(2018-01-05) Snow Angels and... TMI!
Snow Angels and… TMI!
Summary: Some interesting happenings out on the snowy back lawn of the estate!
Date: 2018-01-05
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Back Lawn, Winbarry Estates
Fri Jan 05, 2018

A large swatch of green that goes in all directions. To the east and northeast, the lawn goes from the green of grass to the yellowish-brown of sea grass and then sandy beach, the blue-green of the ocean spreading out as far as the eye can see. In the center is a tall overgrown hedgemaze, with dormant flowering bushes at the corners.


<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Failure.

The day of Friday classes has ended, with the remainder of an afternoon and an evening preceding the weekend now ahead! A blizzard came to pass the day prior, blanketing the town with a layer of white. The estate and it's grounds, especially, took a brunt of the snow and this can either be a wonderful thing or a royal pain in the ass. It all depends upon perspective!

There were no breaks in the storm as the snow continued to fall, this morning and afternoon… the duration of the school day. Time spent indoors, in the dimness of artificial light (by Fee standards) has seen to Fionnuala Reid becoming a bit.. shack happy. Something happens to her when she doesn't receive much sun. Nothing bad, just… there's a restlessness. A fierce desire to acquire it, even just a bit. So once the books were put away and her homework marked for completion in just a 'couple of hours'… the little shifter decided to get outside to explore the estate grounds a bit.

Bundled up in a cherry red woolen pea coat, thick black leggings and calf-high lined boots —- don't forget the toque with the white pouf on the top! — Fee is currently traipsing along the expanse of the back lawn. There's still a couple of hours of daylight left, though the sun has sadly been obscured by the thick, bloated snow clouds. Still, it sure is pretty out here… her pace is an easygoing, contented one. No wings out; her current attire makes that bothersome.

Oliver doesn't seem too bothered by being inside all day, but after looking a bit for Fee, he figures she must have gone outside, despite the cold. There's a bit of consideration before he returns to the dorm area to grab the new-to-him Winter Coat (purchased larger than he would wear in human form) and heads out the back to look for her. The bright red coat against the snow certainly helps locate her even as he shifts to appear to be wearing long pants and snow boots. Maybe that will help some as well as he makes his way towards her, a scaled hand lifted in a wave. "I thought I might find you outside." There's a glance up to the sky, "Not a good day for sun though…"

The girl just looks happy to be outside for the sake of being there, and it sure is pretty! Look at the scrim of white on the nooks and crannies of the old estate! How it dusts (ok blankets) the foliage. Even the sighing sea, off in the distance, provides a beauteous contrast of an almost.. 'arctic-like' (a descriptor that Fee would use) blue against the whites and dormant greens and browns of the land. Sure, her lack of stored energy does not afford to Fionnuala that wonderful inner (and outer) warmth that gives her staying power in cold conditions… but even just being out here, where sun falls in SOME weak measure… helps. Her body reaches for it, greedily… efficiently.

She's standing there, gloved hands in her pockets, facing the sea.. and that is when she hears a voice! Fee turns, loose black hair bouncing as it tumbles from beneath her hat, and she is already grinning before she sees Ollie. "Hi!" She calls out.. always so chipper, and happy. Feet move to carry her to meet Oliver partway, breath puffing along whitely in the air behind her. "Naw.. it's really quite overcast, but that's alright. I will take what I can get." She looks him over.. alien form or human guise, he's Ollie, and Fee is happy to see him in whatever shape he appears to her in. "New coat? Looks great on you!" She calls out as she draws closer.

Oliver pulls his filament-like hair out of the snow as he walks towards Fee, a hand reaching out to her. "New to me…I thought I might be able to get away with not having one, but unless I turn into a bear of some sort, it probably wasn't going to work too well." He's so very careful with his hard-earned money! His sharp teeth show in a grin…how can he not grin when she seems so very happy all the time! "It -does- feel good after being shut up all day yesterday. And it's not as cold as it -has- been!"

