympathy to his blight of thinking about it being warm. "There's a janitorial staff. I know that much and I've not been here long." He says smiling at Ashton, "Welcome to the school, I've not been here long meself."

Aston gets a soft laugh, "Yes, i have detention. This is not customary." The mumble was loud enough, "You are not interrupting. My name is Besa Ini-Herit, I am a Guardian." Hence the yellow tie. The smile drops from Besa's face as Ronan's distain for sand comes up. Besa shivers, "Please do not do that." Besa doesn't want to have to use a rune, but he will if it gets too cold in here!

Ashton shrugs slightly, "Snow's okay, in doses… especially if you're at a sky lodge or something." He eyes continue to fixate a little on Besa. He nods, taking a few steps closer instead of just talking from the doorway, "If you're sure… I'm Ashton.. Ashton Talbot… " He frowns slightly, glancing at his blue tie, "Um.. I'm… whatever this represents.. I just got here a few hours ago and still trying to wrap my brain around all of this." He smiles over to Ronan, "Hi…"

"I've not joined any of the groups yet. I'm takin' me time at it." Ronan says before giving a cheerful laugh and then blushes when he realizes he was dropping the temperature and reins it in a bit so it isn't as noticeable at least. "Sorry about that. Sometimes I make things a bit colder when my body thinks it is too warm. It's probably cause my body doesn't like heat much." He says shrugging indifferently," A good day ta ye then Ashton. I'm Ronan Brennan, please feel free ta call me Ronan." He's very careful about his pronunciation of the word,"And NOT Seal boy." He seriously doesn't want that one to stick.

Besa chuckles, "That is Ares. It can be a lot to take in. You will figure it out." He'll nods to Ronan, but keeps en eye on him. Besa really doesn't like cold! But then he smirks, seems the nickname has already gotten to Besa's ears, at least. Instead of commenting he starts working on the windows again. He'll get back to talking to Lou eventually about the plant.

Cocking his head slightly, "Seal boy?" Ashton pauses at a thought, "Well, by your accent, wouldn't selkie be more appropriate? Either way, nice to meet you Ronan." He emphasizes the boy's actual name, trying to indicate subtly his acknowledgement of the name preference. He blinks and looks back to Besa, "And nice meeting you as well, Besa…" He smirks, "Ares, yeah… I was told that it fit my general personality the best…" His grin stretches, just so that slight dimples edge his lips, "I have been told that I have a problem with authority at times… and patience… And following the rules…"

"Well me name means Little Seal. So someone thought Seal boy and Seal lad would be appropriate." Ronan says wrinkling his nose a little bit at the thought of being called either, "And I'm not even a shapeshifter, so not a selkie. I'm a hydro and cryokinetic, with a touch of thermal manipulation thrown in. Really though all I'm doin' is changing the temperature of the water molecules in the air and making them a little colder than normal." He says absently, "Rules are good, and so is breaking them when the time and place is right." He says shrugging a bit about that. "When your greatgrandma can swing a sheleigheigh with enough force ta make ye rethink what ye said, ye learn ta follow the rules most of the time." He absently rubs his butt a little bit as if remembering a thrashing.

Besa makes a knowing noise, "Then yes, Ares will fit you." He doesn't seem judging by it though, a good number of his friends are Ares. He keeps cleaning the windows, wanting to finish up his detention.

Ashton chuckles slightly, "I'll take your word for it… generally when I got in trouble, my grandparents just took away things or restricted me to the grounds." He listens to Ronan's description of his abilities, "Okay, so you control water and make stuff cold, right?" He shrugs, "Sorry, this is still kind of new to me… I mean superpowers stuff… " He shrugs, "I just know a few magic tricks." It is a gross understatement if there ever was one.

"Well if I want to, I can control the snow on the ground as well. It's harder than making my own but I can do it. So it's not just about making it cold. Technically I can warm water as well, but I'm not very good above a certain temperature." Ronan says shrugging a little bit, "Me ma and m'athair are both powered as ye might say. M'athair is a hydrokinetic. He's a lot better at it than I am and his explanation of how it works made me head feel like it was gonna burst." And he's no idiot.

Besa smiles as he wipes, trying to reach as high as his short stature will allow. "I am a healer." He's a lot more than that, but that's what he fancies himself.

Ashton reaches up and rubs the back of his neck slightly, "So then this wasn't really that big of a surprise for you then." He cants his head slightly to the side, "Things started just happening a couple of years ago, and then… " he pauses slightly and says a little sheepishly, "And then there was something um… a problem at school, which got me sent here."

