(2018-01-28) Impromptu Serenade
Impromptu Serenade
Summary: Theo's practice gets a happy interruption by Fionnuala and Besa.
Date: IC Date (2018-01-28)
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~Owaranai ame no naka de dakishimete~
~Anata ga kotae o sagashite iru no nara~
~Yuki tsubaki akaku somaru hanabira ni~
~Koyoi o azukete mayoi tsuzuketa~

What's all that? Seems like Theo's claimed the attic for some practice of the vocal kind this time! It's a quiet and slow song, but one that's no less intense. This appears to be the last verse, though, so at least he won't be clogging the attic up for much longer.

Theo here in the attic all right, in his usual t-shirt, jeans, hiking boots, and that denim very with the silver bling. He's standing, to give his lungs room to expand, and there's a Bluetooth headset mic on his head. This is the mic he's singing into.

One of Fee Reid's go-to's for expelling sunlight, when a Carmichael isn't easy to find and when going out onto the grounds is not advised… is to come to the attic! Here the shifter can, simply put, let it all hang out! No no get out of the gutter… basically, Fionnuala can sit her arse down on or beside some old boxes, stretch those wings, and harmlessly (but brilliantly) throw her light every which way until she no longer represents a walking lantern. Granted it's easier to blast it out offensively in a beam or burning flash of energy.. but that just wouldn't do. Detention for sure.

So! This calls for the reading of a cheeseball romance novel, a cup of tea, and a good ol' glowing session. She's just about to step into the landing of the musty old room when.. oh! Singing! In Japanese..? The crow girl freezes in mid-step, knowing that even if she does not disrupt things by being noisy, her light will announce her presence all-too-well. Sunlight precedes Fionnuala and sloooooowly she peers into the attic space, spying Theodore in mid-verse. She is utterly brilliant, and she has the presence of mind to grab a dusty old sheet that covers one of the many cast-off pieces of furniture and/or boxes and wrap it around herself like a shroud to dim some of her light. Dust flies into her face and immediately, poor Fee begins to sneeze—-

"Suhsuh…CHOO.." She presses her palms into her mouth. "I'm sorry! I didn't kn.. knuh.. huh—CHOO!"

Glowing and sneezing. So subtle. The dusty sheet obscures much of her glow.

Besa's been in a super good mood, his detention for the day even over (So many windows are crystal clear now!). He and Cocoa are headed up the stairs altho he pauses as he hears the singing. A grin as he pets his dog, seeing the slight from what can only be Fionnuala. Mosving upwards he stops again at the top of the stairs. He has on a purple tee shirt of a Unicorn that says 'I've got the magic in me'. It's ridiculous. A smile as he watches both his friends.

The sneeze startles Theo, but thankfully he's done actually singing. Several spiders become visible around the area, though. About twenty of the tiny little white things with blank abdomens — and a handful with black spots like vague indications of static faces in various expressions from surprise to dismay — appear along the walls a ceilings. And one, this one appearing on Theo's shoulder, with a very non-static face of surprise that seems to shift, unlike the others.

There's a mental 'murmur' from the spiders. Once Fionnuala, and then Besa, are recognized, Theo smiles. "Oh, hello there. Sorry, I got startled." He steps over to the laptop he's brought up here and turns off the music and the recording.

The arrival of the Egyptian boy in what is, frankly, an epic t-shirt coaxes forth Fionnuala's ever-ready smile. Ridiculous? It's glorious… and it shows, too. Fee with her utterly brilliant pale yellow gaze makes a great show out of admiring Besa's outfit and the overall look of happiness that the boy seems to radiate with. Fee is like a good-mood-seeking-missile and this, coupled with Cocoa, topped off by Theo's singing makes for a pleasant surprise indeed. Fee mouthes a 'hello' to Besa, a whisper even.. though her sneeze was interruption enough. She gestures with a finger, the tip pulsing with sunlight, toward the other boy and his spiders. Her rounded eyes convey one particular thought: 'isn't he good?!'

Theo greets them and Fee turns to look at him, the blanket draped over her head, the entirety of it alight with sunshine but not quite so glaring. "Sorry to interrupt you.. I didn't expect to find anyone up here." Said ruefully.

Besa's dark eyes glance around taking in all the spiders. There seems to be more visible than usual. "hello Theodore. Hello Fionnuala. Is it alright if I join you?" A soft chuckle and Besa nods in agreement with Fee. Theo is good. Cocoa blinks, unsure about the sunlight, but then it's warm and that's all the dog needs to be encouraged to go up. A spot near Fee is chosen, her tail wagging gently. "Is it alright? We were just looking for a place to be before lights out."

"Oh, it's quite all right," Theo replies. "At least you didn't happen by while I was trying to work on my upper registers. That's just embarrassing." He grins. "Well you look positively radiant today; any reason?" Yes, he's teasing her.

He smiles at Besa as well. "I don't mind," he notes. He sits down by the laptop. "I'm starting to think of this as a second home, honestly. The attic, I mean. There's always something to do and fun people to be around." This is aimed at Besa and Fee both, and he grins in the general direction of both.

