(2018-01-24) Pizza and Plans
Pizza and Plans
Summary: After her supper with Besa and Rain, Fionnuala brings a snack for Oliver. Graduation plans are brought up… then they decide to go be teenagers. c_c
Date: 2018-01-24
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Library, Winbarry Estate
Wed Jan 24, 2018

The Library is a large room with bookcases lining the walls which are full of books. Most of the textbooks have been salvaged from the school. Only the books that are referenced most are here. Histories and Sciences mostly with a scattering of other subjects. None of the books on magic have made it to this room. None of the books are in any kind of order just yet.

A few computer workstations have been set up so web suring and hopefully school work can be done.

There are rectangular tables and chairs in here, all salvaged from the school library.


Oliver tends to spend most of his weekday evenings in the Library at one of the computers…it's the only way he's able to get online work or papers typed up. He's currently there, typing carefully due to his claws, but he also seems to be quite intent on what is being worked on. Maybe a paper is due or he's doing some short-answer type questions…or maybe something else entirely. Some books are on the table near him and a few notebooks are spilling out of his very worn book bag at the side of the table. He still seems to be 'wearing' the school uniform despite the rest of his unique look.

Ah, the exhilaration of doing something BAD! OKAY by Fionnuala standards, sneaking a detention-afflicted Besa out for pizza is as bad as the rule-abiding shifter gets these days, but the joy of pulling it off with nobody in charge being none-the-wiser is a pretty cool thing! They came and went to Lighthouse Pizza, had a bite, and made it back with little issue.. and the bonus was Fee had been able to bring back something a little extra. If she can get this 'gift' to the hard-working Oliver, before students must be back to their separate wings and winding down for bed.. all-the-better. While the alien boy works diligently, claws and all and still in uniform, Fionnuala peers into the library… a bit conspiratorially.

Having shrugged off her jacket to hang it in the entry foyer, the girl padded into the estate in search of her boyfriend. Resting flat on the palm of her right hand was a pizza box, a bit on the smallish side: a personal-sized pizza of sorts, about 8" round. Her color is high from being out in the cold, along with sunlight that has yet to be dispersed. All-in-all, Fee looks as radiant and happy as always in a red-and-black plaid tunic dress, black tights and beribboned hair. She sees Ollie working away, she pads into the room quietly. "Delivery service! Look what I found!" She sings out happily.. there's nobody else here, she can talk above a whisper!

Oliver looks up at the quiet, cheerful voice and grins as he catches sight of his girlfriend. "Hi!" is offered a little loudly before he quickly quiets his voice. "What's that?" is asked before he hits 'save' and goes to stand and greet her. "You went out? Did you have fun?" Did he know? Maybe. Would it have mattered? Nope.

"Yeah," Fee chimes, happy to note that she hasn't interrupted anything terribly intensive, and pleased as always to see him. "I opted to go to the pizza joint for a feed.. a pal was feeling kinda down so it was a journey of mercy. I thought of you here and wanted to bring you a treat." The girl explains, and as she closes the distance she shrugs her shoulders once and seamlessly, easily, black feathered wings sprout forth! Solar energy, as fine as gold dust, dashes along in her wake, skittering harmlessly across the floor only to fade swiftly. It's an easy way to slowly 'ease' the energy out of her system.

"It was nice, but left before it got too busy." Fionnuala admits with a big smile, closing the distance and pausing, tilting her chin up and puckering her lips cutely. "One smooch, and you get pizza. It's vegan.. really nice crust. Got all kinds of interesting stuff… even the vegan mozza smells good! I made sure it didn't have anything on here that you couldn't eat."

There's a grin when her wings sprout out and sparkle motes of light. Oliver then leans down to carefully offer that kiss, complete with his scaly-face. She may be the first person he's ever kissed like that…like this. "Would you like to share the pizza with me? And that's really sweet of you…they have vegan mozzarella now?" He looks to the pizza box as if he could look through it to see.

"I'm glad you had such a nice time. Sounds a lot more fun than what I was doing," and there's a nod toward the computer before he looks back. "You're a sight for really sore eyes."

"Yeah! It's called… Daiya, I think. The brand name. I asked. So next time you visit my family and I for supper, Da will know about other options~" Fee explains, waiting with unabashed glee for a kiss from Oliver's alien mug. No judgement, no reservations; his natural form is as normal to her as the very wings on her back. Scaly face, pointed teeth, Fee makes do, giving and receiving the gesture sweetly. Her wings lift and quiver, just the littlest bit.. lips curl into a gleeful little smile afterwards.

