(2018-01-26) Expected Response
Expected Response
Summary: Rain seems to appreciate Besa news more than the other Masters twin.
Date: 2018-01-26
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A new day has dawned and the school is starting to show all the signs of waking teens and the smells of breakfast being made. Most are gathering in the dining hall, but Rain has started to have hers in the breakfast nook with Fiona, with the crow around it is at least warm. The teen is to the point where she is willing to admit that she likes the other girls company.

Even though it is Friday and uniforms aren't required Rain is wearing hers, though she doesn't have the tie on at the moment. She sits at the table, mug of what is probably tea in her hand as she stares blankly out the windows, she is no sort of morning person, so she still probably hasn't woken up fully.

Besa also is still in his uniform. He likes feeling like he belongs, so even the tie is on. Despite the not so positive reaction he got from Mrs. Masters and Sky, he's hopeful about war he has learned. So there's a slight spring in his step as he walks into the nook, looking for a specfic person. Seeing her, his smile brightens and he moves to where she is. Always polite, "May I join you?" His hands are full, plate, mug, and in the crook of his elbow, a very familiar bowl.

It takes a few seconds for it to register that she isn't alone and that she is being spoken too. "Huh?" Rain says automatically, though its Besa so she doesn't need the words repeated to know what he said. She heard them it just takes a few more seconds for her brain to catchup. "Of course." she sips her tea as she studies him, noting the difference in mood "You seem cheerful this morning." she gives a sleepy smile "It's good to see."

Besa laughs gently at Rain as he sits down. "I am cheerful." His plate and mug are set down before he gently places the bowl in front of her, "I have been visited by Circe. She gave me this to give to you. She is sorry she broke it." He's not questing where Circe got it from, just happy that it will make Rain happy. "I have music news too, good things to know, I believe." Even if no one else thinks it's good to know!

That hasn't always been the case, but Rain isn't about to say anything that would ruin his mood. When he sets the bowl down she blinks at it in confusion "That…how?" she picks it up and examines it, she is finding it hard to believe. The explanation has her looking at him, still confused "Circe…." it takes her half asleep brain a moment to catch up "The other Circe you mean." it is more of a statement for herself than an actual statement. A real smile comes to her face and she sits the bowl in her lap "What did she say that put you in a good mood?" maybe if she knows it can help her cheer up Besa in the future "Music news?" that's curious.

Besa nods, still smiling, "Yes. Through meditation." And her super powers!!! He reaches for his mug, intent of some tea in his happy mood. He even put in extra honey. Look out world, it's a sugared Besa you have to deal with today! "She told me that at least 12 of the others made it home. One is still wrapped, but he is safe and being cared for. If they made it home, I have no reason to believe the others did not as well." And that's a HUGE weight lifted off the Khophesh! Music news? Oh….He looks a little sheep sing, "Sorry…wrong word." He has a lot of languages in his head, sometimes words get mixed up, "Much news." He sips his tea, smiling when she puts the bowl in her lap for safe keeping, "She and her Besa are doing well. He is also having memory issues. They all are. Which may be a blessing." The less remembered about Hell, the better.

"That's great!" Rain seems happy enough for him that she leans over to give him a spontaneous hug. For as much grief Sky gave him last night she is going in the opposite direction. Of course she probably knows some of went down, so she is being supportive enough to compensate, or try too, but that doesn't mean that it isn't genuine. It is. All of it. "Now you have one less thing to worry about." she nods at the news about the other Besa's and the memory issues "So its not just you. I hope her Besa is happier now, or is at least working on being happy." even at 15 she knows that sometime happiness is something you have to work at. Something she needs to do more often.

HugS! Happy Besa. The mug is set down so he can hug her back, "Yes, it is great. They were just memories, the dreams I was having, they are okay." He nods, perfect hair bouncing happily. "I think he is. She stuck her tongue out at him." Isn't that always a good sign? "There was oterh things too. I do not think Sky things it is good, but I am happy to know." He reaches for her hand, "I believe her Rain's death was connected to the Sobek priests." He squeezes her hand if able, "Which means we will be able to be prepared now." See> Good news! they can save Rain! No insane Sky!