The girl watches Oliver's hair touching the snow and she considers how to help him with that. Such interesting alien physiology! Her eyes, due to a lack of absorbed energy, are of their natural cornflower blue coloration. This only furthers her sweet look, honestly. Fionnuala finally reaches him and takes the offered hand, giving it a little tug and grinning up at him. "It's beautiful out, either way! No tornadoes or looming threats or things exploding or sinking. I'll take the snow anyday." She considers again, "Well we did have a student who was a bear… didn't we?" Who hasn't been sighted recently, since everything went down. It's hard not to think about where the MIA students went… best case scenario, they were pulled out of the school by anxious loved ones or worse: dead. Fionnuala avoids that hot button thought like the plague.

"I don't think I want to give a bear a kiss, either." She considers and then, perhaps not for the first time, she leans up to unabashedly seek to press her lips to Oliver's sharp-toothed, grinning mouth. Hey, she may be trying to show her affection to an alien form.. but it is far easier than a bear!

"We did, although I don't know that I met him, officially," Oliver notes. He's sort of tucked his hair over his shoulder so that it's doubled-up some…not that the snow would bother it. He'd leave interesting marks in the higher snow banks though, that's for certain. "You sure? I mean, bears are warm and furry and I probably wouldn't try to swat you away…" at least, not for the first twenty-four hours. But he's rarely been a different creature for that extended a time aside from the mer-folk, but that's a little different. Ahem.

The kiss is met with a little surprise as if he didn't expect such a gesture in his current form. "Sorry," is offered quietly as he bends down some to try again. It's an odd sensation for him, certainly, as the scales are almost metallic in feel yet warm from his body-heat.

That felt… interesting! Fionnuala is patient however, never one to press.. even if it's a decidedly alien take on a timeless gesture, it's still meaningful! Her lips quirk up in a grin and quiet chuckle at the boy's apology, "S'okay.. I took you off guard, I think." Said with ease as snowflakes fall between them. The shifter's eyes soften with understanding and her chin cants up again to receive Oliver's follow-up attempt. After a time, especially taking care with those sharp teeth (definitely interesting) Fionnuala simply elects to wrap her arms around his middle and hug him close, breaking the embrace so that she may speak further. She's blushing considerably, but clearly happy to be where she is.

"So what happens if you stay in one form for too long? What is too long?" Fee cannot help but ask, especially with the talk of a bear form leading into the consideration. "Can you stay as, say, a bear.. for however long you wish?" Asked onwards, as blue eyes flit toward the snow-coated bulk of the hedge maze.

"I just…have never been kissed like this before," Oliver admits. He's certainly dated before, but he's never spent too long in this form with his exes…mostly because he didn't think they wanted to see him like that. When he's hugged, he moves to wrap his arms about her to hold her close until she pulls away some to continue the conversation.

"Well, I don't think it's good. I mean, I stayed as a cat for most of a day a few times and it was a little hard to turn back. I stayed as a mer-person for a few days and it was sort of like that scene in 'The Little Mermaid' where I had to figure out how to walk and breathe air again. Aside from my human forms, I've never stayed as something not-humanish overnight before."

"Consider it the first time of many, then," Fee reassures, regarding the kissing him in his natural state bit. She really, truly does not seem miffed by it. Intrigued? Sure. "Sure there's some different bits to be careful of, but you're still you." Said simply, easily. "You dated others, were they skittish around your beautiful, shiny self?" The girl asks, still with ease. This is normally a touchy thing to be asking anything, regarding exes… but Fionnuala seems alright with it. She's not about to ask about every single moment that he spent with said exes… but! She just can't comprehend anyone being turned off by what is standing before her. A perk to being eccentric and artistic…. and a Super.

She gives one more warm squeeze of a hug, and ceases her barrage of earnest questions to hear out the answer to her first one! Stepping back, she will extend a hand for Ollie to take if he wishes, and in that motion invite him to walk and talk with her. "So that's.. interesting, maybe a bit scary. Especially the learning to walk bit… do you get stuck, then, if you're in a form for longer than what's safe? Kinda like the mer-person situation… " Fionnuala tilts her head, "The longest I've been a crow was for about.. four hours. I've never considered what'd happen if I overdid it.. but your mojo is different from mine." A squeeze to his hand.

