(2018-01-24) Not Quite Cousin Bal
Not Quite Cousin Bal
Summary: Fionnuala risks detention as she sneaks Besa out for a breather, Rain joins the two for supper.
Date: 2018-01-24
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Lighthouse Pizza, Shady Cove
Wed Jan 24, 2018

Arousing the senses, the aroma of fresh baked pizza is strong and the popular music that plays from a jukebox in the corner adds to the ambiance. Checked white and red tablecloths cover all of the tables and lining each of the walls are black covered booths. On each table there is a selection of crushed red pepper, Parmesan cheese, napkins, salt and pepper.

The floor is carpeted in muted tones, a dark green with varied other colors woven throughout. There is a counter for ordering to-go orders and waitresses walk around in jeans and a t-shirt, the latter in blue with Lighthouse Pizza in white writing. The kitchen is behind the counter and a long, rectangular opening for the cooks to pass the food through. Furthest from the kitchen and entrance are the doors for the game room with many, many games and marked bathrooms for each gender off there.


There are few things that push Fionnuala Reid to break the rules. A girl can only take so much in seeing a friend feeling awful, before wanting to help. What Fee always did in times of emotional/academic strife was get out: walk, do something fun. Just escape the source of stress for awhile.

…. too bad Besa is up to his ears in detention. Case in point: bleeding heart Fionnuala had to come up with a plan. The beauty part of having family out-of-town is that she can dredge up a cousin to be 'visiting' and therefore: an identity, a ruse! Best part of all is this real-life cousin, Bhaltair, wouldn't take any offense to his identity to be used in showing an unhappy Egyptian boy a good time. Good thing nobody knows what 'Bal' looks like because he is much bigger and far more boisterous than gentle Besa. Thrift store finds are glorious: an oversized black knit beanie with a brim crammed down over that glorious hair and overshadowing his eyes; a huge flannel shirt beneath a black mens' (bomber-style) work-jacket that has seen better days; standard dark denims. Best part? It's warm, especially with a grey scarf wound around poor Besa's neck and face for cover. BUT.. it's tacky as hell.. and it worked.

Showing her, uh, 'cousin' into the pizza joint.. Fee scans for a booth. Classes are over for the day, she has opted out of the in-house dinner to go with her 'family' for pizza. Hopefully the ruse of Besa being crammed in an attic doing dusting duty or detritus clean-up on the slush-riddled beach will hold for an hour or two!

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Good Success.

Besa kinda looks like the kid from Christmas Story. He definitely can't put his arms all the way down, but he tries. too many layers! He actually didn't have snow shoveling today, but who knows what he's not doing today. Dusting indeed! He lifts his hands to pull the scarf off his mouth so he can breath in the warm restaurant. "Does someone from the school work here?" He's actually thinking of Grayson, who doesn't anymore. When Fee picks a booth, Besa makes sure to sit facing the door, back to the wall. He may be playing hookie, but he's not stupid. He's not looking to get stabbed again.

Rain has had detentions of her own, hers involves organizing the books in the library. Not a fun job, but one she is suited for personality wise at least. She couldn't escape as easily as Fiona and Besa so she is late to the party. She isn't much for disguises, nor does she really need one, in her mind at least. There is a quick look around as she comes in and spotting her friends she heads over giving them her finger wiggle wave.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Great Success.

Public place so therefore, no wings! But what's a glowing girl to do when she's throwing light? Damnit Fee, tuck your light in. A long-sleeved red-and-black plaid tunic dress, black tights… hair long and loose with a matching ribbon… she'll just have to avoid eye-contact as much as possible with unpowered staff and/or patrons lest they see the brilliant lemon-yellow irises! They're too glow'y to pass off as contact lenses! It's a trick of the light, honest! Fee is gonna have to disperse this sunlight later.

Allowing Besa to pick the spot, Fee considers his question as she pulls off her winter coat and lays everything aside, beside her in the booth. "I don't see anybody recognizable waiting the tables or working the kitchen.. I think you're okay. We won't stay long, just enough to get the stink of classes off of us. This is my treat too, okay?" She asks happily as she pries open a menu. Rain's arrival does not escape her and Fee, always just happy to be in the company of her friends, waves frantically in the Masters girl's direction. No shame. Fee is the world's worst mastermind, but she does everything out of care!