If holding her hand keeps Besa in a good mood Rain is willing to make that sacrifice, though she has never not been willing to hold his hand, so pulling it away is unlikely. It's what friends do. "You saw him too?" it would be nice if he had, but just seeing Circe seems to be a big enough deal. Her brow furrows as she thinks about his suspicion about the death of the other version of herself "You think the Sobek priests shot her over there?" she guesses that is possible, and isn't dismissing the idea "Perhaps trying to get rid of that Besa's family and friends, making him either more willing to submit or come after them so they could trap him?" she wouldn't put it past them.

"No, only her, but I could tell she was talking to him." Weird. "I do. And now that we know, we can be prepared." That's a possibility, which makes his smile drop some, "Or just in a fight with them. I do not know that specific." His hand tightens slightly, "I spoke with your mother briefly yesterday on this, but I do not believe she and Sky believed that it was as importnad and a good thing to know as I do…."

Rain nods, she wasn't there so has no reason to not believe him, and Besa is an awful liar, so believe him she does. "Well its good that you have been warned about some things. We can be plan better and be more vigilant." her hand is a bit cold, but without Fiona not in the room it is a bit chilly, with the room being mostly windows, the sun shining in only helps a little. "I think with Sky it is denial…and not wanting to face the facts." she hmms "As for mom…maybe she is just trying to downplay it so we don't get all panicky." those are the only reasons she can come up with.

His free hand grabs his mug again, what a sight they must be for anyone walking in! "That is what I said!" His tea is sipped, "I suggested that Sky try acupuncture. I do not think he was interested. Or perhaps he just wished to be angry about his head. But if you suggest it, he may actually try it. It can only help his headaches." In his medical opinion. A final squeeze of her hand as he shrugs and starts in on his breakfast, "Maybe. She wants me to come have tea this weekend."

Holding hands! Gasp! Scandalous…Rain has been the subject of worse rumours. She tries to gauge if her saying the same that Besa did is a good way of thinking or not. It doesn't upset him, so they must be in agreement on that too. "If the situations were reversed I would probably have a hard time facing it as well. I'll try an talk to him about that and acupuncture for his headaches." anything has to be better than the meds he is taking. With her own hand freed she cradles the warm tea mug in both hands, she hasn't gotten food yet so she has nothing to dig into "Really?" she seems a bit surprised by the invitation "That's good. Talking to her about the situation in person couldn't hurt. Is she opening a gate for you than?"

Well, Sky's not taking them. That's the problem. He's run out. Besa nods, that hair catching the morning sun in a clear hair product kinda moment. "I hope it will help him some." He grunts arid the food, swallowing before answering, "Yes. Circe, the older one, told me she was connected to all the Circe's on the dimensions she went to. I thought your momtehr would want to know that." He smiles, "Our Circe was napping when I talked to Circe, so I was not speaking with her at the movement." Confusing much? Besa doesn't thinks so. But then again, he went to hell….with himsleves.

With nothing interesting but snow outside the window and no food to distract her Rain watches Besa as they talk, "We need to braid your hair again. It's nearly long enough." she mentions as an aside. It's a given that nails will be done at the same time. Confusing yes. very much, especially for all the Circe's. She has enough of a problem just keep her own emotions straight from Sky sometimes..but that she has a hard time fathoming. "If mom hasn't figured it out aleady, yeah." she nods in agreement "Does that mean that whatever our Circe knows all the other ones do as well?" talk about brain overload.

