(2018-01-10) Going Ga-Ga!
Going Ga-Ga!
Summary: Fionnuala and Rain talk briefly about boys and weekend plans.
Date: 2018-01-10
Related: Brief reference to this log.
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Library - Winbarry Estate
Wed Jan 10, 2018

The Library is a large room with bookcases lining the walls which are full of books. Most of the textbooks have been salvaged from the school. Only the books that are referenced most are here. Histories and Sciences mostly with a scattering of other subjects. None of the books on magic have made it to this room. None of the books are in any kind of order just yet.

A few computer workstations have been set up so web surfing and hopefully school work can be done.

There are rectangular tables and chairs in here, all salvaged from the school library.


<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

It has been a good day. Not one for the books or maddening but just… a day. You'd think that for a group of teenaged Supers that something crazy would happen daily but like most things in life, if there is a firm routine involved… well, there you have it. For a bunch of kids that can break the speed barrier, explore the many echelons of minds, morph into most anything and duplicate themselves.. they're quite well-behaved!

So yeah, Wednesday came and went, the condensed courses having come to an end though most would be hard-pressed to leave the grounds for the time being. The thin winter sunshine that held fast to the day has lost to the roiling, thick clouds… and the evening promises yet another heavy stint of snowfall. Fionnuala Reid has decided to stay in tonight, with intention to expand upon her literature project. She won't find much on her chosen subject in here, but she finds an old, old copy of this lady author's book!

Having absorbed the sunlight as it prevailed earlier, Fee therefore throws warmth and light into the library as she seeks out a place to settle with a dog-eared copy of 'The Secret Garden' by Frances Hodgson Burnett. She wasted little time in getting into something comfier post-classes: purple and black plaid flannel pajama pants, a fitted black t-shirt… and her shock of black hair pulled back into a ribbon, the messy ponytail falling every which way. Wings are out, but folded inwards politely. To peer through any windows in the room — if available — is to see copious snowflakes bouncing against the panes… though most stick.

It wasn't a bad day for Rain either. Though she has been a bit grumpy today, she just can't seem to get warm, and yesterday's outdoor PE class certainly didn't help. The girl is bundled up in her warmest pj's, a small blanket wrapped around her shoulders and slipper socks on. Her own hair is a braided crown on her head, her cheeks chapped pink from her escapades yesterday, though her face is shiny, probably from some skin serum she has slathered on it. She carries a few books in hand and heads to the shelves when she sees Fiona "Hey Fiona." she greets, she is warming toward the girl so her greeting isn't as cool as it normally is.

Poor Rain, it just doesn't get easier to STAY warm in this place! Whether outdoors or being crammed into a variety of rooms — some of them are drafty! — for lessons… brrrrr. No blanket for Fee, however; if she takes in sun, she's always warm. Suddenly as the weather turns she finds herself in proximity to a few other students during most classes.. cripes, people she hardly knows are trying to sit in her general location just to be close to that radiant warmth! What the heck!? At least here, she gets reprieve!

But Fee knows of Rain's loathe for the cold and prides herself in being able to temper it just by being there. Seems she is beginning to temper another sort of coolness and the other girl's slightly warmer greeting — only just — is noted. The shifter's lips pull into a wider smile, her merry gaze — a bright topaz this evening — following her bestie's (even if Rain doesn't know it it!) trajectory to the shelves. "Come have a seat over here when you're done. Warm yourself by the crow." A giggle then.. oh, she's just so funny. Or so she thinks.

These days — yes it's possible — Fee has been in even greater spirits. It's only a matter of time until the reduced student body begins to yammer on as to why… but it's still fairly new news! Fee slides a bookmark into her chosen literature and sets it down in front of her.

She can probably feel a bit of the warmth, even from across the room, that until she gets close it won't be enough to make a difference "Okay. I'll put these away first." she glances at the books in hand and searches for their homes among the other books. It takes a few moments but eventually she is done and padding over "Almost have a nest going on Fiona." she says as she sits quite near the other girl "Just need a blanket and a few pillows and you will be all set.

"Ooohohoho." Fionnuala's chipper staccato of laughter pierces the calm of the library, before she catches herself. "You wanna see a nest? Let me know if that's a challenge and then you'll see my idea of a nest." Her grin widens. "These tables and chairs? Assembled just so to make a fort. But somehow I don't think such a thing'll fly well in a library here. So this setup will have to do." She indicates her spread: literary classic, a scribbler, her smartphone face-down, and a travel mug (lid on) filled with a sort of cinnamon'ish drink. Cider? Pinpoints of solar energy glitter along her feathers, skittering and flitting to and fro like the tiniest of faeries. And then there's her inner light, borne of good cheer and hope and that accumulated magic.

