(2018-01-28) New Kid On the Block
New Kid On the Block
Summary: Constantine has just arrived! Besa and Theo try to make him feel welcome.
Date: IC Date (2018-01-28)
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Lazy Sundays are lazy, especially after detentions and homework are done. The small teen is curled up in a chair, Cocoa the chocolate lab on the floor next to him in her own work vest, reading some poetry book. He's back in his earth toned sweater, no purple today. Dark eyes are on the pages of the book, pages turned slowly by the Egyptian boy. Seems he's in no hurry to finish his book. The Library isn't a complete Library, mostly cobbled together with what the owners of the house had before Unit 23, what Unit 23 had, and now the school books that have been salvaged from the old school. They're in some order now, but…it's still not a complete library. Instead of the electrical lights on, the curtains are open (despite the cold) to let light in.

The lights are about to be on! Because Theo's entering the library too. Though of course, the first herald of his presence is his tiny little companions. That one of them that stays out most of the time — the one Besa knows as 'Happylegs' — skitters up the wall to the switch. Like most of Theo's 'companions', it is a tiny white spider about the size of a quarter, resembling a jumping spider, but with black spots on its abdomen much like a face. These spots are in flux constantly, seeming to wobble even though they keep the general shape of the happy face they're currently making.

This spider heads up to the switch and flips it on. Of course, to those who can't see them, it'll just look like the switch turned itself on. Theo enters soon after, wearing the usual for off-school — t-shirt, denim vest, jeans, and hiking boots. He smiles as he sees Besa. Not wanting to shout in an ostensibly quiet space, he offers a wave if Besa looks up. He heads over in Besa's direction either way.

Lazy Sundays were indeed quite lazy.

Arriving into the library was new kid Constantine Ashford. THe boy of white complexion looked around with those ocean blue eyes of his, his black hair cascading to at most his shoulders in a messy style. A black jacket covered his front and blue jeans his bottoms, combat boots covered his feet. As he walks, he can feel the metal that he could control as he looks throughout the library.

Unfinished as it was, it was still interesting to see. He hadn't realy -been- to the library, only seeing it during the tour, but never had a chance to really look through it. and that's when he finds Theodore and Besa, smiling softly to them both as he decides to be social. "Hey there. I'm the new guy." he says with a beautiful, but nerdy smile. an outstretched hand to both of them, though he can't see Theo's companions at all.

"I'm Constantine."

Besa blinks, looking up as the lights come on. He smiles seeing Happylegs and then Theo, his voice soft but heavy with accent when he speaks, "Hello Theodore. Are you having a nice Sunday?" His book closes, although he uses a finger to keep his place. As they're joined by Constantine, Besa turns towards the new student with a smile, "Hello Constantine. I am Besa Ini-Herit." He'll let Theo introduce himself, but he motions to the dog at his feet, who's head has come up and is watching Con interested. "This is Cocoa."

Theo looks up as Constantine addresses them both. "Hello," he greets with a polite smile, returning the handshake. Nothing particularly strange happens with the handshake, and Theo seems pretty normal at first blush. "Pleased to meet you, Constantine. I'm Theodore — 'Theo', if you'd like." Unseen by Constantine, a handful more of the tiny white spiders fade into view, all of them much like the one that had flipped the lights on. Except these, the face-spots on their abdomens are static.

Besa's words get a nod. "So far, yes. Fingers crossed it stays that way." He smiles. He also smiles at Cocoa, and reaches in an attempt to — yes, of course — gently boop the top of her nose. There's enough time for her to move if she'd rather not, mind.

A single nod for Besa with a smile as he shakes his hand. "Nice to meet you, Besa." al ook then to Cocoa with a smile. "Hi there." then he looks to Theodore, giving the man's hand a good handshake as he nods to him. "Nice to meet you Theo. I'm pretty open on nicknames for my part." he shrugs then a moment as he looks around. He doesn't even feel the presence of Theo's 'companions'.

