(2018-01-29) Over Dinner Conversation
Over Dinner Conversation
Summary: Over dinner several things are discussed — powers and priests and spiders, swords and cheesy things.
Date: IC Date (2018-01-29)
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Teenagers are just starting to shuffle into the Dining Hall for the dinner bell. Some are quicker (or hungrier) than others, and today, that kid is white-haired and all grins. While he isn't pushing, he does phase past a cluster of students near the door to retrieve his last meal of the day. Throw in a banana and variety of 'snacker' foodstuffs, and he makes his way to the tables.

Constantine arrives into the dining hall, cracking his knuckles softly. as he enters with a metal ball following him. With shifts of his hand the ball melts into liquid, then he controls that liquid…then it solidifies back into hard metal. He takes a seat at the dining table as he shows off his powers…really just to himself. he's not doing anything impressive….

He does look around though, noticing a few faces…namely the smile on Whitley's face.

Whitley might hear a playful protest from one of those students he's phased past. "Hey! No fair using powers to get in first!" It's Theo, and he's clearly teasing, given the amused tone in his words and the smile on his face too. He's clearly not upset.

Once he gets his food, though, he'll head over to the tables as well. Catching sight of Constantine and his melting of a metal ball, and the subsequent controlling of the liquid metal that the ball turns into, gets his attention though. "Oh, wow!" he notes. "That's pretty impressive. How are you doing that?" he asks.

Whitley turns back and sends a wink in Theo's direction. "Dude, it's every man for himself out here. Can't you get your spider minions to serve your food for ya?" He glances at the sideboard and tosses a few cookies onto his plate for good measure.

"Yo," He smirks and nods upwards at Constantine as he enters the vicinity table. "Neat trick. Are you, like, a ferrokinetic or something or the sorts?"

Constantine didn't seem to get in line, staying seated as it appears he doesn't really even need to focus on the metal ball as he even splits it into three balls, changing it's structure over and over again to practice. Though when Theodore arrives, he smiles faintly at his most recent friend. "Hey Theo. Good to see you." he smiles then. "Just using my powers to change it's atomic structure…I think."

Then he looks to Whitley as he arrives. "Hey." though at his question, he smiles. "Electromagnetism and Magnetokinesis..those are my powers…but yeah..ferrokinesis." he smiles softly then. "you can join me if you wish."

Theo pauses to think about Whitley's statement. Once he's sat down and Whitley has entered earshot, Theo ventures, "You know, I didn't even think about that. Though I think the other students would find it a little creepy to see food being carried off like ants in an old cartoon." Constantine might note another reference to old cartoons, the same he'd referenced with the flour incident.

He smiles broadly when Constantine greets him. "Hello there, Constantine. Looks like you figured out that atomic electromagnetism manipulation, yes." He grins. "It's impressive to see," he admits.

"Well, it certainly looks neat," Whitley says, sliding into a chair. "You know, you look new. It's pretty cool that you're coming to this school with such a fine control of your powers…not everyone does." The white-haired teen belongs to the group of students who had control. "Whitley King, by the way. A pleasure to make your acquaintance and all that."

To Theo, he shrugs, "Lots of creepy things happen in this school. I'm sure people will get over a group of harmless spiders carting food to their 'master'."

Constantine smiles softly to Theodore, though he tilts his head. "…I'm beginning to think you like Tom and erry a little too much." he smiles softly then to her. Though Constantine eventually stows the metal by solidifying it into one ball, and letting it drop into his hand. He rolls it towards Whitley.

"Thanks." he smiles to the both of htem before he looks at them. "Control yes…I just hope I can control not accidentally throwing cars.." he jokes…kind of. He could throw cars pretty easily…

Theo decides to let Constantine introduce himself, rather than jumping to the 'he's the new guy' wagon. The 'new guy' seems pretty well put-together, so it shouldn't be an issue. Though he does chuckles at Whitley's words. "Most people can't see them," he notes. "Besides, the ones that can are still throwing shoes at them. I tend to feel the backlash when that happens, so I try to keep them out of sight. The ceilings have become their superhighway."