Finally, the girl pulls open the box. Indeed, it's a bonefide 'vegan' pizza… the cheese substitute; a plethora of veggies; a sort of thick, fragrant sauce that bears a hint of garlic. It's still a touch warm albeit not hot, and seeing as how there's no meat on here… no leathery greasiness!

"I ate a lot, when I was there.. you eat your fill." The shifter insists, nodding to the previously occupied chair and making to find one for herself, but she considers. "Wonder if we're ok in here to have this? Not like you'll be doing cartwheels while eating it." Said with a mischievous glimmer… "Though you're welcome to try. It's nice to see you too, Ollie.. I'm always glad to see you."

Oliver huhs, "I didn't know they used that there. I think the last time I ate there a couple years ago, it was crust and sauce and veggies," Ollie starts, but the kiss stops that train of thought. Just the fact that she's willing to get close to him much less kiss him has him watching her with a bit of amazement.

Maybe it's the smell of the warm, veggie pizza that pulls him out of his reverie, "You sure? And I think they don't mind as long as we clean up any mess." But just in case, he'll put one of his notebooks under the pizza box so that it doesn't get anything on the table. "Thank you. I…this was really kind. I'm very touched," by the gesture of a pizza.

Aw Ollie.. Fee is really coming to love that about him. Just his being pleased by such little gestures. Fionnuala was watching him respond to the affection, perhaps watching his face for just as lengthy an amount of time, and then the smell of the pizza breaks the spell.

"Of course I'm sure. I'm stuffed and if I'm off to bed with a full belly, I'll have the weirdest dreams. I talk in my sleep, you know—" Wait, he doesn't. Blush. Fee giggles and continues, "Especially when I'm in bed with a full gut. My roomies will be poised over me with pillows ready to muffle me." Truth. Ollie safeguards the table with the notebooks and the girl lowers herself to sit quite happily, just glad to be with him. "I'm glad you're happy.. you work so hard. But.. what's been new? I'm sorry if I've been hard to catch lately. I've been staying after class, brushing up on my math… it's not my strong suit.."

Oliver pulls a few crumpled napkins from the coffee shop out to have at the ready in case the pizza gets messy. "You sure? I don't want to be rude," but he is kind of hungry. Teenage aliens may have a similar metabolism to teenage humans. There's a grin when she mentions that she talks in her sleep, "Do you? What do you talk about?" No, he doesn't know…yet. Maybe he won't ever. It's not something he's too worried about at the moment.

There's a shrug as he takes a piece of the pizza and looks at it carefully before taking a bite with his sharp teeth, "You know, if you need any help with math, I can try. I've taken the classes…unless you're in advanced math, in which case…uh. I won't be as much help." As for what's new, he takes another bite of the pizza and seems to ponder before offering, "I applied to a couple of local colleges and am working on filling out some scholarship applications. I figure we can just go from there."

"I'm sure sure." Fee smiles sunnily, giving a gesture to the still-warm pizza. "Please, dig in.. I bet you're starved. Thinking is hard work." Said easily, as she pulls one leg up over the other and leans back in her chair, showing no real need or interest in eating more food. Ollie asks of her nocturnal conversations and Fee blushes, "All sorts of stuff… usually I don't remember, it's only when I wake up in the middle of it on the coattails of dreams that I have some clue." She drums her fingers on her knees and lifts one hand, fingers splayed, as she tics off points (admissions) as she makes them. "Sometimes I'm talking to fictional characters… other times I'll talk about television shows, or rattle off the answers to obscure questions in classes.."

A pause. "Recently it was 'don't throw the wrench!' …. it was after watching Dodgeball." A giggle.

The offer to help with math has the girl's eyes rounding, "I would love the help.. I'm not taking advanced courses, though.. heavens no. They would beg me to switch!" Fionnuala admits, mildly embarrassed.. before tackling the next topic. "Is there one college in particular that interests you the most?"

"You must have some fascinating dreams!" Oliver grins around the first slice of pizza which is quickly finished off. A second is taken, "I don't know that it's thinking that's the hard work…" he's not a natural student like some, but he does work hard at it. "What fictional characters do you talk to?"