Regardless, he smiles. "This is a nice library.." unfinished, but still nice. "So, what grades are you guys in? I'm a Sophomore.

There's an odd, but not unpleasant scent about Besa. he smells like dirt. "I am a sophomore as well this year." He starts to unfurl his legs, not that it makes him look much bigger. Cocoa pulls her head back from the boop from Theo, annoyed but not angry. She huffs, standing and stretching.

"Freshman here," Theo replies. As for the library? Well, the house in general. "I'm told these are intended to be extended, but temporary accommodations. I wonder what the intended place is going to look like… where it is, all that. I suppose it's too early to start asking questions." For being as young as he is, Theo has an oddly formal tone to his speech.

He also grins a little at Cocoa's reaction. "OK, I'm sorry," he offers quietly, this time making to pet her properly on top of the head.

Constantine smiles softly to Besa as he is even in the same grade as Constantine. may even be in some of the same classes! "Nice to know." a look then to Theodore as he reveals he's a freshman. "ah..well, I pray your first year of high school is going well." even if it's a high school for the gifted.

Looking at the dog as it's petted, he chuckles faintly. "Hm…right, so…uh..what can you two, like..do?" he asks what their powers are.

Besa looks around the Library, not commenting. The school moving is a sore subject for him. People he considered friends died. Cocoa leans against Besa's leg, the teen doesn't seem to mind, in fact his free hand reaches down to touch her head after Theo's done. She's a good dog, doing her job! "I am a healer." He does more than that, but that's what he wants to do.

"Reasonably so, miraculously," Theo replies. "So far, anyway. But the year is still young. There's always time for things to go pear-shaped." Despite the statement, he chuckles. As for what he does? He answers after Besa because… well, he's actually wondering how to answer that. "I don't actually know yet," he admits. "Not completely. I just know I have these little tagalongs."

He looks to a nearby table, where Happylegs and the four other spiders have come to rest. "I've noticed some people can't actually see them. Can you?" He doesn't want to startle Constantine if not. "They're basically astral spiders. Ever seen that old movie 'Krull'? Like the spider there except only about… this big." He raises his hand before his face, makes a circle with his thumb and forefinger the size of a quarter, and looks through the middle of it.

Constantine aahhs faintly as he looks to Besa with a smile. "That's cool." before he looks to Theo, tilting his head as he mentions his 'companions'. "I can't see them at all." he shrugs, and partially wonders if the man may be a bit off his rocker before he looks to Besa once more.

"Can you see them?"

Besa nods, "Yes, there are 5 of them on the table, right there." He nods with his head, his hands still occupied with dog and book. "They will not hurt you."

Theo snickers as Happylegs wiggles its body side to side, face spots forming into a distinctive tongue-out face. It can't make raspberry sounds, or it would. The others don't really react. Theo reaches over and taps the table next to Happy twice. "Stop that. Don't be rude just because he can't see you." The spider stops making that face and the spots reform into a happy face.

But yes, he nods to Besa's words. "There's a few people who can't see them," he notes. "Let me see if I can…" Happy jumps onto his hand, then starts to skitter over and around his fingers, spinning a thin, glowing blue thread. This is visible. "Actually I never found out if their webs can be seen. Can you see that?" He raises his hand for Constantine's inspection, with the glowing blue threads woven around his fingers a few times.

Besa smiles, but doesn't laugh, he doesn't want to encourage the rude behavior. But it is a little funny. he watches as the blue lines appears, head tilting slightly but staying silent.

Constantine tilts his head at Besa as the young man identifies where the spiders are and exactly how many of them there are…and Constantine frowns when he still can't see them.

Though as Theo decides to show him the webbing and threads that glow blue around his hand, he tilts his head.

"Whoa…that's cool." he compliments with a big and ready smile. "I can uh…control metal. Electromagnetism too."

