(2018-02-07) In Too Deep
In Too Deep
Summary: Fionnuala talks to Schuyler about his problem.
Date: 2018-02-07
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Billiard Room, Winbarry Estate
Wed Feb 07, 2018

The Billliard Room has no pool tables. Although someone has made some efforts and there's a few board games and a deck of cards with some books on a shelf along the wall. A half finished puzzle with basset house puppies takes up one of the tables.

A few small sofas and wingback chairs make conversational areas, throw rugs decorating those little areas. An entertainment center with a TV, blue ray player and a gaming console system has been set up. A pair of french doors lead to the back patio.


Schuyler still hasn't returned to his Detention duties. While yesterday was ok, today seems to be a bit more difficult for him being back at school. He was able to mostly make it through class, but between class and dinner he went to 'hide' in the Billiard room. Once again, he's curled up on one of the sofas, his books in front of him as if he's studying, but his head is in his hands as if he's trying to physically block out thoughts. He seems to be consciously trying to breathe in and out and while his head is in his hands, he hasn't fully covered his eyes. He's vulnerable enough.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Success.

Poor Sky. Here's the downside to being in an estate with a bunch of teachers and classmates: there's really nowhere to hide. Perhaps once upon a time when it was maybe one moneyed family living here, it felt as if one could lose themselves in the many rooms and not be found. Now, regardless of the numbers lessened by the events in November, it's still hard to find a place to suffer alone. Unlike yesterday, though, when this room had students — new and current alike — practically filing in, Schuyler Masters has been left well enough alone. Until now.

Light and warmth precedes her, though not blindingly or aggressively so, since Fionnuala kinda cast most of it off earlier. There's no constant 'sparkling', and her eyes are a sort of honey-gold color as opposed to glowing starkly. She's in her uniform, though she has slowly begun to dress down: the collar is open, the skirt just a bit rumpled. Fee is just about to seek out a spot to work on some math homework until she sees a stressed-looking Sky holding his head. Her eyes widen with concern.

She pads toward him, moving to speak but catching herself. He can't hear her and he cannot see her lips. So solemnly, the shifter sets her books down and lowers herself to sit down alongside Sky, not too close but hopefully he will notice her and not be spooked. The weight of her slight body may be felt depressing the cushions.

Schuyler gives a start at the motion of someone sitting on the sofa as well. It's not his sister, that he can tell. His hands push back up his head, as if to push his long hair out of his face (he still hasn't cut it. Now he claims he's growing it to donate). An audible breath is let out before he turns to look at the older student, grey eyes taking in the wings briefly before he asks simply, «What?» It could be seen as snarky or even mean, but there's no bite behind it. He's trying, but he's just out of gas.

What does Sky 'sound' like in Fee's head? She is artistic and her imagination is very fertile… she has actually managed to articulate a standard, adolescent boy's voice with which to represent the Masters boy's mental emotes. It's broody, sullen… and his body language matches the part. Fee realizes that a wing may have brushed a bit too close to Sky and she pulls it back slightly, resulting in the barest 'breeze' of that solar warmth. If she's noticed the lengthening of the boy's hair in the past series of weeks, she'll never comment; in Fee's world, people are free to do what the wish, no questions asked.

The tone may indeed have some snark behind it, but to Fionnuala the guy looks pained, and that is kinda grounds for being short with people. She furrows her brow, hair a tumbledown nimbus of black poised haphazardly upon her scalp. "Can I help you with anything? You really don't look well.." She remembers that talk with Besa, afterall.

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Lip Reading: Success.

«If you can get people to stop thinking for a bit, that would be nice,» he can't quite make a smirk. It's not the best day and he's back to being a bit shaky. He might not be entirely sure that he wants to share the reasons for his current 'illness'. «I'm told it'll get better in a few days. I'm not too convinced, but thanks for offering. There's nothing anyone can do."

«If you can get people to stop thinking for a bit, that would be nice,» he can't quite make a smirk. It's not the best day and he's back to being a bit shaky. He might not be entirely sure that he wants to share the reasons for his current 'illness'. «I'm told it'll get better in a few days. I'm not too convinced, but thanks for offering. There's nothing anyone can do.»