"I was six when I made a wave NOT hit me." Ronan says laughing a bit,"So nope. Not much of a shock for me." He says with a big grin,"And don't worry, not e'eryone has had their powers long I'll bet. I have had them most of me life and I'm still not very good at them as ye can tell when the air temperature drops around me. Usually don't mean ta do it. I do some times. Have ta cool me food a lot of the time cause the temperature will burn me mouth something fierce."
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Shaking his head slightly, "I cannot imagine what life would have been like if I started when I was a little kid. I think that my grandfather would have been bald and my grandmother and alcoholic by the time I was ten. I was a holy terror at times, from what I have heard." Ashton laughs, "But oh man… I can only imagine some of the things that I would have done." He shrugs, "But as it was, I happened to read an old book that had a couple spells in it about a year and a half ago and have been doing stuff since then… "

"Ye might have been better off and not drive them quite as crazy?" Ronan suggests trying to be helpful. "When yer parents can smack ye down pretty solidly with the same abilities, it mostly curtails that sort of thing." He stresses the word mostly. His eyes are alight with pure mischief. "I wasn't too bad because I had three younger siblin's and had ta set a right proper example for 'em." He says merrily.

Ashton's smile does fade a touch as he says slightly wistfully, "I bet it must be nice to have siblings… " Just as the touch of melancholy suddenly appears, it just as quickly disappears, "Yeah I guess, but there would have been a bunch less trips to the hospital for me…" He pauses, "Then again… perhaps more or at least more interesting reasons."

Besa keeps working on the windows, going tip toe to get as high as he can.

"Ne'er know. Might have been the same number." Ronan says shrugging a little bit,"It's a lot of noise and fun. Although me sister could be a bit annoying. She was a bit of a rat if I did anythin' interestin'." He says laughing merrily as he looks at Ashton,"Me brothers could be counted on for much mischief." He says sounding wistful about it. "They're really kind of fun ta be around. Me house was ne'er quiet."

Ashton chuckles softly, "I'm envious.. closest thing that I had growing up was the gardener's son that my grandmother paid to play with me." He shrugs, "At least until I decided that I was old enough to sneak off the estate. Mostly I'd just make it to the beach, especially during the off seasons, when there weren't so many people about."

Besa glances over to the two boys talking, but since he didn't have any siblings he doesn't feel he can add to the conversation. Except, maybe he does. "I did not grow up with siblings, but the Masters family has taken me in. I do not like fighting with Sky, but I suppose that is part of having siblings, yes?" His hand keeps moving, but he's not really getting any new smudges cleaned, as he's not watching what he's doing.

"Oh fighting with siblings is perfectly normal. I'd fight with them most days, but if anyone e'er tried ta hurt them, I'd kick their arses right proper." Ronan says perhaps with a touch more blood thirty tone to it than is normal. "And sometimes it's fun ta have someone ta push you." He says rather casually as he stretches to pop his back a little bit,"I cannae imagine me life without me brothers and sister. They're like… part of me. Like my ability to control water and ice." He says shrugging a bit,"Well least ye are in with people. Not having folks is sad."

Ashton nods slightly, not really able to relate, but he listens to the two talk. He grins as he watches Besa miss the same smudge about four times. "So, Besa, are you allowed help with the windows? I mean… was the punishment to get the windows washed or specifically for you to wash them?" Yeah, he belongs in Ares alright.

Besa chuckles, "It would not be a punishment if I got help. It is for me to do them. I am hoping this is my last detention." He smiles at Ashton, "But thank you." He glances back and sees the smudge he missed and works on it. "I will be glad to be done."

"Well, it probably won't be?" Ronan says grinning a bit, "But hopefully it'll be the last one for a while for ye. It's always good when you can earn your detentions doing something right." He says with delight and slides hands into his pockets, "If it ain't worth the punishment, not worth it. And then ye just gotta grin and bear it, or things get worse." He knows that from experience with his parents.

Ashton shrugs, "I su-ppose." He says it like he doesn't really she the logic in doing it the hard way, i.e., manually and by yourself. He looks over at Ronan with an impish grin, "Oh, I agree… if you're gonna get in trouble, may as well have a good time doing whatever you did and make it worth getting in trouble for. I heartedly agree. If it's worth doing, then it's worth doing it well."

Besa's eyes widen, "Oh….no, I hope it is. I do not normally get detentions." He doesn't seem the type that would. "It was not a good time, but it was for doing what was right." Or so the ancient teens feels.