The spider skitters up to Theo's shoulder and Theo wiggles his fingers, the blue threads dispersing and unraveling. They fall into tiny blue fragments that fall off his fingers and burn away like smoke in a stiff breeze. "I haven't discovered what they do besides… well, the things a spiderweb could do."

He looks at Besa. "Thank you," he remarks honestly. "His behavior's getting somewhat… irreverent, and I don't want to encourage it. I'm concerned what he might do." Again, 'he' this time, rather than the 'it' that Besa might have remembered.

Constantine's mention of what his powers are get a blink. "Metal and electromagnetism… does that affect atomic bonds on the molecular level?" he inquires. "That could prove to be incredibly useful to you."

Besa nods softly, "Perhaps he is just learning himself." Self discovery for spiders? While Besa's not a dummy, atomic stuff isn't something his brain latches onto easily. So while the other two talk smarty stuff, he looks at HappyLegs and offers the spider a smile. Cocoa shifts and lays her head on Besa's knee.

Constantine rubs the back of his neck a little bit. "Heh…" he says as they both appear to show an interest in what he can do. "I don't know the science of it…but I think so?" he smiles then.

"So far it's been extremely useful…but I'm still a little fresh with it. Only discovered my powers this past year." he shrugs then. "Why I'm here, really."

"That's possible," Theo replies. "I'm not sure I could stand to coax fifty of these buggers through adolescence though. Particularly not when I'm trying to coax myself through it in the meanwhile." He chuckles, nonetheless.

He also nods to Constantine's words. "Mine was a few months before Christmas last year. It was… rather a rough time." As for being here to learn his powers? "That's why we're all here," Theo offers gently. Wryly he adds, "Also 'put all the weirdos in the same box' is likely no small part of it all." He's probably kidding, given the amused tone.

Besa's nose wrinkles, looking back to Theo. "I have done this a few times. There is no such thing as coaxing oneself through this time." It just sucks, always. He doesn't say anything about when he got his powers, that could scare the new student. An eyebrow raises slightly though, "I am not a weirdo." The word just sounds strange coming from Besa.

Constantine nods a few times as he looks between them. having gone silent as they discuss when they got their powers.

"So I guess we are pretty young in our abilities huh?" he says with a small smile.

"I guess I don't know..I can't even see them." he shrugs then for a moment. "I wouldn't call us weirdos…but I guess that's how we look to the rest of the world."

"Ugh, I know, right?" This to Besa's words of not being able to 'coax' oneself through one's teenage years. Theo makes a face. "If not 'coax', then 'endure'?" As for not being a weirdo? "Colloquially speaking," Theo replies, with a smile. And he nods to Constantine's words. "Just so. It's all a matter of perspective. Trying to see it from others' point of view, and I'm quite sure others would think we all were. My parents, for instance — their son got sick and then began talking about spiders eating his brain. Of course they didn't believe it at first."

Besa snorts, "Yes…endure is a better word." He finally stops petting Cocoa, who keeps her head on his lap. "I believe, despite everything, that the school is a good place for people like us to learn." He gives up on keeping his place in the book and just closes it as he starts to stand. Everyone else is. Poor Cocoa.

Constantine just falls silent for a moment as he just looks around a big, taking a seat as he leans against a desk. "Heh…well, you didn't tear up a small town because some kids poisoned your dog.." he seems to be a little bitter then. "With me..I get why I wouldn't be liked." he kinda…let loose when he discovered his powers, granted they flew out of control.

Constantine nods though. "….but I'm glad I'm here. Get a better grip on…everything really."

Theo leans over and makes to pat Besa on the shoulder for support. He knows there's not much he can do — the teenage years just plain suck! But he assumes Besa knows he's here to help if he can. Constantine's words, though, get a visible reaction from Theo. His eyes go wide and his hand goes to cover his mouth. He's quite plainly appalled at the thought. Besa will note the reaction from Happylegs, too — the spot-face shifts into one of shock and dismay.