Oliver accepts the hand to hold for the walk and will keep pace with her. "Well, uh," talking about exes -is- a little weird, but it's also freeing some. "Grayson seemed a little weirded out by it, but was only concerned that I was still 'male'…which, uhm." That might be another conversation. "And Liam…I don't think I ever showed him. He didn't care if I was male or female, but I don't think he saw this form. Maybe that's sort of why I wanted to get used to it more and spend most of this year in it." In case he chose to spend longer in his 'natural state'.

In regards to the whole walking thing, he nods, "It -was- kind of scary, but I got back to it after a couple of hours. I don't know if it's -stuck- or more that I just started forgetting what it was like to be something else. It was kind of weird. I noticed it more with the cat than the mer-person because it was still me, just with a tail instead of legs and gills instead of lungs…and webbed hands. And some fins. It was kind of fun, really…"

Oliver adds, "How long have your parents spent as birds? Maybe it's different for you since you're sort of born into it? Maybe you never forget?"

Having no exes in her distant past, some odd little part of Fionnuala is interested in hearing.. she does not judge, anyway. She has spied Grayson in passing and knows nothing of this Liam, so really she hasn't much of her own knowledge or knowing to apply to these boys. Just as well. Oliver talking with her easily about it, too, feels good in a way. Sometimes it's good to put things to rest by letting them out. "I get it… it makes sense. I always kinda saw it as you just wanting to be true to yourself too.. you don't have anything to prove to anyone." Another squeeze to his hand, to punctuate the fact. "That's a big deal too. You're still figuring out what you are, and who knows what your people really identify as naturally, right? I mean.. maybe they have an altogether different take on what it means to be male or female.."

A shrug then.. Fionnuala is still profoundly curious, perhaps naive. She is comfortable talking to Oliver about it all. "You're you." That same mantra again, and a winning smile at him.

They're approaching that hedge maze, or at least a portion of it's perimeter, though the pace is slower due to the snow. "I think it would be kinda scary, maybe because I don't know what it's like to be anything but my… my self even as a bird. When I take that form, I can walk the walk and make the sounds but I just can't think like a crow. It's like my mind is just trying on a different sweater! If I stay too long as a bird I just get tired, and revert back automatically." She compares her experience to Oliver's, looking up at him.

"Ma and Da can stay that way, the whole day… I'm sure of it. On account of age and experience, I guess. Most everyone in my family… cousins, aunts, uncles.. can shift into a bird of some sort.. it's really kinda cool. I kinda have a big extended family.. on both sides.."

"I think part of it is just that, like you said. Figuring out who -I- am. Although I guess I still feel like me…mostly. When I look in the mirror it's still a little weird, but I don't really have to listen to anyone's pre-conceptions. And I do know that my, uh, race…? doesn't have gender like we do here. They choose it and can change it, but it isn't a defining aspect of them. I learned that much, at least. Which is interesting. But my identification as human is designated 'male' so I'm stuck with that for official things." Like his job.

He's happy to let Fee guide the walk and just walk along-side her. "That's probably a good thing that you can't get lost in being a bird. Really. I mean, I'm both curious and scared to see what would happen if I stayed in a non-human-type form for that long…because what if I couldn't come back?" Which is why he hasn't really tried it on purpose.

There's a grin as a big family is mentioned, "I bet that's really nice…having such a big family. It must be a little crazy too."

"It's really scary, and kind of exciting too.. figuring out yourself and your heritage. You have this whole exciting, intriguing backstory to discover piece by piece.. though I'm sure it's frustrating if the pieces are hidden really well. But at the same time there could be some traditions and things that aren't ideal, or easy to uphold.. and you're kinda not locked into them or set in your ways. You can take what you want and leave the rest." She rambles on, then blushes… she's quiet for a moment, the snow heard packing beneath her feet, the silence is so perfect. "Did I even make sense…? Take the gender thing.. you can pretty much pick what you want and go with what feels good. You're very lucky there." Fee turns her blue eyes upon him, "Certain people would give to be able to do that, from 'here'."

The conversation takes on a mildly worrisome tangent for a minute, however, at the thought of Ollie being potentially 'lost' to a form. "Don't you be flirting with that unless you're sure that you have a.. failsafe or something. I sure as heck don't want you gone." The girl says pointedly. This is an experimentation that she cannot get behind!

