(2018-01-16) Being Lazy at Break Time
Being Lazy at Break Time
Summary: It's break time, no better time to be lazy
Date: 2018-01-16
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Billiard Room

The Billliard Room has no pool tables. Although someone has made some efforts and there's a few board games and a deck of cards with some books on a shelf along the wall. A half finished puzzle with basset house puppies takes up one of the tables.

A few small sofas and wingback chairs make conversational areas, throw rugs decorating those little areas. An entertainment center with a TV, blue ray player and a gaming console system has been set up. A pair of french doors lead to the back patio.

Besa's pretty much given up on the puzzle. he thinks someone is going and undoing parts of it. So instead he sits with his legs curls underneath him and a book in his lap. Cocoa is dozing on the floor next to the chair. In a slight act of rebellion, his tie has been pulled off and lays on his lap. It's afteroon break, he can put it back on later if needed. He doesn't ever seem to be doing homework anymore. Eitehr he doesn't care, or he's been able to remember quite a bit from his past classes.

It's been a sleepy day for Rain today…it was an effort to not fall asleep in classes today. Her first stop during the break was for caffeine and an apple, so that is what she comes into the billiard room with…well two mugs with an apple sitting on each. "Here Besa." she holds one of the tea filled warm mugs with it's apple top to him as she moves to sit down "Is it nap time yet?" she doesn't look particularly tired, just cold, she is bundled up in warm clothes…well as warm as the uniform allows at least. "Another poetry book? Who is it this time?"

Midday break and Sky should be doing the dishes from lunch and helping to prep for dinner. Maybe he was, for he has a kitchen apron on over his school uniform (yes, he is back in it after the announcement regarding 'casual fridays') as he comes into the Billiard room. A nod is given to Besa and Rain before he goes directly to her purse, should it be there. There's a moment's pause as he asks her, «Do you have any of my pills with you?»

Besa's head comes up and he smiles at Rain, "Thank you Rain. this was very thoughtful of you." He straightens some, letting the book close (The tie is used as a bookmark). "You could nap, if you wished." The book? "It is by Fabyula Badawi. She is an Egyptian poet. Robert Sabnison sent it to me." Huh, he must have more contact with the man than he talks about. His smile fades slightly as Sky comes in clearly in distress, "hello Sky."

"No problem." she tells Besa as she shrugs off her backpack after he takes his mug "I haven't heard of her. Is she a modern poet or considered a classic?" Rain doesn't know poetry like the other teen boy does but she seems curious enough to ask. "Side Pocket" she says and signs. She won't pain him anymore by giving a mental response. There is only one dose. She doesn't carry more than that anymore. "If I fall asleep now,I'm not sure I will wake up before tomorrow morning."

Schuyler's fingers waggle in a wave to Besa but he digs into the indicated side pocket to retrieve the single dose pill. «Do you have any more? In your room, maybe?» The pill is pocketed as he doesn't need it yet but he may soon enough. He looks between the two before falling into a nearby chair, «Why are you two so tired? Or are you just bored?»

"She is modern." Whatever the title of the book is, it's in Aribic. He watches Sky worriedly, but answers Rain, "perhaps that would not be a terrible thing if you are tired?" Great, now he's worried about both twins! "I am not tired." Well, no more than the cold makes him.

Rain nods at the answer, taking a bite from her apple then a sip of her tea. She doesn't know Arabic so she takes his word for it "Hopefully my roommates will be less chatty tonight." she tells them "Last night they were up talking until nearly two. You sure I can't bunk with you?" they have had this conversation before, that time it ended with laughter. "Or is Cocoa still a blanket hog?"

Another sip of tea and Rain is nodding at Sky's question "I think I may have some more. Did you run out?" she signs as she talks, setting the mug down for a moment on the arm of the sofa.

Schuyler smirks a little at Rain, «Want me to dim your hearing before bed? Or earplugs would also help…» if she didn't want to go that far. The smirk fades as he looks over at Besa, «Maybe you're not tired, but you don't look particularly thrilled.» But then he answer's Rain's question, «Mom texted that they won't do another refill.» He doesn't say that she told him that he shouldn't have been taking them still.

