(2018-02-05) So Much For Hiding
So Much For Hiding
Summary: A new student finds herself certainly not lacking for company.
Date: 2018-02-05
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Back Patio, Winbarry Estates
Mon Feb 05, 2018

The large back patio has recently been rebricked, the earthy red showing little wear. There are a few chairs and benches here and there to sit and relax while watching the view across the large greensward of grass to the ocean. To the left of the patio is a large swimming pool that is empty of water and a large canvas tarp covering it.


Everything about this place has been unsettling. It's all a great big ball of discombulation for a one Grace Halleson, who came to Winbarry just prior to the weekend, and even then while her bed was being assigned the girl kept to herself. To those who observed her she was a small, skulking thing, given to wearing dark clothing, hair pulled back into a classical plait, eyes darkening and lingering overlong on corners in rooms and on windows.

Despite the warm welcome and overall acceptance of the student body, Grace was terrified then and it bled into her first 'day' of classes. Mercy had been shown on the girl in today — Monday — having been a half day for her. By the time lunch rolled around, she was free to settle and absorb.

It had been out here, in the cool, clear expanse of the estate lawn, that she set up a sort of 'home base'. Fast-forward to just after the end of classes for the student body as a whole; two hours stretch between then and suppertime. The nervous girl, having spent time folding her laundry, again moved to the back patio to sit down and simply… be.

Even her senses, normally strong and honed, are off kilter. Grace sits huddled in a patio chair that she unearthed from a storage shed arms crossed tightly in front of her hoodie-clad chest. Reddish irises are locked upon the dark, sighing expanse of the ocean and beach beyond the lawn.

Constantine heard of the new gal who entered the school on her first day. However…he was looking to greet her, but realized she wasn't in the school. He couldn't even sense the metal on her clothes. Might have not even been in the area…could have gone back to the mainland.

Either way, he walks out to look at the sunset…..only to find Grace sitting there, with a small smile ready for her. "Hey…you're the new girl, right?" he walks up to her then. He was dressed in simple clothes…grey longsleeve shirt that was loose on him, effectively covering -all the muscles-. for his bottom attire, he wore black jeans with a belt around the waist, and finally, black combat boots. Either way, he holds a metal ball in his right hand, and he switches that to his left.

He extends his right hand to her. "Hi. I'm Constantine. Constantine Ashford." he says in his naturally charming and suave voice…though he did find her to be extremely beautiful, he had just intended for friendly introductions.

Anxiety is not good for Grace. Sometimes anxiety invites an ugly pal, named frustration, who is quick to morph into bigger, badder sibling 'anger'. The mere thought of that series of emotions is enough to keep the girl rooted to her rickety seat, her knees pulled up toward her chest, legs clad in simplistic indigo-colored skinny jeans. The hoodie is comfortable looking, fitted as opposed to slovenly. It's hard to see but her crossed arms are covering a logo, or enlarged font which may allude to such… it is a dark gray coloration. Grace isn't one for light colors and she could have been content wiling away some time in this shadowy spot… that is until she is spoken to.

She jolts, blinking hard and looking around, nostrils flaring once as she appeals desperately to her tired, drawn senses to throw her a bone here. She looks disorientated and rueful, but she is not so rude as to not reply. "Oh.. ah, hello," She offers to Constantine, finally seeing him there. He sure seems friendly enough; everyone has been, really. Grace isn't quite sure what to make of it. "N-nice to meet you. I'm Grace," She offers, looking wan and tired and anything but beautiful. "Sorry, I was zoning out.. were you there long?"

Regardless of how she may -look-, Constantine looks to the heart and the mind…he can tell she has a beauty that surpasses a great many. either way, he smiles to her, looking at the coming sunset. "A pleasure to meet you Grace. Welcome to the school. How do you like it?" he looks at the empty patio chair right next to her.

"Mind if I join you?" he asks her then, moving towards that patio chair, looking at her with a small laugh. "Don't worry. I only just arrived.. thus is your senses and perceptional dignity still in tact, I promise." a small wink for her then as he awaits her permission for him to join her.

"Terrifying." The girl near-whispers, one fist knit into the front pouch of her hoodie, her other hand lifting so that she may examine her nails… or lack thereof. While not compulsive to the point of drawing blood, she's a nail-biter and she's noticing how limited her options are. Her strangely-colored gaze alights over a tattered thumbnail, and she yet digs at the dregs with animal-white front teeth. Constantine means well and his kindness is noted, and the small girl doesn't quite know what to say for nearly half a minute. "For now.. I'm sure it will get easier. First week jitters." Understatement.. she's shitting bricks, mentally.