And if he can reach, he may attempt to boop Cocoa's nose gently. Boop!

"Of course you can join us." Fee grins to Besa, one hand dipping to give the pup — drawn to the warmth — a thorough scritch between the ears. Fine smatterings of sunlight skitter over Cocoa and downwards toward the floor, winking out of existance. These are utterly harmless and devoid of sensation… just a byproduct of how the girl's body throws this incredible light. "You're looking much better off, Besa.. and I love your shirt. Everything looking up?" She asks cheerfully, kneeling to continue the avid attentions upon Cocoa. Good pup!

Theo's comment results in Fee using her non-Cocoa-scritching hand to primp her hair beneath the hood of musty sheet, more 'specks' of light being loosened and cast out and around her. "Why thank you~" Drawled coquettishly, before she blushes. "I worked in town today and it was a beaut of a day. Ruthie has big windows in her storefront and I was in the light for the entirety of my shift changing out seasonal displays. Then there was the walk home to see my folks.. Da needed help in the yard. MORE sun! It's just been an overload." She explains. "I'm just here to cast some of this off before bed."

Cocoa sneezes, giving Theo a look before she finds a place to lay down near Fee. Her owner says, "I think the attic is nice. It is comfortable. And easy to warm." He glances down at his shirt, "Oh, Rain gave this to me for christmas. It is funny, yes?" He nods, "Yes, everything is looking nice."

Theo chuckles at Fionnuala's display of coquettishness, though he does nod to the explanation. "Ah, I see. You absorb sunlight from being out in it?" He thinks a moment. "I wonder if we could super-charge you with UV lights, like in a tanning bed? I mean, you'd have to be careful you didn't burn your skin, but… thought experiment perhaps." A chuckle. Though he also muses, "I wonder if any of these guys could drain it off? It isn't psychic energy, so…"

Speaking of the spiders, most of them have disappeared. The ones with the static faces lingered for a few seconds longer, but they too eventually disappeared. The only one who remains is the one with the non-static face on its abdomen, and that one remains on Theo's shoulder.

Theo chuckles at the sneezy doggo. And then the mention of Besa's shirt draws his attention up to it finally. "Oh, it's absolutely fabulous, I have to say." He grins. "In all seriousness, it looks good on you."

Besa studies the living nightlight, "I like the light from you, Fionnuala. It is always warm and inviting." Don't change! He notices the disappearing spiders, wondering if they go on their own, or if Theo had them disappear. But then his attention goes to Theo and his comment, "It is…comfortable. And I like the purple." He mostly dresses in earth tones when not in school uniform. "Rain says she fashions me."

"Sure do!" Fee answers Theo, "Even on 'cloudy' days… the sun is never truly gone. It still finds it's way, and I draw it in. You should see me in the summertime!" A giggle then; Fee has a nice-sounding giggle. Everything about her way of speaking and laughing is singsong. "UV lights help, too.. kinda like how people use them when they suffer from seasonal affective disorder. But nothing beats the real thing." THe shifter admits, giving Cocoa one more two-handed scritching, looking for all those itchy spots. The sheet slips a bit from her shoulder and light flashes. OMG Fee, you hussy, flashing these boys. Pfft.

Besa's remark on the light causes the girl to well-and-truly smile.. there's Fee's amused smile and then there's this: it reaches her eyes, a real kind look. She blows the Egyptian boy a kiss as she stands, "You're just too sweet." Said to Besa, and then to Theo: "And you are fabulous! So, sweetness and fabulousness, I'm gonna go for a walk.. this is a big ol' house with a big attic. I don't want to be a disruption… so have a good night, ok?" She implores, pulling the sheet tighter and standing proper. She will pad off, likely explore the other spaces in this upper echelon of Winbarry.. keeping out of earshot and apart from sight, lest her stored light be blinding.

"The purple does look good," Theo remarks. "You do look good in those earth tones I've noticed you seem to favor, but a purple would spice that up. Particularly a more bluish purple, with mostly warmer tones — just that one little accent to make everything pop, you know?" Oh geez, he's not about to 'fashion' Besa too, is he?

Apparently not, since he moves away from the topic easily enough. He chuckles to Fee's words, and gives a nod. "Take care, Fionnuala. And have a good night yourself, too." A smile and a merry little wave when she moves off.

Besa's eyes widen slightly at the blown kiss. Not that he's opposed, he just wasn't expecting it from Fee. Laughing, "It is because I put too much honey in my tea this morning." He raises a hand to wave at the girl as she wanders off. "Goodnight, Fionnuala." He turns and listens to Theo, nodding, but mostly to be polite. He just wears whatever Rain tells him to. He's like a living dress up doll! O.o "I like it." the purple. "I may see if she will paint my nails a purple next." Usually when he gets his nails done it's super dark red or black. They're not done currently.

"Oh, there's an idea," Theo replies, with a bright smile. "I haven't had the chance to do mine for a while." Looking at them forlornly. his nails are also, sadly, unpainted. They're in pretty good condition, though. Apparently he takes care of them, keeping them trimmed but not too short. Long enough to mess about with, short enough not to get in the way! "Who do you sually have do yours?" he asks.

