(2018-02-07) Getting Settled
Getting Settled
Summary: A metalbender uses Kindness on the wolf girl: it's Su—Mostly Effective. Constantine helps Grace navigate Shady Cove.
Date: 2018-02-07
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Main Street, Shady Cove
Wed Feb 07, 2018

Main Street is built with sidewalks lining each side and a residential area at each end. In the center is the heartbeat of town, with a courthouse square and the road going around each side of it with old fashioned lamp posts lining the sidewalks in front of the businesses and a sporadic stone bench placed for shoppers. Several side roads lead off to other businesses and more residential areas.


<FS3> Grace rolls Enhanced Senses: Success.

So the time had finally come for Grace to go seek out the remaining necessities for her continued comfort at Coral Springs… both as a girl and a student. Due to her hasty departure from out West, she was only able to pack one suitcase.. most everything she owned was left behind at home, in her closed-up room. She is certain, now, that her parents had most of it boxed up and stowed away.. who needs reminders, right? Hopefully in coming months more of her personal effects could be sent out by Uncle Vince but for now she had to make do with the money that the kind-hearted man had sent with her.

The good thing is that the town of Shady Cove, which she accessed via bus from the estate grounds, is exactly that: a town. Not as bit and overwhelming as a city. The bad…? It's new, with a host of new faces, places and smells. Sounds. Sights. Sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming and Grace needs to take a moment. She had travelled here with a few other students, after classes, and most dispersed into the town quite knowledgeably to get their own errands done.

Grace sits on a stone bench, looking upon the courthouse square with anxious crimson eyes. She looks well-dressed though, in a pair of black denims and a fitted burgundy woolen coat, her hair pulled back into a tidy ponytail. Her fingers clutch her purse in her lap, the knuckles white. Her nostrils flare delicately.

Thankfully enough, Constantine was gonna be with her in this overwhelming place. In truth, he had already made a few trips to the mainland in the first week just to familiarize himself with his surroundings and to be sure he knows exactly where everything is…because you never know when you're gonna need something. That said, He finds Grace pretty easily when he discovers her sitting on a bench alone.

He was dressed for the cold. A black trench coat buttoned up the middle with fingerless gloves and a neat, black fisherman's hat. Looks very Greek. Either way, he walks up to Grace with a smile on his face, sitting down next to her and speaking with his naturally charming and suave voice. "Well, well, well. Hey there stranger." he smiles warmly to her then as he looks around. "What do you think of the city? I know it can be overwhelming at first." a warmth in his tone for the young lady.

"Come on, I'll walk with ya."

Blink? Grace seems to be staring off into the void, transfixed upon random people passing her by. Her nostrils quiver once, barely even a twitch, as she 'fields' different scents. She can hear footsteps, a child squalling a block away; smell what happens to be awful perfume coming in strong from one lady. And—-

A voice? The girl jolts slightly and looks around unseeingly, then up and straight at Constantine. She recognizes him immediately and feels foolish. "S-sorry… I was off with the fairies." Said quickly; her uncle's favorite saying. The boy's friendly manner coaxes the barest half-smile to the girl's lips. "I haven't gotten far… I can smell a few places closeby that seem to have some good menu selections… there's also a bookstore that was passed, while we were all on the bus. B-but it's clothing that I need…" Cough, anyway. She tilts her head in a rather canine-like way.

"Y-you sure? I'm really not going anywhere terribly interesting.." She says quietly, brow furrowing. "But you're welcome to come along, if you won't be bored."

Constantine smiles softly to Grace as she seemed unprepared for his arrival. Either way, he keeps his eyes on her. Frankly enough, he actually smelled rather -amazing-, wearing an Adidas scent. Energy. huh…not bad Constantine. Unless she doesn't like men's cologne.

Regardless, he smiles warmly to her, keeping next to her as she speaks of nice-smelling food joints nearby and of course, what she would need. When asked if he's sure enough to come with her, he offers the beautiful young lady a small smile.

"Of course. If I wasn't, likely wouldn't have asked wouldn't you say? Come on, I wanna get to know ya." okay, that might have been flirting. juuuust a bit. Either way, he rises to his feet. "Trust me, I wont get bored." he offers her his hand to help her up to her feet and his arm to walk her around like a gentleman. "You lead the way. Apparently you got a powerful sense of smell."

