(2018-01-08) OMG Star Wars!
OMG Star Wars!
Summary: Kaylee watches The Force Awakens for the first time with Garrett there to lend a hand.
Date: 2018-01-08
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-Billiard Room Winbarry Estate
The Billliard Room has no pool tables. Although someone has made some efforts and there's a few board games and a deck of cards with some books on a shelf along the wall. A half finished puzzle with basset house puppies takes up one of the tables.

A few small sofas and wingback chairs make conversational areas, throw rugs decorating those little areas. An entertainment center with a TV, blue ray player and a gaming console system has been set up. A pair of french doors lead to the back patio.

It's quiet, the billiard room practically empty as people have wandered off to bed or just to find entertainment elsewhere. The only sounds in the room are The Force Awakens on the TV, and a faint scratching of pencil on paper as Garrett sits on one of the sofas, sketching away, occasionally glancing up at the movie before looking back down to his paper, brow furrowed in concentration as he works.

While Garrett may only be casually watching the movie, Kaylee is staring, rapt. And the reason why Garrett probably has to look up occasionally is because Kaylee frequently ooos or eeps or giggles. Or reaches over and taps him on the shoulder rapidly so he can pay attention to how awesome something is. Unfortunately, much like the Lego Movie, in Star Wars? Everything is awesome. So he's probably getting tapped a lot.

If the frequent tapping is a distraction, Garrett isn't letting on. Given that it's Rey slowly coming to life on the sketchpad, the frequent looking up is almost certainly not hurting the project. "Is this the first time you've watched The Force Awakens, or are you just really, really into it?" he finally has to ask, grinning.

"I've totally never seen this before! It's like, SOOOO good! How come nobody ever told me? Did they really make like, eight more of these movies? Cuz this is like chapter six or whatever, right?" Kaylee says, reaching and getting a fistful of popcorn from the huge bowl that's on the couch next to her.

"Eight others. This is Episode 7. How have you never seen any of these before?" Garrett asks, clearly more than a little shocked. "They're, like, cultural staples. We're going to have to have a weekend marathon, culminating with a trip to the theater," he states matter-of-factly, his gaze flitting from Kaylee, to the TV, back to his sketchbook.

Kaylee shrugs a little, unconcerned. "I dunno. I'm pretty sure my brothers have watched them and talked about them and stuff. They're just … I dunno. Not realy my kind of thing?" she offers. "Have YOU seen all of them?" she asks, turning it around.

"Yeah, my dad's kind of a nerd, he made sure I saw all of them," Garrett says with a laugh. "Well, fine, no marathon then, but your loss," he says, wrinkling his nose at Kaylee. "Brothers, you said? How many?" he asks, curious.

"Oh, we can totally have a marathon if you want!" Kaylee corrects, smiling. "I finished basketball for the year, so I'll have my weekends free. We should totally invite everybody and make it a whole big thing." More popcorn is munched, and Kaylee pulls her legs up in front of her, Indian style, pulling a pillow into her lap so she can lean her elbows on it. "I've got two big brothers. David's the oldest, he's in the Navy. And Thomas is next and he's a senior at Seaford, back in Delaware. Where I'm from!"

"Ah, cool. Not like there's much else to do, I'm sure plenty of people'll show up. Wonder if we can vote to skip the first three…" Garrett adds the last bit as a quiet afterthought, half to himself. "So, you're the baby of the family, or do you have some younger sisters or something, then?"

Kaylee waggles her head back and forth. "Nope! I'm the baby! I'm also the cutest and the sweetest! That's why I'm everybody's favorite," she explains, grinning broadly.

"I'd already assumed you were the cutest," he mumbles, focusing on his sketching for a few moments before looking back up. "And with such modesty, how couldn't you be the favorite?" he teases, chuckling. "So is sci-fi not usually your thing, or did you just not pay attention on the general principle that it was something your brothers were interested in, so you weren't?"