Besa removes the apple from his mug, but it's so he can sip ay the warm liquid. He smiles, Rain always gets the right amount of honey in his tea! The ancient teen chuckles softly, "And she snores. That is worse than talking roommates!" He blinks, looking down at himself, like he'll be able to see whatever it is that Sky is seeing that makes him not thrilling. Besa's curled up in a chair, legs tucked underneath him with his tie off. It's being used as a bookmark for whatever arabic book that is in his lap. He quiets though, modern medicine is strange enough, so he just listens.

"That's an option." Rain nods at Sky as she signs her answer to him "We'll see how much they talk tonight." maybe they will.be just as tired. She nods at the grin, knowing what It's about, she has had practice. "Do you hear him Cocoa?" she leans to speak to the dog "Snoring, you?" she is amused.

"Good." Rain says bluntly to her brother "You rely on them to much." he might not have to say anything about what there mom said.

«They should have stuck me with the most talkative roommates…» and maybe they did. He hasn't really wondered once he falls asleep. Rain's mention of his reliance on the pills has him scowling again, «Go ahead and take my powers before you go to sleep and you tell -me- how easy it is for you to fall asleep with everyone's thoughts clamoring at you. You thought your roommates were talkative!»

Spiders on the ceiling! They're staying more or less out of sight, because of the amount of students who find them frightening. But in a few moments, Schuyler especially may be able to sense them, for their presence. But there's something different about them — the animal thoughts from before are peppered with thoughts that are less the instinctual thoughts of an animal and more like the stunted thoughts of a child not quite grown into itself.

And a moment later, there's Theo, peeking around the door to the billiard room. "Hello there," he greets. "I'm not interrupting something, am I?" he inquires. He knows very well there's been conversation. But he doesn't know if he's got permission to join.

Cocoa lets out a soft snore, almost to back Besa up when Rain speaks to her. A groan and she rolls onto her back. If people are going to speak at her, they can rub her belly while she sleeps. It's only fair. Her owner smiles softly, looking down at her, but that fades as the twins talk. He doesn't say anything, not feeling his opinion would be helpful. And then Theo and his spiders arrive to save him from having to comment, "Oh! Hello Theodore! Please, come join us!" He sits up a little straighter and motions the other boy over. "How are you doing today?"

"Deal" Rain tells Sky more than willing to take that challenge, and since she can shield she would probably sleep just fine with his powers.

The belly up Cocoa is to tempting for Rain and the pettings begin. At the entrance of Theo she can't help put glance around, she has gotten used to the spiders so they don't bother her anymore. "HI Theodore." she greets as she continues to pet the doggo.

Not that he's going to stop taking his pills. Ahem. «Fine. Before we go to bed then, you can have 'em.» For all the good it'll do her. Grey eyes flick up to the ceiling and around the walls as the spiders start approaching and he seems unsurprised when Theodore actually shows up. There's another glance as Besa straightens in his seat and motions the pther kid over. Huh. He also gives the psychic spider-guy a wave from the seat he's currently slouched in.

Theo smiles at Besa's words and starts to walk over. Standing next to Besa, he views the belly-showing Cocoa. Then he leans over, attempting to very lightly poke Cocoa's nose. "Boop~." The spiders are on the ceiling, yes. Some of them, anyway. It's rare that the whole swarm is visible. Theodore grins, leaning back up from his attempts at a doggie noseboop, success or fail, and greets Rain, "Hello there." He also offers a wave to Schuyler. And one of the spiders will let itself down from the ceiling on a glowing blue thread. It'll try to land on the Masters boy's shoulder. Why? Because that makes it easier for him to 'hear' Schuyler.

Cocoa melts as Rain pets her, but when she's booped on the nose she sneezes and opens her eyes. A slow tail thump as she's the center of attention, and not working and then her eyes close to enjoy the petting and snoozing. Besa watches the encounter and chuckles, he likes when his friends like his dog (What kind of person doesn't like dogs, anyway?). "She is having a better lazy day than anyone else I know."

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Observation: Great Success

Schuyler actually catches sight of the psychic spiders as it comes down to alight on his shoulder and he watches it for a moment before giving it a little wave as well. He doesn't seem freaked out or spooked by the fact that there is an arachnid on him. In fact, he seems perfectly fine with it. «I'm jealous that you all have a 'lazy day'.» He should be going back to the kitchen to help out very shortly.

