(2018-02-06) New Faces
New Faces
Summary: The Billiard room is a hap-hap-happenin' place today, it seems. New students are getting their bearings, current ones are coping with their own situations.
Date: 2018-02-06
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Billiard Room, Winbarry Estate
Tue Feb 06, 2018

The Billliard Room has no pool tables. Although someone has made some efforts and there's a few board games and a deck of cards with some books on a shelf along the wall. A half finished puzzle with basset house puppies takes up one of the tables.

A few small sofas and wingback chairs make conversational areas, throw rugs decorating those little areas. An entertainment center with a TV, blue ray player and a gaming console system has been set up. A pair of french doors lead to the back patio.


Schuyler was deemed fit enough to return back to school, only this time, he's been armed with over-the-counter sleep aids. They don't seem to have been working well, however, as the teen is still a bit pale and drawn and generally lackluster as he sits, curled up on one of the sofas, trying to catch up on the homework that he's missed. There hasn't been too much as he tends to be ahead, but he's not having the easiest of times focusing on the match homework in front of him.

Besa's sitting quietly as well, noir wanting to disturb Sky, but wanting to be near incase the twin needs anything. So he's curled up in a different chair, a sketchbook in his lap. His tie's been loosened, but is still on, and his perfect model bangs are hanging in his eyes. If only he was a punk! The only sounds he makes are the pencil against the paper.

On the other end of the sofa is Rain, she has been sticking close to her twin since returning to school. Her posture and position mirrors his, Masters bookends, she studies as well. Like her brother she is ahead in her classes, unlike her brother, she has to actually study and work to keep her good grades. It seems there is an intense study session going on.

Today is Grace's last 'half day', as it happens. Tomorrow, full classes begin in earnest for her and she's actually a bit anxious about that too. Everything is making Grace anxious, it seems… she was never like this before. Somehow this is worse than what has happened to send her here!

Anyway, it is into this room that the girl ambles quietly, the skirt of her uniform rustling as she winces, reaches back to tug it down though it's already covering her sufficiently. Ugh. Time to sit quietly, absorb, rally her mental troops… but then she sees the others who are assembled here. Grace's lips press together into a tense line, nostrils flaring once, brow furrowing. No need to backpedal, that would just look snobbish.. which she ain't!

Instead, hugging a large, tattered book to her chest, the girl walks into the billiard room with her heart pounding madly in her chest. "G-good afternoon." Offered to the assembled, cozy (though perhaps not in Sky's case) teens.

<FS3> Theodore rolls Connected: Failure.

Skitter, skitter~

Always wonderful to hear, isn't it?

Well, yes. In this case, most who know him know that the sight of the spiders is a sure sign that Theo is about. The little white critters scuttle along the ceiling, a handful of about five of them, led by the one with the spots in flux on its abdomen. They pause just inside the door and seem to converse, though no sound happens aside from the soft drumming of their feet on the ceiling they cling to.

And a few moments later, a blond teen boy in a uniform in the Prometheus colors enters the room, looking around curiously. "Oh, hello," he greets. "I didn't realize there was a gathering here." He offers a smile to those present. And his gaze moves to Grace, who he hasn't met.

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Telepathy/empathy: Amazing Success.

Schuyler looks up at the appearance of a new and different mental presence. Grey eyes look at the newcomer and there's a furrowing of his brow at the rush of mental 'stuff' that he picks up. It's both a good thing and a bad thing…so much information but whoa…so much information! He's still not sure being off his pills is worth it.

The new girl might be watched for a little longer than necessary before he mentally offers, «We don't bite. Unless you ask nicely.»

Speaking of mental energy, there's another look at the psychic spiders and they even get a little smile. So freaking cool.

Besa's dark eyes keep going up to the twins, making sure they're ok. Not that they shouldn't be. As both Grace and Theo enter, "Hello." He smiles warmly, "It is not so much a gathering as just…" His hand with the pencil rolls, like he's not sure of the word, "A work study?" But then he smiles again, "Come in and join us, please." He leans in Rain's direction slightly, "Rain, this is the girl I spoke to you of. She needs a shopping partner."

Rain's attention is pulled by the mix of commotions, the new girl and Theo with his spider's, not to mention being addressed by her brother and Besa. Sky gets a shrug and she signs back at him. Besa's words has her grey eyed, stoic gaze going to Grace and there seems to be some thoughtful staring at the other girl "Hello." she greets with cool detachment to both the new girl and Theo. She gives a nod at the invitation that was given, she won't deny anyone they /joy/ of their company. That's sarcasm.

