(2018-01-17) Thanks, Dexter!
Thanks, Dexter!
Summary: Students and Unit 23'ers chat over lunch.
Date: 2018-01-17
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Breakfast Nook, Winbarry Estate
Wed Jan 17, 2018

For a breakfast nook this room is rather large. Large enough to fit a full sized table with chairs comfortably. What makes it a 'nook' is probably the fact that three walls are all glass, the fourth wall is the one that is part if the kitchen, all brick there. A french door leads to the back patio.


<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Singing: Success.
<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Success.

It's lunch time! Perhaps a favorite time of day, especially given the fact that this place is crawling with teenage Supers! Don't let her small size fool you, Fionnuala can pack it away. Her speedy shifter metabolism fuels her body's ability to do what it does best… no, not just digest: change forms! That takes energy!

Turns out what's on the lunch menu is one of Fee's favorites but today is especially Important. There's the typical assortment of healthy side-dishes to accompany the main entrée. But then there's the promise of sponge cake for dessert and THAT is what has the crow excited. So much so that she could sing. And she does. Fionnuala has a lovely little voice.

"Well, the rain exploded with a mighty crash, as we fell into the sun!" She stabs a carrot, thrusts it straight down her gob. Chews, swallows, continues belting out the Wings, "And the first one said to the second one there… I hope you're having fun!" She is. Fionnuala is in a fantastic mood, solar energy dashing across the feathers of her wings as she cleans her plate. Sunlight lances it's way into the breakfast nook, the day beyond being crisp and clear.

Today is a Good Day.

Daxton's in a grumpy mood. Someone was out late running during a mission. To be fair, the other speedster's still in bed. The member of Unit 23 stumbles into the nook, a plate stacked comically high. His hair is a mess and he's clothes are slightly askew. At least he put on clothes and didn't stay in his sleepy pants like he first wanted. A grunt at a few students that he might know, but he plops down at a table to eat alone. Anyone observant enough will notice his knuckles are bruised. Maybe there was more than just running that happened on the mission.

<FS3> Theodore rolls Singing: Success.

A band is not the only thing on the run. There's a handful of spiders scuttling about the wall, and they seem to be chasing each other. Or rather, four of them appear to be chasing one of the others. Why? Because one's carrying a grape, with a very clear happy face on its abdomen. The rest chase with various expressions from dismay to anger. Though this might get missed by a few people.

Hopefully Fionnuala doesn't miss the next bit, though. Because Theo approaches, singing a little more quietly, "And the jailer man, and Sailor Sam / Were searching everyone." He's got a pretty nice voice too. He chuckles, and then notes, "You're certainly looking chipper this afternoon. Mind if I sit with you?"

Though as the spider passes by with the grape, Theo tilts his head and plucks it out of the spider's front legs. The happy face changes to one of surprise, and then one of dismay. And those chasing it change to laughing faces. "Don't steal food, I don't care if they can't see you."

He notices Daxton then, and blinks. "Afternoon," he offers pleasantly. He doesn't say 'good' afternoon, because that doesn't appear to be the case for Daxton.

The speedster isn't the only Unit 23 member to be gracing the students this lunch time. Felicia is right behind him with her own plate, though hers has a normal amount of food on it and two cans of Monster, "It's not like it was a total crap shoot." she says to Daxton "We did what we were supposed to do, sure things went a little sideways, but when don't they?" ever the optimist, is our Felicia. Unlike her teammate she has been awake for hours, and is dressed in a black dancers leotard with one of those flimsy ballerina skirts, (not a tutu, the other kind) no ballet slippers though, just fuzzy slipper socks with the grippies on the bottom, they have Darth Vader on them. "Oh hey. Morning." she greets the students as she sits at the table, setting one of the Monster drinks in front of Dax before setting her own plate down and opening the other one. As for spiders…what spiders?

Well, good thing, the girl isn't being obnoxious about it. No jumping on the table with a fork for a microphone… that may have put it into overload for Daxton over there, whose arrival isn't overlooked and mood easy to peg. The girl has spied the speedster around the grounds and remembers him from the madness at the damaged school. As the final bits of lyrics leave her lips, Fionnuala is about to call a greeting over to the cranky boy but then——then! 'lo, another voice carries the flag! Seeing as how Theodore is joining her in a bit of lunchtime vocal practice, it is his voice that takes the girl's attention before she can notice the spiders immediately. "Ah hah! Brilliant..!" She exclaims, clapping her hands together once. "Good save~"

A nod to indicate a chair closeby, "Have a seat. I'm pretty happy.." Obviously. "How are you doing, Theo?"