Besa nods, he's not got much money to contribute, but maybe he can help leave the tip? He sees Rain when she enters and instinctively tries to make himself smaller. After the last time he and the twins spoke, he's assuming neither one of them wishes to speak to him any time soon. But then Fee is flailing about and there's no hiding from that. A soft, almost nervous smile is offered to the blonde. "Hello Rain. We're getting a pizza, I believe. Would you like to join us?" One lock of that perfect hair has escaped the beanie and is laying against his ear.

The gloves come off, both literally and figuratively as Rain comes to the table. She notices the very different reactions from the two in the booth. "I'm not going to bite Besa." she tells him, the only thing in her voice is the usual concern when he is being this way. She has been trying to corner him since the library encounter, but he has been slippery. To prevent more escaping she parks herself in the booth next to him. The only way to escape now is to climb under the booth or over her. She gives a brief smile…it even has warmth in it to Fiona "Have you ever thought of sunglasses?" she digs through her purse and pulls a pair of hers out, designer of course, and hands them over "If anyone says anything just tell them you have photophobia and that its none of their business."

In Fee's mind, and it's often a way to solve problems in her family, food is the answer to many woes! Having an argument? Have dinner! Good food! She suspects that the whole problem here is one big miscommunication, eyes flitting between Besa's reaction to Rain and the other girl as she makes it to their table. "You bet we are. Come grab a seat, do you have a favorite?" She asks of Rain easily, without preamble. The other girl does just that, settling herself to make sure Besa doesn't escape, and Fionnuala tilts her head thoughtfully. Deep down she realizes, with a touch of regret, that she curtailed Besa's avoidance game! Crow interference!

But it's all for the best.

The sunny girl smiles openly and easily at both of them, happy to just see them side-by-side as she considers Rain's question, "I.. never really considered it. I figured I didn't need anymore help with being weird——" A pause as Rain produces a classy pair of sunglasses! Fee can't help herself.. these are perhaps the most stylish bits of eyewear that have crossed her fingers. "Ooohh…. shiny…" A whisper, she dons them. She doesn't look half bad!

"I'll feign a migraine." She looks too happy to be a migraine sufferer. Fee sucks at subterfuge.

Besa may have a rune for that (kidding). He does scoot, giving her room though on the bench. "I know." No biting. She'd be more likely to punch him than bite. He watches the two girls and the sunglass quietly. Maybe he should get a pair too, at some point. Isn't that what people do when they are in disguises? His hands underneath the table fidget slightly with the cuff of the jacket.

The teen girl can't help but mentally ask herself 'bet what' but Rain doesn't voice the question. She does understand the favorite part though and she shakes her head "Not really. As long as it isn't greasy and is light on the meat." because of the grease from said meat. She really isn't much for Italian food, even American Italian. If Besa has intact memories he would know this, Fiona probably not. She is such an awful half-Italian… "Those look good, keep them." she tells Fiona "How are you two?" she looks between the pair of them "You still achy from all the shoveling?" this question is to Besa of course.

The watchful girl notes Besa's lapsing into fidgetting, "I think the only thing that looks cute on you out of that whole getup is the beanie, Besa; the hat." Fionnuala smiles at that, "Really sorry.. but it got us here." To Rain next, "I had to get us out.. it's been a tough couple of days for our pal Besa here." Understatement because there were like… knifes.. and priests.. and stabbing. Fee just knows better than to expand upon it all in a pizza joint, and Rain knows anyway. "I think we have about an hour and a bit before we gotta get back to the school.. nobody would think to look for him during supper since he should be dusting." A conspiratorial whisper, the 'orbs' of her glowing gaze faintly visible behind the lenses.

"Really? Aw, thanks!" Fee exclaims, giving the arm of the glasses a fond touch with a finger. "I'm better now.. I'm gonna keep these with me. It'll help so much… I've been okay though. How about yourself?" Fee asks of Rain fondly, clearly happy to be in the other girl's company. "Oh hey.. here's a chicken pesto pizza.. looks like something kinda experimental for the month. No oily pepperoni. Does that sound ok?"