His grin widens before he takes a bite of the second slice of pizza, "I'm happy to help if I'm able! I probably still have my notes if it's the same class I took." As for colleges, there's another shrug. "I don't…I don't really know. Whatever gives me the most money to go there? If not then maybe the Community College. I still don't really know what I want to do yet, but I guess that's sort of the point of college, right?"

"Fascinating or maybe just straight-up warped." Fionnuala giggles, eyes alight with glee. "My mind is weird enough in the waking world.. and—-" Oh, he's asking onwards as to whom she 'speaks' to? Fee blushes again, deeply this time; dare she continue and sound like a fool? Granted Oliver is likely used to her oddness and accepting of it but… this isn't something the girl typically brings up. Still, she trusts the boy, and she goes on. "Ever see those old Disney shorts? From way way way before our time, like in the 1930s… about five minutes long each. I love those things, you can find them online and stream them…" She rubs the back of her neck shyly. "So, heh…"

"… my favorite Disney character is Goofy. I've dreamt about and held entire conversations with that character. It's really.. really silly. My sleeping mind is so odd." She peeks up from beneath the fringes of her lashes, expecting the alien boy to be running screaming.

But…! He goes on to answer her question and despite her redness the girl smiles again, "There are some good places around here. If you want, one weekend if we're not working or off early one day, we can fly over to some of them and check them out. Sometimes it's nice to see a place and test how it feels. Would you like that?" How's that for a date idea? 'Let's go scope out colleges!'

"Goofy? Really? I would have pegged you for one of the Princesses…like Rapunzel. Or maybe Olaf or something. I like Daisy. She's got sass and will give it back to Donald if he bugs her too much. Minnie's a little too sugary for me." Of that era, at least. "I also really like Stitch." Obvious reasons, maybe? He finishes off the second piece and seems like he's going to finish off the personal pie. "One day we should go there. Fly down maybe…" if he can save enough money. "And you can meet Goofy in person! Although I don't think he can talk back. It's not odd at all. I bet most of the kids here have dreams along those lines but won't talk about it because they think it's somehow going to…I don't know. I like that you aren't afraid to know who you are." Weirdness and all.

"I've pretty much applied to only places around here and Thunder Bay. I think it would be great to go and see them, sure! I guess I'd be allowed without an adult there…I mean, it seems silly not to, right? Or we can just wait a couple more months. I don't think decisions need to be made until May."

"Goofy, yes!" Fionnuala exclaims, but just look at that face: excitement is dawning there now. As Oliver mentions alternatives… she begins to literally glow all-the-more. "Donald is my second favorite! Even though he's a bit of a prat!" She claps her hands together once in front of her chest, "And you like Daisy… see, it's meant to be! And Stitch—-yeah, he's pretty rad too. Then there's Timon, Pumbaa…" Up come the fingers again as she rattles off names of favorites, mostly secondary characters. "But if I'm to note a Princess…. it's a tie between Anna and Merida." A sagely nod.

Blink? Go down there? Fee perks, "Oh, I would love to! Hey, at least air fare is covered!" A giggle, though she looks rueful. "I'd have to stop for breaks but… maybe by then I'll have the code cracked on how to access my mother's bird form.." Fee ponders; it makes sense, no? But the excitement returns in a flush as she watches Ollie eat, her features warm with affection. "I may try to steal Goofy though. Just so you know." Said easily, no hesitation whatsoever in the forging of these whimsical, long-term ideas.

"I'm happy to go anytime… your birthday is in March, isn't it? I'm awful with numbers.." The girl blushes.. how could she not know this specifically?!

"Anna and Merida? Really? I mean, they're great…I just see you as really sunny and happy like Rapunzel. I guess Anna was like that too. I found Merida to be kind of spoiled, actually. She didn't give her parents a chance." But he's also coming from a different point of view. The pizza is finished off through the conversation, "I don't know that I could fly that far either. I've never really tried…even as one of the bigger birds. I've never flown more than a few miles away," because that would mean staying in that form for a while.

There's a nod about his Birthday, "It is. Beginning of March. When's your's?" Because he's not sure that he ever really knew. "I guess…we'll need to be kind of careful after March. I wouldn't want to get you in trouble."

"I won't knock Rapunzel either. She was really quite fun, wasn't she? Just enjoying her life… I could get behind that." Fee winks as she observes the pizza going to it's doom, and before long all that's left is an empty box. "Well, once it's easier to plan and save, we can try it! I know I'm thinking of taking a year off once I graduate, work more.. maybe explore more volunteering opportunities before I really decide what I want to do." Said easily, as if this plan had been formulated a very long time ago. Truth, actually.

