(2018-02-02) Doggos Are Darlings
Doggos Are Darlings
Summary: Just some evening conversation in the attic.
Date: IC Date (2018-02-02)
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Friday night and Besa's having a typical teen night of …reading? It's hard for the ancient boy to do much of anything that normal boys do, so he's laying on the floor with a poetry book. Cocoa is plastered against one of his sides and he has several candles lit in the dark attic. He must have cast a warmth rune, his PJs seems to be keeping him warm on the chilly night.

Can Cocoa see the spiders? Probably not; though with as weird as things have been lately, a psychic dog isn't the weirdest thing ever. Well, if not Cocoa, Besa should see it — it's Happylegs, who darts over to Cocoa and makes to very gently boop her on the nose. Boop!

The chuckle comes next — that's Theo, heading up the stairs. "Happy, stop bothering Besa's dog," he notes. And then as he tops the last step to the attic he offers to Besa, "Sorry about that." Theo's not really a dog person, but he doesn't dislike them. He likes animals in general, just doesn't know much about dogs. So he doesn't want Besa to think he's trying to bother his dog.

Cocoa keeps sleeping, having no psychic powers at all. Besa doesn't notice till he hears Theo's voice and looks over to Cocoa. Happy legs gets a smile, "Hello there." Cocoa's tail thumps once, but she keeps her eyes closed. The Guardian turns back to Theo, "It's alright. I don't think she can see or feel him." Besa's also referring to HappyLegs as a he for some reason. "What are you doing up here this evening? Are you going to practice? We can move."

Happylegs turns a bit, to look at Besa and wave. Those spots are in a happy face, as they usually are unless there's reason for it not to be. Theo, for his part, nods to Besa's observation. "That's a relief. I'm not sure why he did that." And now Theo's referring to Happy as a 'he' for some reason. "I admit I didn't grow up with dogs, so it took a little while before I actually realized she doesn't like the nose touch." Though as for practicing? "Nothing I'm going to record. Just work through some pronounciations. 'Hibikase' has one complicated line in particular, late in the song, that needs to flow with the lines before it. I just need to work on lip movements there." A pause and Theo smirks. "Lip service, you might call it."

Besa raises an eyebrow, but smiles as he responds, "I would assume he did that because you do?' Mayeb the spider is learning from Theo.He chuckles softly, "I do not think she disliked it, but it can be distracting, I think." Cocoa sighs and rolls some on to her side, pressing her back into Besa. The Egyptian boy doesn't really understand the who singin/dancing recording thing, the internet is a strange and mysterious place. " Okay, if you need me to leave, I can. I know this is important to you."

"Perhaps so," Theo replies to the suggestion of Happy booping the Cocoa nose because he did. "I suppose it's like having someone poke you in the side. As long as it's not painful it's merely annoying." He smiles and comes to sit near Besa. "That wouldn't be fair of me, to make you leave. Truth be told, since it's just pronounciation, I could have done that in my room. It shouldn't be loud enough to bother my roommate. I also came up here because I thought you might be up here." The smile remains.

Besa's head tilts as eh watches Theo come over, his bangs fall into his eyes some. He reassures Theo, "She was not in pain." The smile is mirrored back, "I would though, I know it is important to you. I can read elsewhere. It would not be a bother to do that for you." He blinks , looking almost owlish, "For me? Did you need help with something?" The poetry book closes and he gives Theo his full attention, ready to help!

Theo nods. "I wouldn't ever intentionally hurt a pet or service animal. Cocoa's both to you at different times, am I right?" he ventures. As for not being a bother? "Perhaps not, but it would be rude on my part; you were here first." And then he smiles. "Help me? Not as such. I enjoy your company, and I hoped you might grace me with it this evening."

Besa's dark gaze goes down to the dog that's started to snore gently against his side, "She is. I do not know how I would have are it through these past few months without her." But then he's turning back to look at Theo, a warm smile for his friend, "of course. I like your company as well." He pushes his bangs out of his eyes. although they'll be back in a minute, "Do you have plans for this weekend? After my detention is served tomorrow I am going to throw some more mugs tomorrow. Rain found a studio that will allow me to use their kick wheel and kiln." He's so very happy about that. It's not even crossed his mind that Rain is probably paying them to let him use the facilities.

