(2018-01-22) Why So Strange!?
Why So Strange?!
Summary: Besa is not a happy camper, and Fionnuala tries to help. (P.S: Fee snuggles are Good Medicine.)
Date: 2018-01-22
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Breakfast Nook, Winbarry Estate
Mon Jan 22, 2018

For a breakfast nook this room is rather large. Large enough to fit a full sized table with chairs comfortably. What makes it a 'nook' is probably the fact that three walls are all glass, the fourth wall is the one that is part if the kitchen, all brick there. A french door leads to the back patio.


Day two of detention. Besa's been tasked to clear the snow and clear the yard of any fallen branches that are visible in any snow drifts. Even with his warmth rune, he's chilled when he finishes for the night and comes in throughout eh door at the breakfast nook. He's standing there, stomping his feet. To either get the snow off, or maybe get the feeling back into them. He looks frozen and miserable. Seems the detention is working. After a moment he stops to press his gloved hand to his chest, eyes closed briefly before h starts to undo his jacket. He knows staying on the cold coat isn't going to help warm him up.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.
<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Sculpting: Good Success.

The shifter girl known as Fionnuala Reid is a nerd. Not so much as to be cast to the fringes of (reduced) school society but enough to mark her as 'interesting' and someone to be treated with care. One just doesn't know what to expect of her: impassioned readings of old literature one moment; outright singing the next.. but one thing for certain? Her ability to draw in even the barest scrap of natural sunlight is a boon, and the light that she throws is just beautiful to be close to. Warm, ambient, encompassing. Fee is just the right person to be in the company of when cold, because when the wings are out and the energy is being held…? Wonderful indeed.

So Besa, charged with clearing snow, is there trying to will heat back into his feet and hands after obligatory duties to make amends for 'something'… Fee is seated by her lonesome in the nook, working with some sort of colorful polymer. To step into the nook is to feel the solar warmth that is practically 'dripping' from her wings, and her dark-haired head perks at the new arrival. Big eyes, the color of goldenrod, turn to watch Besa thoughtfully. "You poor thing, you're freezing!"

"It is unnatural that anyone would choose to live where it gets this cold!" Even with his dark skin, his nose and cheeks are very pink. Are his teeth chattering? After a moment of struggling to get the coat off, it's clear he has on several layers of sweaters on. How is he even moving? Off come the gloves next, they're expensive, most likely a Rain gift. He shivers and then a clear swear in his native tongue escapes him. "I…I am sorry, Fionnuala…I am disturbing your creating." If she looks closer, not only is he red from cold, but he has dark circles underneath his eyes.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Enhanced Sight: Good Success.

The shifter girl needn't know Coptic to know the lay of Besa's feelings in that one particular swear! The girl leans back in her chair, a mug of lemon ginger tea steaming alongside the colorful pile of Sculpey that has been compiled from about four differently-colored balls of polymer. It's after classes so therefore, Fee is in her 'cozies': a fitted camisole and any variant of loudly colored fleece pajama pants. Her hair, always an unruly mass, has been pulled into a 'lick and a promise' bun that is reaching critical mass and hanging in a fail!heap at the base of her bare neck. Yes, she's leaning back and watching Besa worriedly, keen eye indeed noting the dark circles.

"Are you okay? Get that sodden clothing off and come sit by me!" Says the thrower of heat, her brilliant eyes rounded with concern. "You're not disturbing a thing. I'm just playing."

Besa's not glaring down at his boots, trying toe them off. It's not a very intimidating look, the boots may win. "I am cold, but I will survive, thank you." He's starting to shiver more, his rune had worn off at some point, "I do not wish to be a bother." He feels a bother a lot lately, even when people tell him the opposite. Once he's free of everything he needs to be, he does step closer though, sniffling as his nose starts to run as it unfreezes. "Play is important."

Sorry Besa, you look more annoyed and adorable due to it, as opposed to intimidating. "It is cold, isn't it? I bet we'll see more snow." Fee says in her sweet way, never without having to try. She's just so content in her skin, her space, with her oven-bake'able polymer, tea and ugly pajamas. Just look too, she looks warm! Her lips curl as the unhappy Egyptian boy steps closer, though her eyes are alight with concerns. A leg lifts to kick a chair out that, during the day, provides a spot at the table midday for a hungry teenage Super. Not the case here: it's just Fionnnuala and Besa in this quaint room.