To note, there ARE a handful of them up there, including the one more animated one. They're not really doing anything much except milling around.

He grins at Constantine's mention of Tom & Jerry. "Not just that one. Old Looney Tunes, too. And the older ones no one remembers, like 'Prest-O Change-O', 'Balloon Land', and 'Swing You Sinners'." His smile mutes a bit when Constantine speaks of 'accidentally not throwing cars'. He remembers Constantine telling about what caused that.

The metal ball hovers before Whitley's palm, "I am a telekinetic, though I know for a fact I could never melt this thing or change its shape or whatever."

The smile on Whitley's face turns quizzical. "Ah, your powers are linked to your temper. Lots of folks like that are here, too. I think the most important part of getting a handle on that is to perfect control…and I guess expressing your anger in non-power-related ways. Not that I am speaking from experience. I never really had that issue. If I'm throwing at car at you, it's because I want it to hit you."

Theo's words instinctively have him looking at the ceiling. "So cool…" He mutters under his breath. "I know I wasn't a fan at first, but just imagine how useful a hoard of spiders could be. You probably don't have to imagine, but still. I say take the creepiness of them in stride. They're apart of you, after all. Others will just have to get used to them."

Constantine looks at Whitley as he speaks, nodding a few times. "ah…apparently someone who can walk through people too." he smiles softly. having a good pair of eyes…though he seems to shrug momentarily. "Name's Constantine by the way. Constantine Ashford." he extends a hand to shake his. "Already ran into Theo."

He looks then to Theo, chuckling a little bit at his words. "fair enough, fair enough."

Then, he looks back to Whitley. "Yeah…uhm…except when I lost my temper, EM fields went haywire and I destroyed a small town beyond recognition." he says then with a shrug. Though he seems to be looking to see if that line has shortened….

Theo nods to Whitley's words of powers and temper. "Quite frequently powers end up triggered by emotional responses," he agrees quietly. "I've heard many stories of such in the short time I've been here."

Though Whitley's mention of his spiders gets a smile. And in fact, one of the spiders — the more animated of the group, the one with the face-spots that always seem to be in motion — turns in Whitley's direction. The spots on its abdomen change to a happy face, and it raises a foreleg to wave at Whitley happily. It doesn't speak — it can't — but it's a clear 'hiieeee~!'

"That does rather bother me, to be honest," Theo admits, with a bit of a frown. "Why should I have a part of me that's 'creepy'? I don't like horror movies, I'm not drawn to excessive amounts of gore…" He trails off. "That said I'm glad some of the students appear to be getting accustomed to them."

He goes quiet when Constantine talks about what happened to the small town. Though after a moment he does add, "To be fair, I thought his anger at that specific situation was completely justified…" Pause, and he looks at Constantine to ask, "If it's the same situation you were talking about?"

"Awwww," Whitley smiles softly. "I think he likes me. Unless it's a she." He glances over at Theo. "Don't worry. People will come around. And I'll never think you're creepy, bro." A wink and a playful punch on the shoulder, then Whitley is glancing over at Constantine with widening grey eyes.

"Oh, damn," He finally blinks, then glances around. "I, uh, hope nobody was hurt?" That seems unlikely, though.

Constantine looks over to Theodore, nodding a few times. "Agreed with Whitley. you couldn't be creepy…your too nice. Plus those spiders are really friendly. He holds out a fist for like a invisible spider fist bump.

Then he pulls his hand back before he looks to Whitley. "No one was hurt…surprisingly. Just alot of stuff got destroyed..bullies poisoned my dog…" he sighs then. "It is what it is." he shrugs then.

Though a shrug. "It is what it is mate…lost control..one of the reasons why I'm here. Get a grip.." he smiles softly. still traumatic.