Theo grins at the sneeze, and reaches up to stroke the dog's head for a moment. He doesn't know much about dogs, but he doesn't dislike them. The spider settles calmly on Schuyler's shoulder — and he might actually be able to 'hear' Theodore when he speaks up (though granted 'through' the spider). "Lazy days are perfect for petting dogs. Better if it's a cold day. Just get the blankets out and huddle under them with said dog." Though Schuyler's words, if aimed at Theo as well, get a raised brow. "Oh? You still have detentions left over?"

"I'll do that." Rain is unconcerned at the moment about the effects of her brother's powers may have on her, if any. There is the breifest of smiles at Cocoa and her enjoyment of having her belly rubbed. It's just as relaxing for the girl as it is for the dog. "You forgot the 'in front of a warm fire with hot chocolate Theodore." she tells him as she sits back on the sofa still petting the canine laying between Besa and herself.

Besa's not having a lazy-Well, yes, sort of. He's in the school uniform, but lost the tie when he was reading. He grins down at Cocoa, "Yes…she is good with the snuggles." And pets, apparently. He chuckles, "I do not think there is a fireplace here." It's been looked for! "And I do not think there is a blanket big enough for everyone to cuddle under. There may be enough hot chocolates though!" Isn't that a mental image, everyone under a blanket by a fire, staying warm!

Schuyler isn't able to 'hear' anything…he just reads the psychic thoughts that come to the forefront when folks speak. He seems perfectly unconcerned about the sometimes invisible spider on his shoulder, «A bunch of teenagers under blankets? No thanks…» although he'd also take the chocolate. To answer Theodore he shrugs (carefully), «I got at least one every day since we moved in here. And then there were extras for continuing to break the dress code. So…yeah, think that I've still got some to serve.»

"There is that," Theo replies, to Rain's reminder. Though Besa's got that covered, and Theo nods. "That's a pity. Maybe we could borrow someone's TV and find a channel showing a logs in a fireplace burning, or something?" Theo actually laughs at Schuyler's words. "Why not? Do teenagers smell funny?" he teases. Though there's a smirk on his face, and his thoughts are the 'color' of teasing. Tease tease~.

Theo shakes his head at the mention of Schuyler's detentions. "Oof. You're going to be serving detention until you graduate," he comments.

Rain looks a bit confused. "There are chimneys…maybe a previous owner walled them up." she has no idea about where any chimneys would be. "I'm sure there is plenty of hot chocolate plus that is easy to get even if there wasn't." a quick run to the store, easy-peasy really. "Like that one?" she points to the entertainment center with its TV and stereo system. "I'm not sure it gets a fire channel though…maybe a blue-ray?"

Sometimes Besa's oblivious. The blanket is to keep everyone warm! He'd comment, but then Theo's mentioning a TV channel, "They have channels for just that?" That seems…odd. He'll shift in his chair again, finally letting one of his feet drop back to the floor.

Schuyler just blinks at Theo at the question about smelling. «For one, yes. Two…you know what? I'll let you figure that out yourself.» With an enigmatic little smirk, he pushes himself up out of his seat and gives a little stretch. «I'm going to finish up in the kitchen before I have to go back and help clean for dinner. Have fun watching a fireplace on television.» If the spider wants to come along, he won't deny it.

"That's possible," Theo notes, to Rain's observation of the fireplaces possibly being walled up. "It's a lot more secure. Less chance of burning a thief's behind off if they try to get in via the chimney, though. And that's always fun." He gives an evil little grin. Besa gets a nod, and Theo wipes the evil grin off his face. Nope, that was never there. "There are channels for what 'ambience'. I've seen a few that play things like nonstop waterfall sounds, night-time sounds like crickets and wind gently blowing, 'babbling brooks', et cetera. I've been known to use the waterfall sounds to go to sleep." Schuyler's mention of 'figuring it out for himself' gets a wink and a mischievous look. Oh he knows very well why stuffing a bunch of teens under a blanket is a bad idea. But he's being a butt. The spider actually fires a line up to the ceiling and pulls itself up as Schuyler moves to go. As the spider ascends, its spots make a happy face, and it waves a foreleg at the departing Schuyler.

"There is a channel for just about everything…plus probably some for things I can't think of at the moment." Rain tells Besa. She doesn't watch much TV, but she likes watching movies. No matter what medium they are on. "Less chance of fire too." and with some of the reckless students around here, that's a good thing "Yeah they have those nature sound channels on Spotify too "Maybe that with some headphones will drown out my roommates."