"C'mon over. We haven't really had much of a chance to chat lately, have we?" She asks, tilting her head as she picks florescent yellow Sculpey from beneath nails that have been bitten to nubs.

"I've heard things.. but I don't like assuming til' I get the whole story. Is everything ok, Besa?"

Besa actually sneers in the direction of the door, "it is damnable." Oh boy, he is in a bad mood! Warm Fee looks so inviting. Just siting next to her would be so nice. He starts movie towards the chair but then stops when she asks what everyone is asking. or assuming. A sigh, "What have you heard?" That may be easier then trying to explain everything. He sits down, but doesn't look as exciting as he did moments ago. He almost seems….teenagerish.

"Just people going on about you and the twins being covered in blood, last Friday." Fee offers easily, and in her very tone she implies disinterest in what the student body has to say. "I'll have you know, Besa, that I've been the butt of the gossip chain… I really don't believe anything til' I hear it from the source." The girl admits, patting the empty seat. "I've heard everything from sea monsters, to dinosaurs, to a run-in with Colloso the Great Sea Lout…" She squints, wings glistening, lips parting around white teeth into a silly smile. ".. who is said to have flunked out of Coral and is bitter about it. Teens can be like old people, you know.. gossip is like…. lifeblood."

A pregnant pause.

"… I don't believe it. So take that wet clothing off and come sit with me and tell me your take, the truth, so I don't worry too much. What's with all this talk of blood?"

Besa hates to burst her bubble but, "We were attacked on Friday, Rain and I. In town." He sets his hands on the table, maybe to soak up a little bit of Fee's sunshine. "There are more priests who have decided they wish for me to return with them. I did not wish to." He tries to shrug, but he's cold enough it just looks weird. Mention of dinosaurs has he studying his fingers, but looking guilty. So much guilt in such a little body! He needs to grow some if this keeps up! He chews his lower lip before answering her last question, "He stabbed me. So i stabbed him back.' Oh. That's all.


Blood. Attacks. Rain. Besa.

Want to see Fee's expression sober fast? Yeah, say stuff like that. If one were to prescribe a 'soundtrack' to the occasion, this relaxed moment in an empty breakfast nook.. it would shift from peaceful to ominous quite fast. Fee's wings arch, rising in a black halo behind her chair, her lashes narrowing thick and dark around that infused gaze. "Who attacked you—? She starts, then tenses at the talk of priests.

Blink? Return with? Where? Fee doesn't relax any, "Return… where? To where you're from? Surely not that awful place! Besa, what—"

Ok now she looks //really unnerved, "Who stabbed you?! A priest??"

Another pitiful shrug, "With them, I do not know where." yet. He's going to find them. But then he realizes, "No. Not to Hell. They are earth bound." Does that help? He finally reaches up and pulls his knitted cap off, perfect hair even nice after the hat. It stays in his hands, something for him to fidget with. "It has not been the best weekend."

"You stay right here with us!" Fionnuala declares, accidentally knocking over her rendition of Barney the Dinosaur… with Hulk muscles. Don't ask. She doesn't even right it, eyeing Besa worriedly. She looks firstly to the cap in his fidgety hands, to his face. "Man oh man.. what's been happening? I've been up to my ears in hours with Ruthie and making up for a math test that I flunked." Said easily, albeit with shame. Fee does not like math.

"Can't they leave well enough alone? Why are they after you now—-" Fee starts, pauses. Augh, bad weekend? Now she looks truly concerned, "C'mon over here," She bids again, "What has been so terrible? what happened?"

Besa's eyes widen and he then sighs, "Oh course." Why do they all assume he's going to go with these priests? "I do not wish to go with them at all." He reaches over to right….whatever that is. Is it a monster? A…purple alligator? "No. They can not. It is their belief that they are doing what is right." He's sitting already, but scoots closer to her. Warmth is good. "Besides being stabbed?" A soft sigh, "The twins are mad at me. Theodore is behaving odd with me. Rain stole my powers and healed me without getting permission, after everyone yelling at me for healing people….I have detention which i do not deserve." He was stopped form killing the guy why stabbed him. "I am cold."