Finger stop picking at the cuff and Besa looks over at Rain. "It is not so bad." Yes it is, but he's trying to not be whiney. "I am trying to think of it as training. Today I was to help clear out some of the attic. I will do that when I get back." He remembers quite a bit, but food preferences for others haven't made his need to now list just yet. Eyes swing over to Fee, "Should i take it off? I am not trying to appear cute." He swallows as Fee just points out how terrible he's been doing, embarrassed he looks to the menu, "That sounds fine.' He might agree to anything at this point.

Rain nods, yes, she does know all about it and her part in the whole thing. If things don't get better soon she may have to pull out the big guns. But that is not quite what this is about, "Dusting? The attic?" she pulls a face "I hope they have a face mask for you. That's a lot of dust to be breathing in." she may insist stopping at a pharmacy on the way back to pick up one just in case. "Shoveling is probably good for building arm and back muscles." which he needs to work on anyways "Pesto?" ewww "I think I would prefer the chicken barbecue." she glances over the menu "We can do a half and half?"

The shifter is quiet as she peruses the menu, allowing Besa and Rain to talk. A quick little shrug and half-grin, before she looks up again. "Barbecue chicken is fine by me.. I'll eat anything." She says merrily.. and it's true. How is she so slight? Again: shifter metabolism. She will go in for damage on that pizza, and provided it's a win across the board it will be Fionnuala who orders the pizza, large enough for the three to share … and after a quick consideration, she asks for a much smaller personal-sized pizza — whatever the vegan option happens to be — for her to bring back for Oliver. Just because, the boy works hard.

"Get whatever you guys want, seriously…" Fionnuala says again; drinks, food.. whatever. "It's on me. Think of it as a thank you." Said meaningfully and once the orders are placed and requests made, the waitress bustles off.

Finally, to Besa, "Better keep it on. Anyone from school comes in here and sees your hair, we're busted." Fee adds, grin remaining.

Besa frowns in confusion, "A face mask?" He looks at the menu, and nods, "That sounds fine." Rain would know he'd probably prefer the pesto to a sweet BBQ, but he's trying to be nice and get what Rain wants. His head tilts slight at Fion, "A thank you for what?" The hat stays on, although it looks like another lock is going to join it's sibling in escaping soon. He glances upwards at the hat and hair. Maybe he should cut it, make himself less noticeable ( and freeze!). A bald head and sunglasses, that's what they do, right? To hide in movies?

Rain would definitely suggest the half and half since it works for everyone at the table. There is a nod to Besa "Yes, like the ones doctors use." she uses a hand to cover up her nose and mouth like that kind of mask would "Just don't go robbing any banks." for a moment there she sounds exactly like Legion. Maybe a bit of her alternate personality is leaking through. Stress does weird things to people. She has no idea what the thank you would be for either but since Besa asked she just offers a questioning look.

Something about Besa's confusion over the face mark and Rain's pantomiming of how it would sit on his face amuses Fee, though all that shows through is that curving of her lips beneath the classy ridge of sunglasses and her nose. "Just for being really great friends." Fee says earnestly, not being all syrupy about it but simple genuine. Somehow that is far more poignant. "I didn't even realize how lonely it was last year," She admits, likely meaning the ninth grade. Both palms lift in a brief warding gesture, "Not in a bad way or anything.. I mostly lived in the art room.. but it was boring. I didn't really pal around with people. So yeah.. heh," She drums fingers upon the tabletop briefly and knits the fingers of both hands together to politely rest atop said table. "That's the thanks!"

Fee caught that Legion'esque statement, too… she finally allows herself a chuckle or two. "Good point. Jail makes detention look like a dance party." Fee muses, taking up her ginger ale as it arrives and giving it a thoughtful sip.

Oh, He nods, that lock of moving gentle as Besa does. "That makes sense. i will ask for one…" No, he can't. he's supposed to be doing it now. Well…he'll figure something out. An eyebrow3 raises, "I would not rob anyone!" He wouldn't! Looking over at Fe, "I do not dance during detention. There is no music." Just for being friends? Man, now Besa has to figure out friend presents? He really does need a job (or to rob a bank).

"We can pick one up on the way home. The sell them at the pharmacy." Rain assures Besa of this. She sips at her own drink, ice tea for her. "You should of joined us, Fiona." they hung out in the art room quite a bit, usually right afterschool, not everyday but often enough. Knowing Rain at the time though she probably would of rejected the other girl. It's taken her awhile to come out of her shell. "It was a joke Besa." she knows Besa would never rob a bank, or anyone or anything else for that matter. If she weren't such a serious person she might just laugh at Besa's misunderstanding, but she is, so doesn't.