"March… second? Third? I feel awful not knowing..! There's just so much else to learn about you that asking about your actual birthday didn't get to the top of the list yet." Fee admits cheekily.. though she feels better in Ollie not knowing of hers, either. She just never saw fit to mention it. "Next month actually! February 16th." She offers, considers. Slowly.. slowly, a mischievous grin crosses her face, "Careful, huh? How could you get me in trouble? Is it because I'll be seen as underage, dating an older man~?"

"Things are still up in the air. If I can't get a scholarship that pays for most of school, I may do that too." Or, depending on where he and Fee are in their relationship, he can always go back to his home planet as originally planned. "Your dad doesn't teach people to cook, does he? I'll probably need something that pays better than the coffee shop once I graduate." Do cooks get paid better? It's a higher end restaurant at least.

"March fifth. And you're next month? I'll have to remember that," especially since he has an idea as to what to get her.

Her grin has him giving a little sigh, "Kind of, yeah. I don't know how that works when we're still in school though. And I certainly wouldn't want to make you uncomfortable…" but he'll be legally an adult then.

"I was always told to wait, to hold off…cousin Bal did the same and he still hasn't considered what to do for schooling. So sometimes it's too much of a good thing, this waiting…. I'm giving myself a year, no more, no less." Fee says with resolve and promise, watching Ollie levelly. "There's no harm in doing either, as long as it's what your heart tells you to do." Ah, the nugget of her logic, right there. The question regarding her Dad causes her to light up some, "Da? Oh, he hasn't.. not officially… not like, a class or course. But he's been good with people coming into the restaurant with some experience; he can tell, you know. If he sees the 'promise' he will sometimes guide kids that he hires on. I'm sure he'd help you out though, he likes you." Fee offers reassuringly.

"I do know they're always looking for waitstaff there, in the Fall.." Added afterwards, lips curling.

After taking literally twenty-seconds to program Ollie's birthday into her phone, Fee lapses into another glowing blush at the talk of… well, what happens when Ollie turns eighteen. "I really don't mind.. not at all. Because I trust you. It won't be long til' I'm eighteen as well, then we can really turn the world on it's ear." Said frankly, as she watches his face. "You could never make me uncomfortable."

"My heart is being suspiciously quiet on this sort of thing," Oliver admits. "I don't know that I want to committ to something like music or acting because then I'm stuck, you know?" In one form most of the time. "Maybe that's ok too, but I don't know." It seems too heavy of a thing to really focus on without bringing him down and he's not really the 'down' type. "I don't really know much about cooking, but I can make a mean cappuccino!" There's a grin again.

"Maybe I'll see about applying there in the summer. Or…something else. I guess I need to figure the school stuff out first and then find another job, maybe. Or think about graduating." Maybe not necessarily in that order.

The talk of trust and the direct look when she says that she trusts him and he could never make her uncomfortable has him melting just a little. "No one's ever really said that to me before. I mean, Felicia doesn't let anything like this bother her," form-wise, "But I don't think she's outright said it." A clawed hand reaches out to her's. "That means a lot to me. Thank you."

"Your heart is thinking. There's a lot to think about." Fee offers, "It's heavy stuff and it's not easy.. some people are kinda blessed in knowing exactly what to do next. But you have the added level of trying to figure out who you are as a… er, species… on top of it all. So I think you deserve to take it slow." The girl encourages, wings quivering once.. almost of their own volition.. and likely because her derpy player forgot they were there. Talk of cappuccino, even if offered in jest, results in Fee giving Oliver a heartfelt look. "You know… tell him that, if you really ask him! I bet they could use someone in the restaurant who can work magic with coffee. Da is progressive enough to create a position for a coffee wizard, too. He's good like that." Her grin follows.. she's serious.

Oliver reaches his hand for hers and Fee takes it happily, holding the clawed hand in both of her own. She rests one warm hand atop his, "I mean it, Ollie." She says firmly, sweetly. Talk of Felicia strums a chord of realization but she instead gives the alien boy's arm a gentle tug so he may go to her, to make it easier for her to wrap him up into a hug. "I'll say it again over and over, too, if it means making you feel good. And wouldn't you know.. I actually talked to this Felicia not too long ago. Is she a good pal of yours?" She asks, cheek to his.