B'uh?! Sky is TALKING to her in her frickin' head. The glimmering foxfire of Psychic ability that Grace has picks up on the Masters boy, though Sky's joking mention of 'bite' may cause that deep well of anxiety in her chest to briefly spike. Grace is a potent girl to be around if someone is packing empathy, though to look at her is to see her desperately trying to adjust herself to all this 'newness'… she only vaguely recognizes one face: Besa.

Rounded crimson eyes flit in Sky's direction as he settles there, the bookend to his sister. To whom kind Besa indicates! Grace's eyes fill her face.

"O-oh-" She starts, her mild voice croaky from lack of use. This is when Theodore arrives with his host of aetheric spiders! She meets Theo's gaze with her own briefly, looks down at her book. "Good afternoon, excuse me—" She offers, stepping out of his way and indeed padding into the room to seek out an armchair that is set close to the gathering. "Thank you. I hope I'm not bumbling into a study hour." She offers softly, though she watches Sky worriedly for a moment.. as if something doesn't make sense to her. Exactly what or whom did he sound like, to her, in her head? Look how startled she is… it had to have been interesting. And it was. Wait for it.

The new school uniform still has all of its nice creases and stiffness to it. Ronan rolls his shoulders a little bit as he walks into the room and manages to just barely avoid tripping over his own feet.. for the fourth time today. Instead he collides with one of the chairs, his hands gripping the fabric as he breathes, a little bit of mist forming on his breath as the cold air from his lungs hits the warmer air of the school. "Why's it so warm in here?" He says to no one in particular, his thick Irish brogue colouring the words. Then he realizes people might have seen him nearly trip again and he begins blushing rather deeply.

Theo offers a smile in Besa's direction. "Hello." And then he mentions someone needing a shopping partner. "Oh — need any help, Rain?" Mind, his taste in clothes tends to lean towards the flamboyant. Grace may not be ready for a wardrobe like that! Then again, Theo has no idea what's going on most of the time anyway, and generally is just winging it. Though the easy smile he offers might make one think otherwise.

However, he offers a polite and kind smile to Grace. "Hello there. Ah, if you are, so am I," he notes, with a wink. "I don't believe we've met. My name is Theodore — 'Theo', if you'd prefer." He bows, actually, rather than offering a handshake. It's one of those flourishes of a bow, too.

As he straightens, he notices Ronan. Blinks at the comment. It wasn't really offered to him directly, so he doesn't answer it. However, he does offer a greeting. "Hello. New students aplenty today, it seems." He has a strange kind of formality to the way he speaks, one that isn't really common in teenagers these days.

Schuyler gives an audible snort before offering, «As if Rain needs another excuse to go shopping.» The girl is looked at some more as she seems really wary still and he straightens some from his position on the sofa. «Seriously. We're just students like you. No one's going to attack, and if they do, Rain and Besa will stop them.» Sky might just look on with bemusement.

As yet another student comes in, he looks over and blinks before offering a very decisive, mental, «No» to the question about the room's temperature, «It's fine.»

But then he should actually make some more introductions. «I'm Schuyler…most call me 'Sky'.» With that, he looks back to his textbooks. So social.

Besa actually grimaces as everyone talks. His evilly crafted plan is falling apart! Grace gets another smile, "No, of course not. Anyone is welcome here." At least by Besa! An eyebrow raises as Ronan stumbles in and Besa actually sounds surprised, "You think it is warm in here?" The Egyptian is always cold! It's easier to focus on Theo, "Theodore, how are you today?" Now he just prays Rain doesn't snap aver the impaction that she needs help shopping.

Well Rain can't argue about needing excuses, more like she needs them /not/ to go. "I think you need more help in that area than i do Theo." yes his style is quite different than hers, and she does manage not not sound offensive since that isn't how she meant it. There is signing af Sky, but she speaks as well "Please no attacks." she has had plenty lately, even if it was just the one. "Warm…it's chilly to me." there is no intro from her, purposefully most likely.

The girl is no slouch; she knows that she has been 'spoken' to mentally by way of potent psychic ability. But how.. why does Sky's mental 'voice' sound like Jeff Bridges circa 'The Big Lebowski', to her psyche? It doesn't match and now it's locked in. Sky's insistence — it wasn't a fluke, he's still coming in as The Dude to her — warrants a tremulous smile from the girl. "Thank you.." She hasn't the focus to 'emote' back mentally, though her method of speech is careful.