That gets another smile, "It is? That would be nice." Besa doesn't like to admit it, but he likes it when Rain pampers him. It's a little self indulgent, but it's so nice. "I thought that would be better explained in person." Plus he'd get to hold Circe, bonus! "I think that means that they can know?" He's not certain. "While she is connected, she is also very much a baby. I think it may take some concentration." Maybe. or maybe that's why Circe has so much trouble with tenses and pronouns.

And Rain likes spoiling her friends, and since that is the only way he will allow the spoiling…Win-Win. "We can do your hair and nails before you head home. Make you presentable for mom and Circe." she is mostly joking there. "She is to young to really understand that she has other versions of herself in her head or to understand what is going on with them really." at least this is something she is familiar with "I guess it is a good thing she has Sky and I as siblings. We know what its like to have somebody else in your head all the time." story of their life "And you too of course. It would be awful for her if she was the only Circe in the connection to not have a version of you."

Besa chuckles softly as he eats. He's in a very much better mood now it seems. "I think because it will be what she always remembers, it will not be strange or bad for her at all." His smile fades slightly, thoughts of the wrapped Besa. "Yes. I would be sad as well if I did not have her in my life. Any of you. You are my family now."

And it seems to be contagious! Besa has the happy cooties. "It's all I know so its my normal. It will be her normal too." A strange normal, but that is part of being in the Masters clan. "My mother getting pregnant with Circe than was good time for both of you." and to think at one point Rain was dreading the thought of another sibling, now she couldn't imagine it any other way and it has been less than a year. "Her first birthday is coming up. We will have to do something for it." though her parents probably already are planning something. There is a smile "There would certainly be something missing in both of our lives if that was the case." and Besa would still be in hell.

Besa's mind isn't usually in the gutter, but maybe it's because he's always so worried about everything? He blinks, dark skin hinting at a blush. A good time for him? Oh boy. he clears his throat, having never thought of Mrs. Master in that ay before. Gah! Gross! "Y-yes, her birthday. What is traditional for baby's birthdays?" He can't make her anything, but he still has a small amount of monet left." A sip of tea to clear another thoughts, so much honey! "Much joy would be missing, yes."

Rain has no idea what the blushing is about, but clearly he is embarrassed by something, she won't make it worse by asking him either. Nothing to see here, but surely there was some misunderstanding. "I'm not sure there is a traditional gift. Toys? Clothes? I guess either of those are good. She won't remember it anyway." she glances toward the kitchen a moment. Now that she is fully awake food is sounding like a good idea "We have plenty of time to figure it out. It's not until March." in case he doesn't remember.

Ususally is, He's english 500th language. "I will get her something she will remember." Probably not, but he likes to think he can get something special! March? He'll need to figure out a way to make some coin then! Seeing the glance, "You should go get food. It is good this morning." More likely it's his happy mood, but still!

"Well she will remember the necklace you got her…or rather she will have it for a long time." Rain doubts that she will actually remember getting it, but she will at least always have it and know who gave it to her. "I do like french toast." she states with a nod "Do you want anything else? More tea? Another helping of anything?" she waits for the answer, whatever it is then heads off to get food. It doesn't take her long to throw food on a plate and come back quickly enough, with extras if necessary. "I was wondering, all the other Besas came back as teenagers, didn't they?"

Besa hopes she'll have it forever! His smile grows though, at that. "I hope so. It is special." Wityh his blood and all. Maybe that's why is worked to find them in Hell? "Oh! Yes please. The french toast is very good." or maybe he's just a growing boy? He's always goin g to be small, and late to growing. But he can trying to ale it up some by eating! He inhales what's left on his plate so when she returns he can start on that. "They came back at whatever age the first sacrifice was made at. Most were around this age though….why?"