Then, another arrival! Yeowza, it's a happenin' place! Another Unit 23'er who has been spotted quite a few times, though—-Fee's eyes round at the sight of Felicia's slippers. She's like a Star Wars seeking missile. "Look at those. Those… those slippers.." She exhales, then glows. Literally. "I love them!" Yup, there's her 'good morning' to Felicia! Fee catches herself and settles, smiling over at the two older teens. "Ah, yeah.. hi there," There, that's better. "How are things?"

Daxton's nose wrinkles, making him look the teenage he is briefly, "You wouldn't be saying that if I had hit that black ice while carry you." Hopefully he didn't hit another wall and create another dimensional crack! But he reaches for the monster drink and cracks it open as he nods to the greeting from Theo. "Sure is." It doesn't appear he sees any spiders either. But then he blinks and turns looks down at the wrist watch he has on. It appears to be old, a wind up one, "Huh. It's not morning anymore, Fel. Why did AfterThought let me sleep so late?" Probably because he needed it. The food starts to disappear from his plate, at supernatural speeds. Fel's slippers are ignored but he will grunt at Fion in greeting.

Theo waves to Felicia as well. "Hello," he greets pleasantly. It's probably just as well Felicia can't see them. They're stealing food, and that's bad! Besides, they might freak her out.
No, she's not being obnoxious. That can come later. Theo makes a mental note to ambush Fionnuala for singing funtimes at some point. He does have the grace to look sheepish when she points out his 'save'. Nonetheless, he does eat the grape. "I doubt they'd want it back now, after I've had my hands on it," he reasons.
He sits down near Fee when she indicates the seat. "Thank you." And then he starts to snicker at Fionnuala's reaction to the slippers. "Hey, it's cold on the Dark Side of the Force," he quips.
Daxton's words get a tilt of his head, but he doesn't comment directly on them — he knows better, and doesn't want to be told to keep his teenage kid nose out of adult business. But he does have a worried look on his face.

Felicia shrugs "Maybe…maybe not." she is pretty indestructible when she wants to be "But that was the least of the troubles last night." she tells him "But probably not the best topic of conversation around the kiddos," not that she isn't any older than most of them, still being a teenager herself. "I don't know? Maybe they tried and you got all snappy so Afterthought decided just to let you sleep." she is blunt as ever "Apparently you need more…sleep that is."

At the exclamation from the Crow at her slippers she lifts a foot, pointing her toe "Darth Vader is the man. A lot better than that emo Kylo Ren." Felicia opines "To bad the guy ended up a good guy." she shakes her head. Clearly she is a fan of the dark side. At the greeting from Theo she gives a upward nod of her head "You the one with the spiders?" she might not be able to see them, but she can hear just fine, and has heard the other students talk about them. And no, they wouldn't freak her out. Nothing does, though anyone is free to test that.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Enhanced Sight: Good Success.

For the most part, Fee leaves the older two be, noticing the matching cans of Monster of all things and pegging them to be teammates as well as friends. Daxton's grunted greeting quirks Fionnuala's brow a touch, but she knows better than to poke at bears. Daxton sets upon his lunch and Fee breathes a sigh of relief inwardly.. maybe that will help his mood! Though for some reason she cannot quite chalk this mood up to being hangry, alone. Even from this distance, Fee can clearly see the bruised knuckles and she wonders if something went wrong for him.

As Felicia gets settled, Fee takes a moment to turn her attention back to her immediate tablemate, Theo. In focusing on him and through her own mystical awareness, she is then privy to the presence of the little astral food thieves… her topaz eyes round with—-no, not fear. Pleasure. "Are those yours..?" She whispers. She's weird like that.

To Felicia, the girl turns her black-haired head again and smiles openly, "I have to agree there. Darth Vader all the way… I'm not much a Kylo Ren fan." Said mournfully… she cannot forgive that emo boy for Reasons. Will not. It shows in her face! She silences as Felicia speaks next to Theo, working to finish off a few more carrots. Nom!

<FS3> Daxton rolls Super Speed: Good Success.

Daxton pulls a face again, "I don't snap." He says while snapping. Half the monster is drank and he then rubs an eye. He'll take her lead though and drop the mission talk. Theo is given a glance at as well, he too has heard talk of spiders. Huh. But StarWars, "Kylo Ren is awesome. You just like old dudes." Clearly he and Fel are friends along with being teammates. A fork full of whatever Fel has on her plate goes missing.