"Coffee wizard…" is repeated with a chuckle. "Only if I get to use that title." But then Ollie's expression also turns a little more serious as he's wrapped up into that hug which he returns carefully. He doesn't want to crush her wings or scratch her with his scales! "I know you do. Thank you. I must come off as kind of a sap, huh?" Not that it bothers him all that much. "Do your parents know about me? I mean, what I am and what I can do?" He doesn't know how much she's told them about him. At the mention of meeting Felicia he blinks, "You did? Did you get along ok? She's kind of my best friend…" if that's ok still.

"Oliver Blythe.. Coffee Wizard…" Fee whispers dramatically, still holding him. "I like it. He'd put it on your nametag, too." Said simply.

Care taken on both parties ensures that the hug is as harmless as it is warm and cuddly.. especially with Fee involved. "Sap? Oh my good, look who you're talking to. My Ma teaches preschoolers. Da cries at television commercials. They know emotions and because of that, so do I. I think it's the bravest thing a person can do, to be genuine and outright with themselves." The girl admits, before leaning back to look at him levelly. "That's one of the things I like so much about you.. you're true and you say and feel what you must feel. Please don't ever change that about yourself." She gives him a couple of light squeezes to punctuate the fact.

Question of her parents knowing of his origins — what is known — is answered smoothly and easily. "They know enough.. they know that you're still searching, that you can take on a great many forms, even your gender. Now I didn't go on to explain everything.. nothing too personal.. but I told them enough. They're fine with it." Are these people too good to be true? Not a shred of a lie in her tone and manner. "That's the good thing about having powered parents… a powered family, mostly.. we're all open-minded." Fee grins in her sweet, silly way… it grows at talk of Felicia. "Oh, Ollie, I think it's great! She's great too… I'm not a jealous person at all. If you're worried about me getting all salty about that then just… don't worry. WE got on well enough… we are talking a lot about anime, and old television shows."

"It's certainly a goal to work towards…" now Ollie's going to pay more attention when he's at work. Maybe they'll teach him even more if he shows such interest. He's quiet as she explains her family and what she likes about him. "I won't change. I mean, -that- I won't change. I can't promise other things. But really, thank you for saying that. And thank you for being you and for being so wonderful and amazing."

As she talks about what her parents know in regards to him, he nods. "As long as they're ok with it. I won't show up at your house looking like this unless you say it's ok…" and even then, he might have to think about it. "It's nice that they're not freaked out over it," as his past foster families had been. His smile returns when she says that she and Felicia got along and that she's not the jealous sort, "Oh, good! Felicia's not jealous either, but she'll probably read you the riot act. And talk all you want about Anime with her…I don't get it and I know she loves having someone else who does!"

"Of course! Think of it.. Da works at a fancy place. Fancy for Shady Cove, anyway… basically, people go there when they want a night out. It's open through the afternoon, too… so if someone can come in and get the Abominable Snowman or a kitten drawn into the froth on their fancy coffee, they'd go crazy. You could attract a whole other level of clientele!" Fee giggles; it can be felt in her warm body, feathers shaking. Oliver reassures that he won't change in the areas where, according to Fionnuala, it 'counts'… and she gives him one more squeeze for good measure. Scales and all, she seems reluctant to let him go.. but they don't need to be slapped with detention for cuddling in a library. She eases back again reluctantly, looking to seat herself again.

.. very reluctantly. Q_Q

"They're fine. And if you want to show up as you are, you do it. They've seen so many things, Ollie.. not trying to downplay the brilliant being that you are but what I'm saying is.. they'll accept you." Fionnuala tilts her head, dark hair trembling in it's messy bun. "I didn't get any riot act but.. I don't think she knew we were dating when I spoke to her. I didn't know that she knew you, either… so I guess I'm gonna get it eventually, huh?" She asks with a cheeky little grin.

Oliver is more than happy to keep one of her hands in his if she's willing. They could move to a sofa and cuddle further if they really want; glowing eyes glance around briefly to see if one is free. "I don't know if I can do that sort of thing, but maybe I'll experiment. I'm not that much of an artist…I'm better with music." But coffee art might be different? Or maybe he just learns how to make some damn good coffee?

"We'll see if it needs to come up. I don't mind shifting…I have to when I'm out anyhow." Mostly. "And you're probably already on Felicia's good side so she might not be too bad. Or she might because it's Felicia."