"That's the thing. Sometimes the rules and what's right ain't gonna be the sametin'." Ronan says laughing a bit before sighing deeply,"I better go do the work me ma assigned. Apparently, going to an American school doesna exempt me from her lessons as gaelige." He says with a wry smile, "I'll catch you both on another time." He says before heading out and only almost stumbling when he gets to the door but manages to only do a little bit this time.

Ashton nods to Ronan, "Nice meeting you, Ronan. I'll catch you around." He looks up at Besa, "So does this place have a music room? I haven't found on yet." He watches Ronan as he heads out, with a slight cock of an eyebrow, before returning his faze back to Besa.

Besa waves as Ronan leaves, "Have a good night." His nose wrinkles when he turns back to the window, "Currently? No. We do not have any arts. All of the extra type of classes have been suspended until the school is better staffed." There's a pause as the teen turns to look at Ashton, "Do you play music?"

Ashton looks somewhat aghast at that. He sighs, "Yeah, you could say that… " He reaches up and pinches the bridge of his nose slightly. "Well, at least I brought a guitar with me… otherwise I might go completely insane before a week is up…"

Smiling brightly, Loukanos arrives in the Billiard Room, and in his hands is a clay pot filled almost to the brim with soil. "Besa," He graces the Egyptian youth with his beaming smile. "I know I said I'd create a plant for you. I was wondering if you had a preference?" His sparking sapphire eyes scan the room and rest on Ashton, whom the godling just stares at while frowning thoughtfully.

Besa frowns, the rag lowering in worry, "I…are you alright, Ashton? I am sorry to have upset you…" His head tilt, "There are others in the school that make music, perhaps you can play with them? I sometimes play hand percussions, but I do not have an instrument currently." The one he used was destroyed in the flooded school. Turning when Lou walks in, he smiles, "That is wonderful, Loukanos. I would love any plant. Would a date tree be too much?" Mayeb it would be too big for the pot? Besa's left forearm is wrapped from the cut he had to give himself during the wilderness training.

Ashton shakes his head, which sends his hair a bit more into his eyes. He idly reaches up and brushes it to the side. "Oh no.. you didn't upset me… Unless you are the reason that there are no music classes… then in that case, I must hate you forever… " He says that with a bit of a grin. He shrugs slightly, "Yeah maybe… generally it's what I do when I need to clear my head… " His attention turns to the new arrival, raising his eyebrows questioningly at frowning stare, before shrugging.

"Perhaps something smaller…" Loukanos says absently, staring down the newer boy and wrinkling his now. "Pardon me for asking, but…what are you? The aura I am picking up is almost infernal." More shifty eyes before he focuses on Besa. "I am afraid a date tree would not fit in this pot I made," He considers. "I could make it bigger? Forgive me for not fulfilling the promise sooner; I was visiting my mother after the old school was destroyed."

Besa rubs his chest briefly, "No…I have been told it is not my fault." He frowns until he realizes Ashton os joking. "I know that Theodore dances and sings." Smaller, well…. okay, I will be happy with anything , really." His smile quickly fades though, confusion. Dark eyes turn to Ashton, waiting for a response, but he'll offer to Lou, "It is understandable. Thank you."

Ashton looks at Loukanos like he just grew a second head. "Excuse me?" He blinks, "I am not exactly sure whether or not I should be offended by your tone…" His arms slowly cross in front of his chest.

"How about I make it a surprise," The Greek boy touches his fingers to his lips and whispers to them in an ancient tongue. Once they begin to glow, he shoves them into the pot. The glow spreads to the dirt faintly before fading away. After the brief ritual, he sets the pot down. "Your immortal plant will sprout and bloom come morning light." He turns to Ashton, blue eyes narrowing for a moment. They soften quickly enough, and he offers the new student an amiable smile. "Forgive me. Perhaps introductions are in order. I am Loukanos. What are you?"

Besa's distracted by the now glowering Ashton, so him misses the glowing flingers, but turns to see the glowing dirt, "Thank you. I will be up early to watch it." Lou gets a warm smile and Besa moves to touch the edge of the pot. A plant and a dog? Seems like Besa's getting all the normal stuff people have now! But then he looks up as the conversation continues with Ashton, because , well…important.

Ashton watches the bronzed godling with actual interest, until Loukanos once again asks him the same, ridiculous question. "Well, Loukanos. I'd like to say nice to meet you. I'm Ashton. But I still don't know what you mean by that? If you mean what got me sent to the school, I started playing with magic, so my grandfather had me enrolled here." His posture relaxes a little bit as he feels a touch less threatened, though his gaze never leaves Loukanos.