Assume.. that's just the way Fee rolls, for now. She's the newest addition to the grand scheme of things so therefore, she can only assume that these priests are aggressive, pushy sorts who are going out of their way to bend Besa to their will! That's it! Her glowing gaze watches Besa's noting of her foolish sculpture but she an hardly distract herself enough to explain it. There's too much afoot. "Twins.. mad…?" Huh.. well, she will get to that in a minute. Her eyes round in her small face, head tilting, nimbus of the blackest black hair framing her features. "How is Theo acting weird? Is he being mean?" Somehow she can't imagine that! She straightens, "It's awful outside. Why are that making you… you're shoveling the snow, aren't you? What a crappy thing to do! Do you have to do this again tomorrow? I'll come out with you!"

No wonder Besa seems grumpy. Now that he's sitting beside her he's prone to that which follows, provided he does not shy away. Fee, without question, reaches out to pull him into a side-hug. "What can I do to help?"

Besa's gazes goes back to the hat, fingers playing with the stitches. "He is just behaving strange. One moment he says we're friend, but then he will say things implying we are not . His spiders keep hugging me. He put his fake leather coat on be last night when I was cold." He sniffs slightly, tired. A soft smile then, "It is detention, you can not help." That's not really an answer though. He doesn't pull away, leaning into the hug. She's so warm! "Do not be mad at me. I do not know how to fix anger."

"Oh my //goodness/ I am not angry—" Fee starts, then pauses. Considers. Her glowing gaze flits to the knit cap wrenched in the Egyptian boy's hands, and her lips curl up in a knowing smile. Maybe a more whimsical tangent of thought will help with this dark mood.. she will have to talk to Rain personally, she reckons, regarding all of this. Digging at Besa won't help… and the boy just needs some comfort. One black wing lifts to arch behind him, not touching, but instead radiating heat upon Besa's small, shivering body. "Know what that sounds like to me, Besa?" She asks conspiratorially, "Especially if he's giving you his coat and giving you spider-waves?" He's so tired, she just wants to keep cuddling him. She will, kinda, with her one arm.

"I think Theo wants to get to know you better!"

Besa frowns softly. Maybe smiling isn't the best reaction she could have given him. He shivers, "This is not a happy thing, Fionnuala! Everything is…not as it should be!" He's warming up, but that's also making him shiver more. "He does not have to be so strange to be my friend though. It …" he sigh, closing his eyes in frustration and rubbing his eyes. "We are already friends, he can know me better without being strange about it."

Poor Besa.. having to settle with a girl who is just so naturally ebullient. The slight frown is noted though and the shifter looks mildly confused. "Did I say something wrong? I mean.. hmn, not a happy thing…? I'd like to think making a new friend is a happy thing.. maybe it's just his way to be strange. I don't think he means ill by it.. or maybe he just doesn't realize it?" Fionnuala muses, keeping the cozy contact for as long as Besa will allow it. "How should it be, then?" She asks in genuine curiosity, fingers reaching to finally set the purple dinosaur upright.

"Maybe he's nervous, too… I think for all of his abilities and how comfortable he feels with his spiders, it may not be as it seems." She hazards a guess. Being inflicted with a mind-spider infestation cannot be an easy thing to come to terms with.

Besa's so confused, "but we already are friends?" Everyone is so weird. His forehead is rubbed like maybe he's getting a headache. He doesn't seem to dislike the contact. touching is not as much drama to him as it is to most modern day teens. "I do not know, just…not nervous." Is that the right word? Besa's not sure, but he's starting to finally warm up, so he doesn't care. Would Fee care if he scooted closer? "I think he worries about the spiders, yes." And then he doesn't care, Besa lays his head down on the table. She's warm, and he's cold and now he's sleepy. "I hurt and I am tired and I am cold. I do not like detention." Whiney? Yeah. "Everyone is mad and I do not know what to do."

Would Fionnuala care if he… pfft! Okay yeah, she's going to freak out!