She looks between Besa, Theo and Rain. "Please call me Grace. It's a lot to take in, is all. T-there's no pressure to show me any shops, either.. but I will need to go soon. There are some things on the supply list that I still must get—" Grace continues, about to crack open her strange, floppy book (the spine is coiled… is it a cookbook?) until.. poor Ronan. The Irish boy's fumble causes Grace to look up and at him. "Oh dear.. are you okay?" She calls to him, blushing for him.

"Me? I'm fine. Kind of used to it. Most of the time, I seem to fall over me own feet." Ronan says laughing and rubbing the back of his head as he straightens up. "I guess I prefer the outside right now. I do better in cold temperatures. It's what ten or eleven degrees in here?" He asks the last as he slides his hands into the pocket of his trousers, "I'm Ronan by the way. Ummm… that is me name is Ronan Brennan. Please don't call me Ron or Ronnie."

"I'm doing well. And yourself?" Theo inquires, gravitating in Besa's direction. Poor guy looks like he could use some help; Theo isn't quite sure what that wince was all about. He grins at Rain's words. "Oh, I don't know. Definitely gets me noticed, doesn't it~?" There's a sing-song note to his voice there, and he winks in her direction. He's carefully avoiding the mention of attacks though. He's not going to be doing them, and he doesn't want to draw attention if they happen, so whoever DOES throw one won't be expecting him to intercede.

Grace introduces herself then and Theo nods. "Pleased to meet you, Grace." Pitching his voice to sound comforting, he agrees, "You're right, it IS a lot to take in. Do let me know if I can be of any assistance in any way." The offer is made honestly.

Theo doesn't mention Ronan's fumble, figuring it's less embarrassing for the new kid if he doesn't. The explanation about the temperature gets a nod. "Ah, that makes sense. Perhaps something to do with your… abilities?" He's trying not to say 'powers' or 'mutation', or anything like that. This is real life, after all, not a comic book. Theo chuckles at the request. "'Ronan' it is~! Pleased to meet you."

Besa glances at the book in Grace's hands, but then back to her face, "I hope things are feeling better for you, Grace. It is a nice school." When they aren't trying to kill you, that is. He blinks, unsure what to make of Ronan, "Hello Ronan. I am Besa Ini-Herit, a Guardian." As indicated by his yellow tie. "I am well, Theodore, thank you for asking. I believe my detentions have tapered off, I have one Thurs, that is the only one this week."

Blink.. there's.. something about Ronan's way of speaking that Grace, well, she can't help it. She smiles earnestly, as her reddish puppy-dog eyes soften a bit in her nervous countenance. A low giggle, then she catches herself. "I'm not laughing at you.. j-just empathizing." She offers.. partly the truth. Grace is hardly clumsy but she wants to help the Irish boy feel welcome. Is it too forward of her to tell him that she rather enjoys his accent?

"It's nice to meet you Ronan, are you new here as well?" She asks openly. Besa's words aren't overlooked and she turns to look upon the gentle boy who wields magic through clay, "Thanks again for helping me, Besa.. I'm doing better today." She admits as she opens up her book again, the fragile pages quivering between her fingertips. Her eyes flit up to watch Theo, too, as the Masters twins grow silent for a time with their individual projects. "Thank you, too, Theodore. I'll have questions before long, I'm sure." Truth.

Then.. a pause. "I wonder if they hold a cooking class of sorts, here.." Uttered under her breath as she gazes into her book.

<FS3> Rain rolls Psychic: Good Success.

Outside of greetings Rain has been silent. About the only thing she has done is slide over on the couch to put a hand on her twin's arm, for a long moment she seems to not be there, and after a moment she is blinking and glancing around. Her hand stays on Sky's arm though. "No really good shops around here anyway. We would need to wait for a weekend to go to Thunder Bay." she finally speaks up speaking to Grace first. The mention of detentions has her frowning slightly "Is that your last one Besa?" she hopes so, her friend has been punished enough for no good reason. Are you two adjusting to the place? Outside it being to hot," it isn't for her "And no cooking classes?" seems she heard that. Probably via her brother's mental abilities.

"Yes. My abilities make me not like heat but then again I'm Irish, through and through, which means I have a natural antipathy towards things like sunlight and warmth." Ronan says grinning broadly, "I can manipulate ice and water. You'd think they were the same but it isn't really that way. While I can freeze water, they're remarkably dissimilar." He says laughing a bit, "I don't really get how it all works other than I know I can do things like breathe underwater and walk on water by altering the surface tension to support my weight."