"Sorcery?" Huh. "I have never felt a presence such as yours before, not even from a practitioner of magic," Loukanos explains. "You're different. I feel a flame in you that I don't immediately recognize. It's fascinating. If I haven't ruined my chances already, I'd like to see your magic at work sometime." He smiles at Besa. "You will have to tell me if you like it. You're tense a lot. Hopefully, this will help."

Besa looks between both boys but stays quiet, just edging closer to his new pot, incase they start fighting. He must protect the plant! He tight smile, "I am sure I and Cocoa will love it, thank you."

Taking the explanation as it was intended and without offense, Ashton's demeanor relaxes pretty much instantly. An almost impish grin spreads across his lips. "Well, I can certainly agree that there is no one else like me." His smile becomes truly sincerely friendly, as he says, "No worries, dude… Nothing is ruined. I don't see a problem with that… Just let me know when and what you want me to do." He smiles, "Yeah, you kind of feel different yourself…"

Loukanos's lips ease into a disarming smile. "I would hope so. Divinity actively flows through my veins," He casually leans against the back of a couch and looks at Besa. "You won't have to water it or anything. It's god-touched now and will exist as long as I do."

Besa relaxes, he doesn't like it when people argue. He smiles warmly at both, "Everone here is very unique." The dirt is looked down at again, "It will not hurt it if I do water it though, yes?" He likes the idea of watering it everyday and caring for it.

"Divinity, like literally?" Blue-green eyes stare at Loukanos for a minute, before Ashton realizes that he was in fact staring. He nods to Besa's remark, "Tell me about it… But personally I think that being unique is a very good thing… I detest people who are just carbon copies of each other… "

"Literally. I am the chosen child of Demeter, Goddess of the Harvest," says Loukanos with a hint of pride. Now, his faint accent can be recognized as sharing some vague similarities to a Greek one. "A demigod, if you will, or her earthly vessel." He shrugs. "All mortals have their quirks. Of course, Besa, water won't harm it at all."

Besa shrugs, still next to his new pot of dirt, "I think there is good with both. I like to feel like I am part of something, sometimes, like i belong." he's not arguing for people to be carbon copies, he just likes some unity sometimes. His smile returns, happy to hear he can water his plant. 'Thank you Loukanos. This is a very kind thing to give me."

Ashton cocks his head, "I'm not ever sure how to respond to that. Cool.. Is that a reasonable response? Yeah, I think definitely cool.. I think" He looks over at Besa, "You can belong to something without being a sheep following mindlessly. Though truth be told, I have never really belonged to anything really, except my family… what little family I have." He looks over at the pot and stares at it for a second. "Yeah, that is pretty cool." He pauses thinking to himself that he is really saying cool way too much.

"Cool…" Loukanos playfully tests the word. "Yeah, I think that's a pretty suitable descriptor. Don't have any worshippers yet, so not -that- cool." Smirking, he adds, "If you want something to be apart of, you can be the first official member of the devoted following of Loukanos, minor god of new life." He waves his hands in the air, making golden sparkling letters spell out his title. "Sounds pretty neat, huh"

Besa's not going to explain why he feels that way, Ashton is new and he doesn't want to freak him out. Instead he smiles, explaining a different aspect of it, "I like wearing the school informs." A small laugh, "You belong with us at the school now." problem solved! He raises an eyebrow , looking over at Lou to see if he's series about the worshippers. Absently he rubs his chest.

"Sorry, but I'm a devout agnostic." Ashton chuckles, "But I'm sure in a couple of years, there will be plenty who will be more than willing to get on their knees to worship you… But I'll be happy to sit back with popcorn and watch." His attention is caught with rapt fascination at the glowing lettering, until he looks over at Besa and nods, "Okay, the uniforms aren't that bad. I can deal with them." His smile is small. "Yeah, I guess I am."

"Darn," Loukanos feigns disappointment, snaps his fingers, and the letters dissipate. "I actually don't care for the uniforms very much. I'm not used to covering up so much skin, but I know this culture has a strange taboo on nudity." For the moment, he does not notice Besa rubbing his chest.

Besa looks down, smoothing his yellow tie before starting to roll down his sleeves, covering up the bandage on his left arm. "You are very right about that, Loukanos. Everyone here is very…weird about nudity." He actually rolls his eyes, "Swimming is the worst." Who swims with clothes on?!?! Everyone alive it seems. Yuck. Ashton is given another smile, indeed, he is now part of something.