Funny thing, Grace can take cologne or leave it. Luckily Constantine isn't wearing something brutally potent…. she rather dislikes the AXE scents and anything cheap, given how cheap perfumes and colognes tend to be stronger. More alcohol. But that which the metalmancer uses isn't quite so harsh to her sensitive honker, and inwardly she appreciates it. Grace prefers people to smell clean and well-cared-for.

He wants to get to know her…? Grace blinks and pushes up from the stone bench, brushing her butt off with her hand. "I'm still trying to get to know myself again, so that will make both of us." A rueful semi-smile; she's trying. Grace isn't trying to be unpleasant or aloof, she is cordial.. but she lacks some of the ebullience of most girls, powered or not. She accepted the hand to stand, but she places her palms into her coat pockets with an apologetic smile. "Very gentlemanly of you… but I'm still getting used to being around people. Sensory overload and all that jazz… n-no offense, okay?" She says earnestly, regarding the holding of the arm. Grace looks content to walk alongside him though. "Is there anything you need, here? We can go that way too."

Constantine seems rather happy that Grace isn't repulsed by his smell. It's quite clear that he cares about his appearance some, at least when he's out in public. He's not a drama queen about it, but he just likes to be presentable, at the very least. He smiles as she accepts his hand to stand up. "Well hey, that's what I'm here for, to lend ya a hand." He smiles then. Of course he has metal on him…and the city has metal everywhere, so they won't be in trouble if they run into…less than savory characters.

Though he notices how she reacts to taking his arm to walk about, nodding a few times. "Of course. No need to be sorry about that, alright?" he offers her the warmest smile. Though it was clear he was interested in her romantically, he was more interested with being friends with the young lady and making sure she's taken care of. New peeps gotta watch over each other!

When asked if there were anything he could need, he shrugs. "Maybe a new hat. some clothes would be nice, but in terms of school supplies, I'm fine." he smiles to her…though he probably thinks she might make him try out any number of clothes for her amusement.

Poor Grace… there's a whole other ballgame, the dating bit. Granted she hadn't explored much pre-incident, but now — especially — the thought of getting to know anyone in that manner horrifies her. What if she were to argue with a prospective date? Get frustrated? What if—-

She squeezes her eyes shut for a second or two before drawing a deep breath, testing the air around her. For all appearances she is simply sniffing again, taking in the various scents as she tries to figure out where to go. Where to start? There is a curfew to uphold afterall so time is limited. "I appreciate it, though, I do." She offers genuinely, even if she's still a tad anxious. About everything.

"The others didn't lie.. t-there's not a lot to choose from, regarding clothing stores… I need some new flats, maybe some pajamas.. a-and… a calculator.." *cough* … Grace rubs the back of her neck, peers up. "Is this town a lot like where you came from? A-are you used to a city?" She starts, picking a direction and ambling off toward.. well, whatever awaits them!

To be fair…Constantine had those same fears. the fear of becoming upset…the last time he became angry was the day he discovered his powers…and the whole town paid the price for it. While miraculously nobody was hurt…it's the -what could have happened- that terrifies him. Regardless, he certainly has eyes for the woman beside him.

Constantine sees her sniffing about, though he smiles softly as she states her appreciation for his actions, offering her the kindest smile. "It's my pleasure, Grace." a kindness for her as he starts walking her to a clothing store first! it has more trendy clothing, though it has great selections, the number of clothing stores about are extremely limited. Oh well.

When she speaks…he chuckles a bit. "Alrighty. We'll prioritize that." Though when asked if he's used to cities, he nods softly.

"Yeah…I was born and raised in Philadelphia. Though I would have preferred a more quiet place, I'm used to cities." he shrugs then. "I'll help you get used to the noise…it's hard to accommodate to at first."

Simply put, in these recent times — barring her uncles — Grace isn't used to somebody being so outwardly kind. A boy, no less. The last boy who pretended to be that kind, even, was…. well… he's at the center of this whole mess. Not that she's projecting such a ghastly person onto Constantine here but.. yeah. Kindness makes the girl not wary, persay.. just 'careful'.

She was not always this way.

It's easier to ask questions and listen with genuine interest to what others say to her; easier to lose herself in the life tales of those around her. They approach a clothing store, fairly nondescript, big windows overlooking the street. Grace peers through the cold-misted glass at attire choices that are.. questionable. She peers up into the vacant gaze of an emaciated mannequin, then back to Con as she keeps her hands warm in her pockets.