Rain nods, but she doesn't know exactly how special the necklace is "Well the other Circe's necklace come in handy. For the same reason the bowl did." she glances at it, now on the table since she got up briefly. Sharing the food she just shrugs "Curious mostly…does that mean the other Circe and him are the same age? Does he have to redo high school?" that'd be a nightmare

He just smiles, no need to tell them about the blood, their mother knows. And who knows if the twins would get mad, is that him guilting a healing? Pushing aside that, "I suppose so? I don't know what age he was sacrificed at." A nose wrinkle and sigh, "Yes. You have no idea how many times I have been taught some of these things." Which makes sense when thinking about how little effort he puts into the work he does. Or how very not excited he gets about most subjects. "I fear if something happened and I die…If I do wrap and resurrect, everyone will be some much older than me. I will be left behind." He doesn't want to be a little brother.

"Something you can ask if she contacts you again." Rain has been slowly eating her food "How did that happen anyway?"

"I was meditating. It has been my main focus when I do for some time, to try to reach out. The dreams have been more…agressive since the attack by the Sobek priest. But I think now that is just worry and stress." Poor Cocoa has basically been sleeping onto of Besa since the attack, like some doggy anti-anxiety blanket. "I was in the attic and I felt a pull. When I opened my eyes she was there." He amends, "Well…a projection of her was there."

That is impressive, at least it impresses Rain if her facial expression is a way to judge "So all the meditation paid off." she say between bites "Less stress and worry now, right?" that looks to be the case "Like astral projection? That's neat."

Besa chuckles, "Yes. Apprently I can do something right.' Shocking! There's a head bob as he polishes off the rest of his food, "Yes. I can not focus on something else." Most likely the priests trying to kill him. Or kidnap? He's not exactly sure there end goal. "Perhaps Our Circe will learn that soon so she can visit us at school!" Unlikely, but a fun thought!

"There are a few other things you do right." Rain protests his self bashing. "Even if our Circe knew something how would she tell us? She isn't really talking yet."

Besa Snorts, amused. "I do not have a kick wheel to do the other.' And his drumming hasn't gone anywhere as he doesn't have one currently. He fi ishes off his tea, "She would let us know, I am sure. Soemhow."

A thought strikes Rain…"Wait…." she pulls her phone out of her pocket and begins to tap at it, googling something. She taps, scrolls, reads, until she finds what she is looking for "Look," she leans and a angles the phone so he can see it. It is the website of a pottery studio, and a listing for its open hours "There is this place in Thunder Bay. When you get back from visiting mom we can go check it out." she bookmarks the page "I will.call later as well to see if they have kick wheels." she looks skeptical about Circe telling them anything "Sky has no problem understanding her, but he just reads her mind."

Besa always makes sure his hands are in his lap, at his sides, or flat on a table when someone pulls out their phone. He does lean in a little to see what she's showing him, "Oh….that is…Do they charge?" He nods though, he misses it enough to at least go check the place out. His nose wrinkles, "That is cheating. I just meant, if you are around her, you can tell things about her." At leafs, he can already.

Her eyes scan the website "For supplies only it looks like, but you have to reserve your time. They don't list prices so i don't know how much. I'll ask about that too." the cheating comment has her amused "You and Sky may be able to but I don't have to connection that you two do with her." and she is fine with that.

Besa's unaware of any psychic powers he has, despite being able to see Theo's spiders. "You just need to spend more time with her, is all. She likes you."And it'll probably hep the oterh Circe too, get to know her sister a little bit. He nods, that hair that needs braided bopping along, "That would be nice. I miss throwing. Sky got me some clay for Christmas, but it is not the same without a wheel."

But he does have magic, Rain has neither magic or psychic abilities. "When she is a big older maybe." right now babies just make her a bit nervous. "We can take your,clay, just in case." she suggests. It isn't a perfect solution, but it is something at least.

Besa grins, "Yes, then It may not cost much of anything. And if i can make some mugs for the coffee shop…" Well, that whole process can start up again! Now to not have detention forever.

"Let's hope. I'll look to see if there are other places too." Rain tells him, "There may be something at a local college." that could be pricier though worth looking into. There is a commotion in the kitchen which heralds a group of other students coming in to eat. So much for their peaceful morning.

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