"Oh good," Theo replies to the note of Besa's detentions having tapered off. "I hope they suspend them entirely." He doesn't talk more about it, though, because… well, that's a private matter and he doesn't want to violate Besa's confidence. He also smiles at Grace. "Happy to help," he replies honestly. As for the cooking class? He may have missed the comment. If he heard it, he makes no indication.

Rain's words of Thunder Bay get a blink. "So THAT'S where they've been hiding all the good shopping places," Theo declares. "I may have to check this out myself!" Oh dear. Rain, what have you done? Ronan's words draw his attention, and he tilts his head as he listens. "Ah, that's fascinating!" he notes, with a smile. "I could see a number of utilitarian uses for that." Including a couple he won't bring up, because the subject of the prior school location is still a sore spot for many…

Ah, his evil plan seems to be getting back on track! Mwah ha ha ha! Or something. He smiles, liking that Rain may go shopping with someone new. She's making friends! Or at least acquaintances! Sky gets a quick worried look, but then he answers Rain, "I do not know for certain, but I hope so. I do not think there is anything left for me to clean." And he'd rather not go back to shoveling snow again. His head tilts as Ronan speaks, "Oh….you should speak with Grayson. He too can manipulate water. He is very powerful." Seems Besa only remembers new things about Grayson saving the students when the school was attacked. Huh. Theo gets another smile and nod, Besa completely agrees!

Schuyler looks over to his sister and gives her a faint smile before he just looks at the rest of the room. He finally offers a profound, «We all can do things. It's why we're here. And no. There are no cooking classes. They've cut all of the 'unnecessary' classes like art and music and anything that might be remotely extracurricular.» He seems rather displeased about that, actually. «I don't even know what their policy is about students cooking things in the kitchen here. I just wash the dishes.» Once his detentions kick back in, that is.

It is to the well-put-together blonde girl with the startling gray eyes that Grace turns her head next, "Thunder Bay…?" Clearly she is neither local nor versed in the setup of the school, adjacent town, and beyond. Heavens' above, the boarding pass for her flight out here is still crammed in the front pouch of her carry on, beneath her assigned bed. She watches Rain and Sky, touched by how the former rests her hand upon the latter's arm. Clearly they are siblings. She listens to each assembled member of this random gathering, holding her book in her lap. "Irish.." She says firstly to Ronan, her head tilting. "What part are you from? What town or city? I don't know much about Ireland but I do like to hear about new places.." Grace admits. Talking helps; helps her anxiety.

She looks as intrigued by this mention of Thunder Bay, still, as Theo.. though perhaps not for quite as many Fabulous reasons! She is silent as Besa describes Grayson's skills and how they might help the Irish boy, but she looks decidedly crestfallen at mention of there being no formal cooking 'classes' persay. Jeff Bridges——er, Sky just emoted the nail in the coffin in describing the plight of such extracurricular pasttimes. "That is truly too bad… it's.. where I feel most comfortable."

There is no doubt that Sky and Rain are siblings, they certainly have a family resemblance, though Rain is the prettier one. "I wouldn't quite say good, Theo…just better." she is quite particular when it comes to shopping. "It is what we are stuck with since trips to New York, London and Paris aren't allowed." she is all about the high end. "My parents have pretty much forbidden me from going off school grounds, but I'm sure Legion would be more than happy to go along." she isn't as dismayed by that as she thought she would be.

"I'll have to seek him out when there's a chance." Ronan says nodding his head before he continues, "Well, the nearest city you'd have heard of was Dublin. Still in county Dublin though, just not in Dublin proper. The town was called Ballybriggan." He pauses for a moment before he says, "London's overrated for most things anyway. It's too full of the English." He says with a bit of a grin. He rocks a little from heel to toe, "Me brothers and sister are still back home though."

Pausing for a moment longer, Ronan adds," Ye, me powers are useful. I can manipulate the water too. First time I e'er used them, I was six and a wave was gonna crash over me and it sort of… didn't."

Theo nods to Schuyler's words. "We're all just different flavors of 'unusual' here," he assures Ronan. "Some of us flavored more unusual than others." Though he doesn't venture his own 'flavor' of weirdness. Grace's words get a sad look, though. "Maybe some of the seniors who graduate this year can come back and teach something?" he suggests.

Rain's words of 'better' shops gets a smile. "'Better' is still better," he points out. And then a blink. "Oh dear Lord, not you too?" His look is sympathetic. So many people are getting punished!