Damnit.. here is where it's hard to be Fionnuala. She feels that it isn't her right to know, roughly, what's going on here but… it's just hard to see. She just has that look about her where she, effortlessly, looks so heartbroken for people and/or concern. It isn't even pity. Fee is an open book and her features fall a bit, worry painting her expression as she watches the stricken psychic boy. "Withdrawal is hard. I can't even begin to understand what it's like to be going through it.." She bites the bullet, says this softly to Sky though kept under her breath despite the empty room. He may or may not be able to read what she says, but her eyes say lots. Sky may not want to 'share' but Fee seems to know more than what is expected. "I'm sorry that you're having such a terrible time. Can I get you anything, though? Some tea or something to eat?" She asks then, nervous all of a sudden. Maybe she shouldn't have mentioned the 'withdrawal' part.

Schuyler's eyes narrow at the mention of 'Withdrawal'. How did she know? Who told? «No, you can't. Who told you?» There's a little more oomph to those few words. He knows that she and Rain are close but he had his secrets and he knows Rain has her's. There's another glance over the girl, his eyes landing on her wings for a little longer. «Our dad has wings like that. Did Rain tell you?» But then he shakes his head, «No. Thank you. I'm not hungry.» Part of the problem is that he hasn't been eating or drinking enough. Odd for a teenager who would eat for two each meal.

Ouch. The girl would flinch but Fee is made of surprisingly stronger stuff… to an extent. "Rain didn't tell me." She offers gently, brow furrowing. "If you're going to be angry or upset, be that way with me please, I was the one who asked and pried because I worry, is all." Fionnuala says carefully, measuring her words so hopefully Sky can follow. Her wings twitch as if of their own volition, as if shy upon being watched for a few seconds longer. Fee doesn't seem to mind though. She's too busy worrying about throwing Besa underneath a bus… but there's no turning back now. "Promise me you won't be mad or lash out and I will tell you. It's really all my fault." Fee says again, so desperate to keep the peace… despite traipsing into a bit of a minefield.

"D-dehydration causes head pain, and so does hunger… so if you don't eat enough, you won't have the strength to manage what you're already going through." Fee tries again, fingers knitting into her skirts… she can tell that he's lacking in the sustenance part, too. Call it a hunch. He looks wan, tired and pained.

«How is it your fault? Who else…?» he starts, but then there's a flash of anger before it fades. «Figures. Makes sense, really. I upset him when he got back…so this is his revenge. Maybe we're even now.» There's a glance to his unopened books and then back to Fee, «I'm not mad at you. No reason to be. Just…it doesn't need to get around the school, ok?» Because the last thing he needs is hearing people thinking about him. «I've been drinking water. I know about the dehydration. I've been eating what I can,» what doesn't make him sick. «You know, Rain still likes you no matter what. You don't have to be nice to me.»

"He didn't want to talk much about it…" Fionnuala starts, but pauses. Her eyes widen as her fists clench into her skirts. "Wait, hold on—" Blink? Revenge? Color paints her cheekbones and she shakes her head quickly, a bobbypin giving up the ghost and tumbling between the cushions. A fluttering sprig of ebony hair now dances and gesticulates beside the shifter's right temple. "Besa is worried about you, Sky! This isn't about revenge..!" She cries out, settles.. no use alarming anyone or drawing attention. "I'm not going to say a word because it's not my business, but it is now because you're my best friend's brother. You're her life. If you suffer she suffers, I bet." She says firmly, confirming a great many things in that statement. "I want to be nice to you because I like you too and I want to get to know you." Said earnestly, Fee can't hide much. Not easily.

Pills, addictions.. that shadowy, scary land… Fee knows so very little about it. She cannot imagine that dependence. "Besa didn't mean ill, Sky.. honest, he didn't.."

Schuyler's frown deepens at the instant defense of Besa. He doesn't seem very surprised though and there's a slump and another sigh. Is Besa worried for him? He just doesn't know anymore. «I'll live. Probably. I'll probably end up hurting everyone anyhow, so you probably shouldn't try to get too close, to be honest. Has Besa told you that, too? Or Rain?» But talking about his sister is a little easier and a lot less confusing. «I'm glad you and Rain are friends. She needs to loosen up more and stop being so…perfect. Controlling. Maybe you can help her with that.»

She'll defend him again, too! Fionnuala does not backpedal once the words are dealt, and to her credit she doesn't get all shy or awkward either. "What makes you say that now? Who has that idea in your head that you're going to hurt people?" Fee asks frankly.. cripes, if only she could hear herself. She sounds just like her mother! She tilts her head, wings tensing once then relaxing slowly. "I wasn't told any of that.. not that part. I'm kinda finding it hard to believe really, if you're here with us in this school, trying to figure out your abilities and how to use them." She says frankly, leaning forward a bit.. perhaps uncomfortably.