"Amen," Theo remarks to Felicia's mention of Kylo Ren. He seems pleased to leave mission talk behind. "Kylo looks and acts like George Lucas looked up the word 'edgelord' and said 'this is what these kids like these days, right?'," he notes good-naturedly. As for the spiders? Theo nods to Felicia. "That's me." He points to the ceiling, where the handful that had been chasing each other around have relocated to. "They're up there right now. I try to keep them on the ceiling so they don't freak the students out."
For those who can see them, the grape thief is still pouting up there. Speaking of people seeing them, Fionnuala's question gets a nod. "They are. That's not the whole group, though. There's quite a few more. Most of them stay hidden." One of the spiders on the ceiling — tiny quarter-sized white things with black spots on their abdomens that resemble faces — tilts to look at Fee. Its spots change to a happy look and it waves a foreleg. This is not the pouting one, mind.
Theo laughs quietly regarding Daxton's assessment of Kylo Ren. "To each his own," he notes. "Nothing wrong with it if you do like him. It was a pretty sharply dramatic plot, there is that," he's willing to agree.

The snapping from Dax gets a snigger from Felicia. Point proven. "Darth Vader defies age. Age has nothing to do with it. It's the fact that he wasn't a whiny…" there is a beat "amkae." she finally says. The tone suggests it is an insulting swear word, but she chooses not to say it in English. Context should be a clear indicator it is the b-word. She beams at Fi and Theo when they agree with her about Darth, and sticks her tongue out at Dax. Then some of her food goes MIA and into Dax's mouth "Dude!" she exclaims "Eat your own food…you certainly have enough of it." she isn't truly upset, this just seems to be how their friendship works.

The teen titans eyes follow the others up to the ceiling and her head tilts back and forth but she still sees nothing "Huh…still can't see 'em."

The squabbling about Kylo Ren vs. Darth Vader amuses Fionnuala, obviously. Each party is given the shifter's complete attention, first Daxton's championing of Kylo Ren, followed up by Theo's serve and then Felicia's. Though the 'old dude' comment loosens a spat of laughter from the winged girl, "Hey! Old and with experience!" She quips in her penny thought, then silences to give the spiders that her powers enable her to bear witness to… well, another look. Wow! She looks up just in time to see the one up on the ceiling wave it's foreleg and she can't help herself, Fee grins. She waggles a finger at the bug for a moment before her attention returns to the others, at Felicia's words. That, and her catching Daxton stealing her grub! Fee presses fingers to her mouth and giggles, shaking her head slowly. Maybe she should offer to go get some of that cake.

Though, Felicia is the one here whose name she does not know of. Making sure to catch the other girl's eye first, Fee grins at her. "Don't think I've caught your name before. I'm Fionnuala.. who are you?"

Can they all hear Dax roll his eyes? If not, he does it right in front of Fel for everyone to see. "Seriously? Defies age? " Theo gets a dubious look, "I don't even know what that means." WTH is an edge lord? "Dick fathers should get stabbed." Ouch, projecting much? With his mouth full he answers Fel, "never enough food." It's true. Between him and Pulse, and then the students here, they're always going grocery shopping. He looks upwards too, those bright blue eyes search and find nothing as well. No psychic powers for him, thank god.

Theo snorts a little at the insult from Felicia. He doesn't actually know what it means, but context is probably enough to at least cast it in the proper tone, at least. "Oh, my impressionable young ears!" he teases. But then he admits, "I've probably heard worse. Probably said worse. And not necessarily in English."
As for Fionnuala and the spiders? He chuckles at the waving. "They're selective about who can see them, but I don't think they're doing that on purpose," he notes. "Some people just can't see them."
Daxton's question gets a raise eyebrow. "Oh come on, you can't be THAT old," he teases, with a smirk. "Edgelord. You know, someone who's actions are deliberately just on the 'edge' of acceptable and offensive, because he thinks it makes him cool or somehow superior?" A chuckle. "But I'm serious. You like what you like, I'm not going to judge. Trust me, I've experienced being on the 'unacceptable' side of that argument. I don't like it; I assume others don't either."

"Felicia." she introduces herself to Fi "Former Ares and queen of detention." she gives a bit of a bow in her seat. She is proud of both facts "Though I hear someone else is trying to take the crown now." that person will have big shoes to fill. Hopefully they can top the snowman (made of real snow) that Felicia put in the co-dean's office in her senior year…best Christmas card ever!

Another snigger at Dax "Did you see your brain that time?" Felicia teases then follows up on Theo's explanation "Sometimes also known as a special snowflake. Anime is full of them." though as far as she knows she is the only one in the room that watches those.