"Brothers? Sisters? Your parents? They all still in Philly?"

Constantine just doesn't have good luck with ladies. Either they think he's too good to be true, far too nice for his own good despite his swagtastic nature and appearance, or his powers just freak them out and make them uneasy. Poor guy.

Either way, when asked if his family is still in Philly, he nods softly. "Yeah.. parents are still there. Pretty much dropped me off here and took off into the hills, so to speak. Well…guess that's life." honestly, he'd prefer not hurting them if he accidentally lost control of his powers, so he's okay with this in some small way. "It is what it is…" he shrugs then. "What about you? where you from?"

Poor Constantine! His struggle may very well be running rather parallel to Grace at his side, there, though she doesn't keep herself quite so swagalicious as he does. It's hard to be powered…. ._.

The kind boy explains briefly to Grace his circumstance with his parents, and she seems to draw a deeper breath. Her shoulders lift as she draws shapes absently into the window frost, then lower. She turns sad, puppy-dog eyes onto the blonde boy. "We should start a club. S-same deal… I don't think I'll even see my parents again. I'm kind of the dust under the rug." Blink, she blushes. "That sounded awfully angsty, didn't it? I-I'm not really.. that way… I do have an uncle, someone who loves me, who sent me here to learn.. he's back in Bellingham, WA." She looks down then, considers.

"This is a gift, I suppose… things happened to send me here. Bad things."

Constantine and Grace probably should start a club in total honestly….their stories are so parallel it's almost not even funny. HOWEVER!

it's very hard to be powered. ;_; Constantine smiles softly to Grace then even as she looks puppy doggy at him, but he shows a sympathy when she appears to be angsty. "It's okay….I'm a little scared to be angry too." he reads the tone of her voice and her mannerisms.

But he shrugs then a moment, looking at her as she tells him where her family is. "I see…well, if we're left behind by family, let's look after each other, alright?" he smiles warmly as they move to a different store to look around. This is more…modest wear.

Oh…? Now this is new. Grace watches Constantine for a few seconds longer, regardless of how self-conscious it would make her feel typically. "Does something h-happen to you when you're… angry?" She asks softly, barely a whisper, meant only for him. This is both freaky and reassuring.

Though she may not be quite so receptive to his kind gestures — surely one of the other girls who departed the bus will have gone right off her nut when offered Constantine's elbow to hold onto — Grace is yet warmed and reassured by the kind smile. Some of the animal edginess leaves her gaze, but only just. She's still reacting to sounds and smells here-and-there, glancing on occasion toward 'something' only to look back ruefully. She can't help it.

Approaching this new store, Grace sees for to actually enter it.. the clerks spy her but really notice Constantine. Grace eyes a table with a half-bust mannequin outfitted in a snazzy polo shirt.. it's forest green though. She picks up one of a sky blue coloration. "This looks like you." She offers, feeling bad for being so aloof, offering this earnest suggestion.

Constantine looks to Grace then as she asks him her question. "…the last time I was angry was the day I discovered my powers. I was just out traveling you know? the neighborhood I was in, just a nice little town barely inside Philly. I completely destroyed it. Somehow…nobody was killed or hurt. But…" he goes silent then, before just letting out a breath and shaking his head. "I.. would greatly prefer if such an event didn't happen again." hence why he almost -never- gets angry or even upset. His powers are tied to his emotional state.

But then he notices the clerks notice him, he gives a little casual wave in greeting. "Hey." before his attention is on Grace…who no doubt most likely receive a few jealous stares. When he sees the shirt, he chuckles. "…should I try it on?"

Now this is freaky.

So much so that the nervous girl drops the shirt onto the ground, earning a dirty look from one of the clerks. The girl close to the register pads over: a gum chewing, twitchy thing with a raccoon'esque smear of mascara. "Can I help you?" She asks them both, though she watches the gregarious boy avidly. Grace, meanwhile, processes what he tells her… she looks afflicted. "Me too." Two simple words, saying so much.. she can't say much more lest Gumzilla there be clued into their stance as Supers. Not good.

"It wouldn't be a bad idea—" Grace starts, regarding trying on the shirt.

"Oh, yas! It's toooootally your color! Or how about black??" The clerk drawls out.