It's still far too soon, after everything.

Constantine asks to join and the girl looks around at the various pieces of furniture yet left out, to withstand winter. "Go ahead, I don't mind." She says agreeably, "Have you been here… at the school.. for long?" Small talk.. that's what people do here, right? Grace feels out of practice as she talks with the suave, friendly boy who has joined her on the back patio of Winbarry. The sun is still about forty-minutes to an hour away from setting; the timing? Close to 5'ish in the evening.

Constantine offers Grace the warmest smile, looking at her as she seems to look quite nervous and scared of her time here. "Thanks." he says and takes a seat -directly- next to her with a soft smile for her. "Oh.. I've only been here since the start of the semester. I'm almost as fresh and green as you are." he teases her very softly. though he's quite kind.

"If you want, you can stick with me and I can make sure you're doin' what ya gotta do. Shadow me, if you want. Up to you though! Just trying to make the experience more comfortable for you, ya know?" he looks to the sunset with a small smile.

"So, what do you do for fun, Grace?" he smiles then.

Besa and Grayson come walking outside from the kitchen, both bundled up. The smaller teen is talking animatedly, gloved hands flailing about, "It is not that simple, Grayson. I do not know where the priests are, or I would just go take care of it. I am forced to wait for their next move." His hair, what is showing underneath the knitted hat, is curling up slightly around the edge. It looks weirdly perfect. Super hero hair indeed on the Egyptian boy. "I thank you for the offer of help though. I will be glad of it if you are near when I run into them again." Seeing other students he smiles warmly, "Hello." His accent is thick, "Are we interrupting?"

Grayson grumbles, "I didn't say I'd help. I said we'd see. It ain't the same…" He looks at the couple sitting beside one another. He says to Besa, "A boy and a girl. Snuggled beside one another. Alone outside, watching the sun set together. Of course we're interrupting. It's what we do." He looks at Grace and Constantine then, "Hey." And he sits down on the porch rail right in front of them.

The boy taking a seat so closeby warrants a flush of nervousness in Grace, though it's subtle. He is harmless, trying to be kind. Her jaw works as she hears Constantine's seat being brought over, set down beside hers, and her very acute sense of spatial awareness tells her that he is Right There.

"T-thank you.. I think I'll be okay… if anything, it'll be trying to figure out this town… but it's nice to know that I'm not the only newbie on deck—-" She starts, about to ask Con about Shady Cove.. if he is just as new to the school, perhaps he is just as confused about the town itself?

She lifts her chin, about to meet his friendliness with a query or two until—oh! More students! To see her sitting there upon a patio chair is to see a wisp of a girl with her knees curled into herself, back rigid against the chair. If the light from the windows and/or setting sun catch her gaze just so, they 'flash' like an animal's might. She stares outright at Grayson and Besa, nervousness roiling off of her. "N-not at all. Good evening." She offers quickly, in the manner of one who is out of her element.

Constantine gives a smile to Grace, turning his head to Grace with a kind smile. "Certainly!" he smiles then, listening as she starts to ask her question…then she's cut off. "I know a bit. you can ask." he says when she doesn't finish her sentence.

Then Besa and Grayson arrive, and Constantine gives them a two finger wave. "Hey there Besa. How goes?" then a look to Grayson. "Hey. don't think we've met yet. I'm Constantine."

Besa blinks, noticing Grace's posture right away, "We can go elsewhere. Grayson." The older , taller boy is given a slightly confused look when he sits down after saying the couple wished to be alone. "Hello Constantine. I hope you are well?" A glance between the two, "If you are cold, I can warm the area?"

Grayson offers Constantine a little smile, and as he sizes the boy up, he answers Besa without looking at him, "I think he's plenty hot enough, B." Then he tosses a chin wave at Constantine. "Grayson." He looks at the girl, "So, if you're not together, then what's with the lack of personal space?"