Besa looks down at Theo's hands, "I am sure Rain would be happy to do yours for you." look at him, just volunteering Rain for manicure duty! "Rain is very good at nails and hair and the fashion things." That might explain why Besa's few outfits outside of his uniform are all expensive pieces of clothing. He's got a sugar momma of sorts!

"Aa, I see," Theo notes. He tilts his head a bit. "I'm not sure. Rain seems uncomfortable around me, to some degree. I'm not sure if it's the spiders or if it's just me. And incidentally, why are most of the girls here afraid of spiders? I think Fionnuala's been the only girl here I've met who saw them and wasn't."

Besa's brow furrows, but it's not at Theo really, "Rain….she is a very good person, but sometimes she has trouble relaxing around someone to allow herself to be freidly." His eyebrow now raises slightly, "i do not know. They are afraid?" That seems silly! He looks to Happy on Theo's shoulder and wiggles a finger at him, "They are not to be afraid of."

Theo nods. "I noticed. It's difficult to read her past the tension," he admits. "I generally don't push her, because I don't want to bother her. If she doesn't want my presence, pushing her would just make her desire my presence less." He gives a half-smile. And Happy waves its foreleg at Besa, the spots changing to a happy face! "Well, no," Theo notes, of the statement regarding his 'pets'. "But the mundane creature they resemble tends to be disliked. And these kind, when un…owned, I suppose, can be dangerous."

Besa smiles, a touch sad for his friend, "She is worth it, I promise." He studies Happy, taking a few setps closer, "Is it dangerous? I do not feel danger from him." But then again, it keeps hugging on Besa.

Here Theo smiles. "I'm sure she is. I'm concerned more for her comfort than anything else." The question of Happy gets a shake of his head. "Oh, these aren't. None of mine are, really, unless they need to be. Normally, however, aetheric spiders would be sort of floating around the astral plane, finding random auras to nibble on. Much like a mite, or a flea — they find a target, take what they need, and then move on. Humans create astral energy, even non-psychics. Since these are connected to me, they're sustained by the energy I make, so they don't need to nibble. A few still do, though… it's in their nature. I try to keep it to a minimum, though."

Besa moves far enough to get a good look at Happy. His head tilts, pretty hair falling into his eyes before he pushes it back with his hand. "I suppose as long as they don't hurt anyone, it should not matter if they nibble." A though and he smiles, "Is that what he has been doing to me?" Maybe that's why Happy keeps hugging him!

The spider is as he usually is, the tiny white being with its black spots. But unlike the others, the spots that make the vague indication of a face on its abdomen seem to be in more flux than the rest. Happy turns to tap Theo on the neck a little, and Theo moves to lift his hand, so the spider can hop onto it. Theo bends a knuckle at the second joint, and Happylegs clambers onto it. Now it can 'pose' for Besa. Which it does, kind of. Ta-daaa~!

Theo chuckles. "He hasn't nibbled on you, no. You would probably know if he was. The rest are careful. They do understand how not to hurt a potential target, and they don't really need it anymore, so it's usually only very, very brief. I doubt anyone's noticed. Though if you see any of the students feeling just an unspecified 'blah', that might be the reason."

Besa smiles, amused at Happy's pose. "He is very talented." At posing? Maybe! He nods, "If he is hungry, I do not mind." But would he really not, once he felt it? Blah, huh? He nods, "I am glad it doesn't make you feel the 'blah' when they feed from you."

"It's… a little more complicated than that," Theo replies. "It's less that they all feed from me and more that they're all… 'plugged into me'. If that makes sense. They're getting their sustenance from being connected to me rather than actually eating my psychic energy. It's like if you had a generator inside you instead of having to eat food to get energy." At the mention of needing to feed from Besa? He winces slightly. "I'd rather not have them do that. I have… bad memories of it, and I wouldn't want to inflict it on others."

Besa can't imagine that spiders eating him is anything worse than what he dealt with in Hell, but he nods, not wanting to upset Theo. "Very well. I only offered if it was needed." Which it sounds like it is not! "I am sorry you have bad memories."

"It shouldn't become necessary," Theo replies. And quietly he adds, "But… I do appreciate it. I will ask, if it becomes necessary, I promise." He smiles, rather awkwardly. Happylegs jumps back onto his shoulder, with a confused face on its abdomen, and pats Theo.

Besa smiles softly, nodding more. "I understand." Seeing Happy's movements, Besa assumes maybe this conversation is bothering Theo. "I should go, I need to walk Cocoa before bed, and we interrupted your singing." Cocoa, upon hearing her name stands up and moves over to Besa, stretching as she does. She's a good dog. "I will see you tomorrow, Theodore. Have a restful sleep."

"It's no interruption, really," Theo replies. He winks. "I'm always glad to see YOU~." Yes, he's flirting. Sort of. He's teasing. At his age, he probably doesn't really even know what he wants. But he nods. "Thank you. You as well, Besa. Take care."

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