Constantine looks at her when she drops the shirt, a look of concern on his face as he picks up the shirt. Though when the clerk walks on over to flirt with him, he sighs a moment, though he smiles softly to her. "I think this shirt over her would look fantastic on her. But I'll try this out." he smiles in a friendly manner to the clerk…completely uninterested in her romantically speaking. Regardless, he smiles softly to Grace, handing her the shirt in question with a kindness.

The strange girl doesn't hold it against the clerk, she did just drop a shirt onto the scuzzy floor. If said clerk makes eyes at Constantine that, too, doesn't bother Grace too terribly. If anything it's a bit of a consolation prize for his putting up with her aloof, twitchy behavior! Sure he'd be the first to reassure Grace that it's not a problem, but that's just the way she rolls these days. After the incident, she has to keep her cards so close to her chest that she may as well eat them. It's hard for a girl of fifteen.

Then the pleasant boy goes and deflects the clerk's snarkiness with a suggestion of a shirt that would look good on her — Grace?! — and the wolf girl flushes a bit. "Uh." Blink… struck dumb. What shirt?

Con passes it to her and Grace, well, she's a bit stunned.. not in a bad way. She looks between Constantine and the clerk, whose tag reads 'Deborah'. "I like the color.. I guess I can give it a go. M-may I have a room, please?" She asks, and the two will be shown to a back part of the store with stalls that can be locked.

Constantine chuckles faintly as she starts to look absolutely aloof. His finger pointing to the shirt he was meaning. "I think it'd look great on you." he smiles to her softly and as Deborah most likely leads Grace to a changing room, Constantine crosses his arms with a big smile on his face.

If she looked back at him, he'd smile happily and give her a thumbs up!

Truly, his eyes were only on her…he didn't mind being flirted with, but he wasn't gonna flirt back. He finds a seat then, and simply waits for Grace to come on out.

<FS3> Grace rolls Sense Fear: Failure.

She's not used to this. Grace clutches the shirt anxiously, yet grateful for the kindness… and terrified. What if she makes a mistake, and hurts this friend or chases him away? What if—-

Silence, brain. Just quiet now. The stall alongside Grace's is occupied by a girl who sounds as if she is trying on an entire department store's worth of shirts and jeans. It's an older storefront, and though it's kept clean and as tidy as possible for patrons it is yet an old building with… dark corners. Grace is in her cubicle, staring at the burgundy-colored shirt with furrowed brows. Then the girl in the stall beside her shrieks abruptly! What the hell?!

Out she comes, mercifully decent, fluttering her hands madly. "Spider..!" The older girl squeals, genuinely spooked. Then she goes and sees a handsome boy sitting there looking all happy and cordial and goes beet red. But what of Grace?

THe girl's fear, a pulse in her head that lasts all of a second, falls flat.. thank God it falls flat. Grace squeezes her eyes shut briefly as she breathes deep. If she were to catch that fear….. but she didn't, she didn't.

"I'm almost done—" She calls out in a strained voice.

Constantine was humming a little bit as he just sat there with his foot tapping on the floor. Not because he was impatient, but because he was repeating a song he rather likes in his head. It's of Scottish origin, but it's a foot stomper! He sharply turns his head to the dressing rooms, thinking it was from Grace…only to see a different woman burst out of the room, tilting his head at the woman. "Oh, are you alright? here…" he walks over to the spider and scoops it up in his hand…only to walk over to the open window and toss it outside. "there we go."

He wasn't afraid of bugs. +1 for Constantine.

he looks to Grace and he smiles. "alright! take your time Grace okay?" he smiles as he sits right back down, awaiting her.

The poor girl who got spooked, she doesn't look to be a powered student.. there's so few of them now that surely she'd be recognizable. No, she's from the public school in Shady Cove and she doesn't quite know how to handle herself following her outburst. Constantine goes to show the spider some mercy: it's actually a substantially-sized wolf spider! It skitters in that swift, shady way that the species is known for and it fairly flies out the window the moment the boy releases it. Grace is still composing herself behind her closed door; the other girl blinks, dumbfounded. 'Deborah' and her co-worker sigh wistfully~

"I'm okay!" The frazzled unpowered girl drawls blushingly. Grace is still as she buttons up the collar of the shirt which is, in fact, a nice blouse with a couple of tucks in the waistline. "I'm safe, they're safe, everyone is safe—" Whispered to herself over-and-over and finally, she steps out and peers into the room, smoothing the blouse self-consciously. "It.. I like it. Good choice." She says to Constantine, meaning it.