Theo thinks about that. "Actually I don't know if they have a gender," he remarks. "That one there I've taken to calling 'he', for some reason." He chuckles at the punch on the shoulder. "That's a comfort, at least." This to Whitley saying he'd never find Theo creepy.

Constantine can probably see the glowing blue thred as it drops down from the ceiling. And possibly even feel the tiny little 'boop' on the extended fist. Whitley's psychic abilities would let him see the full story — as Constantine extended his hand, the more animated of the group of spiders on the ceiling dropped down with a glowing blue thread, far enough to 'fistbump' Constantine. Then it crawls back up the line, and the line 'fizzles out'.

And then he nods. "That's why a good many of us are here, to learn control," Theo notes. Pointing at the ceiling. "I didn't know what to do with this lot before I came here. And I felt as though I was going insane since neither of my parents, or any of my immediate friends, could see them. Coming here has, if nothing else, given me peace of mind." A smirk. "I might be crazy, but they don't have anything to do with it."

"Sorry to hear that, man," Whitley frowns. "Most don't really understand supernatural powers, and I can't imagine they were understanding about their town being destroyed." He pats Constantine on the shoulder and gives him a sympathetic squeeze on the shoulder. "On a lighter note, I forgot my fork." He stands, grins, and saunters off.

Constantine would nod softly to Theodore. "Yeah…." he sighs a moment, still a hard memory. an appreciative smile is given to Whitley at his words. "Yeah..it is what it is though."

He looks to the both of them. "So! what are thep lans for the day?"

Theo tilts his head. "Good question," he remarks to Constantine's words. "The day's mostly over. Though I may go practice in the attic." Since there's probably going to be a question, he notes, "I dance, and sing. I have a YouTube channel. Hoping to be able to graduate to a NicoNico channel, but I'd have to learn how to read Japanese better before I do that."

Constantine smiles softly to Theo. "Oh? you do? Well, hopefully you have tons of subscribers. Didn't know that you were a performer." he looks to wehre those strings came from, hence his guess at where those spiders are. "So, do your friends help you out?"

Theo nods. "They do, yes," he replies. "They're very useful in situations where I just need more hands than I've got. They bring me small things from across my room — pencils, erasers, and what not. I've been asked not to do that in class because it's distracting to the other students, however." He chuckles.

Constantine nods a few times. "ahhh…gotcha gotcha. I mean, it makes sense why they would ask you to stow it." he says pretty easily then. He smiles softly then to Theo with a kindness. "I get to deal with the same thing…just you know, with metal. you dunno how many times I've messed with people because I could." he says with a smile.

Theo chuckles at that. "I imagine so. Initially I was letting them have the run of the place, but when shoes, books, and powers started getting thrown at them, I had them stick to the ceilings. I don't know if they can feel pain, but I sure can. It won't hurt me if one or two get squished, but I do still feel it, and I'd rather avoid the pain, you know?"

Though something seems to occur to Theo. "…You know, I happened to wonder about something. If you can affect electromagnetic fields… you might be able to levitate or fly. Just change your charge to be opposite that of the ground. You'd want to be careful though. There's quite a bit of potential to hurt yourself."

Constantine nods a few times to him, "hm..that makes sense. Yeah, I get it." he says as his initial words make it sound pretty simple really. Though when Theodore suggests that he couldp ossibly fly, Constantine simply stands up from where he was, and with a simple lift of his hands, about waist level, he lifts himself with his magnetism, by lifting the metal on his body…and he starts to levitate over to the other side of the table, then he lands. "Figured out that trick early. Thought I't'd help my long jump in track." he smiles then.

With that done, Constantine gives a little two finger salute. "That said, time for me to head out. I'll see you boys soon! Just need to go check something…should be back in a few if you guys are still here." he waves then, turning to elave the area.

Whitley returns, twirling a fork in his fingers and holding a bag of chips. "So I took your advice and actually waited in line this time. Don't think that's ever happening again." He grumbles, but it's a good-natured grumble.