"We can go, in fact. I need to refill a few supplies.. girly mumbo jumbo." Fee snickers, putting her drink down and pacing herself. She can hear her mother in her head: 'don't fill up on bubbles!' (her term for soda.. eugh..)

Fee's gaze flits to Besa and specifically, the bits of hair that are staging an escape of Shawshank Redemption magnitude from the beanie. Okay maybe that was an exaggeration, but it yet amuses the girl. "Detention would be made a sight better with music, I'd say, but I guess that's just grounds for extending it. It's made for repenting~" She hunches up, looks suitably brow-beaten and cowed, infuses her tone with similar malaise, ".. for suffering…!" Ahem.

Now she's happy sunny Fee again. Rest assured she laughed enough for all of them… but she sobers, lowers her voice. "What happened, to cause the detention… are we safe here? I should have thought about it before opting to come here.. how often do those priests show up?" Nearly a whisper. She would hate to have taken Besa somewhere, only to have those.. people.. come after him again.

Besa looks between the two girls, knowing better than to ask what girlie "mumbo jumbo' means. He sighs softly, "I do not think they would tell me no to a radio, but I can not make one work." Especially not outside, ear buds would just die. His nose wrinkles slightly then, "I did not deserve the detention." Stabbing people that stab you seems only fair! As for their safety, her glances around like he'll be able to tell. "I do not know, Fionnuala. But now that I am aware i can be more alert to possible dangers." And stab them before they stab him! He glances to Rain and then Fee, a hint of a smile (is he joking?) "I do not have their schedule, I do not now when they will come again."

Being a girl Rain needs no explanation of girlie stuffs, and probably prefers to leave it right there. She looks around the place and gives a shrug "Safe here as any place." for the moment she isn't worried "They won't attack so soon." hopefully. And she is pretty sure her parents have hired bodyguards, the hidden kind, but she can't be sure. "None of us did…well sky but not for this." She looks to Besa "To bad your record player couldn't be saved. We should find you another one." There is a grin at the possible joke "Maybe they don't know how to use Google calendar." She jokes too

Worry not, Fee neither goes on to describe 'girlie mumbo jumbo' nor does she fret or worry about death priests hiding in the shadows. This whole idea had been so impulsive that the girl chides herself, inwardly, for her negligence. "You may not have deserved the detention, but the school seems a lot more heavy-handed in dealing 'em out." Fionnuala commiserates with Besa, pausing as a large pizza — indeed half BBQ chicken and half chicken pesto — is set down on the table in front of the trio. Side-plates and cutlery are also assembled and without further adieu, the food is left to the wolves.

Fee's eyes round themselves with pleasure, though she will not yet grab up a slice or two until her friends help themselves as well. "I get it, we're kinda setting up shop in a big estate and we have to behave… but it feels stricter since everything. Maybe it's just me." Fee frees her knife and fork from a roll of napkins. She pauses then at Rain's final quip.. she's picturing baleful men in robes fighting with smartphones. Suddenly the shifter breaks out into laughter, unabashedly and without apology.

Besa doesn't know about any body guards, if he did he'd be upset even more. "Tabitha had it specially made. i do not know where." He's still getting the records for it(at least he's getting new ones, his old ones were destroyed with the player), she bought him a subscription. He just has nothing to play them on. She grins, Besa can't help feeling a little relieved and smiles back, "I have not been friended yet." Google, FB. Close enough. "I have been followed though!" Ha! He's funny. That's all his knowledge of social media though, seriously. The fades just a touch as he nods about the dente ions and their severity, "It does seem…much." Food! His stomach rumbles when it appears, he may be ancient, but his tummy is that of a 14 year old boy. Always empty.

"The new headmaster is a lot stricter than the previous one." Rain comments "Creepier too. He seems to have some mental abilities. Sky couldn't get anything from him." she gestures to her head suggesting telepathically Sky couldn't read him at all. She eyes the pizza when it comes but waits for The always hungry Besa to grab a slice before she grabs one for herself. "You have quite a following on my blog Besa. I get twice as many comments when i post pics of us than just of me."