Deviating back into family talk, Fee smiles fondly. She pauses to look up at the hedges now, considering. "It's.. really cool. Hectic and mad and loud.. especially with most everyone being a Super to some degree.. but then again most of them live overseas. I missed out on having siblings, but.. I count my blessings. If some of them come over to visit, it may actually scare you."

"Oh, they're hidden. Light years away and they're still really hidden." He got a little of it from Michael Michaels, and he's planning on trying to drill the other alien for more eventually. Ollie gives a little sigh but then grins to Fionnaula, "You did make sense. And I do agree with you, but it would also be nice to know what things -are- before I buck tradition. Although it probably doesn't matter right now," since he's the only one here that he knows of. In regards to the whole gender thing, his smile fades and he nods, "I know. I wish I could help some of them, too."

The concern in her voice about getting lost actually touches him quite a bit and his smile returns, "I don't know what sort of failsafe I'd have, but don't worry. I don't plan on doing that experiment for a while, if ever. I mean, it's nice to be a cat every now and then, but not for too long…and besides, they're obligate carnivores!" says the vegan.

The mention of a hectic and loud family turns his smile a little wistful, "It sounds amazing. To have all those people supporting you and caring about you even though they're far away. I guess it's different points of view, really. I doubt it would scare me."

"Fair enough.. well.. you have people here who care about you to help you out in the meantime. Figure out who Earthside Ollie is." Fionnuala beams up at him again, mention of wanting to help others dealing with the gender conundrum resulting in another squeeze to his hand. If only the world could be just… easier.

The returning smile bolsters Fee's grin, blue eyes flitting back to his face as the wind swirls the lighter layers of snowfall up into the air. The skies are yet a pearly gray, clouds brooding and contemplating their next assault of snowfall. The girl looks visibly relieved at Oliver's pledge to not explore that dangerous avenue of transformations if he can help it; very relieved. "Well cats.. ah, they eat grass? But then you'd have to deal with the body failing without the necessary meat diet. Stick to fireside naps. Or lap naps… I do like cats too, you know." Fionnuala's grin takes on a silly tinge, before she kicks some of the snow off of her boots against one of the benches flanking the looming hedges.

"It is amazing.. I wish they lived closer but… really, it's okay. I'd be lost without them and trust me.. they're all for sharing the wealth. People who are close to any one of us are generally absorbed into the flock. Everyone is very familial and it's extended to friends and.. partners." Blush. "Speaking of points of view… ever wonder what's in this great big pile of hedges?"

"I know, thanks. I do appreciate it…" even if he's going to try and figure it all out on his own. He's been on his own for so long that surely this can't be too much harder, right? He has a few years before he has to worry about taxes…maybe? Maybe not. Oliver smiles back down at Fee before he laughs as she mentions liking cats. "They only eat grass if their tummy is upset…or to make them high. That could be interesting…I wonder if I'd be susceptible to catnip? Twenty percent of cats aren't, you know." The grin widens, "I think I'd rather curl up with you like this," or as a human, "But good to know."

He listens as she talks about family and sharing, "Your parents -are- very nice. Probably the nicest parents I've ever met…" too bad he never got placed with anyone like that. At the mention of the hedge he glances at it, "Not really? I mean, it's an old estate, maybe it's some sort of hedge maze or hedge rows?"

The shifter doesn't push it.. there are things that people just need to do for themselves, figure out on their own.. but for Ollie to at least know that he has some folks in his corner? She'll go with that. His smile, even with pointy teeth, results in the girl's typical inner glow of giddiness and she chuckles despite herself, only to break into a bark of laughter at the talk of cats eating grass for the sake of easing their bellies or getting stoned. "Now there's something I'd go for.. I'll go buy a packet of kitty green. Really throw the clerk off and say it's for my boyfriend." Fionnuala snickers, "Then you'll have to be visiting me in padded cells."

Maybe not a good idea.

Then Ollie goes and speaks of how much better it is to cuddle in a humanoid form and the girl glows like a lantern. Very obviously she isn't against that idea either. Oh Fee~

"Aw, thanks.. they are pretty great. They've always been that way… probably the most in-love folks ever, too. They drive one another mad but they can be really cheesy too. At least Da. But they're role models in their own right.." Fionnuala concurs, eyes now roving the hedges. "You could be right about this, too… this was a Thing back in the day with these old places too, huh? A maze! Isn't that cool and romantic? I kinda wanna try getting in, or seeing if we can… try to find the middle of it!"