Theo offers a wave to Constantine as he departs. "Take care," he offers pleasantly. He grins as Whitley returns. "Oh, I know it takes a while. But oyu know what they say — good things come to those who wait~." He's teasing, yes.

"So they say," Whitley pouts. "They didn't even have the ones I like!" Nonetheless, he tears open the snack size bag of chips. "It's kinda crazy to think that one kid could destroy a whole town. That kind of potential has got to be rare." He tilts his head. "Never been one for subtly, but my abilities do tend to lean towards that direction."

Besa steps in, late to dinner, still in his school uniform. He ended up helping Mr. Manchester with somethings after class. So in comes the Egyptian and he heads towards the table, looking for an empty seat. He slows, seeing space near Whit and Theo. "Oh…" Should he sit here? "Is it alright if i join you?"

Theo grins. "Maybe you'd just have to wait longer?" he suggests. From above, one of the spiders drops down, onto the table, and zips past, trying to grab a chip on its way past. Success will see Theo reaching to nab the chip and offering it back to Whitley. "My apologies. Happy thinks he can be a sneak thief sometimes." Though he does note in response, "I was thinking that myself, actually. I don't think I've ever known someone here that had that much potential power."

Besa appears then, and he offers a broad smile. And Happylegs, regardless of whether he got his thieved chip thieved back or failed to thieve a chip, turns to wave happily at Besa. "Hello there," he greets. He indicates the table at the question. "Certainly."

<FS3> Whitley rolls Reaction: Good Success.

Nope. Not a chance. Whitley had to wait in line for these chips. No way he's giving them up that easily. "Happylegs?" He gives an incredulous lift of a dark brow. "More like Kleptolegs. I didn't know you named your spiders. How can you even tell which is which?"

Whitley offers a gentler smile on Besa's arrival. "Yeah, sure."

Besa smiles back at both boys, slipping into a seat across from the students. "Hello. I hope you are both having a nice dinner." He's been a much better mood lately, despite the detentions. Whatver food is on the table for dinner, he gets not his plate, although he seems to just eb drinking water. A glance up and he smiles a little brighter at HappyLegs, "Are they picking on you?' Poor spider! No Cocoa at dinner tonight, it seems.

"I generally don't until they start changing," Theo replies. "This one… he's different somehow. He wasn't always." He points at the spots on this particular one's abdomen. "See how the spots are sort of always moving? A bit like ink on the top of water?" Then he points up at the others. "Notice how theirs aren't?" And sure enough, the other spiders, who haven't really moved much — aside from just random animal-like milling about — the spots on their abdomens are static. They're in the vague shape of faces, like Happylegs's spots, but their spots aren't moving.

At Besa's question, Happy draws its legs up over its head and tilts from side to side. Poor spider! Poor, poor spider! Theo chuckles. "Oh stop, you." He's talking to the spider, and gently pokes Happy, who dramatically falls over on its back and flails its legs. Anybody who knows spiders knows its fine, though — spiders curl their legs under when they're actually hurt. Theo just smirks. "Overly dramatic spiders." He look to Besa then, as Happy rights itself. "I'm doing all right," he notes. "And yourself?"

Whitley listens and follows the direction of Theo's finger. He nods faintly and glances over at Happy's display, "They seem almost…sentient." Not to mention, highly amusing; Whitley is grinning. He turns his head away to nod at Besa. "I like the food here," He runs a hand through his white hair and tilts his head. "Aren't you going to get anything to eat for dinner?"

Besa chuckles softly, extending a finger out to pet the knocked over "I am well, thank you for asking. HappyLegs if he is so included to be petted. I helped mr. Manchester move somethings after class. He says he will speak to the Headmaster about taking a day off my detention." So that will be nice. He tursn though to address Whit, "The food here does seem more…better, yes." He nods, I will, I just wished to say hello first." To prove his point, he'll reach over and grab an apple from the ever present bowl on the table.

