(2018-01-25) Calling From Another Dimension
Calling From Another Dimension
Summary: Besa is contacted by Alt-Circe
Date: 2018-01-25
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NPCs: Circe
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Attic Floor

The attic floor contained more staff quarters, general storage areas. There are boxes there that have been there for decades, not brought in by Unit 23. Who knows what's in them?

Detention this afternoon? Maybe. But Besa finished up using a speed charm a lot faster than those in charge of detentions realized, so he's got some time to meditate. The ten's head has been all over the place, people mad, stabbing, people not mad, whatever is up with Theodore. He's in the junkiest clothing he owns, which thanks to Rain isn't very junky, sitting on the floor , legs criss crossed. Eyes closed, he's been at this for a while, breathing steady and slow. Any pangs his heart gives are ignored, he's not got time for that. Cocoa is laying next to him, pressed against his leg dozing.

Everything seems normal, or as normal as it gets for the place. Though after about ten or so minutes of meditating there is an odd sensation. It's similar to be pulled, but not physically, or mentally..it seems more on the spirtual/magic plane, though pulling isn't a proper descriptor either. It's easy to tell that it isn't to pull Besa anywhere, but more like he is being used as an anchor for someone..or something else. Strangely though while it is curious, it isn't panic inducing like one would imagine it to be. After a few moments the sensation suddenly ends and there is the definite sensation of not being alone with just Cocoa anymore. Instead, sitting in front of him, mirroring his pose is a teen girl, looking about the same age as Besa does. Bobbed blonde hair, cloudy blue eyes, and a smile that is quite familiar, as is the necklace that hangs around the girls neck. The strangest bit is that she is translucent, the outline of the attic features can be seen through her,

Besa frowns slight at the sensation, but he trusts his instincts that it's not dangerous and keeps meditating. Dark eyes slowly open, and while he's surprised to see her, he doesn't bolt or break his pose. A few blinks as he tries to decipher which Circe this is. He doesn't remember if the necklaces were the same (He doesn't think they were?). But then he can't help it, who ever this is, he smiles back at her, "Hello."

Well there is no question that she is a Masters at least. All the siblings look enough alike to make that unmistakable. "Hi Besa." she says cheerflly, though it sounds like she is at the bottom of a well. The sound causes her to frown and she seems to flicker a bit "Test. Test." that's better, now it sounds more like she is in the same room "You called?" she asks with amusement at her joke "I have felt you reaching out. Is there something wrong?" she isn't sounding worried yet, just curious as to why he would be.

Besa's eyes widen slightly as he watches her adjust herself. "I…suppose it did." He smiles warmly then, "I have been worried for the others. I was hoping to get confirmation that they returned to their Earths and awoke." There was always the possibilities they'd go back wrapped and not wake up. He's not certain about which Besa she is connected too, as she seems much more stable than the Alt-Besa's. Although maybe now that she's not being tortured and has her Besa back, things are better for her too? He can hope!

The girl nods her head at his concern "We can't give you confirmation on all the Besas." Circe tells him sounding disappointed that she can't "We can just give you information on the Besas to the dimensions we are connected too." her hands lift to cover her eyes and there is more flickering, like the horizontal hold on an old school TV "My Besa is alive, he has forgotten a lot," she talks though from the sound she seems to be focusing most of her attention elsewhere "which is mostly a blessing, considering all he lost in my world." yes, stable though she still has problem with pronouns.

Oh, more than one? That better than he had really hoped for. "How many are you connected to? Is this safe for you?" Now he founds concerned, head tilting and studying her more. "I….do not remember everything either. It is not such a blessing here." He's not complaining, honest. It could be so much worse. "He is very lucky to have you. That makes me feel better knowing you are there with him." A thought occurs to him, "It may not be the same on your world, but there are more priests here. Priests of Sobek. They have tried to abduct me twice already. Sometimes these things run parallel, be careful, please."

