(2018-01-30) Pink Tarantulas!
Pink Tarantulas!
Summary: … made you look. No really, they're mentioned, but this is really just a trio of teens talking family traditions and hot cocoa.
Date: 2018-01-30
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Billiard Room, Winbarry Estate
Tue Jan 30, 2018

The Billliard Room has no pool tables. Although someone has made some efforts and there's a few board games and a deck of cards with some books on a shelf along the wall. A half finished puzzle with basset house puppies takes up one of the tables.

A few small sofas and wingback chairs make conversational areas, throw rugs decorating those little areas. An entertainment center with a TV, blue ray player and a gaming console system has been set up. A pair of French doors lead to the back patio.


Another school day is over and with it students are scattered across the mansion and grounds in the free time they have before the evening meal. There are a small collection of students watching some TV, a reality show from the looks of it, Rain had come in her to do some studying because at the time it was quieter than the library, while her text book is open on her lap she is listening to the TV more than actual reading, but since she is sitting in another area of the room she doesn't have a good view of the TV unless she leans over the arm of the loveseat she is seating in, but she isn't /that/ interested in the show.

Loosening the blue tie of his Ares uniform, Whitley looks grateful for the classes to be over with. Usually right about now, he naps as a form of recovery. And that might still happen. He flops onto a lounge couch and lazily sprawls over it. Above his head, he holds up a book. He might get two or three pages in before he's out.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

Once upon a time Fionnuala would have been nestled into that clutch of kids watching stupid television. She isn't above a feed trash TV: the 'good' reality shows (she loves the mushy reunion-based ones) and the cringe-worthy stuff. It is behind a tired Whitley that Fionnuala follows, padding into the room with intent to seek out a place to nest and maybe read her book. She, too, is in her team uniform. Small quick hands move to loosen the collar a bit, fluff her riot of hair that is barely contained atop her head.. all the while she glows softly with that inner light; stored sunshine.

Her golden gaze alights briefly upon the Ares boy who scooped up the lounge couch before she could make her way over. Fee's lips curl up in a knowing smile as she looks for another spot and there… she sees Rain! It won't be hard to mark her approach, with the gentle heat she throws and the flickers of energy.

Rain isn't so absorbed by either her reading or the TV that she misses the arrivals of the two teens. There is a facial twitch at spotting Whitley, but then she is back to her constant expression of stoic detachment. There is much internal debate as to whether she is going to greet him and by the time she makes a decision he has already sprawled himself out, so instead of a greeting she just makes an amused noise along with a "Good luck.". in her usual cool tone of voice.

As Fiona comes in directly behind Rain's eyes move to her and watch the other girl come toward her. The Masters girl seems to sense Fiona's intention and makes room for her on the loveseat. "Hey there." Fiona gets the some warmth at least.

Whitley winces and covers his eyes with an arm. "You're awfully bright," He gives Fionnuala a lazy, lopsided grin. He drags fingers through his hair and glances at Rain. "Helllooooo." He waggles his fingers at her and smirks. "Long time, no see, Miss Masters."

"Whitley picked the best seat," Fee offers sunnily, not knowing the boy all-that-well outside of role call in classes and having seen him around. Still, she extends the very same ebullience to him — just the 'right' amount, not overbearing — that she does most anyone. "Luck is on his side because that sofa has the best butt groove in it. You just have to nestle in, and the cushions hug you." Said in her singsong, pretty way. Oh Fee… u_u;

His 'bright' comment only widens her grin, "You're lucky you didn't catch me earlier." Said sweetly as she drops her shifter arse down onto the loveseat, happy to be close to her friend. "And how are you, Rain? I wish you both luck, actually, doing what you're doing here… I think they're just getting to the part where they do the fear challenge." Fee squints over in the direction of the television and it's guffawing audience. It's of those shows.

"To soon if you ask me." Rain replies to Whitley as her gaze flits in his direction. Her tone is decidedly neutral so if she is joking it is difficult to tell. The complaint about Fi's brightness does get a bit of a smirk "Brighter Fiona." she suggests to the other girl, though it may come off as order. "I'm alright." she answers honestly enough, though she has been in a happier mood the last few days than usual. Quite contrary to her brother, who has been grumpier than usual. As for the rest of what was said, she has no comment on.