Constantine smiles warmly to the young lady as she says that she's okay, nodding a few times as he puts a hand on her shoulder. "Happy to hear it. Please dress and try things out as normal." a kindness to his voice before Grace comes out of the dressing room….


His face said it all…complete awe…before that face turns into a brilliant smile. "You look amazing! Good choice indeed…and here I thought my choice of fashion was rather horrid." he teases just a little bit. "Do you want it? I'll buy." a few nods then. he could easily afford it, of course. "Heh, come on.. let's see what else you like here before we start ringing stuff up."

The girl flushes at the attention, both flattered and startled as she looks down at the fit of the blouse again. "T-thanks.. really, I wouldn't have thought to look at this. I'm more of an in-and-out shopper." Grace admits, brow furrowing again as she fumbles to look at the price tag. Startles, drops it. Downside of this being an off-the-street business? Pricier than your average Walmart! She looks up at Constantine, irises brighter in the strong lighting of the store, a stark scarlet hue. "T-that's too kind.. I can't ask you to cover all of it. I have an allowance here—-" Gah, he's just so pleasant! Suddenly she's scared of offending him by shooting down the offer. "Why don't I spring for half? I don't want to shoot down your kindness but I.. need to use some of what I have here, too."

She looks down at the blouse again, unable to stop touching it, her cheeks red. "I think I'll be okay with just this… the other stuff I kinda have to get, a-ah… alone, you see. Girlie stuff." Poor Constantine. "But thank you.. really, truly."

Constantine knows how much these stores cost, but he's more than happy to pay full way for Grace. Though he's amenable, so when Grace asks if they could go dutch on the blouse, he nods. "Sure! If you want to pay half, I won't stop you. Alrighty, come on, let's pay." a kind smile for her as he walked her up to the counter, a kindness for her then.

As she speaks of her….other things, he nods with a small laugh. "I understand completely. Give me a call if you need anything for that part alright? I'll help cover stuff if you need a hand." a kindness in his eyes as they ring up the blouse.

"Oh! That reminds me! I never gave you my number, did I?"

"H-here," The girl says as she digs into her purse, pulling out her phone once all is said, done and paid for. She's not good with remembering numbers so before the disbelieving eyes of the clerks, this awkward, nervous girl prepares a new contact into which to plug in Constantine's number. She then hands the phone to him gingerly so he can punch in the numbers and not feel as if he has to spout a personal bit of information for others to overhear. That seems to be what the hapless clerks were hoping for, and they wilt a bit should the boy elect to add his number to her contacts.

"Mine is in there, just back out after saving and you'll see it." Grace says shyly… reassuring herself that another friend certainly cannot hurt, especially one so caring. There is much more that she finds herself wanting to know; things perhaps discussed on the school grounds. This matter of anger and what it does.

"I think there's more to talk about.. but not here.." The girl says quietly as she folds the receipt neatly into her pocket. "I want to know more about.. what happened to you. T-to have brought you here."

Constantine smiles softly to Grace as she pulls out her cell phone and hands it to him, allowing him to type in his own digits so that Grace could call him or text him at any time, should she want to hangout with him or learn more about him. He follows her instructions when it comes to getting her number to the letter, offering the young lady a small wink.

When she asks him that she wants to talk later…but likely when they are alone and in private, he nods to her a little bit. "alright….we'll trade stories about why we're here. Sound like a plan?" he asks her curiously, taking a silly picture of himself for her contact photo of him then handing her phone back to her. He had just memorized her number and pulls out his cell phone to punch it into his contacts, lifting it up to take a silly picture of her, then saving her contact.

Well, Grace is yet a fifteen year old girl… once upon a time she, too, could be silly. So in the entryway to this little store, with a few girls gawking in their wake, the girl concedes to pulling what she thinks is a ridiculous face for the sake of a contact photo. Cross-eyed, the barest bit of a tongue past her lips. That's as wild as she gets and given how reserved she's been, it's an improvement!

"I'm going to get those other.. personal things… I'll text when I'm done. I think it's almost time to be getting back to the school." Then finally.. a half smile. Paydirt.

"Thanks for everything, Constantine.. that does sound like a plan." Said in full agreement.. what are the odds of encountering another student who may very well have been saddled here much in the same way she had been? Hopefully not quite as… bloody…

Grace cannot quite picture Constantine inflicting horrific violence, but there's a story to tell behind every face.

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