"How's your day been?" She asks outright, companionably, as she sips her drink. She's forgotten her scribbler being open with a few hearts scribbled into the inner cover. How junior high'ish! What's that about now? Or is it typical Fee drivel?

"I have a younger brother and sister, aside from the baby. I am quite familiar with chair and blanket forts." Rain tells Fiona "I have spent my fair share of time inside of them and helping to build them." yes the serious Masters girl admits to taking time to play every once in awhile. There is a shrug from Rain. "It was a day. Nothing new. No surprises." she looks at the scribbler "What are you working on?"

Well, isn't that neat? Mind you it's getting easier for Fee to picture Rain indulging (to an extent) in the silly side of life, the more she comes to know about the other girl. "Hah! Fair enough.. well.. be careful telling me exactly how much you know about the art of a damned good blanket fort. I may have to enlist your services." Fee giggles then, feather ruffling in her mirth. "There's a great big entry hall out there that is prime real estate for a big, big fort—" She pauses, leans back into her chair to eye her scribbler as Rain has a peek at what she's been absently scrawling in it's pages. There are some honest-to-goodness school notes to be found, along with the dates of projects due and footnotes on this recent one. But the cover.. those hearts… and look closely at one of them: there's a boy's name scribbled into one. 'Oliver'!

Fee blushes; glows in her typical way. She's not embarrassed to have had Rain find her silly pennings.. just, that she DID those silly things! Her lips curls at their corners into a loopy little grin. "I guess it's safe to get the news out, before people start yarning about it. I was gonna tell you before long once I finally wrapped my head around it. I'm smitten with a classmate. I'm, uhm…" She rubs the back of her neck awkwardly. ".. I've never dated before and this is kinda… I mean it IS my first time." Poor Fee.. she's awkward, but she's cute while doing it. c.c

She was certainly silly in PE class yesterday, hacking at snowmen, talking like a pirate. Mostly to get Besa to laugh, she had fun too of course. "We put ours in the den or the dining room." Rain tells Fiona. "Sometimes in the library." her house has a library…

"Smitten?" Rain is confused a moment, it's an archaic word "You mean crush?" brows arch up "Oliver…alien, sometimes girl, sometimes boy, Oliver?"

Imagine Fee's response were she to spy Rain talking like a pirate! The incredulity and joy would have been nuclear level. Why can't PE class be fun, when Fee's involved with it? Oh right, it's her bane…

"Oh, that just sounds fun. I used to make 'em all the time in our house back in Orono." The girl smiles sweetly, speaking of the places 'before' Shady Cove. Back when she was a bonefide little girl! Think Fee is 'out there' now.. imagine hanging with lil' Fee! It's not too far of a gap, to date, between that effervescent little girl and the one seated across from Rain now. Her friend's confusion deepens her blush some, and she nods quickly. "The very same. Friends before the school got smashed… we decided to explore things a bit just after the holidays. He's been really sweet and considerate about it—-" Blush, Fee watches Rain thoughtfully for a few seconds. "I think I've been cause, especially, for him to stick with the 'boy' take on things." She looks down into her lap redly for a moment.

"Y-yeah, heh.. we've been dating. It's been going great."

"Daniel has gotten a bit to old for them, but Izzie still likes to play in them. And Circe is growing fast." there is a bit of a concerned frown but it fades quickly.

"You seem happy about it, so that's good. And Oliver is nice and works hard too." she gives a brief smile "I haven't dated either. There was one guy that liked me here, he asked me out, but the feeling wasn't mutual." she friend-zoned him. "Sky dated one of my other friends here, she had to move back to France though."

The shifter listens openly to Rain, not missing a beat.. and somehow — of course — it's important that Rain approve. Fee hadn't even consciously thought of it, and there you have it! Rain compliments the alien boy's work ethic; doesn't subscribe to the gossip surrounding one's ability to shift genders. When the Masters girl says such a thing Fee, who hadn't even realized her shoulders were so tense, relaxes completely. "Oh, that is so awesome… that is what draws me to him, too. He's not some lumbering chest-beating meathead~! He works hard and is trying to prepare for his future… but the biggest thing is that he knows how to play and enjoy simple, silly things. I mean, he's dealing with ME!" Fee blushes. "And… oh, bloody heck," She reaches forward to give the top of one of Rain's hands a gentle pat, if the other girl allows it. Baby steps now, with affection.

"He's wonderful, Rain, and I'm going to be all ga-ga about it for awhile but I promise not to be one of those friends. Y'know the type, we've seen them in the original school. The ones who are always so gushy and mooky and talking about their boyfriends constantly. So much that you wanna glue their lips shut. Bleh." She tilts her head, "He's so busy with his jobs and school, and that is fine. So—-" Suddenly her eyes round; she was about to ask Rain as to whether or not she dated! The other girl goes on to give that brief glimpse into that part of her school life.