"It's more like we are a collective. There are twelve of us, including your Circe here, connected across dimensions. Thanks to our brother here." Circe explains "What one of us knows, we all know, past, present, the more probable futures." Her hands come down, returning to a position that mirrors his. It seems as long as she maintains that mirroring position she doesn't flicker "Most of the Besas are alive and well, most have memory issues, there is one that hasn't woken, but he is being cared for." she tells him. The news of the preists has her frowning "The Sobek preists have already been dealt with in my dimension." her head cants a moment "If you go after the priests take Legion, don't take Rain" she looks away a moment as if there is a distraction on her end and she seems to sigh turning back to Besa "We were told that we weren't supposed to tell you that." she is not pleased by that.

12? 12?!?! Goodness! he blinks, studying her again, "So…am I speaking to my Circe as well? or she will just know of this conversation?" In her not so baby brain. Immediately his smile fades, one hasn't awake yet? he wants to ask who, but does that matter? Instead he nods softly, "Thank you, that…helps. I feared they may have returned to Hell." If the 12 didn't , hopefully that means the rest did not as well. Oh. oh. He nods, understanding why he shouldn't have been told, but also knows that there's no way in Hell Rain is going to go with on any Sobek missions now. "Thank you." After a beat, "Tell….tell your Besa I am proud of him." Besa was the Khophesh, and he was proud of all his brothers and sisters. they did what was said couldn't be done.

A smile "Your is napping. To her this is just a strange dream that she will only remember as a memory from the rest of us." its weird and that's probably the best explanation the 15 year old Circe can give him "Good luck. I've heard," this time she seems to be speaking as herself instead of the collective "that Rain can be protective and stubborn. I have to guess it is the same for yours as it was for mine." there is a glance to the side and she purses her lips, she clearly wants to say more but that someone must still be in the room "I will tell him."

Besa actually chuckles, knowing his baby Circe is sleeping. He really does love her. Babies have a weird power to do that. He nods, that perfect hair, flopping, Yes, she can." He's not going to sugar coat it. He figures it's her Besa who's scolding her, or perhaps their mother. Eitehr way, "Thank you. This means a lot to me, to know they are well. I will be able to focus more." And hopefully not get Rain killed.

"We are sorry we can't do more. We are trying to bring more into the collective, but haven't been able to cross into those dimensions that my brother didn't punch through with his machine." and thankfully the machine was destroyed "If we learn anything we will send a message to you." there is a bit of flickering again and that pulling sensation briefly "Is there anything else you want to know? If it is something we can share we will." she probably would even if she shouldn't but she is clearly being watched by someone.

Besa grins, even with the upsetting news, now there's something that can be done about it! "I have many questions, but it is enough to know that you and he are well, and happy." She seems happy, anyway. "I will stop reaching, unless I wish to connect with you? Is that still alright?" He doesn't know if that's hard on her, to speak with him. "Or is it better to speak to my Circe if I need to?"

"Either way works, but if you talk to your Circe don't expect am immediate response. She is still a baby and it could take us awhile to respond. Use your best judgment." she reaches for something 'off camera" it looks like a pottery bowl "Would you do me a favor?" she asks him as her hands push in on the bowl and it seems to flatten and disappear, her hands pull apart and the bowl expands between them, only its on his side instead of hers, she is flickering fiercly now, She looks away and says something, and her image firms up. Whoever is with her is augmenting her magic to help her do what she is doing "Could you give this to Rain?" she holds it out. It's the ice cream bowl that Besa made for Rain that had to be broken to help open the portal for the rescue. "I fell really bad about breaking it."

Besa laughs, hair bouncing more as he nods, "Yes. I will give you time." And then he sobers up, nodding more, "Of course, anything." And he means it. While she's not his Circe, she's a Circe, and that's family. His hands reach out to steady the bork, head tilting. He doesn't remember making the bowl, and wasn't there when it was broken. "Yes…of course….I'm sure she understands. But I will tell her."

"Thank you." she begins to flicker again "I can't hold this connection for much longer." she talks fast "If you need us you know how to get us. Good luck. Remember, Legion yes, Rain no." she sticks her tongue out at whoever is helping her and then with a final flicker and a pushing sensation she is gone the fading echo of her "Bye" the only thing left of her in the attic.

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