The little shifter, too, remembers her brief stint on that blog… back when she first really began to speak to Rain! Fee still has that dress, hanging up safely in a protective dress bag in her barely-used bedroom. Not since the school was forced to move inland, temporarily. "Glad I'm not the only one thinking that… if it were Badger still holding down the fort," Fee remarks of the lost headmistress with a touch of obvious sadness, "I don't think she would have dropped the hammer like this, for Besa protecting himself." She comments… whose to say that's true or not, not to say that the ex-headmistress was soft or indulgent, but surely she was a sight easier to be around than the new guy.

"Creepy.. I get that vibe too. I've never had to talk to him personally.. I hope I never have to." Fionnuala takes a thin piece, each, of both flavors. It's still quite hot and she goes at it with the aforementioned fork and knife. She looks up at Rain's last remark, brows quirked, turning to see Besa's reaction to the comments bit.

"The last one did as well." The fish face guy. The Guardian shivers slightly at some forgotten memory. He takes a slice of the pesto side but then pauses, "Your what?" Followers? Blog? He then takes an inhumanly large bite (Teenager!) and chews while the girls talk. He swallows before adding, "He did not wish me to have my khophesh at first when it was found." And he certainly doesn't want him to have it now. Lucky for Besa, he put it away, so maybe that's what part of the detention is for?

"He was creepy too, in a different way. I think it was the tentacles." Rain doesn't like things with tentacles, for good reason. She takes a bite of her pizza hoping that this excursion doesn't land Fiona in the headmasters office "My blog Besa. I showed it to you recently. Haven't I?" she knows she has in the past, but isn't sure if she has since his return "I have tons of people following it. It's a fashion thing, mostly."

The dark-haired girl goes on eating, keeping up with her manners quite well despite being very… very hungry. Again, schoolteacher mother. It's funny that Rain harbors the hope that Fionnuala doesn't get busted for this outing because.. you can just SEE it in the shifter's face: what if she gets caught and sent to deal with this man? Especially with—-

"//Tentacles?!" Fionnuala croaks around a mouthful of pizza, catches herself, presses her napkin to her lips. She pushes the sunglasses up from her eyes so that they rest comfortably on her brow, her hair sluicing past them. "What what… I don't like tentacles." She gripes.. looks like another thing the two have in common!

Working on finishing off her first slice, she turns to watch Besa thoughtfully, instead sees him putting away the pizza… really putting it away. She can't help herself, she grins with approval.

While Besa chews his free hand goes up and mimics tentacles coming from his mouth. Sometimes his age doesn't show. And his nails need to be redone, all that physical labor! "I think he was involved with the attack on my heart." That's a nicer way of saying his murder. Kid's been through the ringer. But blog? he blinks, but then just nods. He'll ask someone else what fashion blog is. Apparently there's photos? "Did you fashion me?"

Rain nods to Fiona "Yeah, I think he left right before you started school here." she can't be sure of that though "All the evidence pointed to him, but he just disappeared, no one has seen or heard of him…well in awhile." it is an uncomfortable subject for her as well. Why she doesn't have some serious PTSD issues, is anyone's guess. Fashion is a comfortable one and she nods "I so fashion you Besa." she is amused "Any time I put an outfit together with new clothes I take pictures, write a commentary and post it online. I posted a pic of one of your mugs once. I keep getting asked where they could buy them."

"Attack on your…." Blink. Blink. The mimicry of tentacles does it.. MOUTH TENTACLES. The worst tentacles of all. Fionnuala's eyes round with open, unabashed horror. Then, as she reasons it out in her head, that hardened edge of horror softens into sympathy, and Fionnuala swallows down her last mouthful of pizza. "Hey, idea," She says, also hastening to veer the conversation back to something kinder. She looks at Rain first, "Keep eating, I'm taking a breather." Fionnuala injects her tone with that earnest cheer, digging into her rucksack of a purse for the smartphone that Connor had given to her as a replacement. She's become a pro with the thing now, and it takes seconds for her to pull up the browser and access a very frequently-visited bookmark.

"Check it out." She turns the phone 'round to face Besa but not to come too close into his proximity, given the ability to killify electronics even with an accidental touch and all. Fee has pulled up Rain's blog, and she will happily scroll down as directed should Besa wish to see himself. Fee looks to be as happy as a lark to show off the blog. "I remember seeing it."