"Who was that guy? I figure he's not here anymore?" Fee asks, leaning forward over her heart-slathered scribbler.

"And don't forget exist either." Rain tells her. "Charlotte did that. Ignored me in favor of Sky." it might not of been quite that bad, but it seemed like it to Rain. "His name is Jacob. He started dating my roommate after I turned him down." she isn't sure what to make of that "He transferred shortly after school started. Don't know where." she seems to remember something "With the three day weekend coming up," Monday is a teachers work day "Besa and I were going to go to Thunder Bay for fun stuff. Want to come with us?"

"I think Ollie would be the first person to say that, too, if I were to ever get so dunderheaded, which I swear I won't." Fee smiles kindly, "Can't forget your friends.. ever. There's a way that everything can fit together and everyone can stay happy. I'm sorry Charlotte was like that… but aren't the French really, really passionate about their lovers? Maybe she couldn't help herself!" The shifter exclaims, wings quivering, casting heat and some sort of pleasant 'warm' scent into the air around the girl. How do you describe the smell of 'sun'? Fee pats the junction of her collarbones briefly for theatrical effect. "But she went back to France? Poor Sky, too.." The girl fills in the blanks, makes her own assumptions, and deflates a bit.

Her eyes cut back to Rain, a glimmer of mischief to be found there. "You're kinda stuck with me though. Some days you'll wish my attention were elsewhere!" Said purely in jest, for Fee respects and appreciates time to oneself too. A giggle and she sobers, closing over her scribbler.. obviously trying to recollect. "Jacob… Jacob… I don't remember him very well. Wasn't he.. was he kinda baby-faced? Why am I guessing baby-faced——"

Wait what, fun? Fionnuala perks, "Fun stuff you say, milady? What kind of fun stuff? I would love to go.. I'll beg Ruthie for the extra time off."

Rain wrinkles her nose, "That's my brother you are talking about. Gross." typical sister response about that one. "He didn't take it well, and we kind of left things awkwardly since I was a boy at the time." so awkward. Another brief grin "Yes. Fun. Nothing certain planned yet, maybe movies, food, roller skating."

The nose wrinkle does Fee in. One can just see the dawning amusement in her features, and the girl is about to burst into another staccato of her easy laughter before clapping hands to her mouth. She's just so ridiculously expressive. "Gross… aw man, you're both something else. But something awesome." Said affectionately before, once again, the shifter settles. "It's too bad that happened, though… but sometimes things that aren't meant to be are best just.. nipped in the bud. Though it sucks. I think better things are in store for you both." Said matter-of-factly, and not expanded upon. Fee cannot claim to know the future but at least she's positive about it.

Brief mention of Rain being a boy once again fascinates Fee, "That's still so interesting to picture… you as a boy. I think the only thing close to a boy version of me is cousin Bal. If he ever visits, I think you'll see." Fee snickers, setting her library book down atop her closed scribbler. Warmed by Rain's brief grin, Fee silences to hear out the other girl's thoughts on a Thunder Bay expedition. "I'd like that.. I'd like to go, very much. It'll be worth doing a night of late-night inventory for Ruthie if it means getting a couple of days off. You both thinking a day trip or.. overnighter?"

They are something else all right, weird in a manner of speaking. "It was strange. Being a boy. I had a lifetime of memories of me as a boy and doing all these boy things growing up. Things I never did as a girl. Actually, I still have all those memories. It took me a while to sort out which ones were real and which weren't." both were real to her, but only one set was the truth. It was kind a traumatic really. "Haven't decided. If we do an overnighter we have to get a chaperone." They are all still minors.

Weird? Well.. 'weird' is Fee's spoken language. She's been to a hell dimension to help rescue one friend; she's pledged to someday go to the Masters home and NOT run screaming… her boyfriend is an alien! So needless to say Fionnuala Reid isn't looking at Rain Masters and thinking her to be weird at the mention of there being a lifetime of memories… as a boy. It only makes Fee curious; purely, perfectly curious. "It must be so hard.. I can't imagine. But I think you're doing the right thing by living in the now and making these new memories!" She exclaims hopefully, giving the Masters girl a sweet smile. Intuition tells the shifter to not ask onwards about this experience… somehow that's just not right, or not her place to do so.

A scent begins to permeate the library, then; a savory smell. Supper! Fee sniffs the air once like a bloodhound and takes up her books as she stands. "Let's beat the rest of the flock to the punch and get some good spots for supper. We can talk more about these glorious plans!" She declares with obvious excitement. Talk of a chaperone causes Fee to scratch her chin briefly as she makes to head for the dining room.

No, she won't suggest Ruthie. That's a big nope, Speed Racer.

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