"Ooh, burn," Whitley makes a sizzling noise and feigns a wince. Page Flip. "I actually did not know how amazing this seat is when I chose it. I'd suggest a trade, but that might disappoint Rain." He shifts his head to glance over at the television. "Ugh," He starts with a nose wrinkle. "Reality TV is the worst."

She doesn't take it as an order, but simply as a fun little joke! Her shoulders roll and there, as energy begins to culminate along her shoulderblades, the early manifestation of her wings. The energy hangs there like a promise, crackling warmly, before being drawn back into the girl's person. ".. nah. I won't. I don't want to drive the others mad either." Fee smiles then, but had she brought the wings out — knitted with energy as they so often are — the level of brightness will have intensified. She looks between the two then, noting the forecast of their interaction.

So, she decides to join the club and bring out her own book… she's in the final third of 'The Secret Garden'. Cripes, even her free-reading is whimsical. Fee looks up though when the cluster of kids around the TV wince and bellow accordingly as some poor sod has to be covered in tarantulas. "Cripes.. that's bad, even by my standards." She remarks, one brow quirking.

As much as Rain hates agreeing with Whitley on something, she certainly isn't going to say she loves or even likes them. She is risking being forced to watch them Fiona if she did. The HORROR! Watching reality shows, not watching something with the crow. "They are a step up from trash talk shows." she says instead. A sardonic grin comes to her face "Nice of you to care about my feelings Whitley."

"I have some volunteer jobs lined up for the two of us next year, to cover our service hours requirement." Rain tells Fiona. "What did you do for your service hours Whitley?" she looks to him as she asks, and there may be some actual curiousness in the question. Her attention is drawn to the TV, and she makes a face "No amount of money." though that could be mostly because she doesn't need it and less about her distaste for creepy, crawly things.

"Always," Aaannnd Whitley makes kissy faces in Rain's direction. He turns back to his book. "I volunteered at a non-profit community dojo…that didn't meet the one hundred hour requirement, though, so I am stuck with double time for this one." The novel falls onto his chest as he lets an arm (the one with the tie) hang off the couch. "You're made of money." He retorts with a snort.

Worry not Rain, Fee isn't looking at the TV with longing. "That ain't my bag. I like the stuff where people are being reunited, finding out they're having babies when they thought they couldn't… that kind of stuff. So sweet that it's barfy. Though if you look at a tarantula.. maybe spray it pink…. it can be cute." She tilts her head some, glowing eyes settled briefly upon Rain. Oh Fee

Talk shows widens her eyes further, "Oh yeah! I couldn't handle those… Da used to watch Springer…." She reflects, then lets it be. Especially when faced with two things: getting to know a bit more about Whitley, AND the hospital volunteering gig! She looks firstly to the white-haired boy and then to the Masters girl; she's glowing with excitement. "Oh! Where shall we go? I'm excited—-"

The 'made of money' remark sounds alarm bells. "She comes from money, but she doesn't act like it. You're making your own way," A kind smile to Rain as she defends her, then looks to Whitley. "So! Who.. heh, who wants hot cocoa?" Because that fixes everything.

Kissy face is meet with a so mature sticking out of the tongue from Rain. Clearly she isn't taking Whitley's comment seriously about caring for her feelings. The idea of volunteering at a dojo is met with interest "Here in town? Will you be going back to see if they can give you more hours?" It's to much work to switch tones between the two so she is sticking with her norm and with the volley of sarcasm between her and Whitley passed she settles into a civility when it comes to the Ares "More like my parents are made of money." none of it is hers technically, and she knows that. The quick defense from Fiona has her giving a very brief grin to the girl "Trying. I may even get a job after my birthday." when she turns 16. "Just in case things with my family go south."

Whitley studies Fionnuala curiously when she goes on the defensive but says nothing on Rain. "Sure," Is the smiling response she receives on her offer for hot cocoa. "I probably will. There are a ton of options, though. Can't say I am as excited as Fee, but.." He shrugs. It is what it is. "Besa said you have powers now, so why the family troubles?"

Rain's grin, Whitley's smile in response to offered hot cocoa and the overall fact that the conversation hadn't taken a spin brings a smile to Fee's face. She just doesn't know the association between Whitley and Rain all-that-well, as it happens. Once she's sure nobody is going to get upset or argue, the shifter yet decides to set her book down on the sofa beside Rain and stand, stretching her arms out. She's just not sarcastic by nature, so therefore… sometimes it throws her off!