"I mean, that's sort of a controlled experiment since I can always shift back. I wonder if any effects would shift with me?" Now he's kind of tempted to try it, just to see what might happen. Her smiles and laugh just get him smiling more…something he doesn't usually do as much in this form as it can be kind of off-putting with all those sharp teeth. "That's nice about your parents. It's good to know that it really does exist and not just in books and movies."

The mention of the hedge again has him looking back to it, "Well, we can always go inside. Or fly over it and see what it might be."

Well clearly the girl isn't put off by Oliver's decidedly 'sharper' smile, in this form. Happiness is universal! Talk of her parents always makes Fionnuala smile, especially the stability that the two seem to represent. "It's definitely real, in their case.. they met when they were really young. As if the story needs to be made even cheesier and hard to believe." Said in a giggle, before she turns her attention wholly to this mystery ahead. She 'rounds a corner and though she's no green thumb, Fionnuala can recognize the dormant flower bushes.. it's any wonder that they weren't choked completely out!

"I wonder if we'd be allowed? Not like this has any sort of signage or warnings of doom.. but you just never know, huh?" Fee asks, touching the brunt of the foliage and beginning to look for any sign of an entrance.

Oliver shakes his head, "I think it's great when people meet each other so young. It's rare, but it's great that they know each other so well and have been together so long and yet they can still surprise one another." Because that's what helps relationships, right? The element of surprise and freshness. As Fee moves closer to the hedge maze he follows, glancing over the winter-dry hedges. "If we just happen to fly over as birds, how could they say that it's wrong? I mean, we're just practicing our powers, right?"

"That's a good point.." Fee remarks on the 'practicing bit'.. she smiles sunnily at Oliver as she considers their plight as a curious duo. It isn't hard to spot the two of them as they explore the outer perimeter of what appears to be an overgrown hedge maze, Fionnuala bundled up in a bright cherry red pea coat and Oliver, in his natural alien form, nestled into a new (by his standards) winter coat. To stand on the back patio, departing the estate.. or to otherwise be approaching from the beach, the two inquisitive teenagers are easy to find. The grounds have been blanketed by snow from a blizzard the day prior, and the off-and-on lighter snowfall through the day. It is, at worst, knee-high in some of the less-travelled parts of the yard.

The time of day? Late afternoon with a pearly gray sky threatening further snow, overnight. Fee smiles and takes Ollie's hand again, "Let's have a look at the rest of the outer part here then we can give flight a go. It's kinda fun to imagine what's inside… I've seen way too many fantasy films for my own good." Her friendly voice pipes up, carrying across the perfect calm of the white lawn.

"Just as long as you're not thinking of 'Pan's Labyrinth'," Oliver gives a little wince as he moves along with Fionnaula. "Although, honestly…with all this snow, I'm so tempted to turn into a fox and just play." But that would leave her out. "Or…after we walk around the hedge, maybe we could build a snowman or something…" and play in the snow still. Enjoy their youth while they can.

Coming out from around the corner of the Hedge Maze, Vanessa is brushing off some bush leaves off of her jeans, and is sort of looking down as she does it. "Fucking, hell, I mean, it seriously?" And her entire backside is covered in some muddy-ish dirt, her hands look like they too are dirty and she's not a very happy sounding camper. She's not dressed exactly for the snow but there are some current burn marks on her shoulders. Some kind of rune symbol and it is glowing red hot, so much so that those heat waves that distort visuals seem to be coming off of them. When she sees the others, she stops for a moment and looks up, "Oh, um, hi. Uh, sorry, I wouldn't try and go in there… I wasn't looking where I was going, and now… ugh." She quirks her mouth to the side, and looks off sidelong away from the two.

"Oh, wasn't that movie just ghastly..?" Fee remarks to Ollie as soon as he brings it up, following the line of the bushes with her blue eyes. "I bet you'd be mighty cute as a fox. As long as you stay out here with me so I can play with you, fill your boots! Or… oh, hey.. yeah! I haven't made a snow man in ages! Maybe we should just leave a mystery well enough alone and-" The girl pauses, aware suddenly of another presence coming around the corner of the hedges. Instinctively Fionnuala freezes in mid-step but is soon recognizing another student making herself known. She pauses, still holding onto Oliver's hand, eyes noting the rather unhappy-sounding (and looking!) Vanessa and her muddied backside. Especially worrisome, the burn marks and glowing rune!

