(2018-01-30) Ramen Cellar
Ramen Cellar
Summary: Constantine, Besa and Fionnuala raid a wine cellar…!! …. not really. It's a pantry now… phooey.
Date: 2018-01-30
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Wine Cellar, Winbarry Estate
Tue Jan 30, 2018

Oakpaneling and shelves fill this room, no wine sits on the shelves though, it is now being used for food storage. Currently there isn't much on the shelves, just canned foods and other non-perishiables. Set aside on a different shelf is a large amount of various ramen.


Well, kitchen duty was cut short today after Sky and his illness. Besa's got a lot to think on, so when they sent him down to organize the pantry, he seems fine with that, like the weirdo he is. Currently he's stacking very large cans of veggie, humming some unknown song to himself. He's still in his school uniform, although the tie is off and on a shelf. And his sleeves are rolled up, only a few small scars are on his left forearm. Lucky for him, someone turned the light on when they sent him down here, or this would be a lot more difficult.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

So imagine this: a pile of teenagers housed together. Superpowered teenagers. There are speedsters in there, too, in need of calories… so one can imagine how suppertime goes. Like, really: yet again the spread has been cleared by a bunch of hungry kids and sometimes, leading up to the lights-out hour, there are some who are still hungry. Not the case of a one Fionnuala Reid, here. She's the go'fer for a few hungry peers, and it's the shelf o' ramen that she has her eyes on this evening. As for light… who needs electric bulbs? Not with a this going concern making an approach…!

Fee's footsteps precede her, so too does her glorious payload of solar energy.. though it's not quite so acute this evening. Fee walks into the wine cell—pantry. Bright eyes spy her friend as he works, and her knuckles rap against the doorjamb before she enters. "Look at you go! Best tower of pickled carrots that I ever did see!" Fee exclaims.. she looks to be in a great mood, moreso than usual.

Besa turns, a smile already forming, "Hello Fionnuala. How are you this evening?" Tower? he turns and then chuckles when he sees what she's talking about, "I am straightening up the pantry tonight. What are you doing down here?" Is he inching closer because she's warm? maybe.

"Is this part of detention?" Fee asks pleasantly, and as she walks into the room proper it can be noted that her wings have not been manifested. No big, sweeping things to knock foodstuffs from shelves. She has ditched the uniform, currently clad in a fleece owl onesie, slippered feet scuffing across the floor. Her inky black hair has been negotiated into a high ponytail, but already it has begun to protest.

"Aw, I'm ok… great in fact." She chimes; being purely content and happy, without apologies. "I'm here on a ramen mission. There are hungry mouths to feed up there and because I'm so nice I'm here to collect fifty pounds of ramen." Said easily. Besa's approach into her circle of warmth is noted and Fee beams; it seems her happiness only fuels the pleasant heat.

"How are you? Are things getting better?"

Besa nods, "Yes. I am not very helpful in the kitchen, so I am here." manual labor it seems! His head tilts, "And why are you great?" He seems happy enough. His eyes widen, looking over at the ramen stock, "I would not take that much, Felicia will be upset. It is her favorite thing." At least, that's what he believes with as much as the tank eats it. "I am…well. I will not say great, but the detention could be worse."

"Well we're both not helpful in the kitchen." Fee pledges solidarity to her gentle friend, grabbing up the packets of noodles. "That's why I'm here too. Isn't it a cruel fate to be born to a family of culinary geniuses and not have the barest clue what broil means?" A giggle then; obviously it doesn't bother her. "Do you need some help? The wolves can wait. Somebody bought one of those USB hookups that plays NES games so they're all in the billiard room, yelling at the TV." Perhaps pig latin to Besa, but it clearly amuses the pleasant shifter.

Regarding Felicia, Fionnuala smiles openly. "Isn't she great? I met her recently.. I think if I distract her with enough anime, she'll forgive me. But… yeah, I'm pretty excited. I have family coming into town over Spring break! I just found out today!" Exclaimed, pure joy. If only Fee's happy could be bottled; she lights up the room. She stands there holding her armloads of teenager food and watches Besa, "So what's standing between 'well' and 'great'? What's new?"