The subject is actually sort of related as he asks, "Are you going to go on the camping trip?"

Funny.. Fee is looking for the same thing. Stupid library with a lack of fixtures upon which to cuddle innocently. Just look at her.. literally right when Oliver is scanning the room, so too is she. Bollocks.

So a clawed hand yet remains held in hers, as she seats herself closeby and watches him. "Well, there's that… and what about playing your music there? I mean, maybe.. closer to the spring.. something could be figured out. People like to listen to music while they eat. I do know they open a patio in the late spring, early summer. Between that and the coffee… there are possibilities. I know he'll help you." Fee says kindly. "Trust me, they both really like you. There's just so much that is intrinsically good about you and they can tell, honest. Parents have a way of knowing."

What kind of parent would Fee be? Perhaps very much the same: open, loving, quirky. It feels as if the possibility is light-years away; to even mention the thought just… no. Not now.

"Camping trip? I.. want to. Heaven knows they won't need lanterns with me around." A grin, "What about you?"

"Wouldn't it be weird if the guy who makes the coffee suddenly stops and plays a half-hour set though? But maybe. I thought about seeing if the MugShot would host a school Cabaret. So other kids here might get a chance to perform if they want, too. I know I'm not the only one who does music. I've never really performed in front of a real audience though, so that's a little scary." Just a couple of people or classmates. "We could split tips or donate them back to the school for the rebuild…it's a though."

No doubt the library was sort of pulled together as a student resource…there was probably a sofa or two in here before they had to bring in study stations and computer workstations.

"Your parents are really nice too. I bet it was kind of great growing up with them." But back to the camping trip, "Probably, if it doesn't interfere with work. I actually don't mind camping as I can sleep as a bear or a bird or a raccoon and be perfectly comfortable without a tent."

"Make the fancy coffee while playing guitar and you'll make a fortune." Fee giggles, regarding the stopping in mid-brew it to strum out a set. Even she would agree that such a thing is mad though. Talk of the MugShot idea widens the girl's eyes, "Oh… ohhh, Ollie! That is brilliant!" She cries, her free hand lifting to press to her chin briefly in a contemplative gesture. "See? So many possibilities, and a year ahead that is still young… we're stuck here in close quarters with the town as the school bit is being sorted out, so why don't we try to get something like that going? If there's anything I can do to help.. y'know, with spreading word or lasso'ing talent it we'd get the go-ahead…. please let me know. I'm mostly busy weekends with work… and it's still a ways away before my volunteering gig." Wait, what?

A shy blush, "Rain is going to get us set up with a volunteering gig at the hospital, for our service hours. Preferably with children. I think I'd be a good fit, right?" Aww, she's so shy about it.

"Growing up with my folks was amazing… simply put." That brief nod to her upbringing, before she dives back into the prospect of camping. "Maybe I can cuddle with you as a big ol' bear. Otherwise, it'd be inappropriate by school standards." A very blushy wink.

Oliver's brow ridge lifts some in surprise at the outburst, "You think it is? A good idea, I mean? I don't know if the MugShot or the school will go for it, but…ok, we'll start working on it. When I go into work, I'll see who to talk to about arranging it. Sometimes they have live music, so…" it seemed like a fit. He tilts his head at the mention of Rain and volunteering, "Rain? The Masters girl? The older brother's in my class…seems a nice guy. I don't know him too well. But I think that's really nice of you to do that. It's probably going to be really rewarding."

There's a little chuckle in regards to cuddling as a bear, "Maybe? I can always turn into a girl…which doesn't seem to bother the school as much. I mean, I knew girls who were dating and they were -roommates-."

"It is a good idea." Fionnuala says without conviction, her eyes bright and excited. She gives that clawed hand another squeeze for good measure. "It's worth trying, anyway.. I dunno about Metis, but Prometheus is full of musicians… I know I'd like to try singing for a crowd… and if we bring in money to put toward the school rebuild, even better. It doesn't hurt to even put the bug in their ears… worse case scenario, it's a no." She says easily, "And yeah.. Rain Masters. We've become good friends, I'd like to think. She's been really kind to me and I would like to think there's a lot of things that my weird self does that appeals to her…" A giggle, "So it's been really cool. I've never had a best girl friend, in all honesty. But she's getting there."