Ashton's eyebrow arches, as he listens to the two talk about nudity. "Well, I do imagine that it would make it a bit distracting for some of your classmates." Once again that impish grin makes an appearance, "But personally, I think distractions can be a good thing, at least from time to time." He pauses, "So what grades are the two of you in?"

"I like the way you think," Loukanos smirks, "But it's not like I wanna walk around the school naked. The only clothes I own, save the school uniforms, are chitons and himations." And garlands. He has a lot of those. The blonde teen shakes his head. "I am a Freshman and a Guardian of Prometheus. Have you chose a team yet?"

"I am a sophomore." He looks rather young to be in that grade. A small snort and shake of that perfect hair, "It is not distracting, unless people wish it to be, really." Ah well, he looks over to the windows again, trying to see if he got them well enough to be done. His hand again rubs his chest , but then it quickly drops and he picks up his new plant (who he will have to name). "I should go let them know I am done. Thank you for the plant, Loukanos. And it was very nice to meet you, Ashton."

Ashton nods to Besa. "It was a pleasure meeting you, Besa. Yeah, enjoy your pardon from the chain gang." He looks over to Loukanos. "Well, that is easy enough to fix. We can order you some online and have them here in a day or two."

"I am glad you like it, Besa. Have a nice night," Loukanos turns to Ashton and absently tugs on the sleeve of his golden sweater vest. "Unless ancient artifacts and antiques work as a form of currency over the internet, I am afraid that won't work." Divine, he may be, but he's still a broke teenager away from home. "I wouldn't even know what to purchase."

Ashton chuckles, "That is not a problem. I have my own credit card. I could probably buy you an entire wardrobe, and my grandparents wouldn't even think anything odd about it." A mischievious grin dances across his lips as an equally mirthful light flits across his eyes, "Besides, if they do, then I just tell my grandmother that I am stress shopping from being exiled away from my friends and everything." He shrugs, "Well, you know what sizes you wear because of the school uniform… other than that… whatever you think looks good."

"Oh," Loukanos looks skeptical about taking money from someone he's just met. At the same time, he doesn't have the greatest understanding of currency in any of its forms. "If you think it'll be alright, I guess…you'll have to help me. I have never been shopping for myself, so I don't know what would look good on me. Plus, I cannot operate a computer." He considers. "There must be something I can do for you."

Ashton looks at Loukanos. "I wasn't offering, because I was expecting anything in return." He slides his fingers, stopping just at the knuckles, into his pants pockets. He shrugs slightly, "And no, I am not trying to buy your friendship either… Just must suck being so far out of your element. I kind of understand the feeling… well obviously not the same way… "

"I suppose," Loukanos tilts his head. "It's just how I operate. I like helping those who help me…and those who don't." He shrugs. "I think every new student feels out of their element here at first. This is the first school I've been to, but I can tell it isn't like most places. For the most part, I like it though." He smiles broadly. "You're very kind to offer. How can I refuse?"

Ashton grins as Loukanos finally does agree. "Smart move, because I can be very persistent when I wanna be." He nods, "Yeah this place isn't not like normal schools, at least from what I have seen so far, but I bet it still has the same nasty sides too…" He pauses, "Oh yeah, you asked if I had chosen a team yet. Yeah, I was told that I fit best into the Order of Ares. I tend to have a problem with authority at times."

"Ah, Ares. Not so sure the name is accurate. I'd hope none of their members are half as belligerent as the god himself," Loukanos rubs his hands on his thighs. "Well, the former location of the school was utterly destroyed by raptors, so. Pretty nasty." He brushes a golden lock of hair from his forehead, sapphire eyes sparkling with curiosity. "You mentioned a magical demonstration. No time like the present, right?"

Ashton shakes his head just slightly. Yeah wrapping his head around the fact that one of his classmates is a god, a minor god, but a real f-ing god. "I'll take your word on the characteristics of the team's namesake. Honestly, I would have expected that all the members are militant and hyper-aggressive, not a more willful, impetuous group of rebels, but hey, I guess it doesn't have to make sense." He smirks, "I did, didn't I?" He closes his eyes for a moment, then nods slightly, before his hands start moving, tracing lines in the air. Words of a purely inhuman nature slide off Ashton's tongue, as his appearance shifts into a copy of Loukanos's own visage. "How about that?" He smiles, then swipes his hand through the air. And just like that, his own appearance returns. He gestures his head towards the door. "Ta da… No let's go and order you some clothes to wear off school grounds."

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