Besa admits, "I accidentally tucked the dishwasher. Now they're having to…reboot it?" He's not sure the right term. Total pig latin, by he expression on his face. "I do not need help, it is //my detention, you should not be punished because the headmaster is an idiot." Yikes. Angry much. He doesn't hold onto it very long though. "That is once. Is it your cousin?" The one Besa was, not that anyone asked really. That question has him pause, head tilting as he considers, "I do not know how to fix my relationship with Sky. And while i am happy to have the knowledge of how to help save Rain, I do not think the twins found it comforting. At least not how i did." A soft shrug, "It is just sometimes much, is all. I try to not be a …drama explosion about things. It bothers people." He smiles though, clearly not exploding with the drama currently.

"Oh, they'll be able to fix it." Fee offers hopefully, regarding the dishwasher that Besa jumbled with a mere poke. "The stuff they have these days, it's meant to have a bounceback. They probably just have to unplug the thing, let it sit about fifteen minutes, then try again. Don't you worry." She says again, dropping a packet of ramen onto the floor and bending to collect it. Three more fall. Grunting, Fee grabs a plastic bag that is slung from a nail and goes about stuffing the noodles into it like a thief in the night. "Aunt, uncle, cousin. Haven't seen 'em for just over a year now. Unc' likes to chalk it up to making sure Da isn't slacking with his cooking skills. Call it friendly rivalry." Said with much, much tenderness.

Fee has a colorful family.

The amicable tangent halts, though.. Fee freezes. "Wait.. 'save' Rain? What's the matter with Rain? Is she OK? What about Sky?" She asks in succession, obviously worried for all three of them.

Besa wasn't too worried, but that's good to know. He watches the ramen juggle with a smile. "That sounds fun. And yummy." He blinks, smile fading, "It is …complicated." When is it not with this lot, "There is a possibility that Rain could be hurt, due to the priests that are coming for me. We know this because of the other Circe. She contacted me and told me so. So now we know what to keep an eye on for, how to save her." He's clearly leaving pieces out, not wanting to upset Fee when she's on ramen duty.

Clearly Fee cares about all three, despite their tremendously complicated pathways.. both cumulative and individually. She herself is very simple in comparison. She's not so out of the look as to be unaffected though, "Circe… she's.. the baby in this timeline, right? The third daughter with all the powers?" She rehashes what she does grasp, watching Besa levelly, ramen bag in hand. "I won't lie, I'm worried about all of you. What you've been through, how Sky seems to be kinda… apart… and Rain." Obviously she has come to care a great deal about Rain.

"How can I help?" Asked levelly, eyes seeking Besa's. "I want to help, if I can help prevent something I will." Sorry Besa, she wants deets!

Besa nods, "Yes, Baby Circe. She is very powerful." A soft sigh, "I do not know what to do for Sky. I am trying. But he…He is very demanding that I think like him , on everything." He'll lean against shelf, "Be aware when you are out with Rain. If a fight happens and it's between myself and Rain, save Rain. I can be rescued." If he resurrects ever again, but that's concern for another time.

"What's been going on with Sky…?" Fee asks softly, for the male Masters twin is still mostly uncharted territory. "Is he being stubborn, or…? I really don't know his ways all-that-well." Is admitted next as she reaches up to pluck down the last bottle of soy sauce for the noodles. Dutifully Fee moves to scrawl on a notepad that which she had taken… just to help keep inventory.

Besa leans against the shelf to speak to her and Fee watches him, looking both intent and ridiculous in her fluffy onesie. "I.. I'm.. I'm not the best in fights, as I've found out…" Said ruefully, with regret. "But I will do everything in my power. Are you thinking… priests? Would they hurt Rain, too, to get to you?"

Besa doesn't know the right words, so… "He is sick. The pain in his head is too much and his doctors have stopped his pills." That doesn't really address the Besa/Sky problem, but he doesn't know how to address that part of it. "I fear they would hurt anyone that they know I am close to. it is what i feared with the demon, but now with priests." He sighs, reaching up and rubbing his heart, "I do not have any belief that they are targeting her, i feel it is more…she gets in the way when they come for me." At least that's how Circe made it sound. "I am trying to stay positive, to not fall into despair over this. I have to stay alert to save her, yes?' If she even needs saving. This is all what happened on other worlds, other plains.