Besa looks between the two boys confused, giving Sky a small waves as he leaves. A head tilt, "That seems….overwhelming to have that many channels." He has no idea what other channels Rain could mean. "I would think it would not be as cozy though." Perhaps he'll cast a rune if they find the channel.

"And plenty things I can think of at the moment that I shouldn't," Theo adds, to Rain's words. And gives a bit of a smirk. Yeah, he's messing with her now. But he does note, "That should work, some ambient sounds in your ears." Besa gets a nod, too. "It can be. Finding things you want to watch in amongst all the stuff that's just… there for whatever reason can be a daunting task."

"With the right cable package you would even be able to find some from Egypt." she tells Besa "And any other country really." she hmms at that, that is something to think about. Theodore gets a look, Rain doesn't have a complexion condusive to blushing, so its hard to say if the comment is embarrasing "I have no idea what you are talking about." she says with blatant fake sincerity so clearly she does "And I really don't want to find out either way." that much is sincere, she doesn't want to find out if those types of channels are available here.

Besa now looks between Rain and Theo, feeling like theres a joke he's not getting. "From Egypt?" He's doubtful, everything modern-day Egyptian feels like a mockery of what he knew. "What channels?" He's confused.

Theo also puts on a fake innocent look that's about as blatant as Rain's fake sincerity. He really ought to learn not to mess with other people, he's going to get in trouble one day. Though Besa's words get an actual sincere smile. "Just daytime channels, I think she means. Though it might be difficult to change the channel, since…" He indicates Besa's hands. Though at the 'what channels' that smirk comes back. "Naughty channels, where they show naughty things."

"I have no idea. I would have to ask google about that one." they never really watched TV when they visited Egypt last summer, not that Besa would remember if they did anyways "News probably? Maybe dramas of some sort." Rain shrugs taking a sip of her now cool tea. With Besa insisting on an answer and Theo providing one she has the grace to finally show a few subtle signs of embarrrasment, no eye contact and a bit of squirming.

Naughty? Bad channels? "You mean like….about bad people?" Why would anyoe want to watch that? His head shakes, modern people are so strange! Besa lifts his hand and he gently rubs his chest near his heart, "I think a fireplace would eb calmer than the news." His fingers wiggle and eh looks down at them, "Yes…I suppose I will not be able to change channels. One of you will have to."

Theo winks a bit at Rain. Though he does send an apologetic look in her direction, too. It's not really her that he's trying to mess with. She is, however, apparently getting uncomfortable as a side effect of it. And then Besa… still doesn't understand. Theo blinks. "No. Er… naughty? Adult? Dirty? «Hentai»?" He tries a variety of words, hoping Besa will catch one of them.

OMG…Rain can't help it, she buries her face in her hands. Poor Cocoa, now her belly isn't being rubbed "No Besa, not about bad people." is said from behind hands. For a second Rain blurs and another her (Legion!) is standing up from where Rain still sits "Pornography Besa. They are talking about pornography." the duplicate has no shame, unlike the original. She moves over to Theo to give him a gentle nudge with her elbow "I hope you are clearing your browser history once in awhile Theo." she tells him. She can tease in ways Rain can't. Legion's appearance just makes Rain groan from double the embarrasement.

Besa blinks, frowning between the two. "Adult?…Hentai?" Besa doesn't know that word. But he does know that both teens are being too weird. His other leg drops, agitation starting to form. At least Legion explains! He makes a face, but is strangely not as embarrassed as Rain. "You are both being weird over a sex TV show?" How strange! He shakes his head before looking back to Legion, "Is it normal to be so awkward with these things?? And then , "What is Hentai?" He asks Rain, not thinking Theo will actually tell him. Cocoa sigh, the pets have stops and she can feel Besa's change in demeanor. She rolls over before sitting up and stretching.

Theo can't help but snicker a little when Rain reacts so. "I'm sorry, Rain. But someone has to teach him. You wouldn't want poor Besa learning from people who intended to do bad things to him, would you?" he asks. Yes, he is teasing, as the wink proves. He does blink a little, though, when Legion appears. "That, yes," he confirms. And he grins at the mention of clearing browser history. "Ah, I'm too young for all that," he insists. "Besides, there's not enough privacy to look up those kinds of things here." He also turns to pet Cocoa again, because doggo must have pets, despite the discomfort of the humanses. Theo nods to Besa's question. "It tends to be an uncomfortable subject for a teenager. Some of us still think people have cooties. <Hentai> means 'pervert', actually. But it's used to refer to some of those animations that have the same sort of subject matter." Yup. He said it.