Once more, Theo nods, to the mention of Cocoa. "I thought as much. I'm glad she's been with you." He smiles, watching her begin to snore. "I admit, I didn't grow up with dogs. Tousan has a cat, and that was the first time I had anything to do with pets. And that's only been five years." He shifts a bit, to lay down on his side near Cocoa, propping a hand under his head. Theo almost has some feline mannerisms here — the only thing missing from the picture is a slowly twitching tail! As for plans? "I rarely do, no. Mom talked about possibly coming up Sunday so we could go out and have dinner." His voice is soft as he admits, "…I really haven't reconnected with them since this happened. I'm not really sure if I can." But he's quick to pass that topic and onto Besa's. "Oh, good. I was worried that you might not be able to find a place to do that." A pause. "You said 'throw', yes? A wheel? How do you make the handles on a wheel? The mug itself I can picture, but the handle is only on one side."

"I am very glad the twins keep her safe when I was gone." He says gone like he went on a side trip, not died and went to Hell. Besa smiles, "I had a cat once, but I think I prefer dogs." His smile fades slightly, "You should try. Having family is…it is so important. She is scared, you are scared. It is alright to be scared." But back to clay! That brings his smile back, "Yes, on a kick wheel. I make mugs and vases and just about anything." A technical question! He shifts, turning onto his side more to face Theo, "I score the ends of the handle, and then where it will attach to the mug…If you would like, some time I can show you?"

Theo smiles, and shifts so he can look at Besa a little easier. "She is a darling," he agrees, with a smile. The smile mutes a bit when Besa speaks of his mother, and both of them being afraid of what's happened. A few thoughts bounce around, but… he doesn't address them. Instead he turns his attention to the wheel. A nod at the mention of a kick wheel. "They have electric ones, but I remember you said you have trouble with electronic devices. I've seen treadle-style wheels too — I think that's what they're called?" The mention of the scoring gets a tilt. "Oh, so the clay will bond better, yes?" As for showing him? "That would be nice, if possible. It wouldn't be trouble?"

Internally, Besa sighs, but he won't push the parent thing. Instead he nods, "Yes, so i must use a kick one." A slight head tilt, just enough to get the hair out of his eyes as he looks up at Theo, "Yes, i believe so. I like the regular kick ones, I feel i have more control." His smile grows and he nods, "Yes, exactly. No air pockets, just clay sealing together." he laughs, "No, of course not. Rain comes with me all the time. We can all go. it will be fun."

"That makes sense, it's easier to speed or slow a kick wheel — just kick or drag your foot against the wheel on the bottom, it seems," Theo reasons. He's no potter, but it does seem like air pockets in clay would be bad, so that goes without saying. He doesn't want to seem too unknowledgeable. As for going with them? "That would be wonderful; what time do you go?"

Besa beams, "I will have to ask Rain. She may have gone home with Sky for the weekend, I do not know." There was some talk, but he doesn't know what was decided. "If you are busy this weekend," With parents, "We can go next weekend. I plan to go and use up the clay Sky got me of christmas. i hope to be able to bring some mugs to the coffee shop to sell again."

<FS3> Theodore rolls Connected: Good Success.

"Ah, yes… I had heard about that," Theo replies. "I don't know all the details, but I did hear that he'd gone home. I'm not certain about Rain." He does have that weird awareness of the school and minor events therein, so maybe it's not too surprising. As for being busy? "Likely not Saturday. Sunday is dinner plans, so they won't be here until at least the afternoon. So that leaves all of tomorrow, and Sunday morning." He smiles. "I hope you can sell some of them. I'll assume you're quite skilled, if you've been able to sell them before."

Besa doesn't offer details, just a nod of confirmation. Indeed, Sky is home. He grins, looking down at Cocoa, "I am… adequate. I have had many lives to learn it." The dog suddenly yawns and starts to stretch. Besa's thin fingers go to her immediately to connect more with the beast, "Hello Cocoa. Did you have a good nap?" Her tail wags gently, not only at his voice but when she sees Theo.

"That's more than most of us have," Theo notes, to the mention of having several lives. He looks at Cocoa when she moves, and smiles when he notes the wagging tail. He folds his arm down so he can lower his head to be on eye level with her. "Good morning, sleepyhead," he says. And then he sings quietly, "Hazukashii keredo, 'yutte' o kasane chaeba… dotchi ga iu no ka wakaranai desho?" Probably at the dog. It has a cute sound, since he's pitched his voice up a bit.

Besa's nose twicthes, but he doesn't comment back. He'd have much rather not had all those lives. or maybe it's he'd much rather not remember what he does of them. Maybe. it;'s all very confusing. Cocoa's ears perk up and when Theo gets to her level she moves fast. Fast enough to lick his face before standing up and whining at Besa. She needs to use the little doggie room. Besa laughs warmly, he likes it when his friends and his dog get along! "Okay, okay. I need to take her outside. I'll come back?"

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