(2018-01-25) Unexpected Response
Unexpected Response
Summary: After getting what he believes is critical information, Besa runs to Sky.
Date: 2018-01-25
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Boy's Wing Winbarry Estate

A long hallway with a large curtained window at the end. Carpet runs the length of it. There are a number of doors on each side leading to bedrooms. Between the doors and wall sconces that give just enough light to see by.

Basically as soon as Besa was down meditating he sprinted down the stairs and is now pounding loudly (He's hoping maybe Sky will feel the vibrations)on Sky's door. He's in his Detention clothes(not that any of his clothes are all that shabby, thanks Rain), covered in a lot of dust. A few other students give him weird looks as he waits to see if Sky is there. The looks are ignored, he seems almost…happy? In his hand that's not pounding on the door is a very familiar ice cream bowl.

Schuyler doesn't hear the pounding, certainly, but at some point he does catch the vibration of the the door and looks up from his reading. There's a scowl as he uncurls himself from where he was reading on whatever bed they were given and goes to the door to pull it open. Besa gets a blink before his eyes glance over his outfit and the ice cream bowl that's held. Huh. Stepping aside, he gestures for Besa to come in and moves, himself, to grab his tablet.

The bowl, last it was seen, was smashed in the ritual to get Besa back. Strange indeed. "Sky, I have just found out something very important!" He rushes in , trying to stay in front of Sky so he can lip read, if needed (Besa has no idea when Sky is reading minds vs. reading lips). The bowl is held up, like proof, "I saw her!"
<FS3> Schuyler rolls Lip Reading: Good Success.

Grey eyes look from the bowl to Besa and back before Sky quickly types something in the tablet. After just a moment, Benedict Cumberbatch's voice asks, "You saw someone in an ice cream bowl? Are you ok?" He might not have been aware of what happened during the ritual or he wasn't paying attention, which is possibly more likely.

Besa frowns, "No. I saw Circe. The one that did the ritual." The one in the other demention. "She told me something very important, we need to call your mother immediately." He seems excited and worried and strangle relieved all at once. The concern for the other Besas was weighing on him a lot more than he realzed.

Schuyler blinks again as Circe is mentioned and described. "So she's ok?" is asked from the tablet before he watches Besa for a moment more. He may not be reading minds…his pills are out but he's not yet falling asleep. There's another look of consideration before he moves from his seat and goes to set the tablet up against the bed and the wall so that video can be seen by both. He then goes to the speed-dial and pulls up the number for his mom.

It might take a couple of tries to get her on Facetime (or the video-call equivalent) but when she finally shows up, Sky does a bit of rapid signing before stepping aside to let Besa say what needs to be said. He'll still watch the two, though, so that maybe he can get an idea as to what's going on with Circe and an ice-cream bowl.

Besa's very, very excited, "Mrs.Masters!" He's still not at the point of calling her mom yet, like Alt Besa. "I contacted the other Circe." He holds the bowl up, like that again is proof, "I learned many things, but the most important is I know how her Rain died. We now know what to be wary of!" He smiles, relieved. That too has been weighing on him. He looks over to Sky briefly, still smiling, "We can save her."

Victoria Masters signs and speaks at the same time, probably for Sky's sake as she knows he's right there. "That's great that you contacted her. Are you all right? And this is very interesting, but…didn't it have something to do with their Sky there? And it's a different timeline, Besa. While we can keep a lookout for something like this, I don't think we should be so set on something like that happening here and now. Of course we want to keep everyone safe, but thinking that our timeline will coincide with her's is probably not the best thing to focus on." She glances off to Sky, noting his darkening scowl.

Through the fog of the pills he manages, and signs, «So you think that I'm going to get my twin killed and torture my youngest sister?»

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Good Success.

Besa blinks, surprised, "What…no, I do not…" He wasn't expecting to just be dismissed. "But it is a possibility we can watch for." The bowl is moved closer to his chest as he watches Sky sign, "No…I did not say that, Sky. I do not think that at all…." Maybe this was a bad idea. He looks down at the bowl, "I hope Circe is having a nice nap." How would he know that the baby is sleeping? Weird. All that excitement is draining away.

It's not that he's being dismissed, but assuming that assumes the thing about the other twin. Victoria looks back to Besa in the video, "I'm very interested in hearing what you discovered," is finally offered with a warm smile. There's a quizzical look that seems to enter her expression when Besa mentions the nap but that could also be the video quality.

Besa nods, although as it was explained to him, it's not implicating Sky at all. Probably more him, if anyone. "It has to do with dealing with the Sobek priests." The ones that just stabbed him.