Blink? Grace looks between Besa and Grayson, now, as she examines them much as she had done Constantine. Besa's tone in chiding Grayson, as he hunkers down on the railing, is noted. "No, no.. it's okay. We just met—" She gestures to the friendly boy at her side, "I've been out here awhile, nobody's interrupting anything.." She starts, about to say that it's an open patio over which she has no dominion. But it is getting cold out here. She's sharp though, she caught those names and has easily matched them to their faces. Her voice is mild and quiet, unassuming. "Besa, some warmth would be nice…" She nods to the darker-skinned boy with the amazing hair, "And.. Grayson." She commits that name too, figuring she had better make that effort. She fields Grayson's question with a quick, nervous smile. "He's trying to comfort me. I'm… new.." Cough.

Constantine looks over to Grayson, offering a small bow of his head. "Nice to meet you Grayson." though he tilts his head at his initial words about a certain guy being hot enough. Assuming from the way he notices he's sized up, he assumes it's him. Either way, he doesn't comment on it. He looks to Besa then and offers the young man a smile. "Doing well enough as I can be. Getting to know the new gal a little bit." a small nod then to him before looking to Grace.

Smiling warmly to her, he nods softly. "She's fitting in well. She's just a little nervous is all, I wouldn't worry about it. Everyone's usually nervous on the first day." he gives a kind smile to Grace then before looking at Besa. "If you could warm the area up.. I'd be grateful."

<FS3> Besa rolls Rune Magic: Good Success.

Besa ignores Grayson, or maybe he doesn't pick up on the Ares checking out Con. He reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a small clay disk and crumples it. Just that, nothing fancy beyond a word spoken in Coptic and then the temperature rises, not enough to merit losing the outerwear, but it makes the patio tolerable now. "There." More smiling, "I hope everyone is treating you well? Do you need anything?"

Grayson tilts his head, watching Besa work with the clay piece. "Huh," he responds. Looking at Grace and Constantine, he asks, "So, noobs. What do you do? Besa here makes magic play dough. It's pretty cool. How about you?"

Fitting in well? Grace blinks again, having stopped in her gnawing to glance sidewards at Con. Did she notice Grayson's checking out of the gregarious boy? Perhaps.. perhaps not! Her lips work to formulate words, any words… but then Besa goes and words what the girl considers to be… rather amazing magic. Magic of all sorts fascinates Grace; makes her wish she were capable of something so helpful and beautiful as opposed to…

She watches Besa briefly, "You're very kind.. really, this is enough. I don't want to impose." Said gently, though not quite so timid. "I'm still getting settled.. I do have to find a store… somewhere to buy some clothes, and supplies… a-and.."

Grayson's question swivels her head back in his direction upon the slender stalk of her neck, eyes round and worried. "Still figuring it out…" She lies, partially. Goes back to gnawing her nail, that has to be getting painful now. "I-I was sent here." Now she just looks troubled.

Constantine looks to Besa with a kind smile. "Thank you, Besa. Greatly appreciated." he did think his magic was super cool as well, all he can do is control metal and electromagnetism. Totally not as cool as MAGIC! he was a fan, he had to admit.

Then he looks to Grayson. Not being a gamer, he barely has any idea what a noob is.. aside from the gamer geek who sometimes wanted to rant his ear off about some games called 'god of war' or something like that. He shrugs softly. "Not entirely sure what noob means, but I can control metal…electromagnetism." he nods at Grayson. "You?"

Then a look to Grace as he smiles to her warmly. "Please, no imposing happening. We just want to make sure you're comfortable here. If you want, I can take you to the mainland with me and we can grab you what you need." he offers, before looking to Besa or Grayson. "Or one of the other kind gents can help you out." a smile then. Though he sees her looking troubled. "What is it, Grace?" he asks curiously.

The clay bits are flicked in Grayson's direction, "It is not dough. and I do not play with it." He doesn't sound annoyed though. "It is not imposing. If you are looking to shop, Rain Master is very good at it. I am certain she would be happy to help you." Maybe the smaller teen recognizes Graces nerves and he's hoping the girl will feel more comfortable with another girl? Maybe?

Grayson shrugs, "Still figuring it out is super power kid language for I don't wanna share. It's fine." He looks at Constantine, "Noob. It means newbie. New guy. So, do you control metal? Or do you control magnetism? Why electric magnetism specifically?" He glances at Besa, tossing him a smile, "Whatevs, it's awesome." Then back at Constantine, he offers, "I I do water."

Gnaw gnaw—-chomp. Grace seems to flinch and her savaged thumb drops from her lip; she took it right down to the quick. Ow.