"So I think if you just keep trying and working hard, you'll not hurt a soul. Or is there something huge that I'm missing? I know your family has put out a great many superpowered sorts… both good and bad, surely?" She hazards the guess. Talk of Rain softens her too, and she leans back a bit. "I don't ever want to change Rain, she's going to do as she does.." A cheeky little grin. "So sorry, if you find her bossy, that'll just have to be the way. I'd say, too, that she's incredibly lucky to have siblings.. and a twin."

Fionnuala gets a long look from Sky before he offers, «She didn't tell you, did she? Last year, Rain was chased and attacked by robotic octopodes created by an alternate-universe version of me. See, in that universe, Rain was killed…and I went crazy. So the alternate version of me tortured our youngest sister of their dimension so that he could hop through different dimensions to try and find a Rain that was alive to replace her. And he finally landed on here and tried to take her away. But we finally caught him and defeated him but Besa recently found out how that Rain died. It was because of the Priests that recently attacked them. If they catch her, if they hurt her…I'll become that madman and hurt the people I care for.» There's a pause as he rubs at a temple, «So now you know too. It doesn't matter what -I- do. Our family doesn't matter. Good or bad doesn't matter. What matters is that I'm going to break the family code and hurt my family.» As if he's just waiting for it to happen.



Give her a moment, she's processing. Fionnuala listens, for she is a good listener, however difficult the topic. Of course the notion of Rain being killed elicits — look, look.. she's a sap — a shininess to her glowing gaze. "W-well that alternate-universe version of you can just go pound sand! What that… version of you did has no grasp or influence on what you do in this world does it?" Fee asks outright, eyes wide, filling her pretty face. Talk of the Priests causes her to straighten some. "I promise.. promise I will do everything I can to help prevent this, Sky. For what it's worth. Nobody is going to catch Rain and nobody is going to set you off, ok?" She implores gently, brow furrowed. If the boy beside her yet has his empathy in check, perhaps he will feel a tendril of… fear in the shifter. Of acute self-doubt. Fee does not have faith in her powers from an aggressive standpoint but she will do her best.

"I will help you all in whatever way I can. This doesn't have to be."

«The priests are already hunting Besa, and Rain will do everything to try and protect her friends and family.» Even get in the way of danger. «We've told our parents. We've told the teachers, but they don't seem to care. Maybe the new ones will, but I'm not going to hold my breath.» There's another rub of his temples. «No one seems to care that we're out of our element here and Besa won't see that. So we're pretty much screwed.» Because if anything did happen to Rain, he -would- lose it. Completely. «You'll probably get caught in the crossfire.»

Wowza… Fee's life has gone from fairly predictable to… dare she say, dangerous?! She watches sky outright as he speaks of the dangers, the risk. "Well blast those bloody priests, count me in." She says without hesitation. That's Fee for you: all heart, feet-first. There's no second thoughts to be seen, heard or felt in her manner here. "I can't just stay on the wayside and watch this happen.. I'm in, whether you like it or not." She nods once, her hair bobbing. She watches him rub his temples, eyes flashing with worry. "I'll leave you be shortly, but only… hey… there's lasagna on the menu tonight. Do you think you'd like to try even a bit of it? Kicking Priest ass and getting over hurdles," She will not say 'pills'. ".. requires sustenance. Please, Sky, just humor me and eat some of it." She's worried, she is!

Schuyler doesn't seem surprised that Fee joins into their motley 'Scooby gang'. So be it. «I figured you would be.» It's said almost wearily. Well, she can't say that she wasn't warned. The mention of the lasagna has him going a little green around the gills, «No…no thanks. Maybe I'll have some bread and a little salad, but I don't think I could deal with lasagna.» Too much and too heavy right now. He's still drinking water and ginger ale. «You're nice for trying though. I appreciate it.»

The girl actually sees the color change! OK not really.. but she can tell that the boy ain't big on the menu choice. She won't push it but instead take what she can get. "I'll bring you some bread and salad. You can eat in here, I'll just say you're feeling unwell. You don't have to be hearing all of those voices around the supper table." See, she's learning. The girl pushes up from the sofa, the gentle warmth of her energy following her. "I'm sorry if I troubled you.. I really don't mean to pry or intrude but I am kinda in it deep, now. I won't tell a soul, okay?" She promises, regarding Sky's personal struggle. Unless he gets really bad off. "I'll be back. Don't you run away or the plate will end up outside your dorm room." Fee says easily, and drifts out of the billiard room, her light following her.

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