"Oh~" Fionnuala's eyes glint once with mirth, "A potent title. A bow to royalty, then," The girl manages exactly that, even while seated; a pert little bow at the waist. She leans back in her chair and grins a bit, "Never a dull moment, then.. I can only imagine the stories." She remarks with a mischievous look, looking down at her clean plate. "It's nice to meet you. Any girl who wears Darth slippers and watches anime wins at life, in my books." Said earnestly.. yeah, she caught that. She squints at Felicia, blushes a bit, and asks conspiratorially. "Which series do you like best?" Yup, she went there.

Old no. Slightly sheltered? in a way. "I didn't say I was old." Darth Vader is old. He makes a thinking face as he chews, although bios jaw blurs as it's much after than a normal person. "Whatever." It's just StarWars. He doesn't seem to be trying to argue, maybe this is his way of not arguing? The speedster seems tired though, whatever they did is causing him a few winces as he moves. "Nope, I'd have to have one to see it." Speedsters don't need brains! he cleans off the rest of his plate and then eyes what's left on Fel's. He's not into Anime, despite all of Fel's hopes, so he ignores that talk and finishes his monster.

Theo snickers at the mention of a 'detention queen', and someone trying to fill her shoes. "That would probably be Schuyler," he notes. "He staged a protest wherein he wouldn't wear his uniform, and arranged a petition to abolish them. I think it partially worked, so now we have 'casual Fridays'. But in the meantime, he still has a lot of detentions to make up." And then the mention of anime. At that he points in Felicia's direction. "That. Exactly. Also that's part of the reason I end up on the other side of the 'unacceptable' side. I watch some anime too."
In fact, he pauses a moment to grab his phone. It's a small one, but it's a smartphone. Probably an older model, though not ancient. It plays videos, evidenced when he finds one and then props the phone up on the table to let it play. It's a tacky, 70s/80s style opening for an anime whose art style looks far too new to have been done in the time period the visuals are trying to evoke. Over the sound of a Japanese male singer with a higher-pitched voice, various Japanese school children pose oddly, strange entities separating from their bodies as they strike their poses to strike poses of their own. The whole thing is about a minute long.
"That," he states, putting his phone away, "is mainly what I watch."
And he snickers a little at Daxton's mention of not having a brain. "I'm sure you have one, it's just… hiding from you," he suggests. He's mainly kidding.

Felicia nods, she remembers Schyuler in a vague sort of way. She never socialize much with the boy, since they were several grades apart. There is not comment from her about Dax's lack of brains, just an amused chuckle. "You're kidding right?" she asks of Fi "That's like choosing a parent to pick their favorite kid." she tells the other girl "There are so many good ones…I really liked Tokyo Ghoul…and Assassination Classroom was quite topical." octopus faced teacher and all, which Coral Springs had last year. That's whose desk she put the snowman on "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure." she only has to listen to the first few bits of the theme song to know that.

Poor Daxton, he's smack dab in the middle of a menage-a-dork. Fionnuala looks at him apologetically, notices him looking at Felicia's empty plate and she.. considers something. But first—-

Felicia responds, oh how she responds. This elicits a bright spat of laughter from the shifter, "I'm not up to date on the newer stuff… I like the older bits." She lifts a hand to indicate a count, "Samurai Pizza Cats, Marmalade Boy.. guilty pleasures, those.. OH" She perks, "Evangelion…. and… AND" Fionnuala's eyes round, her wings lift and spread — with care — to form a sparkling, black arc above her body as she imitates a character from her final 'preference': "Vision. Of. Escaflowne. Mmmm mmm~"

Hugging herself, Fee picks up her plate. "I'm just gonna grab a couple more things from the kitchen. This excitement makes me hungry for second lunch." Where does she put it?! "Can I get anything else for any of you?"

Ugh, he's surrounded by anime nerds! Daxton smirks though, starting to stand. "I need seconds." he's finally looking a little more awake, although his hair is still going every which way. He needs a haircut. Kidding or not, Theo gets a small frown as he heads back towards the food. He knows Sky, but didn't know about the detentions. huh. His head shakes, eyes slightly wide at the sudden wing backdrop Fee has, "No, I'll get my own, thanks."

"Yup," Theo replies as Felicia identifies the anime. "That's part 4, 'Diamond is Unbreakable'. I started watching out of order. Thankfully most of the parts aren't super-dependent on the previous parts to do more than establish background flavor. So all I missed was fanboying when they showed Josuke's birthmark."
Theo isn't necessarily an anime geek, per se. He just happens to like a few animes. Fionnuala's list gets a considered moment of thought. "I've been meaning to watch Escaflowne," he comments. "Haven't gotten around to it yet, though." As for seconds? Theo stands. "Oh, I'll get it. It's pretty easy when there are helping hands. Or… helping legs, actually." He winks. Yes, he's talking about his spiders.
He won't be gone long, because things will sort of… scuttle onto his plate rather than him needing to pick them up.