There's a wave of giggles and Kaylee pitches a few kernels of popcorn at Garrett for the complient. "Thanks," she says, making a face at him and grinning. "And I dunno. I guess sci-fi just doesn't really interest me that much? I mean, this movie is super good. But, like, I've seen like Aliens and stuff, and it' just kinda whatevs. You know?"
<FS3> Garrett rolls Heightened Reflexes: Good Success.

"And, you know, the whole living in a school that's basically a sci-fi series. Probably doesn't add to the appeal," Garrett adds, catching the tossed popcorn and sticking his tongue out. "Star Wars is in a league of its own anyways. Like, basically a space opera, as opposed to 'ermehgerd aliens, run from slash kill slash whatever them!'.

Kaylee grins as Garrett catches the popcorn and nodnoddles as he explains. "Right. Well, it seems pretty cool. Finn is SOOOO funny. Is he one of those Jedi thingies? Can he use the force and stuff?" she asks, more of hte popcorn finding its way to her mouth now.

"Of course it does. Because it /is/ cool," Garrett says, as though this is the most obvious thing in the world, then gives a vaguely scolding look as Kaylee starts prying for spoilers. "Watch and find out," he tells her, wrinkling his nose and throwing the popcorn back at her.
<FS3> Kaylee rolls Reaction: Good Success.

When Garrett throws the popcorn back at her, Kaylee turns her head and munches it right out of the air, grinning proudly at him for a moment. "Well, I can't really argue until I've seen them and know for sure, but I'll totally accept that YOU think they're cool," she responds, wrinkling her nose at him. But, when he doesn't tell her if Finn becomes a Jedi (or that he almost dies!), she glowers at Garrett and sticks her tongue out at him, then harumphs and settles in to continue watching.

Garrett offers a polite golf clap at the popcorn catching, grinning. "I mean, if I think they're cool, they obviously are. I am a /paragon/ of cool," he points out, tone dry and sarcastic. The general reaction of his refusal to give spoilers makes him smile, though, and he looks back down at his drawing, working details into the sketch. "So. Delaware. First State. Delaware have anything else going on for it? What's it like? I've never been."

"Oh, yeah, totally. Paragon of cool. Is THAT why you turn super red and get all embarassed when you're talking about Vanessa?" Kaylee retorts, munching on more popcorn and grinning mischieviously. She wrinkles her nose at Garrett, again, and uses a soft but solid little bulge of light to budge him in the shoulder playfully, since she's teasing. "Well, it's super pretty. There's also tons of historic stuff to see. I grew up in Blades, which is like a suburb of Seaford. It's a pretty small town, but it's cool because your friends all live pretty close and you know a lot of the people you live near."

"Yep. Paragon of cool," Garrett mumbles, reddening on cue and pointedly refusing to look up from his sketchbook for a few long moments, though he does cast a sideways grin, albeit accompanied by a wrinkled nose, in Kaylee's direction when she light-nudges him. "That sounds kind of nice. That's… not the case in Philadelphia," he says, chuckling. "You know your neighbors. Probably. And have a vague idea of the neighborhood. But no promises on how close your friends are to your place."

"Yeah, but there's historic stuff in Philadelphia, too! And you guys have like, sports teams and stuff! In Blades … there's mostly just houses. The schools are even over in Seaford, so you gotta cross the river to do anything," Kaylee explains. Then, she cants her head to the side. "Do YOU have any siblings?"

"That's true, there's all sort of potential field trips in the city," Garrett agrees. "So, do people in Delaware just cheer for, like, the Patriots, then? Or…?" He shrugs. Sports aren't really his thing, so there's not a whole lot of genuine curiosity in that particular question. "Yep, sure do. Older sister and younger brother. Alexis goes to Penn State, Eric goes to Central. I'm the poor, forgotten middle child," he laments, letting out an absurdly exaggerated sigh.