It's not just Happy that reacts, either. The other four spiders, milling about on the table, their spots shift too, into faces ranging from dismay, to sadness, to anger. These faces are static, though, and don't have the 'alive' quality that Happy's do.

For his part, Theo replies, "Oh goodness. I don't blame you. I'd have been mad enough to hurt someone, too."

Besa smiles, he likes encouragement from his friends! But that quickly disappears when poisoning a dog is mentioned. The teen pales, an ancient memory tugs at his heart and he looks down at Cocoa, "I….excuse me, please." He's not going to explain about a past life dog mummification right now! The Poetry book, by a modern female Egytpian poet, is left on the chair as he hurries out the room.

Constantine looks at Besa as he stands up to leave in his rushful hurry…sighing softly. "…guess I said something wrong." a look to Theo. "Though thanks for the sympathy." He shrugs then for a moment. "Orion…my dog, a german shepherd…still alive and well…just was a scare. Freak they called me, not because I had powers that not even I knew of…but because I was a nerd or something." a small shrug though.

Theo looks surprised as Besa's suddenly making for the door. "Besa, what—" But he's not quite fast enough. He blinks. "Hm. Will have to ask about that later." He doesn't seem terribly worried about it. In fact, aside from the initial shock, he doesn't really seem all that surprised. Constantine speaks up then, and Theo smiles. "Besa has… unique issues in dealing with his life here," he says, by way of explanation. Though he does sigh in relief when it's mentioned that the dog is alive. "Oh, thank God. I might have considered trying to find them and scare them personally." The explanation of why gets a confused frown. "I don't understand that. The dog didn't do anything. I mean, neither did you, truth be told. But to involve a creature that has nothing to do with it, and wouldn't know what was going on even if it did?"

Constantine shrugs then. "I'm in the same boat as you…but then again, these kids bullied me my whole life. Wouldn't be surprised if they just thought they could take the extra step….kids are sick now adays." he shakes his head then before he rises to his feet. "Well, thanks for the sympathy. So…uh…how do I see your spider friends?"

Theo frowns. "That's true," he notes, to the mention of kids being much more sick these days. "It's worrying, to be honest." The mention of seeing the spiders gets a blink. He thinks a moment. "Actually… I'm not sure. I've noticed that people with psychic abilities seem to be able to see them. Besa can, too, but I'm not sure why. As far as I know he's not psychic. His abilities must be magical. I've noticed magic tends to take a great deal of pleasure in telling the laws of physics where to shove it." A chuckle. "But, hmm… The last time someone who couldn't see them became aware of them, it was because I used one to make an impression in modeling compound. We were making Christmas ornaments. And he got rather annoyed with the glitter, since it wouldn't come off at first."

Constantine aaahhs faintly. "I see…" he does nod a few times when magic is mentioned. "Yeah…magic completely breaks the laws of…well everything. But then again, so do gifted like us." he shrugs then. before he looks at where Besa told him where the spiders were before he shrugs. "S othen, what to do now." he looks about. "What classes are you in? any fun exploratory courses?"

"Sometimes," Theo agrees. "Though most of the people I've seen here, their abilities follow some kind of rules. Magic tends to only follow it's own, from what I've seen." As for the fun courses. "Ah, no. Sadly, the school was destroyed — you might have seen the news reports. I'm told it was dinosaurs from another dimension." He says this with a completely straight face. "Much of the faculty and teachers were killed in the ensuing chaos, and the electives haven't been filled out with teachers yet. They only have… let me see if I can remember — anatomy, health, law, geography, and some creative writing. The work study program isn't even fully functional."

A few soft nods from Constantine then as he listens to his words. Then extra-dimensional dinosaurs are mentioned. "….I'm not even going to ask." he shakes his head softly, but he takes him pretty seriously. "Damn…that many?" he asked curiously before he shakes his head. "I'm sorry that happened…if I were here earlier…maybe I could have helped.." he says in sympathy, before he sighs and shakes his head. "How fast have we been recovering?"