"Pills…?" Fionnuala asks softly, under her breath. This is new territory. "Why does he need pills…? Are they for a condition..?" She asks softer still; she doesn't know anything regarding Sky's coming into his powers and how he came to be as he is now. This has caught the girl between the eyes and she sets her bag of ramen down, her eyes rounded in her face. "So wait.. pain… does he have chronic head pain? He's had to take something for it, and they're not giving him pills anymore to help it?" She hazards a guess, taking the notions of 'pain' and pills' and running with them.

Then, it gets worse: she watches Besa rubbing his heart as he speaks of these dangerous priests. "I'm pretty.. a-ah.. I'm very watchful, I'm downtown a lot in my spare time. I see things. Should I keep an eye out for anybody in particular? I want to help out as much as I can and if staying alert and on the lookout is part of it, I will." She pledges. This is a lot of worrisome stuff at once!

Besa isn't actually sure, "He has a hard time sleeping." Or something. "He nods, "Yes. Chronic pain. He's not learned to block voices yet." Perfect hair moves as he nods in confirmation. No more pills. "I…I do not know but they were Egyptian. At least before they were…" So Egyptians. O.o Yes, very much. No wonder he's got a therapy dog!

Egyptians… well.. Fionnuala will just chalk it up to them resembling Besa. Why is she expecting them to be bald, unlike Besa?! She studies the boy for a moment, noting his features and suspecting that the priests would hardly look so kind. "Well, if I see anything weird, I'll take note. I don't want anything to happen, to any of you." She says earnestly, sunlight glittering along and around her body, illuminating the repurposed old room.

Then, an almost… shy look. "Is it my right to be asking Sky if he's okay? I mean, we do seem to get along and he seems to tolerate me, but I wonder if he's just doing so because I'm good friends with his sister. I'm getting a bad feeling about this 'no sleep' and pills business… I don't know much about any of this but I'm worried." Because what hurts Sky hurts Rain, and really she does like Sky, too.

Should one have reason to be downstairs, be it due to curiousity or a wrong turn — or both — perhaps one may hear two voices talking softly in an offshoot room (cellar) in the basement. To follow these voices and enter the room is to see Fionnuala (in her fluffy owl onesie pajamas) and Besa (still in his school uniform) having a chat together in the repurposed wine cellar.. which is now a pantry.

Besa thinks about it, "I…probably would not, no. He is not a …patent person when he's in pain." He agrees though, bad feelings all around about it. "Talk to Rain about it first." He's leaning against chef, while he's still in his uniform, his tie is off. He seems to she stopped reorganizing the cans of veggies.

Constantine most certainly heard the soft noises coming from that basement…curious.

Deciding to go investigate, he walks down those stairs after passing through that particular room…and eventually, as he keeps moving about, he'll arrive at Besa and Fion, though both could have heard him coming.

"Oh, hello there. I was wondering what sounds were going on around here." he says in his usual charm-filled suave tone. He just had a natural charisma and swagger about him.

"This is pretty sweet though.." he looks around the cellar then, a smile on his face. he always did like the old stuff…or, old stuff like cellars. don't see a whole lot of them on a daily.

"Good middle ground.." Fee agrees, looking sideward to her bag of ramen but not yet moving to grab it yet. "Last thing I wanna do is stress the guy out more… it.. makes me feel a bit better about not having one whit of psychic ability. I mean, it's… cool and all.. but it must be such a burden all-the-same." Said frankly, glowing eyes roving along the shelves at the meticulously stacked cans of vegetables, pasta, soups… etc. "I really, truly don't envy him.. but I guess it's all a blessing as much as a curse, to help him communicate.." She reasons, but still doesn't have a good feeling about it all.