"Oh my…!" Fee exclaims, recollecting herself. "Are you okay?" She asks of the other girl, her concern evident. "Did something attack you?"

"Attack me?" Vanessa seems a bit confused by Fee's comment, before looking around, and then shakes her head, "Noooo?" She asks, almost unsure herself now. She grimaces, "Do I look that bad?" A moment of serious consideration, "I… am fine, I think… am I bleeding or somethin?" She suddenly gets worried and starts to pat around her face some, trying to feel for blood but she's just smearing some dirt and mud about her hair and on her brow and then she grumbles, "Shit balls!" Looking down to her hands, and then up again, "I have mud -on- my face…" She glares at her hands, and then start to heat up really hot, and she just presses them to her face where the sound of sizzling and burning, popping a little starts to happen.

"It was beautiful and incredibly scary and depressing," Oliver agrees. He starts to say something about either being a fox or building a snowman when his hand tightens on Fee's at the new voice. Glowy blue-green eyes watch as the other student appears, "Wow. You must have melted something or dug pretty deep to find mud!" There's a lot of snow. He then looks to Fionnaula as the other girl presses her hands to her face and just shrugs.

"You look like you've gone for a bit of a tumble, I think?" Fionnuala asks as snow flakes swirl and dance in the air around the trio, alighting upon the hedges beside them. She doesn't seem to be too concerned or put off by swearing.. normally it amuses her, but the shifter is too concerned for the other girl who, in turn, isn't too keen on being filthy! She tilts her head, considering, "No blood, not that I can see, But—" Vanessa begins to channel some heat into her hands, pressing them to her face. At the sound of sizzling, Fee's eyes round anxiously in her face and she looks up at Oliver. "I don't know if I'd call that handy or… that's.. quite a way to wash one's face."

She hopes that's what Vanessa is doing. XD;

"What were you doing, anyway? If.. you, ah.. don't mind my asking…?" She can't help herself, and asks. Big blue eyes flit to case out a patch of thick, unfettered snow… looks like a good place to make a snowman.. or two!

The burning dries the mud on her face at least. And Vanessa seems to be causing a lot of heat. Heat melts snow, snow turns to water, water and ground becomes mud. And Vanessa had the unfortunate experience of doing just that. She looks to the other two after she removes her hands, and is wiping away dry dirt then and her hands are dry as well. She smiles and looks between the two, "Oh, uh, just going out into the snow. Was looking around, I got it in my head to sort of investigate this maze. And, that was rather dumb." She shrugs a bit, "And, silly me, I did some kind of anti-cold ward, but it made me far too hot, I think, and now… like, well, you can see. I tumbled, fell, and then got mud all over me."

Oliver would arch an eyebrow if he had them in this form. Instead, a brow-ridge just sort of lifts before he glances back to Fionnaula. "It's not as cold as it has been," he offers, but he's still wearing that coat. "Shame you didn't keep the snow around because it probably would have broken your fall more." Because…he looks at Fee before he just sort of falls backwards into a smooth bit of snow to begin making a snow angel.

Ah.. NOW the shifter catches on! Her nervous moue curves up into her well-known smile, ".. okay that is handy! I'm glad you're okay though.. don't think we've met." Seen one another in the veins of the estate perhaps, shared classes given the amalgamation of grades due to lessened numbers.. but Fionnuala is drawing a blank. "What's your name, anyway, fellow hedge hunter?" Gah, she's so cheesey.. but sometimes it just works for her. "I'm Fionnuala, and this is Oliver," She indicates the alien boy at her side, and is about to ask Vanessa about how one, exactly, gets roughed up like that while doing kinda-sorta what she and her boyfriend are doing: looking at a big ol' fancy… bush. c.c

Then the other girl helps it all make sense, "Anti-cold ward..! Ah! I can kinda see how that happens.. I'm just glad you're not hurt hurt." She remarks heartily, before catching sight of Ollie's antics. Well then! She can get behind that too! She drops backwards beside him, unabashedly, and follows suit. She peers up over her chest at Vanessa with a loopy grin, "I swear, we're not five."