Theo nods. "This one does." Pointing at Happy, who's now doing a silly spider dance. Theo raises an eyebrow. "Stop that. You look ridiculous." There's no venom in his tone though. Back to Whitley now, "The rest, not so much."

Happylegs will indeed accept pettings. And Besa will be able to sense the thoughts through the contact if he does — 'Friend Besa!' Whitley might sense the burst of psychic energy, but won't hear the actual thoughts.

Besa's statement gets a blink from Theo. "How many days are you in detention for? Or is it one of those 'until we've decided you've learned your lesson' sorts of things?" he asks. "I hate those. I'm not sure why adults feel the need to pretend they know what they're doing when they don't."

Happylegs receives a lingering smile from Whitley before the boy turns to Besa, more serious, "You're still talking about the detentions for your attempted murder, right?" He's brash and blunt, but there's no judgment in his voice.

Besa likes having spider friends! He grins down at HappyLegs, wiggling his fingers on the psychic spider he shouldn't be able to see. A soft sigh though, "It is a learned my lesson situation. He wants me to hand over my khophesh. I have declined." His nose wrinkles slightly, "It was justified." Sorta. But yes, apparently he is talking about that. "Mrs.Masters said she'd talk to the Headmaster for me, to try to come up with a compromise." he's not sure what that is though.

Theo frowns a bit at Whitley's wording, but doesn't say anything. Perhaps it's just how Whitley is. Theo doesn't know him well enough to make the decision. And words are one of those thing that are often given more teeth than they actually have.

Though Besa's words get a sigh. "They know there are people trying to harm you, and yet they want to take your only means of defending yourself away from you? What degree of stupidity are we labouring under?" He seems upset now, and Happylegs's face spots begin to flow into a dismayed expression.

Like he mentioned before, subtlety and/or sugarcoating is not Whitley's thing. He calls it how he sees it. "I have seen you fight without the khopesh before, and you performed fine. Do you think you actually need it to combat the priests?"

"It's a difficult situation. I think there are two options: you could discreetly get rid of the priests without involving the school administration or drawing their attention. Or you can find another way to get them to back off without lethal force." concludes Whitley. "I suggest the latter. I don't think you're a killer, Besa, and even if it is justified, you may not want that on your conscience. I may be missing something, though."

"Whitley. It is mine. It is part of me. I will not give that up again." Besa pauses a moment and then adds, "Thank you though. I have not felt very…strong without it though." Everyone has a crutch, right? Dark eyes look down at HappyLegs, wiggling a thin finger one last time before pulling his hand back, "I am willing to listen to non lethal options, but I do not know that the priests will listen to them." He starts to say something else, but pointing out he killed Alraxmargoth'ha probably isn't what Whit means. Instead he glances at Theo and offers a soft smile, "This is not nice dinner talk though, is it?"

Whitley's suggestion gets a a thoughful look. Happylegs and Theo exchange a look, and the face on the spider's back changes again. First to a curious, confused look, then back to a happy expression. Theo makes to speak, but it's the spider who scuttles over to Besa and tries to touch the boy's arm or hand, just to communicate a short thought. Can follow, Friend Besa! Can follow!

Theo gives the spider a look. "What he's trying to say is, I might be able to send one of my spiders to follow them the next time they show up," he volunteers. "With any luck they won't be able to see it, and I might be able to get some information." Pause, and he tilts his head at Besa's statement of dinner talk. "Though you do have a point. Don't put it off forever, though. Let me know what you think, hm?"

Whitley winces. "It is a weapon. I get that it has sentimental value and all, but in the end, it is a weapon," Rather recently, the white-haired teen learned to give up a sword that he never thought he'd lose. "I am not sure. If they have some sort of headquarters or something, you could start there. Who knows? There might even be a diplomatic solution. It's important talk, Besa."

Besa's eyebrow raises, "Whitley, it is in my leg. I am not giving it up." Yikes, so that's where he stores it? Runes are weird. But then his brow furrows as HappyLegs scurries over and talks at him, "Follow?" After Theo explains, he blinks, "I…as long as they can not be hurt, I think that could be a very good idea." Although if they show up again, Besa fears that they're just going to try to stab him again. Apprently his wanted poster at the Sobek Headquarters says 'Dead oo Alive'.

