(2018-01-08) When Snowmen Attack
When Snowmen Attack
Summary: Some sparring turns into a mock battle against snowmen
Date: 2018-01-08
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Back Lawn

A large swatch of green that goes in all directions. To the east and northeast, the lawn goes from the green of grass to the yellowish-brown of sea grass and then sandy beach, the blue-green of the ocean spreading out as far as the eye can see. In the center is a tall overgrown hedgemaze, with dormant flowering bushes at the corners.

Practicing is hard in the cold, with the layers of clothes and well, the cold. But it's something that needs to be done, and the Estate doesn't have an inside gym. Although if the students stay much longer, they may quickly throw up something. Currently a few students are outside with their weapons, all doing their won thing. Besa is in less layers than most, due to his rune, but even he seems to be struggling with the cold. Practice may have been a bad idea, but they're already out here. In the background, zipping around are the two speedsters. There seems to be some kind of competition happening, as snowmen keep appearing everywhere.

Even with her expensive and fancy cold weather inner and outer wear, the type that a runner would wear in cold temps, Rain is still feeling chill. Moving helps, but that only help so much. Sweating while your freezing is a weird sensation but it is possible. She swings one of her practice swords at Besa, she is practicing dual weaponry today, but she still isn't up to par with her off hand so she still has the tendacy to strike with the right. Which she does this time "I swear if the snowballs starting flying I am going inside." the last think she wants is a snowball to the face.

<FS3> Besa rolls Melee: Success.

The khophesh in Besa's gloved hands looks heavy, he's still not built up the muscles he had before he went to Hell. Flushed cheeks and red nose, he glances over at the snowmen as they appear, "I think they are moving to fast to feel the cold." No one is swinging at full speed and with as much accuracy today, so Besa blocks. the sound is a low thud as the bone and wood connect. "I feel something warm to drink after this will be nice." He doesn't strike back, he seems to be focusing on defense today.

"Or having to much fun to care." Rain replies "By the time they are done there won't be any snow left on the property and they will have a whole army of snowmen." It's hard to think about where to land your hits when you can't feel your fingers and toes. "Tea or hot chocolate?" she asks jabbing at his midsection with the right sword.

<FS3> Besa rolls Melee: Failure.

Besa glances towards the growing army. Perhaps the memory of the attacking santas is tugging at his mind and he leaves himself open for the jab. How did he ever defeat a demon?!? He uffs, take a small step back. Not that it will even bruise, most likely, not with this many layers, and there's no real intent to hurt him, "I could drink either. i know there is tea.

"Besa, focus." Rain smirks at him "I know the appendix is useless, but that isn't the way to have to removed." not that she could do that with a wooden sword. "Fiona and I are thinking of doing some volunteer work at a hospital next school term." or even sooner maybe "Did you want to try that out too?" she feints with the right sword and swings at his hip with the left

<FS3> Besa rolls Melee: Failure.

A frown skitters across his face briefly. He was focusing, but they're being surrounded by snowmen! The talk is distracting him (Or is soemthgin on his mind?), he block her right sword, getting smacked solidly in the hip with her left swing. A very sharp swear in Coptic escapes his lips and he physically takes a step backward. That will probably leave a small bruise. "I would not wish to intrudes on your hours with Fionnuala." theres' something else there, but he doesn't say it. Instead the teen frowns, rotating his hip slightly to get the sting to go away.

Rain pulls back a moment to let him recover a moment from the blow. The swearing has her blinking at him. Has he taught her those words yet? She will have to remember them for future reference "Are you okay, Besa?" she holds her weapons down "You aren't usually this distracted." she doesn't beleive it is all because of the army of snowmen either. "Did something happen over the weekend?"

Besa's got terrible game face, but he tries. If someone didn't know him, they might think bye was just in pain from the strike he just took. "It…it is nothing Rain. I have just been thinking too much, I suppose." He sniffs slightly, rotating the khophesh in his hand before taking a stance again. Another snowman appears, closer to the two this time.

"Acting classes, Besa…really." she has mentioned those before another time that he was obviously lying to her "Or maybe we should start playing poker, so you can practice your poker face…and bluffing." Rain twirls the right sword in her hand, she tries with the left but nearly drops it in the process. Definitely needs more practice with her off hand. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want too." she gets a better grip on the practice weapon and swings with both, but keeps it simple since she is just a newb at dual weapon "But do you really think holding it all in is making you feel any better?"

<FS3> Besa rolls Melee: Success.