Felicia nods at the list as she takes a few bites of her lunch "Samurai Pizza Cats is a little to cutesy for me. I've watched an episode here and there, but that's about it." Fi gets a headshake "There isn't a second lunch. It's Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Elvensies, Lunch, Afternoon Tea and Supper." not only anime but apparently a big Hobbit fan too. "And probably seconds and thirds too, Dax." and then maybe a side trip to the Burger Barn after lunch is over.

"Oh, I couldn't do that. If I am going to watch something, I have to start from the beginning. I can't just pick up in the middle like that."

With the unfurling of the wings comes a swath of warmth, not aggressively so but just.. there. The solar energy prickles along the feathers like the tiniest of 'faerie-lights' She nods once to Felicia and Theo as Daxton, meanwhile, stands to collect his next helping. "Samurai Pizza Cats is cotton candy.. pure junk food. So bad it's good and watched only in moderation." Fee grins widely at that. The description of the 'hierarchy of noms' earns an awed look, "I guess we're onto afternoon tea then—-" A look of sheer excitement. "That mean… dessert! And tea or coffee to make honest people of ourselves!"

To Theo, the girl insists, "Really, it's okay! I don't mind," Aren't they just a polite bunch. She watches the spider-borne movement of cutlery and stops with her insisting because that is just awesome. To Felicia, as she yet insists on carrying her own plates and laying a smash onto that beautiful cake that awaits them, "I'll be right back." She chimes, taking her dishes into the kitchen. She is true to her word because in minutes, Fionnuala is returning with a wedge of sponge cake and cream, and a hearty mug of tea!

Daxton beats them all back, plate as stacked as the first time. He ignores the weird names of whatever they're all talking about and starts digging in. Between mouthfuls, "I don't think I work this evening, but I can run you if you do Fel." He sniffs as he chews, eyeing the cake that Fee brings. He didn't see cake! "I think Inferno wants to do a debriefing though at some point."

Theo chuckles, presumably Felicia noted this when he returned. "Some of us have different nutritional needs, I suppose," he comments. As for starting in the middle? "That was the point," he notes, with a smile. "The manga's been going longer than I've been alive, so I wondered if someone new to the series could just jump in. Turns out they can, because each part is about a different member of the same bloodline, and all of the different JoJos are separate, distinct people."
He also smirks a little bit when Fee notes the spider-borne movement of cutlery. "I can sort of split my attention, I notice. So I can direct them to move the whole lot together. If they were bigger than a quarter I probably could use them for even more interesting things, but this works too."
Oop, that's mission talk from Daxton again! Theo won't comment there, since he's just a kid. And he doesn't know who Inferno is. But he might just get up and get some of that cake for Daxton! Sugars and starches are good for energy, right?

Unfurled wings, swath of warmth, moving cutlery, none of it gets a reaction from Felicia. It's like things like that happens everyday in her world, she just keeps eating her food. "I prefer my cats all thundery." yes that's a reference, let's see who picks up on it.

"I took today and tomorrow off. I have audition in Manhattan first thing in the morning. Though I could use a lift to the train station later today. I'm going to stay the night, so I don't have to get up as early." and less chance of her being late." she hmmms "I guess I can head out after the debriefing. If he does it today."

"I've seen the first few. I haven't gotten as far as four though. Not with all the rest of the stuff that is out there to watch." and with her list of fandoms the only way she could see it all is if she lived forever and did nothing but watch shows 24/7.

She seats herself with a chunk of cake the size of a bloated romance novel and mug of tea with the teabag string still moving in lazy circles… just in time, too. Fionnuala catches Felicia's reference just in time and she turns to look at the girl, squints in thought. She's aware, too, of Daxton eyeing her cake and she peeeeers over at him. "Hey, I offered! I would've brought you some!" She exclaims, feathers ruffling. "There's still plenty left. The cake is not a lie." She smiles at the speedster, forking a piece of the lovely sponge into her mouth and chewing with delight. Back to Felicia and finally, her guess: "Thundercats?" Eh? Eh?

"So two things I wanna do with you, now." She looks up at Theo from beneath black lashes, next. Noms cake, chews, swallows. "First we're gonna have ourselves a sing-off, one evening. The moment you walked in, that sealed your fate." Looks like great minds think alike. "The next? Those spiders are rad, and I want to see more of what they can do. I love spiders!"