"There is also a third option," Theo notes, after Whitley speaks of a diplomatic solution. "Though I doubt it's one that you'd want to take. Out them. They seem to want to do their work under cover of night, and in secrecy. Remove their cloak, and with any luck, they will have no choice but to either move with one large effort — showing the school's faculty that they ARE a viable threat to others, since they may be willing to cut through others to get to you — or negotiate with you."

Besa's words of not hurting the priests get a smile. "My 'pets' are not really capable of much harm," he notes. "They aren't poisonous as far as I know. The only way they could be dangerous is in a swarm. If I only send one, there would be little chance of that. And if they do see one and destroy it, it will come back. I don't know that they can die via being 'squished'."

"I wanna say that I won't let them hurt you," That's something Whitley might have said before. "But as Theo says, they seem to strike when no one expects it. Whatever you decide, I think you'll make the right decision." He stands along with his tray. "Also. What. In your leg? Seriously?" He smirks but just wanders off to empty his tray.

Besa blinks, "To out them would be to out myself. I do not know that I wish for that kind of acknowledgment. And No….as long as the spiders can not be hurt is what I meant." Besa wouldn't mind the priests getting a little hurt, honestly. The teen quiets as Whitley talks, a shadow falls across his face briefly, "…thanks." He then frowns in confusion, "Where else would I keep it?" The Ares is watched as he walks away before Besa sighs and turns back to his apple.

Theo offers a smile in Whitley's direction. "You have allies in that, if your wish is to keep Besa safe," he replies. And as Whitley moves off, "Take care." Besa's words get a nod, though. "That's true. But with the rise of so many people with powers, it's likely that you'll not be given much more thought than 'priests are trying to kill a child'. The longer you wait, the less sympathy you could get from the masses." As for the spiders being hurt? "I get a twinge when they're 'squished', but all that happens is that they disappear and rejoin the swarm. And they're quite small — I'm sure I could locate one in a good spot without it being seen. And I can see through their eyes, too."

Besa doesn't want sympathy though. His lips press together in thought. "It is not only new attention I am wishing to not gain…" But that's for another time. He nods softly about the spiders, "As long as they will not be in pain or hurting…" Seeign through spider eyes, "Is that not disorientating? DO they not have many eyes?"

"They're part of me," Theo notes. "So the pain experienced is mine. It's not proportionate, though — thankfully. It's akin to having someone pinch you suddenly. Startling and mildly uncomfortable, but not truly painful." As for seeing through their eyes. This gets a thoughtful look. "I'm not sure it's literally seeing through their eyes, but sharing their senses. I perceive the world around them as they would, if I had their sensory capabilities. I believe they act as a sort of 'filter', and parse it for my brain. Or my brain does, one of the two. It's difficult to explain."

Besa doesn't like that idea, at all. Maybe sending the spiders isn't such good idea. He'll need to think on it. He nods, turning the apple in his hand while he thinks. Seems some of his cheerfulness has faded away with all this talk. "Perhaps none of this will be nessicary after Mrs.Masters speaks to the Headmaster." It could happen! "I should go get my dinner. Did you wish for anything else from the kitchen?" With that he satrst to stand up.

Theo nods. "I can hope. These are just plans in reserve," he assures Besa. "It's always good to have a 'Plan B'. Particularly when said plans minimize the damage done to others." As for the kitchen? "Oh, of course. How rude of me; here I am talking your ear off and you haven't even gotten your dinner yet. Quickly, before the other students eat it all." A chuckle. "If there are any more of those little baked cheesy things, I wouldn't refuse a few more." He grins.

Besa nods, "Baked cheese things. I will try my best to get you some." A mission! One that Besa can fulfill it seems when he runs with a full plate, plus extra baked cheese things for Theo.

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