Ronan's words draw his attention then, and he nods. He knows little of the UK, so he doesn't comment on that. He does comment on the other bit, about the wave, though. "That would be useful for a lifeguard. Have you ever thought about going into that field? You might be able to pull the water directly from the lungs of someone who's drowning. Or at the simplest, pull someone closer to shore who's drifted out too far, or are caught in a rip current."

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Good Success.

Besa closes his sketchbook, whatever he was working on is now covered. He repeats himself, "I believe that Miss Annalee would allow you in the kitchen, if you ask, Grace." His legs unfurl from underneath him, not that it makes the dark skinned boy look any bigger. Talk of other lands has Besa get that far away look he sometimes gets when remembering something. The twins know the look. Instead of saying anything though, his lips press together and he looks down at the closed sketchbook. He lets the others talk around him.

«You need a teaching certificate in order to teach. Those graduating would need to get that before they could come and legally teach us assuming that the school abides by such laws.» Do they? If they're sending folks off to colleges, one would hope! Sky glances over to Besa as he looks thoughtful and raises an eyebrow before turning back to the newcomers. «I wouldn't presume anyone was more 'unusual' as anyone else here,» is offered as he's obviously following the conversation even though he's not audibly adding to it. «And our parent's 'grounding' is different than what the school put upon us,» For their various infractions.

The dark-haired girl listens avidly to the voices around her, though her gaze dips occasionally to the book in her lap. Not exactly a cookbook re. supper and dinner dishes but…. recipes. For baked goods. It's hard to tell unless one is literally next to Grace but it's an old mishmash of notes and papers. It's a text. Some sort of school text, from many years ago…?

"Miss… Annalee?" Grace asks gently, moreso to herself.. committing the name to memory. So many names, so many faces. "She's.. is she a teacher, then?" The girl, curled up in her chair with her uncle's text from his own schooling in her lap, asks gently of Besa. Or of anyone, if they see fit to supply the answer.

"She is the cook here." Not so much a teacher. Besa stands, stretching his back slightly, "If you will excuse me a moment?" His sketchbook is placed in his chair before he makes his way out the room.

"It's more a 'for your own safety' than punishment." Rain explains to Theo. She is sure that Besa and Sky are glad that their warnings are being taken seriously, even if she is paying for it. "And we," there is a gesture to Sky "are in no place to judge unusual." not with a last name like Masters. There is a glance around "So I guess we are going to Thunder Bay this weekend?" she asks those in the room, apparently everyone here is invited.

"Oh I don't mind being different. Who wants ta be like everyone else?" Ronan asks shrugging indifferently. "I'm not gonna worry about it." He says grinning, "As for being a lifeguard, maybe. I haven't ever tried manipulating water I cannot see, so not sure about removing it from someone's lungs. However, I know I can lift people to the surface of the water by manipulating the water around them and slowly pushing them to the surface. As far as 'riptides', ne'er tried to fight them. I know m'athair can take care of them easy. Then again he can bring water ta the perfect temperature for tea. I have too much of me ma in me I think."

Theo notes Besa's look and smiles, making to try to pat him on the shoulder gently. Not to startle, but as a gesture of support. But then he gives a wrinkled-nose look to Schuyler. "Really. Must you be QUITE so much of a wet blanket?" He sounds like he's at least partially kidding, though. And he does also note, more honestly, "Grounding is still grounding. Which means it still sucks!" He grins. That's certainly not very 'formal' of him to say!

Besa answers the question then, and Theo nods as the other boy leaves the room. He might need to oust Theo from his spot, though, since Theo sits down where Besa had been. Little sneak. Though he's careful to move the sketchbook so he doesn't sit on it. He nods to Rain's words. As for Thunder Bay? "I wouldn't mind going, if you don't mind me along."

Theo nods to Ronan's words of what he could do, lifeguard-wise. "I see." The mention of tea gets a snicker. "Clearly the most useful of all of your talents, I'm sure," he notes, with a chuckle.

«Apparently you do since you seem to be talking about it. Is that all that you are?» Sky asks, maybe a little more sharply than he intended. He gives a grimace and looks back to his text books. «Sorry,» is mentally muttered before he looks over as Besa departs. Huh. Grace gets another glance, «She's fairly nice. I'm sure it couldn't hurt to ask,» in regards to Miss Annalee. Theo gets a scowl before he closes his books and begins to shove them in his messenger bag. «Sorry if I don't amuse you. I didn't realize that was my M.O.» A glance back to Rain, «I'm not going this weekend.» Whether he can or chooses not to isn't divulged.