Fee loves everything.. including bugs. Weird girl.

Daxton has a plate to finish off first before cake. He's moving fast through it, but not speeding like before. He nods, messy hair pushed back with a quick movement. "Alright, I can run ya. We can probably get the debriefing done soon." he's nose wrinkles as he makes a yuck face, "I'm gonna go get may hair cut today, I think." He eyes Fee's cake again briefly, but keeps working on his own food. A deep throat clearing at her words to Theo though, that is before she clears that up. Kids these days! At least when he can Becca used to flirt, it was in private!

Theo nods to Felicia's mention of there being so much out there. "Oh, I know," he notes with an exaggerated wobble that hints at being overwhelmed by it all. "Thankfully I'm just watching this because I happen to find a lot of the main characters attractive, so no pressure to finish it." He grins mischievously. Notably, 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure' is a series whose hallmark is male characters — buff, muscular male characters with an utterly FABULOUS fashion sense. And posing. Oh so many fabulous poses!
Fionnuala's mention of having a sing-off gets a quiet laugh. "Oh, you are ON, sweetie~," he agrees, with a mischievous wink. And there's that attitude from the New Year's party, the one that had him running around in the tackiest silver blazer and slacks ever that night.
That's a FABULOUS attitude, right there. So maybe it's not flirting! Though poor Daxton — unless his gaydar is well in tune! And he does turn that mischievous look on Daxton too. Though the wrinkled-nose grin could mean ANYTHING.

"In one." Felicia tells Fi with a grin of approval. "I like both the old cartoon and the reboot." she got in the way back machine for a second there. Brown eyes lift, well the one that can be seen at least, the other remains hidden behind long kinky bangs, per usual "Yeah? It's about time. You are starting to look like a scruffy nerfherder." she sniggers.

There is a nod to Theo "Well, yeah, that is one reason to watch it and other animes." but not her reason. She does pick up on the vibe that Theo is throwing down, but Felicia being Felicia, she doesn't care, though there is a quite amused laugh as she looks from Theo to Dax.

The deep clearing of his throat causes Fionnuala to look back to Daxton, again. Of course Daxton's assumption goes right over the girl's head and all she can do is worry, is he okay? Is he choking? Did he speedster that grub down too quickly, even for him? Fee tilts her head some, her rioting pile of air atop her head —- her tidy style for classes is beginning to wilt and she needs to fix it soon — bobbing with the motion. She looks back to Theodore and grins at him, having long since caught onto his preferences. She doesn't know much about this 'JoJo' schtick but she can recognize the mischief in the boy's expression.

"I think you got me beat in the arena of dance moves, though. Singing and dancing! All I can do is this…" She straightens, lifts her hands, moves them in a like fashion to her following words: "Wax on… wax off! Wax on—-" Dear God somebody stop her. Cake stops her. Fionnuala grins cheekily and tucks back into the dessert.

Oh.. OH! Thundercats GO! Fionnuala glows with pleasure… she lifts her butterknife, holds it dramatically, just in that way. "Thunder… thunder… thunder! ThunderCats HO!" Fionnuala sings dramatically and the solar energy sets the butterknife to glowing! Not the Sword of Omens… more like the Lancer of Cake!

Gotta hand it to her, she's not snooty with her powers. Everything is a comedic device.

Daxton is oblivious. He works on the last of his plate, finally feeling full. "You are such a nerd, Fel." Still, he is looking rather rugged. His preferred style is a close military cut. Maybe not preferred, but it's what he's used to. Her laughing though, "What?" He quickly wipes his mouth, assuming he's got food on his face. He then blinks, apparently he's missed out on a lot of cartoons (To be fair, Fel knows why). A shake of his head and he's pushing out from the table again.

"There are soo many reasons, yes," Theo agrees, with an innocent look to Felicia. He doesn't do innocent looks well. Maybe it's something about how his eyes always seem shrewdly narrowed. But just… no.
Theo starts to laugh when Fionnuala starts to demonstrate her 'dance moves'. "Everything that someone is good at they were probably once bad at," he notes. "Even walking; we all had to learn that." And then he starts to laugh all over again, when Fee does an impression of Lion-O. Give him a minute, he needs to stop giggling. Finally he catches his breath though. "Oh my gosh, Fee. You would make a good dancer; you have absolutely NO shame." It's not an insult, and the words are permeated by giggles.
He notes Daxton looking like he's about to leave the table. "We're being weird, I'm sorry," he apologizes to Daxton, clearing his throat to straighten up. He assumes it's because he's giggling like a moron in front of one of the adults, not that Daxton's missing anything.