Theo nods. "I wasn't here when it happened… I came here shortly after. I'm not sure about the recovery, to be honest — I couldn't compare beforehand to now. I know a lot of the students are still wrapping their brains around the situation. Talking about it is a sore spot with many, so I'd advise caution. I think we have either three or four teachers, not including the headmaster — who I personally am forming a rather negative opinion of due to certain circumstances — and the cook."

Constantine nods a few times at his words. "Alrighty…I won't talk about it." he agrees with a small nod. "Geez…that many teachers? must not be a thing that people are recovering from…" he sighs a moment. "Well…I hope we recover. I happen to liek the cook presently…they seemed nice." he smiles.

There's a sigh. "It's… hard, I'm sure. Most of the students have had their lives upended once, when their abilities happened, and then that's just upending it again. The quarters are cramped here, and the rules are even more cramped. I'm told the rules under the new headmaster have been tightened quite a bit, and quite a few of the students are chafing under it." Here, though, Theo gives a smile. "She is quite nice," Theo agrees. "Very easy to talk to. Not that I have any trouble, as you can see." He waves a hand. "I do apologize for that, I tend to be quite long-winded."

A light nod then from Constantine. "I see….it makes sense though." he shrugs then for the smallest moment. "I mean…I'm no stranger to plenty and plenty of rules but…even then it seems al ittle heavy. I spoke with her when I joined up. She's a nice lady…I just hope I don't break the school with my powers…" he hums a moment.

"We'll manage the best we can," Theo notes. "That's really all anyone can do." As for breaking the school? Theo smiles. "I'm sure you'll do your best. So that's really all anyone can ask of you. I doubt you'll find the students quite that violent or mean, though. I haven't yet, to be honest."

Constantine nods softly as Theodore speaks, nodding a few times. "yeah..I know. so far, everyone I've met has been pretty friendly or don't feel like talking." he says pretty casually. "but..thanks for the vote of confidence that I won't break everything." he chuckles a little bit.

"We're all just sort of doing our best," Theo replies. "Even if you do break something, you'll have tried not to. That's a comfort, that even if you do, you likely won't mean to." This may be an uncomfortable subject, Theo notes. Something occurs to him. "Actually… I have an idea. Do you want to see some of the troupe?"

Constantine smiles softly then as he speaks, nodding a little bit. "Yeah…well, we'll figure it out." He shrugs then. Though when asked if he wants to see some of the troupe, he nods a bit. "Sure. couldn't hurt." He hops up then and prepares to follow Theo wherever he would lead him.

"This is a hilariously low-tech idea, and it may not work," Theo warns. "But if it does, I'll at least feel like I'm not crazy." He chuckles. "Let's head to the kitchen." Kitchen? What could Theo be thinking?

Constantine tilts his head then. "okay…wait, why the kitchen?" he asks curiously. He had no idea what the man was thinking….even if it -was- low tech…why the kitchen??

Theo gives a mischievous look back at Constantine as he heads out of the Library. Though it's partially to see if the other student is still following him, actually. He heads into the dining room/great hall, and then goes to peek into the kitchen. "Oh, good. She hasn't started cooking yet." He enters then, and starts looking through cabinets. He gets a small saucer down and places it on the counter, though he waits until he's sure Constantine is still there. It's a pretty crazy idea, admittedly. And hella silly.

Constantine follows Theo, he does…though one can easily see the uncertainty in his eyes as they arrive in the kitchen. "So….why are we in the kitchen?" he asks curiously as he ponders why the cook was hopefully not there. "Are you going to start explaining things to me? or do I get to watch?" he has a great deal of intrigue that this is a prank.