Looking over as Ollie drops to the snow and starts making a snow angel, Vanessa rolls her eyes a bit. Then looking at Fi, "Uh, do you have like, an easier nickname, or something?" Vanessa ohs and mentions, "Yeah, I'm Vanessa, I'd uh, shake your hand but it'd probably burn off. Your… hand, that is, my hand would be fine, but I gotta let them cool down a bit." She chuckles a bit, shaking her head, "Hellfire, its really… really hot." She states before Fi drops and starts making another snow angel right next to the first.

Eyes move to Fi an Ollie, "So, uh, you guys okay? I mean, snow angels, that kind of -is- like five year old stuff. If you two are boy friend and girl friend though, it could be, I guess, like kinky foreplay" She shrugs and then stops, covering her mouth she closes her eyes, "Sorry, not me. I meant, it's cute. You two been together long? Yeah, on the ward, I took the wrong advice in constructing them… and why I did two? I have no clue."

Oliver sits up within his deep snow angel, his glowing eyes blinking at Vanessa, "Is it somehow wrong to enjoy the snow? And why can't people have fun without it being kinky or foreplay?" If he blushes under his iridescent, oil-slick scales it's hard to tell. "We're having fun with each other and the snow rather than complain about the cold or change it. I happen to really like that she can see joy in everything. It's a good way to see the world, if you ask me."

"Call me Fee." The girl offers kindly, rather used to this response to her Gaelic name. Her arms and legs move up and down, back and forth in that rhythmic motion, sluicing through the snow. She's going to be cold soon but may as well go in for damage! She slows in her creating of fluffy angels, peers up again, "Nice to meet you, Vanessa. It's the thought that counts.. kinda want to keep my hand."

A loopy little grin.. is this girl ever in a bad mood? Her eyes glint once before she lays her head back down into the packed snow, feels the cold on the back of her neck. Fee considers Vanessa's words as she continues her activity, "Hellfire.. so are you… I mean.." How can she politely go about asking another student what their mojo is? 'Runes' make her think of spellcasting, witches, demon hunters…

"Mystic, then?" Vanessa's eyeing of herself and Ollie causes the girl to laugh melodically, "Yeah, it is kinda silly.. I know I, myself, am a bit off my rocker too. At least it's happy madness, the very best kind—-" The foreplay remark makes her sputter and blush. Fee is, clearly, a new hand to dating. She peers up at Vanessa again, confused now by the 'not me' remark. "We're still kinda new to it." She says cheerfully, though she's still kinda hung up on the 'not me' part. "Are you some kinda.. dunno.. hunter? When I think of runes and wards I think of say, a hunter of sorts.." Doesn't hurt to poke. One hand reaches over to pat Oliver's reassuringly, and the shifter flops back to resume work on her snow angel.

The snowfall, meanwhile, has begun to increase.

"I'm sorry, so sorry, totally!" Towards Ollie, Vanessa starts to backpedal in her words more clearly. "I didn't really think that you two were, you know, but… well, I mean, I did think it." She grimaces, and looks a bit sideways one way and then the other, "Uhhhh, so, I meant the cute comment, and it just sort of came out, implying that like this would arouse both of you… it does me…" She stops and her eyes go wide, and she shakes her head quickly. "Ignore that, please, please please, ignore that."

And then with a few inward breathes, out slowly, and then inward again, "Uh, sure, Mystic. Or something like that. I kind of steal powers from demons… I don't really hunt them, but they get all tiny and cute after I do it. Usually." She grins a bit, "You should really meet the dog looking one, he's pretty cute too, a nice sort of bull dogish like pet. Just, a big leech mouth filled with razor sharp teeth, but he's pretty tame and doesn't bite… often. I'm really new to the whole…" Vanessa pauses and she turns her shoulder and moves closer to Fee if she wants to look, "See, this I burned into my own skin, it hurts, I usually do it on my clothes, but again, like I said, I'm not in close proximity to my demons, so it's harder to keep an eye on them, and they've been fucking with my head a lot more than usual."