What? He doesn't follow the acting suggestion. A sigh, but he at least is able to parry this time, "I have been thinking too much." Why does no one believe him? "I am worried for the others. I am worried for Sky, who is behaving strangely around me, even for him. I worry because Whitley laughed at-" He stops that statement, "I have found out about a terrible custom, I do not like….it is all much to think on!" The Khophesh is swung, but he keeps it flat so if he does strike her, there will be little pain. He's not looking to cut her or her very expensive coat. A snow man appress right behind him, rock eyes staring at Rain.

<FS3> Rain rolls Duel Weapon: Success.

The teen nods as she listens, Rain watches both his movements and his eyes.A frown comes at the mention of Whitley "Why would Whitley laugh at you?" she clearly doesn't like the thought but will reserve judgment until she hears more "What custom is so bad that it would have you so upset?" she catches the khopesh with crossed swords but staggers back eyes widening a bit as she stares at something behind Besa.

<FS3> Besa rolls Melee: Good Success.

"Because I shared something with him I should not have. He does not care anymore, I should realize this." Besa knows he hurt Whitley, but it seems like maybe the ancient teen is done feeling bad about it. "It is called the FreindZoning. Theodore told me of it. I just do not understand…If I-" It's not that Rain blocks him, but her stagger which should not have happened. And the wide eyes has his shifting. It's strange, his demeanor changes, his stance lower as the Khopjhesh slices through the air as he spins, edge first this time into and through the snowman. For a moment all is still and silent , Besa in a defensive stance after gutting the poor snowman. There's a brief feeling of the adult Besa in Hell about him. And then two loud, "YEAHS!" can be heard from the speedsters. Apparently they've been waiting for the snowmen to be attacked?

The sudden defensive attack of the snowman is just as suprising to Rain asthe actual appearance of it was. It takes a moment, where she is looking from Besa to the smashed snowman and back, to get over it. The excited yelling in the distance helps. Shifting the weapons to one hand she steps forward to brush the snow off of Besa "That was a great attack." she says sincerely to him.

Besa's lip curls win a small snarl, "They are playing games." Is his voice deeper? But when Rain is next to him, brushing off snow he blinks, some of the tension leaves his body. The point of the weapon drops to the ground, "Are you alright?" His voice is normal again (Or as normal as a 14 year olds ever is). "I…thought there was someone behind me…" and there was. Luckily it's not anyone that he could have hurt with that attack.

There is a glance around but that's the thing with speedsters, if they don't want to be seen they won't be "I'm fine. I was just startled. You didn't pull or strain anything moving like that did you?" he has to many layers on for any visual examination to do any good "Maybe you should go attack some more. It could make you feel better, let out some pent up frustration."

Pull something? He looks at Rain, head tilted slightly, that hair perfectly curling over the edge of his knitted hat, "No. I am well." He stands taller and answers her a little too quickly, "I do not have anything pent up!" But then he almost immediately grimaces, he an't even ignore that, "Sorry…It is not you, I promise." A deep breath, cheeks puffing out as he glances around. A few of the other students have taken a cue from Besa and are attacking the snowmen as well. Their laughter is mixing in with the speedsters. Every snowman that's taken out is replaced it seems. The speedsters seem to work well together. "Would you like to help me?" attack the snowmen that is.

Rain is a bit taken aback but the outburst and she leans back slightly at it. The sudden apology is taken with a reassuring smile that so few people see, though the list is slowly expanding. "I know that." she adds an arm pat just to be safe. His offer has her nodding eagerly "Of course!" she adjusts grips on her weapons again and holds up and out in a charge like gesture "Have at thee!"

Besa looks appropriately embarrassed but the outburst, but nods thanks when Rain lets it go. "You are very kind to me Rain. Thank you." He knows he's lucky. The older english has him smiling, and he too lifts the khophesh. "They have surprised us one, never again!" If they're going to play and be silly, go all in. The nearest snowman loses a head.

Rain? Being silly? This is definitely a day to remember. She isn't one for silliness on just about any occasion. But when her closest friend, she isn't to claim that with Fee yet, is feeling down she is willing to take on for the team. Heck, she might even enjoy herself. Swish,swish her swords flash, well not really they are wood not metal, but snow does go flying "Take that ya mangy cur." where did learn go talk like a pirate?

And suddenly, weapons practice has become a large free for all. Some are still using weapons, but most students drop them to just tackle the snowmen (eventually) and each other. Several snowballs are also lobbed (Some super fast, some regular speed). By the time class is over, they've all gotten a better workout than they would have with just weapons practice, and some much needed stress was released by quite a few students. Much hot chocolate and tea will need to be made to warm this group up!

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