"So-" Oh, footsteps! Fee suddenly looks nervous, and she hugs the bag of ramen to her bosom abruptly. "I was coming back, I swear! You guys couldn't have been that hungry—" She calls out, freezes at the sight of who is definitely a new face. Fee may have eyes for one boy alone, but she gives credit where credit is due and indeed acknowledges Constatine's charm and attractive poise. "Oh, ah.. heh! Hi! Sorry, thought you were after the ramen… heh.." Durr.

Besa nods to Fee, "I would think so." Apparently he's still not figured out his own abilities. "I am going to try to remember some more of the sign language to help with talking with him." He turns and offers the new student a smile, 'Hello Constantine. I am serving more of my detention." He chuckles softly as Fee rambles.

Constantine offers a kind smile to Fee, though he tilts his head at her rather awkward interaction with him. Not that he minds, of course, so he offers her a warmth in his stone. "Don't worry, I'm not here to steal your ramen. I just wanted to see what was going on down here." he smiles softly to the both of them, looking then to Besa with a small chuckle. "Hey Besa. Nice to see you." he offers a fist bump.

Then a look to Fion once more, extending a hand. "My name's Constantine. Constantine Ashford. May I ask what yours is?" he asks politely. If anything, he has some hella good manners.

"Ah, exploring then. Fair enough.. lots of nooks, crannies and rooms to check out… you'll know which ones you can't enter." Fionnuala says ruefully.. perhaps out of experience. Fee smiles a bit as the new arrival offers a fist bump to the Egyptian boy and can't help but watch, wondering how Besa will handle the rather 'current' gesture.

The shifter then extends her own small hand in greeting when prompted. It is warm to the touch with flickers of solar energy dancing harmlessly between her fingers. "Pleasure meeting you.. my name is Fionnuala Reid, Prometheus." The girl offers her Gaelic-sounding name, eyes dancing with mirth. "How long have you been with us?" She asks with open curiousity, "I've been up to my ears in books and math homework and I don't know whose coming or going, it seems!" She too has manners despite her initial stumble, and a pleasant singsong voice.

Besa just blinks, unsure what to do when Con holds his fist out. He knows high fives, but not fist bumps yet. He'll grab a can of corn and offer it to him. Smooth.

Constantine smiles guiltily as he recalls Besa's situation. He simply accepts the corn with a smile. "Thanks." he smiles then, before he looks on over to Fion with a small smile. "Nice to meet you. I'm also Prometheus, so maybe we'll see each other plenty?" no, he wasn't flirting, but it certainly could be seen as such. "I've only been here a short time. I'm a more recent arrival to the class." a shrug then.

A look then to Besa "Oh..I never asked what you were with? I want to guess Athenian League?"

Bright eyes watch the progression of fist bump to corn-passing and she can't help herself, Fionnuala's expression brightens with absolute glee. It's not at Besa's expense, though; honestly she expected this. "That's kinda like a high five, Besa. Here, bunch up your hand into a fist," She demonstrates. Provided the smaller boy follow her lead Fee will ease her fist in to gently 'bump' her knuckles to his. "See? Nothing to it. It's a friendly gesture." The girl concludes her explanation. Constantine, meanwhile discloses his team and the shifter brightens with pleasure.

Funny thing is, Fee is one to recognize flirtation and earnest friendliness. Both go hand-in-hand and she can tell that this new boy is honestly just trying to be kind and cordial. "I'm sure we will.. we're a good lot, we Prometheans." She says easily, holding the bag of ramen in one hand and resting her other hand — used for the fist bump lesson — over the back of that hand. "Welcome to Coral Springs, Constantine." She offers, leaving Besa to answer the boy's question.

Besa smiles, well ok! He wanted the can! Problem solved! "Athena? Really? Oh…no no, I am a Guardian too." Fee gets a confused look, "He was not wanting the can?" And then he looks at Con before holding out his hand between them for a bump. "oh…sorry." he'll offer to take the can back, feeling a little foolish.

Constantine seems to smile as he watches Fion teach Besa what a fist bump is…it's actually really endearing and certainly doesn't mind the time it takes for him to learn. Laughing a little bit, he shakes his head as he offers to take the can back, but Constantine shakes his head. "No no no, it's alright." though he definitely accepts the fist bump. a little 'boop' of their fists.