As Ollie continues making the very best snow angel that he can manage, it's Fionnuala who finds herself struck dumb and curious again by Vanessa's flight. Her hasty apology to the alien boy is noted and the shifter smiles up from her bed of snow, "It's okay.. no offense taken." She's really, truly puzzled but Fee, well.. she takes things in stride. Especially as she begins to very, very hastily make some assumptions on the nature of the girl's abilities. Movements ceasing, Fee sits upright and rests her hands behind her slight form, palm-down, eyes watching Vanessa as she seems to vacillate between awarenesses.. at least, that's how Fee construes it. How can you blame her, she's a fantasy buff!

The deep breathing, too, is a clue. "So Vanessa.. when you steal demons' powers.. do you kinda get a connection to the demons themselves? Like, if they get cute and tiny… are they always around or like, are they…. do they talk through you?" The girl asks outright, always keeping an open mind. Her blue eyes are round and ponderous in her small face. Vanessa draws closer to show her the shoulder and speak further on it all, essentially answering Fee's questions. Now the girl looks truly concerned.

"Are you alright? It seems like something is really trying to use you as a mouthpiece." The shifter asks, snow flecks resting in the black waves of her hair. She looks aside at Ollie, worriedly.

Oliver lays back to finish his snow angel before carefully getting up to admire it. He then moves over to help Fee up as well, so that they can both look at the snow angels that they made. "I think there were a few others at the school who had similar issues. Ryu…is he still around? I don't think I've seen Rissa in a while. I hope she's ok…" since he hasn't seen her since well before the whole school accident.

Reaching up to her hair, Vanessa moves strands of hair out of her eyes and smiles a bit, "No, not really, sort of though." She starts before stopping, and laughing a little. "Not confusing at all. It's more, like, the connection kind of thing. I… get more than their powers, I get… well, I change. So, it is me, who's speaking, it is me who's thinking these things, but it would have been said or thought if… well, if they weren't, there." She grumbles and adds, "It's like they chatter inside my mind and then decide where they want me to go, what they want me to say, and I want something else and neither of us is happy cause we end up somewhere in the middle."

"And then there's the bitch Erinyes. I hate her. She's always trying to move me to do embarrassing things, dangerous things, self… deprecating things." She shakes her head a bit, sighing and slumping her shoulders, "I can like, tell, sometimes, the difference. Of me, vs me plus them, versus -just- them. Which happens at times, but not so much any more…" She lingers on that for a moment longer, looking toward the ground before standing up, "It's my fault, really. I just don't have the willpower yet, cause I'm just a fat ditz." She looks over at Oliver and nods her head a few times, "I've met a few other students with… well, not exactly the same things, but somewhat close."

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Singing: Success.

Watching, a bit dumbfounded, as Vanessa ultimately takes her leave to go get herself sorted out, Fionnuala just has to stare after her for a moment. "I.. can't imagine what that must be like.." THe shifter whispers, suddenly deeply grateful for her own abilities.. unformed and untapped they may be. After watching the other girl for a moment, making her way back toward the estate, Fionnuala's small hand once again reaches out for Ollie's hand to give it a reassuring squeeze. Big blue eyes cant toward the skies, now muddled dark gray and deep lavender with the snowfall coming down in earnest. She looks down at the snow angels, then over toward another patch of untouched whiteness just off to their left. A sneaky smile then…

And in true Fionnuala fashion, she swings the boy's arm once, twice, and makes to skip off toward the patch. She sings over a shoulder, her voice a sweet, fluting thing: "Do you want to build a snowman? It doesn't have to be a snowman~!" Yeah she went there.

"It can be a snow dragon! Or a snow whale!" She sings her own twist, and kneels to start packing together some snow in preparation to roll it into a ball.

Oliver just gives a sigh and looks back to Fee, "It's a thing with the kids new to the school. They seem to feel like they're the only ones who can do things and seem to like talking about it. I guess I'm just so used to it that I can't really feel bad for them. They'll learn," he's been at the school for going on his fourth year now. "Everyone has their own battles with what they can do, whether it's with demons in their head or powers, or figuring out who they really are."

Then she's taking his hand, swinging it, and singing from 'Frozen'. He can't help but grin and he'd sing along with her, but she's changing the words! Instead, he just starts laughing and moves to help her with the snowball.

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