"The Patriots or the Red Sox, yeah," Kaylee assents, nodding. "And that's cool about your family. Sometimes I wish /I/ had a younger sibling. But, then I wouldn't be the baby anymore, so that wouldn't be as awesome. Unless it was a little brother, because then I'd still be my daddy's little princess," she says, grinning again.

"And still the cute one," Garrett points out, and to his credit, only blushes a little bit this time. "I'd say something like 'it's not that great' or 'it's not so bad' about having younger siblings… but it's not like I have anything to compare to," he says, grinning. "Oooh, hey, fun fact. That stormtrooper Rey just mind tricked? That's totally Daniel Craig. James Bond."

"What!? No way! 'You will leave your blaster!' 'I'll just leave my blaster here.' That was James Bond!?" Kaylee asks, wide-eyed. She laughs and claps and grins, glowing happily yellow. "Do you get along with your siblings?"

"I know, right?" Garrett smiles wider, glad to see Kaylee enjoying the movie and his super-totally-not-at-all-useless trivia. "Yeah, we get along pretty good. I'm, like, 90% sure Eric's over me breaking his arm when we were kids. And me and Alexis always got on as well as a sister and her little brother can be expected to," he adds with a chuckle.

Kaylee gasps. "You broke his ARM!?!?!?!?!" she asks, incredulous. And, from the way her attention shifts to Garrett, one could reasonably surmise that she's expecting some extrapolation on that fact.

"Well, I mean, I was only like 7, and clearly just /way/ stronger than kids my age…" Garrett shrugs. "It was an accident. We were fighting over a toy or something. I, uh, try not to think about it too much?" He reaches across to snag some popcorn before continuing. "Wasn't long after that I started aikido, though. So, y'know, silver lining and all that."

"Oh my really gosh, that's terrible! So … you like … always had your powers, then? Or, you've had them at least that long?" Kaylee asks, adjusting the pillow in her lap as her attention shifts away from the movie. "Do your siblings know about your powers and stuff?"

"The strength and reflexes, as long as I can remember, yeah. You'd be amazed how easily one advances through aikido with super reflexes." It is not amazing at all. "The speed thing…. I'm not really sure? That made its big appearance just last year, so…" Garrett trails off with a shrug. "Alexis insists I did something to slow my brother down while he fell out of a tree once? But we all kind of think it was just adrenaline or something making things seem like they were moving in slow motion, especially since going fast is apparently my thing. Maybe it's just how her brain decided to deal with me going fast to catch him, made him look slow instead?" His voice is one of pure speculation, someone who is just guessing. Eventually he clears his throat and gives Kaylee a look. "What about you, how long have you been doing your thing?"

"Oh wow! That's crazy," Kaylee says, shaking her head in astonishment. "My powers didn't show up until a couple years ago. Our concert choir was in NYC for a Christmas thingy and we lost power when the blizzard got bad. The emergency generators didn't make it very bright and I'm like, SO afraid of the dark that I just started glowing, instead. The only people who know about my powers are David, my mom and dad, and the three girls that I was rooming with in NYC."

"Oh, yeah, no, my parents and brother and sister all know. Just them, though, of course," Garrett explains. "I mean, I guess the dude at the convenience store might suspect, but he didn't know me, so probably no big deal that he knows random super teen potentially saved him." He shrugs, but then looks suitably impressed at Kaylee's own manifestation story. "So scary movie marathon is out, then. Noted." He shoots over a friendly smile and nudges Kaylee's shoulder with his own.

Kaylee smirks sheepishly and nods. "Yes, scared Kaylee gets scared," she agrees, nodding and smiling. "But Star Wars maratons are approved by the committee," she adds, the smile turning brighter again. "But for now, you should SHHH and let me finish watching this one!" she adds, grinning and budging Garrett back again.

"You're right, you're right, sorry." Garrett ducks his head sheepishly and promptly shuts his mouth, returning to mostly splitting his attention between the movie and his sketchbook… and occasionally reaching over for some popcorn, most of which he eats, though a stray piece now and then gets tossed at Kaylee, just to keep her on her toes.

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