"Oh, that is very kind of you, thank you Rain." That's nice, people like his mug. If only he could make more! Absently he lifts his hand and rubs his chest while he eats before directing his attention over to Fee and her phone. "Oh. it is a newsletter!" He smiles and nods in better understanding now. Whatever she shows him, he nods the other lock of hair finally coming free from the hat.

The look of horror gets a nod of agreement from Rain. Horror indeed. What was the staff thinking hiring that…person. Her head cants at Fiona, wondering a moment what this idea is and she watches as the other girl fiddles with her phone. Her eyes follow the pics as the scroll up and she grins at a few "That one got the most comments." the twins and Besa standing in front of a pyramid at Giza in Egypt. There are a few that aren't fashion related, that one included "I told them where, but most don't live around here and the Mug Shot doesn't do online stuff." his comparison gets a slow, thoughtful nod "Something like that, yes."

The patient, pleasant girl will be content to scroll further and further until she is either told to stop or surmises that it's time to do so. Either way, she will put the phone away in a few minutes' time and pluck up one more piece of the BBQ chicken pizza tgo shove down the hatch. "I think it's so neat. My mom enjoys your blog too." Fionnuala chimes, dusting the slice with parmesan cheese. Truth. "I remember the picture with the pyramid.. that's a very, very cool shot. I can see how it's attracted so much attention."

Silencing to eat, Fee glances over a shoulder at the room as it begins to fill up with more patrons. "I think we have another half hour or so before we should get back to school. I don't want us to get caught.. but I will go into the hot seat if we do. It's all my doing." Said with a wink after she does away with the rest of her slice. Soon to be washed down with the remainder of her drink.

"Heck, I think my Mom got my Auntie onto reading your blog. You're going to have my whole family as fans." Fee beams sunnily.

Besa's brow furrows at the picture of them in Egypt, some memory trying to resurface. "That… Something was not right there." To say the least. He shoves another slice into his mouth, eyeing the room as well, but for different reasons. "No, I will be the one to get in trouble, not you, Fionnuala. It would not be right for someone else to get detention because of me.

Half and hour, well Rain better eat then, she takes another bite and nearly chokes on it when Fiona talks about her mom and aunt following her blog…well that is embarrassing. It's one things for complete strangers to do so, but someone she knows…."Uhm, why?" she asks between coughs. After a few moments she gets control and takes a long sip of her tea "How is something not right? We had fun on that trip…mostly." she isn't going to let one bad encounter ruin the whole memory for her "Did I miss something, Besa?"

"Because it's utterly brilliant, that's why." Fionnuala says, all heart. "I mean, shouldn't great work and writing be enjoyed by people passionate about it? I may be a thrift store jockey but Ma loves to fix herself nicely. And you should see auntie Catriona." She flutters on, "She loves nice clothes. I may have exaggerated," She adds with brief alarm at Rain's choking. One hand lifts to pat her back, til' Fee realizes that the Masters girl is across from her and that'd be awkward. "It's really just those two." Said hastily, before she digs for her wallet. "I just have to run to the loo.. I have to pee like a racehorse!" She exclaims.. oh Fee. But you just have to love her.

"I'll be right back and we can settle the bill.. don't rush on my account." She chimes, moving to avail herself to the facilities while Besa and Rain talk Egypt. She won't be long, and upon returning, will pay for everything…. and get that little pizza for her boy.

Besa blinks, maybe he's remembering it wrong. "Wasn't the temple….burgled?" Maybe not. He doesn't push it, liking that Rain doesn't seem upset with him. Fee gets a soft smile as she gets up to leave and he reach sin to his pocket to pull out the couple of wrinkled dollars he has to help pay for the tip at least.

"Well I'm not sure about the great writing, but thanks." Rain is pleased by the compliment, even if she thinks it is a bit exaggerated "Oh, you mean the memory and not the picture." color her confused "That was taken before the temple incident." her brow furrows thoughtfully, but for the moment shakes off whatever came to mind. Nope, not upset at all, not at Besa at least, and if she is upset at anyone or anything she is letting go for now. "I can help with the tip." she takes out the same amount that Besa does and adds it to the tip. "I think I will get a box for the rest of this, save me from getting moaned at by Conner and Sky." she goes to find a waitperson for that.

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