"There, easy peezy." then he chuckles. "What? Athena isn't that bad is it?" he teases softly. "Happy we're all in the same group." he says happily, before he looks over to Fion, smiling big and wide at her. "Thank you, Fionnuala…is it alright if I call you Fion? you can call me whatever you like." he looks to Besa then.

"I don't know if I can come up with a nickname for Besa. Besa is a short and catchy name, after all." a smile then.

"I am still learning things, sorry." At leafs this isn't a huge issue. "Oh no, Rain is Athena. They are wonderful. But I am very much a Guardian." A nickname? "Oh, no. You do not have to come up with anything. Besa is fine. It is the shortest of my names." A warm smile and he shifts against the shelf he's leaning against, "Have you met many other students yet?"

"It's okay, Besa!" She recognizes that look, as the smaller boy comes down on himself for seeming 'foolish'. "There's a lot of stuff to get used to.. a lot of cultural gestures and customs. You got practice now, see?" Fionnuala says with approval as Constantine and Besa's fists meet, and she claps her palms together once. "Brilliant!" She exclaims, then considers her two cents on the teams. "Athena is great.. my bestie is part of that team, so I can't complain about them." Said proudly, "I, too, am a Guardian.. I can't imagine any other team putting up with me." Fee giggles, about to go on until she hears a voice calling for her. She ignores it briefly. "Fion is fine.. or Fee. How about 'Ash' for you, is that okay? It suits you, I think."

Her voice cried out again, desperately. She looks up at the ceiling. "Oh, balls.. you think they haven't eaten before. Excuse me boys, I gotta run these noodles up before they devour one another… if I'm not back in a few, it means they got me." Fionnuala jests goodnaturedly. A little bow of her upper body, and she goes to deliver the ramen.

"It was nice meeting you, Ash!" Called over her shoulder, and then she's gone. To her doom.

Constantine just chuckles a little bit to Besa with a smile, nodding once and twice at his words. "hmm…well, I met Theodore and Whitley, but I met Theo the same time I met you. and know I've met Fion." he smiles to the both of them, and gives a little wave at the gaelic woman as she departs. "Ash works fine by me!" he says as he waves to her "Nice meeting you too!"

A look then to Besa. "But yeah…everyone's pretty cool here so far. Haven't met anyone I just didn't like quite yet."

Bestie, huh? He smiles and will have to tell Rain that. He watches to see if Con likes that nickname or not before waving goodbye to Fee. "Good luck." Back to Con, "Theodore is dry nice." Whitley is complicated. He chuckles, Fionnuala is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She is a good friend." The Egyptian's hair, which is almost supernaturally perfect, bounces as he nods, "The students here have all been mostly good. I am sure you will find no trouble."

Constantine nods a few times with a smile. "He is. nice guy." though he does smile big and warm as he mentions Fion and Whitley. "Yeah…they are. It's a fun group, to be certain." he smiles warmly then. he notices his magically bouncing hair…must be an Egyptian thing. "Happy to hear it. So then, why the basement?" he looks around then, asking why Besa was here.

Con is new, Besa may have to fill him in, "I have detention." Hard to imagine Besa doing anything wrong that wold warrant detention, "I am straightening the store room." He motions to the shelves he's leaning against. "The food is not old and dusty, but it was not organized well when they bought it. Miss Annalee would like it in some order."

Constantine nods a few times. "Right…that makes sense." he shrugs a few times then, but he does smile a bit. "Well, I don't want to pry into why you got detention, but hopefully I don't end up here." Though as he glides hand across the shelves to feel it, Constantine takes a seat on the ground, crossing his legs. "Well, should I leave you to it?"

Besa hesitates a moment before agreeing, but not sharing why, "Yes, I hope you do not either. This is not so bad, but when it shows I must shovel." he doesn't like that at all. He blinks, and then chuckles softly. "I do need to keep going. You are welcome to sit down here though." And watch him, he guesses? The ancient teen pushes off the shelves and turns partially away to start ranging cans. "I really do not mind this so much. At least it is not cold."

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