The mention of dancing has Felicia's eye(s) darting to Theo and brows raising curiously "You dance Theo?" she isn't sure if she agrees with the assessment that having no shame makes a good dancer, but it certainly helps.

"You saw the grades I got in school Dax…I am so /not/ a nerd." at least not in the old fashioned text book definition "If you are going to get more cake get me a piece too." she tells Dax as he starts to get up from the table "Thank you." she grins showing white, not quite perfectly straight teeth.

Fi's impersonation has Felicia's attention she grins at the girl then looks at Dax "Who's the nerd now?" she asks in jest.

The shifter looks tickled pink, but mercifully she's one to calm down quickly. She just so loves making others laugh, and Theodore's giggling is positively darling. "Jeez.. there I go. I'm sorry, Dax," She says to Daxton as he stands, scooping up her last bit of cake. A quick chew, a quick swallow, and she watches the speedster thoughtfully. "I get excited at the talk of nostalgia. I really am just a superpowered dork." She admits cheerfully.. yup, this kid that was born when, in 2001? Yammering on about nostalgia? Her expression is kind though. "I'm actually going to be getting going, I gotta put myself back together before the next half of the day. I look like I lost a fight." Indicating her messy hair in it's failing bun.

Gathering up her second round of dishes, Fee smiles at Theo and Felicia next, "Thanks for the company.. it was really nice to meet you," To the latter, taking a second or two to admire the white smile. "Time to go work a miracle. Have a good afternoon, guys." Fee chimes, indicating her messy crop of hair and padding off toward the kitchen.

Daxton looks annoyed now, but maybe it's because he's being treated like an adult? (yuck). "I'm getting cake. Chill. Everyone is weird here." Standing straight he points at Fel, "Sucha nerd." Before grabbing his plate to go back to the kitchen for cake for both of them. "You're all nerds." All of them. It's not said like a bully, he's not looking to hit anyone or steal lunch money. it's more said like an older brother who's slightly amused and slightly annoyed by younger siblings.

Theo nods to Felicia's question, having finally gotten control of his laughing. "Yeah. I used to amuse myself with it growing up — just watching dances on YouTube and trying to emulate them. Usually backwards," he answers. "I'm decent at it. Still too young to really to anything with it though, I don't think."
Fionnuala's words get a nod, and her farewell a smile. "Good luck, Fee! Show that hair who's boss!" he encourages, with a grin. On the ceiling, one of the spiders drums its feet quickly on the ceiling to get attention, and Theo looks up. He grins as he notices the facespots on a couple of the spiders' abdomens, having changed into enthusiastic faces of various stripe. "And they say the same," he adds, with a chuckle.
Sadly, Theo doesn't have siblings, so he's not quite familiar with the 'amused but annoyed at younger sibling' tone. However, one of the hallmarks of his personality is that he utterly refuses to take offense unless he has no choice. He's been insulted before. That wasn't even close to the worst he's gotten called! In fact he's been called that before. "Oh, I don't know. My grades are about average, I'd say," he ventures. "If it wasn't for being infested with brainspiders, I'd be totally normal."

Felicia does have siblings and is quite familiar with that tone, coming out of her own older brother and Dax as well. She has known him a few weeks and all "It's all part of the Felicia charm!" she calls out after Dax as he heads into the kitchen. She then focuses attention on Theo "To young? Not really. Of course you have to do all that parent permission BS and stuff." she tells him "I'm not 18 yet and I have already been a back up dancer at a number of concerts, some music videos and did a week in a show, off, off, off, off, off Broadway." there is a moment of thought to see if that was enough offs but the nod to herself seems to indicate it was "The audition I have tomorrow is for another show. Only a few offs of Broadway for this one." she is trying the whole dancing think professionally it seems, and if her outfit is any indication she must have been practicing prior to eating.

"Oh, congratulations," Theo offers with a smile, at the note that Felicia's been dancing for a while. "I still would want to wait a bit, I think. School sucks, but I know it's important. And I won't be able to shake my butt forever." A grin. "Also I won't crossdress." He chuckles. "I'd think there's fewer opportunities for a male dancer. Just, in general, people want to see ladies dance moreso than men. Unless there are singles involved and… I'm waaaaaaaaaay too young for that." He pats his chest. "Besides, I need to get some bulk on me before I start thinking about that."