Victoria tilts her head, "Yes, we're looking into that. But wasn't the alternate Rain killed when she was quite a bit older?" At least they're working on the problem. "Unfortunately, these little covens and sects everywhere…but I've also contacted some colleagues in Salem to keep a look out as they're much closer. What more did you find?"

Besa's clearly upset that his news (Which he thought was good, now they know!) isn't being received the way he hoped. "Yes, but the priests did not show up then till later for them as well." He nods softly, hair flopping. "Okay." Ice cream bowl, which should not be here, is cradled to his chest, maybe pressing into his heart a little bit, "She was not supposed to tell me that much. That is all she said about the priests." Sorta. "The rest was just about the other Besas." The Circe stuff will be better explained in person, he thinks.

There's a thoughtful look from the Sorceress as she considers Besa's news and his expression. "This is very concerning then, that they've shown up so soon. Are the other Besas faring well? I know you were concerned about them too." She goes back to watching Besa thoughtfully before asking, "I can bring you hear easily if you would rather talk over…well, tea rather than a video?"

Sky remains quiet, watching the conversation as best as he can.

Besa wets his lips, "She only knows of 12. Most are well enough. Everyone that is awake has had the same memory issue as I have had." Yikes, some haven't woken up yet? "I would like that. But I have to finish my detention. Perhaps over the weekend?"

"We can speak after your Detention this evening if you'd like. I can have you here and back before Light's Out if you wish…" seems that the Masters get their rebellious spirit from more that one parent. "Thank you for telling me all of this, Besa. We'll work to stop them before anyone gets hurt more than they have." She does seem to be taking the warning seriously, after all, it's her daughter and adopted son involved. "And you're also welcome to come for the weekend in addition to this as we all enjoy your company." There's another warm smile as she nods, "I'm glad that some are awake and I hope that they're picking up their memories as quickly as you have…or merely working on making new, happy ones. Please let me know what I can do to help."

Besa bows his head, "Thank you." It may be tomorrow, but yes, they'll speak. Sky is given another quick glance, before he tells Mrs.Masters, "I will have to see if i can get enough of my work done for a weekend visit, but it would be nice to see you and Circe." And everyone else, but mostly those two. Once the call is over he looks back to Sky, "Are you alright?"

"And it will be nice to see you as well, Besa," is offered before Victoria signs something else and ends the call with, "Love you both."

When the tablet goes back to the text-to-speech app, Sky retrieves it before glancing to Besa to catch the question. The app then saysm "Sure. Just fine knowing that everying thinks I'm going to turn Evil and go torturing my family. Just peachy."

Besa frowns, "That…is not what I said. At all." He sighs, the encounter with Circe and now this having tired him. "I do not believe the other Sky went evil and killed Rain. No one thinks that you will either." At least, he doesn't think so. "I thought…you would want to know, so we can keep an eye on Rain is all." Or just Besa will, but having the Masters family helping would make more sense. The ancient teen eyes the other briefly, brow furrowed, "Do you have a headache again?"

"He didn't kill Rain, but because Rain was killed, he went crazy and tortured Circe," although the app can't pronounce 'Circe' correctly. Not that Sky can tell. "If you're going on the idea that what happened there will happen here, then there's nothing I can do, is there?" He's trying to not scowl, but it's not working very well. In regards to the question about the headache, the app answers, "I always have a headache."

Besa holds the bowl close and Besa does scowl, "I did not say what happened there will happen here. It could, As in, Rain could die. i am trying to stop that possibility." He doesn't understand why they don't see this as a good thing. They know now. Before it was this big looming worry (at least for him). "You will not turn into that, because you have seen that possible outcome and know it is wrong." The ancient teen inhales, but stops whatever else he was going to say. Sky does not want his help, he said he'd stop offering. So instead, "I'm sorry i disturbed you. I was not trying to upset you."

"If Rain dies," the app says for Sky, "I don't know what would happen." His headache isn't from anything external that can be healed…it would be like healing allergies or a migraine. "I know you weren't. I'm glad that you figured stuff out and you found out that the other Besas are safe. I know you were worried for them." The app also probably also mispronounces 'Besa'. "You didn't disturb me."

Besa lets the machine talk, ignoring the mispronounced names. Instead he just says, "I know what would happen. You will be devastated. But I will not let you become what the other became. Circe is as much my sister as yours, I will not let you or anyone harm her." He says this with a soft smile, he doesn't mean it as a threat, he means it more as a safe guard. "I love Rain. She has been kinder to me than anyone else has in my entire existence. I will not fail her. But if I do, I will not fail her a second time in losing you as well."