"Yes, especially in mixed company. If it was all girls talking about it, it wouldn't be /as/ embarrassing." but still somewhat, is the answer given to Besa "Oh like age has stopped people before…though yeah the privacy thing would do it." Legion nods, a hand going back to pull loose the braid in her hair.

Rain is starting to get her composure back and she uncovers her face "I don't know what that is." in stereo even since Rain and Legion say it in perfect unison. Though Theo is providing an answer to the hentai question saving her from having to google it later. Which would have also been embarrassing.

"I'm right here." Why does everyone talk about him like he's not sitting right in front of them? poor Besa? He runs his chest a moment more, brow furrowed. "Then we should not speak of such things." if it's embarrassing for Rain. Or Theo. He can't tell with the other boy. Cocoa sits up, looking at Theo first but then shifting to lean against Besa in support.

"I long for a group of girls that I can talk about and grade other guys' butts with," Theo replies, with a dramatic sigh. "Alas and alack, that is not to be." Though he chuckles nonetheless. "I'm sorry, Besa. I was trying to mess with you both a bit. It seems to have worked better with Rain, however." At least he's admitting it, right? Also yes, more doggo pets!

"Whose butts are we ranking?" Legion asks Theo, maybe a bit to eagerly "Brad's in English is a definite eight, but Kyle in math, I think his is more of a five. Though he has nice calves." oh Legion…

Oh god…more embarassment but this time it is Legion causing it "Legion!" Rain facepalms a moment and then nods at Besa "Agreed. No more talk of that…or butts!" she at least is talking to Besa.

Besa just looks between Theo and Legion now and blinks, "Why are you trying to mess with me?" He turns to Rain, ignoring the butt talk, "Would you like to find station with the fireplace?"

Theo snickers at Legion as she starts the grading. Rain, though, seems a bit uncomfortable with it. So he notes, "We can talk about that later, though. Find one of…" He pauses as he recalls something. "Oh, that's right. You can't see them, can you?" Besa asks the question and Theo tilts his head. "Because I consider you a friend." It's a surprisingly honest statement. Though it might be a little confusing for Besa.

Legion nods eagerly at Theo "I would suggest including Fiona, but she has a boyfriend now, so there is only one butt she is allowed to look at." she finds it more amusing than anything else…though this whole situation is to her actually.

"Yes." Rain's tone is adamant "I have never wanted anything so bad as I do /that/ right now." she gets to her feet to get the remote from the caddy it is in and turns the TV on. With it being afternoon the current station is playing some talk show with the celebrity flavor of the month as the guest, she begins to go searching for it or something at least, if not fake fire something else entertaining.

Besa glances at Legion, a slight flicker of surprise. He didn't know Fee had a boyfriend! No one tells him anything! While Rain searches for fire (good luck), he clarifies with Theo, "So….friend messing, yes?" That is a thing, right?

Theo chuckles at Legion's statement. "Oh? I'll have to congratulate her," he replies, with a smile. He looks up to the television as Rain starts flipping through channels. As BEsa speaks up, he looks back to the other boy, and nods. "I'm not trying to intentionally be mean to you, no," he clarifies, offering an honest smile.

Legion nods "Yes. She's dating Oliver. Go figure." if the crow wants to date an alien and is happy who is she to judge and say anything, especially since they are friends. The duplicate goes to take Rain's place on the sofa "That's what somefriends do. You know like Sky and I mess with each other. Only for amusement and not so much for annoyance." For Legion I=Rain just as much as it does her. The pair aren't convinced that they aren't the same person. Rain isn't the messing around type, that requires a level of frivolity that she doesn't have.

Besa nods slowly, after the moment with a certain someone else who was 'messing' with Besa, he's a little more on edge about that. "I prefer that, thank you." No being mean, please. Perfect hair does the flop as he nods and settles back into the seat some. Cocoa is now fully alert and keeps leaning against Besa. He studies Legion when she sits, having his own opinions on what's going on between Rain and her. "I understand. i just did not know that is what kind of friends I was with Theodore. Now I know." Does that mean Besa will 'mess' with him then? Oh boy.