Theo gives a bit of a sheepish look. "Well… I've noticed that people who can't see them can usually see the effects — the impression in the modeling compound and the glitter that was attached to the spider I used to make the impression," he begins. "Have you ever watched 'Tom & Jerry'? There's a handful of episodes that revolve around being invisible, either because of the 'fairy godmouse' or because of a jar of 'vanishing cream'. And in one, Tom uses a very low-tech but effective method to see where Jerry's gone." He turns to rummage around in cabinets and on the counter until he finds it. And then he holds up the container for Constantine to see. It's flour.

Constantine raises a brow at Theo, tilting his head. "The heck does this have to do with Tom and Jerry? of course I've seen Tom and Jerry." he sighs a moment then before he kinda catches on. "…Are you suggesting you could use flower to help me see your little friends?" he asks curiously.

"I hope," Theo replies. "Never know unless I try, I suppose." He opens the flour and drops a generous handful onto the small plate. He dusts the hand off, then makes a motion of reaching up to his shoulder. Whatever he was grabbing for, he must have missed, because he frowns. "Oh no you don't," he mutters, and reaches behind his neck with his other hand. "Gotcha." He makes a motion of bringing something he's grabbed towards the counter, and placing it gently next to the plate. Then he points at the plate. "In."

Pause. Nothing happens. Theo's staring at a spot next to the plate. "C'mon, go in. I'll let you bathe it off later, I promise." Still nothing happens. Theo sighs. "In. Now." There's more hesitation… and then tiny marks in the flour, as if something small is walking in it. Something small, with eight legs. Then the tiny something seems to 'burrow' in the flour a little. And as it gets more flour on it, it becomes sort of visible — the thing itself can't be seen, but the flour sticking to its body outlines its shape.

It looks like a tiny spider, all right. Quarter-sized, and shaped more or less like a jumping spider, but with the large, bulbous abdomen of an orb weaver. And then a few more tiny somethings repeat the process. When all is said and done, five tiny spiders climb out of the flour. they look identical (thanks to the flour), but there's one that moves around more than the others. And it's holding its front legs out away from its body, much like someone would when something disgusting has been poured on one.

Constantine watches as the spiders become doused with flower….and then those spiders bounce on out! now completely visible to a master of magnetism, he tilts his head as he leans in as if to look at them. "Whoa…okay, that's cool. So they can spin webs…do they have psychic power or something?" he figures since they were possibly created by Theodore's mind, if they have any kind of qualities that would amount to that.

Theo nods. "They're actually completely natural creatures," he notes. "Astral or aetheric spiders usually float harmlessly around the astral plane until they get hungry, then they find a nice juicy aura to nibble on for a bit, then they leave. A bit like demodex mites — generally harmless unless you have an infestation. These are an infestation. Though when I… I suppose I 'overfed' them. So they're mine now."

The four spiders do seem to be interacting with each other. Just sort of the way spiders would do normally, kind of. The one up front though, sends a look at Theo — the way it tilts up its anterior half directly at Theo. And he smirks. "Happylegs is… not happy." A chuckle. "Oh, they're also telepathic, but only on physical contact. Except with other telepaths."

Constantine looks at the spiders as Theodore tells him what those spiders can do. "Huh….curious." not like he was good with this kind of stuff, so he can't really explain it good. But! he does think it's seriously cool. He does use his powers of magnetism to casually, without even gesturing, for a pitcher of water to be brought over so he can help clean off the spiders. The pitcher pours a little puddle on the table for them. "There you go. Clean yoruselves off? If I help I don't want to accidentally hurt ya."

He says with a big smile, standing to his feet as a floating pitcher is just chilling there until it moves to set itself back on the counter. easy peasy.

Theo is surprised by the pitcher of water, and takes a step back so he's not in the way. The lead spider of the group runs around in a small circle, then covers its head a bit. And Theo chuckles. "So dramatic." Looking to Constantine then, "Thanks. I was wondering how I was going to get that off them… I really didn't think about it when I did that," he admits sheepishly.

And then to his spiders, "All right, you lot. Let's get you cleaned up. C'mon, I'll help you." And today Constantine might just discover that it is indeed possible to pet a tiny spider!

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