<FS3> Grace rolls Psychic: Failure.

The male twin emits a lot in this instance, it seems, though Grace finds her ability to 'tune in' to be spotty at best. While Sky's 'voice' arises in her mind, speaking to each in-turn and seeming more and more grumpy, the girl hears him from 'afar' at times, if that makes sense. Simply put, it's like a transmission that is getting interrupted.. though she needn't full grasp of what/how the telepathic boy communicates to discern what he is saying already, bodily. "It's alright." Grace offers gently, filing this 'Miss Annalee' away into her mind for later, watching SKy loading his bag up. She goes from wishing she had control over something quite so practical — for isn't water so very key in this life? — to concern.

"Are you alright?" Grace asks Sky suddenly. Here's where she wishes she had the reigns in a kitchen.. she could feed this boy cake. Cake fixes everything.

There is a shake of her head at Theo "I doubt Legion will mind." Rain tells Theo "You two can rate guys butts." she adds dryly. She isn't the butt ranking kind, but her alter ego seems to be. Watching Sky begin to pack up she does as well.

Besa stands outside the room, leaning against the wall to gain his composure. A few deep breaths and he rubs his face. memories are hard.

"Well let's just say that there are other more… fun uses of my powers. As a note, ne'er go to Sligo for surfing. Waves are rough there." Ronan says, not really elaborating but it was definitely a good thing he could 'breathe' underwater. Course this is the same kid who trips over his own feet. "So there's not really any extras here? Cause I ne'er heard of a school that deleted all of them. I mean even my brother's school had a chess team or somethin'."

Theo blinks a bit at Schuyler, not really knowing him well enough to tell what's going on. Theo doesn't really like conflict anyway, so he doesn't fire back. He doesn't really know what to say. So he does what he usually does. Ignores it. He doesn't say anything in response, merely turning his attention to the rest of the conversation. There's a tension in his shoulders, though…

He looks to Rain and snickers. "See, that sounds like a worthy weekend afternoon spent," he replies, with a grin. Not to worry, Besa, Theo is keeping your spot warm for you. From the ceiling up there, the one spider with the spots in flux scuttles over to where Besa's at. It doesn't touch or think at Besa. But it stands there on the wall near where Besa is, looking at him. If it had eyelids, it'd probably be blinking, but, well.

Ronan's words about the lack of electives provide a good distraction! "Ah, I'm to understand that this is a temporary abode, since many of the teachers were… lost. I'd rather not bring it up too much. But we have very few faculties. Also only a few teachers." This gets a smirk.

«No, I'm not,» is offered succinctly, both mentally and signed once his messenger bag is on his shoulder. There's a look to the others in the room before he just shakes his head and walks out. Sadly, it's too early to take an Ambien. It seems that while his body was fine to return to class, his head is on the grumpier side still.

"I need to be getting this back to my room.." Grace offers as soon as she politely, conveniently can. It seems the twins' packing up of their goods is cue enough, and supper is yet to be served. Hungry… Grace is hungry, but anxiety wins out over the hunger and suddenly she feels as if she must get this book back to her quarters and put away. Then, she can plan her next phase of attack, perhaps even more important to her than even going into town or Thunder Bay for supplies: finding this 'Miss Annalee'.

A tired, albeit cordial smile to Ronan and Theodore as she pushes up from her chair. "I'm going to get washed up for dinner.. i-it's been a pleasure to meet you all. I'll see you…" No, she will not hide on the back deck again. This time, she's joining everyone in the dining room. "See you at the table." It took effort, but it felt right.

Book under an elbow, Grace departs the room in Sky's wake but pauses upon seeing Besa. Eyes round with worry, as she watches his hand pass over his face. "Are you alright, Besa?" Asked softly… only if he tells her that he will be, will she continue on her way… she waits, just in case hr needs that help.. however much she needs to settle her mind.

"I'm sure you two will have lots of fun." Rain gets up and shoulders her bag "We never had many extracurriculars anyway. In the time i have been here there has never been more than 80 or so students. It's always been a small school students wise." as for class electives there are quite a few just not as many as before. She then follows Sky out, stopping briefly to check on Besa and give him a quick hug before catching up with Sky

Besa stills where he's at, small enough to not be noticed by leaving students. He knows he'll be questioned by Rain later, but for now he just needs a moment. In fact, once there's a clear path, he'll head up the staircase.

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