.. not likely. She's not a grabby grabby sort but she was raised lovingly, with a lot of positive reinforcement and affection. Therefore she is no stranger to when others need just the 'right' amount of comfort, or at least somebody to be there. Her hands move to collect up the balls of Sculpey.. she'll catch hell if she leaves a mess here, come the morning. But the good thing about wings: they're as good as another set of arms and a lot cozier. The black, feathered appendages form a comforting, encompassing shroud for the unhappy boy as he speaks onwards of his plight.

"Nervous…. nervous, huh?" She knows of Theodore's orientation, by.. could he…? Well, it's not impossible.. Besa is cute as a button and Theo is, well, fabulous. But is it her place to be foisting her suspicions on Besa when he's so grumpy? It may be too much. "Course' he worries about the spiders.. that's a part of it, and there's probably some other stuff. But I think you have too much else on your mind for now—"

The girl blinks, watching Besa setting his head down. "I think the first thing to do is to rest. They're mad because they care, Besa, and I bet they're scared too. It will be easier to process in the morning, and if I see Rain around soon maybe I can ask her more about the healing bit, ok? Oh.. and.." She leans in, "Hopefully you don't have too much more time to serve, detention-wise."

"Being mad at me is not helping though. It makes everything harder." Dark eyes close. He's not falling asleep, but he doesn't want to start crying again. he had enough tears frozen on his cheeks today. "It will not matter. They believe they know when it is right to heal, not me. I do not get to have a say in anything. it is just like with the priests. i am to fall in line and make them happy." That's probably not what's going on, but he's tired and upset. "I do not know. The school is mad at me as well. I stabbed the man."

"Anger is never easy. I sure don't like it when someone is cheesed at me, too." Fee admits, giving Besa a wingsqueeze. She looks ready to go on, to pass on another nugget of her sunny outlook, til' something Besa says catches her off guard. Her expression doesn't exactly harden, just grows more serious. Sober. There's no more of that optimistic smile as she sees a point to push home, almost fervently. "It does matter, Besa. As long as you have a heartbeat and a voice, what you say matters. Sometimes people, when they care so much and get so scared, can get so intense and overbearing in their protectiveness that they can kinda… bowl over the people that they wanna keep safe. At least in the case of the twins they want you to be happy and they're so used to looking out for you. I think what you gotta do is speak up louder.. I really, really don't think Rain and Sky want you to fall in line. They will listen, I bet."

Said carefully.. she doesn't want to incense the ancient teen. "As for the man you stabbed, you had to protect yourself, right? It sounds like this person was trying to make you do something that you didn't want to do. Can I talk to anyone for you? I can vouch for you somehow, if you'd like."

Besa cracks his eyes open and looks at Fee. he looks so little, laying with his head on the table, eye wide. "I do not know. Sky yelled at me because I wanted to meditate on things. He has never liked if what i thought was different than his own." And Rain? "I fear she grows tired of me. Connor too." He's part of the Master package deal. A soft sigh, he's not upset that she wants to help, just, "I do not know that you could help me, but they gave Rain detention. She did nothing bad at all. If you can help her, that would help my heart much."

"I'm kinda the new kid on the block.. I'm still figuring all of you guys out." Fee smiles gently, drumming her fingers on the table. Those fingers and nails are looking too smooth and pretty lately… nowhere near scaley and cracked enough from claywork. Fee misses it all more than she lets on, never wanting to rock the boat. The boy's words bring an almost pained look to the shifter's expression, "If there's one thing I know about Rain already, she's loyal. I don't think she'll ever get tired of you. Maybe tired of trying to figure out what to do or how to handle things… but…" She looks a bit awkward, not knowing enough about Connor to defend him, and Sky is still new-ish territory to her as well. But Rain? Different story.

"I'll talk to her soon and try to help her out, okay? Try to keep your chin up.. once these detentions are over how about I take you out for some pizza? Get a break from this place, clear your head. It's all gonna work out and I'll try my best to help. I promise."

So positive~ .. and not in a flippant way, or dismissive. She means it.

Besa's not going toy point out he'll probably be grounded from leaving without an adult if there's priests out there trying to kidnap him. he knows Fee's trying to be nice so he nods. And the grains and sits up to nod properly. "Thank you. I think I am going to go to bed now."

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