Magical play dough…? Electromagnetism? Water manipulation? The need to curl up seems to abate as Besa's rune magic warms the patio area just so, and there upon the dark grey hoodie one can see the logo: a solid golden 'M' with 'Meridian' embossed across it. On the cuff of her left arm: 'MHS'. The school from whence Grace came, was forced to depart.

"I have another half-day tomorrow, so I will remember that name. Thank you," Said gently to Besa. She watches Constantine next, "I wouldn't mind the company.. if you're heading into town anytime in the next couple of days, it would help to have someone along…" Someone to help field the many overwhelming emotions. Then Grayson goes and hits her right in the jugular.. of truth!

Guilty as charged. Her lips press together nervously, about to reply… then abruptly.. a phone rings! Producing her cellphone, Grace spies the caller ID and suddenly… a dawning look of sheer happiness and utmost sadness. She pulls off both at once as she practically spills out of the chair, "Excuse me, I need to take this call. I'll be right back. I'm so sorry." Said hastily as she pads down toward the lawn, so she is left with only that voice in her ear.. a precious voice.. and he sighing ocean. She won't be long.

Constantine looks at Grayson with a tilt of his head. "Apparently. I control all of the above. it's not electric magnetism, it's electromagnetism. the interaction between electric and magnetic fields, specifically." he shrugs softly. "I dunno 'why' I got it. I just do. Not exactly a master of knowledge. Powers only awoke this past year." given, his powers have increased -drastically- since then. "DIdn't exactly discover them in the most delightful of experiences either.." a small sigh then, recalling the town he wrecked.

Then he looks to Grace…more than happy to see that smile from her that he wasn't able to get. However, when asked if he could tag along, he smiles. "Alright, then it's settled. I'll tag along with you to make sure you get what you need." then she's off, and he gives her a friendly wave. Then a look to Besa.

"He's right, that rune thing you do is still pretty cool." he smiles at his friend.

Again, Besa just blinks, only understanding enough of what Con's powers are, not the scientific stuff. He watches Grace leave with a concerned look. Glancing back to the boys, "It can be, yes." He brushes a lock of hair that had snuck it's way in front of his eyes. "But it also takes preparation." He pats his pockets, maybe he has a bunch of runes in there?

Grayson nods at Constantine. "Sounds complicated," is his response to the science. To Besa, "Preparation? Wait. Do you actually have to MAKE those clay things? For real?" He smirks a little, but totally seriously explains, "I thought part of your power was you just sorta poofed those into existence or whatever…"

Constantine looks to Grayson, nodding a bit. "It probably is." meaning he can control it pretty easy…understanding it is the problem here. Then? he looks over to Besa with a small smile. "You make the runes in there?" he asks then in perfect conjunction with Grayson. "Neat." he smiles wide then as he levitates the metal ball in front of him…the metal ball he used to have in his hand. He melts it into liquid…then makes two more balls out of that liquid…performing a kind of art with it while it looks like he's not paying attention. No, he's not trying to show off.

"Either way, sounds like we all have interesting powers." he smiles softly.

Besa laughs, "Of course I make them! Why do you think I was in the arts room always?" Poof? That amuses the ancient teen a lot, "My magic is not internal, I manipulate magic with the runes, not…poof things." A head shake, "No…we do not have an arts room currently. I find a empty space to make them, or go to a studio in town now." His eyes widen slightly as the metal starts to show off. "Everyone here is unique in some way, yes."

"Dude. Don't play with your balls in public," Grayson says to Constantine, dryly. He smiles at Besa, "I totally thought you poofed." Shrugging, he adds, "I'm uniquely awesome." He sniffs, and runs his hand through his floppy hair. "I should probably get inside soon. I still have to start my English paper that's due tomorrow."

Constantine seems to glance at Besa with a soft smile, but he chuckles with his laugh. "fair enough, fair enough!" he teases softly before he looks to Grayson. "Nothing wrong with exercising your powers some." he shrugs then in response to his dry humor, before he reclines some in his lawn chair. "Good luck on the paper if you need to run."

Another head shake, "No, I do not have that power, unfortunately. I can draw the runes in dirt or snow, but I need to make the runes." He laughs, dark eyes following Grayson now, "Yes, you are." An eyebrow raises, "Oh…I did not mean to keep you, Grayson. Thank you for talking with me." The ancient boy looks to Con, "How are you getting along at the school?"

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