"Ah, double congratulations are called for, I see," Theo replies to Legion's statement, with a chuckle. And he also nods to the words about some people that are friends messing with each other. Though he starts to laugh as Besa mentions 'that kind' of friends. "I didn't realize it requires a certain 'type' of friend, to be honest," he notes. "I do apologize if I upset you though."

"Surprise!" the two girls speak in unison once more, though Legion spices it up with jazz hands "See your list of freinds is growing even longer." the duplicate looks at Besa with a genuine smile.

The sound of various types of music fills the room as Rain hits the music channel. Classical, adult contempary, several metal/alternative before hitting the various decades. She isn't having much luck, maybe the school's cable package doesn't have it.

Besa thought he used the term right, a quick glance to Legion to double check. But he answers Theo, "no. I am alright now that i understand." Jazz hands or not, Besa pulls a face, an eyebrow raises, "My list of friends is not something i worry about." Miss Rain, with the 2 possible friends. He glances around to the TV to see how Rain is doing. "I like classical, if you can not find anything else."

Theo chuckles, and then looks at Rain's flipping through the channels. "What about looking at the guide?" he inquires. "I'm sure it'd be faster. Perhaps a bit easier." He also smiles when Besa seems to accept his apology. And thenhe nods in agreement to Besa's words. "I like classical music too, so that's fine if we don't have the fireplace channel." He's actually not sure it's called that, but that's what it is, so…

A subtle nod at the questioning look perhaps. "Well there are some freinds you can't mess around with easily." Legion slyly points at Rain's back "Others are easier, so I would say there is a type for that." Legion looks into the tea mug that Rain left sitting on the endtable and sips it. As far as anyone has noticed she has never eaten or drank anything since her first materilazation. Rain suggested she Legion didn't need to unless she was out for a long time. Though maybe Rain is feeling thirsty and Legion is quenching it. Who knows how this duplication thing works and how they share things like that.

"Classical it is." Rain changes direction going backwards through the music channels until she reaches the appropiate station. Though Legion wrinkles her nose at the choice but doesn't vocally complain.

Besa gently nods to Legion, although he thinks it's more about knowing /how/ to mess around with Rain (Awkward!). The tea is noted, but he turns back to Rain, "That is nice, thank you Rain." Theo get a small smile and nod too. It's nice when he likes the same things as his friends.

Theo smiles. "Thank you," he notes to Rain. Then he looks to Legion, noting the wrinkled nose. "I'll bring out some of the hard rock I've got in my room later, and we can listen to some of that if you'd like," he offers Legion. "Some of it's Japanese, but it's all pretty good. I think so, anyway." Theo's been lazy and leaning against the couch for the time being. He moves to sit down on the floor next to the couch. "I'm going to have to bug dad for a kotatsu — it's a table with a heater underneath it and thick tablecloth, meant to sit under the cloth and stay warm during the winter. They're incredible."

"Just because my back is turned doesn't mean I can't see that finger pointing at me." Rain tells Legion as she puts the remote away and comes back across there is a smirk on her face, to which Legion sticks out her tongue at Rain. "You're on." Legion tells Theo. If she is still around that is. With the sofa taken up by Besa, Cocoa and her duplicate Rain sits down in the chair that Sky vacated "A table with a heater under it?" she questions curiously "Why don't we have those here?" it sounds wonderful to her and seeminly to Legion too.

Thin fingers reach down to stroke Cocoa again, she's being so good staying next to Besa. He watches as everyone rearranges themselves. "It is a tent? or…to keep food warm?" he's not understanding what it is.

Theo snickers at Rain's warning to Legion. And he gives a thumbsup to Legion at the mention of listening to some harder rock later on. As for the kotatsu? "There's a few different kinds of configurations in different countries. But the kotatsu is for sitting on the floor." And to Besa, "No, it's a table with a thick blanket attached around the sides, with an electric heater attached under the tabletop. People sit around it, on cushions on the floor, with the blanket on their laps. Keeps feet warm, since most Japanese people don't wear shoes in the house."

"We should get a few of those for around here. Perfect for doing homework at…at least during the winter." of course Rain would suggest that. It's enough to make Legion pull a face. "Ugh." Rain gets up and goes over to Legion to pull her up off the sofa "Come on, we need to go check on Sky. You know how he gets when he is all headachy." the duplicate reluctantly gets up "Fine, but I'm not going back until later tonight." Rain nods an agreement "I'll see you guys in class later." then they are heading out of the room.

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