Cuddling.. Ollie as a girl? Definitely new to Fee, but… "As long as I know it's you, I would even cuddle you as a rattlesnake." Fee says in her sweet way, though the thought has occurred to her, the prospect of… really cuddling. No no, she's not going that far! But—-agh! Quick, blush! Blush! Fee presses a hand to her lips and only reddens further. "If that's what works.. Ollie, I'd be happy to have you there with me. It doesn't even have to come to that, if you end up sleeping as a bear, just knowing your closeby is always nice."

"We could do a duet if you want…then we won't have to sing solo our first time out. If you want." Now it's Oliver's turn to look a little shy at the suggestion. "That's nice that you have a best girl friend. I don't know that I have a best boy friend." Maybe Liam if he was still there…maybe not. "I'm glad she's nice and I hope that she appreciates your amazingness."

"I wouldn't be a rattlesnake…useful at times, but not for cuddling. Uhm. I mean…" he can't blush in alien form, but he's obviously thinking similar things. "I'll be there. Nearby if not right there. We can figure it out…" or even be sneaky.

'We can figure it out' implies sneakiness, and Fee goes there. Oh goodness. First off, it's interesting that she's even entertaining such thoughts, being a rule-following sort. But she's a teenager too and this is both a new and exciting thing to her, worth exploring. It's not like she's looking that far ahead! The main thing, Fionnuala isn't disputing it. The dreamy look on her expression threatens to dominate her thought process as well, and she must grip some manner of string to pull herself out of it. "Duet.." She says, murky at first. ".. y-yeah! A duet, definitely." She was very obviously thinking in that other direction, however. She rubs her reddened face with her free hand. Isn't being a teenager fun?

"I would like that very much, Ollie," CUDDLING under the stars.. no no wait. "To sing together." Okay that's second best. "Somehow I wouldn't be one bit nervous if we were to do it together."

Oh snap, wording much?! She catches on and blushes… infused with sunlight, it's a glorious sight. "Aha.. sing, I mean. Sing," Maybe she shouldn't have drawn attention to her foible, now it's too obvious. But singing, truly!

There's a moment where Ollie holds his breath, wondering if he's somehow frightened her, but then she gets that dreamy expression and he can breathe again. "Ok, we can start thinking of a duet…if they give the go-ahead." Maybe the fact that he's lived so long as a human and spent most of his teenage years as such has colored a little of his thought processes. That or he's just a very open person…or both.

"You know, uh…they have a lot of rooms here. They can't keep an eye on them all the time if we wanted to find somewhere…" to cuddle. That's it. Cuddle.

Singing with Ollie, cuddling with Ollie. It's like, two of the greatest things ever in Fee-world. There's a lot of great things in Fee world but somehow this moves up the list very quickly. Oh, she's not frightened.. not in the least. Not of a duet, not of Ollie. "Definitely.. definitely ask. I'm on board, and if we know more on whether or not it's a go, we can pick a song." Fionnuala says happily but holy smokes, she sure flustered herself.

Then Ollie goes and makes that suggestion. Her wings lift slightly, and abruptly… streaks of sunlight dash along, around and across the feathers, dissipating upon the floor and skittering away harmlessly like numerous will o'wisps. Fee can often say a lot without actually speaking, and she nods with a silly grin on her face and light in her eyes.

"Math tutorial." Said outright… yeah, right. She stands then, still holding his hand.

Oliver reaches over to save the work he was doing on the computer and pull out his thumb drive so that he doesn't forget it. It's then tucked into a pocket of his bookbag before he stands as well. "Sure. Math tutorial. That works." If anyone asks. He looks around for a moment before giving a gentle tug towards the doors to the library. Maybe no one's in the attic right now…or one of the side rooms that was never fixed up for students.

Trigonometry? Algebra? Which of those two heavyweights will Fee cast as the adversary when potentially asked of the nature of her, uh, 'tutorial' tomorrow? Hell, both… both. That will do. Math is the farthest thing from her mind. Is there nervousness? Perhaps… oh, indeed. No, not to say they're going the whole hog but to at least be closer, just a bit closer, without threat of being caught… well.

For the first time ever in her life suddenly Fee is concerned about her hair: is it unkempt? Does she have food on her tunic dress from the supper with Besa and Rain? Does her breath smell like chicken? Check, check check: she's fine. But she's abruptly aware of everything around her and of Ollie and despite everything, reservations are left in the library and she goes with him. No questions asked.

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