"Thanks, but I haven't hit it big yet." though what her definition of hit it big is questionable. "Oh there are plenty of opportunities for a guy who can dance, especially if he can sing as well. Broadway is only one of the options. Globally there are loads. Look at all those guys who are in k-pop groups. They aren't shaking it for singles." she tells him "Though that isn't a place for the lightweight, you really gotta want it to go there. It's hard work and you usually have to be part Asian." which from the looks of it Theo isn't. She nods about the bulk part "You want to add some muscle start working out with Dax in the morning." she gestures in the direction the speedster went, "You will bulk up fast."

Yeah….it's good Dax went to go get the cake. While he can dance, he usually doesn't. He gets stopped in the hallway and can be heard giving directions to a student for something in town. They yell , "Thanks, Dexter!" he can be heard trying to correct them, "It's Daxton." But when has that ever helped? Sighing, he steps back into the nook with two slices of cake, probably bigger than Fel wanted. "We need to get a map out for everyone. I'm not going to taxi the whole damn school around." The plate is slide over to Fel.

"Maybe not, but you sound like you're getting there," Theo notes, to Felicia's not having hit it big. The mention of k-pop groups gets a bit of a wince. "Oh God. If they're as harsh as the Japanese are on their female idol singers, no thanks. Some of those poor girls are worked to the bone, they're not allowed to go ANYWHERE that their manager doesn't know, they're even told what they can and can't EAT, for crying out loud." As for being part Asian? Theo's a blond, with amber-colored eyes, and he doesn't really have Asian features. Though he does venture, "My stepfather's Japanese, that's about all I can claim."
He pauses though, as he hears Daxton call back to the student getting his name wrong. he can't help but chuckle a little bit, though he has the decency to stifle it. "You think that's bad?" he ventures. "My nickname can be said in Japanese to be similar to how they'd pronounce 'king of death'. That's super-awkward when my stepfather is talking to his side of the family."

"Thanks Dexter." Felicia jokes as the cake is slid over, she makes sure to get a grip on the plate just in case her joking makes Dax want to take it back, even jokingly. "You would think by now they would know how to get to town." her tone suggests idiots.

"It's about like that, yeah." she tells Theo "I think they are harder on the girls about eating though than the guys, since you can't build muscle without the calories." There is a nod at Theo about the name thing "/All hail the king of death!/" she says to Theo in Japanese, just about perfectly, barring the accent.

Daxton totally would take the plate back if she didn't already have a death grip on it. "Shut it." HE shrugs, "Or they're being lazy." The speedster missed the part about Theo's step dad being Japanese, so he just kinda blinks at the boy, not following the nickname mix up. "People always get my name wrong." Maybe that's why he's started answering to Tempo more. He lets them talk and starts in on his slice of cake. "You trying to bulk up?"

Theo nods. "And girls aren't 'supposed' to be muscular." The emphasis on the word 'supposed' is clear. He probably doesn't agree. The mention of 'all hail the king of death' gets a smirk. "Raar," he says flatly. "Fear me, mortals."

He does snicker a bit at Daxton's reaction to Felicia's calling him 'Dexter'. Though the mention of bulking up gets a nod. "Just a little bit. I'm kind of a beanpole. But I don't want to make it difficult to move. I dance; it's not professional, but it's enough fun that I don't want to make it harder for myself."

Felicia shoves a biteful of cake into her mouth, chews a few times and then opens wide for Dax. So mature! Closing her mouth she makes an amused noise washing down the cake with a long pull from her energy drink. There is a snort at supposed to be as well. She is muscular, though not the bulky kind, just the kind that one gets when dancing, weightlifting doesn't work for her. When you can already lift tons, no amount of bicep curls or chest presses is going to help. "Speaking of dancing I should get back to it." she gets up from the table, collecting her dishes "Let me know when the debrief is Dax. Later Theo." she then heads out to go do more of the practice.

Daxton nods, "Well, I'm usually up and working out in the morning, if you wanna join. I can help you get to where you want." If Theo is willing to put in the work, that is. Suddenly, Dax's cake is gone and he's wiping his mouth with his hand. Fel gets a tongue stuck out as her as well as she leaves.

Theo cringes a little at Felicia's display, and looks elsewhere. Ew! But he's calm as he responds to her farewell. "Take care," he offers in return. Daxton's words get a raise of his brow. "It would have to be before school," he notes. "Which is REALLY early, and very cold these days." But that just gets a chuckle. Though he also notes the time. "Oh, speaking of classes…" He smiles. "Thank you. It was good to talk to you. See you later." He'll take what dishes he's got to the sink first though (and possibly Daxton's, if he's OK with it) before leaving though. Can't leave a messy dining area!

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