Schuyler starts to arch an eyebrow at Besa's insistance but there's a slight slump of his shoulder as he reads the rest of what Besa says. He tries to hide it by typing into the tablet. "I love Rain too and will do everything I can to keep her safe. Even if it means keeping her safe from me."

Besa's head tilts, unsure what the slump is about. Did he say something wrong? But at least he's not getting an argument from Sky. A soft nod, "All will be well. We must just stay focused and vigilant. The Sobek priests must be found and destroyed."

This is something that Sky can comment on…it's easier to talk about this than Rain or his potential future-self torturing family members due to insanity. "You can't go around killing people, no matter who they are, Besa. Even -I- know that. This is why the parents need to be involved. They won't kill them but they'll make sure that they can't hurt others."

Maybe Sky can't, but Besa's pretty sure he himself would be ok with it. "Your parents are involved." It's not really him agreeing, but he'll not pressing murder on anyone else either. "The school knows. But I will be prepared." Even if he's in detention for it. "I am going to start training again. Would you like to join me?" Ususally he trains with Rain, but maybe if they switched it ups a little…

"You'll go to jail, you know. If you kill someone. It doesn't matter if you're a kid or powered." There are probably a few Masters who are or have been incarcerated due to their villainy. "You can defend yourself, but don't strike first. You'll get far more than detention." The mention of training has Sky shaking his head, "Thanks but I don't think so. I'm not a fighter. You're better off working with Rain or one of the other fighters."

Besa says, "I did not strike first." That's true, he didn't. He just wanted to strike last! Going to jail, if it means keeps Rain safe, is a worthy risk! Again, he'll not push training on Sky, he just thought it might be nice. "Alright." He nods, shifting the bowl against his chest, "I will let you get back to whatever you were doing then…" Reading? glowering at a wall? He's not sure. "I am sorry your head hurts.""

Schuyler watches Besa for a long moment before he begins typing on the tablet. Cumberbatch finally says, "I'm really glad that you and Rain are so close. I'm sorry that we don't seem to be able to figure things out. I was just reading and doing homework. Nothing exciting. "My head always hurts," he repeats. "If I could take the pills during the day, I would, but I wouldn't be able to do so well in class."

Besa's sorry too. His face softens. "I and my….issues are not easy. I do understand." A glance to the desk where his homework is. "there must be a way to help your head without making it cloudy." Acupuncture? Voodoo?

"I know I'm not an easy person either," but they were able to get along before. Sky's gaze follows Besa's for a moment before he shrugs and types some more. "They won't refill my prescription. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do. Nothing stops the headaches and nothing stops the voices." He might go crazy before anything could happen to Rain due to lack of sleep.
<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Great Success.

Besa stops, getting that far away look he gets when he remembers things, "Have you tried acupuncture yet? It may elevate some of the pain." He thinks, looking down at the bowl in his hands. One hand raises so he can look at the palm, "I feel that you must built up callouses , like when doing manual labor." The real question is, how does one built up Phychic callouss? If only they had access to any adults with powers like that!

Schuyler starts to sign but remembers and goes back to the tablet. "They won't let us take art or music classes. You think they're going to let anyone do acupuncture here? I can't get medical treatment without an adult present. Callouses are hard and inflexible. I don't think you want them in your mind."

"Yes? Because it is medical practice? You would not do it here, you would go to a specialist." He sighs, Besa's trying to help, but if everything is shot down…. "Very well." He's not going to force anything. "I will go find Rain and give her the bowl and Circe's apology for hang to break the other. And then i must go finish cleaning the attic."

"I know I wouldn't do it here. But I'd have to have permission from the school to go there and permission from my parents to get treated." And it's just so much easier to take a pill and not have to deal with it. "I'm still glad you got some closure with the other Besas. I know you were worried about them."
GAME: Save complete.

Besa offers, "I am going to speak with your mother soon, would you like me to ask her?" Again, he looks down at the bowl, a tired expression flashes across his face, 'It is strange. It was my duty to watch over them for so long… I believe my drams are just memories though. Past worries." At least for 11 other Besas, he knows they're safe. "I believe everything is good." He hopes.

Schuyler shrugs, "If you want," is said by the app. He seems ambivalent about it, but maybe if he does this they'll give him more pills? That's really what he's worried about. "It was only a few months here. But you're still making sure they're safe and that's a good thing. I'm glad you know that now."

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