Though Rain's latter statement of 'family going south' infuses Fee with a pinprick of worry. She watches the other girl for a few more heartbeats before bowing away. "Off to the kitchen, I'll be back in a jiff." Said happily, and she is out through the door just as the cluster around the TV is groaning at the sight of another money-hungry joe gagging their way through eating chocolate-covered crickets while hanging upside down by their feet. People are weird.

"Powers yes. But I turned everything upside down in the process. I got my powers without going on a quest, contrary to centuries of family tradition." Rain explains "Plus I put Besa's name in the family chronicle. That didn't earn me any brownie points." we have a rebel over here. "And even if everything goes okay, a job looks good on college applications." though just the name alone will open all the doors she wants. "Thanks Fiona." she tells the other girl as she gets up to go fetch hot chocolate "Fiona and I are volunteering at the local hospital. There were still openings when I talked to the coordinator last."

"Ah. Don't family traditions just suck? Not gonna lie, your little quest thing is particularly sucky…and just strange. Powers like yours occur naturally. Why not like nature take its course?" Whitley grins. "That's ballsy. Was there a reason behind it, though, or were you just being sentimental?" A shadow falls across his normally pleasant countenance when Rain speaks of her volunteer opportunity. "Yeah, I considered that too…"

It's that time of the evening where the kitchen is in full swing, leading up to evening dinner. Therefore, it is to a ready kettle that Fionnuala traipses, and it doesn't take too terribly long to heat up the water, add the powder (she sure misses her father's take on hot chocolate… all that lovely deadly cream and melted chocolate) and dredge up a bowl of mini marshmallows. Then, with as much care as she can muster, Fee is padding back to the billiard room with three mugs poised on a tray, napkins, and that little bowl of marshmallows to add as desired. Her steps aren't as brisk as it's not her intent to spill everywhere. By the time she returns, the television cluster has broken up with the ending of that terrible show. One lanky boy remains, flipping it over to the news.

Realizing that she's returning in the middle of a conversation, Fee sets down the tray on a coffee table and goes to pass a mug of the chocolatey drink to Whitley and Rain. She does not interject, simply listens. Warmth follows in her wake.

"Very sucky." she can't argue with that either "And I guess not all the powers come naturally in my family…" Rain is thoughtful a moment "I'm going to have to ask about that." maybe she is just unique. "Because he is family." she tells Whitley, as if that is explanation enough. "We had no idea how long it was going to take him or if rescue would succeed. As long as his name is in the book, no matter when I came back my family would be required to help him, even if it was two hundred years later." so maybe a little bit of sentiment but mostly because she does care. When Fiona returns she gets her hot chocolate and doses it with some marshmallows "What's for dinner Fiona?" she asks "Should I just head into town for dinner?" she's a bit picky when it comes to food.

"Magic may need a bit more learning, I guess. And then, there's your brother," The older one, not Whitley's former roommate. "Mostly it seems to just be genetic, you know? That's the way it happens with Kings, at least." There is a faint smile when she mentions helping Besa. "Thanks," He smiles broadly at Fionnuala and picks up his mug of hot chocolate.

Wowza, she walked in on a very fascinating tangent of conversation! Fionnuala is really only just coming to know of the Masters clan, and when Whitley supplies his own surname and perhaps a nod to the way his family does things, Fee is politely bamboozled. But she does gather that talk is no the discussion of powers, how they're inherited.. she can at least vouch for that part, even if she doesn't know the whole scale. She's just depositing marshmallows into her own mug as talk moves to Besa, and now she's very curious indeed. Not so curious as to not answer Rain's question though, "Looks like it's a big pile of pork chops, but the marinade smells really good. Pasta salads.. some garden salads. Didn't look too fancy… but there's no pesto." Offered with a knowing wink to her friend.

"So—" She is about to ask on, to reintegrate herself into the discussion, when another student pokes her head in. "Fee? Your phone's ringing in your room and I'm ready to give it the heave-ho." Called out firmly but goodnaturedly. "They called, like… six times. No lie. Can you please call them back? It's long-distance for Gods' sake."

Eyes rounded, Fee stands mug in hand. "Oh.. oh! I'll be back soon.. I need to return that call. Let's talk again in awhile, Rain, about the volunteering.." A smile to Whitley, next. "Enjoy that. Sorry to have to run."

And run she does.. clearly she's been expecting this call. Silly bird, leaving her phone in her room!

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